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Anxiety - Archie Andrews x Reader

Part 2 in my Dialogue List challenge!


Title: Anxiety

Word Count: 1048

Prompt Numbers:

  • 96. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
  • 40. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”
  • 29. “Again?”


Sitting on Archie’s bed, the night sky black and a guitar on your lap, had become a common occurrence. Your anxiety had been working itself into a frenzy over the past month, with Jason’s murder and the Mrs. Grundy reveal and everything in between from Cheryl “Bombshell” Blossom to the Playbook.

Everything had started weighing on your shoulders to the point where even the ginger “puppy” had started to notice. As music was his coping mechanism, Archie offered to teach you how to play. You hadn’t been able to say no, the excitement in his face at the idea of spreading his passion too much for you to handle.

So that’s how you found yourself, cross-legged on his mattress, tuning his acoustic like he’d shown you a few nights prior. Archie was downstairs, talking with Fred and grabbing some snacks for the both of you to share. Your mind floated away from you for only a moment when suddenly, thwanggg, the A string you’d been tuning snapped, bringing you back to reality.

You looked down at the instrument in your hands and the empty space where the tightly held wire had once been. An uncomfortable, choking feeling clenched the back of your throat. It wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the fact -


Archie’s voice was soft from the doorway, not accusing but still holding a hint of frustration. It only made your throat feel tighter.

“I’m sorry,” the words were breathy as they skittered past your lips. You placed the guitar away from you, scared that you’d damage it further if your fingers were still wrapped around the neck. Instead, you held the end of your long shirt, clenching and unclenching your fists, trying to silently resolve the tension and panic that was starting to set it. 

You couldn’t believe that you’d broken a string for the third time. The weight you’d been trying to fight off started to press down on your shoulders again and a feeling, like the air was being sucked from the room settled into your lungs. 

God. You couldn’t do anything right.

You couldn’t help Jughead with Jason’s murder, you couldn’t help Veronica with the playbook, or Betty with handling Cheryl, and you couldn’t help Archie when he was still reeling with the whole Grundy situation. 

You hadn’t realized that your shoulders had started to shake, or that Archie had moved the guitar and sat down next to you. You felt a large, warm hand on your lower back, grounding you past your thoughts and allowed for your suddenly shallow breath to even out.

“Talk to me, (Y/N), what’s wrong?” The tone of his voice was calming, as though you were some kind of wounded animal, it caused you to stand from the bed, your arms circling around your middle and your head down.

“I’m sick of being USELESS.” 

The sound of the bed creaking almost drew your downturned gaze but you continued to stare at the ground.”

“(Y/N)…” he sounded hesitant as he approached, arms going to wrap around your own, pulling your body to his chest and enveloping you in his warmth. You swallowed, the clench in your throat lessening as Archie’s steady pulse thumped against your back and calmed you. “You’re not useless.”

He said it as though there was no room for argument. You opened your mouth regardless, a rebuttal on the tip of your tongue. Even before more self-deprecating words could spill over your lips you were silenced.

“You aren’t. Nothing you say or do could make me think that you are.” He sighed, you could feel the steep exhale against your lower back. “I know that I’m not the best at saying things most of the time, but you, being here, letting me show you how to play, distracting me from my problems, not pushing me away, you’re helping me, you’re not useless because I need you, (Y/N).” Archie’s voice tapered off towards the end as he buried his nose in your hair at the back of your neck and his fingers unconsciously squeezed your sides.

You felt the tension in your body slide away and you relaxed into Archie’s hold.
Archie led you to his bed, releasing you and allowing you to sit. Without words, he flipped his light switch off and shuffled through the darkness back to towards you. Still, cast in silence, Archie slipped in between where you sat and the wall, already in sweat pants since the moment that he’d gotten home.

Placing one of his hands on your forearm, you allowed him to pull you across the covers, your head landing across his chest. This was something that had only started to recently happen and for the most part only when you and him had spent hours pouring over bars and measures of new music.

