this is not how it was supposed to look like

So today a kid got his finger stuck in a locker

On our lockers, there’s a little hole behind where the lock is supposed to go for…whatever reason right?

And my friend, let’s call him…Alex had somehow got his finger stuck in that hole.

I don’t know why or how he had done it, but I was walking to my locker and he was pulling at his finger and screaming “SOMEONE GET A TEACHER!!!”

A few people were surrounding him laughing, so I ran to the Language Arts Classroom.

“Miss ____, Alex got his finger stuck in a locker.”

“What!?” She looked like she didn’t believe me.

I was trying really hard not to laugh so I just pointed outside.


She got some people to deal with it, then sent us all to our classes

But Alex is a free man once again with the help of grease and soap.

BTS Run 28 - The Jin Harem

Jin actually smacks JK in the background XD (1:08)

AU where Shooky is bigger than Cooky and Koya XD

Jin reaching out for Joonie and whispers something to him

Jin endeared at his roomie’s antics with Tae

Jin gets touchy when he is amused

This looks domestic AF! 

Throwback time!

domestic Namjin is what we live for

Jinnie… that’s not how tails work…

(He was supposed to wear it around the waist <like he always does with his head/wrist band> but this goof wears it on 1 leg…)

touchy touchy

Jk pushing jin but at the same time, getting a tummy touch

This makes it look like Joonie was serenading Jin…

Hobi impressed at Jin’s vocals (for the first few lines)

The way his eyes crinkle with happiness and awe though :’)

Yoongi cracking up and literally fell for Jin’s comedic vocal outburst

The change in Hobi’s expression from awe to pure amusement

Party!Kook is amused too

Meanwhile, Tae is still jamming to the song with a happy ass smile

Jin being thoroughly entertained by Joonie’s passion

Jinkook laughing at their fellow ‘KimSeokJin Team’ teammate

Pure Glee

Namjin hyping and anticipating JK’s part

I… I have no words for Joonie’s enthusiastic performance

Jinkook seems to be enjoying it too

Anindae!Jin spotted

Jinkook dying at Joon’s singing

TONS of touchy Jin

King Joon and his bespectacled fellow royalty Jin

Jimin blocked the shot where Jin touched Joonie’s thigh 

Namjoon Pulling Jin towards the front


(also ]the birth of a new meme!)

That look of fondness

Meanwhile, Yoongi stares into space while biting his lips…

Jin being amused at Chim’s antics

Their reactions to Jin’s water show though XD

Naruto Chim likes it a whole lot 

Jin is clearly amused by himself too, all while latching onto JK

Yoonjin in the background (almost missed this moment)


Even your sneaky hand Jin!

Here’s a random JK:

He was bopping and making Koya’s ears flop


Joonie… WTF?! 


Namjinkook hugging <A.K.A Team KimSeokJin2.0>

their happiness at attaining sausages

(my mind went down a nasty hole there… stay innocent folks)

matching goofy Namjin

They gave Team KimSeokJin a pink placeholder XD

Once again, Anindae!Jin appears

It’s reassuring to know that both Yoongi and JK is guarding each side of Jin’s Pacific Ocean shoulders

Happy fam

They are very obviously enjoying Jin’s aegyo

Joonie… control your expression please

KookieMon’s reaction to Hobi’s aegyo


Jin’s aegyo: *smiles and generally happy and pleased*

Hobi’s aegyo: *whut? Unamused af*

His hand goes up XD 

Such a cute pose

this cuite

I am fond


Jin giving some cloth for Joonie to wipe the sauce stain on his chin

(it’s actually his glove lol)

JK is so done LMAO 

Hobi called him out for that cold reaction to his aegyo and request XD

Jin feeding Kookie~

Yes jin, feed Jk

Keep us all well fed at the same time!

This concludes this week’s Run! - Jin Harem post~

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Until next time~

I was just doodling, but I couldn’t contain myself again, so have this bunny! 

I’ll name her Chamomile, because… Because.

[Click for better quality]

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How would the underfell skeletons, undyne,& toriel react to three group of teenage friends falling down in the underground, who will always stick together no matter what.


Jesus, this is a little bit more than he signed up to, here. Maybe one kid he could handle–but three? Yeesh, that’s a little much. Still, he made a promise, & Sans the skeleton always keeps his promises. So whether either of you like it or not, he’s gonna do what he can to keep you kids safe.


NYAH-HAH-HAH!!! He is not jealous! Don’t look at him like that, your camaraderie means nothing to him!! It doesn’t make him wish he had friends like that!!! Just let him capture you!!! It’s make things so much easier…for the both of you.


