this is not how you apologize

America: British accents sound fake. They all sound fake. here is no reason for you to speak English like that.

England: Are you done?

America: I sound normal! I have like, a lack of an accent!

England: First, the south. Second, I’ve already apologized for the lack of hot chocolate, you child. 

America: *Angry mumbling.* 

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Hey you're doing requests right? (and you seem to be good friends with knacke??) I'd love to see her Lance with curly hair in your style.

(how did u know…… its almost like i post her art and talk abt her everyday….. amaze…)

also omg this is an incredibly daunting task katherine i apologize i cant do him justice

BTS Reaction to using you for sex

@mrsziggler requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction to using someone for sex? It’s like the other request except he’s the one using the other person. Thank you! Love the blog!

I hope you like the reaction! 

Jungkook: After you had left Jungkook didn’t know how to feel, he was confused in a way but he knew what he had done. He felt almost empty as if using you for sex didn’t fulfill anything in him. 

Taehyung: Taehyung didn’t really care for using people for sex and he felt absolutely guilty. His emotions got the best of him and he felt horrible. He thought he was a piece of shit after that and wanted nothing more than to apologize.

Jimin: Jimin didn’t care that he had just used you for sex. He laid in bed contently hours after he had called you a cab and fell asleep with such ease, he wasn’t a stranger to wanting to fuck someone then never see them again and you surely weren’t an exception.

Hoseok: After everything was done he immediately felt guilty, he laid in bed beside you staring up at the ceiling immediately letting all the words admitting what he had just done to you out. He grew emotional while admitting that he had just used you for sex and all you could do was listen.

Namjoon: He wasn’t effected by this at all, Namjoon had done this plenty of times and knew just what to do. He knew that you’d want to spend the night which was routine for him, he makes sure to wake up before you just so he could have a cab ready for you in the morning.

Yoongi: Yoongi was the cockiest out of the boys, he’d have a smirk plastered on his face all night from the moment he brought you from the club all the way to laying in bed moments after he was finished with you. You told him to call you but he knew he wasn’t.

Jin: Jin assumed it was a one night stand, there was no bad intentions in his mind. He didn’t call you back, he didn’t try to get in contact with you, he didn’t try anything. He didn’t realize he used you for sex until he got high fives from his friends.

ok but my aesthetic is jon and sansa in a room full of  northerners, staring  silently into each other’s eyes and expressing how they feell .

Jon  feeling guilty, apologizing for leaving sansa in winterfell alone and reassuring her because he knows she doesn’t want him to leave.

Sansa  panicking cause jon is the only family she’s got left. She wants to keep him safe at home and  she  just doesn’t think that she can make it without him.

Those who are Broken | Chapter Eighteen

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2710 

↬ How are you?

Chapter list

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“So, I heard you made out with Kook.”

You froze in your spot, eyes wide as if you were just caught stealing or cheating on someone. “Who told you that?” you asked, turning your head towards the brunette.

Taehyung smirked. “So you did.” He chuckled. “Jungkook came up to me and Jimin and practically apologized for kissing you. Jungkook never looked so scared in his entire life.” Taehyung shook his head, taking a bite out of his food.

Luckily today both of you were given lunchboxes by Seokjin.

You should meet him one day and thank him for the free, and definitely better food. You just need one of the guys to introduce you to him. You’ve never met him, and every little gathering the guys have, the two older ones were never able to make it. You would like to officially meet Seokjin since you dated, made out with, and is soulmates with three of his friends. You would also like to get to know Yoongi a bit more. You honestly don’t remember what he looks like.

“Don’t hate him. He was scared of his stalker,” you told him, closing your lunchbox.

“Cupcake, I’m not mad. Seeing how scared shitless Jungkook was of both me and Jimin, I felt bad for the kid. Plus, we’re not dating, so I can’t be mad who makes out, or fucks, my ex,” Taehyung casually said.

You let out a laugh of disbelief. “Thanks, Taehyung.”

