this is not free speech

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does that other anon really not get that "free speech" is just a front for cowards who don't want to own up to being white supremacists, and has been for years

I don’t 100% agree.  I think free speech is important, and c’mon, look at the government and law enforcement we’ve got right now: do you trust these people to decide which speech is okay?

I believe the right to free speech includes abhorrent speech.  However, the right to free speech does not include:

- Speaking unopposed.

- Being praised for your speech.

- Being respected for your speech.

- Speech on the platform of your choice. (This one is sort of complicated because “you’re free to say anything… alone in your basement” is really not free speech, but on the other hand I don’t think any specific person or organization is obligated to give you a platform.)

- Speech without people telling you to shut up.  Someone saying “you shouldn’t say that” or even “you shouldn’t be allowed to say that” is exercising their free speech, not curtailing yours, unless they’re willing and able to actually force your silence.

- Being exempted from other laws (i.e., harassment, terroristic threats, incitement to violence) because you happened to violate those laws via speech.

So yeah, I’m actually super big on free speech, but only in the literal, limited sense.

Anyway, they only called this Boston rally “Free Speech” for two reasons:

1. Neo-Nazis are making this big push to clean up their act, to show up in polos and khakis, and to not have swastikas out in the open.  Naming their rally “Free Speech” instead of “White Nationalism” is part of the respectability initiative.

2. They get to sneer “why are you against free speech?” at all the anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters.

Just an update for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in boston: the “free speech” rally organized by the white supremacists was cancelled because the police pulled their permit and no white supremacists will be speaking, the overwhelming majority of people on the common right now are counterprotesters, the police are trying to move the white supremacists off the common because they’re surrounded by counterprotesters. 2-3 dozen riot police are stationed at boylston street, the boylston and park street T stops are closed for public safety, weapons are not allowed within a certain distance of the common, everything is still peaceful

There already signs of fracture in the white nationalist forums over Charlottesville.

It’s manifesting in arguments over whether to attend the rallies this weekend and lack of direction re: what to do next.

This is good.

Don’t count them out yet, but it looks like the opposition of the last week (direct action, arrests, deplatforming by tech companies, “Yes You’re Racist”)  has had an effect.

The question now is: will they stay home? or show up crazier?

Stay safe.

“This is the side that started shit”
Black woman leaves Antifa speechless

This is the side that started shit [object thrown at police] WOW WOW WHAT SIDE DID THAT COME FROM, I BET?

What side did that come from? “Peaceful protesters”?

[Woman pretends to be hit by pepper spray] She didn’t even get hit, trying to put milk on herself, she didn’t get hit. You better wait for CNN, that way you can put that up. wait for CNN to show them that, sweetheart. Not today.

Whose streets? Boston streets, and it’s gonna stay clean, aint no Chiraq here. Sorry! This aint the hood. We aint messing no streets up, here, sorry.


The fetishization of “opinion” and “free speech” is horrifying, people thinks it means they can saying anything anywhere without ever being criticized or held accountable or disagreed with regardless of their education on a subject.