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I Just Want You All To Myself Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 3,213

Request: @multihxe :Could you do a Tate imagine where he gets jealous because y/n was having a study session with some boy from school and the boy was getting a little too close to her??

Description: You invite a boy over to study and it starts going south, espcially with Tate.

Author’s Note: @multihxe I hope this is what you wanted!! I apologize if it is far from ehat you wanted! Requests are open! Enjoy reading. XOXO


I had just moved to the infamous Murder House in Los Angeles, California, a couple months ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought moving across the country and starting brand new. The reason why my family and I moved was because my dad had an affair on my mom. My mom isn’t happy. I know that is because anytime my dad tries to hold her hand she takes her hand away from his. Also if he enters the room she has to be at the other side of the room so that there isn’t any arguments. I just don’t get why they don’t just get a divorce. I mean seriously they are both unhappy in their marriage. Even though my mom still says they love each other. I could actually care less. i have someone in my life who loves and cares for me. His name is Tate Langdon. He is one of my dad’s patients. My dad is a psychiatrist. I didn’t really care if he was crazy. At least he is seeking help to get better. It was all really fate how we met. I was just walking downstairs and I bumped into him while going to the kitchen. It was awkward it was just us staring into our eyes. He then broke  the tension by laughing. I muttered a ‘Sorry’ and he said ‘Don’t me.’ I guess what they say is true. Love at first sight is real, well for me and Tate that is. There was something wrong with Tate though. The thing is that he is dead. I don’t care though. He admitted to all the wrong things he has done and I couldn’t be happier.

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Anyways I was at school at Westfield and was getting my books to go to my next class. I closed my locker shut. When I did there was a jock right behind where the locker was.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Jacob said.

“Hi Jacob. Would you mind getting out of the way for me to go to my next class.” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be like that (Y/N). I just want to talk!” He said.

“What do you want to talk about? You better talk fast because you have thirty seconds.” I said.

“Okay well you know that big science test we have?” I shook my head yes.”Well I was wondering if maybe I could go to your house and we could have a study session? Maybe you could help me ace it?” He asked.

“Okay. Meet me at my house at four, okay?” I said not really wanting to let him come over.

“Thanks (Y/N)! You’re the best!” Jacob goes to kiss my cheek but I put my hand infront of my face before he could. 

“Sorry but none of that!” I said then he awkwardly left. I went to my last period of the day, Science. Jacob was staring at me the whole time during class. “How am I supposed to help him study if he isn’t paying attention at all?” I mentally groaned. The bell rung and I rushed to get out of the classroom before Jacob could approach me. I arrived at my locker and I grabbed my science textbook and notes to help me study with Jacob. I quickly packed it in my backpack and I ran out the school doors before Jacob could once again approach me. I walk to my car and unlock it. I got in and drove to my house. I quickly got out of my car seeing that both my parents were still out of town for a day trip. I rushed inside to see what time it was and it was three fifteen. I let a sigh out of my mouth as I knew that Jacob wasn’t going to be here soon. 

“Hey babe!” Tate said. His voice startled me and I jumped landing in strong arms knowing that it was Tate. 

“Hey!” I said and turned around in his arms to see his face. He let go of the frip he had on me and put his arms around my waist while I put my hands on both of his cheeks. “I missed you so much today Tate. Why do you have to be isolated here?” I whined.

“I don’t know but it is worth it to see you come home and be able to be with you as soon as possible. I missed you too.” He said then kissed my forehead. He brought his face closer to mine and I stepped on my tippy toes and kissed him. We had a little make out session in the kitchen but I didn’t care. There was no one there to see it.  I broke apart and went to look at the kitchen timer and saw that it was three fifty-eight.

“Oh my gosh! Tate you have got to disappear like now!” I said.

“Why whats going on? Are your parents here?” Tate asked.

“No. I have a friend coming over for a study session.” I said.

“So? I would love to meet them. I think it is about time that you tell your friends that you have a boyfriend.” Tate said.

“Yeah and then whta would happen if they wanted a double date and NOT on Halloween, huh?” I said.

“And that is why you are the smart one in this relationship.” He said.

“Tate, can you PLEASE just disappear?” I begged.

“Okay. I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”I smiled and pecked his lips but then he grabbed my neck and started kissing me more.

“TATE!” I said by being muffled by his lips on mine.

“Okay fine. Bye.” He smiled and said.

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Then I blinked my eyes and he was gone. I heard the doorbell ring and I rushed to answer it.

“Hi Jacob.” I said while letting him in.

“Hi (Y/N)! How are you today?” Jacob said and smiled cheekly.

“Are we ready to study?” I said wanting to get this study session over with. 

“Yep.” Jacob responded.

“Alright. Follow me.” I said. I closed and locked the door and we walked up my staircase to my room. “Here you can set your bookbag next to my desk on the right.” I said.

“Okay!” He said while putting his bookbag down. I pointed to the two chairs at my desk as saying to sit down here. Jacob did but only after he pulled my chair out. 

“Oh, thanks.” I said while sitting down.

“Anything for the lady.” He said. I mentally prayed hoping Tate wasn’t lurking in the corner watching all of what was happening. Little did I know that that was exactly happening. I soon let that thought slip my mind  and that was the worst thing to do. I saw Jacob looking through his bookbag over and over again.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I might have accidentally left my science stuff in my locker.” He said looking down embarrased.

“Okay. I guess we will just have to share.” I said 

“Okay. Sorry.” He said.

“It’s fine.” I said. I started to read section by section. When I was done with a paragraph I would ask him if I needed to explain anything to him and he would usually say yes.

“Can I say something before you continue reading?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said not sure of what he was going to say.

“You are really cute when you are explaining this stuff to me.” He said.

“Um, I think you should know that I have a boyfriend.” I said.

“Well he isn’t here so that means I can do this.” He said.

“That means you can do w—” I tried to ask but his lips met mine and struggled to pull him away from me. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me closer. I couldn’t escape. I started to kiss back. We parted and started to kiss again. My thoughts soon interrupted me. ‘(Y/N)! Are you kidding me? YOU HAVE TATE! STOP KISSING JACOB NOW!’

“Stop! I shouldn’t be doing this. I think it is a good thing for you to leave now.” I said standing up and taking charge.

“Why? I thought you liked me.” He said.

“No! I have a boyfriend! That I am happily with!” I said. Jacob stood up and started approaching me.

“Oh come on don’t be like that!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. We were just inches apart when Tate barged in the door.

“HEY! HANDS OFF OF HER!” Tate yelled. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I know is Jacob is on the ground with Tate on top of him, beating Jacob to a pulp.

“TATE! STOP!” I yelled making Tate stop and look at me.”Run Jacob!” JAcob got up and ran for his life and I heard the front door slam shut and let out the breath I was holding.

“Tate! Why did you do that?” I asked yelling.

“He had his hands all over you! I wasn’t going to let him touch you like that!”

“Yes but I had it undercontrol! I was going to stop him until you barged in and trampled him!” I said.



“I AM NOT JEALOUS!” Tate said.

“YOU SO ARE! When my guy friend came over here you lurked in the corner and when he just reached over me you started yelling your head off at him. It’s like if a guy just looked at me then you would kill him!” I said.

“Oh I’m sorry that I can’t be protective of my GIRLFRIEND!” 


“I JUST LOVE YOU! Is that a crime?” He yelled but then started to cry. “I just love you!” Then he started to cry even harder. Then it made me cry.

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“Yes but what you do isn’t what I want. I don’t want to become your…property.” I said with my voice being choked up.

“Then what are you going to do then (Y/N)?” He said.

“I’m going to do something I never dreamed of.” I said while crying and shutting my eyes.

“No please (Y/N). Don’t do what I think you’re going to do.” He pleaded.

“Go away.” I whispered with my eyes shut. When I gained confidence I said it again but louder.”GO AWAY!” I yelled. I opened my eyes adn i didn’t see Tate anymore. I collapsed to the ground and tried to keep my body from shaking.

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“I’m sorry (Y/N). I love you.” Tate said but I couldn’t hear it. 

The next few days were awful. I didn’t have anything to look forward to when I came home. But i still didn’t want to see him. I want to wait for a little bit. I want him to rethink what he is doing that made me do this to him. My parents started to travel more without me. I was just home alone moping wanting to feel him around me but I knew that it was to early. I was doing this to save our relationship and maybe start again or begin where we left off.

October, Four Months After

I think I am going to let Tate back into my life now. I walked around my house on October 7 calling out his name. I went to the basement.

“Tate? I’m ready now. I’m ready to pick up our relationship. I miss you too much.” I said while walking around. I finally saw him come out of the shadows and I started to cry when I saw his tear stained face with a tear trickiling down.

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“(Y/N). Is that you? Really you?” Tate asked.

“Yes baby its really me.” I said. I start running towards him and he picks me up and twirls me around. “I missed you so much. I am sorry for doing that to you but I had to let you know what you were doing and how it bothered me.” I said letting him know the reason.

“I know the time you spent away from me allowed me to think about what was wrong with me. What I was doing wasn’t love it was crazy obsession jealousy. I am so sorry.” He said.

“It’s okay. I forgive. I thank you for protecting me Tate. I love you.” I pulled away from the embrace we found ourselves in.

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“I love you (Y/N). I care about your feelings more than mine and I am thankful that you gave me a wake up call if I continued what I was doing.” Tate said. I pulled his neck down to mine and we kissed. We kissed for a long time and it was full of passion and longing for each other.

