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An Angel. Literally.
And Jack is taking his role too seriously, seriously. Someone please yell to the Strike Commander that this is how healers work!

I have this headcanon in which Jack acts like this with Angela (overprotective and selfconfident) because he’s not used to have “weak” companions around, if a healer can be considered this way. I mean, back in the old days, for example, as a sniper Ana used to stand in the back, while Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Gabriel, sure, were big tough guys and could pretty defend them selves, I guess. This is how Jack’s mind works in my headcanons until Angela joins Overwatch, because now it’s up to her to crack every single convictions of his, showing him the power of her love and the strenght of her courage (she’s facing her worst fear, remember? I mean WAR! Which killed her parents, you know!!!)
This comic basically talks about this and I hope you’re enjoying it even if it has little sense.

p.s. I’m late, sorry.

Natural - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Natural

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine Bill seeing you interact with little Jackson on set and realizing he wants to have kids with you.

A/N: (Y/s/n) = Your Superhero Name, Y’all little Georgie is everything! And I’m not the one to easily find kids adorable or say I’d want a kid like that but oh dear!

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Bill asked with an adorable frown as he looked down at you and you chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“Bill you don’t have to worry about me, I already have an amazing company!” you grinned, turning to look at Jackson who was barely able to hold all of the comics in his small hands.

“You two will get along perfectly fine.” he breathed out with a small chuckle and you giggled after looking at your small fan and then back at your boyfriend.

“We already are.” you winked “Come on now, go be a big scary clown and don’t get all messy with the blood, children are not like eating chicken and you know it. Bones are bigger and there usually is a whole lot more blood, cause you practically eat them alive and yeah.” you leaned in and pecked his lips as he laughed at you.

“You’re so weird.” he made a funny face but still looked at you with adoration.

“But that’s why you love me.” you breathed out, your hands resting on his chest “And if you need any tips on red lipstick I am always here, baby.” you winked with a giggle and he chuckled.

“You are… amazing.” he breathed out, cupping your face before fully kissing you on the lips.

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Bad Things

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request(s): If you could, would you make an imagine where Y/N and Tom are working together on a project and Y/N likes to tease Haz or one of the other guys on set and Tom gets jealous (even though she likes him) and at some point he goes down on her and finishes saying something like “That’s how a guy should please you, darling” or something? Thank you! :)

Word Count: 3685 (The beginning wasn’t descriptive enough and then I made the beginning of the smut descriptive and then I stopped being horny for the end so it was pretty bad)

Song: Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello  

Summary: You and Tom have been friends for a while and he helps you get a job on Infinity War. He normally brings friends on set so you thought nothing of Harrison, the cute blond that looks at you in a way that Tom doesn’t like.

Warning(s): (UM SO LIKE JUST A WARNING FOR THE WARNINGS: I WON’T DO MORE STUFF LIKE THIS IF NO ONE LIKES IT THIS COULD HONESTLY BE WAY BETTER I’M SORRY anyway back to your regularly scheduled programming) S M U TT, jealous!Tom, I forgot to write a condom scene so like unprotected sex (Assume that the reader is on the pill)(just remember don’t be silly cover your willy), it’s kinda just kinky like there’s “daddy” and “babygirl”, a little bit of orgasm denial, rough sex, yeah lemme just go burn my laptop now

Author’s Note: Pass me some holy water because this is the filthiest thing I’ve ever written. And I know that that doesn’t say much because I’ve written smut a whopping total of 2 other times but STILL I’M NOT SURE WHETHER I SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE SMUT OR PROUD OF HOW IT TURNED OUT BECAUSE IT COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE. But on a completely unrelated note, I start school tomorrow so I will probably be posting a lot less since my mom is crazy strict about homework and it makes a little sense but not enough to justify it BUT I will not burden you with my problems enjoy this sin-fest!

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anonymous asked:

if shiro or keith gets another love interest, will you deem all the sheith scenes as queerbaiting?

Nope! There’s a number of reasons for this. The thing about queer baiting is, it would be the equivalent of the show runners responding to kl/ance questions with “oo you never know!! You’ll just have to wait and see!!” instead of outright saying they never intended for it to happen and confirming that it’s far too late to go back and change anything. Queerbaiting is typically using the chemistry between two characters and repeatedly bragging about it to the audience without any intention of following through. As they’ve said at the last NYCC:

  • Will we be seeing any lgbt representation?
  • Lauren: “It’s super important to us.”
  • Joaquim: “Just know that from our prospective, we’re fighting to create as open and broad a spectrum of characters as we can.”
  • Lauren: “We can’t give you any definite answers, but just know that–”
  • Joaquim: “We’re fighting for as broad and open representation as we can.”

