this is not allowed to happen!

To understand how consequential this is, imagine a young woman walking into the HBO offices and saying, “Hi, I’m an awkward black girl and I think I have some pretty hilarious misadventures that you should make into a TV show!” HBO’s only question probably would have been, “How did you get in here?” Now picture this: “Hi, I’m Issa Rae. I have hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers and hundreds of millions of YouTube views. And I’m an awkward black girl.” HBO’s question: “When can you start?” I’m exaggerating. But only slightly. Issa Rae started the web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” on YouTube in 2011. Thanks in large part to its success, six years later, her comedy series, “Insecure,” is set to air for a third season on HBO. It’s hard to imagine this happening in a world without net neutrality.

Net neutrality is crucial to the careers of comedians like Ms. Rae and me, but it also allows content about more serious subjects to find an audience, without the endorsement or approval of traditional media gatekeepers.

Listen, I do not care what canonically happens in IT Part Two; Stanley Uris and Eddie Kaspbrak, my precious, anxious boys are alive and well. I do not give a shit Stephen. I will fight you with my bare hands. 

Stan lives and he falls in love with either Bill or Patty or Mike, and which ever one it is, that person helps him deal with his depression and his OCD and he gets a happily ever after.

Eddie gets together with Richie, because they have been in love since they were kids, and they move to California and eventually get married once the state allows it. Stan is the best man because he’s Richie’s best friend and he is so fucking proud.

They fight IT again, but they win and they live and everything works out okay. 

Worldbuilding Questions, Social Economics Edition
  • Who owns businesses? Families? Shareholders? The government?
  • Are there service industries (hairdressing, tech support, etc.)?
  • Where do people learn a trade? From their parents? As an apprentice? From a private trade school? From a government-run trade school?
  • Who in a family is expected to work?
  • Who in a family is allowed to work?
  • If everyone is allowed and expected to work, who watches children? Are there nannies? Daycares? If it’s done by older children, what happens when there’s only one child?
  • Who takes care of the elderly? The daughter’s family? The son’s family? A nursing home? What if they have no children?
  • Are there child labor laws?
  • Are there laws regarding work hours, safety, etc.?
  • Are unions legal?
  • Are there government regulations on businesses, industries, etc.?
  • Are there government-provided services?
  • Are there social safety nets?
  • Are there banks? If not, where/how do people store money?
  • Is there a mortgage or loan system?
  • Is it expected that a person or family will own a house?
  • Is there government-run housing?
  • Is there support for the homeless?
  • Is there support for the disabled?
  • Is there an equivalent to the stock market?
  • Is there standardized currency? Who manufactures it?
  • Is there a fixed exchange rate (eg the gold standard) or are currencies free-floating?
  • Is there a central bank?
  • Is there upwards mobility, socially/economically?
  • How is moving upward socially viewed by society?

hey an Argentinian navy submarine that was headed to the coast of Mexico has disappeared without a trace or any contact with 44 people on board, it’s not getting a lot of coverage but there are people with desperate relatives waiting to find them so let’s all hope they’re found safely before running out of oxygen and that this tragic event isn’t forgotten or allowed to happen again

Panic Cord (Chap.5)

Panic Cord - Reader is a blind person living in New York, when one day she’s saved by a mysterious man with a metal arm who shows her that seeing isn’t always believing. (Catch up on previous chapters here.)

A/N: So this is one of many updates I’m going to be doing before the year ends! I’m trying to update everything before New Years, so this is just one of many you’ll see from now on! This one is major feels, y’all. Things between you and Bucky get hella personal. :’)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Blind!Reader

Warnings: Fluffiest thing I’ve ever wrote. Mentions of deceased family. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Love Me Like You Do

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: floofs, swearing, allusions to violence.

Summary: Bucky Barnes is the bar manager where you work as a bar maid. You’ve had a decent crush on him since he started working there. It’s karaoke night and the bar is almost empty. What could happen?

 A/N: This is for caplansteverogers’ song fic challenge! Enjoy!!!

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The Music of the Night(Pennywise x Reader NSFW Commission)

Commission made by @heavens-lights-hells-fire :) If you’d like me to fix something, do not hesitate in telling me!


After a long and exhausting day of work, you swung the door of your room open before throwing your bag towards the chair that stood next to your desk. Your hands trailed up to your blouse which you removed after a bit of a struggle as you easily slipped off your shoes, then discarding it to the side not caring where it landed. Next came your jeans which you unbuttoned but did not immediately remove them.

Instead, you turned and plopped your back onto your bed, then lazily slipping off the pants that then fell to the ground. Laying in just your undergarments, you shut your eyes when you yawned and stretched your arms up. Eventually you dropped them and splayed them at your sides as you let out a sigh, just thinking of how much peaceful sleep you were about to have, until your thoughts were instantly interrupted with a creaking sound that obviously came from the wooden floor of your house.

