this is not fair because of reasons

I mean the headlines really bad, she’s saying the cops only pulled her over because she had an anti-trump sticker on her truck, and then searched for reasons to get her, which is fair, 

but the way this is phrased is so fucking ridiculous. And they’re all worded like this. 

like am I wrong? is this not terrible wording lmao for what actually happened?

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it seems like gwenvid shippers only care about gwen whenever david is involved nobody gives a shit about gwen unless it's shipping related and it pisses me off.

I think you’re right that not enough people are talking about Gretchen, absolutely. But … uh, you really sure you wanna blame the Gwenvid shippers for that one? Because to be completely honest, it seems like we’re the only ones who care about her. 

Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but it’s always struck me as a little odd that there’s more content for a character who appears in 1 episode than someone who’s been a significant part of almost all of them.

If you wanna chat about Gloria, I’m here for it! I always wanna talk about her. She’s my best girl, and I anon-beg artists to draw her more than I’m willing to admit. But one of the reasons I’ve had so much fun with the Gwenvid shipping community is because of the attention and enthusiasm they lavish on Grace. (In fact, we often bitch among ourselves that she doesn’t get enough love.)

I’ll agree that the Camp Camp fandom as whole is sleeping on Gabi, but I personally wouldn’t point my finger at the Gwenvid shippers for that one. I’m just saying, we aren’t the ones editing her out of screenshots and replacing her with a serial killer. Or writing her completely out of fics like she never existed.

You know.

Just saying.

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i saw your hufflepuff gifset and i wanted to ask why you align anakin as a hufflepuff? i don’t know enough about the houses, but from what i do know i was surprised to see him as a hufflepuff, but i really like the idea of him being one and since i saw it i’ve thought of a few things which align him as hufflepuff and i can see why! but if you don’t mind i’d love to hear your reasons too! i’m a hufflepuff too and since anakin is my fav i love the idea of him being one

Everyone has traits from all the Houses but I believe Anakin’s most important traits (the ones that shape Anakin) are Hufflepuff traits. I also think that he can be hard to sort because of his circumstances. I mean, he was someone strongly influenced by other people and that made him distance himself from who he really was. Like, people say Anakin belongs in Slytherin because of his ambition (especially as Vader) and that’s a fair assessment. However, I see his ‘ambition’ as Palpatine’s influence in his ‘innate’ traits (dedication, hard work and loyalty). The way I see it, even when Anakin/Vader was showing traits more common to other houses, his motivations were still very Hufflepuff.  So, I sorted Anakin (and other characters) based on actions and the motivations behind the actions.

Dedication, Hard Work & Unafraid of toil

As a slave he was forced to keep long hours since he was very young and yet found the energy (and desire) to help others. He was working on a way to locate his slave transmitter (to save himself and all the slaves), he built C3PO, built his pod, helped Jira, helped free slaves, helped his mom take care of their home, risked himself to save the life of a tusken raider, took care of broken droids, saved banthas and womp rats from traps.

As a Jedi, he only had a couple of years to master all the knowledge and training everyone else had been working on since they were infants. He had to work hard to keep up with his classes and physical training. He had to work hard on his missions as a padawan. And during the war, he responsible for a padawan, military strategy, his secret family, his soldiers, his Jedi duty and for countless lives.

Patience, Kindness & Tolerance

Anakin was a incredibly compassionate person. And every time he risked himself was to help someone else. he was patient to his friends and his padawan. The way he treated Ahsoka speaks volumes about who he was and what drove him. He didn’t want Ahsoka at first but the moment he sensed she was upset he completely changed his behavior around her. He accepted her, even though he knew he was being manipulated, because he knew it wasn’t her fault. He took care of her, made sure she rested, tried to keep her from being too emotionally damaged by the war, etc.


He was incredibly loyal. To his friends, to his family and sadly, to his abuser. Even the terrible things he did he did for loyalty. Every ruled he broke, he broke because he believe he owed to someone he loved to act (Torturing Poggle was about his loyalty to Ahsoka). His turn to the dark side was also about his loyalty to the republic and the Chancellor and the jedi forcing him to betray them.  Anakin’s sense of loyalty was so strong, even as Vader, it was one of his most defining traits.

Fair play

IMO, the most defining characteristic of a Hufflepuff. Everything is about what is fair. Everything Anakin did, he did because he wanted things to be fair. He wanted everyone to have the same opportunities. He wanted a fair government, where the poor would get the same changes as the rich Core worlds. He wanted everyone to be treated fairly. He wanted to be treated fairly. His outburst after being the denied the rank of master was not about ego, it was about what was fair. He worked SO hard and he wanted that work to be recognized, because that’s the fair thing to do: giving the Jedi promotions because of what they accomplished not because of what they feel or how they are perceived.

As Helga Hufflepuff’s said: “I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the same.

Hufflepuff loves “misfits”, they are known for making friends with anyone and who better embodies that than Anakin “wants to save everyone” Skywalker? From the moment he was introduced to the moment he died, Anakin was constantly surrounded by “unusual” or excluded beings. His friends in Tatooine, droids, disfranchised citizens, and…Jar Jar Binks. Anakin always treated outcast Jar Jar with the uttermost respect from the moment they were introduced. He never mocked him or implied anything about Jar Jar being somehow beneath anyone else. And this too is all about fair play.

Even as Vader he still treated with respect those he believed deserved his respect. He treated well the stormtroopers who bled and died by his side but had no problem killing rich, entitled officials who only cared about themselves. Again, fair play. Twisted dark side fair play, but still fair play :P

That’s why I think Anakin belongs in Hufflepuff because even as Vader, he was always strongly motivated by his Hufflepuff traits. Anakin – beneath the Gryffindor’s bravery, the Slytherin’s ambition and the Ravenclaw’s intelligence – was someone who did everything he did because he wanted nothing more than to work hard to make things fair and for people to safe.

Btw…YAY!! I’m a Hufflepuff too!!! <3<3<3

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Hi, Donnie. I'm a writer, and j would like to get my stories published one day, but I fear no one will take them seriously. A lot of Tumblr (not all people) tear apart books and list many reasons why they're bad examples of literature, bad plots, bad anything. On the other hand, there's a side of the the internet that will turn anything into a joke. I'm worried my book will become a joke or torn apart before anyone will even give it a fair shot. Any advice to have people take it seriously?


Because you can’t make people take you seriously. It isn’t tumblr, or even certain sites. People are terrible on the internet because they are terrible people.

Before there was the internet, authors were getting rejected, discouraged, mocked, and not taken seriously all the time. Your most favorite authors have had gigantic piles of rejection letters before ever publishing a thing. 

Twilight-the best selling book that spawned movies is still ridiculed to this day and received 14 rejection letters.

The Notebook was turned down 24 times.

Harry Potter was rejected 12 times and JK Rowling was told to take a creative writing class.

