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Harry is professional. No matter who he’s photographing or working with, Harry constantly and consistently keeps his cool because of how business-like and professional he is. Even when the models flirt with him and Harry’s severely uncomfortable, the curly haired man simply rejects their advances and continues his job professionally.

It’s sort of what he’s known for. He’s a serious, but kind and funny photographer who can get good results for nearly anybody, verily quickly. He hangs out with other serious and posh people, usually artists and musicians who have their noses stuck perpetually in the air. Harry doesn’t mind it so much. He finds it easy to please these types of people, and his social attitude towards the higher class celebrities tends to get him good jobs with good pay.

Harry likes to think that he’s always as professional and serious as others say, but right now, as he tries intensively not to squeal like a little girl, he knows that those people are wrong. Harry’s closely cut fingernails are digging into the sides of his very expensive, designer jeans as he waits agonizingly for his newest model.

Working with Saint Laurent, Harry’s met his fair share of famous models, but Niall Horan was very different.

Well, at least, he was for Harry.

Niall Horan, with his perfect complexion, prominent cheekbones and enviously skinny legs. Niall Horan, the sole reason that Harry even went into photographing people. Harry sighed dramatically, running a hand roughly through his hair anxiously.

“Ah-Um, Hi, I’m Niall Horan, we’re supposed to be shooting today?” A light Irish voice asks and Harry nearly dies.

Harry turns slowly, a shaky breath leaving his chest as he meets the familiar, beautiful blue eyes that he spent so much time thinking about. “Uh-” Harry starts before coughing awkwardly. “Yeah, yeah! I’m Harry Styles, the photographer.” Harry stutters, mentally face palming.

Niall grins, obviously sensing Harry’s nervousness. “I know.” He giggles cutely, his nose scrunching up and Harry laughs too, eyes filled with adoration for the boy he barely even knew.

“Right.” Harry says as they both calm down and they’re just staring for a moment, straight into each other’s eyes before the makeup artists and assistants enter the room, bustling around loudly as they set up the camera and lights.

Niall opens his mouth, taking a step closer to Harry, so that the curly haired man can fully appreciate the smaller boy’s manicured nails and curled lashes. “I’m actually a-” He begins before one of the makeup artists, Lou, grabs Niall by the arm and drags him off to the back room.

Harry lets out a loud breath, his heart beating uncontrollably. He shakily walks over towards his camera, where Louis, his assistant is cleaning the multiple lenses of Harry’s favorite camera. “Hey Har- wow, why’re you all red?”

Harry’s hands fly to his face, “What?!” He asks, mortified as Louis laughs.

“Why are you red, are you alright, Harry?” Louis asks timidly, not used to seeing his friend so out of sorts.

Harry tries to calm himself, straightening out his own shirt. “I’m red, what?” He asks, laughing nervously.

Louis nods his head after a pause. “Yeah…”

Harry’s eyes flicker towards where Niall is, somewhere in the back room. “Must be hot in here… or something.” Harry mumbles, embarrassed out of his mind. Louis opens his mouth, going to point out that Harry’s shooting room is always kept at 70 degrees to the tee, per request of the photographer himself. He insists that the cold temperature keeps the models on edge.

Harry cuts him off before he can, though, beginning his usual routine of analyzing the set and lighting, ordering people to change things as he usually does, trying to forget the fact that his muse is getting ready for him to photograph.

Harry’s looking closely through the lens, enjoying the contrast of the black and white setting already, when he feels a presence looking over his shoulder. Harry jerks back immediately, turning on his heel, ready to snap at whoever had the audacity to get so close when he recognizes the person, who has now stumbled backwards.

Niall smiles up at Harry awkwardly, still stumbling a bit because he had been on his tip toes when Harry had thrown him off balance. “Sorry.” He says timidly, “I just- I usually like to see what the picture will look like before its taken.” He tries to explain, blushing furiously, just like Harry probably is, “My last photographer had gotten used to it, I’m so sorry.” He says again and Harry’s face is flabbergasted.