Without looking to the source of the sound, you let out a small smile before another creak was heard, but this time from your bed as the mattress sunk down. Out of instinct, you slightly widened your legs before feeling a certain and familiar presence crawl in between them, then causing the bed to sink even further at your sides.

“Hiya Penny."you whispered as you tall clown held himself up on his hands and knees, his appearance matching your own exhausted one."What’s new?”


You raised an eyebrow in confusion, then realizing that Pennywise was slightly panting and did not look too well.

“Pennywise, is everything okay? What happened-”

“Sewers…now…"he demanded, then gritting his teeth before you sat up and looked into his eyes that were a golden yellow, meaning that something was going on. Without hesitation, you began to get up and he crawled off of the bed to allow you to do so. You walked around the bed and reached down to grab one of your jackets and a pair of pajama shorts. As you eventually slipped on some slippers, you wondered how the clown was actually managing to not force you out of the room: he was actually being patient for once.

"Sewers…now…"he repeated before walking over to you, then grabbing your waist before throwing you over his shoulder as you yelped in surprise.Soon he began to walk out of your room before eventually getting out of your house and slamming the door behind him.

"Penny the door needs to be locked!”

“NO…sewers…"he growled out with a quite ferocious tone which made a shiver go down your spine, now having a slight idea of what it is he was currently going through. Based on the short phrased and demanding responses, messy look with yellow eyes and the look of a desperate animal…you knew he was going through his heat.

Rather than making any movements or saying anything at all, you made sure to keep quiet and let things flow how you knew they would as he took you to the sewers.

Once there, Pennywise walked through the opening of his lair before walking again through the greywater to then climb onto his stage box. He stepped over to the nest he had made specifically for this situation much earlier, besides the one he usually placed you on. When he had reached it, he removed you from his shoulder to then gently set you down onto your back.

Pennywise bent his knees so that he could stand in a squatting position, merely staring at you with intensity for a moment before he finally pressed his gloved hands on the wooden ground. He crawled over to you slowly, almost predator like as his mouth hung open with his tongue hanging out with obvious drool that dripped down.

The clown climbed into the nest to then lay at your side and pull you towards him while making sure that your back was facing him. When he had you pressed against him, he shut his eyes to inhale your scent before you felt his crotch rub against you from behind. His hands went from your hips to your abdomen which he slowly stroked as his rubbing turned into small thrusts.

You let out a quiet moan when Pennywise’s other hand traveled down and began to play with your clit, furthering his excitement which then caused him to completely let go of you before standing on his knees and pulling you up so that you were in a similar stance. With such carefulness, he pressed his hands on your back to then push it down before you were on your hands.

His hands then slid to your shorts which he easily slipped off before doing the same with  your underwear. Next was your jacket which you unzipped and removed, then feeling him grab your bra and rip it before it was thrown elsewhere. With you now bare, the clown pressed his chest against your back as he hid his face behind your neck, sliding his palms down your breasts to your abdomen which he caressed once again. Despite not having any sort of foreplay, you felt the tip of his cock press against your entrance before it slid inside you.

Surprisingly, it entered quite easily and smoothly, and you guessed that was because of the drool he used to lube himself. Either way, you flinched in pain which caused his nuzzle into your neck in an affectionate manner to at least comfort you.

After giving you a moment to get used to his length that you could tell was larger than usual, you heard Pennywise grunt before he began to slide out of you in a slow manner before going back in the same way, almost as if we were teasing you.

You let out another moan before it turned into a whimper as your hands clutched onto the ripped blankets beneath you as Pennywise continued his treatment, never increasing the pace which made it difficult for you to reach your end. Although, the feeling was still very pleasureable as he slid deeply into you and bettered the situations with his stroking at your abdomen.

With every thrust that he gave, he let out a loud and hot breath that sounded in your ear quite clearly  along with your own pants and whines.

After quite the while, you were finally starting to feel your climax which made you bite your lip in satisfaction right before you arched your back into Pennywise’s chest when you released. Although he himself was satisfied by hearing your own pleasure, he was not full with just that.

"Penny…are you done?”

“No…more…"he growled out, then letting you know that he wanted something else. Especially because you never felt him cum inside you which now increased his desperation in seconds.

He pulled himself right out of you which made you let out a moan. Pennywise slightly squeezed your stomach before he removed his hands from that spot, then sliding them to your hips which he also squeezed. Eventually he made them travel to your waist which he gripped onto a bit too roughly, but he still maintained his gentle manner when he lifted your body so that you were just on your knees again.

