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So my incentive to try and not be racist is… what exactly? You can say I should try because “it’s the right thing to do” but you’re literally telling me that no matter what I will always be racist, so it would be pointless for me to try.

I certainly hope what this person meant is that not being racist (or sexist, or homophobic, etc.) is a lifelong journey, in the sense that you will never reach a point where it is impossible to be discriminatory. However, if you continue to live your life in a way that doesn’t discriminate against others and make sure not to fall into complacency, you’re doing a good job.

But that’s not what he said, unfortunately.


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   I think Alex will believe that Maggie doesn’t like VDay, but she’ll think Maggie will like what she makes for her. You know, like “ok, you don’t like VDay, but Imma cook you dinner and light some candles and put on your playlist, what’s not to like?” But she’ll be wrong :|    

This is so cute and sad and it makes me go!!!! My poor atelophobic baby gay Alex wanting to go all out and do something perfect for Maggie, and then getting disappointed when she realizes that Maggie meant exactly what she said about Valentine’s. And then Maggie “Extra-est Girlfriend To Ever Extra” Sawyer rents out an entire ballroom on her ($35k median) cop salary because that’s how much Alex means to her and if it means making Alex happy she’ll do anything 😭😭😭 

Ever wonder why episode 3 of BBC Sherlock is called “The Great Game”, considering that’s not a name found in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original canon?

***Because it’s a nod to the audience to start playing.***

Do you see it yet? BBC Sherlock is absolutely meant to be analyzed, dissected, and argued. We’re playing The Great Game right now. It’s been around for decades, and Moffat and Gatiss threw their hats into the ring upon getting their chance to make the Sherlock Holmes adaptation they’ve always wanted. They purposefully lie, mislead, code, and hint because this is a game that’s meant to be played. This is a game.  

“…to resolve anomalies and clarify implied details….”

This is exactly what we’re doing right now. And we’re supposed to be doing it.

I’m not going to lie…. playing BBC Sherlock’s game is very, very hard. I researched Doyle, read the canon, watched interviews, documentaries, and behind the scenes footage for six months before attempting to jump into The Great Game with all the lovely folks already on this site, who had years of experience on me. It was daunting. Being the new person is always hard. But to all of you wondering if you should play now, my opinion is a resounding yes

We’re in the middle of something groundbreaking. The people who say, “No, we’re not, you’re delusional” have no understanding of the history of Sherlock Holmes. 

Look at it this way –

If there isn’t a game, then a few months of our time is enjoyably wasted by incorrectly decoding a television show through literary analysis and historical comparison


If there is a game, then we are the group of individuals clever enough to keep up with it, becoming a part of history alongside this monumental piece of media. 

To me the choice is clear – I welcome anyone to join us in playing The Great Game. Hope to see you around.

The Game is on.

i was thinking about amazonian telepathy and i don’t think i can use this anywhere so

There were responsible ways to deal with being bored during League debriefs. Rather than do any of them, Diana adjusted her legs so that her knee touched Batman’s. A ragged tear in his suit meant that it was skin-to-skin contact.

She reached out tentatively.

Black Canary’s hair looks cute today, she ventured, an idle thought to share. She was careful not to go searching for any answers he did not give. She expected him to say nothing, and break contact.

Doesn’t matter, came his answer, so terse a dismissal it almost startled her. He didn’t move his leg. It seemed unlike him, but this form of communication did tend to be more honest.

How unfortunate, to imagine this was what he thought of their occasional conversations.

I’m sure she put a lot of work into it, Diana tried again. The bright blonde locks had been curled into ringlets before being drawn up into a ponytail.

Not for me.

She frowned. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

Don’t need to.

You’re being awfully rude.

It’s fine.

If I’d gone through such trouble, I’d want you to notice.

Not for me.

It will be, Diana decided. I’ll do my hair just like that, to spite you, and it will be the cutest.

Batman said nothing. Then he leaned back just a little, only enough to see where their knees touched. He glanced at Diana, then away. Was that you? he asked finally.

Of course, she said.

