this is not as good as it was in my mind

i dont mean to be an absolute loser but like….i moved in with a good friend today and her apartment has windows that actually open and there’s so much ventilation and fresh air in my room and her apartment is so cute and cozy and filled with so much love and memories and i feel safe here in this town for the first time in 4 years???? i’ve spent the last 4 years living with toxic people among racists and literal white supremacists and i was always so afraid coming home at night and every day was a literal struggle and NOW  i feel comfortable and like i will be healthy again and im crying on the sofa in the living room by the open balcony door where more fresh air is filtering through + sounds of people laughing on the balcony below and birds in trees chirping and my body/heart/mind is literally healing itself 

heY UH CAN I JUST MAKE A PSA since this has been an issue a couple times in the past

in regards to interacting w/ ppl and whatnot, 99% of the time i have Absolutely No Idea who they are - like we’re not good friends, we don’t interact at all outside of this blog, i probably don’t even know their name/pronouns. so if there’s any problems going on between you and someone i’m interacting with on here, or if someone is Problematic™, 

a) i know absolutely nothing about it i can guarantee you that

b) because of the good Mental Illness Symptoms and also Bad Events In My Past i’d REALLY prefer you not get me involved at all,,,,, like i’m fine if ppl wanna warn me of other users to be weary of, i’ll keep that in mind, but please please PLEASE don’t ask me to start blocking people, avoid people, ignore people, etc., and by all means don’t assume i’m siding with anyone just because i chose not to 100% avoid a specific person. i’m not trying to be one of those “well i just wanna stay neutral :(” kinds of people at all, i’m just way too afraid of upsetting people, especially when i wasn’t involved to begin with –

Story time - I was at an Indian Restaurant today with my squad (aka like two friends I barely ever get to see) and at some point in walked two guys, as it turned out a married gay couple. Somehow, at some point, we started to talk to them (one of my friends is good at making random friends, I have no clue, I think it’s some sort of magical power I will never understand) and at some point one of them noticed my lock screen (fan art of Yuri) and voila for the next two hours the married couple an I were gushing over Victuuri and Otayuri, and YOI in general, barely taking a breath while my friends just looked at us like we lost our minds. 

Side note - the married couple had a similar story to Otayuri in the sense that the two years older one admired and remembered the younger one for YEARS (they were both pianists) before he finally saw a chance and went for it to become at least friends (they’d met before when they were young but, just like Yuri, the younger one didn’t remember). About ten years later they got married.

People who hate Goro and/or don’t bother to understand his actions better not follow me. I don’t like dealing with the headache of explaining why it’s alright to like a flawed character.

(in fiction, none the less ^^)


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Is That Yours. (SR)


can you write something about the reader and Reid are dating and they both work at the bau. The reader steals one of his shirts and wears it to work or something and the team notices. Thank you! :)

Warnings: None 

Being a woman could be a pain, but especially when you were bloated. The annoyance always hindered my self-confidence making me what to wear a larger shirt that usual so absolutely nothing stuck to me. 

Spencer and I woke up at the usual time we do every morning. “Good morning love.” He said rolling over kissing the top of my forehead. I grumbled and tossed over not wanting to get up yet. “Love you need to get up. We’ll be late for work.” He said brushing hair off my neck. “Five minutes.” I mumbled pushing my head into the pillow. “Y/N you know you won’t get up in five minutes, you might as well just get up now and wake up some.” He said placing a heated cup on my arm. “Come one Spence, get that off of me.” I said bumping the liquids making it wash over me. I shot up and pushed the covers back hopefully not getting any coffee on the blankets. “Spencer.” I said groaning. I looked over at him biting his lip, blushing with embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” He whispered softly, looking down at the cups. I sighed and closed my eyes, “No Spencer I’m sorry, I bumped into you.” I said taking a deep breath. I got out of bed feeling the now cooled liquid run down my skin. “I need a shower, I’ll be out in a few. Just relax.” I said going to the bathroom, turning on the water to heat up. 

