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A new future project!!

We’re working on the first chapter, but we need a Japanese translator to continue.

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I’m happy to be working on Takasaki Bosco’s new project called Torokeru Kuchibiru.  The second part of Tadoru Yubi

Because I hate MPreg, and I think we have more interesting, beautiful, and mature projects to release, I’m going to drop Haramibara. Don’t worry. Another scanlation group will be working on it! So I won’t be releasing the color scans or the extra that appear in the tanko.

Even so, it has been an honor to me to introduce this mangaka, unknown to many people, and that now so many scanlation groups want to work on her books.


besanji93  asked:

Thank you very much for releasing the spoilers even if you're sick! *^* how are u now? So, with Judal and Hakuryuu going to the 4th dungeon do you think is now impossible for Judal to meet Serendine? :( I really want him to see her >.<

Thanks! Don’t worry, it’s just a cold! Nothing that sleeping in and some hot chocolate cannot cure ♥. Right now my main problem is that I’m running out of tissues… x_x

I will need to wait and see the scans before I can answer that, as I have no idea if they were in front of Furfur, or seeing it from a distance while on their way to Zepar. I wonder if it’s even possible to skip a dungeon, especially once that has not been conquered yet?

But yes… it would be interesting to see how Judar reacts to Celendine. We don’t know how their relationship ended, so that might give us some clues… .

A while ago (I mean a WHILE ago I’m talking like last year) there was a Charles Vane memorial week in the fandom (or something like that), and I wanted to draw something but never really did. All I had was this doodle I did very quickly while watching the s2 DVD in an attempt to figure out how his face worked, and for some reason I never even scanned it until now. Oh Charles, you could be a giant dick but man were you gorgeous. I do him no justice.

@parisiankiss2007 Sorry this took so long. As you know I had other things distracting me from it. :P



You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

Lyrics from Saturn, by Sleeping at Last

Disclaimer: Original Thranduil image © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The Hobbit/Thranduil trademarked to Middle-earth Enterprises and licensed to New Line Cinema. No profit is being made.

Shoutout to @grey-ling , @i-love-birds , and @sonuokan (why can’t it find your name!) for being awesome friends when i’m down. You guys are amazing. Also shoutout to the people who DID actually leave notes on my art, even as I whined that “nobody” did. Imma sober up, stop pouting, and start posting pretty Ed pics again.

But I’ll leave my selfie, bc it was so hard to take, and my last pouty post, bc of the beautiful words left by @i-love-birds

And now … *scans desktop overflowing with a seriously troublesome amount of Ed pics* Ahh, here we go…

Everything is going to be okay

/ okay seeing as it’s topical ;) here are some thoughts i’ve had concerning keith + his birthday:

  • i wrote somewhere about keith and official documents. it doesn’t make sense for him to have all that much info about him on databases. if the garrison and someone did ever want to find him, even if he was out in the desert it wouldn’t be difficult to try and trace patterns and build some kind of profile. (the treatment of keith’s leave from the garrison is an entirely different and VERY INTERESTING subject in itself though it deserves more attention as a separate thing so yea). 
  • and if he was moving around between foster families a lot pre-G, there’s every chance things slipped through and transferring everything may not have always happened
  • i highly doubt he’s had a lot of health check ups and so forth. definitely not any kind of scans or bloodwork - not that he’s had any reason to get that done from what we know in canon - bc it’s very likely his blood would’ve shown up with inconsistencies and been cause for some kind of investigation. 
  • anyway, pressing on. yeah, it just seems unlikely to me that keith’s birth certificate is his actual date of birth. let me just explain why for a sec. because if - we can’t prove this at this stage though it is highly plausible - his mother is Galra, or at least part-Galra, then honestly it doesn’t make sense for her to give birth in a hospital or somewhere her identity could easily be compromised and you know, aliens. they would take her and the baby away for all sorts of experiments and stuff. 
  • and going on this logic, i doubt that keith’s birth was registered officially and that in general this family tended to be under the radar.
  • to get into the garrison keith would’ve had to at least provide his DOB and some basic things. and i hc that it’s when he gets into the foster care system being an orphan that this is where the documentation actually surfaces. perhaps a birth certificate was drawn up based on what they know about him (which isn’t much).
  • regarding keith, he doesn’t know his actual official birth date. as a kid he remembers loosely a date being deemed a little more important than the others but it was a long time ago. you can’t force your memories and it’s more of an estimation and time period than a specific date that sticks. 
  • then the documentation comes into place for the system and so forth. 
  • keith doesn’t consider it a big deal. he is a person who lives in the now, not the past or the future. surviving and just getting on with the task whatever that is has been the centre of his world for some time. i said somewhere about keith + dreams/aspirations and yea. that comes into play with this it’s a similar kind of thing. 
  • he’s not trying to dampen the mood but it really is just another day and it doesn’t make sense for him to have people put so much effort, time and whatever else into making it special, when most likely the fact he’s with those people in the first place to him is special enough.
  • that’s not to say he wouldn’t enjoy some gifts if they were offered and appealed to him lol. but he certainly wouldn’t be expecting anything. keith + other people’s bdays is something for another time perhaps. 
  • confetti makes no sense to him it’s an obstruction, it gets in the way and it just causes a mess lmao. 
  • it would probably be quite overwhelming to have a party thrown or something, people demonstrating so much care and joy about this time.

that’s about it but i may elaborate more. feel free to send some birthday related stuff in or questions about any of this today!! 8) 

Knock, Knock

English Major!Davey x Art Major!Jack College AU sort of inspired by this post by @amber-irises

Davey’s splayed out upside down on his dorm bed, reading over the same passage of Othello for what’s probably the hundredth time. He’s meant to be working on a paper about the intricacies of Othello and Desdemona’s relationship, but he simply can’t find the motivation. Still, he scans over the text as if some divine force will act upon him and make him finish his assignment.