A layer of drowsy energy swept over you, emotional exhaustion fueling the need for sleep and Archie’s warm torso only pulling your eyes closed further.
“Thank you,“ you whispered before sleep finally pulled you under.

Saturday morning sun poked in through half-drawn curtains and stirred you from your slumber. You felt warm, warmer than you had in a while, anchored by a comfortable and firm weight to a bed that you knew was not your own.

Peeping your eyes open they met honey brown ones. Archie was smiling softly, one of his hands brushing hair behind your ear, the other wrapped around your back, fingers tucked under your waist.

“Morning sunshine,” his tone was soft and his smile drowsy. You returned the little grin with one of your own and curled further into the heat of his torso. Your mind brought you back to the night before, the words that had been spoken and the way that Archie had held you. 

You heaved a breath and tucked your chin into Archie’s chest.

“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” You murmured, the arm around your middle tightened and you felt the whisper of a kiss pressed to the top of your head.

“More than anything.”

anonymous asked:

Hii @fabrickind I want to make a ffix garnet suit, i seen other ppl make really tall leggings (that starts under the breasts) and then make an under bust vest sort of patten for the top half of the suit. Any suggestion on patterns to use or advice on how to create the top half? I dont have a mannequin, so i have been looking for a template to work with. Ty

Hello there!

For this, I would modify a unitard pattern rather than trying to combine two patterns, though I can see it going either way. A pattern like this would be a good base. What you would need to do (and this can be done on your body or flat, especially with the help of a friend) is cut away the neckline so it reaches to under the bust, keeping in mind the stretch as you do so. If it is stretched on your body, you can draw the line with a fabric-safe marker and cut it when it is off your body. Open up the center front seam (or cut one in), see how much it pulls apart, and again mark and cut the lower portion that is laced up. If you have a cheap fabric you can use as a mockup before doing your actual fabric, you can use this as a pattern once you get to the actual material if you are satisfied with the fit. (You wouldn’t have to do the full legs for the lockup, just the torso.) I do a lot of this type of draping on my own body, and while it takes some practice (or a friend if you can’t draw the lines on yourself), and it works fairly well, even if it isn’t traditionally “correct” patterning.

If you wanted to make it with a waist seam like you are describing (or draft it flat and then combine it with your leggings pattern), you likely aren’t going to be able to find a vest pattern that works for this, since this isn’t shaped like a vest. You are going to make the high-waisted leggings with the U-shaped cutout where the lacing is, keeping in mind the stretch here (the lacing makes it so it encircles the whole body and keeps the tension, though don’t make it too tight or else your lacing will be strained). 

For the part that goes over the bust, trace an armscye and side seam off of another pattern or a garment you own that fits well. Stretch is less important here because it doesn’t fully encircle the body, though you don’t want extra ease in your pattern. Match up this side seam with the side seam on your high-waisted legging pattern. Draw a line following the armscye until the fullest part of the bust (be sure to measure how far down the fullest part of the bust is from your shoulder seam in order to properly mark this), and then curve that line so that it matches with the opening of the U-shaped portion. It should look vaguely like this:

Wow that drawing is bad, even for me. I hope it makes sense. Dotted lines are so you can understand what everything is – center front, so the pieces are mirrored, and the lacing drawn in dotted so you know where that goes.

Luckily, due to the nature of this garment, there are very few seams (I’d even eliminate the center front seam and just cut it on the fold, but include a center back seam for shaping, especially if you have a very curved back) because of the stretch material, so the shape of your pattern is mostly going to be the shape that you see. Since the top portion isn’t covering the bust, you don’t have to worry about the trickier fitting there, and since the fabric above the bustline isn’t fully encircling the body, it won’t be stretched around it, so you don’t have to worry about reducing your pattern size there for stretch.

I would draw this out on paper a few times, hold them up to make sure the shapes and where it is hitting you works, and then make a mockup or two. The top portion is a fairly easy part to draw out by hand if you have a template (such as a tight T-shirt) for the armscye, and from there, and especially in this type of fantasy garment in a stretch material, it’s a matter of making small fixes to the fit from there.

