this is not how you apologize

How to Fake Confidence

1. Hold your head high, and look others in the eye

2. Smile

3. Stop apologizing

4. Relax and be quick to laugh at yourself (but not at others!)

5. Dress in a way that indicates you have self worth

6. Use good manners (like saying please and thank you) as this is actually a mark of self respect

7. Expect other people to believe in you, and to see and appreciate your good qualities.

motherfucker ive seen so many people talk about how they want to get fucked by sands skeletor i wont apologize for thinking darth maul is hot fuck you all
little sis part.2

Description:You’re Namjoons little sister that has a crush on the maknae however your over protective brother doesn’t like that
Tags:Angust?fluff…(soon smut?)

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After what happened you couldn’t even look at Namjoon without feeling disappointed.Why did he start to get THAT mad at Jungkook?He well knew the two of you were just friends even if you did have the slightest feeling for him,but Jungkook never would.

“sigh…look…Y/N i’m sorry about what happened i just don’t like the idea of you just randomly curling up on some guys lap.Even if you’re just friends.”.Namjoon says apologetically.You ignore him not wanting to speak even if he did apologize.       

“Look if you’re going to ignore me at least give me one of those sarcastic scary faces you always make!Oh!I know how about some McDonalds?Huh?I know you love it and you must be hungry…my treat!” your brother says  as he grabbed the stirring wheel to turn into your favorite fast food restaurant.

“come on,what do you want?”he knew you couldn’t resist evidence of the smile on your face as he said that.You ordered your usual and let go of your disappointment towards your big brother knowing he only meant to protect you.

“Y/N…I really am sorry…you know that right?”

“So is Jungkook…”

“really!Don’t start I’m apologzing!”

“But why did you get so overprotective all of a sudden?I mean it was Jungkook he’s your dongsaeng don’t you know he’ll never hurt me?And what was all this talk about ‘What did i say about my little sister’ you don’t have claim on me like some sort of prize only you can decide to give to!Adding to that!You know so well Jungkook sees my as his best friend so why would you even think of us that way!?”.Your fustration disapates into words as you see the ‘Genius Rapmon’ taken aback by your words.

“Y/N there’s something I promised not to say…that i won’t say but that’s why i got upset, and I don’t think that i’m overprotective i just want you to be happy i’m sorry.”

“I-I’m sorry Nams i just can’t take little things like that you know me…and so does Jungkook.”

“HEY!What does that mean?”

“Oh,nothing really i guess you won’t know untill you tell me that secret!”.

Imma be honest with y'all, I hated Jumin at first. I thought he was creepy and too possessive and a huge douche. But after listening to some people defend him and explain his actions, I played his route again and BOI WAS I WRONG.

You just gotta actually think about why he’s doing these things, and that he means no harm. His emotions are getting the best of him, so when he says something extreme, he doesn’t completely mean it that way, he’s just expressing how he feels, which is a GOOD THING.

One of the reasons he made you stay with him was to KEEP YOU SAFE. And the few times he literally says he won’t let you leave, he apologizes later after realizing what he said was wrong. But usually all he says is that he doesn’t want you to leave, and he would be sad if you did. And really you can’t blame him for feeling this way because he FINALLY has someone that cares for him and wants to help him, so he wants you stay and wait for him to get his emotions sorted out.

He loves you and he loves that you want to help him and he’s constantly apologizing bc he thinks he’s being overbearing. He just doesn’t want to scare you away. tbqh if you really wanted to leave he would have let you.

He’s constantly asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, he does everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. He was straight up gonna let you remodel his house. This giant sweetheart TUCKED YOU INTO BED and READ TO YOU. (rip my ovaries @this cg) If that’s not the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen then idk what is. And not to mention HE MADE YOU PANCAKES.

You just gotta read into his actions. I love this big baby I love him and want to protect him from everyone that hates him.