So you see, really, it isn’t a matter of making other people take you seriously. It is a matter of being strong enough to handle rejection and want something bad enough to keep working at it. People are going to tear down the most important of literature as they have for hundreds of years. There is nothing you can do differently that is going to change that. 

So just write, try, and remember even Dr Seuss was told that his books would never sell. 

When we say that the United States is joining Syria and Nicaragua by not participating in the Paris agreement, I think it’s not fair to leave it at that, because neither of them refused to sign for reasons anything like the selfish ones of the United States.

Syria was under sanctions making it complicated to even attend, and on top of that were embroiled in intense civil warfare and not in a great position to make a commitment like that. They didn't​ disagree with it, but were never involved with the deal in the first place.

Nicaragua actually felt that the Paris agreement was not strict enough, arguing that they didn’t want to be complicit in a voluntary effort that didn’t properly allocate the responsibility to large countries for being the ones who poisoned the environment in the first place, nor impose a punishment on anyone failing to comply with the standards. Nicaragua is one of the countries that’s most affected by climate change but least responsible, and they felt that wasn’t fairly reflected in the accord.

The United States is the ONLY country that has rejected the Paris accord because of the belief that our environment is less important than our profit. Even oppressive regimes and the poorest nations in the world are smarter than that, or at least know when to keep their mouths shut and play along. The USA is not really in the league of Syria or Nicaragua, but alone in the refusal to cooperate out of pure greed.

The amount of parents I’ve met who’ve told me, as a soon-to-be father, how much kids ‘ruin your life’ makes me so fucking sad.

These are all people who had kids because it was 'the next logical step’. Like they have this mentality of 'Marriage? Check. House? Check. Well, guess we better have kids!’ And then bring small dependant humans into the world…and get upset when their lives are inconvenienced or changed as a result.

It really saddens me because there’s this damaging culture of children being part of the standard. So people who shouldn’t be parents (and I mean that in the simplest of terms - not in a judgemental way, but a 'it’s just not for you’ way) feel pressured to have children and regret it. And then the poor child grows up feeling like a burden.

It’s not fair on anyone. The parents, the children.

As a post on this site once said - children and the decision to parent should be 'hell yes or hell no’. If you think for any reason at all that you might not be big on raising kids, do not actively go out of your way to have kids. Having them won’t magically make you want them.

All the people I know who wanted - really wanted - their kids and to raise kids have said 'it’s difficult but I LOVE it. I love being a parent.’

Can we please eliminate the idea that parenting should suck? And that having children is a necessary part of adulthood?

And can we please eliminate the idea that people who don’t want children are somehow lacking? And that those who do want children are doomed to misery?

Signed, a very excited father-to-be who understands it’s not something everyone wants or should want.

I hear people all the time criticizing musicals by saying “why can’t they just say what they mean instead of singing and dancing about it?” and for years the only answer I’ve had was a smile and a shrug, but I finally just figured it out.

It’s because the words by themselves aren’t enough.

Outside the song, there would be almost no moving passion in Javert’s words “This I swear by the stars.” How would He Had It Comin’ be anywhere near as dangerous and vengeful without the lighting and the dance routine? The reprise of Wouldn’t It Be Luvverly is essential to underlining just how much Henry Higgins has changed and damaged Eliza Doolittle. The Mary Poppins chimney sweeps would just be weird guys off the roof if they didn’t have their whole zany song and choreography to make them a funny and interesting group. And there aren’t any words in any language to describe the complete change in Leslie Odom Jr.’s voice as the music cuts off and he solos “I…wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens.”

The reason we have musicals–and the reason we have music in general–is because words aren’t enough.

It occurs to me that one possible reason why I find fairies of the Fair Folk Beautiful and Terrible Kings and Queens Blah Blah boring and vaguely distasteful is that when you strip down all the glamour, they’re basically bored irresponsible rich kids randomly fucking with average people for their amusement just because they can. Like I get that Spring Storms Made Flesh and Lords of the Secret World but if Kellyaghnn from PE invited you to a Victorian-themed party complete with 1000$-a-piece tiny hats at her sixteen-room mansion with all her immaculately spray-tanned friends who giggle about What Fools These Working Classes Be, and then when you ate a single raisin promptly told you that now you have to stay in her house and work as her servant for free for the rest of your life to pay it off, possibly while dressed as a farm animal, you wouldn’t respond by sighing dreamily about how she’s Beyond Good and Evil.

hello yes can westerners who know nothing about kpop pls stop writing essays about how ‘fake’ and ‘manufactured’ kpop is?

just bc you saw bts attend the bbmas that one time doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of the kpop industry or their career (or any other groups).

please stop perpetuating the idea that idols PAY their way into the industry. because that does not happen.
and it’s a massive slap in the face to all idols out there who have dedicated years of their life enduring horrendous training, extreme dieting and often times even leaving their family and friends to pursue their dream of becoming an idol.

all idols have trained so so hard to be where they are, and i honestly can’t stress that enough like just do ten minutes of research into life as a trainee and you’ll see what i’m talking about. so don’t try and downplay their success as an artist just because you think that western artists are ‘more creative’ or ‘more talented’ bc well it’s just not true anyway like how many western artists can sing and dance at the same time and not sound like they’re dying??most artists over here don’t even dance anymore anyway, reason being they know they can’t sing at the same time

basically what i’m trying to say is stop discrediting them. a lot of kpop groups write and produce their own music. and ALL groups have worked ridiculously hard to get where they are. stop comparing them to the likes of One Direction (that’s just embarrassing pls don’t ever do that,,,no rlly,, don’t), Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber because it’s not a fair comparison, the kpop industry and the western music industry are worlds apart you can’t compare them because they don’t operate the same.

Y’all need to be fucking better about the way you interact with young artists on here. And don’t you dare see this and think “oh I’m a minor so this post isn’t for me” cause you know damn well half the inappropriate asks artists get are from other young people. Think of all the kids who were contacting the creators of BMC and asking sexual questions about the characters. Think of how many asks you see popular artists get with sex jokes and talking about which of the characters they draw are bottoms, and how often you see them have to post asking their followers to stop, and remember that most of the people in our communities are minors. 
We constantly post about how the adults on tumblr need to be careful with the way they interact with minors, and they do, but i can say from experience that more often than not they’re not the one trying to discuss inappropriate things with random people they’ve never spoken to. Being around someone’s age doesn’t give you a pass to make them uncomfortable. 

I’m so tired of hearing my underage friends complain about all the inappropriate asks they get, even after saying time and again they want people to stop. It’s not fair to them at all. Have respect for the people you follow, they aren’t your friends, you don’t know them, sending them asks about this kind of stuff is so uncool and uncalled for. 

