this is not funny to me

 Ok. I shared this in the tags but I thought I’d share properly in case people cba to read them.

So basically a while ago I was talking to someone who is a pretty credible source within wrestling. He told me that Pete Dunne told him a story about when he was at a signing and a girl asked him to bite her. Yes we get it that’s his thing and UGH IF THATS YOUR KINK THEN FINE but the whole thing really creeped him out and bothered him and to be frank, turned him off completely. Then she got upset when he wouldn’t do it and asked for him to bite her t-shirt.

Like 1.. ITS FUCKING CREEPY AS HELL. You don’t just ask someone on the street to do something like that. 2. Dude has a girlfriend, how would YOU feel if your partner bit some random girl who was thirsting after them (you can imply it’s non-sexual all you want but come on!)  and 3. ITS FUCKING CREEPY

It’s literally the same as being cat called or asked to do things by men who think you are hot. “Give me a hug? Oh why not!” Think about how you feel when a man says stuff like that to you and how cheap and vile you’re made to feel by another person when they say sexually suggestive things to you without your consent.

Why can’t we start thinking of wrestlers (or any male celeb) as a person, who has feelings and emotions and aren’t just there to satisfy your never ending thirst? TREAT THEM AS NORMAL PEOPLE. You would NOT every say that to someone you know, why don’t people have filters? 

I’m all for the private thirst train, I have no issue with people saying shit like that in private/on Tumblr but don’t tweet it to them and DONT say it to them in real life. Have some respect for yourself and that person. It’s not cute and it’s not endearing, it’s weird. Honestly, how do you expect thm to react to such unsolicited sexual advances? Probably the same as you would if a guy said it to you out of the blue.

BOTTOM LINE. Learn some boundaries. Female fans have a bad name in this business enough as it is without your thirsty ass ruining it for everyone because quite frankly, Im sick of going to shows and feeling like all the male wrestlers thinking I’m a ring rat when I just wanna talk to them because even though they are HOT AS FUCK I also quite like that they can do the wrasslin’. 


(The GIF doesn’t fit quite right, but just go with it.)

“So.. Dollface.. How’s it goin’?”

You blink in confusion, trying not to laugh.

Derek does not show Spencer the same courtesy.

“It’s going well, I guess.. Are you feeling okay, Spencer?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be, Y/-  Hot Stuff..”


The shade of it all lmao