(this ended up WAAAAAAYYYYYY longer than I was expecting but gotta defend my bb)

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I love how you immediately insulted the Anon who gave you hate because they didn't like your characters' names. So according to your logic they're an asshole because they didn't know Nubia was the name of your late aunt. It's such a great sin to not know every fact about you! Oh how DARE that anon insult the name of your late aunt!


Anon was an asshole for charging into my inbox and leaving me a rude message without thinking.  Of course they didn’t know that about me, I don’t expect people to know things about me, I expect to be asked things in a decent way. 

And you’re kinda being an asshole now, claiming what my ‘logic’ is supposed to be and for doing basically the same thing as that anon.

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In the role reversal au, how do you think the storm the castle would play out, with the monsters taking Star hostage and Marco being asked to come alone and save his bestie? (Such a cool blog!)

Most everything is gonna be similar save for some slight differences. They run afoul of a dangerous beast during on adventure and the magical character hurts the non-magical one’s feelings.  

Of course an apologies comes later but by then it’s too late. The Earth friend has been kidnapped as part of a larger scheme. 

A temporary alliance is made.

Small encounter gives birth to many “Is Starla really a MEWMAN??” theories. 

FIGHT! Not sure if it’s noticeable or not but basically Heinous brainwashed the minions. She had gotten their loyalty already after expelling their cruel leader Buff, but you can never be too sure with monsters. 

Dipping down? I dunno what it would be called in this setting. Inner power? whatever it is it won’t be fully explained until the next season.

Instead of accidentally shoving her back in, Starla and Mars just kinda get over excited about what just happened. In the original STC Toffee’s arm growing back was a big wtf moment. I figure I would make it ‘Heinous using magic’ would be it here, since up until this point she only been shown using tech. Also confirmation that she’s Mewman–magic folk Mar’s ancestors ‘wiped out’. 

Mars didn’t have the energy left to repeat his feat, so goes with his only option. Unfortunately for generations of Mexan royal history, Heinous wants the ring destroyed. Mars complies but the ancient jaguar spirit bares no grudge. 

Yvgeny pounces on a chance of the lifetime as his former allies escape. Bird from start of episode interrupts cute(?) hug to power/create a new ring. In-meta-universe Fandom collectively scratches its head on where the heck it came from, and curse it for interrupting the aforementioned hug. 

Starla is faced with the fact that her mom really DOES care for her. River should put on some pants. Sweet family hugs, Sensei expresses worry over missing pieces. Yvgeny finally gets what he always wanted.–power. 

Then there’s a 8-10 month long hiatus until the next season :)

Thank you for your patience.

My store has tarts and votive candles of certain fragrances (Fall and Christmas that we’re trying to get rid of) on sale for $1. Woman came in and purchased ONE full price ($2) votive candle of a spring fragrance (raspberry or something like that) and proceeded to come back about five minutes later to yell at me (after she yelled at my sales associate who can’t even process a return) about how it wasn’t $1 and insist I return it and give her the $1 back.

First of all you’re fighting with me about $1. Second of all, if you didn’t yell at me and tell me that I’m stupid, I totally would have done the return, apologized, and given you your $1 back on the account of maybe the thing got thrown in a basket by another person. But considering you yelled at me, called me names, and questioned my intelligence over a $1, nope. Not gonna happen. Manners and common sense go a real long way with me, even if you’re wrong.

The best part was when she asked for the manager above me (because I’m the assistant manager) and he told her he wouldn’t return it either and asked her to leave because he wouldn’t allow her to continue to yell at all of us over something so trivial. I love that in the event of this type of stupidity, he’ll stick up for the employees and deny the whole “make a customer happy at all costs” notion.

