this is not creepy because it's fan art

yesiamlogophile  asked:

I experienced other games of this kind: children as protagonists in a creepy atmosphere. But I think Sally Face is even better than Fran Bow, Little Nightmares or Undertale. Because it's believable. I grew up in an apartment block, the characters are relatable and ghosts - or restless souls - are a great supernatural addition to Sal's situation. I also hope that your game will become more popular so the fandom will grow. The fanarts I have seen so far were absolutely amazing.

Thanks! I’m honored just to be in the same category with such highly praised games. Actually I still need to play all of those games D: And I agree about the fan art

“This is you, my Champion. You are fate-touched.”

wowow, guess who just caught up with Critical Role. 

The Raven Queen is entirely my jam so here she is, cool af. I took a lil’ artistic liberty but who doesn’t with creepy death gods.

Anyway, since I’m all caught up this will probably be the first of many critical role pieces lmao.

Fanart Monday!

Oops, I almost forgot to do this xD I am having less time to do stuff because exams are a pain, but I do my best! So let’s do this!

Fanart of the week by goldendragonsflower!! [Tumblr fkd up the quality, but it’s good shit! look at it!! ITS GORGEOUS!!!

@deal-right wins this place too because I couldn’t just leave this out <3 <3 Like, really! <3 THOSE HANDS AND  THE SHADOWS AND SADKHFLAKSDFAJSDKFASDF!!!!

anon [anon, literallly] sent this!! It’s a wonderful fanart <3 <3 The colors, the lights…. I just couldn’t leave this out <3 <3

Now, really, more fanarts under the cut!!!

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To All of my Anons over the Past 24 Hours

Not surprisingly, I got a ton of anons, some angry with Darren, some supportive, and many angry with me. I am going to make one statement and then I am moving on from the tweets that were and were not made, unless something further develops from Darren himself (or his team).  So if you want to read my response, its under the cut.  I warn you, its long.

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Also if anyone told any of you that i said Elyza Lex was bad or creepy or whatever??/ Since that’s hwat I’m hearing, you were lied to. 

My drafts are literally full of Elyza/Alicia fan art because I love it and I’m trying to figure out what to tag it as. 

I said at the meet up that it creeps me out that her name is Elyza because that is actually Eliza’s name. That’s it.