And hell, this doesn’t even apply to underage artists. There is no reason for you to send unprompted inappropriate asks to people you follow, no matter their age. You have no idea how they feel about what you’re saying, if they’ve had uncomfortable experiences. You don’t magically become chill with sex jokes and talking about character’s sexual lives because you turned 18. Just show people the respect they deserve??

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A fair amount of fans since Ethan dyed his hair back to brown

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How another part is

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How we’ll always be, and if you only liked Ethan because of his blue hair, either grow up and realize that he’s funny, kind, caring, beautiful, and just an all around just a good bean. BLUE HAIR DOES NOT DEFINE WHO ETHAN NESTOR OR CRANKGAME PLAYS IS. We’ll all get used to it. He even said AND I QUOTE “I’ll always be your blue boy”. I’m sorry for being blunt or rude or anything related to this, I’m just speaking my mind/being honest.

*The only reason the gifs of Ethan having blue hair is because there is I think one(?) gif of him currently with brown hair. Plus I wanted Ethan reactions (I felt it necessary Idk).

Anyways have a good day/afternoon/night.

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I decided I’d make a different kind of give away (but only in january because I lack of time for now and I need to finish previous one first).

There will be only 2 spots with different type of rules - I’ll be listing there:

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I will pick the winners according to the captions I liked most (and I’ll give a reason to why I picked yours if you win too).

This will run from 1st november 2017 to mid-january 2018 (a bit long but I need to get ready for exams T ^T).

It can be a comment on the post of your choice either through reblog or simple comment (not through tags, I can’t check that).

To make sure you’re in for this “event” you’ll have to add [2018] in front of your comment.

You can see all the posts more easily here : 6 w6b

There will be no 1st nor 2nd, both winners will get a colored halfbody like this :

Good luck everyone!

Realtalk though, even if Sirius hadn’t taken the fall for the Potters’ deaths, I doubt he would have been given the opportunity to raise Harry. To suggest that he would have requires that we ignore that:

  • Albus Dumbledore was essentially a law unto himself within the wizarding world at the time - for all that he tried to avoid appearing, even to himself, to be seeking power, Dumbledore was one of the most significant political figures in Wizarding Britain and, indeed, Wizarding Europe at the time. In addition to controlling the education of the vast majority of wizards and witches in the British Isles for nearly half a century, he also holds leadership positions in both the Wizengamot and the International Confederation of Wizards for Harry’s entire childhood. It took turning the Minister for Magic against him to even start to erode his power base, and even then, there was a significant majority [edit, because I can’t type apparently:] minority both within the Ministry and in the general populace that remained loyal to Albus Dumbledore over Fudge and his administration. Although it’s most explicitly tied to Slytherin ideals of ambition, there’s an almost feudal factionalism that’s present throughout wizarding British society, and no one seems to have questioned Dumbledore’s right to sponsor an organization like the Order of the Phoenix until he fell thoroughly out of favor with the Ministry. In the aftermath of Voldemort’s first fall, it probably would have been political and social suicide for anyone to question Albus Dumbledore’s right to make choices as to the upbringing of the orphaned child of two of his proteges.
  • Petunia’s status as Harry’s closest blood relative was magically significant, but probably not legally significant - if Dumbledore hadn’t unilaterally decided who got to raise Harry, can you really see any British Wizarding authority favoring the muggle relatives of a wizarding child born into a wizarding family in a custody case? Especially muggle relatives that didn’t want the kid in the first place? Harry was sent to the Dursleys entirely because of the protective blood magic that Lily worked with her death, and Dumbledore clearly overrode whatever the usual process of finding a guardian would have been in order to ensure Harry got that protection. This wasn’t a compromise or a backup plan for if another guardian wasn’t available. If Dumbledore had wished Harry to be raised within the wizarding world, he would have had no trouble finding a guardian that suited his needs. James was a pureblood; Harry is probably related within a few generations to a third of wizarding Britain. For that matter, if he hadn’t had reason to give Harry to someone else, it would have been very much Dumbledore’s style to decide to raise him himself.
  • Dumbledore doesn’t actually seem to like Sirius - he never goes so far as to badmouth the man to Harry, probably because shittalking Sirius would run contrary to his carefully cultivated image of being Wise and Fair and Above Such Pettiness. But Dumbledore seems to be frequently irritated with Sirius and clearly has little concern for his physical or emotional wellbeing, even when they’re nominally allies. Dumbledore couldn’t be bothered to find Sirius accommodations less actively traumatic than Grimmauld Place when Sirius was almost entirely dependent on Dumbledore and the rest of the Order. Would he have honored Sirius’s claim as Harry’s godfather, without really significant outside pressure? Would Sirius have been able to get backup from anyone Dumbledore would actually have listened to? Who’s going to win that battle - a probably-unemployed 21-year-old who has explosively burned bridges with his wealthy and influential family, or the man who is essentially the uncrowned king of magical Britain?

I propose instead: Sirius fails to get custody of Harry, who is sent off to his aunt and uncle as per canon. Sirius then proceeds to do an end-run around Dumbledore, instead focusing his not-inconsiderable charisma on getting into Arabella Figg’s good graces and, from there, insinuating himself into the Dursleys’ social circles. Probably this involves some intensive cramming to catch up on years of muggle studies he may or may not have actually taken but almost certainly didn’t pay attention to at Hogwarts. Depending on how much attention Petunia paid to Lily’s social life, Sirius may need to avoid her and interact only with Vernon; I have little doubt Sirius could pull this off, nor do I think Vernon would necessarily find this suspicious.

Harry grows up with occasional but reliable contact with an adult who tells him he’s neither crazy nor at fault when he starts having magical outbursts, takes an interest in his life, and also sometimes turns into a fluffy doggy when none of the other grown-ups are looking.

Vernon Dursley is utterly outraged when Mr. Black, who up to ‘till now has always seemed perfectly respectable and urbane, intercepts the third owl that tries to bring Harry his acceptance letter and hand delivers it to the kid, who is not actually surprised because Sirius has been teaching him about wizarding culture on the sly since he was like seven.

Secretly Dating Bucky Barnes:

A/N: I will be writing for Bucky now too :)

Words: 582


At the start

  • When Bucky was first introduced as part of the Avengers family, Tony had warned you to stay away from him. It was obvious those two had some unsolved issues.
  • After a while you became curious about the Winter Soldier and would send him quick glances and smiles, those of which he would return.
  • “You know you don’t have to dodge me right? I’m not as bad as Stark makes me out to be”
  • “Who said i was dodging you, Soldier?”
  • Those quick glances and smiles would turn into secret-late night movie sessions in your room and the odd act of affection.