“No!” He shouts, and Niall looks taken aback. “I mean.. No… It’s totally fine. You just… uh- scared me.” He reasons lamely. Niall smiles ruefully, trying to make the awkward curly haired boy feel better. Harry is quick to try and re-engage conversation, gesturing towards his camera. “Go ahead.” He allows.

Niall grins at him widely, once again stepping up to his tippy toes to look through the glass. “It’s beautiful.” He comments, and Harry’s heart flutters.

“Not as beautiful as it’ll be when you’re in it.” Harry says under his breath, but Niall looks back at him, surprised.

Harry’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth to apologize, but Niall cuts him off. “You really think so?” He asks.

Harry may or may not gape at the blonde. “Of course, you’re–” Harry shakes his head in awe. “I can’t even begin to express how… impressive I think you are.” He says, hands moving with his words.

Niall’s face is graced with a small smile, one that Harry hasn’t seen before despite the fact that Harry had studied this boy’s face for hours on end. Niall smiles, just a twinge of his perfectly straightened teeth showing and eyes alight with genuine appreciation and Harry instantly claims it. He’s not sure if Niall smiles like that at everyone, but if he does Harry is prepared to ignore it and pretend like it’s only his. “Funny, I find you mighty impressive as well, Harry.” He compliments, leaning in close to Harry, and Harry knows by the amused look in Niall’s eyes that his face must be bright red.

“Uh-um,” Harry stutters in surprise, falling back a few steps, knocking his own body into one of the lights. He grabs it, flailing for a second before steading himself and the light, patting it awkwardly as he smiles at Niall, who is almost in tears at this point.

“Harry, if you would stop fucking with my set like a bumbling idiot, then we could get on with this shoot.” Liam, the set designer complains, coming over to fix the light. “He’s usually not this unprofessional, I swear.” Harry hears Liam mutter to Niall. Harry growls at himself for acting like an idiot in front of his reason of existence.

is that too far?’ He silently asks himself. He ponders it for a moment, letting his eyes fall onto the blonde who is giggling along to whatever Liam is saying whilst trying to fix a light. He’s so entranced by the Irish boy’s pure beauty that he forgets to look away when Niall’s eyes meet his own. ‘nope, it’s not even far enough.’ He decides.

* * * *

Niall knows that Harry Styles is one of the most professional and upstanding photographers that Saint Laurent has had in years. Several of his friends had been jealous when he informed them of his new job at the corporation, but when he mentioned the name of the photographer, they were all green with envy. Their reaction had made Niall curious, of course, so he googled the man.

He found several beautiful pieces of models in black and white settings, each dripping with emotion and care. As if he didn’t already appreciate this man for the pure effort he put into his work, when he saw his face… Niall always had a thing for tall guys.

He was tall and had this long hair that was tied back into one of the sexiest man buns Niall had ever seen. Niall was already half-way in love, and had immediately thought that this was just another one of ‘Harry Styles’ models, but when he had seen the source, proving that it was Harry himself, Niall died. There was no way a professional and serious (not to mention gorgeously abstract) man like that would go for a goofy, plain model like Niall.

To say Niall was pleased when he realized that Harry was just as much of a goof as himself would be an understatement. Niall could tell by the way Harry eyed him up and down and how everyone was commenting on how suddenly non-professional Harry was acting. The Irish boy wasn’t oblivious. Harry’s attraction was obvious, and Niall was enjoying every second of it. He giggled and blushed and flirted as much as he possibly could, just praying that the photographer would grow some damn balls and ask him out already.

Even as Harry prompted him to pose, stumbling along his words as he snapped pictures at random. There were several long pauses and moments where Harry would nearly drop the camera, making the taller man flush and apologize lowly. The crew around the set were slowly filing out, knowing that Harry preferred to work one-on-one with his model, but they were seemingly finding his sudden clumsiness too hilarious to leave.