Pennywise then turned you so that you were facing his panting expression, and he leaned his head down so that his lps pressed against yours. You shut your eyes and kissed him back, soon entangling his arms in whatever it is you could grab of his hair as his large hands now went to the lower of your back and behind your neck.

As he continued to kiss you and wrap his tongue around your own, he slowly began to lower you down once again, never letting you go. When he had finally pressed your back against the scraps of blankets, he made sure to have your legs open as the hand behind on your back went in between them. The other hand that was behind your neck traveled to the front, holding your cheek in a way Pennywise never really held you unless he was feeling caring.

"A-ah! Penny…"you moaned out when you felt the silk of his gloves enter your hole, starting with two fingers that did some scissoring motions inside of you. His mouth now trailed down to your jawline before going to your chin and neck, leaving red stains from the paint on his lips. Besides those marks, he made his own with nibbles that followed down to your throat and then collarbone where he made sure to suck on.

His hands down below continued to move in and out of you whilst also opening and closing up, right before he pulled them out and caused you to let out a gasp that then turned into an upset whimper.

"My…mate…"Pennywise snarled out as he brought his head back up to meet the side of yours, breathing intensely right into your ear."All…mine…”

And in that immediate moment, he inserted his entire length inside you without giving you a moment to get adjusted to it. Without any time to spare, he brought the hand that had been previously inside you to his face and traced his own lips with the fingers before he stuck them inside his mouth. As he pounded mercilessly into you, he opened his mouth a bit so that you could see him lick of all the juices off of the glove he collected them on while his free hand had been placed at your hip.

Once he had finished slurping it all up, both of his hands lowered down to your thighs before he slid them down to the back of your knees,pulling your body closer to him. After a few more thrusts, he leaned down so that he could then lift your legs and place them on his shoulders.

“Ow…Penny,that hurts!”

Pennywise’s eyes slightly widened which surprised you, especially because he gave you no response that was mocking your complaint. Instead, you felt him grab the back of your knees again before he lowered them and placed them at his sides, then gently wrapping them around his waist before his hands released your legs and went back to your hips.

Even though he was trying his best to be careful with you, his hips bucked into yours quite intensely as you grabbed onto his forearms and let ous breathy moans along with pants, feeling your climax near you much faster than the first time. You dug your nails into Pennywise’s sleeves as he pounded roughly into you, growling and grunting at the pleasure he felt, then sniffing your neck to then sense that your arousal matched his own.

At the same time, he was able to sense that you were close to reaching your end which egged him on further and increased his own excitement. Pennywise then increased the pace, much faster than he ever had done before which also made his force a lot more powerful. Soon enough, this had you screaming out his name in ecstasy.

“Pennywise! God,Penny please slow down!”

“No…can’t…almost,done…."he said in between grit teeth and grunts that vanished and were eventually replaced by only loud animalistic growls. "Mate…”

Out of instinct, you tugged at his arms which gave him a sign that you really were in pain and getting to exhausted at this point, but he couldn’t stop now when he was so close to achieving his goal.


He lowered himself so that your chests were pressed against each other, and his arms went behind your arched back so that he could press you even tighter against him. The growls were terrifying as they sounded in your ear, but you ignored them and wrapped your arms around his neck before you let out a scream and felt yourself release.

In that moment, Pennywise shut his eyes even tighter as he let out not a growl, but a roar that obviously sounded throughout all the sewers when he finally let himself cum all the way inside you. When he finally quieted down, he let out pants and pulled himself away to look down at your tired form.

He sniffed the air and hummed contently before leaning his head down to your stomach, pressing his ear against the bump he created with his seed that poured out of you.

“My mate…and my offspring…”

Basics of Witchcraft

in case it isn’t clear, this is a shallow, broad overview of a beginner’s guide to witchcraft! if you’re just starting out, this is the place to be. this is a pretty long post, so i’m putting it under a read more!

here is a link to sun’s witch academy database, where you can find more in depth posts on many of the topics discussed here! (a work in progress)

a letter to witches;
take everything i say with a grain of salt. i am not the Ultimate Expert on all things witchcraft!! things that are important to me might not be to you, and we’ll probably see things differently. that’s okay! your path is your own.

do your own research as well, and always check what you find against other sources as well as your own knowledge. be smart and use common sense. ultimately, YOU decide what you believe! (keeping in mind that some things in witchcraft are common knowledge/should not be disputed. this mostly is pointed at cultural appropriation. that doesn’t mean that they aren’t disputed, but they shouldn’t be.)

have fun, and love yourself!
~ sun

a note: if you don’t understand something i’m talking about in this post, chances are it will be explained more in depth in another post from the database, or even farther down on this post! just be patient <333

who can be a witch?

you. you can be a witch.

in fact, simply by saying “i want to be a witch,” that’s it. you are a witch.

