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‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Letters Master List

Hello! Here is a full master list of all the letters in Dear Evan Hansen! Bellow each letter link I have a description of each letter and when it’s used in the play. If you see any missing, message me and I’ll add it to the list! I also included extra material at the end of the list. **Act two letters may contain spoilers!**

Note: This is a work in progress, and is actively being worked on!

Act One:

Letter #1: Evan Hansen to Himself

- This letter is used in the opening scene of the play when Evan is drafting his letter to himself, as assigned by his doctor, Dr. Strauss. 

Letter #2: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The most famous letter of the show. Evan wrote this letter in the computer lab on the first day of school, after a phone call with his mom. He printed it out and was found by Connor Murphy. After a short conversation with Evan, Connor asks if the letter is his. He begins to read it and sees the part about his sister, Zoe. Connor becomes mad and blows up on Evan. Evan pleads to get the letter but Connor takes it with him. This is mistaken by the Murphy’s as Connor’s last words or his suicide note.

Letter #3: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen (Edited Version/Final Version)

- The first letter that Evan and Jared write to make it appear as though Evan really was friends with Connor. This is in the song “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #4: Evan Hansen to Connor Murphy

- The second letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #5: Connor Murphy to  Evan Hansen

- The third letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #6: Evan Hansen

- The fourth letter in “Sincerely, Me” and the final letter of the first act.

Act Two:

Letter #1: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen

- This is the only letter featured in “Sincerely, Me (Reprise)” which is not featured on the cast album. 

Letter #?: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The final letter of the show. This is written (actually spoken) when Evan is supposed to be a freshman in college. This is in the final scene of the show. 


If you’re like us, then you’re overflowing with love for the leading lady of Rogue One: Jyn Erso. To have a bit of an outlet for these feels, we’d like to use the week of May 22nd to May 28th to finally host a Jyn Erso Appreciation Week  to celebrate her. 


  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Faith 
  • Day Two: Favorite Quote || Writing Prompt: Luxury
  • Day Three: Favorite Relationship || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Four: Jyn and Tropes || Writing Prompt: Need
  • Day Five: Jyn and Rebellion || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Six: Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Partisans
  • Day Seven: Free Day || Bonus Prompt: Why You Love Jyn

Please use this week to celebrate Jyn Erso in any way you want to with any type of fanwork you want to. Also, because we know that appreciation weeks sometimes skew towards visual work, we included a second writing prompt to help get those creative juices flowing. (Of course, feel free to make graphics for the writing prompt and write for the regular prompt—the point is to create as much positive Jyn related material as possible!)


  • Please tag your posts with #jynweek in one of the first five tags so we can see it
  • To find works created for this week on the blog, we will be tagging specific days as #jyn week: day [one], and prompts as and day [one]: [faith]
  • We won’t reblog any hate, so if you don’t like Jyn, don’t participate!

Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!

lets rewrite the entire recent stevenbomb

(Long post, cropped for space)

This recent bomb was pretty terrible imho so I’ve decided to re write it with the materials I was given. If i sat down with a cohesive crew i could come up with something even more solid, but I really do believe that what I came up with has better drama, pacing, and character development, it stays on message, and has lots to look forward to at the end that leaves the viewer excited for the promise of more

  • Lets have this be heavily Amethyst centric. Steven starts with those dreams, and at first the gems are reluctant to let Steven go figure out what he’s seeing. But the one who eventually says it would be a good idea is Amethyst. “If the rest of you won’t take him I will. Sounds kind of fun.”  

  • if you’re gonna have the pink palanquin be somewhere that needs to be traveled to, please use anyone else besides uncle racist. You have greg who could easily buy plane tickets. you have Lion. You have Lapis.

  • greg gets abducted still, just do it with the blue diamond we were promised not the one we were given. you expect me to to just accept that she looks like that now? shut up

  • have amethyst be terrified in the presence of Blue Diamond. Amethyst says “Stop.” and Blue diamond, instead of treating her like an actual threat, insults her. Calls her defective, and weak, and considers it an insult that Amethyst would even think it’s okay to speak to her. You can feel the immense power radiating off of her. Amethyst feels like she’s so weak that even if she tried to rescue greg she’d fail immediately. So she panics and stiffens up until it’s too late. It’s her first real exposure to the diamonds (a call on the diamond line doesn’t count) and she knows what she’s up against now and it’s really scary

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Commissions are Open!

Hey guys what’s up I’ve got the ability to draw, time to draw, tools with which to draw, and this uncanny lack of funds! Wild, I know. But that’s why I’m opening commissions, so I can solve my problems by bringing your characters to life!

Payments to be handled via paypal. Hit me up at
Payment preferred after completion of commission.

Reference material for your characters is preferred but not a requirement. Come in with an idea of what you want to see happen! Just please have an idea first before contacting me.