Niall was trying to keep his composure, but he was sure that Harry got more than a few pictures of him cracking a smile. Harry was blushing the entire duration of the shoot, letting out heavy breaths as Niall crossed and uncrossed his skinny jean-clad legs. He tried to hold back his laughs, but when Harry eventually lost his footing and tripped over the edge of the carpeted floor, he lost it. He was laughing as he knelt by Harry’s side, making sure that the curly haired bloke was alright. “Oh- oh my god.” He laughs hysterically. “I’m sorry- I’m sorry-” He giggles lightly as he attempts to stop laughing. “Are you alright, you’re okay right?”

Harry humbles himself, chuckling long with the angelic laugh that’s being emitted from his model. “I’m alright.” He reassures the blonde before continuing. “I’m sorry that I’ve been such a mess today.”

Niall shakes his head, dismissing the apology completely. “Happens to the best of us.”

“No,” Harry argues, grabbing Niall’s hand as the Irish boy begins to pull away. “You deserve an explanation.” Harry sighs. “This amount of unprofessionalism is unacceptable, really.”

Niall rolls his eyes. “Harry, no, I honestly don’t car-”

“You’re literally the reason I started photographing live models.” Harry admits, cutting Niall off effectively as his eyes face the ground.

Niall’s jaw drops, “What?” He asks breathlessly.

Harry nods, chancing a glance into Niall’s light blue eyes. He groans, embarrassed. “Look, I just- I saw you in the middle of some retail magazine about 3 years ago, before you caught your break with polaroids and I just–” Harry exhales loudly, “You were-are perfect and I just, I thought that maybe, with live models I could create something that perfect, too.” The green eyed boy laughs lightly, shaking his head.

Niall is silent for a moment, that small-”Harry”-smile in place. “And did you ever? Create something that perfect?” he asks.

“No, of course not.” Harry scoffs, rolling his eyes at Niall’s confused expression. “I couldn’t create that perfection, Niall,” He sighs, tracing one of his fingers around Niall’s palm, “Because you were the cause of it. You were the perfection, not the photograph.”

Niall’s face is bright, a meaningful smile spread on his face and Harry wants to claim this one as his own too. Niall lets out a shaky breath, sitting back a little, not letting Harry release his hand. “You don’t say that to all your models, do you?” He asks, only partly serious.

Harry laughs loudly, blushing only a little bit. “Only you.” He corrects, smiling at the blonde.

They sit for a second, once again just staring at each other and Niall just wants one thing.

The blonde smirks, moving his hand in a circular motion, sighing exasperatedly when Harry just shoots him a confusion look. “Ask me out.” Niall coughs out underhandedly.

Harry’s eyes widen with realization and his face illuminates, gaining as much confidence and pride as he has left, “Niall Horan, you gorgeous, perfect, model of mine, will you go on a date with me, despite me being a clumsy idiot all day?”

Niall grinned excitedly. “Harry Styles, I’ll go on a date with you because you’ve been a clumsy idiot all day.”

Harry, unable to hold it in any longer surges forward, taking Niall’s face in his hands and whispering against the blonde’s shocked lips, “You’re amazing.” He says, kissing Niall shortly, but soundly. Niall gasps at the touch, but leans foreword nonetheless. “You’re funny.” Harry commends, kissing the blonde once more, this time a bit longer. “You’re my muse.” He admits, kissing the boy one last time before pulling back and kissing the boys nose gently. “Now get back onto that couch, I’m not done with you just yet.” Harry commands, professionalism and seriousness back in full swing.

Niall mock-gasps at his new demanding tone. “Who are you and where is that cute, awkward boy that kissed me a couple of seconds ago?” He asks, eyes narrowed as he walks to the couch.

Harry laughs, “Goofy Harry is out of the building, business Harry at your service.” He supplies, feeling a lot better now that his professional demeanor is somewhat back.

