this is not allowed to happen!

Reason number 1 why I should be allowed to have a gun in my dorm: some acquaintance of my roommate attempted to rob my roommate at gunpoint, in our dorm room.  This happened an hour ago.

No one was seriously injured, no shots fired, we’re all okay.  But we didn’t have any feasible way to defend ourselves other than literally going fist-to-fist with them, which is what my roommate did (and won, what a fucking badass).

But there is a possible future that all five of us–me, my three roommates, and a guest–who were minding our own business could have been shot and killed and we would have been helpless because of the narrative that guns are scary and evil and therefore we non-scary and non-evil people have no legitimate reason to own and carry them.

I want that on the record.  If I had died tonight, it would be completely the fault of the state that I had been a victim, rather than there being a fight on approximately equal footing.

Fuck your gun control.

  • Sasuke: I will do the laundry today.
  • Sakura: Um, are you sure Sasuke-kun? You've never-
  • Sasuke: (interrupts) Just let me do it, Sakura.
  • Sakura: Alright, alright. Thank you!
  • -a few hours later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun all my clothes are ruined! The colors mixed and they all shrunk!
  • Sasuke: Doesn't matter. I got you new ones. (hands her a pile of clothes)
  • Sakura: Well you better, I don't want to have to walk around naked... (unfolds one shirt)
  • Sasuke: ...I'd never allow that to happen...
  • Sakura: (staring at the shirt, shocked) B-but these... they all have the Uchiha crest on them...
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Sakura: Tha-that's... I can't accept that, I'm not an Uchiha, I'm not worthy of-
  • Sasuke: Sakura, shut up.
  • Sakura: (slightly upset) ...
  • Sasuke: (lifts her chin up, smiling slightly) Will you marry me?
  • -years later-
  • Sakura: Darling?
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Sakura: You destroyed my clothes on purpose back then, haven't you?
  • Sasuke: (smirks) ...Maybe...

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Management has control over girls' social medias, so why was Lauren allowed to tweet that and conradict PR's team actions?

Its the label that legally owns the social medias (although I expect that they also grant managers and PR firms the rights to do the groundwork of the campaigns). It’s not like they sit there all day tweeting from the girls’ accounts pretending to be them. i actually saw an interview with one of the sm consultancy firm people saying that they really try to take on clients who are active on their social media, so that they don’t have to end up doing all the work and tweeting for them (although they also said that does occasionally happen). They want authenticity as this is what allows the artists to connect with fans (I shared something a while back with some tweet quoting 5H’s social media manager at maverick saying “the retweet is the new autograph” - they know the importance of authenticity and fan interactions). But its pretty obvious that all the promotional stuff will be queued/planned posts from their bosses (do you really think Camila sits around all day retweeting magazine covers with her face on it??). It also seems fairly obvious that a lot of the follows/unfollows are not done by the girls - again the girls obviously don’t have the time of inclination to sit around all day doing that. I am also fairly sure that big interactions with other celebs may be planned with or encouraged by their publicists, particularly if its cross-promo for someone at the same PR firm/label/management. The team has been caught in the act before when fans noticed the girls ‘tweeting’ when they were actually performing on stage. As for the rest of the stuff, I don’t know how much of the tweets are constructed/edited by other people. My guess is that a lot of it does just come directly from the girls - otherwise fans would get bored and it would feel too inauthentic. I really don’t know for sure how the logistics of it works, but I expect that the girls will usually have direct access to their accounts, but their social media campaigns will guided, directed and constructed in conjunction with the professionals who manage their accounts. Before when Lauren has said something controversial it has been deleted, but this time around it wasn’t. The thing is this particular tweet was shading ‘the media’ in general (although I think it really refers also to how her PR team uses the media) so its not exactly controversial and it actually doesn’t really take away anything from Lauren’s image or damage her campaign in any way.

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what do you think will happend on the haylijah date?

Good stuff. Really good stuff.

We’ve never had a date night for these two, and we’re in season 4! The closest was season 1 when they spent a lot of time together. Since then, its been one hurdle after another.

So i’m just really excited to see them spend some alone time, some quality time together. Time to talk, to allow their feelings the opportunity to just simmer around them comfortably. Basically delighted that this relationship is still important to the story and is still growing steadily.

So, what do I think will happen:

  • They’re going to be kinda cute
  • They’re going to have dinner and flirt - a lot
  • They’re going to dance (please)
  • They’re going to make out and then they’re going to spend the night together (it might be interrupted, but at least they’re going to bed together)

Fanfiction basically.