So much for my happy ending

Your relationship with kiseok is not perfect as people sees, you have ups and downs, you fight and have misunderstanding many times but you still manage to save your relationship, you both know how to apologize and admit your mistakes. You made sure that you are alright before you sleep, you talk the problems and find solutions and promise to each you won’t fight because of one problem again. When you forgive one another and forget about whatever reason you are fighting you never brought it again. You are six years younger than him but you are matured as him, sometimes more matured than him. You know how to calm him down when he can’t control his anger and he knows how to cheer you up when you are feeling down or when you have your period. You accept him with all your heart and he was thankful for that, he treats you like a queen like how you treat him like a king. Kiseok is sure about his feelings for you, he loves you with his all heart and he never looks to other girls, that’s why after two years of your relationship he asked you to marry him and you gladly say yes.

You are very excited to plan your wedding, you personally design your invitation. Kiseok chooses the motif of your wedding, black and red. It’s been three months since you start planning your wedding day. You found a very good stylist for your wedding dress. You are trying your best to attend all your schedule and your work. There is a brief moment that you feel tired and exhausted but whenever you see the invitation card with your name and kiseok’s name you feel recharged and alive again.

“You look great” your friend exclaims as soon as she saw you wearing a long white gown. You smile widely and examine the gown “I can’t decide, I love all designs” you laughs “How to choose? I want all of them” you added “Why don’t you asks kiseok? Maybe he can help you” your friend suggested, making your heart ache. You have had a small fight with him last night because he didn’t show up on your meeting with wedding coordinator, he said he forget. He forgets because he is with the boys which made your heartache because this isn’t the first time he forgot or didn’t show up on your meetings about your wedding. “he’s busy because hoody will release an album” you force a smile “Whatever. I will take picture of you so smile beautifully” she said pointing the lens of her camera on you, after few shoot she smiles at you “I send you a copy” she said “Thanks, I go change. I have to meet the Jaemin for our cake”

“This is strawberry cake vanilla with buttercream frosting, we can add some strawberries for decoration or if you want we can put some pearl on layers” the food caterer explains “Vanilla seems plain maybe we can add a few strawberries icing on the edges of layers? then pearls? what you think? it will fit on our color motif right?” you said “That’s a great idea! We will do that but how about the drinks? Do you prefer soda, ice tea or wine?” Jaemin asked you “I’m not sure but can we have ice tea and red wine? I don’t know which label is the best” you answer “It’s alright. we can do that too. what about your groom, maybe he knows or want a specific wine” she asked “I will ask him” you smiles at him, suddenly you felt your phone vibrate inside your bag “Sorry excuse me for a minute, I need to take this” you excuse yourself, walking into corner of the room before you answer your phone “Hello Mr. Shin? Is there any problem?” you immediately asked “I’m sorry to disturb you but supposedly we have a meeting with Mr.Jung for his wedding coat but we been waiting almost three hours for him, we can’t contact him too so we decided to call you” he explains a little bit of worried and disappointment on his tone “Really? I’m so sorry, Can– can you set a new schedule for him again? I’m really sorry I–he-we been busy with these past days. I’m sure it’s not he didn’t mean not to show up”

After your food tasting, you hurriedly get your car and drive to AOMG office. You can’t understand what you feels right now, anger, disappointment, and confusion. You tried calling kiseok but your call always went to his voice message. You are on verge of tears but you are trying hard not to cry but you can’t stop feeling hurt, yesterday he forgot your meeting and you ended up fighting, he apologized but it happens again, this isn’t the second time, you don’t know how many time he forgot about your meetings. You also noticed how became less interest on your wedding preparations, when you have to meet with coordinators he’s always on his phone or his mind is thinking something else. You did all decisions, when you asks his opinion he would always say “Whatever you want, let’s have it” “I don’t know, you choose” “it’s up to you” “if that’s what you want”

Parking your car in front of the building you jump out of your car and hurriedly went inside “Where is he?” you asked the Mina “He’s ion studio with gray and jay” she answer you “Thank you” you said, your feet moves on its ways completely know their destination, you are ready to burst inside when you hear jay’s voice. You stood in front of the door as you listen to what they are talking