Not fair?? This is not fair!!! How’s she supposed to take out one of you if there’s two more blocking every attack she could throw at you??? Eventually she gets so pissed that she just snaps her spear in half & starts throwing everything she’s got at you. Now would be a good time to start running.


My goodness, so many children to look after. Her anxiety bolts up a few notches as she desperately tries her best to keep you all safe. But when push comes to shove, she knows she’s no match for all three of you. Just listen to her last warning okay? Be good…& know that she loves you–all of you.

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Abby, I asked about someone leaving nasty comments (I don't know if others have mentioned anyone else), but it does look like that person is blocked now, as their comments have been removed. "The person IS supposed to be blocked." Do you mean you tried blocking them before but have still been able to comment? How does that even happen? It kind of scares me a little, tbh.

I’m just a paranoid person. I cover my bases by asking everyone to keep watch to make sure the results are as I hoped for. I tend not to trust in anything being 100% effective. -Abby


Oh my gosh, she’s so colourful! ♥(^-^/\)

Dal DeLorean is a late birthday present to me… from me. I wish I could tell you how great this doll’s concept is, but the truth is: it’s not. I never thought I’d ever like her. When I saw her for the first time, I thought both the purple makeup on her dark green eyes and all those crazy patterns altogether clashed. But every single time I looked at pictures of her, there was just something, that I still cannot quiet define - even though she’s now sitting right next to me. Maybe it’s because Dal is supposed to be a little girl and this version of her, for once, gets that across very well. However, she still needs a name. I planned on calling her Flórián, but she looks more like a Mya in person. What do you think?

Find my Monster High collection and more Dals here! Visit my art blog!

Bad Reaction (P.O)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: P.o request — something like they have children and they’re arguing about him not spending enough time with them or something,,, idk how i want it to end lol

“I thought Woomin liked raspberry” he spoke trying to defend his actions you pulled your head out of your hands as you looked at him. “Jihoon your 3 year old son went into anaphylactic shock because of what you thought” you told him “how was I supposed to know that he’s allergic?” “maybe if you spent time with your kids you’d know things like this” you threw at him as he scoffed. “I thought a good mom would tell her husband that her kid had a severe allergic reaction to something” he threw back as the situation was both of your faults actually but neither of you wanted to take blame.


When you got home you took your younger son Youngsu from your babysitter rubbing his head lightly. “Y/N” Jihoon spoke “I have to put Woomin to bed. He’s very tired" you say as you pass off Youngsu who clung to his father’s neck as the room filled with guilty, anger, and sadness. As your elder slept in your arms calmly. He sighed as he rested his head onto Youngsu’s as he carried the little boy into the kitchen. “Do you still have naptime around now?” he asked as he looked at the clock “I need a time to talk to mommy” he says as he instantly began bouncing in hopes of having his baby son pass out.


You felt so guilty, he was right calling you a bad mother. You should have told him and he shouldn’t have been giving your toddler his sugary pastry before he ate dinner. You rubbed you eyes as they filled with tears as you hadn’t cried until right now. Sitting down on the master bed. You were worried about your little man and thanked all above that you had an Epipen, then you called the pediatrician to pick up new ones later. Your bedroom door opened as Jihoon came in holding your son Youngsu putting it in his crib before he took a seat beside you.

You sniffled as his hands ran along your shoulders. “He’s alright” he whispered to you. “I’m so sorry. I would have never given him it if I knew” he promised as you shook your head. “I should have told you. You were right. I’m a bad mom-” “shh” he whispered as he pulled you close. “I was angry okay. You’re a great mother” he cooed to you. “You work until 7 and then you come home and you take care of the boys. You are so amazing. I know I am so lucky to have you as my wife and babies” he kissed your cheek. “Just let’s talk about them alright” he turned your head to look at him.

“Is he allergic to anything else?” he asked as you shook your head no. He sighed in relief. “Just raspberry. That’s good” he says as you nodded. “We’ll be good and so will he alright” he hummed.

Hey! I was just wondering if you could do one of those amazing video headcannons thing for Perconte? Please? - @lovingunderratedcharacters 

-thank you so much!! i really appreciate it! xx

You: Hey guys, we’re heading ou-

Luz: *nervously* Hey (Y/N).

Perconte: We have an explanation.

You: …I want an explanation and then I don’t.

You: And we all await silently for Shifty to make his amazing shot and catch everyone dinner.

Perconte: Shhh (Y/N), you’re gonna scare it away. Do you have to make a commentary on everything?