Taehyung smiled, obviously satisfied with your reaction. “You’re welcome.” Taehyung took another bite of his food. “Jungkook told us what happened. No need to defend him. He made a smart choice in a situation that wouldn’t really hurt anyone.”

You stared at him for a moment, watching him as he chewed thoughtfully. “Would you have done that?”

He glanced up at you. “Done what?” he asked, food still in his mouth.

“If I wasn’t as close of a friend of yours—like if our relationship is like the one I share with Jungkook, would you have let me kiss you?” you asked him, resting your arms on the table.

Taehyung sat up fully, eyes focused on you. He watched you for a moment. As if he was taking your question seriously and thoughtfully rather than joke around like he normally would. “Yes,” he told you so confidently, so calmly it was surprising. “If I knew you had a stalker you didn’t want around, and you kissed me in order to get them to stop stalking you, I’d let you kiss me any day. Even if you were Jungkook.”

“Huh.” You relaxed your body. His statement completely caught you off guard. Honestly, you were not expecting it.

“I wouldn’t mind making out with you right now.”

There it is. Typical Taehyung.

“You are such a little—”

“Hey Jimin,” Taehyung said, looking up past you. You froze, eyes wide. He’s here? The two of you basically haven’t talked since you confessed. When he saw that you refused to move, Taehyung snorted. “You are so gullible,” he told you, propping an elbow on the table to rest his chin in his open palm.

You felt your jaw slightly drop in disbelief. “Fuck you,” you whispered harshly.

“What time, Cupcake?” He winked.

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A Stray Called Frank (Frank Castle x Reader)

Summary:  You’re the owner of a small, but busy animal shelter that sees way too many dogs for your taste. One day a tall, beat up man shows up with two sad looking dogs. You don’t question their origins, but as Frank continues to show up you start to wonder just how he rescues so many past fighting dogs.

Warnings: mentions of dog fighting, profanity, injury

A/N: I realize a lot of the stories I write have very little romance. oops. Also this one is a bit long so I apologize.

1st count: 102

2nd count: 102

3rd count: 102

No matter how you counted, no matter how many times you counted, the numbers were inevitable. You were out of space. And two more cars just rolled into your driveway toting along unwanted pets. In your heart you hoped for cats or some other small creature (You could make room for those. You’d keep them in your house if you had to), but you knew that more dogs were coming your way.

You throw down your pencil and release a heavy sigh. Your body collapses under the vacant feeling in your chest. You were sinking. Your entire world was sinking, slowly, constantly, inevitably. But you refused to give up. These dogs needed you and you were the only one in between them and the violently efficient kill shelters. You scrub your face and look through the window at the middle aged woman struggling to pull a cracked plastic crate out of the back of her mini van. You wondered what story you would hear from her.

The puppy was too disobedient and made too much of a mess. I didn’t have time to properly train him.

My kids wanted a puppy so badly, but they just didn’t seem to care for it once it started to grow up.

My boyfriend and I bought him together, but we broke up and I don’t want him anymore.

Just the thought of people’s carelessness made your blood boil. You shove yourself away from the desk and stalk out of the small wooden building that is the center of your animal shelter. You snatch a pair of sunglasses off a rack near the door and step out into the bright morning.

You’d make room.

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Hi, I just followed your blog, and already feel more educated on how to better write and develop characters from what I've scrolled through. You may have been asked this before, and if so my apologies, but I really struggle with world building especially if any form of government needs to be involved. Do you have any tips on how to improve that?

Thank you so much!  

Most of my stories, though usually somewhat fantastical, take place in urban environments, so my experience with worldbuilding is minimal.  

However, I do have a detailed masterpost from @clevergirlhelps on hand (here) which should be very helpful!

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

I’m kinda wondering if Melissa Benoist is gonna be getting a redemption arc like red kryptonite Kara did. All the CW needs to do is rewatch the first season to see how it’s done.

Step 1: Admit that sometimes you make mistakes, then learn from it.