the moment you say, “i don’t wanna be a witch any more,” you’re good! you don’t have to be a witch if you don’t want to.

it doesn’t matter if you don’t practice that often. it doesn’t matter if you have to keep it secret from your family, because they disapprove or would think you’re “crazy.” it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, or if you’re gay or transgender. it doesn’t matter if you’re black, asian, latinx, indigenous, or anything else. it doesn’t matter if you’re christian, buddhist, atheist, jewish, or anything else! you are you, and you are a witch. so continue! onward and upward!

what is magic?

magic, in my opinion, is like energy. i won’t get too deep into my personal view of the world on this post, but that’s what i believe. and witches use different methods to tap into that energy and manipulate it. magic can help you focus better or recover from an illness faster. it can help you get better sleep or learn more about yourself through astrology. it can’t, however, make you fly, turn invisible, or defy any basic laws of science. in my mind, magic works alongside science. they’re most definitely different things, but science can’t break the laws of magic any more than magic can break the laws of science.

what are the laws of magic?

no clue.

so let’s go!

starting out

there are a few things you should do when just beginning to look into witchcraft.
firstly, research! learn about different topics and what interests you most. if you aren’t sure, just try a few things and see if you like them. don’t stress too much, if you decide you don’t like a certain path you can always change it!
secondly, learn how to protect yourself. witchcraft can be dangerous. it shouldn’t be something to worry about unless you’re purposefully sticking your nose into dangerous places, but you should still know how to keep yourself protected just in case. learn how to ward and shield yourself, your space, and anything else you want to keep safe.
finally, experiment! ultimately you need to jump into the deep end, try a spell or two! the purpose of researching and learning protection before this is so that you’re diving in with some floaty devices and someone watching to make sure you don’t drown. but if all you ever do is research, you’ll never get anywhere.

now i can help you get started out with research and protection! experimenting will be up to you ;)

track your progress

a common question asked by new and even intermediate witches is: how do i know when i’m no longer a beginner?

honestly, it’s up to you. if you feel that you’ve truly left the beginner stage and become an intermediate, or even an expert, only you can really decide that. however, there are some helpful indicators that might point you towards the right experience level. remember, everyone learns at a different pace!

this post was made by my amazingly talented spirit worker friend fox. it’s written for spirit work, but it shouldn’t be too hard to apply it to witchcraft! (keep in mind the warning at the top - this is a loose guide and you could have a different perception of things!


(basic definitions! check the database post to find more in depth explanations.)

  • intent - what you want your magical energy and power to do/accomplish.
  • warding - a method of protection; can be physical, energetic, or astral
  • cleansing - a method of ridding yourself, an object, or a space of negative, harmful, and bad energy (useful when you’re feeling sick, gross, or bogged down)
  • grounding - a method of connecting yourself to the energy and the world around you; a method of rooting yourself in the physical present. (useful after meditation and when you feel disconnected/distracted)
  • centering - focusing all of your core energy into the very center of yourself, and releasing any excess or negative energy (useful for calming or focusing)
  • meditation - allowing yourself to simply exist and take in the world around you. your focus should not be on anything happening in your life other than what you feel, hear, sense in that very moment. can be used to achieve deeper trances.
  • programming - channeling your intent into an object: i.e., programming which direction a pendulum should swing to indicate a specific response
  • charging - filling an item (or yourself!) with magical power/energy
  • shielding - a method of protection specific to you and your body
  • correspondences - things that you associate other things with; for example, salt being associated with protection. correspondences can often be slightly different or even completely unique when compared to another person’s correspondences for an item, and there are often more than one for any given item. just because correspondences are different doesn’t mean they’re wrong - it just means that you use the energy in different ways/for different things

simple magic

there are some things that are easier to start with. depending on your interests, i would suggest practicing some of the vocabulary (the ones that are actions, anyhow) and looking for little ways to integrate magic into your life. what you do kind of depends on what you want to accomplish! but some of the easiest magical stuffs to start with include:

  • making sigils
  • using crystals/gemstones
  • knot spells
  • basic pendulum divination
  • shufflemancy
  • paying attention to nature and energy around you (like lunar cycles)
  • astrology 101 (more advanced astrology is super complex)
  • lighting candles and incense
  • short and easy incantations
  • start/work on a grimoire!

moving forward

once you’ve begun exploring a little more, you’ll probably want to learn about just how many different kinds of witchcraft there are. holy moly, there are a lot. even the list i include here isn’t all of them: this is a bare bones sketch of some of the most common and well known. i believe i’ll be making a separate post going over more of them :)

general ways to use magic: spells/charms, curses, amulets, sachets, sigils, etc

types of magics/crafts: arts/crafts, astrology, cosmic, divination, dream, elemental/sea, green/garden, hearth/kitchen/cottage, lunar, music, pop culture, solar, storm/weather, tech/science, urban*

types of witches: solitary, coven, eclectic, hereditary/traditional, wiccan**

* i didn’t include hedge witchcraft on this list as i believe it to be similar to spirit work, which is an entire other topic of itself. however, i intend to research hedge craft more in order to learn whether there are key differences that would call for me to move it back onto the list.