How long have we been having a conversation? he asked.

Since I pointed out the cuteness of Black Canary’s coiffure? she said. Batman did not respond. What did you think was happening?

Intrusive thoughts.

She tried to look at his face sidelong, though she didn’t know why. Looking at him directly would make it no easier to decipher his minimal expressions. Do your intrusive thoughts often sound like me making observations about other women?


Can you two keep it down? asked J'onn. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

No you’re not, Diana accused. You just heard gossip and wanted in.

We’re not gossiping, Batman said. Don’t make me break truce.

I had also noticed Black Canary’s hair, J'onn said, ignoring Batman.

Isn’t it cute? Diana asked.

Batman sighed.

Do you think I could pull it off? J'onn asked.

Batman had a sudden coughing fit.

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⤷ “Do you know how long I have been fantasizing about you?”

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Summary: Oblivious as you were, you never knew how things revolved around you. You never knew if it was fated, if it was meant to be, but what you did know…was that not everything was exactly as it seemed.

A/N: Happy late as hell Valentines Day! It’s official, this gif dragged me to the other side. I have sinned…h e l p. *whispers* I can’t believe I wrote this.

Genre & Warnings: A shot of fluff & minor angst..I think. Be on the lookout for mature content aka possibly a whole bucket of smut and a certain someones who speak very bad french. {boxer!taehyung}

Words: 11.4k

The view in front of you was intoxicating—the evergreen littered with beautiful conifers and pine trees covered in mildew skyrocketed high into the sky. Petrichor was emanating rapidly from the tree bark and soil that you couldn’t help but inhale the fresh resinous scent that refreshed your mind and definitely soothed your soul. You watched as the sodden leaves were being mushed below your shoes and you carefully made sure to not trip over the large roots that were messily dug into the ground. The sun slightly filtered through the branches and damp leaves from the large trees, the chirping of birds were soft and the occasional wood pecking reverberated throughout the large forest.

“God, this sucks.” You looked up to find Yoongi groaning towards the large rocks littering over the trail you were all taking up the mountain. “We’ve been hiking for about an hour, and now the trail is suddenly rocky? No thanks.” You heard your brother laugh as he climbed over a mossy boulder, and continued to take careful strides up the rest of the rocks.

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  • Yuuri: Hey Victor, what would you like to do on your birthday?
  • Victor: You.
  • Yuuri: ...
  • Victor: Sorry, did I say you? Because that's exactly what I meant.

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I’m just imagine that newt is sooo adorable and sooo cute that graves pray to every deity exist to have strength to not pin newt to wall and ravage the fuck out of it and queenie just go so red and basically like well shit, never thought graves could be like that…

There are certain… well, dangers isn’t quite the right word. But there are some things you might not quite expect when you’re young and you learn what it means that you can hear people’s voices in your head. There’s secrets you weren’t meant to overhear, little white lies you weren’t meant to see through, all the pleasantries that grease social life becoming meaningless and vague.

What a lovely dress dear becomes She doesn’t really think she’s pulled that off, does she?
We must do this again sometime becomes I’d really rather not
You have exactly the skills we’re looking for becomes How are her skills on her knees, that’s the important thing

Queenie gets very used to blocking people out, keeping her purposefully vapid smile fixed on her face, and responding only to what they say and never what they mean. It gets her a reputation, never said out loud, but broadcast across the thought waves where Queenie can hear just fine: Pretty doll; painted face, but empty headed inside. It’s fine. She gets used to it, learns to use it, even, and it’s a useful skill to be able to hide her reaction quite so well.

Like now, for example.

Queenie had always known that Graves was a different man inside his head to the carefully polished and serious demeanor he presented in public - Tina said he relaxed in the auror department, dropped the formal language, replaced the stiff mannerisms with an easy confidence. Queenie can hear something of that man in the running commentary in his head (and the way he can swear up a complete storm in his mind while accepting everything with calmness and grace on the surface). And yes, of course, she’d run into people thinking about their partners - even people thinking about her before, and she wasn’t a stranger to such things.