After that day everything was back to normal. It was the day before Halloween and Tate had told me to go downstairs to the basement. I did.

“Tate?” I said and then turned to walk facing away from the stairs. I turned around I was met with a man in a black suit. “TATE!” I yelled backing away but the man just started walking towards me. “TATE!” I was pressed against the staircase as the man was infront of me pressed against me. All of a sudden I heard him laughing. He unzipped his cap and it was Tate.

“YOU JERK!” I yelled and pushed him.

“I scared you.” He teased.

“Did not.” He then leaned closer to my head and we kissed. 

“I really didn’t scare you?” he said as we pulled apart.

“I said no. When are we going to go on a real date?” I asked.

“On Halloween. That’s the only day of the year where I am allowed out of this house.”

“Okay!” I said and pecked his cheek. “What did you want me to come down here.” I asked.

“Oh right! I got you this rose.” Tate said as he handed it to me. I gladly took it. “I painted it black, I know how you don’t like normal things.”

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“I think this is the sweetest thing that a boy has ever done for me. Thank you.” I stood on my tippy toes and kissed on the lips. We broke apart. “Is that it? I have to go back to do my homework if thats all.”

“Yes thats it. I love you.” 

“I love you too. See you tomorrow for our date.” I winked and started to walk upstairs to my bedroom. 

Halloween Night

Tonight is when Tate and I were going to go on our date. I got ready for it. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew that anything was going to be perfect with him. A knock came on my door and I opened it to see Tate.

“Are you ready for our date?” He asked.

“Of course I am! Where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere that I loved to go when I was in high school, where i could let all the stress free from my head when times got tough.” 

“Okay! Do I need to bring anything extra?”

“Nope. If it gets cold you have me to warm you up.” He warmly smiled. We exited the house and started to walk. It was a good fifteen minute walk and then we reached our destination, the beach. We walked over to the lifeguard booth and I sat down on a concrete wall. When I had just sat down I felt my phone buzzing. I took out my phone and I saw that it was my mom calling. 

“(Y/N) where are you?” my mom said frantically.

“I’m just hanging with friends.” I said and looked where Tate was and he was fooling around on the lifeguard ‘porch’. “I’m sorry i should have called or left a note. Is this the part where you make me come home?” I said praying it wasn’t.

“Are you safe?”

“I swear.” 

“Are you having fun?”


“Was there anything that happened while we were gone?”

“There was some banging but I think it was just some little kids playing a prank.” I felt something on my neck and I realized that it was Tate.

“I want you home in an hour.”

“Okay. All right. Bye.” I tried to hang up quickly so I could spend more time with Tate. I finally hung up.

“Who was that?” Tate asked and stopped kissing my neck.

“My mom.” I smiled.

“Oh.” He said. Then he leaned closer to me and kissed me. We pulled apart and we walked down to the beach. When we reached the sand I layed down and he got on top of me and started kissing me again.

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We eventually stopped not wanting to get any further. He sat up with me and put his arm around me. He got up and light a fire. Then he returned and sat next to me, pulling me close. I rested my head against his.

“I used to come here when the world would close in and got so small I couldn’t breathe. I’d used to look out in the ocean and think, ‘Yo, scum bag, high school counts for jack. Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Brando, De Niro, Pacino.” I looked at him as he turned his head to look at me. “All high school dropouts. I hated high school.  So I’d come out here and I’d look at this vast, limitless exspanse. And it’s like, thats your life, man. You can do anything. You can be anything. Screw high school. That’s…that’s just a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.” He looked at me and I leaned my head on his.

“Very knowledgable Tate. I love you.” I looked at him and kissed him.

“I love you too.” He said when we pulled apart. 

“Tate, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Anything.” Tate responded.

“Why would you get so jealous?” I said with my head leaning in his. He took in a deep breath.

“I would get so jealous because I saw what it did to my parents when my dad didn’t care. When he would just let go. They were so much in love until he stopped caring. I didn’t want that to happen to us. I love you too much but to be completley honest it was because I just want you all to myself. I don’t want to share you. I want you to be with me and only me.” He said and then kissed me deeply.

“I understand Tate. I don’t want that to happen to us either. I will love you forever.”

“I will too.” 

That night was filled with love. I didn’t want whatever happened to Tate’s parents to happen to us.  I wouldn’t allow that but I understand why he reacted that way and I can’t say I blame him. I will spend forever with him. No. Matter. What.

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Can I have RFA + V & Saeran (If you do) coming home with their friend and MC freezing becouse their friend would be MCs abusive ex? I love your blog

Oh god i had fun writing these, i must be honest.THIS GOT REALLY BIG!

Thank you for your support and for those kind words!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)
Warning: Violence.


  • He invited a good friend of his to his house, that friend doesn’t even believe Yoosung have a girlfriend, a beautiful girlfriend!
  • “Honey, i’m home!” God, he always wanted to say that
  • “Welcome back Yoo–” Mc look at the guy behind Yoosung, was her ex, and abusive ex, an ex that called her horrible things, treat her like shit, hitting on her sometimes, he treated her a way that no woman must be treated, a man that nobody must be treated
  • She just freezes, looking at that man’s eyes and him looking at her, almost finding it funny 
  • “Honey…What’s wrong?” Yoosung said, looking at you, getting closer and closer, you’re shaking, the ex  doesn’t even are afraid that you might tell the truth about him, you’re a coward.
  • “He’s….He’s…That guy i told you…The abusive ex”
  • You say almost whispering, afraid, Yoosung froze too, that guy…Was the one that done those bad things with you… 
  • “Well…Looks like MC is sick!” He laughs and looks at the guy “Hey bro!Sit on the couch, I’ll pick some things to us to drink!” He’s smiling, you don’t understand why he was like that.
  • The man starts walking to the couch, whispering a “bitch” when he passed by you, you have certain that Yoosung heard it, but he’s still smiling, closing the door, while your ex is on the couch, watching TV now.
  • You can’t believe this guy will drink with your boyfriend that knows about all that guy made, you want to cry,you’re looking down, holding your tears.
  • When you look up, you see Yoosung, picking up a knife, with a marvelous expression on his face, you don’t know what he’ll do.
  • That guy doesn’t even notice Yoosung behind him,and then Yoosung puts the knife on the guy’s neck “I’m trying my best to not cut your throat, you’ll get up, will say that you’re sorry to MC, and you’ll go away and never, listen to me very carefully, never, come back” He presses the knife on the guy’s neck, almost cutting.
  • “And if you think I’m afraid of you, look at my eye, i’m not scared of a piece of shit like you, now…Go”
  • The man gets up, slowly, Yoosung’s still looking at him, with the knife in his hand, your ex walks toward you “I-I’m sorry…” He says shaking, and after that, he runs away.
  • Yoosung puts the knife on the counter and looks at you, smiling, “Honey, do you want popcorn?”


  • Zen already warned you about this, you are happy, Zen will take a day out, finally. 
  • When those two arrived, you’re smiling, ready to greet your boyfriend, then you see that demon behind him.The men that used to beat you.
  • You froze, taking a littles steps back, Zen was waiting for his hug and kiss, but he knows that something was wrong.
  • “Long time no see, little thing” When he heard this, he remembers what you said to him, that your abusive ex boyfriend called you “Little thing”.
  • Zen look at the man, and punch your ex, a punch that made him fall to the ground 
  • “WHAT THE HELL MAN?” Your ex says, trying to defend himself while Zen is punching him, the guy doesn’t stand a chance against Zen
  • Zen looks like a demon,he’s saying so many things to your ex, yelling, after all, that your ex goes away, bleeding, and Zen looks at you, his hand is covered in blood.
  • But he doesn’t care, he runs to you and hugs you even with his hand with blood “I’m sorry for bringing this guy to this house..” You hug him back.
  • In that day, he’ll make you remember how much he loves you.


  • It’s hard to imagine him with a friend, so it’s a company employee, one that he trusts.
  • He’ll talk about some projects on his house while drinking some wine. When he arrives with this man, you drop the bottle of wine that was in your hands.
  • Is this the monsters that abused you for many years?Yeah, it was. You’re scared, so you just froze, with a terrified face, Jumin is preoccupied about you, so he just goes, toward you and hugs you 
  • “You can tell me if anything is wrong…Nothing will happen to you…” His voice is so calm and firm that you tell whispering to him everything, holding back your tears.
  • After that, he looks at the men, who was looking at you “Guards.Take this man out of here.”
  • The guards hold the man, taking him away “Wait a minute.” He takes off his suit and puncheS that man while the guards were holding him 
  • “Make sure to punish him outside, you guys will be rewarded, each tooth of this man that you bring to me, i give you guys a promotion, now, take this trash out.” The guards take him out.
  • Jumin sighs and looks at you, he smiled and kissed you “I’m by your side now love…Me and Elizabeth”
  • You give to him one laugh “I’ll make a collar for you, love…Will be made with that man’s teeth.”