If you have a piece of shapewear that sits under the bust (one of those “wear your own bra” type torso shapers), you may be able to trace off that shape and use it (I can’t find a pattern to make one yourself unfortunately), and possibly increase the size a bit because you aren’t trying to reshape your torso with this garment. I would also recommend wearing something like that underneath this garment to smooth everything out – getting the fit and everything smooth is the biggest challenge with this type of garment.

Good luck! I hope that’s helpful :] 

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

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If the issue regarding up10tion is true and that they were mocking mina, gosh it was really mean and insensitive of them I mean we all know how hard she cried and how disappointed she was and it still hurts me till this day ;-; she worked so hard and had so many bruises on her legs >< im so mad if they were really mocking her jfc and honestly how kind of guys are they for mocking a girl wtf the total opposite of a gentleman I feel so utterly embarrassed for them

You should’ve seen the way Once defended our girl though, oh my lord, funny thing is I haven’t heard anything about up10tion since so not to say we drove them into the ground or anything but, basically get rekt. Seriously though, Mina was visibly upset after her performance, there’s no way they saw the mistake and then didn’t see how visibly upset she was afterwards. Their behaviour was rude and unprofessional, and the fact that up10motion keeps getting involved in scandals and then not apologising for their actions is really shady. 

Just woke up from a reeeaally weird dream where @transbeequeen suddenly had to get his leg amputated and wouldn’t tell us why. Meanwhile, @chibsblog was working on a crew, re-tarring a roof while grumbling about how ungrateful her tumblr grandchild is and i was reliving my childhood fear of standing at my busstop in the dark thanks to cougars and coyotes.

Okay i’m going back to bed now.

i was thinking about amazonian telepathy and i don’t think i can use this anywhere so

There were responsible ways to deal with being bored during League debriefs. Rather than do any of them, Diana adjusted her legs so that her knee touched Batman’s. A ragged tear in his suit meant that it was skin-to-skin contact.

She reached out tentatively.

Black Canary’s hair looks cute today, she ventured, an idle thought to share. She was careful not to go searching for any answers he did not give. She expected him to say nothing, and break contact.

Doesn’t matter, came his answer, so terse a dismissal it almost startled her. He didn’t move his leg. It seemed unlike him, but this form of communication did tend to be more honest.

How unfortunate, to imagine this was what he thought of their occasional conversations.

I’m sure she put a lot of work into it, Diana tried again. The bright blonde locks had been curled into ringlets before being drawn up into a ponytail.

Not for me.

She frowned. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

Don’t need to.

You’re being awfully rude.

It’s fine.

If I’d gone through such trouble, I’d want you to notice.

Not for me.

It will be, Diana decided. I’ll do my hair just like that, to spite you, and it will be the cutest.

Batman said nothing. Then he leaned back just a little, only enough to see where their knees touched. He glanced at Diana, then away. Was that you? he asked finally.

Of course, she said.

How long have we been having a conversation? he asked.

Since I pointed out the cuteness of Black Canary’s coiffure? she said. Batman did not respond. What did you think was happening?

Intrusive thoughts.

She tried to look at his face sidelong, though she didn’t know why. Looking at him directly would make it no easier to decipher his minimal expressions. Do your intrusive thoughts often sound like me making observations about other women?


Can you two keep it down? asked J'onn. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

No you’re not, Diana accused. You just heard gossip and wanted in.

We’re not gossiping, Batman said. Don’t make me break truce.

I had also noticed Black Canary’s hair, J'onn said, ignoring Batman.

Isn’t it cute? Diana asked.

Batman sighed.

Do you think I could pull it off? J'onn asked.

Batman had a sudden coughing fit.