If we don’t get any lgbt representation from vld, we know it’s not Lauren and Joaquim’s fault. They’re made it clear plenty of times before that they’re working as hard as they can towards open lgbt representation. This is something I don’t think a lot of people understand, you know? They don’t want to lose their jobs. They’re negotiating as best they can, and there’s usually always a bit of give and take there. With Korra, korrasami still happened, but they had to save the kiss and confession in front of everyone until the comics and other source material. 

So, if we do get the lgbt representation they’ve been fighting for–and yes, they’ve been fighting–it might be a bit more subtle in the show itself and later expanded on in comics or books, ect, like with Korra. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s something. Again, I think this is something a lot of fans don’t quire realize, but Lauren and Joaquim don’t have the final say. And they certainly can’t say anything final about ships or representation that violates their NDA. That’s just not how any of this works. 

But to talk about sheith specifically, I don’t think they’ve queerbaited it at all. I believe they’re written their dynamic romantically and with parallels to other clear romances in the show, but if they didn’t take it in that direction, I’d understand. Be disappointed, feel like it could’ve turned out better? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean it’s queerbaiting. They’ve never said these two were definitely romantically getting together. And in fact, they’ve always been carefully secretive about the very nature of their backstory and relationship–which again, makes it feel like it’s romantic to me. But yeah, going back to what I’ve said before, it could be they were fighting for sheith but didn’t get the okay to go all the way through. Or just, you know, they realize it can be read romantically but didn’t decide to take it in that direction really. 

Have the writers alluded to the intimacy of Shiro and Keith’s relationship before and emphasized how much they mean to each other? Yes, of course. But never have they teased sheith in the way that fans and interviewers alike have tried to force their hand to with kl/ance. That’s the difference. To go back to the example I often use, let’s take a look at something that clearly is an interviewer asking about queerbaiting, with the show runners shutting them down:

  • Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems shippers want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hints of that at all? Or is it just more like–okay, they’re friends, they’re starting to become friends.”
  • Lauren: “I think we had a very natural arc in mind for those two. Which is, they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”
  • Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”
  • Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!
  • Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” (source)

The interview suggests that maybe Lance trying to comfort Keith over Shiro’s loss–something that everyone on the team does–was somehow a “little tease” of kl/ance. And they asked if fans would get more of a “tease” because the ship is so popular. This right here is queerbaiting: seeing that a gay ship is popular with the fandom and deciding to flaunt their dynamic around like it really is romantic in canon instead of outright owning up to it and saying No, this was never our intention. Had Lauren and Joaquim gone along with it and been like, Yeah, we know fans love it! Of course we’ll tease it again, so keep watching! Then that would be queerbaiting. 

 What they do instead is directly and as clearly as possible state point blank that they never intended for their dynamic to be read this way. And then, they do the favor of outlining how animation is done so far in advance, it’s quite simply impossible to “go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!” “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline.” This was incredibly responsible and considerate of them, because there was no queerbaiting here. They weren’t trying to lead fans on. So no, I don’t think the vld writers have any intention of queerbaiting. And if sheith doesn’t happen, it will feel like a lost opportunity more than anything else. 

love-dreams-unless-delusional  asked:

My inner child is happy with forces. A lot of adults seem to forget kids will get this game. This game will actually make kids happy. They get to make themselves in the game and Sonic is so nice to them and cheers them on. To kids that like sonic he is their hero. Kids will love this.

I’m only on Stage 10 of the game (I’m very bad at games but I play anyways) and so far I am absolutely 100% in LOVE with this game. This game is everything… EVERYTHING… that I as a fanfic writer and reader, as an artist, as a creator of fan characters and AUs. As a lover of all things Sonic story related. As someone who loves the world and the lore and the characters.


Unironically. Unabashedly.

This game is a love letter to Sonic’s biggest, longest running and most mocked demographic. The little kids dreaming of running beside their favourite heroes (maybe even developing crushes on them). The tweens who get told they’re ‘too old for that stuff’ but cling to it anyway because it makes them happy and, hey, in this world, I’m a hero, too! I’m important! The teens who spend hours writing stories or reading them because they need MORE of this world that they feel important and crucial to. The twenty-somethings who fear their coworkers finding out about their RP group where they have a million ships and who go ‘oh, I watch TV and read’ when asked how they wind down after work. The older fans, like myself, who have been here since Day 1, as those wide eyed teenagers falling in love with  the colours and the world. The ones who cut their story telling teeth on SatAM and the Archie comics and Fleetway comics.