But. Wow. With Newt? That was. That was new.

Graves was nodding along perfectly intently at everything Tina said, but his mind was most definitely on other things. Newt, slouching against the wall and letting Pickett climb from hand to hand, had no idea - not that Queenie could tell, anyway - of the sheer level and complexity of feelings Graves had for his coat, ranging from it’s a very nice coat, look at the way it emphasises his shape to it would look so much better on the bedroom floor or I could push it down off his shoulders and leave it tangled around his arms, tie it to the bedpost and keep him there while I unbutton his shirt one torturous button at a time and –

Newt was thinking about the bowtruckle group in his case, and whether he’d need a second tree for them once the younger generation hit maturity. Queenie sidled closer and tried to concentrate on his thoughts, because Tina would notice if she started blushing out of nowhere.

So I’m really grateful for that shot where Blake is holding the old White Fang flag and when she moves it Sun is behind it sitting in the corner of the room, because it finally clarified for me his purpose in the story.

Like, I’ve been trying to figure out for a while what use he is meant to serve in Blake’s overall story. He’s a fun character to have a around and everything, I like him and like seeing him in the show, but I couldn’t figure out what his plot significance was.

Now I understand though, Sun is there to represent what the White Fang should be, while Adam represents the problems with the White Fang as they currently are. Sun is optimistic and loyal, believes in always doing the right thing even if he doesn’t exactly know what that is, and identifies the inequality between the species and how unfair it is to his kind. He also grew up in a community where his race didn’t matter, in Vacuo humans and Faunus were all the same. So he’s now experienced both sides of this coin, and it gives him a unique perspective to be the perfect kind of person to fight for peaceful change for his people. He represents the ideals the White Fang should be fighting for. He’s there to give Blake hope for the future of her race.

I usually don’t comment or make a post about what’s going on with these things because I really want this blog to be as drama free as it can be, but I really feel the need to write this.

I absolutely loved how Jack didn’t do the normal intro and outro in this video. It’s kinda what Mark was talking about with respect.

Jack said exactly what he meant, and I have to say I agree with him on a lot of what he was saying.

This whole situation is such a mess and I’m so glad to see people like Jack talking about this in such a calming and respectful way.

I think we could learn a lot from the robots we’re building. Imagine talking to a machine fitted with an artificial intelligence that can communicate with us. We’d ask so many questions, just because we hope for something new so badly.

So we’d go to the robot and ask, “What’s your purpose?”

The robot would make a little beep or whatever noise it chooses to signify processing of data. “My purpose is whatever you programmed into me,” it would say.

And we’d be disappointed. Because that’s not new. “Oh.” Already thinking about ways to change the robot, we mutter to ourselves: “Aren’t you lucky, knowing exactly what you’re meant to do.”

The robot hears that, of course. Maybe it would laugh, maybe not, but it would certainly reach for us in its own way of soothing. And if we’d listen closely, I’m sure we’d hear pain in its emotional voice.

“Aren’t you lucky, choosing exactly what you want to do?”


also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)

How long?
  • Molly: *glances over at Sherlock silently working* Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: Mm?
  • Molly: Remember when you said I'd always counted and you'd always trusted me?
  • Sherlock: *looks up, suddenly interested* Yes.
  • Molly: Well, when you said "always" what did you mean by that?
  • Sherlock: *gaze shifts in confusion* I meant always. How was that not clear.
  • Molly: Yeah but, I mean, from when exactly? How long did it take you to feel that way?
  • Sherlock: *gazes at her silently for a long moment*
  • Molly: *rapidly becoming self conscious*
  • Sherlock: Do you remember the day we met?
  • Molly: Yeah of course.
  • Sherlock: Ok...that day. *goes back to his microscope*
  • Molly: *unsure* That day? That very day? You mean it didn't take you any-
  • Sherlock: *looks over again* It took me no time to see that I could trust you and you'd be someone who would matter to me. Certainly not minutes, and barely seconds. No time at all. When I said always...I meant it.
Casting a Circle 101

What is a Circle?