** wicca is technically a religion, and would go in the religion section, but such a large population of witches are wiccan that i believed it would fit here.

wicca and witchcraft

there is a common misconception in the witchcraft community that wicca=witchcraft and that to be a witch is to be wiccan. this is not true! i don’t think even most witches are wiccan. wicca is a religion, a set of beliefs, that can work alongside witchcraft. you can be wiccan if you want, or not - just understand that not all witches follow the same beliefs that wiccans do. some people have a hard time understanding that.

fun stuffs!

there are a lot of different things you can use in witchcraft! witchcraft doesn’t require physical tools, but some people prefer them. likewise, your tools don’t have to be super fancy and cost 500 dollars. you can use cheaper alternatives or even replacements! ingredients for spells especially are really easy to work around: you can use this thing called a taglock, which is like some other object that is meant to represent the object you wanted in the spell. a taglock can even be a piece of paper with the name of an object written on it! but i’m getting a little off topic.

  • BOS/ Grimoire (a book/collection of knowledge you like! lots of people even have a digital grimoire, like a blog on tumblr.)
  • Altar (a place to dedicate things to deities or spirits, or a place to do spells)
  • Herbs (Mortar and Pestle) (used in spells and have certain correspondences)
  • Crystals (used for their energy and in spells! have certain correspondences)
  • Wand (used as a focus for energy - totally not necessary!)
  • Athame (it’s like a knife. if you get one, please be careful and DON’T use it to harm yourself.)
  • Poppets (typically used to represent a person in a spell that you want to affect them. similar idea to a voodoo doll ((but don’t use a voodoo doll, voodoo is a closed practice!)) and is often used in curses.)
  • Candles/Incense (have correspondences with their scents and colors)
  • Broom/Paintbrush (paintbrush can be used as a mini broom! used to represent keeping your space clean. use it to cleanse!)
  • Cauldron (used for potions and elixirs. be careful, don’t drink anything you make that isn’t safe. clean your cauldron extensively.)
  • Bells (traditionally used to keep away unwanted spirits!)
  • Essential Oil (correspondences for their scents!)

getting deeper: cultural appropriation

so now that you’ve looked at some different types of simple magic and have an idea of where you might want to go from there, let’s talk about cultural appropriation. don’t try to work with spirits or practices from a closed culture. please. just… don’t. learn terminology that is okay for you to use, and learn what isn’t - like native american smudging, for example. i believe chakras and third eye are also terms you should avoid; use things like energy points and mind’s eye instead. if someone from a closed culture tells you to stop using their stuff, listen to them. please. admit your mistake and move on. there are so many paths in the world, you don’t need to follow this closed one no matter how strongly you feel called to it. just don’t do it. respect the culture.

speaking as a white person, it is not your place, or my place, to decide whether or not cultures are closed.

speaking as a white person who has spoken to people who practice closed cultures, it is unspeakably disrespectful to ignore the wishes of those within closed cultures.

not only is it disrespectful, it is dangerous. some spirits and beings from closed cultures will kill any outsiders who attempt to interact with them. i know this because i have spoken to people with experience. i’m begging you, listen to me. consider this thoroughly before you act. please understand. you were not born into this culture. if they say it isn’t yours, it isn’t.

there are so many options for you. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRACTICE FROM A CLOSED CULTURE. IT IS NOT NECESSARY. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL AND IGNORANT. find another option. please.

of course, i understand if you appropriate by honest mistake - not knowing that a culture was closed. however, once you learn your mistake please respect the culture and move on. you made a mistake. it’s okay! it’s not the end of the world! in fact, the rest of the world is out there, waiting for you to explore it.

speaking of, let’s get exploring.



anonymous asked:

apologies if you've answered this elsewhere, but what's your opinion on the whole "show don't tell" advice? do you have any tips for when to show and when to tell?

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. This is such a great question that I had to write a ridiculously long response. And, no, I haven’t answered it elsewhere, so now I have an excuse to share my opinion about it :)

I honestly think that “show don’t tell” is one of the most over-quoted and least-understood pieces of writing advice out there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, “show don’t tell” means that instead of explaining or telling something to your reader (“Sheila was reckless and impulsive”), you should show Sheila’s impulsiveness through action or dialogue. For example, “Even though her rent was overdue, after she got her paycheck Sheila spent $400 on an antique toilet.” This would allow the reader to draw the conclusion that Sheila was impulsive for themselves, rather than being told.