Sonic Forces is a game made, out of love, for every fan who’s ever been laughed at for liking Sonic.

It’s a game for kids like my daughter, who has a gigantic crush on Sonic and Shadow and who’s greatest disappointment watching her brother play Sonic Mania was ‘Sonic never talks. He has such a nice voice, why won’t he talk?’

A game for an adult like me who has been told, for years and years, by friends and outside sources and random jerks on the internet that she was stupid for doing Sonic art. That Sonic fanfic was a waste. That OCs and fan characters were cringy and childish and would ruin your life if you made them. Who put these things away under years and YEARS of abuse and is pulling them out of their boxes and dusting them off and re-embracing them and remembering what she loved so much about just putting herself in the stories. How GOOD it felt. How FUN it was. And how it didn’t hurt a single soul.

Sonic Forces is amazing. It’s important. It’s incredible. (Though man, the jumping could use some work…)

Even if they never make a game like this again… I will cling to this one and treasure it above all over Sonic games.

They’ve told me it’s okay to be the Sonic fan I am. SEGA sees us, acknowledges us and accepts us. They care about us, too. Just like putting ourselves into the story to capture the feeling… we’re actually important, too.

That’s what makes Sonic Forces amazing. ♥


Hello everyone! This is 1° part of my fan-comic Steven Universe (alternate universe) where Steven is the son of Yellow Diamond, a powerful gem who left his physical form to give life to Steven and then is created by gems homeworld: Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and Jasper ( UPDATE: Yellow Pearl, too) to follow the footsteps of her mother and become a gem and conqueror of worlds. I hope you enjoy (and sorry for my english)

———————– ( Updates- D-18 M-05-Y-2016)———————–

Good night! I’m reblogging the first chapter of Steven Diamond  just to put a simple cover. Not only in this chapter, but as for those who have not.

For those who may not know, pleasure! I’m Yasmim Louise, the creator of  the fan-comic “Steven Diamond” for my own fun and for the fun of those who like comics that deal with alternative universes and also Steven Universe. But my main goal with this fan-comic is to draw attention of her, which she is my greatest inspiration, Rebecca Sugar, who I want to meet  personally.

Now talking about chapter one:

*sigh* Okay, to start… The chapter 1 is NOT the Chapter 1 .

You could be thinking “ what you mean with that ?”

The chapter 1 is happening in an future action.
This didn’t happen then will happen. You understood ?

The timeline of Steven Diamond is like:

 Start on the middle ( the disaster is happening or happened) ——> go back to the beginning and explain how the things will happen until the “disaster”————-> After explain everything, it will show the end of the story.

So i apologize to you if i confuse you. ‘Cause when i was doing the first chapter, it would be just this. I was afraid to show it to the people and them don’t like it and i never did a comic before. But y'know , they liked it and you reader, liked it, thank you!

Now Steven Diamond have a own universe, own feelings ,own musics ( i will talk about it later ) and his own ending.
Steven Diamond have a fun and sad story and i wanna show you how this alternative universe works. Well, this is all, bye. ( sorry for my bad english, too x.x)

New Check Please Network!

Hey, y’all! I created a space for any trans/nonbinary/non gender conforming fans of check please to hang out and talk about the comic, headcanons, RL hockey, and just life in general! 

Currently looking for admins because I’m one college student and depending on how busy this gets I’ll probably need some help. 

If you’re interested, shoot me a message! 

Reblogs are appreciated to get the word out, but not required because I know not everyone is out on their main blogs.

I’m working on getting a Discord chat up and running but in the meantime I just want to see how many people would actually be interested in joining and hanging out :)

Steven Universe Comic #9 (2017) - Outline & Review

The ninth installment of the 2017 comic series for Steven Universe is about Steven, Peridot, and Lapis taking art lessons with Vidalia (featuring Amethyst as a model). The paper issue I own has the cover by Missy Peña!


Steven proudly shows off his art to Amethyst, but while trying to praise him she accidentally insults him by misinterpreting his drawing. 

She offers to bring him to her good old artist friend Vidalia for art lessons, and he decides it’ll be more fun with more students. So he invites Lapis and Peridot, who attend grudgingly, suggesting their superiority with meep morps means they can’t possibly learn from Vidalia. 

Amethyst provides poses while the students try sketches. Vidalia gives feedback. Steven takes the advice to heart, while Lapis is a little nervous about getting “you’re too loose” feedback and doesn’t want to be more controlling, and Peridot believes she is above criticism so Vidalia just leaves her to it. Lapis and Peridot are annoyed with each other after Peridot thinks she’s better at art and Lapis’s art becomes fancier when she adds water to apply the paint.