Catching feelings

  • It didn’t take long for you two to start catchings feelings for each other
  • “I have serious feelings for you”
  • “And you’re only telling me this now?”
  • You’d have to constantly sneak around behind the others backs, doing things like hanging out after everyone else had gone to bed and having coffee dates in the more secluded parts of town
  • Because if everyone knew, you were both afraid of how they’d react
  • So when Bucky finally asked you to be his girlfriend you’d both decided to see how much longer you could hide it from everyone


  • Bucky isn’t one to be affectionate, but when he is it’s the small things like holding hands, having his arm around you or on your leg, having you sit on his lap (all in private of course)
  • In front of the other Avengers he’d simply place a hand on your back and give you a cheeky smile when passing you in the hall
  • Sometimes he’d get real daring and give you a quick peck on the lips when no one else was looking
  • “Oh my god Bucky, we could’ve been caught!”
  • “I couldn’t help myself, doll”
  • Bucky would still get nightmares often, you’d always be there to comfort him and he’d do the same for you
  • Constantly having to cover hickeys and bite marks
  • Him being protective as heck of you on missions and trying to hide it from the others


  • The sex didn’t happen straight away, To be fair you both needed time before jumping into anything like that
  • But when it did happen, it was unlike anything else
  • Bucky was an absolute sweetheart and didn’t want to hurt you, he kept making sure you were okay and comfortable
  • “Are you sure this is okay?”
  • His hands would be able to work wonders, so would his tongue ;)
  • Bucky’s moans would be like music to your ears
  • Trying your best to make as little noise as possible because Steve was home but it was reasonably difficult
  • After that, the sex would always be mind blowing
  • “Bucky we can’t do it on the couch, the others sit here”
  • “They won’t find out”

The others finding out

  • You didn’t mean for the others to find out, but one day when Steve was looking for something in Bucky’s room he came across a few photos of you and Bucky.
  • One of the photos was one Bucky had taken of you on a lazy day, you just happened to have been wearing one of his shirts on that day.
  • “Don’t tell the others!”
  • “Oops…”
  • Admittedly, Tony thought it was adorable but he wouldn’t tell you that
  • “Wait, so those hickeys… OH MY GOD”
  • “Shut it Natasha!”
  • Now that the others knew, you two didn’t have to sneak around any longer

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Earned It- Loki One Shot

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Prompt: When Thor brings Loki to stay with the Avengers, the team decides to prove just how much the God of Mischief has changed by assigning you to earn his trust; but you end up earning more than that. NO RAGNAROK SPOILERS!

Word Count: 3700

A/N: Ok so I saw Thor Ragnarok when it first came out and I absolutely loved it. For some reason, I fell in love with Loki. Not gonna lie, I feel like Loki deserves redemption and the MCU is not giving him that at all (which is why I disliked him in previous movies). Before Ragnarok, I only liked Loki because he was funny and Tom Hiddleston is beautiful. So, yeah, with this new found love for Loki, I have decided to expand my characters by adding him to the list of people I will write of. Fair warning: this is not a good imagine at all.


“But why me?” You let out an exasperated whine, “He knows me the least.”

“It’s not just that.” Steve nodded, “You weren’t there when he tried taking over the world, so you’re the best candidate.”

“So what? I’m chosen just because he’s never tried to kill me directly before?”

“Basically. Plus, you’re a hot, young girl that Loki would totally mess with.” Tony added, making Natasha hit him over the back of his head and you roll your eyes. “I’m just saying that you have more assets than I do when it comes to gaining the God of Mischief’s trust.”

“Thanks, Tony.” You replied in a flat tone.

“Will you do it, Y/N? It’s the best way to see if he has changed and if we can actually trust him.” Steve said.

“If I’m our only hope, then sure, but, I swear, if Loki tries anything on me, Thor, you will no longer have a brother.”

“Get in line.” Clint laughed dryly.

“Yeah, you’ll have to wait your turn for that.” Bruce said.

“Hey, now, no one will be killing my brother. He has changed.” Thor said. When the mighty God of Thunder first approached the Avengers about his brother staying in the compound with them, they were all quick to say no. Thor then went into detail about Loki’s redeeming actions while his brother walked into the room. After putting away their drawn weapons, Tony locked Loki in one of the cells, so that the team could discuss the issue at hand. That’s when Tony, Natasha, and Steve came up with the brilliant idea of using you as bait. You, the newest Avenger that has never even formally met Loki before, were chosen as the person to draw him out. You would somehow gain his trust and learn whether or not he has truly changed. If he never trusted you, then he was the same Loki as years ago; if he trusted you, then he had changed.

With your decision made, the Avengers left their meeting room to the cells. You all stood before Loki as he beamed mischievously at the sight before him. Tony opened the cell up and allowed the God to step out.

“Alright, reindeer games, we’ve got some rules that you must comply to- if you are to stay here.” Tony stated.

“Ah, rules- don’t you just love them and the chaos they bring?” Loki replied and Steve scolded Natasha as she began to curl her fists.

“Look,” Steve said, stepping up, “You’re not allowed to leave the compound unless one of us agrees to go with you; you cannot create any chaos inside or outside of the compound; you’re not allowed anywhere near the ships or weaponry-”

“I get it. I’m under house arrest. I’ve been in trouble before.” He stated, “Now, where is my bedroom? I’d like to catch up on some sleep.”

“Follow me, brother.” Thor said, leading Loki up the stairs as everyone dismantled from their protective stances. You watched as the two brother headed up the spiral staircase and you caught how Loki peered over his shoulder at you. You were quick to turn your head and invest yourself in a conversation with Steve.


That night, Loki did not come downstairs for dinner. Thor offered to take him a plate, but you insisted on doing it- that way, you could introduce yourself properly to him. Thor, knowing your intentions well, allowed you to take his place in serving his brother. You stood outside of Loki’s room and knocked lightly on the door, holding his plate of food with the other hand.

“Come in.” Loki said dryly. You slowly opened the door to find him sitting on his bed with a disinterested look in his eyes.

“I brought you dinner.” You gestured to the plate of steak and potatoes.

“I’m not hungry.” He replied and you shook your head with a laugh.

“You haven’t eaten all day. Please, eat this. Sam makes the best steaks.” You held it out to him and placed the book in his hands on his lap, before taking the plate.


“Yeah, Sam, he’s the Falcon. He’s super cool and there are no steaks that compare to his- well, actually there’s a really nice restaurant in Upper Manhattan that has the best steaks. Sam’s are still amazing.”

“I’m dying to try it.” Loki replied sarcastically as he poked it with his fork.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You said, holding a hand out to him.

“Loki, but you already knew that.” He shook your hand almost timidly. He felt that there was something off about you- why were you so kind compared to the others? He expected Thor to be the only one to treat him as a normal person- not some random Midgardian that he’s never met.

“What book are you reading?”

“Excuse me?” Loki asked and you nodded toward the stray book on his bed. “It’s just a story my mother used to tell me. It’s a part of Norse mythology, as you humans call it.”