  • She brings your ex boyfriend to your house because he was a trusted person, he was helping a lot with the cafe, providing advice, supplement, Jaehee wants you to meet him,and then, you can thank him.
  • When she opens the door and you see that man, you don’t know what to do, you open your mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.
  • Jaehee finds it strange, when he looks at the guy again, she remembers why she think he was so familiar
  • She knew him from old photos that you showed her, when you told your history with that man, that monster, that abusive boyfriend.
  • Jaehee could kick his ass right there, but she doesn’t, 
  • “I think it’s better if you leave.” That guy nods, but when he was about to go away, he stops on the door and look at you “I didn’t know you stepped so low MC,you’re a lesbian now?" 
  • He laughs, and before he could even think about anything, Jaehee kicks him right in the face, he falls to the ground.
  • Jaehee gets on top of him, immobilizing him "Say that you’re sorry.” “What the hell?!Okay, i’m sorry!”
  • Jaehee let him go, but not before you kick that guy’s face, she gets up “Sorry for this behavior MC, but i couldn’t let this guy talk like that with the love of my life.”


  • I know it’s impossible to him have friends bring someone to his bunker, but please, ignore that detail or i’ll never be able to do 707
  • He’s the meme god, the meme lord, and he has a friend?That is unusual.
  • When the two of them enter that bunker, you froze just by see the face of your ex.
  • Seven looks pretty serious after that door close “Hey man, i have a present for you!" 
  • He runs, your ex look at you "You still look like a bitch.” When you’re about to say something, Seven’s back, with that robot, the dog robot, the one that spits fire.
  • “Here” He smiles while the man picks it up “Hey, come on!Let’s test it outside, he obeys some commands!”
  • While they are leaving again, Seven looks at you, with a smile on his face, you’re so curious about what he’ll do, that you stood by the door.
  • The man seems excited, he puts the dog on the ground 
  • “Okay, i will show you what he does…Doggie..” The robot eyes shine “Burn him up. Do a good barbecue” And then he starts to spill fire, and the man begins to run while the robot chased him 
  • “Saeyoung!He can die!” Seven laugh and kiss you as he enters the house again, pulling you in too, closing the door 
  • “Let’s just hope that he doesn’t die in front of our house!” You don’t laugh, you seem worried “Baby, i will not kill him, i just..Roasted him" 
  • This time you laughed.


  • He was bringing a new friend of his, he said that you’ll like the guy, he was cool.
  • When that guy arrives, your heart stopped, that was your ex, you told V about it, but of course, he cannot recognize the man. 
  • But he was holding your hand and he realizes how much you’re shaking right now, you just shake that much when you told him about this man
  • He gets it now.
  • "I think it’s better if you leave, please, close the door when you get out.”
  • “Okay” The guy says while he was going 
  • “I don’t know you like blind people MC, good look, pig” and then he gets out, slamming the door.
  • V hugs you, comforting you “Calm down love…I sorry i could do anything…” He kisses your cheek
  •  "But Jumin’s bodyguards can" he smiles. He’s so precious.
  • He can be calm, but not with this kind of people, if you mess with MC you mess with him.


  • Saeran will be a little different, you two are walking on the street, and you spot your ex and froze because of this.
  • You two were walking, you were happy, Saeran is happy, but with his grumpy face. So everything is normal!
  • While you were walking you spot your abusive ex that you already told Saeran about it. And when you told him he wanted to find the guy to beat him up, but you stopped him.
  • He looks in the direction that you’re looking to see that man, he recognizes him because of photos. 
  • He promised you that he wouldn’t search the guy and beat him up, but he didn’t promise that he wouldn’t beat the guy up if he finds him.
  • He runs to the guy, and start to beat him up, smashing his fist into the guy’s face without even thinking about it, he doesn’t give a fuck about the people that was around him
  • That guy touched you, beats you, he wants to kill that guy.
  • “STOP” you yell to him to stop, and he does, getting up, with his fists covered in blood, with his shirt covered in blood 
  • “You’re lucky…If it wasn’t for her, i would kill you.”
  • He runs to you, pick your hand and start to run before the cops come
  • When you two arrived your house he hugs you so tightly, putting his head on your shoulder “I couldn’t imagine someone doing those things to you MC…You’re so precious…Especially to me.”
  • He opens his heart, is a miracle, but he did, and you smile because of that and kiss him.
  • He is precious to you too.

truth or dare: c.h. 

quick note: thanks to @girethka for the request!! (my inbox is always open send me an idea!)

You braced yourself as you brought your fist to the door and knocked. It was Luke’s rent house and the band was hosting a party to celebrate the end of the tour. Everyone who had anything to do with it was invited and you were the girl who made sure they got to the right places at the right times.

Over the past few months you’d gotten to know them each well. You knew that Michael liked to sleep in and didn’t like early flights, but you didn’t mind booking them extra early for him. You knew Luke didn’t mind the time as long as he had his headphones and a window seat-he liked to space out. And Ashton was always ready for a plane ride, carrying his trusted notebook and pen along with him. You knew Calum was-

“Hey, Y/n!” Right in front of you apparently.

“Hi, Calum!” You smiled back at the beaming boy. You could feel your heart melting at the sight of his smile. He moved aside so you could come in, handing him the six pack of beer you’d been asked to bring.

“Ah, sweet!” He said in his heavy accent; all the days away from home and he’d still not lost any of it. He closed the door while you took a few steps into the entry way. You could hear music coming from the backyard. A few people were lounging in the living room but you figured the rest were outside in the pool.

Calum opened his mouth to say something, but you didn’t see as your friend from work, Roxy, jumped up to say hi. “Y/n! I’m so glad to see you.” She pulled you into a hug and Calum settled for a tight smile as he set the beer down in the kitchen on his way to the backyard. He figured you’d find your way out. And you did.

You’d been told by Luke that there was a pool a little bit before you were leaving and you’d shown up late because you put on a bikini underneath your dress. You were always one to go for a swim. You’d managed to get Roxy to come outside with you, even though she insisted she was having fun on the couch on her phone. Now she was happily chatting with Michael and a few other crew members.

You looked around the backyard, recognizing a lot of faces. Ashton was sitting on the diving board, legs dangling as he sipped his beer talking to his friends floating in the water. He glanced up and caught your eye, waving to say hello. You raised your hand and waved back, earning a quick smile before he looked back to his friends.

Luke yelled your name and you found him leaned up against the pool wall, intense blue eyes watching you. “Hi.” He said with a grin.

“Hi.” You said back, stepping closer to hear him better.

“How are you?” He asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“I’m good! How are you?”

“Can’t complain. Would you like to join me?” He said, gesturing to the pool behind him.

“Actually, yes.” You’d been  wanting to take a dip in the pool ever since you’d heard there was going to be one. He smiled and turned around, leaning his back against the side of the pool. You took off your shirt and shorts, leaving them on a chair by the pool. You left your shoes by them and put up your hair.

You went to the stairs and stuck your foot in, immediately taking it back out. “Why is it so cold?” You scowled at Luke like it was his fault, while he just laughed.

“It’s almost ten at night, the water’s bound to cool down. You’ll adjust to it, just get in.” He said while laughing, watching you stick your foot back in cautiously.

“Fine.” You quickly stepped into the water, sucking in a breath as it hit you. Luke laughed, sipping his beer as you slowly joined him at the side of the pool.

“You alright?” He asked as you had your eyes screwed shut, hands hanging above the surface

“Fine.” You whispered, adjusting a bit to the temperature. When you opened your eyes you immediately found Calum across the pool sitting with a few other friends at a table. He was nodding and laughing at something, eyes crinkling as he smiled the cutest smile. You’d kill to make him smile like that.

“What are you staring at?” Luke teased, knowing full well what you were looking at.

“Oh, shut up!” You whispered, before clearing your throat. “Shut up.” You said in a louder voice, tearing your eyes from the now shirtless boy.

“Just ask him out already! It’s so obvious you two are made for each other.” You rolled your eyes. “All you ever do is drool over each other.” He said through a laugh. You pushed his shoulder, causing him to lose his balance and tip over into the water. Now it was your turn to laugh. His beer bottle went under the water as he was trying to regain balance and he glared at you when he was upright again.

He poured the beer and pool water onto the concrete behind him while looking at you with a smirk. This ended your laughter as you knew he had an idea. “Everyone!” He said, calling the attention to him. He held up the empty beer bottle for them to see. “Let’s play spin the bottle!” A few cheers were heard back and you looked at him wide-eyed as he set the bottle to the side and pulled himself out of the pool.

You looked to where Calum had previously been and now he had his lip tucked between his teeth, looking like he was seriously thinking something over before his eyes met yours. You saw his worried brown eyes become something else. With a slight smirk he stood from his chair and left his beer bottle on the table, following the others to where Luke had set the game up.

You reluctantly followed to an open patch of grass where people were sitting around a pizza box with a bottle on it. Luke had put on a shirt and some basketball shorts. “Okay so this is Truth or Dare spin the bottle which is you spin the bottle and ask the person truth or dare and then you give them a truth or dare.” Luke said, eyeing you from his spot. You sat in between Roxy and Michael, watching as Luke asked for someone to go first.

Ashton offered and spun the bottle, landing on Roxy. “Truth or Dare?” He said with a smile as he sipped from his beer bottle.

She pretended to be lost in thought before saying, “Dare!” With an exciting tone.

“I dare you to jump in the pool naked.” Ashton said without missing a beat. You’d think for colleagues that was a little too much but before you all worked together, you were all pretty good friends. There was Roxy, you, Dallas (the outfits), Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, Blake (the social media), and Hoeg who preferred to be called that over his real name and he was of course the photographer.