The Signs as Clone Wars Quotes
  • Aries: "unHAND ME BRIGGAND"
  • Taurus: "It was a GIANT. TOWER. of course i saw it"
  • Gemini: "Why do you even ask for my opinion? We never do things my way" "We crashed the ship your way"
  • Cancer: "Hellooo ugly"
  • Leo: "So I said to her: 'Baby, you and me could really-'" "You never even met a girl"
  • Virgo: "Ugh. Well it seems boys are the same whether they're republic or separatist"
  • Libra: "Study the bottom of my boot!"
  • Scorpio: "I like your new legs. They make you look taller"
  • Sagittarius: "I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works" "No. I don't"
  • Capricorn: "Be careful not to choke on your stupidity"
  • Aquarius: "Well. You want the bad news? Or the really bad news."
  • Pisces: "We have to stand and fight. Or in your case just stand"

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If it's still open, maybe #80 for Chat Noir and #9 for Ladybug?

I was so excited to work on these, especially the Ladybug one, because these palettes have colors that are so different but also work together so well; great choices!

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

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In the play on Saturday during the Godric’s Hollow reunion scene was a little different to the awkward, half hug that was described in the script. Scorpius runs to Draco stops dead, Draco says his line and then Scorpius jumps on Draco and wraps his legs and arms around him. Making Draco hold his son like this for a couple of seconds. Just shows Scorpius’ love for Draco and how pleased he was to see him as doing this nearly knocked Draco over. I will do anything to see you draw this!

Sorry this is more than a few months late, I had this in my works-in-progress folder for SO LONG…..! Malfoy family hugs will always make me cry with happiness jfdklsajklfd ////


Happy 24th Birthday Chanyeol 😊🎉~

Chanyeol, you are our happy virus and can always be trusted to bring the mood up, even if you are a bit extra 😉.Despite your cheery mood, sometimes you carry all ur burdens inside and I hope you can share these with the members to lessen the stress. Thank you for continuously working hard to make every stage as best as possible. I am so proud of how far your singing and compositions have developed over time and I can’t wait for a solo album💗. I love you, your hoodies, hats,glasses, jawline, ears and long legs and I hope I will blessed by their presence!! May you celebrate many more birthdays 😌.

Fighting Yoda!👄

101 Intro to Figure Skating (Part Two!)

Now that we know a little about how ice skates work let´s head to the fun part, the Jumps!

The six most common jumps in competitive figure skating can be divided into two categories: Toe Jumps (the Toe Loop, the Flip, and the Lutz) and Edge Jumps (the Salchow, Loop, and the Axel). The cool names like Salchow, Lutz, and Axel came from the skaters who invented them. 

What´s the difference between a toe jump and an edge jump?  In toe jumps, the skater plants the toe-pick (we explained what a toe pick is in the post below, go check it!) of his free leg and uses it to help launch him into the air. In edge jumps, the skater essentially just uses a knee bend to launch. The takeaway here is that you can start to tell the jumps apart by looking how the skater is taking off. Are they using a pick or an edge? By determining what they’re doing (using the toe-pick vs. the knee bend), you can use the process of elimination to narrow down the kind of jump it might be.

So… right, there are two types of jumps. And we have some idea of what an edge is (Wait, what the hell is an edge?! Hurry up and check the post below!) so we can tell them apart. The final component to the jumps and what differentiates a Salchow from a loop is the take off and landing. All jumps end with a skater landing on a back outside edge (in skating right-handed skaters usually land on their right foot, jump and spin counter-clockwise, while left-handed skaters land on their left and so on). What sets these jumps apart from one another is how they start. That being said, let´s start with the Toe Jumps!


This toe-pick assisted jump starts from the back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same foot (if you’re right handed, this is taking off from the right foot and landing your right foot). If the skater turns only one time while he/she is up in the air is a Toe Loop, two turns transform it into a Double Toe Loop, and three turns into a Triple Toe Loop.


The flip like the toe-loop, is a pick-assisted jump. The difference between the flip, the toe-loop, and the Lutz is that the take off begins from the back inside edge and is landed with the opposite foot. Again, and like the toe loop, one turn in the air it´s a Flip, two turns a Double Flip, and three turns a Triple Flip.