“Knock, knock!” The voice of his boyfriend of three years, Jack, is clear even through the door.

Davey sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. He can’t believe Jack’s boisterous entrances haven’t gotten him in trouble with the RA yet. “You can just come inside, ya know? No need to disturb the whole floor!”

“You’re suppose’ta say ‘Who’s there’, Dave!”

Davey rolls his eyes and sits up in bed, tossing his book aside, “Who’s there?”

“Will.” He can picture the stupid grin on Jack’s face and he can’t help but smile.

Davey gets up to cross the space between his bed and the door, putting a stop to the game when he pulls it open. Exactly as he thought, he’s met with the sight of a grinning Jack Kelly, bouncing on his heels and looking like he’s up to something. Davey quirks an eyebrow at him, “Will who?”

Jack’s stupid grin doesn’t falter as he makes a show of getting down on one knee in front of him and taking his hand. He looks up at Dave with wide eyes, batting his eyelashes for good measure. “Will you… marry me?”

Davey covers his mouth to hold back a snort of laughter as he glances down the hall for any witnesses. He looks back at Jack and shakes his head, his poorly concealed laughter leaking into his voice, “Oh my god, fuck no.”

Jack feigns an over dramatic look of hurt, covering his heart with his free hand, “You wound me, Dave.” He pops back up to his feet, a toothy grin finding its way onto his face when he wraps the taller boy up in hug, giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. “You’re gonna say ‘yes’ one of these days, Dave!”

Davey wraps his arms around Jack in return, pulling him inside the dorm room and tapping the door with his foot to shut it. He scrunches his face up and nuzzles his cheek against Jack’s scruffy jaw. “Maybe if ya ask for real. That’s the fourth time ya’ve done it this week, Jackie.”

“Who said it wasn’t for real?”

Davey pulls away from the embrace to look at Jack, cupping the boy’s face in his hands. His joking tone is thinly veiled by an air of seriousness. “You know I love you, but I’m not telling my family I got proposed to with a knock-knock joke in my dorm room.”

Jack pulls Davey closer by the waist. Chuckling, he presses a kiss to the corner of Dave’s mouth, “Fair enough.”


Are we not gonna talk about the fact that an official Yuri on Ice article in a Japanese magazine is titled


And not just that

See that lil’ bit in Japanese (with the heart)?

That says: Warm/heat up with overflowing love <3

They’re not even trying to be subtle anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, the power of canon Victuri.

(Scans from rubydragon16)







Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~

ppl who get called out and then scan their critics  for mildly ableist insults (ie ‘stupid’, etc) so they can go “WELL UH YOURE ABLEIST” are pathetic and its blatantly obvious that youre just trying to discredit your critics if you do that. bonus points if they arent even developmentally disabled but the ppl using those words are


Say what you want about Scarecrow’s New52 origin story, but you can’t deny that this scene was absolutely heart wrenching. This little girl befriends Scarecrow, despite all of the experiments he had done on her up to that point… and he doesn’t know how to cope with that kind of compassion.

All comics posted are scanned by myself at 300dpi or higher

Becky Prim Questions

Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Becky Prim pilot, so I’ll do my best to clear the air and answer a few of them:

-Is Becky a ghost in the series?

Nah.  I’ve written an epilogue for the pilot that resets the narrative playing field… more or less.  The series wouldn’t even necessarily be strictly supernatural- but It WOULD follow Becky’s character and the obsession of adolescent triviality- to whatever dark territory that entails…

Fun fact:  this pilot episode was actually written as a season finale, but it was my favorite story idea (at the time), so I went with it.

What programs did I use to create the pilot?

The drawings were done in Photoshop and Storyboard Pro- save for a few scanned images drawn on paper.  Megan Boyd did a little After Effects video magic for the trippy-bench-hell-mindfuck at the end.  All voices were recorded using garage band on my ancient macbook from college.  I edited everything in Premiere.  It was… a laborious culmination to say the least.

God lookit this shit:

-What’s Ello’s accent?

Ello’s character is inspired (and voiced) by my friend, Shan Wu, who is from Singapore. She’s awesome. Here’s a gif of her flipping the bird in ‘Spring Breakers (2012)

Yes, that’s really her.

Will I Kickstart Becky Prim? 

Eh- no need at this point.  I feel a fully colored, animated version of the same pilot would be redundant- since everyone already knows what happens.

-Have I pitched Becky Prim to any major networks?

Well, you guys were kindof my test audience.  I wanted to share it publicly so I could gage the general reaction and see if it was worth pursuing.  So as of now, I’m planning a formal pitch strategy.  Becky Prim is actually one of several show ideas I’ve been developing- so I’m excited to see where this train is headed.