“It sounds interesting. I’ve always enjoyed learning about mythology.” You said, genuinely.

“Well, as good of a book it is, it does get boring after a while. I should have brought more books with me.”

“You know, Loki, we’ve got a library.”

“A library?” Loki asked, his whole stance perking up at the word.

“Yeah, I’d offer to show you it tonight, but I’ve got dishes to do. I’ll show it to you tomorrow.” You paused and then nodded, “I’ll see you later then. Good night, Loki.”

“Good night, YN.” Loki replied as you quickly retreated from his room. He looked at the plate in his hands and set it on his bedside table. He picked up his book and began to read it once more. He couldn’t help but think about you and how you were so intriguing to him. As much as he’d appreciate you showing him the library tomorrow, Loki got up and made it his mission to find the library on his own.


The next day, you went to find Loki in his room, but found that it was empty. You then decided that the library would be the next best place to look, knowing that he had shown a level of interest in it. You found him as expected; he was comfortably lounging in a chair with his nose stuck in a different book.

“I see you found Steve’s Shakespeare.” You said with a short laugh. Loki jumped, startled at your sudden presence. He lowered the book and looked over at you as you stood in between two shelves.

“It is quite entertaining to read.” He replied, glancing down at Macbeth in his hands.

“I know. It’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.” You nodded.

“If you’ll forgive me, I’d like to continue it.”

“I’ll be quiet, but I want to do some reading of my own.” You replied. You searched in the shelves for a book as Loki continued his reading.

This happened once everyday for the next two weeks. You would enter the library to read in peace, and Loki would already be sitting at a chair by the fire with a different book in his hand than the day before. You would both make small talk for a few minutes when you arrived. You felt, over this time period, that your feelings for the God were growing, and growing romantic. You also felt that there had been no progress on your part- Loki still treated you as if you were just another Avenger, as if you were on the same level as his brother for trust.

“Just give it some more time.” Natasha told you as you complained to her in her room.

“Time won’t do anything, Nat. Nothing is working. We just sit in a library and read as communication.” You let out an exasperated sigh and she shrugged. You watched as she focused on painting her toenails a light shade of purple almost more than she focused on your complaints.

“At least he bears being in the same room as you. He makes every meal incredibly awkward.” She replied. You remembered back to just this morning- Loki was silent, like he always was, and, as soon as he finished eating, he left the room. His presence filled the entire room with tension.

“That’s one thing, though.” You huffed.

“Aren’t you usually reading by now?” Natasha asked, peering at the clock on her wall.

“I’m quitting this mission. It’s stupid and it’s pointless. The guy has been here for two weeks and he’s done nothing. Isn’t that reason enough to trust him?”

“Look who you’re talking to and think who you’re talking about- guess again.” Natasha laughed. She had been on so many missions where she was undercovers for weeks, and Loki most likely had no problem with committing to fooling someone for long periods of time.

“That doesn’t matter. What I mean to say is this whole idea is corrupt and I’m done with it.”

“Corrupt? As in it isn’t good on Loki?”

“That’s not what I-”

“Ohhhh,” Natasha let out sinister laugh followed by a knowing smirk, “You like him, don’t you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” You tried to defend yourself.

“Sweetheart, you can lie to yourself and to him all you want, but you cannot lie to me. You are totally into him!”

“Fine, so what if I am? Why are you so happy about it?” You asked, referring to her blatant hatred of him.

“I don’t agree with you, but I think you liking him is cute. Maybe you could end up changing him.” She shrugged hopefully, “Plus, if he hurts you, it gives me even more motivation to kill him.”

“Like you need anymore of that.” You said, making her chuckle.

“Fine, if you’re giving up this mission, then you can go make me a sandwich. I’m starving.” Natasha said and you playfully rolled your eyes at her.

“Turkey or ham?” You asked as you headed towards her bedroom door.

“Turkey please!” She called from her spot.

You left her room and went straight to the kitchen to make up her snack. You finished her sandwich and then decided to make one for yourself. Just as you were about to top off your own with the final piece of bread, you heard a voice, announcing the presence of someone else in the room.

“Could you make me one too, please?” It was Loki and the sincerity in his voice was something almost unusual. He seemed quieter and mellower in his demeanor today.

“Would you like turkey or ham?” You asked as he stepped into the kitchen completely and began to watch you work.

“Either will be fine.” He said, “You didn’t come to the library today.”

“Oh, you noticed that.” You stated, awkwardly fumbling with the sliced meat before you.

“Why, yes, I did.” Loki stated, taking a cautious step towards you, “I do notice when the one person who does not alienate me leaves me alone.” You turned to him to see him being completely genuine- his soft eyes telling you everything. He looked away and took the sandwich from your hands, “Pardon my directness.” He left the room with the sandwich and without another word.

You sighed at his retreating figure. Maybe you shouldn’t quit- at least not yet. He had shown some feeling in that moment; he had shown that he cared about you. You wouldn’t jump to saying he thought of you in a romantic way like you thought of him, but you could conclude that he felt connected to you.

You took the last two sandwiches to Natasha’s room. You dared not speak of the recent events to her. She munched happily on her sandwich as you two watched reality shows and as he toes dried.


The next day was completely lovely. The sky was blue and the leaves were in the middle of changing colors. You absolutely loved it and you figured Loli would too. You quietly entered the library and saw him exactly where you had planned to: sitting in that same arm chair with yet another book.

“Loki,” You said, making your presence known to him. He peered over his book at you and offered a smile, “I was wondering if you’d like to go outside- since, you know, you’ve kind of lived in this room for the past couple of weeks.”

“Outside? You would accompany me outside?” He asked, completely thrown off by your question.

“Yes. It’s a beautiful day. I was going to visit the park and I thought that you might like to join me.” You explained yourself.

“I would like that.” Loki said. He set the book on the table and stood up. Using his magic, he changed his clothes from Asgardian wear to Midgardian casual attire. You smiled at him, admiring his change.

You took Loki to the nearest park, much to the dismay of some of your fellow teammates. Thor offered to tag along, but Natasha quickly shut that down. Thor was far too recognizable and anyone could recognize Loki if they had seen his brother. You were pleased about introducing Loki to feeding the ducks with the few pieces of bread that you had smuggled from the compound. From what you could tell, he enjoyed it. It was the simplest thing, yet it displayed Loki’s humaneness in such a strong way. He never really stopped genuinely smiling while at the park and all of it was because of you.


Loki was pacing around in his room the next day, rehearsing how he should ask you out. He wanted to take you to that restaurant that served the steak you loved, but he didn’t know how Midgardian dating worked.

“Brother!” Thor greeted, walking into Loki’s room unannounced and startling him.

“Thor, have you forgotten how to knock?” He asked with a sigh.

“I heard you pacing. Is anything on your mind?”