Theoretically, this is great advice for new fiction writers, who, left to their own devices, tend to write their stories entirely in “telling” mode.

But summary (telling) has a place in fiction as well, and it’s an important one.

For one thing, summary allows you to pace your story. If everything is shown in the moment, a story can sometimes seem to be unfolding with breathtaking speed. Alternating with a bit of summary allows your reader to slow down for a break every once in a while.

Secondly, scene takes a lot longer to write than summary. In the earlier example, it might take several scenes or hundreds of words to thoroughly show and convince the reader of Sheila’s impulsivity. Whereas the sentence “Sheila was impulsive” takes three words. So summary can allow you to fit more into your story or novel and keep it a reasonable length whereas if you wrote every single little thing that happened in scene your story might be prohibitively long.

So summary helps control the pacing of the story and also helps the writer moderate the story’s length.

Even the most fervent supporters of “show don’t tell,” as far as I know, do not dispute that every story can make use of and benefit from summary.

Try it yourself: Pick up your favorite story or book off of the shelf and see if you can locate parts of the story that are told, explained, or summarize to the reader. It’s there. It’s part of the package. Good writers use summary, and they know how to use it well.

So how do you decide when and where to use summary?

The answer is in itself another question and topic. But here’s a quick guideline: Use summary to give the reader any information she needs which is not important enough to the story to warrant a scene, or to show the passing of time between important parts of the story.

Example #1 Using summary to quickly present inconsequential information.

If the fact that Sheila is reckless and impulsive is a central part of the story—maybe this is a story about how Sheila, your protagonist, learns to overcome her impulsivity, for example, or maybe in this story it becomes a major issue in Sheila’s relationship that she is impulsive, etc.—then by all means show Sheila’s impulsivity in scenes.

But if Sheila is, for example, a minor character who is only mentioned by two or three times in passing, and whose behavior doesn’t really affect the story one way or another, then go ahead and summarize Sheila’s behavior. For example, if Sheila is a distant cousin of the protagonist and is only mentioned in a few sentences when the protagonist bumps into her at a family reunion. She is not a central part of the story, but for whatever reason it’s important for the reader to know a few minor details about her.

Example #2: Using summary to show time passing between important scenes.

If your story is about a couple being trapped inside a cabin for a long winter, by all means show the bitter cold days in full scene. That’s the essence of your story, you wouldn’t want to summarize it and deny the reader the chance to experience it.

But if your story is about two friends who share a friendship at summer camp every year, you might want to recap the winter that passed between their visits in a paragraph or two.

Another time to quickly summarize time passing is to use a sentence or two when characters transition from one important location to another, e.g. “They left the movie, drove back to the house, and started dinner.” Again, check up on your favorite writers. I promise you they are not showing every single tiny action blow-by-blow. It would be tedious as hell and make it almost impossible for the reader to figure out what’s important and what’s not.

A few final words about “show don’t tell”:

  • If you’re having a hard time deciding what to put in scene and what to put in summary, you might not understand your story well enough yet. Go back and make some notes, or have someone you trust read your story and give you feedback.
  • Everyone has different levels of tolerance for summary and exposition. Find out yours. You want to be the kind of writer that you would want to read, right? Go through your favorite short stories and novels with a highlighter and highlight any passages or sentences that are telling. Are you the kind of reader who loves a page of summary about the snow falling outside, or do you prefer your stories to be more action-heavy?
  • There is a lot of bad advice out there about showing versus telling. Some writers would have you write: “She sighed deeply as a single crystalline tear gently glided down her face, tracing the line of her button nose before splashing onto the yellow formica countertop” instead of “She cried.” “She cried” is not telling! Cried is a verb: it shows. “She was sad” or “She was upset” is telling.
  • Similarly, beware of anyone who applies the “show don’t tell” advice prescriptively, or who seems to be repeating it like a parrot. Those people usually don’t know what they’re talking about. They heard that advice somewhere, and they’re just repeating it. Anytime anyone reads your writing and says, “You should show more,” without giving any further explanation, question them. Get them to specifically tell you what they’re talking about. If they can’t, find someone else to look at your writing.
  • Summary doesn’t have to be boring. When it is appropriate to summarize, look for ways to add verbs and sensory details to your summaries to keep them more vivid. Give your reader something to visualize. “My father was restless” is hard to visualize. “My father was like a squirrel on cocaine. By the time I woke up, he’d been out in the yard for hours, stuffing Easter eggs into his pocket like they were acorns,” is, well, absurd. But easier to visualize.

Ok, I’ve been rambling on long enough about this. I hope some of this is helpful. I also came across a great blog post on @lizard-is-writing about this topic. We have some similar thoughts about show-don’t-tell, so you might want to check that one out, too.