Step 2: Live up to that apology. Be better.

Step 3: Don’t expect everything to be better over night. Gaining back a shattered trust takes time.

Step 4: Get Livewire/Leslie Willis wet. In public.

…wait what?

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Hello! I've read and enjoyed quite a bit of your meta (you have such a gift with words!) I apologize if you've addressed this before and I somehow missed it, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the idea that Steve is motivated to get the old Bucky back, rather than accepting the 'new' one? I saw a meta discussing how unhealthy MCU Steve could be for Bucky because of this and it had some interesting thoughts but was written by someone that came off as very anti-Steve in another meta.

Hi! Nah, I don’t think that’s true. There’s tons of reasons Steve is fighting to get Bucky back: mainly, he has fond memories of their friendship, he wants that connection to his home, and he wants Bucky to be safe and okay. He probably feels guilt over Bucky’s death and wants to Do The Right Thing and Make it Right, as Steve often does, which contributes as well. 

But we don’t see Steve rejecting the new Bucky. He doesn’t even know who Bucky IS anymore, and he acknowledges that throughout the film. For the first half of the film, Steve believes that Bucky is responsible for the bombings, he knows that Bucky is violent, and he doesn’t trust Bucky at all. He tries to arrest him, and then shackles him, and then discusses the intel with Sam before accepting that it’s solid. Bucky is unpredictable, and quiet, and full of triggers – completely unlike the Bucky Steve once knew. And Steve accepts all of this… but still he wants to help Bucky. He recognizes that his friend is not who he once was, even if he carries the memories. And he’s fine with this.

We have to remember that no one understands Bucky’s situation quite like Steve: Steve’s also been frozen on ice, he’s also woken up confused in a new century (although, yes, different from Bucky’s experiences). He’s also been a soldier that’s used as a weapon that changed history. He’s changed, and he’s different from the Steve that Bucky would remember, both physically and mentally. They’re both different people, just with a shared past. And they both understand how different they are from who they were.

So I had the impression that Steve was just trying to be an anchor for Bucky. Small memories given here and there, a reminder that Bucky has someone on his side, and a promise to help Bucky FIND OUT who he is, without blame. But I saw no indication in Civil War that Steve was a) fighting for someone who is no longer there, or b) was trying to force Bucky back into a role. The fight scene at the end showed them adapting into different, equal roles, fighting in unison, which had never happened before that moment.


Developers: *releases games that are gay and has diverse characters*

Tumblr: Yeah but ://////////// Years ago this person that contributed to the game said something really shitty, and even though they apologized for it, I’m still gonna spread misinfo about them AND the game while also telling people to hate/boycott said game that I have not yet play/watch any playthrough of it/ or know anything about it whatsoever

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"Why aren't you answering my messages?" And "you're ignoring me. Why? Don't you love me?" For young Genji or Young Hanzo with an s/o who is bad at texting back, but also shows no interest in them be cause she knows how they are

Genji was very guilty of forgetting to text back or even not bothering to respond at all from time to time but you were blatantly ignoring him! Whether you knew it or not, and he thinks you do, you constantly left him on read no matter how many times he texted you that day. He figured you were always typing a long response, maybe even including an apology, but he never received one. Finally he got frustrated enough that he just left his home in the dead of night to confront you in person since you wouldn’t respond to his messages. 

Genji wasn’t always like this, so obsessed and needy. When you first met him you found him to be attractive but intentionally played hard to get. Little did you know once he fell for you he fell hard and something dark within him awoke. If you had known he would be this clingy you wouldn’t have led him on in the first place. You would have thought he’d given up by now considering his short lived relationships but he only persisted and annoyed you day and night by constantly messaging and calling you. 

When the man suddenly showed up at your door you couldn’t even form a response before he forcefully let himself into your apartment. He ran his hand through his hair, clearly annoyed, before turning to you, “Why aren’t you answering my messages?”