Well that’s a simple question, right? Circles are, well, circles. They are round, and tend not to have a beginning nor end. But a Circle casted before spells have a much different meaning.

Typically imaginary (invisible) a Circle is a boundary of energy. Some do tend to “mark” their circles with chalk, stones, crystals, candles etc…to easily imagine the circle in ones mind eye. 

The purpose of the circle is multitudinous. It is meant to protect those within the circle from any outside negativity and gather energy for the purpose of spell casting or ritual doing.

How to Cast a Circle:

Their is more than one way of casting a circle. Keep that in mind, as you grow as a Pagan you will find a way that is much more suited to you than what I present here. 

Circle Walking: Exactly as it sounds. Whether you are a solitary practitioner or practice as a coven, you literally walk in a circle. Move clockwise and imagine that a string of energy being crafted as you walk. 

Calling the Corners (Elements): Calling the corners is maybe one the most used way of casting that I’ve seen. Similar to Circle Walking, you’d walk in a circle calling out the corners/elements. Starting from the North or Earth. As you call the corner/element to the circle a small saying should follow. Their are many out there that you can simply look up. 

Calling on the Gods/Goddesses: If you are looking for something more intuitive and personal this would be it. Craft a phrase for your God and Goddess. Example if I called out to Osiris the Egyptian God of the Underworld I would phrase the saying like:

I call to the God/Lord/Deity of Death and Resurrection Osiris to this Circle.

After the saying I would put down an offering of sorts, this is usually specific to the God you are calling, or personal to you and your connection to this God. 

Repeat with a Goddess, because I called to Osiris I would call out to Isis, his cohort. Isis is the Goddess of marriage, health and wisdom. 

Remember that this way is personal to you.  

Closing the Circle 

When everything is all said and done, as you opened the circle so shall you close it. Basically, and the easiest way of explaining it, is that it is everything that you’ve done but in reverse. If you calling the corners, you must allow them to leave. Same with Gods and Goddesses. If you walked the circle, walk in the opposite direction, like you are picking up that string of energy you laid down in the beginning. 

And that is it, basic circle casting, well as basic as it is going to get. It can be tons more complicated and intuitive than what I’ve put down. But in the beginning do not make it harder than it actually is. 


Maybe it was our time to fall apart, maybe the world saw I was falling too hard, falling too young and it needed to be stopped immediately, or maybe we truly are just not meant to be together.

But I can’t seem to shake the feelings, I can’t seem to shake the memories or the words we said. We were everything that a girl dreams of, maybe I was a stupid girl for dreaming that we could last, maybe I was so in love I ignored every sign pointing me away from you or maybe for once in my life, I’m right. Maybe for once, I know exactly what I’m doing, exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t believe that two lovers, as strong as us, could just be a lesson in life. I don’t believe that God placed us together to teach us something because the only thing I’ve learnt is that I’m totally madly in love with you. That’s no lesson to me, I haven’t been taught anything, you haven’t finished your purpose in my life. I believe the lesson you’ll teach is that if people are meant to be, no matter how far they drift, they find their way back.

It’s not over for me, it’s not even close. I can still picture our future, I see it every night in my dreams, so to hell to everyone who says it’s not going to happen. I feel it, in my bones, in my heart, in my gut, I can feel the power of my love for you and I can’t seem to let it go. I’m not staying by choice, my hearts drawn to you.

And maybe I’m wrong, maybe we were meant to fall apart and stay apart, maybe we weren’t right and maybe you have taught me an invisible lesson.

But I’m going to hold onto the idea of me being right, and whatever comes next, good or bad, I’ll take full responsibility for it.

I’m in love with you, and I think you’re still in love with me.

“I Think We Were Meant to Be” (Jay Park)

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    “Hey babe, what do you think of these?” you asked, examining the Nikes in the mirror. “I like them a lot and they’re really comfy, but I’m not sure if I like them better than that red pair.”

    “One sec.” After a couple moments you heard footsteps and turned to see Jay rounding the display. “Well,” he said. “I like them.” He pointed at the shoes on his own feet, which were the men’s equivalent of the ones you had on and looked almost exactly the same, down to the color.

