this is not how i wanted this to turn out


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker

sherlock trying to pick a random person up vs sherlock trying to pick john up
  • random person
  • sherlock: um hi, i just wanted to tell you that your eyes look like a pair of eyes that i experimented on 3 days ago.
  • person: ???
  • sherlock: the colour reminds me of a burnt cookie
  • person: *getting creeped out*
  • sherlock: so tell me, how did you break your arm when you were 8? i already know of course, but i want to hear the story first hand.
  • person: *tries to walk away*
  • sherlock: tell me about your three sisters and two brothers! i want to know why you decided to become an accountant for a law firm!
  • person: *literally turns around and runs*
  • JOHN
  • sherlock: *stares into his eyes* i know exactly your profession and your sister's marital situation
  • john: woah.
  • sherlock: i also know that your not close with any family, do you want to shoot a man to save my life tomorrow?
  • john: *moves in with him*

Rolling around at the speed of sound-

I redrew Mae as Jacksepticeye because I wanted to try and get a bit more comfortable with the style 

So this is more of an edit instead of a piece of art :D




This has been one phenomenally crappy week. TGIF!!!! 

Sometimes, an outfit just feels too quick and easy for me. This is one of them. I like how it turned out, but it only took me about 10 minutes to get dressed. I’ll take that as a win?

Also, I mentioned that I’m standing up a real website. That is for real going to be coming! I’ve registered a domain and everything :) Now to hope I have interesting things to say… lol!

If anyone knows anything about Weebly website design, and wants to pitch in to help me design my site (it would be for free, because I can’t pay) let me know! I could use the help as I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Get the look!






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do you think weiss likes playing Videogames with ruby?

I don’t think she likes to play them but she loves to watch. She’ll sit with Ruby and watch the stories or chime in with help 

Weiss: go get that health!

Ruby: I’m fine!

Weiss: Go get it! You’ll need it later! This is the same thing I tell you in our real fights!

And Ruby goes and gets the health and turns out she DID need it. 

Weiss has her favorite characters too and she’s slowly trying to figure out how to tell Ruby she wants to cosplay them. Not because she thinks Ruby will laugh at her - because she knows Ruby will freak out with excitement and they’ll become THAT couple lol


never mind.
i know you have to go and
oh i have things too,
big things,
important, big things.

my whole life,
my whole life,
i thought it would be one way,
it turns out
it never is.
nothing about how i thought love was going to go,
or life was going to go,
has gone that way.

there is no mulligan.
there is no do-over.

so i love starfish.
i love sea breezes.
i love big trees.
i love laying on my back in sand while
gazing up at a big blue sky.

i used to say someday.
now i say
love what is there for you to love.
love what is willing to be loved and
wants to love you in return.
love who is there with you. beside you.
all else is a dream dreaming a dream.
and maybe it is your best dream but
real life is where you live so
love there.
live there

Huge Rant

So I just watched the trailer for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I’ll preface this by saying that this is one of my favorite books because of how it sheds light on how no matter whether you mean to or not, you have an impact on someone else’s life. That being said, here is why Netflix has capitalized on mental illness issues and bullying. (Spoilers will be included if you want to stop reading)

#1-This book is about suicide and the impact of others on the victim. It is NOT a “mystery” of her death. We know what happened. It’s clearly stated in the beginning of the book how and why she killed herself.

#2-It is very obvious from the trailer that there will be a heater romance in the show. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE STORY!!! But naturally the heteronormative and ignorant society we live in today makes that budding relationship absolutely imperative apparently.

#3-Lastly, the trailer shows immediately that the people who wrote this do not care about sticking to the book because of how incorrectly they portray the relationship between the victim and the main character.

This book has always been very important to me and I’m sure many others as well who have struggled with mental illness and have thought about or even attempted suicide because of the actions of others. It pisses me off to no end that Netflix would allow this to be made.

Lost Days (p.t. 7)

Intro: Is this the end?  OH NO!  Once again requested by @missmle712​ - the reason for all this angst.  :)

Ok so I have a lot of feelings about the end of this series.  I am actually so proud of this last part I thought I wasn’t going to get it to turn out how I wanted it but it definitely turned out much better than I could have hoped.  I loved writing this series.  I definitely did.  It didn’t get a lot of hype or a lot of notes and I have to be honest and say that that did discourage me a little, but those who did love it, those who reblogged or left comments literally kept this series going because I didn’t want to disappoint you.  And next time I have a series I am definitely writing the entire thing before I post it because it was actually quite stressful to keep up with it.  But I am so happy with how it turned out.  And I hope you are happy as well.  

So thank you making the journey of Lost Days a memorable one.  You guys rock.  