Roxy stood up with a triumphant smirk and began stripping, earning whoops from Dallas and Michael. You watched with laughter as she ran naked towards the pool and jumped in. Everyone was laughing as she surfaced and said with a grin, “My turn.”

When she was back and in shorts and her bra, she spun the bottle. It landed on Luke. “Truth or d-“ But before she could finish the sentence he was saying dare with a smirk, like nothing could faze him.

“I dare you to…take off one item of clothing for dare, including this one!” Roxy smiled viciously as he looked at her confused for a moment.

“No problem.” He covered up his shock with a smirk as he quickly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned stomach and chest. “My turn.” He said, moving to spin the bottle. Calum looked at Luke, smiling as he said,

“Dare.” Luke smirked back, standing up to take off his shorts. You hoped he was wearing boxers for his own sake. While he ws taking off his shorts he said,

“I dare you to kiss the prettiest person here.” He said, revealing that he did have boxers on. You wondered when he’d changed.

“Easy.” Calum replied, but he sounded like it was more difficult than that. You watched as his eyes scanned the circle, quickly finding your face. He didn’t seem nervous as he stood and walked to your side of the circle. You looked at him, feeling the red rising to your cheeks as he held his hand out for you.

You heard Roxy say, “Oo la la.” Somewhere but that seemed far away as you took his hand and stood up. He snaked his hand around your waist, tugging you closer to his shirtless torso. The other hand cupped your cheek as he smiled down at you.

“Is this okay?” He whispered, so only you could hear. You nodded, at loss for words while finding your own hands winding around his neck.
He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, earning cheers and whoops from your friends. You quickly met his pace and kissed him back, surprised when you felt his  plump lips part and even more surprised when you didn’t hesitate to part yours. The open mouthed kisses grew hot quickly and soon Michael was yelling to get a room. You laughed, pulling back and looking at the beaming Calum.

“Maybe we will.” You said to Michael glancing at Luke to see him wearing a devilish grin. He’d succeeded.


(Request by anon: hi! i was wondering if you could do a one shot where reid introduces you to henry? thanks!)

[Thank you for this request! Honestly, I got so excited to write fluffy Spence so thank you aha 💕]


“Heyyyy Henry!” Spence exclaimed as the little blonde headed boy leapt into his arms.

You and Spencer had been dating for a couple of months. His team seemed to like you a lot which was further proven with an invitation to one of Rossi’s parties. So there you were standing in Rossi’s living room chatting away to Joy.

You turned at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice and smiled at the sight in front of you. Spencer loved that kid.

“Come here. I want you to meet someone special.” Spencer took Henry by his small hand and started to lead him over to you.

‘You’ll be fine.’ Joy mouthed to you with a smile before leaving the three of you to it.

“Henry, I want you to meet (Y/N), my girlfriend.”

You smiled at the boy, noticing just how much he resembled JJ up close. “Hi, Henry. It’s nice to meet you.” you lowered yourself to his level in the hope of making him more comfortable.

Henry waved at you timidly, his other hand at his mouth chewing his nails.

You noticed his comic book shirt. “You like comics? Do you have a favourite superhero?”

Henry nodded, shyly. “Batman.”

“Ah now see, I normally say Superman so I don’t feel the wrath of Spence but-” you leaned in slightly closer. “- my favourite’s definitely Batman. Shh, don’t tell him I said that.”

Henry giggled before attacking you with a hug. You gasped at the action, your arms hugging him back gently shooting your boyfriend an awed glance.

Spencer just stared lovingly at the pair of you, feeling a somewhat wave of relief that his godchild liked you but also a wave of warmth imagining what your future children would be like.

Am I mad? - Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by conduitstr

AN: Well, just a little something to keep you going until Friday cause on Friday I have a whole week off and I’m spending it writing!

Summary: You’re in Sherrinford and Moriarty takes a liking to you

Word count:


“They think I’m mad.” You cooed as you crossed your legs underneath you. 

“Aren’t you?” Moriarty’s lips twisted upwards slightly as he observed you.

“What do you think?” You asked, cocking your eyebrow. 

“I think you’re wasted here.” 

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request for: @allheart36

pairing: Reader x Sherlock

word count: 425


You anxiously knocked on apartment 221B, waiting for your friend John to answer the door. When John invited you over, he warned you that his roommate, Sherlock, would most likely deduce you. You didn’t live in a bubble. You knew who Sherlock Holmes was and how he more often than not came across as a rude, pompous ass.

The door to 221B creaked open, revealing John’s smiling face.. “Y/N! Come in, please.”

You stepped out of the cold and into your friend’s apartment. “Hey, John, how have you been?”

John took your coat before pulling you into his warm embrace. “Hectic, uh, very hectic actually. Sherlock just picked up a new case yesterday.”

“And how is that going?” You asked, following him up the stairs.

“There are bullet holes in the wall.” John sighed.

“Naturally.” You replied, sarcastically.

“John, I need to concentrate. Unless your friend is here to help with the case she needs to go.” Sherlock deadpanned.

You stuck your hand out. “Nice to meet you, Sherlock.”

Sherlock stood up and walked over to you, taking in your every detail. “How did you know my name?”

“Well unless you’re Mrs. Hudson I figured you’d have to be Sherlock.” You rolled your eyes.

Sherlock stared at you for a few more minutes before looking at you in confusion. “I can’t figure you out. John, why can’t I figure her out?”

“Y/N isn’t like most people.” John laughed. “No one can figure her out.”

“I guess you’re going to have to get to know me the old fashioned way.” You told Sherlock.

Sherlock’s lips twitched into a smile. “I’m getting my coat and then we’re all going out for lunch.”

“What about the case?” John asked.

“I solved that yesterday.” Sherlock shrugged.

“Then why’d you shoot the wall?” John raised his voice in annoyance.

“I was bored.” Sherlock told him, “But now I’ve found a new case to work on.”

You smiled, turning to your friend, John. “That wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

“Oh it’s just getting started.” John mumbled. “And a bit of friendly advice: Don’t order from the first two restaurants.”

“Why?” You asked in confusion.

“Because Sherlock always gets kicked out of at least two for pissing someone off.” John smiled softly.

“So that’s what it’s like to live in 221B?” You asked.

John grinned, shaking his head. “Something like that.”

“Alright,” Sherlock walked into the room. “I’m ready.”

With that, the three of you went out to lunch where Sherlock insisted that you tell him everything about yourself.

Being best friends with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool would include (spoilers):

  • Meeting him before he knows about his cancer.
  • Sharing an apartment.
  • It’d probably be a bit of a mess, but you’d turn to clean the place.
  • Playing aggressive videogames.
  • Giving him speeches as if you were his subconscious voice.
  • Basically having the same humor as him.
  • You being a superhero/antihero too.
  • Getting excited when he finally meets a girl.
  • Getting close to Vanessa too.
  • The three of you eating chimichanga and inviting Peter Parker over.
  • Being friends with Weasel, and always being welcomed to the bar by everyone.
  • You breakdown when he informs you about said cancer.
  • You’re the first one he talks about the scientists with.
  • Not trusting them and expressing your concern.
  • Getting angry when he leaves Vanessa.
  • Keeping her company to make sure she’s alright.
  • Being determined to find Wade, and you do after the explosion.
  • Him being afraid to show you his face.
  • Your first reaction is to hug him tight, followed by a ridiculous joke.

‘’I guess I am the hot friend now.’’

‘’I’m still being the sexy one, duh.’’

  • You hit Weasel when he comments about Wade’s face.
  • Helping him beat up guys to find Ajax.
  • He gets impressed by your skills/powers.
  • Still, he’s fucking overprotective ALL THE TIME without realising.
  • Expressing all of his worries about Vanessa to you.
  • Having matching Hello Kitty backpacks.

‘’You may be wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed.’’

‘’Smooth Pool, smooth’’

‘’Can you shut the fuck up?’’

  • Helping him find Vanessa at the streptease club.
  • He ends up beating the shit out of some guy who tried to lay his hands on you.
  • You’re the one who asks Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead for help.
  • When you find Ajax, he continuously firts with you to annoy Wade.
  • It definetly annoys Wade.

‘’What’s my name?’’

‘’I’m gonna fuckin spell it out for ya.’’

‘’I didn’t know you could spell, Wade.’’

  • You get your turn to beat the shit out of Ajax.
  • ‘’You touch my best friend, you answer me.’’
  • Giving Wade and Vanessa private space after the events.

‘’Let’s celebrate that I saved my girlfriend from the psycopath who detroyed my beauty.’’



‘’OK, I’ll call Parker.’’

  • Wade thinking there’s something between you and Spiderman.
  • He basically scares guys away from you.
  • You probably would walk into something intimate.

‘’Wade, I’m going to the cinema with Peter, I’ll be back arou… Oh my god, oh my god. I think I just puked a little bit. Seriously guys, in the kitchen? We eat food there!’’

  • But basically him becoming your brother figure.
  • And you being the little sister he always wanted.

A/N: As requested, this is Part II! Have fun! ;)

Part I

Words: 2288 (I guess I got a little… carried away xD)
Warnings: smut

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Not Convincing (Peter Parker)

word count: 1, 423

request: omg ur doing tom holland’s spider-man imagines, omg i love him okay okay can u do one where the reader is peter’s neighbour and they knows that he’s spider-man and so they just happen to come over unannounced and walk into peter’s room right as he’s taking off his costume trying to convince ned that he’s not spider-man (like in the trailer). awkwardness on the part of the reader ensues as they realize he’s JACKED and also helping peter to convince ned he’s not spider-man

requested by: @pandalandalopalis

a/n: you requested this A WHILE ago, like back when I still found the Harambe meme funny so…a warning there. hopefully, you like this! peter is so freaking cute and I love writing stuff for him!