Kai Parker - O (Oral)

Oral sex is great foreplay and it’s also one of the most intimate and mindblowing sexual acts boys and girls can enjoy. And Kai knows it. He always enjoys giving more than receiving oral sex or even intercourse. When it finally happened to him, it literally was a dream come true. He prefers the classic oral sex position. One of the reasons oral sex is so pleasurable is due to the opportunity to lie back, relax and receive pleasure. Getting comfortable in bed and allowing Kai to lavish you with pleasure is a delicious and simple position.

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Happy Birthday, nellyharrison!

March 26 - “Why are you looking at me like that?” WinterShieldQuake for @nellyharrison

“Can’t get through this door!” Tony yelled over the comms. “Dammit, it’s times like this I most miss the big green guy!”

Steve snorted. “All right, Tony, we’re on our way up,” though he wasn’t too sure what he and Bucky could do, if Iron Man hadn’t been able to blast the door open.

They were standing silently surveying the massive steel doors while the battle raged on behind them when a small brunette girl dressed in a SHIELD catsuit slipped in between them.

“Allow me,” she said politely, and placed two gauntleted hands on the doors, bowing her head in an almost prayerful attitude.

“What are you gonna do, pray them open?” Bucky said sarcastically.

Steve could feel a vibration building beneath his feet, the ground starting to tremor very slightly. He opened his mouth to ask what was happening… as the huge doors suddenly blew inwards, crashing to the ground.

“Not exactly,” the girl said to Bucky with a distinctly smug smirk.

“SHIELD are sending someone in who can blow the doors,” Tony said in Steve’s earpiece.

“She’s already done it,” Steve said faintly. He and Bucky were both staring at the girl in utter incredulity.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t just stand there. We’ve got a Hydra base to wreck!” and she whirled on her heel and ran into the building.

“Who. Was. THAT?” Bucky breathed.

“I dunno, but she’s getting away. Come on!”

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hi im sorry that askmeme was ages ago but I wish you would write an AU fic where the scientists got away and they're trying to figure out how to help Sans change back! sorryyy I'm laaate

Oh my g o s h

dude I’d totally love to explore that. Though the kicker would be that the science crew probably wouldn’t remember Gaster! Sans would be the only one who knew what happened, and that might make him recede further into his head for a while.

The science crew would have to solve the mystery behind their student transforming into a beast and what exactly happened in the CORE itself. Sprig would find the tapes, but like Alphys discovered, Gaster would be digitised. I imagine that when Sans starts getting better, they’d all start investigating Gaster.

Though it could always be that some of them were also exposed to the CORE, allowing them to keep their memories. Either setting would be interesting to work with. : > 

I imagine that either way, they’d all be interacting with little Papyrus a lot, and also helping Sans heal, mentally and physically.

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Is it true that ted was gang raped on death row?

No. The rumor was started by George R. Dekl (working for the prosecution) in his book, The Last Murder. He had nothing to support it though, only “he says, she says”. I don’t even see how it could have happened, given that they were locked up all day and allowed outside only a few hours a week and always under high surveillance. I don’t know much about Florida Death Row though, so maybe @sometimes—quiet—is—violent could help? 

The Last Murder is the only Bundy book alluding to it. I’ve read 99% of the books about Ted and no one talks about it. If there was a chance that it did happened, authors like Kevin Sullivan or Rob Dielenberg would have find out about it. Being raped was one of Ted’s fears though, he was paranoid about it, even more so as his first year on death row wasn’t the easier but he then made some friends. 

Ode to Tumblr

I want to start this post by offering the sincerest “Thank You” I could muster to those that reached out to me concerned, wondering what happened to my blog, asking me if I am OK.  I can safely say there are about 20 out of 66 that followed me that extended me this gesture.

For the record, I am fine.  Everything is good.  This blog is here but it will just take up space and have absolutely no meaning to anyone.  I have moved my blog back to Ello (  I feel compelled to give you the reasons why as so many of you have asked for an explanation.

  • Ello allows me to comment on posts, with pictures, video or anything I want and not have to reblog to do it.
  • You can reblog if you wish but are not obligated to in order to put your two cents in so that everyone can read your comment.
  • Ello has no advertising….
  • I am not constantly blocking porn bots on Ello.
  • Ello is not high school, which it seems Tumblr has turned out to be.  We discuss relevant topics.  We share ideas.  We don’t bicker over politics, sexuality or constantly beat the dead horse over topics like sexuality, depression, that fact that you can’t get a date, the “what’s wrong with me” posts, etc.  Now, I know that these are all important issues.  I get it.  But you have to admit that something is wrong when 9 out of 10 posts are about the same thing.  Fix the problem and move on.
  • Ello has no cliques.  I make new friends every day on a variety of different levels.
  • Ello has no selective algorithm.  Ello shows you everything, not just the things that “It Thinks” you will like.  As I sit here I wonder how many of you will see this post immediately versus a few days from now, versus a week, month or year from now simply because Tumblr thinks that is what you want to see.