Niall rolls his eyes. “I like the goofy Harry better, just saying.” He shrugs.

Harry laughs, beginning to snap pictures as Niall pouts dramatically, facing away from the camera. “You can see him after work hours,” He promises, snapping one last picture of Niall’s content grin.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Not sure how good this turned out. Idk, i really tried you guys. I’m just going through some BS right now and Im afraid that it probably won’t get any better until like June 8th when I’m home for the summer. I’m really trying with these updates though, trust me.

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#4 Stuck With Me (Niall Horan One Shot)


Another request from some lovely anonymous person. I hope you like it. Let me know. 

Also, I got a few requests to write a second part of Ask Me Out. I did plan it as an one shot so, I don’t know what to do but, if I can make something good out of it, I’ll upload a part 2. Read it, if you guys haven’t yet. 

Word Count : 1,434

Niall Horan One Shot: Summary - It’s not fair to be mad at things one doesn’t have a control on. But hey, that’s a personal opinion. 

“You do realize you’re kinda stuck with me, today?” I whispered, sitting right next to him on the couch, facing him, my body touching him. I cuddled my head between his neck and shoulders, and placed a kiss there. Nothing. He didn’t even look at me. He was stuck to the game he was playing since the last two hours. FIFA. Taking all the attention from me, this game. Now, I don’t know if you know this but, I am not one to give up. I got myself comfortable next to him with my legs across his lap and opening my ponytail so, that my long wavy hair could make me look prettier. No response. Time to step this up.

I removed my top leaving me in a very sexy bra bought by Sir, himself. I moved my body closer to him, my boobs touching his arm not causing any restriction in movement. I didn’t want him to get annoyed and walk away. I started kissing his neck, leaving sloppy kisses all over and then going in for a love bite. He loved those. I kissed his cheek, his jaw, his forehead, lips were kinda outta reach. Nothing…yet.

I took off my pants leaving me in a matching thong and, stretched out on the couch beside him, with my legs across his lap. I kept watching his game but now, I knew his eyes were on me. He loved this set. Loving lingerie in general, he called it, me being wrapped in present just for him to open. I knew, he was rethinking his decision of ignoring me. I frankly, looked too sexy to be kept hands off from, especially when he full permission. But, he did. He was hard to crack.

I shook my body a bit, acting to get a little comfortable on the couch, jiggling my boobs, arching my back. His eyes were on me, mine on the screen. After a while, I started touching myself. I played with my boobs for a while, over my bra of course, and then, went down to pussy. He was getting red, feeling him shift in his seat he even cleared his throat. I spread my legs a bit, and rubbed my clit. I was moaning, kinda exaggerating but, it was working. He was losing his game and then, angrily shut it off. I didn’t stop touching myself. Slipping a finger in and arching my back, I was having too much fun.

“You fucking tease,” He shifted, getting in between my legs and picking me up. He held my waist so tight and he placed me in his lap, pulling me to his chest.

“What did I do…” I asked, innocently.

“Really,” He raised his eyebrows. “You know what you did. Leave this  out, you’ll get punished but, I’m not talking about this.”

“I really don’t know…” I cuddled into his neck.

He pulled my head by my hair. Harsh. “You were talking to Stan.”

“So?” I frowned, getting his hand off my head.

“So, I thought we discussed you’re not going to talk to him.”

“The discussion was you saying, I don’t talk to him. I decide who I talk to and who I don’t,” I said, getting off his lap. “Is this the reason you’re giving me the silent treatment?” I questioned.

“We decided you won’t talk to him,” He looked at me, his eyes full of anger.

“Oh god.” I stomped off to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” He bellowed. I got in and wore his T-shirt, getting in bed. This day was ruined. “I’m talking to you.”

“Maybe if you stop being a dickhead, you can think a little clearly. But no, you’ll ignore me and then, scream and now, stand there running your hands through that blond hair.”

“He wants you.”

“Yeah sure.”