Prices are per individual character, except for comic commissions

$15 black and white, traditionally inked

$20 digital, flat colored or black and white

I don’t know how to categorize these but similar commissions are $30

$35 digital, colored and shaded w/ lighting

$70-100 manga-style comic page, price varies depending on the complexity of the request

Off-limits for commission:
• Hate speech/art
• That’s kind of it
• Message me about NSFW for more specific terms and conditions


I’ve opened up commissions again since summer has finally arrived! Please read over this to see if you’re interested! THANK YOU! 

(Also the sketch commissions will look better than the first two that i posted, i drew all of that at like four in the morning.)

Commission Slots:






Either message me on tumblr or email me in order to grab a slot!

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My study space & materials today, complete with a toasted graham latte ☕️ (first time trying it & I thought it was pretty good!). I’m spending today and tomorrow studying for a contracts law midterm so if I take longer to respond to messages, don’t fret, I still love you!

I hope you are all staying warm and dry in this Joaquin weather! ☔️💨

[cont] She uses her feminism to call out the media of her portrayal of her but nothing else. And that’s pretty hypocrite to me cause she created this image herself. On her first self-titled album booklet there’s the message on her thanks that says “to all the boys who thought it would be cool to break my heart here are 14 songs about you HA”. On her Fearless tour she said “I wrote this song about a guy who made the decision to cheat on me and he shouldn’t have cause I write songs” and had this projection of her being this serial dater for music material. You know, the one she had Tim McGraw do a cameo and she says to the cameras that the new guys name is great cause it rhymes with many things. Then her SNL monologue where she says “I like to write songs about douchebags who cheat on me” I know this were supposed to be funny but she played herself. No one said anything about her being a serial dater then, it actually started right after she started portraying herself like that. Then she grew up, matured and decided/realized how poor that was and that she didn’t like it so she started blaming it on the media and labeled it as “sexist”, which is not. Is not about a gender thing, is a Taylor thing. No other artist, male or female gets dragged like her and that’s because of how much of a circus she’s made about her love life with the name game she claims to hate but encourages with the secret messages and “symbolism” in her music videos, like using an airplane necklace on OOTW that she throws away, or the ship tattoo on IKYWT for Harry, and the stupid British accent thing… and, again: that SNL monologue song where she actually dragged Joe Jonas.When she got asked on an interview about what her squad talked about she said “we address feminist issues, we say things like «why is it that when a man has a lots of lovers he’s cool and empowering but if a woman does it she’s a slut?»” you know who gets dragged in her squad for this? The only person in her squad to whom this is applicable is HERSELF! Of all the “feminist” issues they “talk about” she chose the one who applies herself to bring up. It seems like she uses every opportunity to remind people how misjudged she is by the media with feminism as her back-up. Like, yeah, I support you there: you’re given more shit than you deserve but please, stop playing the victim and own to your faults.I think she’s conceited and tries too hard to keep her image “clean” and rarely talks about things that don’t have to do with her regarding feminism. I wished she stopped calling herself that because she’s not. Or if she plans on continuing this she should at least educate herself on it more so she can actually be an advocate.


Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial Part 2: Construction Part 1

This is the 2nd part in a complete EVA foam Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial.  See links below for the rest of the tutorial. Feel free to message me with any questions you have. 

This is my first cosplay tutorial so I would love any feedback. If you use this tutorial, I would love to see the armor you make!

Part 1: Materials and Pattern Making

Part 3: Construction Part 2

Part 4: Patterns: Helmet

Part 5: Patterns: Chest 

Part 6: Patterns: Legs

Part 7: Patterns: Arms

Part 8: Patterns: Belt

Allig.ator skull removal

Hey vultures!! A lot of you were interested in the process I used to get the skull out of one of those tourist shop allig.ator heads. Just know that if you follow my process, you will not get a perfect skull. Also, I take zero responsibility for what happens if you choose to give it a shot! If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a message! Also, I apologize for the freakishly long post… 

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Remember? | minhyuk

Member: Fighter!Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 2,200+
Genre/Warning(s): fighter au, friends/lovers, romance, drama, fluff… hasn’t been proofread.

Originally posted by kinghyungwon


An unfamiliar rush of intimidation floods over you when you pull open the entrance door to the city’s most renowned boxing gym. The bag resting on your back seems heavier, as if gravity just decided to fall on you for a little extra pressure—or maybe it’s just your mind, but who really knows? Either way, you’re stepping well out of your comfort zone all for a friend. Not just any friend, though, but rather a fellow with an infectious, brilliant aura that seems to counter his passion for fighting.

A true Jack of all trades (but a master of none), he would say, but you think more of him than that. Always have and will.