You quirk a questioning brow at him before scoffing lightly, “That’s why you came all the way here?”

He ignores your attitude and continues, “You’re ignoring me,” It’s not a question but a fact and you can’t help but roll your eyes, “Why? Don’t you love me?”

You half laugh at him, “Love you? I hardly even know you let alone stand you.”

You turn away but Genji firmly grabs your arm and spins you around to face him. You hiss through your teeth in pain but he doesn’t let you go, “You don’t mean that. There’s someone else, isn’t there? That’s why you’re saying all this stupid shit, right?”

“Let go of me!” You growl at him but he still doesn’t let go. It’s then you notice the dark yet desperate look in his eyes and despite his dangerous background it’s only now that you feel fear because of him.
How "brown people" are created

A lesson from our humble saint Joy Sparkle Bs on Youtube. According to Joy, “brown” people are created from anal-to-vag sex since when that happens, shit gets stuck in the weiner hole and then it stains the children, resulting in poo babies. Who’d of known that melanin is actually just fancy for “big ass shit stain”, eh? But hey, to be fair here, if for some strange reason you find this offensive just know that she apologized already. She said she’s sorry that you’re offended, you fucking idiot. Joy has been having a problem with being called a racist lately. Just days prior on her Twitter, she told a black woman to go burn down a city for.. no particular reason other than the woman was black. Funny part here being, the woman is known to speak out against BLM. But Joy isn’t a racist guys, she loves brown people. She’s fucked brown people before. C'mon. Plus she’s “fluent in brown.” So y'know, fuck off with that racism shit. What do you guys think? Is poor Joy just being bullied by the mean old internet? She gives to charity you know. She insists that there’s no way this could possibly be racist. Who knows?

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Daddy Sean forcing you to watch him jack off when you've been bad. Watching you squirm when he lets out a growl. He'd smirk at you as he strokes himself slowly "If you wanted to play then you should have been a good girl today? You know, I think I know how you can apologize. Why don't you get on your knees so that Daddy can come all over that pretty little face of yours" -J

Oh. Oh lord.

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Dear Mr Bendis, apologies again for being blunt, but it still breaks my heart to see Mary Jane in your book, especially today's issue. The fact that she praises Riri for being heroic, yet is adverse to Peter doing the same, is even more heart breaking, while I do thank you for involving her in your book, this is not what I want for her, she needs to be back with Peter, by his side, supporting him and not(sorry) supporting someone else. Same for Black Cat, her being a crimelord is just not right.

how do you think spider-man fans felt when MJ showed up in the first place. go read the old letter columns. not everyone was thrilled. but Betty! but liz!!

except there it is. in the comics. its happening. MJ has been a cast member of iron man for years now. Black Cat has ascended into a new role and this year, I promise you, the most shocking move of hers yet. (in defenders)

To all the people out there telling those hurt by everything that we’re reaching, that we’re overreacting, that we’re stupid for being upset, or any variation thereof, I need you to listen to me super carefully here:

That sentiment you’re sharing right there? How your poor little white celebrity puppies did nothing wrong and that it’s solely the lgbt fans fault? 

That is exactly one of the biggest reasons why what he did was harmful – regardless of his (later) apologies or not. 

Because his words, his song, his original apology, they validated your belief that people who ship fanon pairings are not regular people with real feelings. They validated your belief that we are all monster lgbt people who want to make everything gay. They validated your belief that we had this coming and that it was our fault for shipping something we knew wouldn’t become canon. 

They validated your belief so much that here you are, sending people hate, making ugly instagram posts about how you’re an ally to the community because you know gay people. They validated your belief so much that you think you can be an ally because you know gay people and if one gay person wasn’t offended, the rest of us shouldn’t be. Why not if one of us is upset, the rest of us should be? Because it’s the narrative you want. It’s the narrative that fits what your belief is.

