this is not good if I want to get a job and also be a part time college student

anonymous asked:

I'm in high school and I don't really do many extra curricular activities and I'm afraid it will affect me getting into college. Do you know anything that looks good on college apps?

Commitment, leadership, and time management.

You don’t need to be in a shit ton of clubs, organizations, or sports, but you should try to show leadership skills, as in holding more of a title than “member.” Example: Historian, Secretary, President, Treasurer, Director, etc. Any special kind of recognition you can get for going above and beyond. 

Also, colleges fucking love volunteer work and part-time jobs. Not even kidding. Admissions reps eat that right up.

Basically, anything that can show you are capable of time-management, are able to manage school-work-club balance, and are dedicated “looks good.” Because colleges want people capable of managing their coursework and who also won’t flake and leave (and also students who meet their academic requirements, but that’s another thing altogether). They’re hoping that the investment you made in your school and community will be something you want to do at and bring to their college (they may also sort of want to use you to make themselves look good).

You can have straight A’s and a perfect ACT score, but if you never participate in school or community activities you’re not going to look anywhere as fucking appealing as the B student/28 ACT who’s a club president and has 100 volunteer hours under their belt.

Long story short: get involved and shit.

-The Sudden Adult

PS. TSA Fun Fact: I once held Historian, Student Producer, and Novice Champion titles in high school. I also once held an iguana.