“Why would anything be on my mind? I’m fine.” His reply was defensive as he attempted to conceal his emotions. As the God of Mischief, he is normally much better at it, but his feelings for you had grown too great for him to easily cope with.

“Does this have anything to do with Lady Y/N?” Thor inquired.

“What are you on about, brother? This has nothing to do with her. Nothing is wrong.” Loki stated.

“Whatever you say, I shall believe, but I do think you should ask her sooner than later. Unlike us, Lady Y/N does not have thousands of years.” He spoke with a calm smile.

“Is that all?”

“Well, I was originally sent to ask if you were joining us for dinner, so will you?”

“It depends if I am hungry or not. You can leave now, Thor.” Loki said and his brother exited with his hands up in surrender. Loki looked at himself in the mirror and cast an illusion so that he was in casual clothing for the second day in a row. He left his room and headed straight to yours. As he was about to knock, he realized your door was cracked open and that you were speaking to someone in your room.

“I’m actually glad I didn’t quit.”

“I’m glad you didn’t, too.” Natasha said, “It seems to be working.”

“I learned from the best.” You laughed, referring to your best friend before you.

“Do you think he’s changed?”

“I think Loki has.” He froze hearing you mention his name. His heart hammered in his chest, “He seems kinder and gentler. I still feel bad though. A part of me wishes I gave up, but a part of me is proud that I’m going through with this mission.”

‘Mission?’ Loki thought. He felt a stinging pain build up in his heart. No, it couldn’t be. He was the God of Mischief. There was no way you, a mere Midgardian, could have tricked him- and there was no way you could have tricked him into falling in love with you.

“Going undercover is hard, but you have done it well, even if your target was the God of Mischief.” Natasha replied proudly. Loki heard you two come closer to the door, but he wasn’t quick enough to move. His feet were planted in that moment- replaying your words in his head. As you opened the door to reveal him, he used his magic to transform him back to his Asgardian self.

“Loki-“ you started. Natasha looked at you with concern, knowing fully well that he had heard the two of you.

“Don’t.” Loki spoke with a firm shake of his head. The smile that you had grown fond of over the past few weeks was completely gone. “Congratulations, you succeeded in fooling the God of Mischief.” He sarcastically raised his hands and did a partial bow for you, before he left without another word.

You watched his retreating figure in pain. You had never wanted to hurt him- that was never the plan, but, yet again, falling in love with the trickster was never a part of the plan either. You started to walk in the direction of his room when Natasha caught your hand.

“Y/N,” she sighed, “Leave him be for a bit. C’mon, we should tell the others.” Agreeing with her, you quietly followed her down the hall to the lab, opposite of Loki’s direction.


“Well, this is-“ Tony started after taking a deep breath, but was cut off by Steve.

“Bad. This is bad.” He stated. You could feel all of their eyes watching you, as you kept your eyes focused on the ground beneath you. “Thor, what do you suggest we do?”

“I do not know.” The God replied, “I have never seen my brother act the way he was with Y/N before. He showed a whole different level of respect and compassion for her-“

“Could it be that he was playing her as well?” Clint asked.

“No.” Thor shook his head, “Loki is mischievous and he is great at pretending, but not like this. I have never seen him so vulnerable.”

“You think he actually loves her?”

“I don’t know if I would call it love quite yet, but I do believe it could have become that.”

“Should I talk to him?” You asked quietly. Guilt and pain was all you could feel. Loki was upset with you, and, now, Thor believed you to have broken his heart.

“Maybe I shall speak with him first, Lady Y/N.” Thor said. “I know my brother best and I fear he is too unpredictable at the moment.”

“Very well then. Thor, go see him.” Natasha stated and he nodded. The room was silent as all of you watched Thor leave the room.

Thor entered Loki’s room to find his brother casually sitting on his bed, a book in his hand. Loki lowered the book and looked at the other God. He answered, “Yes?”

“Do you love her?” Thor asked.

“That mortal? Please.” Loki said, rolling his eyes lightly.

“Loki, drop this act. Do you love her?” He asked again. Thor stepped into the room and a bright gold burst came from the room as Loki’s magic disappeared. The seemingly normal bedroom was an illusion and shifted into the remains of a bedroom. The bed was torn apart with the mattress falling into the wall; the opposite wall had a few fist holes in it; and the bedside table was smashed, bits of it splattered around the room. Loki sat in the far corner and lifted his head from hands.

“See for yourself, brother.” Loki said, slowly looking up at the other God. His eyes were red and his hair was a mess from his recent angry motions.

“Loki-“ Thor was speechless. He had never seen his brother so broken and hurt. The last time Thor walked in on Loki in a state like this was when their mother died; and, now, Loki was broken once more.

“Surprised? This is what one look like when they are upset.” He stated.

“This is far more than upset.”

“It’s against my nature to call myself heartbroken.”

“Y/N would like to speak with you.”

“And I would not like to speak with her, or anyone for that matter, so, brother, you may leave now.”

“I will not leave you here to swallow yourself into a hole of despair.” Thor said as Loki stood.

“Despair? How would you feel if the mortal you loved betrayed you? How would you feel if you loved her and she had been lying to you this whole time?” His voice raised in anger.

“You have it all wrong, brother. Y/N has not betrayed you.”

“Leave! You know nothing of her lies!” He stepped towards his brother and Thor straightened up to his full height, preparing for any violence that may come.

“Loki,” You spoke from the doorway. Both Gods turned to you in surprise and Loki’s heavy breathing seemed to calm.

“Lady Y/N-” Thor started.

“I’d like to speak to Loki alone.” You said. The blond looked between the two of you and then left the room without another word.

“I do not wish to speak to you right now.” Loki turned his back to you and you took in his destroyed room. You sighed softly and stepped towards him.

“Please, allow me to explain myself.”

“I don’t need any further explanation. I understand your actions- you don’t trust me, none of you do.” He stated with a firm shake of his head, making you stop in your tracks.

“Loki, I can’t speak for the others, but I trust you. What I did was wrong, but I was doing what was best for the team. They wanted me to earn your trust-”

“Well, you earned more than that. Congratulations.” He said.

“If it is love that you’re speaking of, then I feel it too.” You replied and he slowly turned to you.

“Pardon me?” Loki questioned and you continued your walk to him until you were directly in front of the God.

“I love you, Loki, and I’m so sorry that I made you feel betrayed. It was never my intentions.”

“Is this the truth?” He asked and you delicately took his hands in yours. You nodded, causing a grin to form on his face. He leaned down to kiss you softly. He pulled away and whispered to you, “Good. I love you too, and it frightens me.”

“I’ll never lie to you again.”

Women & Congress

Original author unknown, but they want this to be passed around.

Women: Can I have birth control?

Congress: No.

Women: I couldn’t get birth control so I got pregnant. Can I have an abortion?

Congress: No.