“What do you mean you don’t want to do it anymore?” Gray asks the older man “Maybe you are just stress” he added “I didn’t say that I don’t want to do it” Kiseok sighs “It’s just so–everything is so fast—I’m starting it’s too sudden—Maybe I was so stupid to ask her to marry me–I do love her very much it’s blinded me..I never thought about what will happen in future, I don’t have a plan for us” he sighs shoving his head on his palms “What are you saying, dude? You two are happy with each other, you love each other what went wrong?” Jay asked his friend “I don’t know, I’m just–” “You are having a second thoughts about getting married?” gray finished his word, kiseok look at him and sighs “Yes” Jay sighed and sit beside him “Maybe you are stress with all these preparations, what if take a break? postpone the wedding? and come to our tour? We will be travelling for two months, maybe it will help you”

You feel your whole world starts to falls after hearing those words, you move your hands from the door knob to wipe your tears away. Turning your feet around, you slowly start walking away with a heavy heart. “Miss? Are you alright?” minah asked you when she saw you walking out crying, you wipe your tears dry and took a deep breath before turning to her “Yes” you forced a smile “I–Just don’t tell them I came” you said “O-Okay” she nodded her head “Are you sure you alright?” she asked again “Yes. Don’t worry, I’m just tired, they are doing something important I can’t disturb them” you smile again “Alright, Take care” she bow at you.

You left the building and went inside your car, you sat there feeling hurt. You watch your life crash in your eyes, his words still echo on your mind, how unsure he is, “he’s having second thought about our wedding, he didn’t see himself with me” your tears keep falling down “I thought what we have is real, I thought you want to be with me” you hiccoughs “I thought—So much for my happy ending” you cry.

After few minutes you manage to calm yourself before driving home. When you arrived home, you didn’t waste anytime you packed all your clothes and important things. You made sure you pack your passport and important IDs. After making sure you are packed you grab your phone on the table and dialed your co-worker’s number “Hi, Zia. Sorry to call you this hour but I have some favor to ask, can you tell our boss that I can’t  go to work for days? Something comes up. Thank you” you said “Thank you” you turn your phone off then you saw the ring in your hand, you sadly look at the gold metal wrap around your finger. “You used to bring happiness” you whisper “It’s sad that you are meaningless now” then you removed the ring from your finger, you’re heart skip a beat when you hear your name being called “What’s going?” you turn around to see kiseok looking at your packed bags “You leaving?” he asked finally looking at you “What’s going on? did something happen?” he exclaimed seeing your swollen eyes, he attempt to step closer to you but he stop when he saw the ring in your hand “Let’s end this” his head snap at you “What the fuck are you saying?” he asks “What’s wrong? Why you want to end this?” he started to get angry, after the talks with gray and jay he decided to go home to talk to you about your wedding but he didn’t expect this will welcome him home “I don’t know if I can stay any longer knowing that you are not sure about our relationship” you cried “Why you asks me to marry you when you are not sure if you really love me?” you asked him “What are you saying?” his tone changed “I heard you. I heard that you are having second thought about us, now I know why you are not interested on planning our wedding, I finally understand why you always forgot our meetings and schedule because you don’t really want to get married” you cries, kiseok’s heart torn apart seeing you crying, he step forward he attempt to touch your face but you move away “It’s not like that. I was just–” he sighs “I don’t really know why I am like this” he admits “But please you don’t have to leave, we can fix this” he begs “No. I’m leaving. I need to do this” you firmly said “I love you, it’s real I do really love you"kiseok exclaims "No you don’t love me, because if you really do. You won’t have a second thought about us” you sighs looking at his eyes “I’m leaving so won’t make any excuses, you don’t need to say our love is true because not it became a lie” you reach his hand shoving the small ring on his hand before moving  away getting your bag and suite, Kiseok stood still fighting the tears, his mind was blank and he can’t think straight he stares at the ring on his hand “Sorry If I wasn’t enough, sorry if I didn’t reach your expectation and you still doubt if I was the one for you and Thank you because you made believe that what we have is real. Don’t worry I’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry about me anymore” you said before leaving, when he heard the door slam shut, his tears finally fall down from his eyes.

