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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.


This is kind to not say a lot of contradictory.

Mahiru makes it look like since Shinoa lacks desire, she needs love, but Asuramaru clearly implies love and desire aren’t the same things, ‘’we like desire but hate love’’ meaning love isn’t any kind of desire (at least to them)  so ‘’they’’ hate it.

I guess he’s referring to demons in general, so saying ‘’ it is because mahiru’s demon was awakened this way!’’ doesn’t really make much sense.

Consider this. The Upside Down, when exposure is prolonged past a certain point, begins to tear at the very fabric of time itself for whomever is trapped within it. When El finally summons the strength within her to wrench open a new Gate back to Hawkins, it’s only faintly recognizable. One year has passed for her. Five years have passed in this dimension

things we know about post-hormone therapy blair:

  • 5′6″ now
  • a dashing guy with a penchant to flirt unknowingly through compliments
  • much more confident!!  finally unlocks his dancing skill
  • has a YT channel where he uploads his choreography!!
  • might vlog if he makes it big!!
  • v sweet, still can’t cook for shit
  • does actually have higher sex drive from increased testosterone
  • still Very Blair!!  has a separate channel for abandoned place explorations

i know i’m probably Overly Attached To Fictional Characters or whatever but i always have this weird feeling like i’m trying to convey all my Emotions across to their fictional dimension when i write for them, and the big rainbow heart feelings i get whenever anyone comments on my fic right now is pretty evenly split between “yay they like my writing" and the feeling like it’s boosting the signal. every time someone says “im so glad he is finally happy” or “look at my boy i love him” then im like, “hey, are you feeling this, in whatever plane of existence you are on? can you hear how much we love you?”


Took a little break from work today to draw me a pair of cute lil i7 fluffs~

I draw a lot of fluff Sougo fox (of course I lov himmmm) but I think I only drew Momoshiba once so I had to fix that :3c

I might do more, those are quick and fun to make ´v`

i’m gonna drop a large majority of my threads ( not really sure which ones yet but still i need to just chill out and not worry about having 70+ threads ) but since there’s so many new people and i still wanna write shit, consider this a small starter call!!

it was never Daisy’s job to forgive or heal or work with Ward in any way after he betrayed the team and I think that’s something that should never be used against Daisy 


I still don’t really even know what I’m doing on Tumblr?? But I’m giving it a shot, mostly because the idea wouldn’t leave me alone after I read Chapter 5 of @likearootlesstree’s ICFAIYLMN story/universe (which, by the way, is amazing and everyone should read). Anyway, I offer this concept, based on John’s currently-MIA seashell collection, which I, of course, assume Henry made a show of disposing of…

Laf brings home the shells Jemmy gave him before Martha’s wedding. He’s quiet about it, doesn’t make a show of setting them in a place of honor in their bedroom. It’s a non-event, really, and the shells sit there for several months all-but unacknowledged, moved only slightly when they need dusted. When he’s alone, though, John will stare wistfully at them, touch them, thinking of the shells he had collected all those years ago, the shells he lost. And the shells he has now–the shells THEY have now.

The next time they’re at a beach is a sunny Saturday afternoon in Manhattan, and they decide to make the trek out to Long Island to spend a few hours on Long Beach. The beach is chaotic, as they expected, but Laf manages to scoop up a perfect shell from the sand. Pulls John away from the fray for a quiet moment, presses the shell in his hand, eyes shining–almost hesitant. Unsure if the shell will be welcome or reopen old scars. John is delighted, exclaims over the coloring. Takes it home, places it next to the three from Jemmy. Spends hours with his sketchbook, trying to match the shading exactly right.

It’s a little while before the collection grows again. It’s a similar story, but this time revolves around Alex–at the beach in Charleston, their first visit as a trio. Unknowingly, Alex picks up a shell from the surf, marvels at its shape and the way it catches the light. Calls John over to see. Alex is ready to toss it back into the ocean, but John catches his wrist gently, pockets the shell and kisses Alex. A few days later, the shell joins the collection.

On and on this goes. It’s not anything extravagant, never even an outright discussion. But slowly, John replaces his seashell collection. The shells he lost don’t hold a candle to the new collection, laced with the memories of the men he loves and their life together.