Happy writing!

“the problem isn’t capitalism it’s because people voted third party”

oh thank g-d! i thought we were living under a corrupt and morally bankrupt government but it turns out the racist homophobe who didn’t win wouldn’t have allowed net neutrality to be trampled on not like the racist homophobe we have in office now who did let that happen!

These two are need additions to my flock. Peeper (cockatiel) has been with me for about two months. Azure (budgie) has been with me for about a week and a bit. Peeper is about 2 or 3 years and Azure is a bit over a month old.

Need a bit of advice. They hang out a bit but Azure doesn’t understand when Peeper wants her to go away and will try to eat Peeper’s food or groom her. Peeper lunges a bit, screams and runs away. Of course I keep a close eye and break them up before anything happens. Sometimes Peeper gets curious and they bubble each others beaks lightly. Will Azure ever get the message when Peeper tells her to back off and leave Peeper/food alone? Should I allow Peeper a warning scream nibble? Thoughts? I try keeping separate during play time and they have different cages away from each other but in full view.

What a couple of cuties!  I love those baby budgie forehead bars <3  (Just want to point out here that given Azure’s age, Azure appears to be male–baby boys tend to have pink ceres that will turn blue as they age.  Azure looks a lot like Phin did as a baby!)

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to say how their relationship will develop as they get older.  Baby budgies (and baby birds in general) tend to be really needy and aren’t very good at understanding “go away” cues.  (I had this problem with Beatrix and Oliver when Oliver was a baby–Oliver instantly decided Beatrix was his mom, so he would hassle her for food, and Beatrix haaaaaates budgies so she would always freak out and I would have to “save her” -_- )  Adding an additional complication is that there are species differences between the ways budgies tend to interact, and the ways cockatiels tend to interact.  For instance, cockatiels tend to have a “space bubble” that they do NOT like invaded unless they have specifically invited it, and budgies have zero concept of personal space.  (This is why Beatrix hates budgies–they always get in her face without asking and she thinks that is VERY RUDE)

This doesn’t mean that budgies and cockatiels can’t be friends, however, and the fact that Peeper tolerates Azure and they do some mutual beaking is a good sign, especially since they’ve only known each other a short while!  As they get to know each other more, they’ll likely figure out their individual boundaries.  I would, of course, continue to keep an eye on them in the meantime, just in case.  Peeper’s warning lunge/scream/flee is pretty common for cockatiels, and that’s really just her telling Azure to back off using the only language she has–I would say it’s unlikely that Peeper would actually follow up that posturing with an attack, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on them just to make sure.  Hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out over the next few months and come to an understanding.

I hope this helps!  It’s always tough when introducing new birds to each other, especially birds of different species, because, just like with humans, you never know if any two randomly-selected birds will get along.  It does sound like there’s some mutual interest between Peeper and Azure, though, so hopefully once they work it out, their friendship will blossom!  Let me know if you have other questions!

pacman-tattoo  asked:

hey lyss ;)))) got any ;))) sweet first date jerm ideas ;)))))))))))

oof okay ofc i do bb

jeremy didn’t have much dating experience. he took notes last time he took a girl to the movies, considering he got too nervy to do anything and he just ended up sitting there for two hours with occasional shoulder brushes breaking up the numbness. you two go to a froyo place, where you are allowed to pile on toppings–and jeremy finds it adorable when you do so. it’s warm outside, but not too warm, and the two of you sit next to each other on the bench outside and talk about everything; you talk about literally anything so that the conversation doesn’t lull. and you laugh at his stupid jokes, which he didn’t expect to happen. when it does, jeremy feels his stomach turn and he can tell he is in for it. jeremy steals toppings from the top of your cup with his spoon bc he is a sneaky little shit. and god he was so cute when he smiled at you, so much so that you thought you might melt like the leftover froyo sludge in your cup. when he drops you home, he manages to actually kiss you, despite his clammy hands. and when he sees the blush in your cheeks, he can only take that as the best sign in the world.

doing blurbs

emi-hayashi  asked:

I know the season final for killing stalking has been released for quite a while however there is something I haven't seen many people talk about Seungbae has loss his job that meant almost everything to him. We know he works as a officer because of what had happen to his dad, but he's not even an officer anymore. Do people not understand that at this point he has NOTHING to lose. For a writing stand point this would allow his character to test his boundaries, perhaps even go unhinged.

Actually a lot of people talked about this, including myself xD That’s what I personally am excited about. To see how ‘devastated’ he is and to see how far he’ll go. The only problem I can think about is that they promised to keep Seungbae away from Sangwoo (there might be a restraining order?) so we’ll see.

Sign Up link:

(make sure to budget some time to filling this out!)