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I went to your selfie tag and I thing I may have fallen in love??? Or maybe it's just a crush but honestly I'd let you look at my soul and even though I think my soul is ugly, I'd still do it if there was even a slight chance you'd love me anyway. I'm torn between like joking about how I'm like ensnared by how goddamned aesthetically pleasing your face is and like writing full on poetry to rival the epics about getting lost in your amazing eyes. They're like warm brownies or some shit. God damn

Part 2: “Also, in follow up to my previous ask espousing my infatuation with your eyes and general attractiveness, I have no idea if you’re single or not or if you’re into guys and I apologize for my weirdness if you’re not single and/or not into guys and also just to apologize for my weirdness in general. But also I am happy you’re spreading the good McElroy Content Gospel. Angus is a good kid and I want him to get his grandfather’s silverware back some day.”


I am the absolute worst at coming up with clever ways to respond to compliments, but please just know that I am blushing my entire face off right now and it’s super embarrassing.

tagging @kryptonitanott because tucker meta

throwing some random rvb thoughts out there since, well, you know. soon.

this might be pure selfishness on my part (which, whatever, any reading of any piece of fiction is bound to be influenced by the person reading it) but tbh if i had to pick one thing i really like about tucker that i wish i saw more of, it’s that he is clumsy with Mature Situations. like, it takes so long for him to even admit he misses church in s11, he doesn’t even know how to verbalize an apology to him in s12, he arguably didn’t even know that church was an AI before the reds told him and had to cover it up with nervous laughter instead of actually dealing with the consequences of what that meant*

and when he tries to be a leader in s12 he expresses so much frustration with himself because it doesn’t come naturally to him and he keeps fucking up and it’s like he keeps trying to be a Mature Leader Guy but no matter what, that’s not who he is

but the point is, he is TRYING–not succeeding or failing 100% but trying. he is thrown into these situations that seemingly call for someone with more experience or prestige and tries to be that person–but he isn’t. he doesn’t know how to Feelings, he doesn’t know how to manage people, he’s constantly complaining about how he doesn’t know, he can’t figure out, etc etc. and all of this was pretty much bottled up and internal until wash came along and made it all real, first by unknowingly pushing his buttons when he was vulnerable and then by apologizing for it and making all these bitter feelings about church explicit and real–but wash was also the guy who told tucker he has potential if he just tried and took himself more seriously, so both factors were a huge influence on how tucker treated serious emotional situations from then on out, those factors are why he tries so much

so yeah, i think the best thing about tucker is his frustration with his own inability to just Deal with his own problems let alone others’ but also especially his perseverance despite or maybe even because of it. he doesn’t really know how to Feelings, doesn’t quite understand them sometimes until someone points them out to him, but he wants to, and that’s a very human experience

*idk if the wiki still says it but in the transcript for the episode where the reds tell him church is an AI, the script says something like *nervous laughter*–implying that he didn’t actually know church was an AI. whether that is an accurate reading of that piece of dialogue or not is debatable but it’s a more interesting reading to me anyway

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i've noticed you apologize a lot for so many things, especially to mean people who send you angry asks about updating faster. you shouldn't do that -__- you guys are the ones giving us the privilege to read the translated chapters so we should be thanking you!! srsly, thank you so much and please try not to push yourselves too hard for us c:

But I feel so sorry for making you wait, I can’t help it xD
That’s just because I’m still a normal reader like you guys and I know how it is to wait for your favorite manga, or even just a manga you like, to update. 
Although I’m super patient when it comes to waiting for updates on manga I like, I want you to have updates asap xD
Which can be quite difficult because DAMN REAL LIFEEEE

And as long real life doesn’t let us scanlate in peace, I will probably keep apologizing hehe

Thank you so much dear Anon-san for this sweet message <3


For the record, I’ll respond to any of these aphobe blogs when they respond with a substantive argument as to:

1) Why it’s ethical for us to abandon a group of people who undeniably face serious issues based on society’s view of their sexual orientation.