Lee Minhyuk has been a guy that many would assume to be so harmless as to never hurt a fly, but beneath that outward projection dwells a lethal beast. The kind of beast you’ve only been able to witness once or twice in all your eight years of friendship.

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hey it’s a commissions post

hey so there’s a thing that i want really bad (it’s this)

and i want to earn it through my own work instead of dipping into my savings because i want to prove something to myself i guess

anyway! here’s the downlow:

character pencils: $5-10 for head, $10-15 for bust

character inks: $10-15 for head or bust

character ink: $20-30 for full body (depending on the complexity of the character ofc)

character digital: $15-20 for bust, $25-35 for full body
*will add simple bg (see middle pic) for free

wanna add some color?: additional $3 for head, $5 for bust, $10 for full body traditional, $15 for full body digital 

of course not everything will come under the umbrella of ‘character’ commissions, so i am open to price negotiation! 

what i will do:

  • your favorite show character
  • your oc
  • tattoo designs
  • character sketch sheets
  • if it isn’t explicitly on my ‘no’ list feel free to ask

what i will not do:

  • nsfw (i’m just not feelin’ it lmao)
  • kink/fetish related stuff (especially pedo stuff)
  • possibly gore but i’m open to discussing it

my email is at but I would rather you messaged me on here first if at all possible! also please be prepared to give me reference material if you’re wanting me to draw your oc or your fursona or whatevs

thank you guys for your time! 


North node

North node is your souls mission. And adopting it’s messages will better align you with your souls mission. Falling back on your south node takes you away from your souls mission.

Your North Node sign and the
Emotional responses, attitudes and energy to adopt:

♈ Aries “I am”

♉ Taurus “I have”

♊ Gemini “I think”

♋ Cancer “I feel”

♌ Leo “I will”

♍ Virgo “I analyze”

♎ Libra “I balance”

♏ Scorpio “I desire”

♐ Sagittarius “I understand”

♑ Capricorn “I use”

♒ Aquarius “I know”

♓ Pisces “I believe”

Your North Node house

Life issues to explore:

First house: “Your true, authentic Self re-born and expressed fully”

Second house: “Your self worth and its expression in the material world”

Third house: “In the moment communication and your environment”

Fourth house: “Family, physical home and emotional foundations”

Fifth house: “Birth children, heart expression and manifestation”

Sixth house: “Your work, health, pets and how you give service”

Seventh house: “Your relationships with others including marriage and business”

Eighth house: “Your intimate relationship, investors, estates, death and re-birth”

Ninth house: “Education, international travel, nature and your personal truth ”

Tenth house: “Your achievement and public reputation outside of family”

Eleventh house: “Receiving love through friendships, and like-minded groups”

Twelfth house: “Dissolving karma. Cultivating trust and faith in the unseen”

Via Karen Black

How to Make the Most of Lectures

The most obvious piece of advice anyone can give about university lectures is to just turn up! But we already know that, right? It’s what to do once you’re there that really matters.

I know from experience that going to those 9ams and staying alert throughout is a constant struggle. Cold dreary mornings, a common occurrence here in the UK, and a lecturer or subject matter which fails to hold your attention don’t help. However, the effort put in despite this will most definitely be reflected in your grades at the end of the semester.

Three years at university later and I’ve tried various techniques to try and make the most of my lectures. Here are my thoughts on the topic, but I’d stress the importance of finding out what works for you. Don’t think you should conform to what others are doing if you aren’t going to see the benefit.


  1. Do the assigned readings – You’ll hear this a lot but there’s no denying that a bit of pre-session reading will improve your overall understanding. Lecturers tend to base their content on these so it helps to be aware of the basics.
  2. Handouts – First, decide whether to handwrite or type any notes. Then make sure you have a copy of the lecture material printed or saved the night before. You’ll be able to follow the content and recognise the significance of things noted down at a later date.


  1. Choose your seat carefully – Which will give you the best vantage point and minimise distractions?
  2. Turn your phone off – Or at the very least put it on silent and out of reach. That tweet, message, meme, etc. can wait I assure you.
  3. Record lectures (if permitted) – Some universities will offer this already, if not you may be allowed to do it yourself. Recordings can prove a good source of revision and, though I don’t do this myself, I have seen it work for others. It depends on your learning style. [TOP TIPFind out if any of your friends do this so that missing lectures for valid reasons can be less of a concern]
  4. Don’t try to write everything down – Keep your notes brief and relevant. Writing verbatim means the risk of falling behind and loss of motivation to carry on.
  5. Ask questions – Yes it seems daunting to raise your hand in a room of about a hundred strangers, but I guarantee you’re not the only one thinking it. There’ll be no judgement from the lecturer as they encourage discussion and other students will probably be grateful.