Form due by: Dec 1
Get assignments by: Dec 4
Art due by Dec 31

(yes, we’re late this year, so art will start posting in the first week of the New Year. RL happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


How much time does it take to learn about someone else’s minor fandom?

The recipient usually includes a lot of helpful links that allow you to get a quick sampling, so if you’re short on time, I’d say ~2 hours.  That said, part of the fun of Art Yuletide is learning about (or revisiting) an obscure thing, so if you get caught up in it…. who knows?  You might have a new favorite show or end up rereading all of Nancy Drew.

Why is the sign-up form so long?

It’s so that the person drawing your minor fandom has all the resources they need!  But yeah, depending on the fandom, it may take a while to collect the links.

Do I have to be a good artist?

What is Good Art, really?  ;)  Think about how happy you’d be to get a picture of your OC, or your super obscure fandom.  So it’s less about how “good” the art is and more about how thoughtful the art is.   That said, I suppose there’s a certain baseline of “eyes goes on face” that need to be met.  Here’s the artwork from 2016 , 2015 , 2014.

Can I join if I only write fic?

It’s art-centric, so the requests may be phrased as an image and not as a fic scene.  That said, there have been cool fic gifts.

What if I don’t want to receive fic?

I always check with the recipient first before assigning.

Sonic Thanksgiving Headcanons

Sonic: Sonic is the one guy outside playing football the entire day. He continuously tries to encourage his friends to abandon their cooking jobs so that he has someone to play with. Once dinner’s ready, he eats way too much and immediately crashes on the couch in a food coma. His longest record of staying asleep after dinner was 12 straight hours.

Amy: She’s at the head of the kitchen. Only Amy is allowed to tend to the turkey. According to her, everyone else would mess it up. Every now and then, she’ll poke her head outside and ask Sonic to come in and help, but he always answers with “After this next game, Ames!” He only “happens” to slip inside right before dinner’s ready. However, Amy will have him do the dishes after his nap, and Sonic will gladly take that responsibility over cooking.

Tails: He’ll occasionally go out and play a game of football with his best bud, but he’s usually helping Amy in the kitchen. Tails enjoys testing out some of his new contraptions while cooking the dinner. Some work great, others…not so much. One year, he tried out an automatic egg-cracker. He and Amy spent hours cleaning the egg yolks off the walls. After dinner, Tails usually is planning out where all of the Christmas decorations are going to go the very next day.

Knuckles: He attempts to help in the kitchen, however he usually makes some sort of mistake. For example, one year he accidentally put sugar instead of salt into the potatoes. Once Amy tasted them, she hid her disgust and quietly told everyone to take a lot of potatoes so that Knuckles couldn’t get any. Everyone ate Every. Last. Bite. Everybody told Knuckles the potatoes were just so delicious that they couldn’t stand to share with him. They didn’t want his feelings to get hurt. Knuckles never found out about his mistake.

Shadow: Sonic and friends invite Shadow every year. He didn’t show up at first, but he eventually started coming. However, he usually just sits in the corner watching football. He tries to act like he’s being forced to come, but both himself and everyone else knows that he secretly enjoys the company. He will pop into the kitchen every now and then and watch everyone mill around. Another secret about Shadow: he loves to cook. He and Maria would find old cookbooks aboard the Ark and read them together. For fun, they would sneak into the Ark’s kitchen and try out the recipes they’d read about. He still has a lot of them memorized. He’ll sneak around the kitchen when no one’s looking, throwing in a little bit of this or a pinch of that. He never takes credit when the food is complimented at the table. Shadow likes tasting the old recipes from when he cooked with Maria all those years ago. He’s happy to have Maria’s memory be carried on in a way that makes everyone happy.

Cream: She enjoys helping her mom in the kitchen, and she is usually in charge of setting the table. She likes having everything look just right, and she likes to leave a note on everyone’s plate with their name on it. On the inside of the note, Cream wrote something she loves about the recipient and why she’s grateful to have them in her life. It’s something everyone looks forward to every year.

Bonus: When Sonic crashes on the couch, Amy makes sure he’s completely asleep. Then, she finds a super soft blanket and wraps him up in it. He always smiles in his sleep, muttering something that sounds sort of like a “thank you.” When Sonic wakes up, he just assumes Tails was the one who gave him the blanket. Amy would be mortified if he found out the truth.

foxinerdium  asked:

Antipocalypse started eight days before my birthday... :^) Golly gee, it's gonna be a ride, ain't it?


A-are we in a new era of another Antipocalypse? Is it just coinciding with the Christmas Anti merch? Whatever is happening charity stream-wise Jack’s hosting this Decemeber??

Something BIGGER that I still haven’t allowed myself to accept since it feels way too soon after Halloween???