this is not going to stop

Now matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the cold open out of my head. Twelve doesn’t deserve to regenerate alone, screaming in the snow. I can’t help but to notice how much of a contrast it is to Eleven’s regeneration. 

Eleven was with Clara, in the comfort of the TARDIS with his clean-cut and tidy appearance. 

Twelve is alone, out in the harsh cold with torn up clothes and broken appearance.

I just really hope that this isn’t what his regeneration will be like. Cold, broken, alone.  

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Everyone's pretending not to notice Louis saying he desperately didnt want the hiatus. neither did Niall. Liam said he didnt know what it meant. But Harry said it was his idea way back in 2014 and he wanted it. Im finding it hard to see how Harry could have pushed for something he knew was going to hurt & disadvantage Louis. Reading Louis feelings of loss, in the light of Harrys hard push for that solo career & the huge gulf in opportunities, it doesn't even sound like a friendship blue :(

You do realize that Harry could’ve left the band in 2014/2015 with Zayn if he wanted right? They’d probably have give him the world and more and he could’ve the solo career completely detached from 1D. Of course Louis felt lost, he never was a solo artist. He only knew the band, being in a band that’s normal feelings. When you do something you never did before you feel lost, until you learn how to do it. That’s how life works in every aspect. And like I said, yes Louis must have felt sacred af because he didn’t saw himself as a big artists as the others, but Harry couldn’t have forced them on going on a hiatus by himself. He doesn’t have that type of power and when you guys say things like this you’re dismissing all the others and their voices. Look at how things are now, look how happy Niall looks, look at Louis working with great artists, discovering what he likes, working on photoshoots. He was scared there, he was reluctant because it’s something new, something you can’t be sure of, and if you’re doubting yourself already it sure would make things harder, but look at him now. He wasn’t bitter about, he didn’t resent that. Goddammit people, Sweet Creature literally exists why y'all being like this

This Text post is OOC

((This is going to be addressing the recent thing with Madalena and all that junk. I understand I am a silly character and I will be eliminated. I didn’t do this to win. Actually, I expected to get eliminated the first chance Alex got. I joined the OC to have fun and brighten days and to showcase my funny side, and I see that’s what Alex wanted to do with her OC Madalena, so why did I get dragged into that post? Alex, you said you made Madalena to have fun, that’s why I made Meme, so how come you trashed me for your exact reasoning? I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that I don’t understand why you (Alex) blame Meme when you did the exact thing with your OC. Hate is never okay and trying to push yours onto me wasn’t cool either. I have not once done anything to anyone out of seriousness or ooc that could be taken offensively and if my oc has really been that much of a burden I’m sorry. I just wanted to make some people laugh. Nothing meme said was out of malicious intent and I thought everyone understood she was just a joke. I’m sorry if my fun annoyed you. I have not sent any hate to anyone so I once again don’t understand why I was thrown into this. I thought my oc would be a nice distraction from all the chaos, but I guess I thought wrong. I apologize for this rant, but like you said I am allowed to have emotions and be upset about things.  Me being thrown into something that had nothing to my OC or me as a person just kind of upset me and I wanted to share so this didn’t happen again. 

~Just some thoughts from the creator. Also just a quick note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my jokes and played along. I deeply appreciate you and I don’t want it to seem like I got excessive hate because I got a couple comments here and there. The people who were kind to me, thanks geese, you were the best.))

(true to my ocs name I thought it would be appropriate to post a meme at the end of this all.)

you know what makes me mad

when i make gifs and i see that every frame

every single one




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GoT!AU: Pregnancy, for the most part, is kind to Sidney. One of his favorite changes, his eyelashes change from ridiculous to deadly. Geno is WEAK in the face of this change.

Sidney gets prettier somehow and smells so good.  Sidney (giggling all the while) has to kick his husband out of bed in the mornings because Geno keeps saying, “Mmm, maybe I’m go to meeting later,” as he buries his face in Sidney’s neck. 

Cue Geno, post-kicked off bed, lying on the carpeted ground next to the bed and holding on to Sidney’s ankle, pretending that he’s drowning as he moans, “My beautiful spouse loves me no longer–I’m the most unfortunate man in this kingdom–I can feel myself dying from a…broken heart…never to see my child into this world…Sidney, my love, please arrange for my funeral…tell them to play my favorite song accompanied by those traveling, fire-breathing acrobats–”

“Stop,” Sidney laughs, shaking free and then peering over the edge of the bed so he can kiss his husband. “The child and I will be here when you return from your meeting.”

apparently you can bring a werewolf back to human form if you truly love and trust each other

or if you throw its clothes at it

Because everytime we talk, my wish to hug you tightly gets bigger and bigger.

But life seperated us, two loving souls, in a cruel way and all I can do is dreaming of you from the distance.

But true love does not know distance and nor do I.

So don’t cry my dear, because this little cat Hanji who wants to hug you, is a sign of the warmth I will give you when in future you find the way into my arms.

Happy 54 hours anniversary ,my isawife!

And now give me an hour to laugh my ass off about myself.

Imagine your OTP:

‘I helped you clean yourself up in Starbucks after some total idiot spilled their coffee on you’ Meetcute

since skam is ending tonight, i want to take a moment to say some things. skam found me in a period of my life where i was kind of lost. i didn’t know what to do, the future was unknown and everyone around me seemed to have found their path. and it was nice to have a friend to keep me company during this journey. skam taught me so much and made me feel things. i begun to analyse myself in depth, to question myself and i started realising stuff. it guided me through bad times and it gave me strength when i felt that the world was crashing me and i couldn’t breath anymore. to this day, i don’t think i’ll ever be more grateful than hearing isak say ‘du er ikke alene’ and when things are feeling too much, Lantern by The White Birch starts playing in my head and it reminds me to take things minutt for minutt.

and it was not only skam itself, but the whole fandom. this was the first time that i was actually part of a fandom and it made me appreciate the show even more! with all the theories, metas, crack posts, gifsets, fanfics, fanarts…everything. not gonna lie: it got difficult sometimes, nothing is perfect, but i managed to find good people with awesome thoughts and beautiful souls. i started caring for all of them, people i’ve never actually met and who i associated with tiny avatars. and what shocked me was that these same people starting caring for me too.

now, i know i’ve never been very vocal and i don’t interact a lot (lord knows i wish i were different once it took me 5 minutes just to hit the send button), but i want you all to know that being part of this fandom made me feel like part of another family. To all my mutuals: i love you! i don’t know if i’ll ever tell you enough (i’ve tried today), but you make me very happy! you all have such brilliant minds and big hearts! to all my followers: i love you all!! seriously, sometimes i found myself wondering how you’ve even found my blog in the first place, since it’s never had a skam related name to begin with lol…but really, jokes apart, thank you so much for following me <3

it’s in periods like this that we should take a minute to remember all the good moments we had, the moments that we’ll cherish forever and that warm our heart. but don’t worry y’all, because even though skam might be ending, this isn’t a farewell. we have each other and we’ll always have skam!

so, thank you SKAM

and thank you Skamdom

thank you all so so much

Alt er love ❤️