this is not kryptonite

reblog if i’ve tried playing it cool but when i’m looking at you i cant ever be brave ‘cause you make my heart race shot me out of the sky you’re my kryptonite you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can’t breathe somethings gotta give now cause i’m dying just to make you see that i need you here with me now cause you’ve got that one thing

The Knightmare Sequence in BvS and how it ties to Justice League

Major spoilers for Justice League below please proceed with caution. I’d put a read more but you can’t do that on the app (boo)


In Batman v Superman the sequence where Bruce dreams to be captured by Superman is always something I imagined was a reference to the Injustice universe. As well as that after the nightmare Barry comes to warn Bruce that “Lois is the key” (since in Injustice everything goes to shit after she dies). I just accepted this sequence as a reference that was super neat and moved on. That said there was one thing that didn’t fit - the parademons.

So here comes Justice League and the part where they discuss reviving Superman. Bruce asks Alfred to bring in the “big guns” and here I am thinking (knowing Bruce) that it’s some Kryptonite weapon. Lol joke’s onme again.

We reach the next sequence where a confused Superman fought the rest of the team in comes a helicopter and out of it comes Lois. Lane.

Lois Lane who manages to get through to Clark and to remind him who he really is.

Hence BvS’ bit of “LOIS IS THE KEY”. The key to his humanity and heart and the only other person other than Martha Kent who knows boththeman and the alien. The farm boy with big dreams and the hero who will stop at nothing to save others.

Without Lois Clark could have easily become the Superman from the Knightmare.


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if you were a writer for the CW, how would your own supergirl musical episode be like?

oh wow ok there are endless scenarios

the ideal musical episode would be a pink kryptonite ep in which everyone is gay n they sing gay shit for 45 minutes, Lena sings “touch my body” to Kara or she sings “i need a hero” while Supergirl lands on her balcony. Winn sings “daddy issues” to James or Clark.

a slightly more realistic version would be a holiday episode with holiday songs. the Danvers would be jewish tho, but Kara and Lena would sing “baby it’s cold outside”, with Lena singing the traditionally male part of the duet, and after the song is over Kara would be like “you know i cant get cold, right?” and Lena is so fucking done she just walks out of the room n Kara laughs.

an alternate universe episode in which everyone is someone else, a completely different version of themselves; a completely different life but with music.

an episode in which Kara has amnesia and everyone uses songs to help her remember who she is and what they mean to her. Alex would sing something from wizard of oz bc she knows it’s Kara’s fave. Lena would sing “for good” from wicked. she tries potstickers for the first time again. and pizza. and to Lena’s great disappointment, even after amnesia, Kara still hates kale.

a classic romcom, a cheesy AU episode in which, again, everyone is gay. there’s lots of bops and upbeat songs and the general feeling of the episode is light and gives u hope and motivation and makes u gayer than u originally were and gays get to have a happy ending and there’s lots of love and friendship and family and an adventure mayhaps, a roadtrip of some kind or a quest. all followed with bops
JUSTICE LEAGUE Encounters Kryptonite At The B.O. With $93M+ Opening: Why The DC Movie Weakened
By Anthony D'Alessandro

Justice League‘s Friday, coming off a solid $13 million Thursday, is landing at the high end of its midday estimate with $38.4M, however, Warner Bros./DC’s superhero ensemble is falling well short of $100M with an industry estimate of $93.5M over three-days, quite far from tracking’s $110M-$120M projection.

How dismal is this?

This event movie at a reported estimated production cost of $300M was ten years in the making, and was intended to be the pinnacle for the Warner Bros./DC universe introducing new characters such as The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman who could hold their own franchise weight with their own solo outings. But an opening that’s 44% lower than Batman v. Superman‘s $166M opening? Ouch.

On a bit of an upside, audiences seem to be enjoying Justice League more than critics’ 39% Rotten Tomatoes score: CinemaScore crowds gave Justice League a B+, the same as Suicide Squad and an improvement on BvS‘s ‘B’. CinemaScore’s audience sentiment jives with what PostTrak saw on Thursday night with a four-out-of-five star score, 85% overall positive and high 69% definite recommend. Females (42%) liked Justice League more than men (58%), giving it an A- to their B+. Under 25 (31%) gave the super friends movie an A-. Man, if they could only show up en masse now.

Surely anything under $100M isn’t making Warner Bros brass happy: This is DC’s Avengers. It’s the zenith of their comic book movie universe. Should Justice League find an extra set of super powers this weekend, and re-power to $100M, it’s still  hard to jump up and down since Justice League before P&A cost double what Wonder Woman did ($149M) with the Joss Whedon reshoots, etc.

I hear from credible financial sources who have sharp knowledge of Justice League‘s budget that if the film clears $700M-$750M global, after ancillaries, it will turn a profit, but not much. Overseas including China is currently at $42.4M through Thursday. 


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my bisexual awakening was basically watching supergirl s1, that episode with red kryptonite!kara, when her friends r waiting for her at the club and im watching like full on knowing she's gonna come in looking all hot™ and sexy™ bc it's such a cliche trope, but when she does, my jaw legit drops, i become one of the straight guys ogling the "nerdy transformed into sexy" girl, and i even have to rewind bc i completely missed the dialogue, n im like "....a straight girl doesnt react like this"

god i wish supergirl remained good after this bc this is good content

also in lex’s first scene he talks about his father waving flowers at tyrants and devils coming from the heavens above and his kryptonite weapon as a preventive measure so they won’t one day also wave flowers at tyrants (in reference to meta humans) and someone mentions superman and he literally makes a face and is like “ah yes superman” 

but sure his motivations aren’t clear

People need to chill! FOR REAL!

To be excited with the crossover is not the same as to be excited with nazis, for God’s sake. I’m excited to see them all kicking nazis butt (Legends did it twice and it was awesome) and I am curious to see their performance as actors towards a part like this, how they handled it. 

I’m more excited to see Stephen’s version of Dark Oliver. We saw once in season 3 but he was faking it. We already know evil Barry - I guess that’s why he is not Flash on Earth X, and we got a glimpse at evil Kara when she was affected with red kryptonite, but never Oliver. 

This is a comic book storyline, and I hope someday they do Crisis on Two Earths and unite everything. It’s the dream. But it’s not happening yet, so let’s all enjoy this one and be logical about it? 

We all know heroes wins at the end, and it’s cool to see everyone together fighting them!


Marks and Rec: Misc #624

(I imagine that since Jack is such a nice dude, Antisepticeye goes full opposite and is just the biggest asshole ever. XD) 

(Also, that second panel is meant to be mid-transformation between their features; I’m not sure how well that came across, lol.) (Dialogue from Teen Titans.)