The Gems try paint, but Peridot’s splash ruins Lapis’s painting. They begin to bicker and fight, water powers versus metal powers, and Steven’s art gets ruined. Eventually the characters have to acknowledge that their fighting is destructive and competing with each other doesn’t lead to better art. They fix Steven’s art and decide to keep working on their art.

This was one of the best comic issues! Every character was so themselves–I love how well the writers know these fictional folks. The art was also very on-model and everyone’s expressions were on target. (Though there were a few talk bubbles that didn’t have tails to show who was talking when it mattered, which was weird.) You can practically hear them talking. It’s great.

Notable bits for fans:

1. Vidalia’s an adorable mom, and it was nice to see her without the episode focusing on her kids to be honest. She kind of mommed Steven, giving him the right kind of supportive advice for his art, and it was perfect.

2. Amethyst’s wearing her sleeveless purple top with a drooping shoulder strap and her black pants with stars cut out. This is a throwback outfit from before she reformed in “Reformed,” and she’s also reformed since then in “Crack the Whip.” Interesting that they went back to that outfit for the art, especially since Lapis and Peridot doing meep morps should indicate a later outfit for Amethyst. (Meep morps were revealed in “Beta,” which is a good forty-plus episodes after “Reformed.”) 

3. Amethyst reprising her role as model for Vidalia (well, her students) is cute. She also wears the outfit she wore to model for Pearl and Peridot’s robot war in “Back to the Barn,” but with a ponytail!

4. Vidalia’s art advice is actually really good?

5. The characters’ execution of their art styles, as well as the description of what they need to focus on to improve, was really accurate.

6. Peridot: “Wow thanks for the praise!” Hahaha.

7. Vidalia tells Lapis that her drawings are very loose and flowy, but are also hesitant and directionless. She encourages her to be more confident and Lapis resists applying more control, because that’s always been disaster in her life. I love that this is in here for people who watch the show to understand what she means when she’s reluctant. She’s also disappointed that she got constructive criticism that she took to heart while Peridot just brags about already being an expert, so it’s very Lapis-like for her to internalize the negative.

8. Steven likes painting and experimenting with color, but painting Amethyst, he’s mostly just using purple. It’s adorable.

9. Peridot still has no idea what subtlety is and I love it.

10. It’s really nice that the characters were able to work out their differences without Steven specifically sitting there coaching them through their resolution. I wonder how much Lapis and Peridot fight at the barn?

[SU Book and Comic Reviews]

Hello again folks, friends, fans.

We recently asked on Twitter who people would like to see in Aftertale, and while we can’t talk about who is going to show up later in the story, we wanted to make an illustration for the fan favorite.

The people on Twitter seem to like Monster Kid!

But how about you? Who would you want to see in Aftertale?

The game demo is coming by summer next year, provided no incredible setbacks occur. We really hope you’ll stick with us until then.

After which, work resumes on the comic for a while!

Looking forward to seeing your impressions! Thanks for all your support, and keep doing your best!

It’s getting tiring that people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that things like mental illness and LGBTQ representation aren’t talked about in the exact same way globally.

KS is a Korean comic that takes place in South Korea, featuring Korean characters, written by a Korean person. To really determine whether or not its content or creator is being ableist/homophobic/whatever you need to be aware of how these things work in South Korea.

While a western artist might be totally okay with going in-depth about their mental health, gender, sexuality, etc etc, in many asian cultures (dare I say most?) these topics are generally seen as something you just don’t talk about. Period.
It would be incredibly ignorant to not take this into account when reading Koogi’s replies in the fan event, for example. It’s entirely possible for Koogi to be LGBT, it’s entirely possible for Koogi or someone she knows to have BPD, or be abuse victims, but this is something she’s most likely never going to talk about, because of what that would mean in the culture she grew up in. (And honestly, this trend of having to explain your situation to literal strangers is pretty new in general, but I’ve noticed it’s way more common on predominantly western platforms.)

Basically, using her replies as some sort of “gotcha!!!” is futile, because they don’t really tell you anything. Using the english translation of the comic itself isn’t necessarily “proof” either, since a lot of Korean native speakers have pointed out some very big mistakes in the official translation (not to mention fan translations).

Cultural context matters, stop pretending that it doesn’t just so you can be a bully on the blue hellsite.


I drew this for two reasons!