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Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Buzzing

Originally posted by totallybenbarnes

A/N: I’d like to start posting some of these, so requests are open and you’re welcome to view my content!

Y/N wasn’t just lacking in the poise department; she was a moving violation. However, she seemed to be enamored with trouble - and that wasn’t just an euphemism for her relationship with the known heathen, Sirius Black. It seemed that danger was just a moment away at all times, especially when she was by herself. It was as if she invited misfortune right into the common room for a spot of tea and a chat.

At first, Sirius had just figured that Y/N was unlucky. From slipping on the trails to the Black Lake to slamming her fingers in the portrait door, it seemed as though she couldn’t catch a break. However as their relationship progressed, Sirius had come to see that Y/N was a walking catastrophe, and actively sought out to save her from falling ladders, slippery floors, or a mischievous Peeves.

Y/N sat in the Gryffindor common room, writing her Charms essay. She wasn’t particularly irritated, but the essay was boring and tedious, and Y/N wished that she was out enjoying the sunshine that glimmered through the burgundy curtains. What made matters worse was that a rather large fly kept buzzing about her head, dancing right under her nose, and stealing away her focus.

“Bugger off.” Y/N grumbled, splotching ink from her quill on the table while swatting with her hand at the air.

But the fly was persistent and she gave it a few more cursory swipes before releasing a strangled growl, and slamming her quill on the table. Charms could wait. Pushing her pot of ink further up on the table, Y/N rolled a bit of parchment and stood upon the wooden chair below her. The chair swiveled from side to side precariously as Y/N began to slice at the air, aiming for her attacker. This was personal.

Moments later, right on time, her scruffy-looking partner returned from his classes with his two best friends, James and Remus. Brushing his dark hair from his eyes, Sirius turned back from closing the portrait door and was shocked to find his beloved girlfriend - his beloved, albeit very, very clumsy girlfriend - slashing the air while her perch began to sway further below her. Swiveling chairs were at the top of Sirius’s “Girlfriend Danger” list.

“Bloody hell, watch ‘er, Y/N.” James said, ducking for a smack as he wandered further into the common room.

“Stupid bug, keeps buzzing me!” Y/N replied, her eyebrows furrowed into a cute, determined look. She bit her lip in focus.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be standing on that chair,” Remus suggested with a skeptical look while setting his books on the table. “You could get hurt.”

“Yeah, I’m with Remus on this one.” Sirius agreed. He stepped closer to her protectively, watching her every move. It seemed like a typical Y/N scenario alright.

“I know what I’m doing!” Y/N spat back.

She saw the bug swoop gracefully back in her direction and with an extended swish, she slapped it across the room and out the open window. Y/N grinned, her y/e/c eyes carving into joyful half moons with triumph. But her victory was short lived, and the chair finally gave way, causing Y/N to topple through the air in a flurry of y/h/c locks and loose parchment.

Sirius, being very practiced, was underneath her at once and his arms wrapped around her torso as they collided. Sirius hit the floor with a thud and a large groan, but Y/N landed in a softer fashion onto Sirius’s chest.

“You okay, love?” Sirius grunted, reaching a hand behind his head to assess the damage, and wincing painfully.

James let out a laugh, while Remus simply clicked his tongue in a scolding manner. Y/N nodded in response to Sirius’s question.

“Nearly gave me a heart attack.” Sirius groaned, his chocolate brown eyes melting into hers with relief.

“’M sorry, dear.” Y/N replied, pushing herself up from Sirius. He wrapped his arms around her back and tugged her back down. She could smell the cologne and leather on the collar of his jacket, and she nuzzled her nose into his neck.

“I quite fancy you in this position,” Sirius said with a chuckle. “Right where I can keep you safe and sound, you lunatic.”

Hiding (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can I request a Jughead x reader where the reader is Ronnie’s adopted sister & she’s secretly going out with Juggie & invites him over when Ronnie is over at Betty’s & Hermione is over at Archie’s (cause she’s dating arch’s dad) & like they watch a movie when they hear the front door open so the reader shoves Jug in her closet & Ronnie enters reader’s room and is like yo can I borrow your bunny onesie (or something) and she opens the closet and sees Jughead and the rest is up to you! Thx 😘

A/N: This was requested that I work on this next so here it is! I hope you guys like it <3 Requests are welcome


Hiding (Jughead x Lodge!Reader)

(Y/n) Lodge.

Well sort of.

Hermione was best friends with your mom when you were little so when your parents got into a car accident and didn’t make it, she took you in.

No one on in your immediate family was close to you and Hermione was on the will as your guardian.

The adoption papers were signed within that year.

So You’ve been officially a Lodge since age 5.

You and Veronica grew up as Best Friends and then Sisters. You were the same age so it worked out great. Plus Hermione always said she wanted another daughter.

When everything went down in New York, you guys moved to the small town of Riverdale.

Of course, Ronnie wasn’t exactly thrilled but you were glad to get away from everyone.

Even though you were considered a Lodge, No one in New York thought of you as one. You didn’t act like any of them. You kept to yourself unless it was with Ronnie.

The move changed everything.

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Show You Off

Summary: Requested by @shannonsf, a Cas x reader smutty fic. You and Cas are having sex when you realize you’ve left the door cracked open and you weren’t being quiet. Dean catches you, and Cas invites him to watch.

Word Count: 2000ish

Warnings: smut, masturbation, a sort of threesome, voyeurism, tiny bit of Dom!Cas

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Unforgettable night

Not requested, I made it :)
Warnings: mature language, attempt of rape, idk
A/n: this probably sucks af but I’m bored so whatever, requests are open and you are more than welcome to drop ideas!


Y/n’s pov:

“Well, whatcha expected ma?”
My best friend, Nathan or Nate maloley asked me.

He was invited to his girlfriend’s birthday party. It was way out of control. I mean the house was a mess already, red cups splattered on the floor, Some weirdos making out on the couch, girls tweaking on boys. It was disgusting.

I’ve known skate since we were both 7. Probably because my parents moved in next to him.
he has been there for me through thick and thin. And I tried as much as possible to be there for him.

Anyways, I rolled my eyes at him.
“I expected it to be a bit classy, ya know?” I told him, taking adeep breath. Already feeling a headache making it’s appearance in my head.

“Well, she did say it’s gonna be unforgettable night.” He smirked.
I pushed him away playfully. Earning a laugh from him. I laughed with him.

We were soon interrupted by someone clearing their throat.
I turned to see a very unpleased, Jenny.
“Nate, hey babyboy. I didn’t know you’d bring ‘her’ to my birthday party..”
She said grabbing his hand.
I already felt her unwelcoming vibes.

I glared at Nate. Who frowned softly.
I remember how I was really against coming here and I highly refused. But he kept telling me that he wouldn’t go if I didn’t..

In case you haven’t noticed, me and Jenny aren’t really on good terms.
She hated me the minute Nate introduced me to her. The reason is still unknown.

“Jen, y/n is my best friend. I didn’t think you’d be so upset about it.” He said letting go of her hand. Her eyes widened and she quickly grabbed his hands again. “Baby, you know I didn’t mean it like that! She can do whatever. As long as you get to give me my birthday present tonight.” She bit her lip and I could already taste the vomit in my mouth.

I shook my head and walked to a side of the room. It was really loud and wild.
I took out my phone and played with it for a bit.
After a couple of seconds a wasted boy came towards me. I noticed he was sweaty and probably drunk way too many drinks.
I ignored him as he stood beside me.
“Hey sexy, can you please me tonight?” He asked. I scoffed. “Can you please leave me alone?” I replied. I guess he didn’t take no for an answer as he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him.
I tried to push him away but that only made him more angry. He cupped my cheeks roughly and placed his dry, chapped lips on mine. It wasn’t even a real kiss or anything. He moved his lips along my still ones, already hurting them.
I kept my mouth close and still. Fighting against this horny bastard.

Suddenly, he was pulled off me.
I looked up to meet a gorgeous green eyes, full of anger and concern.
He grabbed the idiot guy from the collar of his shirt and punched him. Not stopping until his knuckles were blooded and the guy’s face was probably broken.

“Hey, are you ok?” He asked me, keeping his space from me, which I really respected him for.
“I-i guess, thanks to you of course.” He came close and put his unhurt hand on my face and removed the rolling tears from falling, I didn’t even notice that I was crying.
Then it hit me, I could have been raped.
I let out a loud sob. Hugging myself.
The unknown guy speed walk in my direction and hugged me. It was weird at first then I felt the comfort that I needed and I slowly hugged back.

“Hey, calm down, beautiful. You’re ok now.” He shushed me softly. We stayed like this for 10 minutes or so then he let go.
“I’m dan.” He introduced himself. I smiled at him. “I’m y/n.” He grinned. “Well, miss y/n, what are ya doing here alone?”
I sighed. “I’m not alone, I came with my bestfriend but he disappeared with his girlfriend.” His facial expressions changed. And he frowned. “What the fuck? Why did he bring you, if he wasn’t gonna stay with you?” I shrugged, not really in the mood to talk about skate. He got the idea because he took my hand. “C'mom, how about we go to that ice cream parlor, I guarantee to you that you’ll like it!” I smiled. “Ok, but you better not be lying.” I joked and he scoffed. “We’ll see, doll face.”