“I’m a guy. I know the look. He wants you.”

“He’s the son of my mother’s best friend. I practically grew up with him. If he wanted me, he would make his move. And I wouldn’t take it because I’m taken. Do you even trust me?” I said sitting up on my knees.

“It’s not about trusting you,” He shook out his T shirt and climbed in bed. “I don’t want someone stealing you away,” He said holding my face in his palms. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, pulling me under the blanket, keeping one hand behind my head, laying me down on the cushion. “I’m very insecure,” He said getting on top of me as I spread my legs. “He knows you well, and even if you guys don’t have an awesome history, things can always get well and you can realise how much of an unworthy bastard, I am.” He said kissing my lips, again.

“You’re not unworthy or a bastard. You’re my choice and are pretty classy.”

He laughed into my neck, leaving kisses all over. “I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong. I’m just very protective of you, baby.”

I combed my hand through his hair and pulled him down to kiss me. We played along for some time, his tongue slipping in to play with mine. Basics were just awesome. I could feel myself getting wet and him hard as his dick was rubbing over my pussy. “You don’t have to worry about him. I love you. I’m with you. A 100 percent. Do I make you feel like that?” He shook his head. “I’m not going anywhere until you get sick of me and want me to go.”

“I will never want you to go.”

“Well that’s clear then,” I giggled.

“You’re a fucking tease though…” he said pulling my t-shirt off and marking me. “Sitting beside me, naked and touching yourself, while you know, only I’m supposed to do that.” I moaned out loud. “So fucking beautiful,” he said, admiring my body. He pulled my bra off and my thong and kissed all over my body. “And, all mine…” He mumbled going down on me. His fingers entered me, two at once, “You’re so wet, who made you this wet, baby?”

“You…oh my…you, Niall, you…” I was a moaning mess. He kept licking my click, his fingers going at full speed. Only he knew how I liked it, and knew how to put me on the edge as fast as possible.

“I can feel you clenching on my fingers baby, no cumming without me inside off you…” He said his smirk out on display. He pulled his fingers out, leaving me on the edge and kissed my lips.

I pushed him down and climbed on top of him, getting his boxers off and his dick in my mouth. It felt like we were rushing even, when we had the whole day but, that was just him and I. I bobbed my head, trying to get the entire thing in my mouth. He was just so big and thick, I remember being scared the first time we had sex. “Just like that baby…you’re so good at this!” He moaned, thrusting his hips a bit. “Stop, stop, need to get in…you…”

He sat up and I climbed on top, his dick slipping inside me and filling me up. I fell into his chest and pulled him close. He was so big. I could feel him stretching me out. “Yeah baby, slowly…” he said, picking up my hips and then, pulling him down. I held his face in my palms, my lips against his, whimpering as we increased speed. I kept bouncing on him and he kept meeting me, hard that my entire body shook and he had to hold me tight so, that I didn’t collapse.

Kissing my lips, tongues fighting for dominance now, he climbed on top ,both my legs on his shoulders as he drilled in faster, hitting that one stop that made me scream his name, out loud. “NIALL!…Niall, Niall, Niall…” I repeated it with every thrust.

“I love you so much!” He said, getting in between my legs and kissing me hard, his thrusts not stopping for a second but, slowing down as we were close. “Going to come, my love? Can feel you clench my dear, fuck, so good.” He whispered as, I let go, not being able to control it. He wasn’t far behind as he filled me up and gave me the most intense kiss of the day.

He pulled me under the sheets, still inside on me and cuddled me in his arms. “We should clean up,” I said, exhausted.

“Hmm…” He said, shutting his eyes and pulling me closer.

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  • Me: Yes, hello, The White House??? Please!! I need to speak to the Obamas about Harry's new poppy-print shirt. It is of utmost importance.
  • Secret Service: Ma'am please stop calling us about Harry Styles and his shirts we canno-
  • Me: You are truly American Royalty.