1) Wanted to present one of Leaf’s ability: to change the shape/color of their leaves at will and also add flowers if they feel like it! They rarely do it cause they don’t see the point. What they CAN’T do is change the emplacement or make the leaves disappear. They’re here FOREVER.

2) I have a follower who told me they ship Leaf and Chrome cause of the drawings I made of them (there’s a few) so that’s why he’s here and blush in reaction to seeing this! For the, uh, headcanon (?) that there’s feelings between them I thought it would work better if Chrome slowly realized it but like, completely refuse, like nope, him having a crush? No way! And get mad whenever Leaf do something cute cause HOW DARE?!

Characters in the game use “she/her” pronouns to talk about Leaf, while I always use “they/them” cause they’re non binary.

just something for Missy & Michelle ❤️

Just a post of me living a first day knowing that Missy is gone and knowing that Michelle is leaving doctor who.
So here we are, Missy faced her last battle. And it’s time to say “Goodbye, Mistress. You were good.”.
But let’s go back to the past and reminisce moments with her. The first point would be her first appearance in doctor who: the episode Deep Breath.We see mysterious woman whose first words were: “Hello, i am Missy!”. Everyone was so WTF at that time wondering who that woman was, there were different theories: some of them included somehow her to be River Song, others believed in the fact that she is female version of the Master and let’s applause this people cause their premonition didn’t betray them 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Some people suggested her being Rani.
But Missy’s first appearance didn’t just introduce “new” character but discovered me marvelous, astounding actress, gorgeous person inside and outside in other words Michelle Gomez. We had only few minutes maybe even minute and a half of her but she just charmed me in every possible way-let’s call it Michelle Gomez charm ❤️👀 Moving forward in the past we have seen her short appearances in “into the Dalek” where she mysteriously and elegantly suggested a cup ☕️. And, oh my God, I can’t resist Michelle’s smile 💙 Michelle Gomez charm is working all along!!! Who can walk the corridors that elegantly as Michelle Gomez? I can rewatch that scene again and again just to see that look and see her walking the corridors. Oh, can we talk about red nails and red lipstick?🔥❤️ Short appearance of her “Flatline” made everyone scream so hard because she was viewing Clara all along and said “My Clara…”. Mother Nature saves the earth here YAY, Missy’s viewing everything through the screen. Stop the moment here. I wanna take time to say how gorgeous is Michelle Gomez. Every scene is so elegant and just so flawless, it’s like you can look at Miss Gomez forever. And we are moving to great finale of season 8, we are about to find who Missy is. Short for Mistress…we know the answer YES YOU ARE MASTER! Everyone asked Michelle about how was it to keep that secret from the world, well she did keep that secret brilliantly. Let’s talk about “Dark Water” episode where we see more Missy as character and Michelle Gomez IN ALL HER BEAUTY. That’s when we had iconic 12th scene, THE KISS. THE KISS. I still remember shouting at my screen OH MY GOD. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. AND THAT NOSE KISS HAHA I love the fact that Michelle keeps talking about that, the fans love such talks 😂😂 Still iconic. Missy/Michelle is still the only one who kissed/was kissed by the Doctor/Peter👀 I call “Dark Water” as one of the crucial tv series episodes for me. Because that was exactly the episode when I discovered myself the definition of “favorite actress”, I was charmed by Michelle since Deep Breath AND IM SO SAD THAT I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT HER EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, favorite actress is about getting chills whenever you see them on your screen, and I do get chills when I see Michelle Gomez. Because everything about her is so gorgeous, so pure, EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS TALENT. That manner of acting(let’s call it Michelle Gomez way of acting), those facial expressions, those accent changing OH my GOD! That manner of improvising when you need too( hey missy you are so fine, you so fine you blow my mind hey missy ) HEY MICHELLE YOU ARE SO FINE, you so FINE YOU BLOW OUR MINDS HEY MICHELLE. I can just spend my whole life watching Michelle doing all of that. What lier I am, I can watch Michelle Gomez sitting my whole life. Let’s not forget about those magical blue eyes which reach out your soul really really deep. Let’s call it Michelle Gomez eyes effect. Let’s move forward to episode last episode of season 8 “Death in heaven” which gave us more Missy and more screen time for Michelle Gomez ❤️❤️ Phenomenal as always 💕 Missy just creates whole army of cyberman to get her friend back…how cute is that?! Or not. It’s time lord thingy, we can’t judge, we are just humans. So here’s when Missy gets her title of “Queen of evil"👸🏽 and can we talk about the ending of season 8…when as many people thought was the end of Missy but as obsessive fan you start rewatching the episode by second and you see that the teleport worked earlier than the cyberman’s shot. ( I have rewatched death in haven so many times, because I was so in love with bananas queen ). So here move to the