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So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol

i commissioned the wonderful @aspio once again for this piece of another of my OCs, Alexis. and this is fantastic and i love it a lot

Alexis is possibly the first OC i ever really came up with and that was 8 years ago, and she’s always been about in some form or other, so seeing her brought to life is amazing and i am so grateful to Erin and the work she put into this and my previous commissions and i cannot recommend that you go and commission her enough

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown

ok but… one of my fav kind of ship tropes is just where the other half of the ship is (for whatever reason) waaaayy bashful and awkward, even just plain bad (at first!) at initiating pda BUT wants to & eventually learns to do it because!! they love their s/o and want to! show it!! 

my late bday gift for @gaylawyerhell !! ❤️️ ilysm, i am so happy to be friends with someone as passionate and caring and loyal as you!! and so grateful you indulged me in lawyer hell and the dads… i know it’s only been a little over a year since we properly started screaming at each other talking but it feels like a lot longer, in a good way!!

(important to note that i got the insp to finally finish this after revisiting turnabout goodbyes again and… gosh.. they’ve come so far since then and i’m so happy….)

“How do I…?”

“How do you look?”

Aithlin’s brows flattened, but the warmth in Dorian’s eyes coaxed a smile out of him. “You shouldn’t interrupt me, but… yes, how do I look?”

“Like the most beautiful creature in Thedas.”

“’Aside from myself, of course’.”

Dorian laughed, low and sweet, and shook his head, forefinger tucked up beneath the curve of Aithlin’s chin. “There you go, putting words in my mouth again, when I’d much rather you find another way to engage it. A kiss, maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous?”

I was so so amped to get a chance to commission @oatson, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed with the experience! Not by a long shot. Please, if you have a chance, go commission her. She’s such a sweetheart and (obviously) so talented! I mean, look at Aithlin’s arms.


the script of this comic is not mine, but actually from the EVER so talented @franklyfilthyfantasies who captures both characters i n c r e d i b l y !! PLEASE go read their wonderful story behind this comic starting with part 1 here and part 2 here  !! ♡♡ Thank u again @franklyfilthyfantasies this was the bEST


Heavily influenced by @intrusivethoughtsgeneral aka @porocora
(I hope this is okay it’s my favorite thing I’ve made all year)


only cool kids and gremlins hang around outside of mcdonalds at 12:30 am


this is total shit cuz i was tryna finish it before the livestream was over but like i havent posted anything on this blog in fucking forever so

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ended the year and started the new year doing the usual…ahah.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU always!!♡ for the kind words, funny tags and sweet messages that definitely made my days last year. You guys are awesome!!!!♡

alright gang
lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??