2) Why it’s practical for us to start balkanizing the community with “Who’s REALLY LGBT ENOUGH” sophistry against that group, especially in a time when biphobes, TERFs and people like Milo want to break up the community for their own interests as well.

3) How you can convince someone like
me, a bi trans girl, that abandoning the aces won’t inevitably come back to bite us all in the collective ass.

instead of just asshurt nitpicking about my wording, fake outrage, and the occasional damn-near incoherent ask

I also want to apologize to my followers for posting such a large quantity of this shit recently.

You can expect far fewer ace discourse posts for the foreseeable future, and these posts will all be tagged so you can block them if you want to avoid the bullshit.

IDW what if

(This is so far fetched, but….) What if by now, Starscream and Megatron just kinda send each other petty texts or emails when they have time. Like, Megatron sits down on the Lost Light, pulls out a laptop or some slag, and types, “How’s it going, you winged garbage can.”

On Cybertron, Starscream looks out the window and hears a noise coming from his tablet. He opens it and is shocked to see who it came from, but he responds,

“I’m doing fine, how’s our ‘oh-so-mighty leader’ doing? I’m surprised you haven’t rusted out yet!” He smirks and hits send.

Megatron reads it and smirks as well.

“I see you haven’t changed.”

And they just go back and forth, joking, apologizing, insulting, and slowly just becoming friends.

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"I was in your room last night. You looked so peaceful.” For Mercy

Mercy hummed softly to herself as she changed out your real IV bags and morphine with a placebo. You had been in the hospital for only several weeks but she was already infatuated with you. It wasn’t like her at all to even think of any of her patients in a romantic manner and yet here you were, changing all of that. You were in a car accident with minor injuries that should’ve left you in her care for a week at most but she insisted you needed more tests run in case of brain damage. You had a hard time listening to her until she was forced to dabble with your medication to force a seizure out of you. Naturally she was with you the entire time until you regained your state of mind. You apologized every time you saw her for doubting her and thanked her profusely for her care. It riled her up and how she just wanted to take you then and there as you slept. She smiled softly as she gazed lovingly at your sleeping form before pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

When morning came she visited you once more as soon as you awoke for her usual check up rounds. You said you felt a bit nauseous lately and Mercy tried her best to suppress a giggle when you asked her if it was because of the seizure. When she assured you everything would be fine you relaxed, “Everything will be alright when you have me as your doctor,” She smiles. Her next words send a shiver down your spine, “You seem to be sleeping better, correct? I was in your room last night. You looked so peaceful.”

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing/have been okay. *hugs*
So I’m making this post just to apologize to my babies who requested me some edits! I’m sorry for not having them done yet… ‘cause I have been with a depression and with no motivation to do edits… And even when I do them I take too much time now (I wonder where are my inspirations and ideas went orz). I’m not how I used to be when I edited on the past few years (you can noticed on how my edits have been looking now, so simple and plain lol…) just have been feeling really down everyday and with no patience for anything. I’m getting worried by my depression and I’m afraid it gets any worse… So just wanted to let you know that I will still make the requests and bday gift edits for my cute friends :) *hugs* They just will be so damn late and I’m so sorry for that! Wish you all the best (specially luck for your exams at school) and thank you for being with me and for being such a sweethearts!! ily all!
PS: please dear anons, don’t come to my ask box and send me shitty messages ok? I feel really bad and sad already and don’t make me feel more stressed with stupid and mean asks… I won’t answer them! Respect it please!