After having a war of food. We’re were exhausted. We also talked a lot.
Got to know each other better.

“I had lots of fun today, thanks to you.” I nudged his shoulder. He laughed. “So glad I could help, princess.”

We made our way to the house again but I grabbed Dan’s hand without thinking. “I’m sorry.” I said embarrassed. He just chuckled and smiled. “Nah, it’s alright. Y/n.” Tightening his grip on my hand.

“Y/n! Where were you?! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”
We both saw a worried skate and an annoyed Jenny.
“I’m fine, skate. You should go back to your girlfriend.” I said bitterly. I know I’m acting stupid right now. More like childish but he left me for this witch.

dan raised an eyebrow and asked. “That’s the friend??” I nodded.
He angrily pushed skate, and was about to fight him.
“What the hell?! Dan! Stop it right there!! Don’t you dare touch my boyfriend again.” Jenny said standing between them.
Dan looked surprised and disappointed.
“Wait.. You are my sister’s boyfriend?!” He asked skate. I gasped when I heard him.
“Hold on! Dan, you’re Jenny’s brother ?!”

Great. Just great.

It was indeed as Jenny said, gonna be an unforgettable night.

BTS Scenario: Controlled Chaos.

Request:  A scenario where the Maknae line volunteered to babysit Jins babies while he goes to a photoshoot and Seokjins twins turns out to be a prankster. While Jin is busy they cant call him so Taehyung decided to call you and asks you how to tame your little twins please? ^u^

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

This was supposed to be easy, to take care of the twins wasn’t going to require even an eyelash batting, they were little angels dressed in pink and white dresses by the time Seokjin opened up the door and invited them in, giggling behind braids and ribbons and of course they were going to help out their hyung. Taehyung had tagged along with Jimin and half dragged Jungkook there, he’d said he was going to help as well but started having second thoughts about it.

This was going to be oh so easy, so why was Taehyung practically sweating cold while trying to get Jimin out of the little seat he was stuck in. Jimin had fallen and the seat’s hold broke resulting in him stuck in the base.

– You’re crushing me! – Jimin complained while Taehyung pressed one foot on the edge to pull him. He looked stupid being all bossy with a princess costume hanging all crumpled from his neck and the little plastic tiara with glitter attached to his head only by Eunji’s willpower.

–Well why the hell you fell exactly there? – Taehyung opened his eyes wide and looked around, none of the twins were near enough to hear him swearing, that was good, but also, that was the bad part of this, they weren’t there and none of them were supposed to lose sight of them, Seokjin was going to chop them in pieces if something happened to the twins.

–This is your fault! I told you to go after Eunji first–

Taehyung groaned if only to not hear Jimin complaining anymore and could finally take Jimin out from the little chair trap while he fell on his bum, at that same time Jungkook screamed.

Jimin opened his eyes wide and ran towards the sound of Jungkook’s voice, Taehyung got on his feet as well, the array of silly necklaces around his neck that were the proof of the craziest tea party he’d ever had to take part in his life were almost choking him and he made a mental note to take them off after he got the twins together and calm again.

–Wait! – Jungkook screamed when they appeared at the kitchen threshold, he wasn’t looking any better than the other two, walking ridiculously around with his black hair adorned with a variety of hair pins and ribbons of all colors, at some point Taehyung and Jimin had thought of taking a photo of him for future blackmailing purposes.

Jungkook was supposed to fetch the juice after the twins forced them to drink half a carton as if it was tea. Jin had told them to take care of his princesses while he finished his photoshoot and the twins were definitely princesses, princesses who believed in the fine and effective art of dictatorship.

–Where’s Soojin?! – Jimin squeaked next to Taehyung and they both observed the trail of foot prints covered in the smashed strawberry pie on the floor.

Jungkook’s eyes were rounder than they’d ever seen them before. –I left her for only one minute I swear, she was here, and then she was not! –

–What! Jungkook she’s three, you weren’t supposed to take your eyes away from her until we caught her sister –

Jungkook suddenly seemed to realize something and Taehyung stopped talking. – Oh my god, oh my fucking god hyungs….–

He had his hands pressing against his hair and Taehyung got scared right then, usually Jungkook was good at keeping his cool.

–What now? – he almost didn’t want to ask, Jimin was busy shoving together all the crushed pie and probably making a bigger disaster out of it.

–The knife….–

–What knife? – Taehyung cringed, doubting Jimin’s voice could ever get higher than that. Jimin stood frozen glaring holes at Jungkook and Taehyung was honestly feeling one step away form a nervous breakdown.

–Are you trying to tell me that Soojin got a knife Jungkook? – Taehyung talked calmer than he felt, and then Jimin started to hyperventilate while looking everywhere around the kitchen, Jungkook was growing pale and the next second Taehyung was running away from the kitchen with the stupid necklaces dangling from his neck. –Soojin! –

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request: heyyy i love your writing x could you do like a truth or dare game with shawn and some friends and one of the dares is for shawn’s friend to kiss you or something and he gets jealous? x

a/n: was gonna add some angst but idk maybe that’s for another day. but def send in request for angsty things or fluffy things :D

You followed Shawn up to the front porch of his friend’s house- where the two of you had been invited for a get together. “Hey!” One of Shawn’s friends opened the door, bringing Shawn in for a one-armed hug. “This must be Y/N!”

“Yeah!” Shawn nodded, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Babe, this is Matt!”

Soon, you were aquainted with all of Shawn’s friends at the party, and Lauren had immeidately dragged you into a conversation about some sort of makeup while Shawn talked to his friends about the Leafs game he was at recently. “Let’s play a game!” One of the girls yelled, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Let’s play truth or dare!”

Everyone was sitting in a circle, with an empty bottle in the middle. “Ok, so we’ll go clockwise, starting with Clara, and whoever the bottle lands on must pick truth or dare. If you decide not to do either, you gotta take a shot!” She held up the shot glass and whiskey bottle.

“What?” You whispered, looking at Shawn.

He just shrugged and laid his hand on your thigh.

About three rounds into the game, there were some pretty tipsy teenagers sitting amongst the group. “Gavin! It’s your turn!” Clara giggled, leaning heavily on the boy next to her.

Gavin spun the bottle, smirking when it landed on you. “Truth or dare?”

“D-dare?” You stuttered, worrying on your lip.

Gavin chuckled, nodding to the boy across from him. “Dare you to kiss Chet.” The boy Gavin had dared you to kiss had been eyeing you up all night, and Shawn noticed.

“I don’t-“

“Do it, or take the shot.” Gavin demanded, holding the whiskey bottle out to you.

You felt Shawn’s tense body behind you, and you grabbed the bottle and shot glass, pouring yourself a shot. “Sorry,” You whispered to yourself, before sending the liquid down your throat and coughing.

You passed the bottle on to the next person and looked at Shawn, his jaw was set and he was staring a hole into the wall behind another girl.

You looked at Shawn, who was pulling into your driveway. “You look pretty hot when you’re jealous.”


“At the party- when that kid-”


“Yeah, when Gavin dared me to kiss Chet. You were jealous. Looked hot.” You explained, hopping out of Shawn’s car and walking over to his side. “See you whenever.” You leaned in and kissed Shawn after he rolled his window down.

His little girl (Joker fanfiction)

Request: Are requests still open??💗 If they are then could u maybe do one where you are Batman younger sister but you are also secretly in love with the Joker?? 

A/N: I’m thinking about making this into a series. Comment or message me if you like the plot and want more

‘’Y/N!’’ your big brother Bruce shouted from downstairs. He had invited you to this year’s Wayne party. To be honest, you were never that interested in all of his escapades. Sure, you grew up rich, but you always made sure never to take that for granted. Both Bruce and Alfred were extremely overprotective of you. When your parents died all those years ago, you were just a baby, so you didn’t have any memories of them.

Even though Brucey was just a little boy, he had made a promise that day to make sure you never got in harm’s way. You were only Y/A, so you’d never been invited to these parties before. 

There was always a lot of alcohol and a lot of adults. Don’t get me wrong, you loved how protective Alfred and Bruce were of you because it made you feel safe and loved but sometimes you were just annoyed with their constant checking up on you.

Alfred still did things like make you breakfast and put your socks out for you, as if you were still a little girl who needed help getting dressed. 

It had been about a year since Bruce told you his big secret. At first, you ran into your room and locked the door, crying. Refusing to believe that your big brother actually was the Batman. Although when you thought about it, it all made sense.

You eventually learned to live with it and now you were proud of your big brother, saving the city and everything. A knock on your bedroom door made you turn your head. ‘’Y/N? I called you, is everything alright?’’ a worried Bruce spoke from outside your bedroom.

 You sighed and shook your head. ‘’Yes, big brother, I’m just getting dressed, relax.’’ Bruce sighed and leaned his head to the door. ‘’You know I don’t want to be clingy, but I worry about you. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.’’ 

Sighing, you walked over and opened the door. ‘’I know you do. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I will not drink alcohol and you will find me in the retirement section with Alfred.’’ Bruce laughed and messed up my hair. ‘’Eyy!’’ you laughed at him and pushed his shoulder. 