Usually I took the showers at night and Spencer took the showers in the morning, but since this event it allowed us both to shower making both of us late. I quickly jumped out of the shower and placed a towel around my chest, tucking it in so it’d stay. “The shower is yours Spence, we need to hurry though.” I said rushing to my makeup vanity placing mascara on my lashes quickly. I walked into our shared closet and looked for a pencil skirt. I grabbed the black one that complemented my body (even if I were bloated). I looked around on the floor noticing Spencer’s light blue shirt laying beside the bed. I smiled and placed it on my body buttoning up the front. I then pulled the pencil skirt over my legs, tucking it in the skirt. I quickly brushed back my hair into a sleek ponytail. “Well you look beautiful.” I heard Spencer say from behind me. I smiled and paced over to him kissing his cheek. “Thanks dove, now hurry and get dressed.” I said patting his bottom through the towel. He tucked his face into my neck, “Is this my shirt? It smells like it.” He said smelling the collar of the shirt noticing the sweet smell of his cologne and coffee mixed on the shirt. I shrugged my elbows knowingly, “i don’t know, is it?” I asked giggling. “Spencer we need to hurry.” I said whining. He put his hands up in defense and walked over to the closet. “Fine, fine. Go wait in the car. It’ll only take me five minutes and twenty seconds.” He explained. I laughed and shook my head. “You better hurry!”

We made it to the BAU just in time for us to do our usual routine of, me going in ten minutes later than Spencer. Everybody would believe if I were late, not Spencer. I waited out in the car for ten minutes then started to head towards the door with my purse. I pulled out my badge and placed it in the scanner allowing me in the building. I walked to the receptionist and showed her my badge allowing her to let me in. I finally made it on the elevator pressing the button to take me up. “And here is the sexy mama.” I heard Derek say as I entered the ‘Round Table Room’. “Sorry I’m late.” I said giving a small smile to Hotch. He nodded and turned back to JJ allowing her to continue. I shot a small smile over to Spencer and then opened the case file. 

As I was listening I slowly saw Derek lean in next to me. I looked over at him and tilted my head to the side. “Why do you smell like pretty boy?” He asked in a whisper. I blushed and looked down. “Alright, I see.” He said giggling. I silently groaned to myself and sighed. I saw Spencer looking over at me confused when Hotch dismissed us. “So pretty boy is getting some of sexy mama.” He said winking and pulling us in against him. “Derek keep your voice down.” I said annoyed. “Oh come on pretty lady, don’t you think we haven’t noticed things that don’t match up?” He said bumping his hips with ours. “What’s going on?” I heard JJ say from behind. “Oh nothing, just pretty ricky has a girlfriend.” I blushed and got out of his grasp seeing JJ smile widely. “What?” I heard Penelope say from beside her. “Oh for fuck’s sake why don’t we just announce this on T.V. why don’t we.” I said looking at Spencer seeing his cheeks tinted in a dark rose hue. “Yes, we are together. I love him he loves me. Can we get on with our lives now?” I said slipping beside Spencer intertwining our hands. Everybody that was around for the attraction laughed and dispersed, I looked at Spencer and rolled my eyes, “At least we don’t have to hide anymore.” I said kissing his cheek, discreetly. I heard whistles from Derek making me pull away and roll my eyes. I walked to my desk and I glanced up to see Emily walk in, “What’d I miss?”   

this photo was taken on the mt. galbraith trail in golden – our first hike together in colorado. it was our third visit, my first out there. it seems an appropriate throwback to help me share that come august, denver, colorado will be my new home! 

as my friend jenn said to me recently, change is the only constant. how right she is. i’ve navigated plenty of change over the last few years, some good, some bad, some neither. but this one – a new habitat – has deep roots and has been a long time coming. inklings of restlessness and a desire for new challenges and a different life landscape began to surface years ago. in fact, among other ideas being thrown around, i was considering a potential job opportunity in boulder around this time in 2014. then life got strange. i’d be lying if i said the idea of leaving and starting over didn’t enter my mind during that time and feel appealing. but i knew escaping wasn’t the answer, my support system was here, and that when i did eventually make such a change, i wanted it to be on my terms and for the right reasons.