Pairing: Jim x reader

Word Count: 3,450 (holy moly)

Summary: We have reached the end ladies and gents.  Is it going to be a happy or sad ending?  Read and find out! 

Intro Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6



As I waited for Bones, lying on the office floor in a pool of my own blood, I only entertained for a moment the possibility that I was actually going to die there. The only reason I really cared was that I didn’t know if Bones could find you without my help. 

I had called him when I received the message that told me where you were, telling him that if I didn’t send him a com in an hour, to come in after me.  Of course he had tried to get me to back down, to let him help me, but I didn’t have time.  You didn’t have time.    

He took a lot longer than I thought he was going to, and images played in my brain over and over.  Your eyes on mine.  The gun pressed to your head.  The crazed look in Eve’s eyes. You finally remembering me. Then the gun pointed at my chest. Then a deep pain.  Your hands on my face.  You calling my name. 


As I watched them take you away, kicking and screaming and calling my name, as I watched them drug you, your body going instantly limp, an odd sense of happiness pulled at my brain.  I was dying.  But I was happy.  

It could have been delirium, that’s what Bones would have said, or something to do with the blood loss, that would have been the logical reason, Spock would have informed.  But I couldn’t help but think it was because of the way your eyes met mine when you remembered.  The way your lips formed my name when you finally remembered.  You remembered me.  

I felt my entire world shift again, if that was possible.  You were alive.  And the entire world could have exploded and I wouldn’t have cared because you came back to me. 

When Bones finally showed up, he went into full doctor mode, and I just let him work, let him fret over me because that’s what he did best. Eventually he stopped the bleeding enough to move me and then suddenly we were beamed aboard the Enterprise. 

I asked Bones where you were, told him there was no way in hell he was operating on me until I knew you were safe.  But it was a half-hearted response as he literally had his hands inside the hole in my chest, trying to stop the bleeding.  So he called me a ‘god-damned idiot” and told me that he had already told Scotty and Spock about the situation, and that they were already searching for you.  The only problem was how difficult it was going to be to find a small mission pod in the middle of the galaxy. 

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ADHD treatment so far

A couple people have asked, so I wanted to talk a little bit about how things are going with my treatment for ADHD. 

First thing is, if I had any doubt about the diagnosis, it’s gone now. For one thing, after nearly ten days on Adderall, I can literally feel a difference in my thought patterns. The distance between “I need to do this thing” and actually doing the thing is far shorter and I spend a lot less time going “ennnnh I don’t wanna it’s too hard”. The effort it takes is SO much less. It’s easier to break down big tasks into manageable chunks, and then DO those chunks. Everything is less effort, basically. I’ve been a lot more productive, with less mental anguish over it. It’s not perfect, but then, I’m also still on a half-dosage until tomorrow, so we’ll see.

One really interesting thing is that I’m having some additional mental clarity and insight into my behavior. I’m starting to be able to see which of my maladaptive traits are habits that I can actually work on fixing now, vs. pure brain chemistry. Basically, I have more brain power overall now, and it’s kind of miraculous.

As far as side effects go, they’ve been pretty minimal. I had a small anxiety spike the first day, and a day or two of digestive issues. The big things I’m dealing with right now are insomnia and decreased appetite. The latter, frankly, isn’t the worst thing that could happen to me, but I am having to make sure I’m eating enough. On Wednesday I didn’t, and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get anything done–hello, I barely ate! The insomnia’s an easy enough fix, a super low dose of Trazodone takes care of it. And I don’t know if both of these will fade with time. Usually side effects for me are short-term.

The biggest thing I think I’d say about all this is that if you’re a woman who feels like you have constant problems with motivation and follow through and if you feel scattered and out of control a lot of the time? Like you just don’t know why you can’t be a functional adult like everybody else? Look into getting tested. Because when we were kids, nobody thought girls ever had ADHD because it looks so different for us, and often doesn’t turn into a huge problem until adulthood. 

Overall, this has been an amazing week or so, honestly. I’m interested to see how things keep getting better.

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So, I've spent a long time working magic with *only* my energy. I gave up tools and herbs and stones long ago. But I'm wanting to get back to using physical items in my craft. I'm starting by saving the eggshells from my typical breakfast, egg on toast. Thoroughly rinsed of course. How the frick do you get the membrane out? I spent 10 minutes carefully peeling that thing out! Is there a trick to it? Is it easier if it's dry? Or is it actually easier when still damp?

Hahaha I have so many egg shells…

I would just let them sit a few days so that the membrane essentially dries out and just turns into dust when you grind them. I haven’t had an issue with them unless I try to do it right after the fact.

first thoughts:

I haven’t watched much video (like only one minute or something because I just got home from work) but that tiny Water is cute and I am now calling him Squirrel Ghoul.

