this is not gladys


You know I cant deal with Major character death, im allergic. I break out in hives.

Gladio succeeds as Noctis’ shield and the kings are satisfied because while it did not result in Noctis’ death he was willing and had accepted the result.

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That rushed “bye” Jughead says before putting the receiver back quickly is heartbreaking. He’s crumbling apart; his dad (in his eyes, at that time) was a murderer, his mom had basically told him that he wasn’t welcome wherever she and Jellybean​ were, and the rushed “bye” is the culmination of all of Jughead’s hopelessness, disappointment, insecurity, lonliness and betrayal. “Forget I said anything,” he says, and he doesn’t want to bare that part of him to his mom, despite the fact that she isn’t anywhere close to being a good mother. So, instead, he takes a gulp of air, clenches his eyes shut and tries to keep it all in.
I’m not crying, you are.