His comments were rooted in heteronormativity and homophobia. I don’t think he is homophobic, I think as a straight person, he just doesn’t get it, and being raised in a homophobic society, we all have microaggressions that we have to constantly unlearn, and with any luck, he is now unlearning one of the many he probably still has left to unlearn. His comments were rooted in homophobia but the thing is, it’s allowed people to be openly and happily homophobic. 

It isn’t allowing people to say things that are rooted in homophobia where the people don’t know better. It’s allowing people to actually be homophobic

Jeremy is no longer the problem here. It’s every single person leeching off of this and telling lesbian, bi/pan, and gay people not to be upset. 

You are the problem. You were always going to be the problem in the first place. 

Querencia || Park Chanyeol

A/N: Just a short one-shot/imagine I thought of while going for a drive. Have a nice day x

Requested: Yes / No

Word Count: 584

Park Chanyeol + Reader + Fluff

Querencia - a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home.

A home is not always four walls and a roof.

Wait, no. That’s been used way too much.

We’ve already read hundreds of poetry about two lovers feeling home in each other’s embrace. How their presence can bring so much joy to one another, and how their touch can impel such affection that can make their heart pound in a swift pace; like it will escape their chest. Sounds familiar, right?

Because it’s all been used way too much.

And I apologize, Chanyeol, for I’ll become one of the people who used this too much.

Chanyeol, you are my home.

Isn’t it ironic to feel like a total outcast in my own house? A place where I’ve stayed most of my life, where I created almost all of my precious memories, and where I learned lessons to become who I am today. All my life I’ve called it my home, because that’s what I was thought to believe. However, you stumbled in my life to redefine everything I once believed in; to show me the deeper aspects in life that I needed to seek in order to open my mind. 

(I also wanted to tell you that you didn’t just open my mind, but my heart as well.)

I once believed that my goals needed to be big, like attaining something life changing in order to be happy. Chanyeol, you redefined it. 

Now my goal isn’t just to become rich and famous. I’ve changed my insights, now aiming for the smaller things because I’ve come to realize that those are the ones that can make someone contented the longest. Everyday my goals change. Sometimes, I plan to take a 1 mile run in the morning before ordering a cup of tea at my favorite coffee and tea house. Then it’ll change into wanting to buy those cute shoes I saw at the mall a few days ago. The most recent goal I checked off the list was cooking your favorite dish for our Thursday Date Night. You said it was delicious. 

My goals were inconsistent, but it’s equivalent to something priceless.

I once believed emptiness is the lack of physical body; a void or a shallow space.

But now emptiness is my fingers turning cold and numb when you release your grip. Emptiness is your side of the bed on a somber night whenever you’re on tour. Emptiness is my body shaking in anger and fear whenever we argue over something we cannot remember. 

Emptiness is not having you, Chanyeol.

It’s ridiculous how simple things became complex within the moment someone enters your life.

I guess this is why I don’t get the feeling of delight when stepping inside the four walls I call ‘home’. I’ve known something all my life, and it drastically changed when I met you. 

My home was never a home. 

My home was your embrace on a spring morning while we watched our favorite TV shows on the living room couch together. My home was your eyes; the deepest shade of brown I have ever seen, as your pupils dilate whenever we stared into each other’s eyes. My home was your voice while you sang me to sleep after a long and tiring day. My home was your touch as you tickled my sides, earning a cheerful laugh from me. 

I apologize, Chanyeol, for being a broken disc, repeating over and over on how you are my home.

Maybe, I’ll just call you my querencia.

I’ve found my querencia.

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as someone who has been raped and has ptsd due to it JD is not up there with the rapists

First, I just want to say I’m terribly sorry for what happened to you. It’s awful and you didn’t deserve it.

But oh no, that’s not what I had in mind when writing that. I truly apologize if that’s how it came out. I promise you I meant that he was up on the list for “very horrible heathers characters” since anon asked me earlier who are the worst characters in the musical. By no means was I trying to compare them. I just kinda put them all aside saying yeah these guys (J.D, Kurt Kelly, and Ram Sweenie) are all awful dudes on my list.