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How would the RFA+ Saeran react to MC having cancer or something? Especially if she tried to hide it and they found out? Love your blog btw <3 😄😘

You have no idea how much it means to me that you like my blog, thank you!!<3 I hope you wanted a happy ending on these, because I could never hurt my babies (also, I apologize if I didn’t portray anything good enough. I luckily have no experience with cancer whatsoever, so I had to reasearch all of it, which means you will have to blame google for my mistakes)


  • Even though he wasn’t studying human anatomy specifically, he did take biology classes to become a vet, which included learning about the human body
  • This meant that he fairly quickly realized that your wheezing and coughing wasn’t as innocent as you tried to convince him, especially not when you started choking blood
  • You admited that you had had lung cancer a few years earlier, and that it might be coming back
  • He rushed you to the hospital to take an x-ray of your chest, and your suspicions were confirmed
  • You had a lung carcinoid tumor, which was the rarest type of lung cancer, but luckily the one with the highest survival rate
  • You underwent surgery again and made full recovery, but Yoosung made sure you got checked at least twice a year after that


  • As he was heavily into body worshipping, he would notice even the smallest change about you
  • So when he saw that the rash you had always had on your thigh was starting to fade, you lost weight quickly and was more fatigued, he was starting to wonder if you either a) found a really good cream and just happened to start working out more or b) you were developing an eating disorder
  • When he expressed his worry to you one day (not in a confrontal way, he just asked about your eating habits as he was usually too busy to make sure you ate at least 3 healthy meals a day), you felt bad that you worried him when it was just the chemo against your relatively innocent skin cancer, and it was working as it should
  • You told him, and his jaw dropped
  • ?? How didn’t he know ?? When had you gotten your treatments ??
  • You confessed that when he had long days at set or most of the time when you claimed to sleep over at your parents house, you were in the hospital
  • He hid how hurt and shocked he was and made you promise to let him come next time, as he needed to see for himself that everything was okay


  • She got worried when she noticed that you were bloated and bleeding more often than what would’ve been normal for your period cycle (which she of course kept track of)
  • When she asked you if something was wrong, you shrugged it off as a hormonal unbalance
  • She insisted on at least seeing a gynecologist, and you reculantely told her that you already knew what was wrong
  • You confessed that you had endometrial cancer (in the uterus)
  • Shocked because you hid it from her, she started reasearching the survival rate and was releaved to see that it was high
  • Suggested to just operate your uterus out, as that was the easiest solution and “she could carry your children, if you one day wish that”
  • She was very supportive


  • Whenever you started getting intimidate, you would always pull away as soon as he was about to take your bra off
  • He figured you just weren’t comfortable enough with him yet, so he respected your boundaries
  • One day when he came home from work, he could hear you crying and talking to someone on the phone
  • “I don’t know mom, I think the cancer has spread more than the doctors initially thought, I probably have to remove my entire left breast… No, I can’t let you pay for it… I-I will figure something out, okay?
  • Jumin was shocked, and realized that you probably tried to hide it from him
  • Quietly he went to you and hugged you from behind, muttering in your ear that he would take care of it and pay for everything, including the best surgeons money could hire and a breast implant to replace your left boob if you wanted
  • At the start you refused, but the worry in his eyes made it clear that he was dead serious so you eventually accepted it


  • Hahaha did you really think you could hide anything from him
  • This boy already knew that you had osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and that you were going to have surgery in just a few weeks
  • You had already been in chemotherapy for a few months, and was insecure about the fact that you were losing your hair quicky
  • So when he described you to the rest of the RFA as a cute girl, it made you really happy!
  • Was scared shitless of losing you but no way he would let you know, so sometimes he would joke about being glad that his horoscope wasn’t cancer, as you had enough of it already and would have to get rid of him


  • He barely even knew what cancer was
  • He just innocentely asked why your hair seemed to be thinning, out of curiousity when he was playing with it
  • “Oh don’t worry, it’s just the medicine I take”
  • You didn’t want him to worry about you dying and leaving him, as the mole your skin cancer was in already had been operated away, and you had basically recovered
  • When he asked you to explain what for and you hesitantely told him,he got really upset and left the room
  • You searched the house for him, and found him in your bed clutching your pillow and muttering that he didn’t want to lose you
  • It took a lot of ice cream to convince him that you really were okay, but he did understand why you would hide it as he wasn’t exactly an open book himself