There are only two drawbacks to Ello that I can see right now.  First, the Art community has taken it over.  Lots of photography, lots of Artwork, lots of graphic design work.  Secondly, Ello has no formal messenger app like Tumblr does.  But I feel that is a good thing.  I sometimes wonder how many backstabbing messages Tumblr has in it’s archives. (So, high school…)

I am keeping this blog because I know that there are a few people that will never leave here and these people are important to me.  As many of you have seen, I do respond to asks still…and I do respond to messages sent to me.

Some of you have accounts on Ello….all you need do is reactivate them and get active there again to follow me if you wish.  I would love to have all my followers come and join me on Ello.  We would make a great community.  You would make a whole bunch of new friends there.  Tumblr was a great place to post, but I have graduated from High School many years ago………

……….I’m on Ello now, and as you can see, I’m a lot happier……..

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Hey! How are you? Just wanted to ask something. Imagine if Camila going solo never happened and she's still in 5h. Do you think Lauren still would have been allowed to come out?

I’m good, thanks. I think she would have eventually been able to, but not before they established a solid boytoy for Camila, and Lauren and Lucy would have had to get a lot “cozier” in public.

Fandot Creativity - space/time travel
  • Arthur: Mum! Can I get a twin brother?
  • Carolyn: That’s not possible. Twins are born at almost the same time and you are already a teenager.
  • A: But Mr. Wilson said if you have a twin you can time travel!
  • C: And how did he propose to do that?
  • A: You need twins. And a space ship. But only one twin is allowed on the space ship. And that twin gets to travel through SPACE and when he comes back the time travel happened without anyone realising it happened! And I really want to try it!
  • C: I think I have heard of this and it’s just a thought experiment. I might not know as much about science as Mr. Wilson but I am pretty sure time travel is not possible yet.
  • A: Too bad. I really wanted to see space. I’ll find a way to time travel without a twin then.
  • C: Do that. But don’t forget your homework!

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There has been something weird with the way EH has been playing Rebecca as of late. She's had a few moments the last week where she honestly looked like she was smirking while Robert was panicking about Aaron or even when she got the text from him. Not sure if it's the stalker route but maybe it's all been about getting revenge on Robert after November. She wants to destroy his family like he destroyed hers. Just by causing massive problems with Robron. (Also still not convinced they banged)

Yeah, her concern when Robert was panicking when he wasn’t allowed to see Aaron did seem a bit… fake and forced when I watched the scene back. Not sure if it’s been about revenge since November but I certainly think it is heading that way now with what’s happened, whether they actually slept together or not.

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Sorry I know people have already been bugging you about this, but any update on teenlick coming soon? I just can't wait to see what happens!

Don’t be sorry, y'all have been so patient and I’m very grateful. Writing is hard sometimes–takes so much time and effort and attention, and that’s a tall order when you do it for a LIVING, much less when it’s what you do in the stolen moments your real life allows. Or doesn’t, as the case may be. Waiting is hard too, I know.

So it may interest you to know that at this very minute I am working away at the final update of In The Library with the help of some piping hot coffee, a very large scone, and the constant, dulcet tones of Ben Folds in my ears.

The TEENLICK is coming.

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Things that Happen in the ‘Betty Cooper, Betty Cooper’ Storyline #5:

Betty refuses to allow her kidnappers to set her free, believing they need a mother figure to replace their own who has RUN OUT ON THEM TO BECOME A TRUCK DRIVER.

Much of the drama in this first issue comes from the anxiety of disruptions to the parent/child relationship. 

There’s these two who look like adults…or at least like older teens than the Gang.. but who are a mess of abandonment issues as they fail to get their heads round the idea of Truck Mom “Wheelin’ down sixty-six and yackin’ on the ol’ CB.”

There’s Hiram Lodge, who can’t get his head round Betty calling him “Daddy” all the time. Although, to be fair, I don’t think anyone’s comfortable about that. A dark premonition of what it’ll be like on tumblr when Riverdale introduces the character, perhaps.  

There’s Jughead’s dad, struggling with the idea that he’s a disappointment to his son and wondering where his twinkie went. 

And there’s Fred Andrews, who has some distressing news for Archie…