    You laughed. “Sometimes I think we’re twins, not lovers.”

    He cringed. “Yo, this isn’t Game of Thrones or something. That’s nasty!”

    You laughed. “Sorry, sorry. Anyway, should I get them?”

    “Yes, and then I’ll get these and we can be the most cheesy, cliche couple in the book.”

    You smiled. “That sounds good to me.”

    Ten minutes later you were walking down the street in your new marching Nikes. You slipped your hand into Jay’s, leaning over to kiss his cheek before asking, “Shall we get something to eat?”

    “I’m always good with that,” he said. “What do you want to have?”

    You considered. “Hmm… You pick.”

    “You sure?” he asked and you nodded. “Okay. How about… Mexican?”

    “Seriously?” you said. “That’s what I was thinking!”

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⤷ “Do you know how long I have been fantasizing about you?”

Summary: Oblivious as you were, you never knew how things revolved around you. You never knew if it was fated, if it was meant to be, but what you did know…was that not everything was exactly as it seemed.

A/N: I needed inspo to finish my sheh, so I made this. Don’t mind me while I drop this…here. *whispers* I know it’s ugly af but it worked and this monster should be posted tomorrow.

Finally, I think it’s time that we see each other for what we are. That we take off the masks and open our eyes to what we were and what we are. I was hopeless, stumbling on your every word, hoping a glance meant more than a glance. You knew all too well, and you took advantage of it. You led me to believe that I was worthy of your love, then you turned around and told me exactly the opposite. I never understood what you did. And maybe I never will. But I hope that if you do, you never forget.
—  a.m.
💖Amortentia- Marauders Era: Sirius

Request:  hi!! I love all the Valentine’s Day prompts you’re doing—they’re so cute! could you do a sirius/reader drabble? amortentia would probably smell like spearmint, cinnamon, and coconuts to me; I’m a slytherin/pukwudgie; and I love science and Shakespeare. I’m not sure if that’s what you wanted for the drabble requests, so if I need to change anything, please let me know! have a great day!

“I really doubt that’s what a this is meant to look like,” Y/N states, baffled at the bright red liquid bubbling in her cauldron. 

“That’s exactly what it’s meant to look like, Y/N,” Lily gives her a nod of encouragement.

“But it’s so… bright. I thought it would be a little cloudier,” she thinks out loud, continuing to mix the liquid slowly, looking closely at the instructions on the worn out book that lay open on the table, following them with her finger.

“Ah, Miss Y/L/N, a perfect example of amortentia right here! Have a look everyone,” Professor Slughorn’s voice startles her, making her flinch slightly as she drops the ladle she’d been stirring with. 

“What does it smell like Y/N?” Lily whispers in her ear, and she leans closer over the boiling cauldron, letting the steam enter her nostril. 

“Cinnamon… Coconut… and, spearmint? I think it’s spearmint anyway,” she shrugs brushing the pleasant scent off as insignificant. Professor Slughorn takes her cauldron and carries it to the front of the class, and she thinks nothing of it, nothing at all… Until she realises that the comforting scent lingers by her, and glances over her shoulder to see who stayed behind as the rest of the class follows the Professor to the front of the class, her eyes coming straight into contact with brilliantly grey ones. Ones crinkled into a smile. Ones belonging to Sirius Black. 


Voltron meets Deadpool (insp.)

The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 3

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Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre: More angst (I know ya’ll be waiting for the smut but we gotta be patient).

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 1919.

Description: Jongup is entrusting you to his closest friends while he goes away to take care of some business. But how long can you survive without the man you’re meant to be hating?

“What do you mean you’re married to him Y/N?” Hana stared at you with panicked eyes and you sighed leaning back in your seat.

“It’s exactly that. I walked down the aisle, we said our vowels and now he’s my husband and I’m his wife” Two weeks had passed since the wedding and you were only seeing more of Jongup day in and day out, it wasn’t what you wanted.