And, years down the road, they take the twins to the beach for the first time. Eyes misty, John pockets the first shells that catch his daughters’ eyes–the shells themselves are a little more battered than the ones sitting in his room. The shell that caught Rachel’s eye even has a long, jagged crack spanning 2/3 of it. None of that matters, beauty is in the eye of the beholder … and his girls found these two shells beautiful enough to scoop out of the sand first. Those two shells get places of honor when they get home, surrounded by the other mementos … A display of moments and memories that mean everything to John.

god I flirted with the girl that works at the acai place i go to so fucking hard like she’s definitely not straight you can tell as soon as you see her and today she asked me how I like my name to be pronounced and she made my acai bowl special and gave me an option for something that wasn’t on the menu and then when she gave me mine she gave me the biggest smile like a GAY smile and anyways? yes. also this is the second time in 2 weeks that i’ve fallen for a gay girl running the register at a vegan food joint lmao but at least this girl actually lives on the east coast

Y’ALL, i don’t have to work weekends anymore. I could jump for joy, if i could jump for joy. 

my manager knows me too well like i didnt know she apparently listens to all the nerd conversations i have with the kitchen guys every morning from her office and today before leaving out the door she said “byee have fun playing overwatch at home!” and i was like 

smolgay-bean  asked:

Can you do a scenario where Pidge is working on some device and her s/o just comes up from behind, starts hugging and kissing her saying "babe u gotta get some sleep"???? I love Pidge so much oml.

Hmm I also live on a five hour sleep schedule and still wake up refreshed. Maybe Pidge suffers more than me -_-’’ ~Mod Saffron

Your laughter died down after a few minutes of clutching your stomach from Lance’s jokes. Hunk wasn’t exactly cackling since the joke was on him, but your friendly laughter made him chuckle. 

Wiping a tear from your eye, you sniffed and looked around. “Hey, boys, have you seen Pidge?”

Hunk shrugged as he opened the Altean ovens, a wispy aroma steaming from the opening. “Mm, dunno ‘bout that. Last time I saw her, she was tinkering on some new robot.”

Lance bounced around Hunk’s round figure, trying to get a whiff of the steaming cookies from the pan Hunk was holding carefully. “Yeah, Tinker Bell hasn’t been getting too much sleep nowadays. Like, what does that crazy robot even do?”

He cautiously thrust out his hand, but had it slapped away by Hunk’s oven mittens. “No touchy.”

You scoffed at the pair’s antics and shook your head. You got off of the counter with a slight push of your hands and waddled your way over to the doors leading to the command room. “Alright, you two. I’m gonna find that nerd and drag her off to bed. Thanks for the company.”

“Night!” Lance called cheekily. A yell from Hunk told you that he succeeded in snatching a cookie for his greedy stomach and you fought the urge to snort. Sometimes, those two acted like a married couple.

Your footsteps padded through the halls softly. Coran had set the nighttime mode in the castle well. The candles that illuminated the halls dimmed slightly, giving the castle ship an eerie feeling to it. Almost as if the castle was half-asleep itself.

Indeed, most of its residents were asleep, catching up on hours of lost slumber, due to Zarkon’s attacks. Shiro and Keith knocked out after training together for hours, and the Princess retired to her chambers for the night. Hunk and Lance were still in the kitchen, but they wouldn’t be there for long.

Only one didn’t sleep: Pidge.

You found her in her usual corner. Her back hunched over, concentrating intensely as she typed furiously into a computer analyzer. Wires stuck in and out of her limbs and her hair frizzed around. The soft clicking of keyboard pieces almost lulled you to sleep, but you knew better.

You came up behind her and dropped to your knees, slinging your arms around her neck. Pidge stiffened with a small yelp, but once she caught a whiff of your damp hair, she relaxed with a melodramatic sigh.

“(Name), you shouldn’t scare me like that.” The clicking resumed. “You know how that makes me feel.”

“Yeah, yeah.” You buried your head in her neck, lips pressing onto the soft skin there. Pidge’s shoulders loosened and the typing slowed to occasional clicks. Another deep sigh from her chest told you that she was beyond the definition of exhausted.

“Katie,” You whispered, pressing light kisses to her neck and cheek. “Come to bed, baby, you’re tired.”

Pidge let her head fall back onto your shoulder and looked up at the ceiling. You caught a quick glimpse at her face and noticed the deep bags under her eyes, hidden by the foggy glasses.

“Yep, you’re exhausted.” You began to stand up, tugging her forearm. “Come on, you need sleep.”

A muffled groan sounded against closed lips as Pidge loosened her hold on you and slumped like a rag doll. You exhaled. It was way too late for you to put up with her child-like actions. 

You swooped her into your arms, carrying her bridal style. She was a bit heavy and bony, but sleep was sleep and it was needed. “Bed, babe.”

“But my device…”

“Will be worked on with fresh energy tomorrow.”


“Love you, too.”