point when Michelle started visiting different comic cons, that’s where we get to know her perfect TARDIS, we get those funny meet&greet pictures, and those funny stories from fans and the fact that Michelle was so sweet to all the fans makes my heart so warm, she even recorded “hello” videos for people who couldn’t make to convention. And my heart just warms up hearing that Michelle always mentions and the thanks the fans. queen, we are thankful to you! Before season 9 and season 10 we get those Michelle “I am back” videos, who could do that more iconicly than Michelle 😂 one time eating an apple and just “I am back” and the other time painting the TARDIS 😂 Before season 9 we got to see Michelle Gomez on SDCC 2015, what a fun days, a lot of interviews, new looks and Michelle Gomez charm works here again❤️ And here we got to see Trailer of season 9 in which we saw Missy. Here comes autumn 2015 and here comes season 9. We got Missy in the first two episodes, I WAS WAITING FOR HER WHOLE SEASON AFTER THAT AND STILL WONDER ABOUT HER CLEVER 💡. Season 9 Missy is famous for Clara x Missy 😂 I wish you would know how shipper’s hearts were up to that!!!! Pushing Clara to the whole, ICONIC. I guess you loved that scene, Michelle 😂 “tell him the bitch is back” 🔥 And can we talk about dance moves 🔥🔥 Michelle you for the moves 👏🏼💪🏼 Season 9 is also famous for you getting Twitter 👀 That’s when I started spamming it (I’m sorry BUT I NEED YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOu) We are enjoying funny, witty tweets and gorgeous selfies and personal photos. The wait for the season 10 was long BUT WE GOT YOU BACK with great welcome video of you painting the TARDIS into blue. The season 10 was tough one in so many ways BUT SO TOUGH AND SO HARD IN EMOTIONAL WAY. We saw another side of Missy, her trying to turn good and she succeeded in it. We saw Missy crying and not just ones. And oh my god, Michelle those scenes were so brilliantly done 💝 I was so happy to get to see Missy in few episodes: really different Missy each episode, queen of evil with big and kind heart 💝💜 Last two episodes were really hard for everyone to handle especially when the time to say goodbye had come. It was said that Michelle will leave Doctor Who with her friends but we didn’t want to believe, it’s so hard to say goodbye even if you need to. Yesterday was the finale and we saw incredible chemistry between Michelle and John Simm. What a hot duo. And how much should I pay to get Michelle Gomez push me against a wall?????!!!! Real question here. But everything comes to an end and we see Missy sacrificing herself TWICE because she wanted to be on Doctor’s side 😭😭 And the thing that kills me more IS WILL HE EVER KNOW,WILL HE EVER KNOW!!! What a hard scene it was for me as a fan of Mistress and as a fan of Michelle. Seeing Missy dying because of her past version, laughing and peacefully laying of the ground looking at the stars. What and end. I just wanted to scream and cry, actually I did all of that. How brilliantly was that scene done my Michelle and how marvelously it was shoot by Rachel, that close look in her face, when we see her taking her last breath 💔 my heart is shattering 💔 it is really hard for me to admit that Missy/Master is dead and that I will never see Michelle in DW. Michelle brought that special energy to Doctor Who and I am already missing that energy 😭😭😭😭 It was even more hurtful to see you saying “no, I won’t be coming back”, it’s been wonderful 3 years, you are right and you are absolutely right about the fact that “no one will be able, you know, to match MISSY” SO TRUE. But no one will be able TO MATCH YOU(everyone is unique, i know) BUT YOU ADDED SUCH MAGIC TO THIS ROLE AND YOU ADDED MAGIC INTO MY LIFE. You are probably one of those people who inspire me to wake up every single day and say that I want to live. Michelle Gomez version of Master is my favorite Master incarnation ever, i want you to know that. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 And you get to call yourself “doctor who” 😂👏🏼 I wish you could play the Master and the doctor at the same time! Why not?😂 Missy will never die in my heart ❤️ As long she lives in fans heart she will never die so MISSY LIVES and we still don’t trust Missy dying 😏 BECAUSE YOU CANt. blue light never killed Missy so the red one shouldn’t too. So here I come to ending of this I needed to speak up somewhere text-post. I love Michelle Gomez and I always will and I will forever miss you on Doctor Who. (Still hoping you to come back,maybe one day???). I have watched so many things with you from the past and I’m so excited for your future projects!❤️ love, Elvira❤️ I couldn’t put everything I feel into words, because I’m shitty writer, so I just love you so much and I need you to know that ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

So I met Andrew Scott again today! It was quick, because it’s Comic Con and there are a lot of fans who want to see him, but he was still the kindest and sweetest human and I can’t explain how grateful I am that I could see him in my home country. I also had first row on his panel and just admired him talking about Hamlet, King Lear, Handsome Devil, Sherlock and more! And he was also telling us how shy he was at the beginning of his career and it was the cutest thing:( I hope I’ll get to hug him for the third time soon. Oh and don’t you ever forget, Andrew Scott is the loveliest creature on this planet!