“So you’re saying you’re in love with him? The future leader of a mafia?” Jieun was judgemental of your life situation, you already fessed up and told them everything, so why did that make her assume you were in love with Jongup?

“No I’m not Jieun, we’re married because I’m putting an end to my family’s debt” You answered her calmly as Sunhwa gave her a nudge with her elbow.

“But how can you marry someone without loving them?” She continued to pry and you finally stood up to walk away.

“You don’t get everything you want in life Jieun, but I suppose you’re yet to learn that” You snapped before walking away, you couldn’t let her ruin the last remaining classes like she had with all your other classes for the day.


“There are some people I want you meet today”

“Do I have to?” Jongup was the one behind the wheel for once, you looked at him from your place in the passenger seat and he nodded without taking his eyes off the road.

“I want you to so you will be meeting them, plus I think you’ll get along with them” Jongup answered and you continued to stare at him.

“Who are they?” You asked with slight interest and Jongup sent you a smirk now that you were finally gaining interest.

“They are some of my closest friends. I’m trusting them to protect you the same way I would when there are times that I can’t be around” He explained and you stared at him wide eyed.

“You’re trusting strangers to look after me?” You gaped at Jongup and he shook his head.

“These men aren’t strangers, I’ve known them for a long time now” Jongup looked at you, his hand moved to rest on your thigh and you stared at it, leg going stiff though he was attempting to comfort you.

“They’re strangers to me Jongup” You grumbled and he gave a light-hearted chuckle.

“They won’t be for long, trust me” He responded and you looked at him as the car came to a stop in front of a building clearly for the rich. It was hard to tell how many floors it was when you looked at it, it had to be two or three stories high. Your typical fancy fountain was in the middle of a round driveway and Jongup pulled up to a stop next to it, giving you a perfect view of the large white double doors opening.

As you got out of the car a thin man with an intimidating face was making his way down the steps to greet the two of you. You could see a tattoo peeking through the collar of his shirt and you began to wonder if everyone Jongup knew had tattoos.

“No one was following you?” He asked Jongup immediately and he shook his head, making the owner of the house sigh in relief.

“Hi Y/N, I’m Yongguk, nice to finally meet you” Yongguk reached his hand out and you took it in yours kindly.

“I remember seeing you at the wedding, you were with three other guys”

“That was no proper introduction Y/N, they’re all inside waiting to meet you properly” Yongguk nodded before gesturing to the still open doors.

“Come on in” You followed Jongup, who walked through the front door, Yongguk sent you a charming smile and you gave a weak one back before stepping into the house.

You had never seen a ceiling so high, the entire place was huge. Yongguk walked down a white-walled hall and you followed him with Jongup who had his hand gripping yours tightly.

When you entered the same room as Yongguk he was sitting on an expensive looking sofa with five more familiar faces whose eyes had all drifted from the expensive looking TV to the two of you, heck, everything you laid your eyes on was expensive.

“Hello Y/N, nice to meet you properly. I’m Himchan” The older male reached out his hand for you, the kind that would lead you to where the person wanted you to go. And you let his hand clasp yours before Himchan directed you to walk around his feet and to the empty place next to him on the sofa.

Jongup had wordlessly sat down and you looked at how he turned to Yongguk as everyone else held their eyes on you.

“Hello Himchan, it is nice to meet you properly” For some reason, you felt more comfortable sitting so you were facing the polite man. The eyes on you had your body going stiff, they were curious and they weren’t hiding that, but they weren’t entirely friendly, and they weren’t keeping that a secret either.


“I want you to get accustomed to being around these people. I will have to leave you in their hands soon” You were still in the lounge room surrounded by Jongup and the five unfamiliar men with the faces you had only seen twice now.

“What? But you can’t leave me with people I don’t know Jongup, look how scornful they all are, it’s like they’re waiting for me to try and pull something on them” You grumbled, you stood in front of the fireplace with Jongup. Everyone’s eyes were on you, just like you had said to Jongup, none of your words was going to go unheard by any of them as long as you were in the same house, and that provided you with a great amount of discomfort.