You: How else are we supposed to make you interesting?

You: Ah, yes. Nothing like curling up with a book in the middle of the war.

Perconte: *looks up at you* You have a better idea?

You: Nope. *sits beside him and lean your head back* Read aloud, you have a good voice.

Perconte: *half smile* Was that a compliment?

You: *smile teasingly* I don’t hear any reading, Frank.

You: *smiles* Look it’s our favorite midget. How’s your ass doing?

Perconte: It’s great. Why don’t you come check it out?

You: Watch it, Perconte. The other cheek might be getting a bullet soon.

1230.Every damn day

Being smaller is new to me, I’ve struggled with my weight since 5th grade, it was just this year that I’ve been able to lose weight enough to be able to see a difference. I was pushing 220 and I was constantly miserable. People make comments, dirty looks and laugh because not only did I have one chin but I had 2, sometimes three. The third one came out when I smiled big or laughed loud.It made doing those things hurt. Not physically of course but I would think about how ugly I thought I looked over and over. I felt disgusting all of the time. Constantly. I would cry and not be able to look in the fucking mirror because I hated myself so much. Right now I’m at a 12 year olds birthday party that I took my 11 year old cousin to, these people are supposed to be “family” but they look at me like I shouldn’t be here and then ask me if I’m eating. Nothing and I mean nothing seems to make anyone happy. I’m overweight and people make me feel like shit but if I lose weight people still make me feel like shit because of the way Iost it or the way they assume I’ve lost it. I’m 120 now, I got there in less than six months and despite as far as I still feel I have to go I’m proud of how much I’ve accomplished.

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Oh, I loved Not Yet! I need to get on your perma-tag list or something so that I know when you post stuff. I'll literally read anything and everything that you post. Anyways,I know it was supposed to be a little sad but I thought it was sweet and romantic and funny. All I could think about when they met at Bucky/Tony for the 1st time was how does Steve's face look like right now? WTF is my best friend kissing Tony who he's never met before?? I'm assuming they never told the team about it right?

No, I figure they never told the team, because how do you even have that conversation and make it believable?

“Yes, hi, you guys know me as Tony, but back in the 1880s and 1890s I was actually Sherlock Holmes, you know the one you read about? Yeah, me. Oh and also! Every time Bucky died? I was there as Death, because I made a deal in the afterlife to be Death for a lifetime so I could be reincarnated!” 

I mean, the avengers have seen/heard a lot of crazy shit but that might take the cake lol 

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How am I suppose to continue with this? They ruined all my hopes for my OTP. It's like Karamel S2 never happened!

I’m sorry to hear that, nonnie. Unfortunately I think there will be more angst before we find out what’s really going on. I still believe Karamel is endgame and it might not look like it right now but they’ll find a way to each other. I think that the whole “wife” thing is just a cover. Mon-El is either lying to protect Kara for some reason or Imra messed with his memories and now he thinks he’s married to her. Either way, I still have hope for Karamel. It’s not gonna be easy but they’ll overcome this. I just wish we won’t have to wait too long for that to happen ;)

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You talked to Y the entire day and didn’t even really look my way, and I saw how intimate the two of you were during the movie. And I suppose it’s a good thing. She will make you so much more happier than I ever could, and I promised myself I’d try to move on. You two are both friends I cherish very much, and I will feel nothing but happiness if you two get together.

Maybe I to you is just like R was to me: nothing more than an initial attraction to the first person who paid attention to us. I’m glad we didn’t have to break each other’s heart, that you found someone, that I stopped myself before it got anywhere.

I hope you will be happy. I really do.

With love (and now I can finally say it as a love between friends rather than something more),


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🏩 What was my muse’s first time like?

“That…depends on your meaning. I suppose I have…two?” From the delay in her answer and the lidded look to her eyes, she’s certainly had more than enough to drink. “The first was with…” She sighs, somewhat dreamily. “A golden-eyed goddess. She was kind, and thoughtful. She knew how to coax me out of my shell. I truly wish I could recall it.” 

Adelle’s flush has spread across her cheeks and nose, and right to the tips of her long ears. One scarred hand touches her cheek. “And then there was my time in Bentbranch. It was…unexpected. We had gone for a picnic, and things moved so quickly…it was right on the bank of the river. I thought we might get caught, but I hardly cared after a little while. He was commanding and firm. It was…wonderful.”

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so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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Getting in a little sun while working on a tailet for his best friend. I kinda liked the lineart version of this better, but I had already colored it so have both. 

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Kenma grabs the wrong blanket and breaks the fourth wall.

Please do not repost gifs