this is not funny to me

when you’re doing homework that’s due tomorrow

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when you find out it’s not due tomorrow 

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I can’t find anything funny to say about this error.

I’ve stared at it for 5 minutes straight, trying to think of something clever, but to no avai–

*stops writing*

*realizes he just spent 5 solid minutes of his life evaluating a bouncing headless specter and its fireplace-phasing hands, frantically thinking of bad puns*

*realizes what he does every day for this blog is more than enough of a punchline*

my life is a joke, literally

is it……… it the only reason you can think of…… it rly

kfngfdngdfk my mom called me while shes driving

bc she’s listening to the radio and on channel95.5 (?) talked about bts and they called them 

“just a boy band” and “some group from china” and “they’re weird”

so she’s so angry she called me while she’s driving to complain



shes like i wish i had their phone cuz i would call them and teach them a lesson