“Which is why I want you to become accustomed to being around them. We’re gangsters’ Y/N, none of them can help that they’re always expecting something” Jongup moved to sit the glass in his hand on the fireplace, next to a picture before his body turned fully to you and he moved closer to you.

“How far away is soon?” You asked a little quieter, though you kept your tone demanding, you didn’t like letting Jongup control you.

“Three weeks away, at the least” Jongup answered just as quiet and you sighed. You didn’t like letting Jongup touch you, and you never did have the strength to push him away. But as Jongup pulled you into the warmest hug he had given you yet, you pulled him closer because he was the one you knew out of these men. You still managed to find some sort of comfort in him among a room full of strangers.


“Are you going to come out and say goodbye to me?” You were looking out the window to your temporary room whilst trying to ignore Jongup. Five weeks had managed to pass and now you were back in the big house with Jongup whispering in your ear.

“Do I have to?” You muttered, your hands clasping his untamed ones that strayed to wrap around you. Jongup chuckled, he couldn’t believe you still hadn’t given up on pushing him away. He pulled you away from the window and you remained silent as Jongup pushed you against the wall next to it.

“I’m your husband Y/N, and I would appreciate if you would at least pretend you’re going to miss me” He looked you deep in the eyes and you stared back as his body pressed against yours more and more as his face moved closer to yours before moving to the skin of your neck with a brush of his nose.

“Now why would I want to play pretend Jongup?”

“I’m going away for an entire month Y/N, doesn’t that sadden you even the slightest?” He asked sarcastically, it was as if he was trying to force your body to become one with his with the help of the wall, pressing harder and harder against you to the point your feet were struggling to stay on the ground. Jongup’s hands trailed down your thighs until he was holding the back of your knee’s and wrapping your legs around his waist.

Your eyes remained in front of you. You tried to push him away but Jongup only grinned against the skin on your neck he moved to work on.

“Surely my wife will miss me?” His tone was demanding, it was possessive and it had you shivering as his lips touched every part of your skin they could as you fought to push him away. Jongup pushed forward again and all the work you had put into creating space between you had gone to waste.

You could have sworn that he almost hesitated, that he could see how uncomfortable you were and actually cared about it, the smirk on his lips twitched and the look in his eyes was replaced with a split second of blankness. He moved closer and you held your breath for what you couldn’t stop from happening. Jongup’s lips were right in front of yours, barely touching as he whispered to you.

“One day Y/N, one day you’ll love me as much as I love you” His hand slithered up your body to lightly hold your chin and Jongup pressed his lips against yours with the softest kiss you had ever been given.

“Now, come and say goodbye to your husband please” Jongup held your thighs with the utmost care until you felt your feet touching the floor again. You remained silent as Jongup took your hand in his and pulled you to leave the room with him. When he closed the door to your room. His empty hand reached out for his suitcase that was left outside the room and he walked towards the staircase with you.

When you reached the living room, Daehyun and Youngjae who were sitting on the couch moved to follow the two of you and Yongguk stood outside the open double doors with Zelo and Himchan, their conversation coming out in low mummers until Zelo noticed you.

“Ready to go?” He looked at Jongup who gave a single nod.

“I’m trusting you to look after Y/N just as I would” Jongup looked at the oldest man in front of him and Yongguk nodded.

“I know you are Jongup, we will make sure you return to see her in perfect shape, nothing will happen to her” Yongguk reassured, his arm came up to rest on your shoulders as Jongup gave you one last stare and walked down to his car. He bid everyone farewell as you stood on the step, watching from under the wing of Yongguk’s arm as he hugged his friends, got in the car and drove until he was out of sight.

“What is he actually going to do?” You asked and Yongguk looked down at you.

“Some business with his father before Mr Moon retires” Yongguk answered as you looked at the empty driveway.

“Will he come back safe?” You found yourself asking and Yongguk chuckled as he turned you to walk into the house.

“That all depends on the sort of business he is doing Y/N” Yongguk answered before pushing the doors shut so you couldn’t see any more of the driveway Jongup’s car had not long driven down.