last spring, i let those thoughts return. i wrote about it a lot – how i was ready for something different and feeling confident that i was in a place where decisions were truly mine, not reactionary. there are many journal entries turning the whole thing over. reflecting on the positives of my life here [family, friends, work i care about, mountains, beach] and seeing that while i was ready, i would still need a strong reason to go.

late last summer, i met john in an airport and it wasn’t long before the relationship we were unexpectedly building became a strong reason to go. the straw, the catalyst…whatever you want to call it, it was clear.

though he was very willing to move to north carolina, given all of the above, a move to colorado was what i wanted more. and so i am doing it! i started putting the wheels in motion soon after returning from thailand and pieces are beginning to fall into place.

many details are up in the air, but the rough plan is to take some time off after wrapping up here to be with my family and move my self + stuff to denver [with john as co-pilot]. then we hope to take a road trip to camp + backpack out west before i settle into a new city.

i wish i could adequately express how overjoyed i am to be opening this new door, both for myself as an individual and for us. i have been craving this challenge, unfamiliarity, and fresh perspective for a long time. i’m glad i’ve put in the work to strengthen myself and culled the patience not to jump before the time was right. as for us, i am constantly in awe of how this relationship has brightened my life. and i’m thrilled that we can soon be fully present for it all the time and continue to grow.

and just think of the mountain adventures!

anonymous asked:

OK, I'LL SAY IT! I secretly ship Reylo, it's so interesting, I think it'll bring something fresh, new to SW (On movies, if you know what I mean) I do it secretly because antis are so f*cking annoying. It makes me anger to see people wishing death and throwing bullshit on others because of a ship (I mean, really?!) Y'all seem to be so cool and nice, fully concentrated on the fan arts, fics and mind-blowing theories made for talented people and that makes me so happy. Love to all my fellows! <3

Aww, thanks for reaching out! I think there are lots of people in your position, tbh, because the fandom drama scares people off. However, I have seen lots of new Reylos emerge recently, so you’ll definitely be in good company when/if you do decide to ship it openly!



this may not seem like a big deal, but my fps skills have gotten worse over time. i become very easily disoriented, confused and turned around. my mind has been losing track of things very quickly and it doesn’t take much to overwhelm me. combined with shaky hands, this is something i have no control over, no matter how much i practice.

i havent won a free-for-all deathmatch in ANY game EVER. so to me, given my hand-eye coordination challenges, this is a big fucking deal.. i feel accomplished, just this one little victory makes me feel proud ;u;

First BFSN

So… I’m kinda very new to this whole bfsn… HERE’S MY FIRST SHOT. (*high fives self*) this is just a random photo from the time during the hiatus.
Thank goodness we’re done with the hiatus!
I think my friends are annoyed to the brim with my ranting haha.

So… now you have to tag people?

@parapluiepliant @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @ravenbellclarke @rosymamacita @silverxstardust @bellsgirl @sassamyblake @indygoh

(I don’t know many people in the bellarke fandom so I hope you don’t mind me tagging you?)

*whispers* tfp ratchet becomes a decepticon au

Anonymous asked:

My question may be a bit weird, I’m sorry in advance! Character A confessed to character B, who is in love with C. My main goal in the story is to A & B be together in the end, but I don’t know how should I make B to change his mind and fall in love with A without it being too shallow (you know, like, “oh A likes me, so I’ll be with him since C doesn’t like me anyway”, I want it to be genuine)? A, B and C are good friends and the story is written by A POV, so it’s a bit harder to do. Any advice?

We have this tendency to think of romantic interest and early relationships as being “love” or “in love” and that’s problematic, because it leads to a lot of myths about how romantic interest works. Being romantically interested in someone isn’t the same as being in an actual relationship with them, so it doesn’t come with the same emotional bond. It’s perfectly natural and common to have romantic interest in more than one person at a time. And, it isn’t shallow at all for those feelings to shift or change when new information comes in. 