‘’By the way, you are not wearing that.’’ He glared down at your black, opened leg, V-neck dress.

‘’Aah, my bad. I’ll go put on my jumpsuit’’ you mocked him and stuck your tongue out. Bruce stopped and shook his head. ‘’I’m serious Y/N, that is way too revealing, it’s not appropriate.’’ 

You glared at him and dramatically surrendered using your hands. ‘’Got it, officer.’’ ‘’Funny. Party starts in ten minutes, so hurry down.’’

You walked back into your pink room, contemplating on whether or not to change into something less revealing. It wasn’t actually too revealing at all, it just showed of a little leg and a little part of your chest, barely even a glimpse of your cleavage. 

However, your toe showing was apparently enough for it to be branded inappropriate.

When you were going to introduce yourself to people, Alfred and Bruce had told you to say your name was Marie. Only a handful of people knew that you were Bruce’s little sister.

 After the murder, Alfred payed off the mayor to keep your life a secret. According to the newspaper, the little baby died along with the parents and poor little Bruce was left alone.

That was the same moment Alfred had the Batman-idea. You went to school but under the name Smith.

 It was kind of hard for you to make friends because you always froze when people asked about your family or if they could come visit at your place sometime. Eventually, Alfred had you pulled out of school and tutored you from home.

Because of your lack of a social life, you didn’t have much experience with boys or kissing. You had never really kissed a boy. That being said, you didn’t really have the opportunity to either. 

Whenever you left the house, Bruce always sent someone with you, in case something happened. 

He always stayed at a distance, so you wouldn’t feel pushed into a corner, but you could always feel his presence.  

A couple of months ago, you had begged Bruce to just let people know the truth. What was so wrong about the world knowing Bruce Wayne had a little sister? That night, he had sat you down and told you about how some of the villains in Gotham knew his identity. 

A few years ago, he had gotten sloppy and two-face was able to rip his mask of his face. Of course, every citizen in Gotham knew who the infamous boy billionaire Bruce Wayne was.

His identity had been well kept by Two-face and the others, figuring there would be no fun in revealing his true identity. Bruce had a lot of enemies in Gotham and if any of them found out that he had a little baby sister, you would immediately become a target. 

Because that would mean the Batman had a weakness and a weakness can be leveraged.

Understanding his side of the story, you had accepted that it would just have to be like this. To be honest, being kidnapped by a group of notorious Gotham villains didn’t sound that much fun, so you guessed it was for the best.

You walked over to your mirror and looked at the dress, hugging your body. It went down to about your knees, revealing a bit of skin on the right leg. It was short-sleeved and black velvet. 

You felt really glamorous in it and chose a pair of small golden heels to match. Applying some pink lipstick to your full lips, you headed downstairs to Bruce’s big mansion.

 When you walked down the stairs, you could see hundreds of people in suits and dresses, champagne glasses in hand and chattering about business and grad school. Scoffing to yourself, your eyes started searching for Bruce or Alfred. When you made eye contact with your big brother, you raised your eyebrows and hurried over to him.

 He glared at you when he saw what you were wearing, but kept his mouth shut, figuring this wasn’t the time and place. ‘’This is Marie, she’s an intern at Wayne Enterprises.’’ Bruce gestured towards you and you smiled gently and shook people’s hands, introducing yourself. ‘’You look awful young for an intern, dear.’’ An elder lady spoke and looked puzzled at you. ‘’Oh-uh, thank you, I suppose. I took my college degree a few years earlier.’’ 

The lady nodded her head and took a sip of her glass. Just when you thought you were off the questioning-hook, the man next to hear caught your attention. ‘’How old did you say you were again, miss?’’ Everybody’s eyes were on you.

You noticed Bruce starting to look a little nervous. ‘’Oh, I didn’t sir. I’m 21.’’ You lied and smiled at him. ‘’Oh well then, pour the lady a glass of champagne!’’ he exclaimed and the butler came rushing towards you. 

You had to hide the smile that was forming on your face, when you saw Bruce’s eye twitching.

Taking the glass of champagne, you thanked the butler and excused yourself. Bruce followed you and leaned into your ear. ‘’ You couldn’t have said twenty, could you?’’ he said with a stern voice. ‘’Ah, come on, Brucey, One glass.’’ Bruce looked at you and sighed heavily. ‘’Fine, one tiny glass.’’ You giggled and walked away from him.

Everything was so strange. When people thought you were a grown up, they treated you completely differently. The party seemed to be going smoothly, everyone was chattering, laughing and toasting. 

That was until I noticed a strange look on Alfred’s face. He was looking at the elevator, which was going up. Alfred always had everything under control and made sure the numbers were right and he knew there were no more people invited to the Wayne party.

Trying not to draw any attention to himself, he slowly walked towards the moving elevator, placing his hand over the revolver in his holster. Looking back to Bruce, you could see that he wasn’t there anymore. Something felt very, very wrong. 

You walked over to Alfred but kept a safe distance. When the elevator dinged and the doors slid open, Alfred tilted his head and a confused expression spread across his face. ‘’Richard?’’ Then his face turned into shock as the supposed ‘’Richard’’ fell face down to floor and nine men walked into the room.

The scene that was now unraveling, started to draw some attention and people were gradually turning their heads. Alfred backed away but before he could pull out his gun, a gunshot made everyone turn their heads to the middle of the room.

 Some squealed while others backed away. Through the crowd of masked men, you could see a green haired man walk up to the middle of the room. His hand was in the air and there was still smoke coming out out the gun in his hand.

‘’Ladies aaaand gentlemen’’ he exclaimed dramatically and spread his arms. People were now turning to the person next to them, whispering ‘’oh my god, it’s him, it’s the joker.’’ The Joker walked up to one of the butlers and forcefully grabbed a glass of champagne.

 ‘’We are tonight’s entertainment! Now, I have one question for you.’’ He threw the glass at the window and inhaled sharply, looking around the room. ‘’Where is Bruce Wayne?’’ Your heart dropped. Was the Joker one of the people who knew?

When no one replied, the joker walked up to Alfred and grabbed him by the neck. ‘’Mister Pennyworth. Do we really have to do this the hard way?’’ he smiled at him and ran a knife over his cheek. Instinctively, Alfred looked towards you to see if you were all right. 

Unfortunately, this made the joker also turn his head in your direction. First, he scanned the small group of people standing in your section of the room. When his eyes locked with yours, he stopped.

‘’Oh, never mind that’’ he said, eyes still on you as he pushed Alfred away and started walking towards you with a curious look on his face. ‘’And who, might you be?’’ he questioned and tilted his head. 

You were absolutely terrified. You had never encountered danger in your short little life. Attempting to answer him, your body froze and you found yourself completely dumbfounded and unable to utter a single word.

The joker raised one eyebrow, gesturing for you to answer. From behind him, you could hear one of his henchmen, chitchat to the other; ‘’Hah, she’s just a little kid.’’ You gulped. 

The joker growled annoyed and turned around, shooting the goon right between his eyes, before he turned his attention back to you.

‘I asked you a question, beautiful.’’ Finally finding your breath, you panted heavily in fear and swallowed hard. ‘’I’m just on the guest-list.’’ Your voice was shaky and cracked-mid sentence.

 Staring at your face curiously, the joker leaned in to your shivering face and licked his lips. ‘’You’re lying’’ he growled. Panicking, you looked around to see everybody’s eyes on you. People were giving you looks of pity and shook their heads.

‘’Tell me’’ he started and grabbed your chin forcefully, forcing you to look at him. ‘’Have you every danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?’’ he grinned. You shook your head and nervously exclaimed; ‘’N-no mister joker.’’ He laughed and tapped his finger on your nose, as if you were a five-year-old little girl. ‘’That’s Mister J to you, doll.’’ 

Then he grabbed your lower back, pulled your body towards his, and out to the center of the room.

Mister J waved his hands suggestively towards the quartet who had two guns aimed at them. They looked at each other with fearful eyes and began playing. Terrified of what that freak might do if you ignored his order, you carefully placed your arms around his neck and let him lead you around the dancefloor.

You could hear the beat of your heart pound in your ear and you felt sick to your stomach. Your cheeks were burning and you had a hard time catching your breath.

 Looking around you could see everyone passing your eyes in a blur as you twisted and turned in his grip. His eyes never left your face and you felt tempted to look into his eyes. Whenever you looked up, your heart started hyperventilating and you had to look away after about three seconds.

‘’Tell me, angel. You seem a bit young to be on the guest list for a Wayne party.’’ His grip around your waist tightened and you squealed. ‘’How old are you?’’ he looked down at you with warning eyes, as if he already knew that you were going to lie. ‘’I’m 21.’’ You hiccupped.

The joker inhaled slowly and shut his eyes, as if he was trying to restrain himself from ripping your eyes out of your eye sockets. ‘’Do. Not-lie to me’’ he growled lowly and grabbed your cheek roughly, leaving a little pink mark. With tearful and fearful eyes, you gazed up at the clown maniac and swallowed. ‘’Y/A’’ you whispered so only he could hear. 

His entire face lit up and his eyes grew wide. ‘’Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha ha!’’ he laughed loudly as he turned to look at his goons, his amused and shocked expression making them grow a bit nervous. Apparently this wasn’t a part of the plan. ‘’And what is a widdle girl doing at such a big party?’’ he taunted you with a baby voice. You were panting heavily, your chest rising and falling. The joker’s eyes darted down to your chest and he gazed down at your perky little breasts, growling under his breath.