If you like comic books and haven’t been watching Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics on AMC, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

It’s a six episode miniseries (with more hopefully to come, there’s so much that can be talked about) done by different filmmakers taking a look at the history that makes up comics with interviews from industry professionals, actors, fans, and various others.

Episode one is about the history and founding of Marvel and the partnership and fallout between Stan and Jack.

Episode two is about the secret life of William Moulton Marston and how he came to create Wonder Woman (featuring interviews with Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter herself jsyk).

Episode three is about Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and the creation of Superman and the trials (literally) they went through to be recognized and compensated for their work.

Episode four is about how big of a role New York City plays in comics, and how that role has changed and evolved due to 9/11.

Episode five is about the rise and fall of Milestone Comics - a comic book imprint that was owned and created by African-Americans.

And Episode six is about the formation of Image Comics and how these big name artists quit Marvel and DC to form a rival company.

It’s really fascinating and even as a giant comics nerd, there’s a lot of stuff in here that I just didn’t know about (for real, the Wonder Woman episode was an absolute eye-opener).

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Why would you make people cry?

Okay so, this is what happens:

It’s 3am, I’ve just finished a few hours’ worth of fanfic and I’m getting ready to sleep. I lie back in the dark, my head swimming with what I’ve just read, and I think, “Holy shit, Viktor and Yuuri are so in love. They’re so happy.” Suddenly, an intrusive thought appears. What if they weren’t happy? What if they were in that ancient tale about the eloping prince and servant that ended tragically? I proceed to ruminate on that possibility for the next hour or so. After a good cry, I wipe my tears, and I think, “Holy shit, that was sad. I need to tell the fandom.”

I don’t intentionally come up with sad ideas to make people cry. I share my ideas with the fandom as other fans would when something funny or exciting comes to them. The ideas that come to me just tend to be on the depressing side, perhaps due to the time of day in which they occur. I am, however, intentional about the execution of these ideas. Since the idea is sad to begin with, I’m going to try my best to write and draw it out so that the emotional impact can be realised. I’m excited when people tell me they cry looking at my art, because it means the way I present the idea is effective. I’ll be equally pleased if someone commented that they were laughing at a funny comic I drew. 

I know I sometimes talk about how I live for your tears and such, but I’m not interested in causing only pain with my art. I find sad art/fic to be cathartic - an excuse for a good cry that relieves the stress from other aspects of my life.  I think many fans who have a penchant for angsty works do so for similar reasons. I always feel lighter at the end of my 4am cry. Additionally, sad fic/art can make people reflect or form bonds with other people. I’m ever so happy when I see people talking about needing to hug their pets on my Makkachin comic, the same way my heart beats with passioned empathy when people say they resonate with the iwaoi comics that deal with insecurities. 

This got longer than intended, but yeah, that’s why I make people cry :)

I am infinitely disappointed with the art of the new Vader comic.

When you consider the importance of this content, the budget they have available, the number of people working on this, how dare they produce this kind of sh*t?

Even the story is superficial and bland. Once you’ve all read it, let’s talk about the pointless contradictions…

I’m sure that our band of fan writers and artists here could team up and create a comic that is SUPERIOR in every way, in half the time they make this one, and for free.

Kriff this nonsense.

So, let’s talk about the comic industry…

Every now and then I’m reminded that most fans and, indeed, people who write about comics, professionally or otherwise, don’t really get how the industry works. I think the key word here is “industry” because that gives the impression that comics are run like any other profession, they’re really not.

For starters, pretty much nobody beyond editorial is an employee. That’s true of the entire industry from top to bottom. In many cases those working in editorial aren’t employees either. The vast majority of people working in comics in almost every role at almost every level of the industry are freelancers. Freelancers have very few rights. Freelancers can be fired at any moment, for any reason. There is no job security. The publisher owes you nothing but the page rate for the last pages you finished. If you’re working for the Big Two and the book you’re working on sells above a certain level then you’ll get some royalties, but if you’ve seen recent comics sales figures you’ll know that’s increasingly rare. But, my point is, your publisher owes you no loyalty and whether or not you’ll get work next month is entirely at their whim.