  1. Write/type up your notes – Not only will it help in understanding the content, it will also reduce stress levels when you don’t have to deal with messy, rushed handwriting during revision.
  2. Compare notes with others – You can expand your knowledge and have an excuse to get together with your coursemates. What you considered important may not be the same as the next person, and you may realise that you missed something important.
  3. Go to the seminars – Like saying go to your lectures, this is a no-brainer. These sessions will put what you covered into practice and give you a more relaxed situation in which to have your questions answered.

Whether you’re about to become a first-year student or enter your final year, there’s always a good reason to change your learning habits. Hopefully some of the above will be of use and you’ll feel as though you’re getting your money’s worth.

Jess x


So.. money is going to be a bit tight for me this week, and I thought why not try and do some commissions!!

sketches will be $5 (  I will only do full bodies if they are chibi form)

 Ink doodles $10 ( I will only do full bodies if they are chibi forum) 

 Flat colors $15 ( I will only do full bodies if they are chibi form)

 Full colored is $25 ( I will only do full bodies if they are chibi form ) 

 ⭐Will Draw

 -Fan Art and ship Art 


 -Cute stuff




 -Offensive or disturbing material.

-Detailed background 

Before any drawings are started I must be paid first,  I only accept payment through PayPal!! 

 If you’re interested please contact me through Or just send me a message through my inbox.

I look forward to working with you! 

Six Times Jim Visits

The first time Jim snuck into 221b he added a formula to the notes of Sherlock’s latest experiment.

The second time he left a new designer shirt in a delicious shade of dark red hanging in Sherlock’s wardrobe.

The third time he picked up all the discarded items of clothing lying around and placed them in the laundry basket.

The fourth time he wrote a name on one of Sherlocks unsolved cases collection on the mantelpiece.

The fifth time he left an extremely rare type of ash that Sherlock had not yet documented.

The sixth time he left a stain on Sherlock’s sheets.


After the first time, Sherlock suspects the identity of the intruder, cautiously tests out the formula and is exhilarated by the chemical reaction that results.

After the second time, Sherlock tests the material for poisons, the seams and tag for hidden messages, the buttons for bugs and the closest branch of the store for clues, all yielding nothing. He then spends a week staring at it before concluding that perhaps wearing the shirt will lead to something. It doesn’t, but it very quickly becomes his favourite shirt.

After the third time, Sherlock mistakenly believes that Mrs Hudson had tidied up after him and actually remembers to thank her. He is quickly made to realise his mistake with much laughter and a rather insulting retort, which leaves one likely suspect. He isn’t quite sure what to think about Jim handling his underwear.

After the fourth time, an unsolved case becomes a solved case. But not before an exhilerating and decidedly not boring week of investigation which he silently thanks Jim for.

After the fifth time, he gives online credit to the ‘mysterious benefactor’ for enhancing his research, ignoring the voice in his head telling him that it would be a very bad idea to give any sort of encouragement.

After the sixth time, Sherlock is appalled, intrigued, incensed, flustered, excited. Definitely not bored. He looks forward to the seventh time.

Cries// so because people have been messaging me about making stickers, and I’m seriously taking that into consideration because it sounds really fun– I’m not the best at design, but I wanted to practice first with Kii! If it turns out well, I would definitely love to open up custom sticker commissions in the future–



Many of us end up stuck in situations that are toxic or destructive but that we can’t get out of. I for one am currently living in an environment that is slowly eroding my mental health. I put together this spell jar to help protect myself from the situation and give myself the strength to stay safe, healthy, and hopefully even happy. Several of the ingredients are fairly personal to me, but feel free to tailor the materials to suit your associations and needs. This is more of an example rather than instructions. And most of all, please stay safe and take all possible mundane measures to get to a healthier environment. 

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I’ve heard many times of girls having luck on tinder and SA is starting to piss me off so I decided to join and see what the fuss is about.

Oh my god…this is it

the first message I received was:
“Do you have any intrest in being a sugar baby?”

Just set your preferred age from 30 to 55+ and sit back as men literally throw their wallets at you. Ya girl is gonna be super busy next week 😎😎😎

Mobile Masterlist

Originally posted by supernatural-addiction-hotline

Alright my lovelies, the time has finally come for me to create my mobile masterlist. My 1-year anniversary of joining Tumblr has passed and my first major milestone of 300 beautiful followers is about to occur….(I am currently at 293 so yea me!) At this glorious milestone, I will be doing a follower challenge with @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid. Anyone who wishes to be added to my taglist, please send me an ask or message me. Many thanks for the amazing ride so far and let’s continue this journey forward together bitches! The link for the masterlist is below and every so often, I will post new material so be on the lookout my lovelies. Kisses and lots of love to you and yours! A seperate masterlist will be created for SPN Kink Bingo so readers beware….

Mobile Masterlist

Witch’s Coven (my beautiful followers)

*Unfortunately for the following tags listed in bold, Tumblr is not allowing me to tag you.*

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