That said, there are two ways you can go with this:

1) Establish B having a dual interest in both A and C, with the deeper interest being in C at first, but as it becomes clear C does not feel the same way, B’s deeper interest gradually shifts toward A until they get together.

2) Start with B’s romantic interest solely in C, but as it becomes clear C doesn’t feel the same way, start building B’s interest in A, starting from scratch. My post Subtle Signs of Love has some pointers for ways you can start to show this. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

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              Ackerman from Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
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I sent the sandwich before I knew what you liked on it! I do hope you are liking it, Chip!

“It was delicious, thank you. Even though you didn’t know my favorite, ya can’t really go wrong with a club sandwich… an’ even though it ain’t standard, I liked how there was just a lil’ bit of mustard.”

“The soup was great, too, an’ I’m just about to have the cinnamon roll with some coffee - but if ya don’t mind me askin - ain’t you in some kinda underground world, too… ? How is it that this stuff tastes good?” 

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what evidence do you have for Cheryl's pregnancy? (that she was actually pregnant)

i mean for starters, she’s an actual public figure. she’s not briana who can fade back into oblivion forgotten by everyone once her 15 minutes are up. she’s got an actual image and career and being exposed for faking a baby isn’t exactly something she’s going to want following her around for the rest of her life and career.

the only celebrities i can think of who did legit fake being pregnant did have children who were biologically theirs coming via surrogate and those bumps were usually pretty obviously off (i’m thinking nicole kidman right now).

and after all the bump analysis we did with she who shall not be named, i think it’s safe to say most of us are pretty good at ID’ing a fake bump. cheryl’s looked real to me. i thought she was pregnant pretty early on and there were no weird bump inconsistencies later on to make me change my mind.

i absolutely think she was pregnant i just don’t know if i think it was through IVF (which could be why the pregnancy rumours started in the press so early - they didn’t know when the IVF would take) or through more, shall we say, traditional means.

and i still don’t know if i buy the kid is liam’s at all or if it’s just a narrative they’re going with now.

i don’t know. i’m made of question marks.

For experienced Overwatch players.

To new players to Overwatch or not as experienced as you, don’t be ugly to them because they’re learning a character in Quick Play, or is trying their absolute best. You’re leaving the worst impression possible, making their confidence shot, and you don’t know what kind of day they’re in, state of mind, etc. You’re doing more harm than good by saying that they’re they worst, a noob, stop playing, etc. Leave the best impression you can by giving encouraging words, pointers, something that benefits you and your team.

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One thing I haven't really seen anyone talking about is the part in Fellowship of the Spear where Mick was passing out bread to the wounded. He was going to eat it, but when he found out who it was for, he willingly started passing it out, looking unusually serious. I was really proud of him, which seems strange to say, but... It was sort of proof, in my eyes, of how far he's come. (Until Leonard pulled a Dramatic, but still.) I don't know, this was on my mind today. Figured I'd share.

The last three episodes of Legends season 2 were pretty crazy and I think little quiet scenes/acting like this got missed quite a bit.

I do think handing out the bread was a good way to show Mick has learned it’s okay to use his empathy to help others. Mick’s always been a quick study of people and their actions/motivations but he tends to use that knowledge to protect himself and the team at times.

lovelycin  asked:

Hello!!! I would like to blame/thank you for the New celeb crush on Keanu. I was wondering if you ever saw his movie A Walk in the clouds? It's really good and I believe he sings some Spanish.

Ahahaha. My god. How do i do it? ahaha.

Listen, there’s a ton of Keanu movies i haven’t seen and a bunch others i have because, that guy has a LOT of films. So I’m going to be watching “A Walk in the clouds” real soon, dear. They often make him speak Spanish in films (3 just came to mind) so, hey, if he wants to learn, i can teach him. 

You just let Mr.Reeves take care of your needs.

See? it even rhymes.