So, we come to the question of why more creators don’t speak out about whatever the latest issue of the day in comics is. Like, say, a controversial story point. I’m being deliberately vague here. Well, this is an industry in which people are legitimately afraid of losing the work that puts food on their table if they speak out about issues like sexual harassment in the industry…or an editor who has a tendency to bite people. I have known people get blacklisted for making a joke about another writer’s work who was higher up the food chain than them. Speaking out about anything in this industry can and will get you fired. Do I know people in the UK comics industry who have sexually harassed people I know? Yes. Can I speak out about that? No. Because this is a small industry and there would be consequences to that beyond my control (not least for the victims). It’s fucking awful, I’m not going to lie. I’ve seen people say that Tess Fowler spoke out and did okay. Did she? Or did she get used by the writer of Rat Queens to keep his book selling long enough that people would forget that his artist buddy abused his wife?

The comics industry is exceptionally small. So small that I know or have met some of the biggest names in comics and count some of them among my friends. Industries like that close ranks when someone rocks the boat. Industries as small as the comics industry know how fragile they are and push back against anyone who points out the problems within them. That’s not good, That’s not right. It’s just the way it is. You think people are going to speak out over a controversial story point when they don’t feel that they can speak out about sexual and physical abuse in the industry? An industry that can and has blacklisted creators for making a joke that hurt another creators feelings?

And if you think the answer is for creators to withdraw their labour and go and make comics elsewhere, outside the big two or three publishers, then you’re expecting people to give up paid work for a gamble. This isn’t 1992, when we had a thriving industry in which money flowed freely and comics sold in their millions on the strength of an artist’s name alone. This is a radically different industry to the one that spawned Image. And, really, Image is not the utopia of creators rights and hot and cold running royalties that you think it is. Image pays nobody anything unless their book makes money. (This is pretty much exactly the same deal you get at Markosia, you know, which I’ve had people bitch at me for, because there are no page rates…there are no page rates at Image either). I have good friends with books at Image. Those people are good people who treat everyone who works on their books fairly and ensure that everyone gets paid for their work, I’m sure. Not everyone who has a book with Image is like that. I’ve worked on books for Image twice, both times I’ve ended up out of pocket, not even received a comp copy of the book I worked on, and the last time I worked on an Image book I got so screwed over that the penciller claimed credit for my inking…so I didn’t even get the bare minimum in return for my work, fair credit.

My point is that work that pays enough for comic creators to make a living is few and far between. Economic security is a rare and precious commodity for comic creators. Those that are able to provide it are very much aware of that and that assures that people keep their heads down, their mouths shut and just get on with the work. Expecting people, in that atmosphere, to speak out about, well, anything, and risk falling into poverty…and their family and their children falling into poverty…is wholly unreasonable. You think that’s unreasonable then work to dismantle the economic system that creates these situations, don’t get angry with people for just trying to survive in a system they didn’t create.

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I just realized, how unfair it is that Reed gets shit for being husband and father, and Bruce Wayne doesn't

Well, I don’t think complaints about Reed are necessarily centered around him being a husband and father, but more that people mistakenly believe that he is bad at both, when such is very much not the case. His children all love, adore, and admire him, and Sue, Ben, and Johnny all feel the same way. They love him so much because they know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he loves them more than anything, even his own life. Which he’s proven repeatedly.

Having extensively read Fantastic Four comics, I cannot for the life of me understand how someone could think Reed doesn’t love his family with all his heart. Unless they’ve never read a Fantastic Four comic in their life, anyways. There have literally been entire plot points and story arcs that revolve around Reed’s love for his family, and don’t work if his love for them is not boundless. VILLAINS in-universe know Reed loves his family. Why is it that fans can’t see what even people who loathe Reed, in universe, can? (I’ve already talked about how I think it’s due to the fact that he’s been coded as autistic.)

Reed is such a GREAT dad and a WONDERFUL husband. He loves them all so much!

Reed as dad:

More picspam below the cut

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To The Batmobile

Request: Can I have a dean request? Reader is a batman nerd and talks about it 24/7, Dean thinks its really cute, and for her birthday buys her batman comics, action figures? :) thanks! – Anon

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2425

I’m on a roll today :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“So, you know how Alfred is like the one that raised him up, gosh, he’s so proud of Bruce!” You said, reading the new comic you got, of course, what else would it be, it’s another Batman comic you found in a local bookstore. It was one of the vintage ones and you were freaking happy about finding a gem.

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