The only difference between a Lutz and a flip is the edge the skater is taking off from. Some skaters “cheat” and take off from the wrong edge when attempting to do  a Lutz, which calls for takeoff from the back outside edge and landing on the opposite foot. What also makes the Lutz difficult is that it’s counter-rotated, meaning that the rotation of the jump is the opposite of its entry. One turn in the air is a Lutz, two turns a Double Lutz, and three turns a Triple Lutz.

Now that we have an idea of the Toe Jumps, let´s head to the Edge Jumps!


If you look at the Salchow and scroll up to see the Toe Loop, you can see the massive difference between an edge jump and a toe jump. The Salchow starts from the back inside edge (if you were standing straight up, the edges that face each other) and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot (if you were right-handed, you’d take off from your left and land on your right). Just like the Toe Jumps, if the skater performs one turn while on air is a Salchow, two turns in the air turn it into a Double Salchow and three turns up in the air into a Triple Salchow.


The loop is another edge jump, where the jumper takes off from his back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same leg. An easy way to remember this jump is that it’s basically a toe loop without the assist of the toe pick. One turn up in the air Loop, two turns Double Loop, three turns Triple Loop.   


The Axel is the easiest jump to tell apart from the other because of its entry — it looks particularly cool because the skater is taking this jump head-on. The Axel is also the hardest jump. What you’ll notice is that the jump is actually three-and-a-half rotations. The axel is a particularly treacherous jump because it’s the only one with a forward takeoff, which adds an extra half turn to the jump, that makes it more difficult, and worth more points. What you’ll also notice it´s the feet— taking off with her forward outside edge and landing on the opposite foot, want a close up? Sure!

If the skaters performs one turn and a half is an Axel, two turns and a half make it a Double Axel, and three and a half turns make it a Triple Axel.

Me: Aaaand that´s all! Class is dismissed! = ^^ =

Tumblr: Chotto Matte kurasai!! What about the quads and combinations?!

Me: Woops, souka!

So!, figure skating Jump Combinations are two or more jumps in a row. An example of a jump combination is a triple Lutz, triple loop, double toe loop. No turns, connecting steps, or foot changes are permitted in jump combinations.  

A Quad Jump is a jump in which the skater performs FOUR turns or spins while up in the air, be it a Toe Jump or an Edge Jump, but so far no Quad Axel has ever been ratified. In almost every case, the skaters that performs quad jumps are males, the ONLY exception to this rule was Miki Ando, the one and only woman who has landed a ratified quadruple jump, it was a Salchow Quad at the 2002 Grand Prix Finals  (Sugooooi desu-ne?!!) Before we part ways, let´s watch her practicing one!

And that´s all my folks!! See you again soon, hope you´ve enjoyed it! If you liked this post tell me or share it with your mutuals! It took a hell-of-a-lot-to-make-it, that´s why messages, likes and reblogs are beyond welcome! Remember, my ask box is always open ^^

Bye Bye!

bee emoji reviews

a round friend. the gradient shading is bad though. 5/10

ADORABLE PERFECT FRIEND! SHE WANTS YOU TO HAVE A REALLY GOOD DAY! nice lineless design and cute face 12/10

Very regal looking girl. simple, but effective. 8/10

She looks straight out of fischer price or some shit. Has an :O face going on which is kinda cute. decent. shading could use serious work though 4/10

A friend who looks lost in thought. the wings are placed kinda weirdly though like I don’t think that’s how wings work. overall relatively cute 7/10

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ looks like a shrug emoji which is good. rather simplistic design. solid. the wing coloring just bothers me a bit 9/10

Realistic looking friend. I don’t like the color palette though, the yellow isn’t very bright and the brown just makes her look kinda dirty. 5/10

Semi-realistic friend. Looks like she’s reading whatever texts you send after you send this one. has the right number of legs. A fine girl. 9/10

She thicc. A nice girl but what is the body doing. it looks incomplete above the wings. Needs a bit of work just in general so she’ll stop looking like a top. 6/10

A beautiful, well executed girl. Simple design which does wonders. perfect in every way 10/10

What. Return of fischer price I think. I’m scared. I think she’s seeing into my soul. please make her stop. 0/10 cursed girl

wHAT THE F U CK -100000/10