I am not liking the new Fire & Aether using Gibson RDs. That was Martin’s thing and I feel like those should not be a Ghost “brand” thing, but I guess they have a Gibson endorsement so meeehhhhh. On the other hand, RDs are so fucking beautiful and that black one has white binding like OMG so pretty! 

Not sure how to feel about TF right now. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but damn. All of this makes me feel kind of uneasy and sad. I want people to be friends. I don’t want him to turn out to be a dick. I keep reminding myself that he is very nice to cats, children, and his fans. Maybe he’s just a dick to work with? Ugh. :( Also, I just can’t bring myself to dislike him, because he seems like he might be a damaged person (it takes one to know one). His super ambition may be coming from kind of a dark place, which is something I can’t relate to, but can understand and empathize with. Just going by interviews, I think he was raised by wolves. Which I very much DO relate to. 

I’m happy to support new ghouls, though. They’re just doing their jobs. Maybe this is just a terrible growing pains sort of period for the band and it will all work itself out in the end. I love this band a lot. <3 I am sad and miss the other people, though. I’m glad I met Alpha & Air. 

Aaaand while all of this plays out, I will continue to sit over here in my corner and play Sway by MCC over and over like a goofy little kid and pretend that everything is ok! 

PS Also I hope that the people who have my Papa paper dolls don’t decide to burn them in a huff. That would make me very sad. 

From the very first time I seen @daer0n ‘s Screen porch windows I knew I wanted to use them in a build and I finally got to do it! Love how this Sunroom/porch turned out. Thank you again for all the pretty things @mio-sims @leo-sims @veranka-s4cc @msteaqueen @dreamteamsims + all the other wonderful and talented CC makers and share-ers.  P.s. This will be a downloadable build up on my channel and blog soon!!! <3 

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I just found out your watercolor gifs tutorial and ...OMG I'M SCREAMING!! I don't think I can't thank you enough, I always wanted to learn how to do that kind of gifs ❤❤ I'm definitely going to try and let you know how the gifs turn out :3 Thank you again, you're a great artist and a great person ❤

i’m so happy you found it helpful!!! ♥ i tried to find a good lineart gif tutorial a while ago but my searches came up with pretty much nothing… so i ended up experimenting with some methods i’ve used to make real life photos look like sketches :D i’m sure other people do them differently but this turned out to be the best method i could come up with!

naturally, the settings i used for the tutorial don’t work for all scenes but in my experience they’re a pretty good place to start from! also, if the scene has a very busy background i usually mask it before resizing and applying the lineart effect to make sure it looks as good as possible (and it also gives you the option to use the same frames in other projects without having to do it all over again)! in those cases the blurred layer leaves a fuzzy border around the image when you merge the layers, so you need to select the sharpened layer’s pixels before merging and mask the resulting layer with the selection. oh and i usually convert the layers for the first frame into smart objects before sharpening or blurring so i can easily adjust the settings to be optimal for the scene.

and yes please let me see the gifs you come up with!!! ♥♥♥ and thank you for all the compliments, you are too sweet ♥

When tumblr doesn’t notificate you when @mackenzieakari answers something VERY USEFUL, STUPID TUMBLR >:‘V I COULD HAVE DONE THIS YESTERDAY IF IS WASN’T FOR YOUR STUPIDITY ok I’ll stop.

In this one I decided to risk a bit with the shadowing and, I like how this turned out, I’m kinda proud of this. I wanted to do this fast but I entered “into the zone” AND I TOOK 3 STUPID HOURS!!!! :'V

This is a Cream child I think? It wasn made by @fallentheartist and his name is Aurora. I put my sign there because my parents found out that I posted some drawings on tumblr, and I have to tell them EVERYTHING and they got worried that someone could stole my drawings. Hope you don’t mind

(I have a headcanon that a lot of people confuses Aurora with a girl lol)(BECAUSE I CONFUSED HIM WITH A GIRL :'V)

Mod Raven Notes

So, Gupi suggested I post this… so here it is!

Sometimes I think about the reason I decided Kidhearts was a community I wanted to create (before it was even Kidhearts) and I get really sad because of how things have turned out. I wanted to make Kidhearts because all we had was a really toxic anti-everything but them Ch!re, and your other option was C.g.l.r.e (which we all know why that ones bad)

So I decided a new community to make tumblr a safe space to regress was the perfect idea, and I got several big names in c.g.l.r.e to help me and hopefully pull regressors away from the term l!ttle! And made it open to ch!re too, so people who couldn’t cope with the call out culture that ch!re was such a large host to at that time could feel safe too!

But now, we’re just the scapegoat community, and tumblr may be even less safe and comfortable to regress on than before :/ I just… really wanted to make it a safer place, no matter what community you were in, and that just really hasn’t happened.

At least, not yet…