Women: You prevented me from having an abortion so I’m carrying the fetus, but my employer won’t provide reasonable accommodations and is threatening to fire me. Would you please pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?

Congress: No

Women: I had the baby, but I’m out of work. Can I have WIC and food stamps until I get back on my feet?

Congress: No.

Women: I found a job, but it doesn’t offer me insurance. Can I have government guaranteed insurance?

Congress: No.

Women: My kid got sick and I got fired because I missed time caring for him. Can I get unemployment?

Congress: No.

Women: I’m having a hard time getting my kid from school consistently. Can we fund after-school programs?

Congress: No.

Women: I’m prepared to work to support my family. Can you make sure that a full-time job’s minimum wage is enough to do that?

Them: No. But what’s the matter with you and your family, that working two jobs can’t lift you out of poverty? And what kind of a mother are you, letting someone else watch your child while you work? If your child doesn’t do well in school or gets in trouble, it’s entirely your fault. You shouldn’t have had a child if you weren’t prepared to take care of her.

“Did that miscreant hurt you, mother ?” - Batmom x Batfam

Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera, and sorry cause, as I just finished writing it, I realize this probably wasn’t what you wanted at all…I hope you guys will like it

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-…And I swear if ANY of you set fire to anything again, you’ll be grounded for the next six months with NO chance of parol ok ? 

Your sons nod a bit grumpily (until you glare at them and then they nod vehemently : “yes m’am”), knowing damn well how serious you are right now, and already dreading the long gala that awaits them, and how well behaved they will all have to be. 

It means no flirting for Dick. It means no fighting for Jason. It means no sarcastic comments to people for Tim. It means…No talking or moving for Damian really, as he knows when he starts, he can never stop. He’d rather just stand by his parents or brothers and not talk at all (Gotham’s media thought he was mute for the longest time, until one day, he called a journalist that was asking him something rude a “troglodyte” and…of course it made every news papers’ headline…uh). 

It  basically means no-anything-that-could-get-them-in-trouble. And if you had to make a speech each times before a social event to keep your family out of the scandal news, then you would. Pictures of you guys buying groceries, or eating at a food truck, having fun at the local fair or you and Bruce kissing ? To be honest you know it comes with the package to be a Wayne. And you’re fine with this. But scandals ? It always upsets you too much to think anyone could think heal of your family…

Now of course, you know some people hate your family just because you’re rich and famous, but at least, it’s not because you did something that gives them an actual reason to hate you all. Besides, most of the time, it’s just misplaced jealousy. 

Those people had no idea what it really was like, to actually be Mrs. Wayne. The only thing they knew, was that yes, it seemed not that easy to raise those boys of yours as they also seemed very…full of life. But other than that, they had just not a single clue what it was to be Mrs. Wayne. If they thought it was easy, that you just bathed in wealth and you’re husband was just a damn sexy and smart bastard…then they were wrong. Of course he was smart and sexy, but oh, oh being his wife wasn’t easy. 

Being able to pull him away from his dark thoughts was a full time job. Cheering him up and making him smile, genuinely smile, was a constant struggle. But, of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way…And as he snakes an arm around your waist to lead you toward tonight’s gala, your boys chatting with each other in front of you, you know that yes, this is all worth it.

You’d go through Hell for Bruce Wayne. If those journalists and people who judged you and your family could also go to hell in the process…Ahem. 

And oh how cute is it, that your boys try to make sure to be right in front of the cameras’ flashes so they don’t blind you ? Those kids…


You’re used to it. The silence whenever you all arrive somewhere. 

It’s always the same. 

Outside, it’s mayhem. 

People screaming things at you, how much they all love you. Journalists yelling questions in your face, girls swooning over your husband (it doesn’t annoy you as much as it used to, as you understood long ago that Bruce was somehow completely impermeable to this attention, that he only had eyes for you, quite literally). 

But when you get inside, where photographers and such are forbidden…

Complete silence for a few seconds, as people take in the “great and famous” Wayne family. As people stare at you all shamelessly. 

How handsome your sons are getting (”the oldest one, Richard, he’s legal right ?” you heard more than once), how well dressed you all are (everyone is, but you guys ? You pull it off better than any other rich fucks in this town), how perfect your family is (Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)…There’s always a small silence, before conversations start once again, your boys go off on their own to find drinks and food, and Bruce get swarmed by tons of people that wants to talk to him. 

Years ago, you used to hate this. Because they all always ignored you. But now ? Now people want to talk to you as much as they want to talk to Bruce…Though sometimes they’re a little scared of your wits. They’re very careful not to be rude around you. Just like Damian (and Hannibal Lecter actually…though you don’t eat people), rudeness is your pet peeve. 

This time is just like any other time, except that the silence is way shorter than usual. It takes you a few seconds to register what’s going on, and when you go completely stiff in Bruce’s arms. Instantly, he gives you a worried look and do not understand what made you so tense all of a sudden, when, while it’s still supposed to be silent around, he hears the smuggest voice he ever heard in his entire life (and he spend his life around smug people…) : 

-(Y/N) !! Oh my oh my oh my, long time no see my little fox ! It’s so gooooood to see you ! 

“Who was that guy ?” is what everyone was thinking right now. How dare he interrupt this sacred few seconds of silence while they were all admiring the Waynes ? And how dare he talk to Mrs. Wayne like that, in front of her husband who was known to be a bit…territorial sometimes with her ? (After all, they witnessed countless times him kissing you passionately because someone even remotely flirted a tiny bit with you…). 

That guy…That guy was Edward Gibson. 

The only man besides Bruce with whom you had a serious relationship with. 

The only man (and hopefully he’ll always stay the only man) that broke your heart. 

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Re post if you’re a true ARMY.

We are ARMY. The ones that care and love Bangtan for who they are. The ones that have been there when they were sad. The ones that protected them from life threatening situations. The ones who send them love from literally the bottom of our hearts. Why does this make me cry? Because it reminds me that they work hard. They put up with people’s shit. They don’t cry over the hateful and hurtful things. They cry over ARMYs because they love us so much. The real ones know exactly how I feel. The fakes don’t care. Bangtan continues to work harder and harder everyday to make us happy and so that we can have a good time, but at the end of the day, us ARMYs know they’re exhausted  and want to rest. Like… we seriously fight over who needs more rest ARMY vs. BTS. They also put a lot of effort into their work because we do to. We work by supporting them, loving them (ALL OF THE MEMBERS), caring for them. We’re their family. And they are ours as well. They’ve been through a whole lot. And we were there to comfort them. And to hear us sing with them…. it means so much to them!!! It makes them happy which is what we want!! We’ve all been through things as well. And tbh that’s where BTS took part. They were and still are my happy place. And I know I’m not the only one. This fandom needs to stay strong for BTS and for ourselves, too. They’re always making us laugh and they’re always happy. But as ARMYs, we know when something is wrong and we know they overwork themselves a lot. And the hate that has been going around to each of them is bs!!! There isn’t a reason for Namjoon to be saying “I’m sorry” to a “fan” that complained because they got a picture of him in their album. There shouldn’t be any reason to call Jimin “fat”. There shouldn’t be a reason to call Jungkook an “attention whore”. There isn’t reason to say that Taehyung is “stupid and weird” There shouldn’t be a reason to tell Hobi that he should “leave the group because he’s not attractive”. There shouldn’t be a reason to not like Jin because he’s the “hyung and isn’t talented”. There shouldn’t be a reason to call Yoongi “cold hearted”. All of this is ridiculous!!! They do so much for us to have others bitch and complain over lies!!! It’s not fair for them and neither is it fair for us. The only thing BTS asks from us is our love, respect, laughter, care, protection, inspiration, and support. And we will give it to them because we love them. We made a promise to each other and we are going to keep that promise.

