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Marichat Day 29: The Argument

“I’m not talking about this anymore, Chat,” Marinette grumbled, scooting back in her bed and opening her laptop.

Chat Noir stopped his pacing to stare back at her. “We’ve hardly talked at all!”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with you. We’re friends so I wanted you to know, but that’s as far as it goes.”

“Who is he?”

“That’s not important.”

“Not important?! Excuse me, Princess, but contrary to your belief, the identity of whatever bastard knocked you up is actually very important to me!”

Marinette flinched. “It was a one-time thing, a mistake.” She unconsciously cupped her still flat stomach. “Look, I appreciate that you care, but I’m going to be okay, really.”

“A-are you keeping it?”

“Yes,” she replied immediately. “My job has a great maternity package and Papa and Maman have already offered to help me. They’re begging me to move back in with them, but I don’t think I could do it. I like my apartment.” She glanced around the room. “I guess I’ll need to figure out a place to make a nursery though.”

Chat Noir slumped down on the edge of the bed. “How are you so calm about this?”

“I’m only calm right now. Believe me, you’ve missed quite a few freak outs over the past couple of weeks.” She gave a little chuckle. 

“Why was it a mistake?” he asked quietly.


“The guy…the one who did this to you, why was it a mistake?”

“Oh,” Marinette looked down at her lap. “Uh, he’s an old friend. A mutual friend had a party last month to celebrate her new job and everyone was drinking and it had been a rough week so I was drinking a bit more than usual.” She sighed. “Adrien was there and I’ve always liked him and one thing led to another and, well…” She shrugged with a sad smile.

“But you’re going to tell him.”

“I don’t think so,” she said with a shake of her head. “He’s got this crazy, important life and he’s kind of famous and…and it isn’t like we’re dating, you know?”

“That’s bullshit,” Chat Noir growled.

Marinette blinked wide eyes at him. “Excuse me?”

“You have to tell him, Marinette. That’s his baby too. He would want to know. He would…he would want to be with you,” he finished, his voice cracking.


“You can’t just keep this a secret! This isn’t fair. I’ve been in love with you for years and then for it to happen like this…” A fine tremble ran up his spine. He suddenly turned, pushing her computer out of her lap and burying his face against her stomach. “I’m so sorry, Marinette. I’m so, so sorry,” he cried. “Please forgive me, please, please, please…”

Marinette’s hands fluttered above his head, unsure of what to do. Had he just confessed to loving her? “Chat? Chat! Kitty, please look at me.” 

He blinked up at her, tears spilling down his mask. “Marry me,” he begged. “Please.”

“What?! Chat, please just–”

“Damn it,” he swore, shaking his head. “I’ve made such a mess of this. Plagg, claws in.”

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Another reason, why the movement, which I am a part of btw, is a joke to many: it seems like the vast majority of its members is unwilling (or unable?) to have a proper discussion. Many dont even bother to leave their safe space or whatever to convice people with other oppions. As someone who really fights for their ideals, shouldn't it be of great interest to you, to convince me of what to you is so logical and right?

No, not really, I know who I can discuss with and in what spaces and I’m not willing discuss with someone on anon about something they won’t change their mind about anyway (which is highly probable looking at your writing style and the fact that you challenge me, which is obviously for the sake of conflict). Also You can have your opinion, that’s cool, but if you think that’s the reason why the community is a joke then I want to ask you to take a closer look into it’s history and into society as whole, because that thought sounds very superficial to me. That’s the point where I stand and I won’t discuss this with you any further. 

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College student doing course work daily and H is always trying to see what youre working on bc hes genuinely interested. He didnt continue with school so he wants to learn from what youre doing and he kind of feels like hes a college student too or at least fantasies about it.

And you still feel embarrassed every time you go off on a tangent about whatever it is thats got your mind (and mouth)  running this week. A point that someone in your Philosophy class made that changed your view on something, or the current great work of literature that you’re covering in your English class. You’re babbling so much that when you finally meet his wide eyes, his fingers pulling on his bottom lip as he absorbs everything you say, you’re startled by how intense his gaze is.

“Why’d yeh stop, pet?” He inquires, pouting at you. 

“I- Harry, this is boring..” You mumble, shaking your head at him. 

“Oi! No, s’not!” He insists, reaching over to squeeze your hand. 

You glance up at him with your lip caught between your teeth and he tuts, reaching up to smooth it out, “C’mon, wanna hear mo’. M’interested, swear love.” 

You give in and continue on as he pours you another cuppa, and one more after that because he could sit here  and listen to you talk all day if you’ll let him. 

Bit of a rant, by Orgel

Okay, I understand that it’s annoying that I don’t upload the acapella versions to YouTube, which is only because the first time I did upload one I got a strike right away and I rather not have that again.

But why the fuck, are people uploading my edits, without any consent of mine as I made the damn edit.

“The song isn’t yours and I credited you.” The song isn’t mine, of course it isn’t because I can’t make such great songs, but to have the audacity to upload my edits without my permission is what pisses me off the most. I had 1 person asking me about uploading them, I replied with “No I rather not that you do that, not without proper credit.” And that was the only time someone did.

“How do you know if it’s actually your edit?” Because I cut out the guitar/whatever instrumental solo that is playing in the middle so people don’t have to listen to some static noises that might cause them to have a headache. And doubt that they know at which timestamp I edit them.

“How should we credit you if we do have your permission to post them?” Post the original link in the description or post it in the video through an annotation.