 Feeling a bit of your confidence growing back, you grabbed his hand and tore it away from your cheek, glaring at him angrily. ‘’Ooh-ho! You’ve got a little fight in you.’’ Then he looked you up and down. ‘’Mm. I like that.’’ Your eyes widened in fear as he raised his hand and grinned down at you. ‘’Then you’re gonna love me.’’ A low growl spoke as the joker flew into the punch bowl. 

You quickly turned your head and saw The Batman coming to your rescue. A wave of relief washed over you as they indulged into a fistfight in front of everybody. You could hear sighs of relief from everywhere around the room- Batman had come to save the day.

For a second, Bruce was down and the Joker was quick to make his way back to you, but before he could reach you, Brucey got in front of you. ‘’Why oh-so protective today, bats?’’ the joker laughed. He noticed a change in Batman’s eyes. Was it fear? Stomachache? Love? Love. 

The joker took a few steps back and squinted his eyes, looking at the two. It didn’t take him long to figure out the picture.

Once Bruce understood what was happening, he placed a protective hand on your shoulder and pushed you behind his back, so that you were out of the joker’s sight. A terrifyingly wide grin spread across the jokers face and he almost looked like he wanted to cry. ‘’THIS, THIS IS TOO GOOD!’’ he shouted and waved his arms around like a maniac.

‘’Back away, clown. It’s over’’ batman said in his signature dark voice. The joker’s grin turned into a smirking grin as he slowly shook his head and rubbed his hands together. ‘’This is gonna be SOO GOOD! OH, just you wait and see.’’ The joker excitedly backed off as his henchman followed behind him.

‘’What do you mean by that!?’’ Batman shouted at him and took a step forward, making you visible to the clown again. The joker’s eyes drifted to you and he grinned. ‘’Bye-bye batsy!’’

 After all the guests had left and the police had arrived and spoken to Bruce, we were all ready to call it a day. Bruce walked up to you once the police officers had gone.

 You were sitting on a couch with a blanket wrapped around you. ‘’Y/N, I don’t know what that maniacal freak has in mind, but I swear to you, I won’t let anything happen to you. These officers will be stationed in front of every door in the mansion until this thing blows off. That includes, two officers outside of your bedroom. I won’t take any chances with that clown.’’

 You simply nodded your head. ‘’Brucey, I’m tired, I need some rest.’’ Bruce looked at you and stroked the top of your head as he asked one of the police officers to escort you to your room.

You were so physically and mentally exhausted that you didn’t have the energy to remove your makeup. Slipping into your pink nightgown, you crawled under the covers and snuggled into the pillow. There was no way you were sleeping tonight. The events of what had happened kept replaying in your mind over and over.

You stayed in that state for about an hour, thinking about the Joker. The way he touched your skin and looked into your eyes. There was something hauntingly beautiful about his deranged eyes and you couldn’t get him out of your head.

A sound from outside your bedroom snapped you out of your train of thought. You could hear a man gargle on his own spit and making choking sounds. Your eyes widened and you hugged your pink pillow tighter. That’s when you heard footsteps walking up to your bedroom door. Breathing heavily, your eyes frozen and glued to the wall, you could hear the doorknob turn. 

This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening. It’s just a dream you kept repeating in your head. The door made a clicking sound and creaked as it slowly opened to reveal a shadow. You felt a rush of blood flow through your entire body in fear and excitement as you heard an oh-too well familiar growl.

Babe (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “could you pleeeease write a fic where lafayette and the reader are best friends and they love teasing each other?????”


A/N (Can I do that annoying thing I do where you didn’t ask for a modern AU, but I do it anyway? Because I’m a terrible person?)


“Ugh gross. Who invited you over?” You opened the door to see Lafayette standing there. 

“Awww I love you too, Y/N” Lafayette ruffled your hair and walked into your apartment. 

“Yes please, come in.” you said to no one because Lafayette was already sprawled out on your couch.

“What are we doing today?” he asked from your couch.

“Well I just gonna eat,” Lafayette sat up excitedly. “ooooh but we just ran out of baguettes. I guess you’re gonna have to eat somewhere else.”

“Haha. You are very funny, ma chérie.” He ginned at you. “Are you actually hungry, babe?” 

“Are you, babe?” You and Lafayette constantly used the nickname ironically, but you weren’t dating. There had been a few drunken kisses that you guys only knew about because Alexander reminded you. You each assumed the other had no idea it had happened. 

“I could eat.” You shrugged.

“In or out?” Lafayette got up from the couch and walked over to you. 

“Well…” You took the opportunity of Lafayette leaving to lay down in his place. “If we go out it’s your turn to pay, and if we stay in it’s your turn to cook.” You gave him a shit eating grin and his face fell. “So either one’s fine by me.”

“I’m not cooking so we’re going out.” Lafayette picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. 

“No! Put me down!” You carried you down the stairs of your apartment building. 

“Laf! I’m not even wearing shoes!” 

“You left some in my car last week.” Lafayette refused to put you down. 

“Gilbert! Put me down!” Lafayette slapped you lightly on the ass and smirked at you. “What the hell was that for?” you asked. 

“I don’t like getting called Gilbert.” he shrugged. 

“Wow, Lafayette. There are better ways to hit on a girl.” 

“Oh you wish I was hitting you, petit gâteau.” Lafayette carried you all the way to his car, only setting you down to get his keys out. He opened the passenger side door for you. 

“Oh now you’re being a gentleman?” you asked stepping in. 

“I’m always a gentleman.” 

When you got to the restaurant, you and Lafayette sat across from each other in a booth with low lighting. Lafayette was throwing popcorn in your hair. You shook it out and opened your mouth for him to throw the popcorn into. 

“Wow the last time a girl opened her mouth for me like that-” 

“Please do not finish that sentence.” you said to him. You both fell into laughter and were still giggling when the waitress came over.    

“Aw you guys make a cute couple!” she said with a smile. 

“Oh we’re not-”

“Thank you very much!” Lafayette said, laying his hand on top of yours. You furrowed your brow at him, but he just smiled at you. Lafayette ordered drinks for both of you, and the waitress left. 

“Lafayette? You know were not dating right?” you said smiling. 

“Oh believe me, chaton, I’m fully aware that. Kind of sucks doesn’t it?” He cocked his head. 

“I-I guess.” You pulled out your phone to distracted yourself and keep your blushing to a minimum. 

“Vraiment dommage…” You heard Lafayette mutter. 

A Whole New World

Request: Can you do a Newt imagine where you’re a nomaj but he really falls for you and shows you everything about magic and his creatures like omg please please please I will love you forever

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 1,718

A/N: Please now that I haven’t edited this one at all. I jus t wanted to post it before I left the house, so I will come back to do that later. First Newt imagine! I am so in love with him help me pls.

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A Whole New World

A shiver ran down your spine as you walked alongside Newt Scamander on your way to Tina and Queenie’s shared apartment, seeing as you had been invited over to have dinner with them.

You had initially met Newt almost a month back when he had just arrived in your hometown of New York. You were accompanying your brother to make a transaction at the local bank when he bumped into you, seemingly in a hurry. Once he looked up from the floor, not before muttering a quick apology, your eyes had locked on each other for longer than they should after a small incident like such. You had taken notice of his cheeks, that flushed a light color of pink as yours did the same. Newt blinked a couple times as if he were getting himself out of a trance before nodding his head and continuing to chase after whatever it was he was chasing. You bit your lip, wondering if you would ever get to meet that cute stranger ever again.

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Third Wheels (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guysss!! Here’s another kinda long one haha. I only left about four more requests left and I think I should be able to open my requests soon so yayy😄 Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: I’m so in looooove with your Imagines ! I’d also like to request something. You’re Wanda’s best friend and she invites you over to the Avengers compound for the first time. So as you get there you’re immediately lost but a lovely guy finds you and helps you find your way. Bucky. Since then you visit her more often and after a while you’re friends with all Avengers so Wanda, Natasha and Steve decide you bring you and Buck together cause they see how you act with each other and it works ? :) THX<3

“Yes, yes, I’m almost there,” you said on the phone.

“Do you need me to come down and pick you up?” You best friend asked you.

“I’ll be fine, Wanda. I’ll just meet you there,” you replied, stopping in front of a building, looking up to see that you’ve arrived. “I’m here already, see you soon.”

Putting down the phone, you took a deep breath in before entering the building. You weren’t good with being in this kind of places and you weren’t good with new people, especially if the people you were meeting save other people for a living. Why had you allowed Wanda to talk you into this?

Wanda was a part of the Avengers and you were just a simple waitress in a café. The two of you met as she was a regular customer, the café you worked at is usually quiet and slightly empty so you started talking to her, both of you kicking it off pretty well.

Now, all of that led to this moment. She had been pestering you to come visit her ‘workplace’ as she visits yours almost every day, at first you weren’t sure but she managed to convince you, saying that everything would be fine.

You sighed as you entered the lift, staring at the buttons, frowning. Which level was it again?

Scratching your head, you randomly pressed a button to one of the top floors. When you arrived, you stepped out of the lift and looked left and right, both sides of the hallway looking the same.

“Why does this building have to be so damn big?” You muttered to yourself, picking a side and walking, thinking maybe it’ll lead you to somewhere.

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