things we learned on the stream:
  • The recent videos about the van and all that are just a cute little thing where the viewer is hanging out with Mark! Probably why Mark said “What camera?” in response to the “WHO’S BEHIND THE CAMERA” question
  • “It’s a piece of shit but it’s a LOVELY piece of shit” -Mark talking about the Barrel
  • But yeah the new videos don’t have anything to do with WKM!
  • Mark’s not abandoning gaming don’t worry!
  • Evan’s the guy behind the camera!


  • It was originally gonna be CLUE with all of the Egos!
  • They didn’t bring Chef’s little buddy it was JUST THERE
  • All of Mark’s characters  have some variation of “Life Is For The Living”, the quote said by WKM!Mark said before he died. It reflects their personality.
  • They were playing Russian Roulette and Wilford aiming the gun at the detective was foreshadowing that he’d shoot him, and him aiming the gun at HIMSELF was to show that death is meaningless to him
  • Damien helping you up after the Detective punched you in the drunk scene is supposed to foreshadow him trying to help you after you died
  • The thing about the Butler putting Cocaine in your drink that morning was just a joke
  • Colonel recollecting what happened to Mark and how he died was just Colonel guessing what happened
  • The Colonel, Mark, and Damien were all friends ever since they were kids
  • Damien DID genuinely care for Mark a LOT which honestly makes the Darkiplier thing 10000x sadder
  • There’s no definitive year that the series takes place in, but Mark likes to think its 1920s-1950s (Basically saying, Dark and Wilf are old as balls)
  • Detective saying Mark had been “Stabbed 37 times” and so on were things that happened all on separate DAYS. 
  • The photos in Mark’s room was supposed to show the timeline of their friendship. They were happy at first until Celine showed up and began dating Mark, which made Damien and Colonel unhappy. The next photo shows that Colonel and Celine had ran off together, leaving Damien and Mark behind. This made Mark unhappy and it’s why one of his photos of Colonel is smashed.
  • Basically Mark and Celine were married, but then she left Mark for the Colonel and they ran off together
  • The room’s in Mark’s mansion keeps getting mixed up, because the laws of physics do NOT apply in the mansion.
  • Colonel used to live in this mansion and grew up with Mark there (They’re not brothers though!)
  • After Celine left she began dealing in dark magic because she noticed the house was VERY ODD and was curious as to WHY
  • WKM is about “Why was Mark killed” not “Who killed Mark”
  • When the Groundskeep says “Murder” lightning doesn’t happen because he’s never gone inside the house, the house is cursed!
  •  At the end of episode 3 Celine was possessed because she’d been messing with things far beyond her control
  • George and Chef have been at this house the longest and are good friends!
  • Colonel cared SO MUCH about Damien and Celine’s deaths because he LOVES THEM and its making me fucking EMO
  • The distortion in episode 4 happened because everything was frozen in time as you walked throughout the house. You’re hearing a bit of the future and a bit of the past. This frequently happens to other characters too such as the Colonel
  • The room with all the conspiracy theories about Colonel wasn’t there before the house didn’t want you to see it yet
  • Colonel freaked out after seeing this room because he’s DESPERATE for an answer as to what happened to Celine and Damien, and he didn’t know the Detective was keeping tabs on them, he thought the Detective was the one who made EVERYTHING in Colonel’s life fall apart
  • Colonel owed a LOT of money to Mark lmao
  • “It’s not fair, is it?” refers to how FUCKED UP Mark’s body is because he’s been killed SO MANY TIMES
  • Inside the house is not like our world because it’s CURSED. But it’s not another dimension, it’s like stepping into someone else’s mind
  • If you die in that house you’re not dead
  • Mark was in a horrible spiral after Damien, Celine, and Colonel left, and it’s likely he may have tried to kill himself but it didn’t WORK because you can’t die in this house. 
  • Mark orchestrated all of this because he wanted revenge on Colonel for this reason, so he killed himself and tried to blame Colonel, because he believed they didn’t deserve to be happy after what they did to him. Celine threw a wrench into this plan, and then Damien and Celine died. So Mark took Damien’s body instead
  • Colonel killed Mark UNINTENTIONALLY.
  • Colonel went mad because he accepted he killed you and then saw you just GET BACK UP
  • Wilford’s suspenders are pink because the red ones we see him wearing are faded red. I’M. SO. SAD.
  • The broken bottle was down there because Mark invited Colonel down for a drink, they played Russian Roulette, and the Colonel then shot Mark while drunk. Colonel panicked and tried to hide the evidence. It’s why Colonel doesn’t remember! It’s why he was acting so weird about it and why he avoided Damien! FCK DUDE!!
the foxes as welcome to nightvale quotes
  • Neil: Whisper a dangerous secret to someone you care about. Now they have the power to destroy you, but they won’t. This is what love is
  • Andrew: The last thing I want to do is hurt you. And after that, the to-do list is complete and I can go home and watch TV
  • Kevin: if you see something, say nothing and drink to forget
  • Nicky: I let my haters be my motivators. Mostly they tell me I suck, and then I get sad. This was a terrible idea
  • Aaron: Be careful what you wish for, because it probably won’t come true, and life is mostly about expectation management
  • Dan: There’s no harm in trying. Really depends on what you’re trying. Either way, give it a go. It’s probably fine
  • Renee: The reason we say “bless you” after someone sneezes is because we know they will die someday
  • Alison: Top of the morning to you. The rest of the day to me. I never said this was fair
  • Matt: Drive it like you stole it, but you stole it because you really loved it and you would not like to see it damaged. Basically, drive carefully.
  • Wymack: Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight. Don’t bring a knife to a knife fight, either. Stop going to knife fights altogether. What’s your deal with knife fights?
  • Exy in general: listen; it's probably nothing. If we had to shut down for every mysterious event that at least one death could be attributed to, we'd never have time to do anything, right?