Could the people that upload my acapella edits without my consent just ask me this instead of just doing it, it’s like posting an art post without the artist their consent.

just saying it’s pretty weird how nothing bad happened to miles upshur… just absolutely wild how he successfully got out of mount massive without a scratch on him… all ten fingers? miles upshur has those. he’s never been shot in his life. walrider? what’s that? miles doesn’t know and he’s certainly not possessed by whatever THAT is. anyone else think it’s just great that miles upshur is out there happily living his life, being Gay and not dead? SO glad red barrels didn’t put miles through awful things of any kind


Gladio keeps insisting we need to get Noct up and moving, that there will be time to grieve later. It hasn’t even been a day since he woke up, but somehow he’s expected to just process everything that’s happened. We don’t even have a plan for what we’re doing after this. Just what does Gladio think the next step is? Walk? Noct needs some time. We’ll just have to find ways to be useful until we know what we’re doing again.

I can’t keep sitting here doing nothing. I would sit with Noct, but he’s not exactly a great conversationalist at the best of times. Perhaps I can find a way to talk to the Secretary and see if there’s anything we can do to help while we’re waiting.

whatever it takes to get people to stop pitying me


Every spring, I get in the mood to watch graduation commencement speeches made by people I admire. 

One speech that I always find myself returning to is one made by Neil Gaiman in 2012. In it, he describes the winding paths he had to take before being able to write great comics like The Sandman and books like Coraline

As far as the goal of a commencement speech, to inspire and invigorate the graduating students these speeches are performed for, this one might be the best. I remember some of the stuff Gaiman says in this story very often. 

So if you ever feel like you’re in a creative or motivational funk, definitely listen to this speech. Hopefully it’ll lead you to the next step of whatever you want to do. 

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Was if you until the mid season the trailer was reversed. Isak hurt instead of Even, Noora hurting Sana. But now it's going to play forwards, with Sana hurting Noora and whatever follows on from that. Possibly Noora turning on Vilde (the necklace), that hurting the rest of the girl group (Eva and Chris) and then onto Isak and Even in some way. Or some combination of these events.

Oh my gosh that is exactly what I was just thinking anon! <3 great minds think alike hey? 😉

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Aw, im sorry that everything is kinda going shitty for you rn. I hope you get better soon! Is there anything i could do to make you feel the slightest bit better? Like a drawing or a fic? - jelixpo

okay how the fuck are you so kind and caring, jelixpo, you are a freaking angel and i will never be tired of stating this fact
it’s not like everything is reaaally bad, i feel a lil bit better today and my mood has kinda improved since yesterday’s “ohhh nooo im dyinggg help” just a flu or smth, no need to worry, i get sick a lot and got used to it now
you can do whatever you want honey, no matter what you draw it always makes me feel better just because of how adorable your art style looks like
hope you’ll have a great day/night~


That’s Not Killua’s Name!

 My first attempt at kind of like a funny video, I was entirely inspired by this post and I just had a great time finding all the clips for this :) Enjoy and don’t kick me out of the fandom

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hi!! could i ask for 6 madatobi for the prompt thing? thank you and have a great day!!!

Of course you can! Tobirama’s scowled​ even more as Madara followed after him as he left the village.

Wonderful, I’ve got a hanger on. The Senju thought to himself, a growl growing in his throat.

He stalked directly towards where the Kingin Kyōdai had made camp while waiting for Tobirama to come and face ‘justice’ for whatever slight he had done to them. Madara followed.

Finally, Tobirama had enough and spun to face the Uchiha.

“I can take care of myself,” he snapped, glaring at Madara.

“Of course you can!“ Madara responded in an instant, a startled look on his face, "I’m just here to record you kicking their ass.”

Tobirama blinked and actually looked at Madara, focusing on the older man’s chakra. Madara had to first stage of his Sharingan activated, and his chakra was churning with a mix of confidence, excitement, joy, and only the tiniest whisper of apprehension.

Tobirama swallowed and cleared his throat, turning back to where he could sense the brothers.

If this is how Brother feels about Mito’s confidence in him, I suddenly understand all the drama before a fight. He thought as a slight blush dusted his cheeks. Izuna was never going to let him hear the end of this.


So guys, I’m having a lil’ discount on commissions for  Vintage Hogwarts Portraits!

I’m so happy i’ve received a great feedback about my Hogwarts series so i just want to repay your love and support with this little discount on simple figure portraits! 

Please send your request at

  • payment is via Paypal (
  •  send ALL reference photos via e-mail (and whatever you want in your portrait:
  • Vintage Era, Hogwarts House, Additional elements such as animals, banners, etc!)
  • -Vintage House Uniform, Vintage Quidditch Uniform, Vintage Herbology Uniform (…)

Thanks so much again for your love and for keep following my work!!<3

yo people, i’m back from the dead or whatever, i don’t know what happened but i feel like it’s been ages since i’ve been able to be properly on??? anyway sam is back, ac is back it’ll be great. i’ve lost about all of my threads so the ones i’ve managed to draft i will be replying to but the rest they are gone i’m sorry. BUT this is an official starter call !! let me know if you want a starter and for which chara (also if you have a starter in the tag that you want me to reply to???? ALSO if we haven’t plotted, halla???) anyway tl;dr: if you want a starter or wanna plot pls reply or like this, i’ll hit u up.

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you know most people who drink almond milk do so bc of lactose intolerance and an inability to drink or dislike of soy, yeah? :P its "trendy" like gluten-free stuff is, really. (also, try almond milk in a latte some time - its fab)

You know, my great lesson in life is that whatever I get angry or snarky, I generally end up saying something stupid or being thoughtless. I’m at my best when I’m being the kind silver lining out ray of sunshine. :D

Thank you correcting me on the almond milk thing!