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Parallels Between Ciel and Soma

Please note: I simply refer to our!Ciel as Ciel in this post simply I wasn’t mentioning the recently returned twin at any point.

I’ve actually written about this before, but there are a lot of similarities between Soma and Ciel. Even Ciel has mentioned it.

After Ciel said this, however, Soma did experience growth as a character. He went from being selfish to being more selfless. He truly wanted to help others, and he was quick to smile. Ciel was still mired in revenge while Soma was not. This allowed him to grow and mature.

But now things have changed. The person he was closest to, Agni, was brutally murdered while protecting Soma. Needless to say, Soma was hurt and confused.

Previously I theorized what might happen next. Soma has now experience this horrible loss. One part of my thinking was that Soma might seek revenge, and it appears that this has come true.

This all leads to a very interesting question. Will Soma’s story continue to parallel Ciel’s life, or will he find his own path?

Even without summoning a demon, Soma can start down the same road as Ciel. He would have to give up on himself and any sort of salvation. He couldn’t grow or change. Instead of smiling and living, his heart would focus only on revenge and bringing pain to those that hurt him.

Oddly enough, I don’t think Ciel would even want this for Soma.

My hope at this point is that Soma may start down that path, but something will stop him before he reaches the point of no return. Maybe it’s Ciel, or it might be the thoughts of Agni. After all, Agni would never want this for his prince. While Sebastian encourages revenge (and perhaps even Vincent would have), Agni specifically wanted Soma to “…keep shining brightly.”

Maybe that’s the key difference in Ciel and Soma. Ciel never had anyone in his life or thought of him in the same manner Agni thought of Soma. He never had anyone think so highly of him or see him as sort of a savior.

Perhaps no one really believed in Ciel.

In the end, it will be Soma’s decision, but Agni’s influence may be just enough to save him.

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Hy, I am following you since 6 month now. And I did know that racism is an issue in USA and a lot of other countries, mine as well I am from Germany. But I did not realize that your Police do open war against POC (apologizes if I am not allowed to use this therm) I am ashamed to be white, when I see all this hate. Keep you Blog going ppl all around the world listen to you and think about what happen. Keep us showing this disgusting behavior so we need to think about that, and start changing. Thx

Thank you for your support.

Just a note, don’t be ashamed to be white cause white guilt is not needed. What is needed is white people calling out races in whatever country they live in cause it’s not only bad in the US.


I hate the weekends where my little bug is out of town, but it does allow flexibility for me to do as I want and need. Today was so busy. How can one be so busy without working or caring for a family? LOL…

Perhaps because it is important to fit self-care in the schedule too. I came home from all my appointments and intended to to nap and then homework and a date.

Heavens!!! I slept through everything!! Perhaps that is what has happened to my dates that stood me up in the past. Lol! I have a better understanding of possibilities. 😂

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Love your blog & tags - you're hilarious. Presuming this is the last season of xf, how would YOU like it to end for mulder & Scully?

Above all else, I would like them to be together. As in, a couple, in love, happy, living together. Not, on the way to maybe reconciling. Not, the finale ends with a climactic kiss and we are allowed to presume that maybe it’s going to be all right. I want to SEE Mulder and Scully together, happy, close, content. I don’t want that to happen at the end, actually; I want it to happen much earlier because them being apart, with the idea that we have to AGAIN be put through this strife so we can have some “resolution” at the end, is SO tiring and wrong and the opposite of enjoyable to me. At the end of all this, all these years of this show, this buildup, the “tease,” I want, by God, to SEE Mulder and Scully together. While we’ve got David and Gillian to bring them to life. I want the ship, yes, but also I just want them to be TOGETHER, doing things, fighting monsters, talking through theories. I don’t want them being together to be the prize that is held over our heads and that we get in the last minute of the episode, if we’re lucky. 

That’s what I care most about. Everything else is gravy, but if I had my first choice, I would like William back in their lives in some way (I’m fine with some kind of shared-custody/visiting situation), and ideally, I’d like them back living in the Unremarkable House because I love it. But the most important thing to me is that Mulder and Scully are together, and content, and we know that, after the show ends, they will go on together. 

And that’s what The X-Files is all about, Charlie Brown. 

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This is going to sound really weird, but... can reading be considered a distraction or a stim? I know usually having AHDH makes it hard to concentrate for long, but I was always reading in class as a child and my doctor thinks I could be an exception because reading could have been my constant escape from reality.

That sounds like what happened to me when I was younger. I totally hyperfocused on reading! I was always reading, no matter what. In class, walking down the hallway at school, in my room at home, walking around the house… not at the dinner table because we weren’t allowed.

That got harder in university, but I still get lost in books when I manage to start reading something.

Other things can be harder to focus on, but reading? Man, words are my life.



music; alcohol; friends; smoke; the regular normal saturday night in England after a long week of work. a Guinness in his hand, he headed to the table for crisps when the door of the appartment opened up. the noise and the crowd allowed her to be discreet and no one noticed her arrival. except him of course. oh she decided to come in the end, he thought first; but then frooze. she was crying, or was just finishing to. her mask was cracking when she entered the party –red eyes on the ground to hide them, feigning to look for something in her purse– but she quickly wiped her tears away and her composure was back. he blinked a few times. something happened.

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"heated kisses with gasps in between, hands tugging at clothes and exploring skin, bodies pressed close. giving in." With Bruce 💕 :(( hope u feel better soon

semi-nsfw below the cut!

It was never meant to be anything more than a simple fling, a moment of weakness shared between two lifelong friends who happen to have feelings for the other.

But you were never lucky, and simple wasn’t something that came easy. You swore to yourself you wouldn’t let yourself fall, that you wouldn’t give in to anyone ever again, but the moment you tasted him for the first time, the moment you allowed him into your heart, your body, you knew that you were lost to him.

Bruce’s big, broad hands are warm as they slide over the skin at your hips, kneading softly as his mouth works at the tender flesh of your neck. You tug helplessly at his hair, panting softly as he subtly rolls his hips against yours, fingers teasing under the waistband of your panties.

“Bruce,” you gasp, arching your back against him as he pulls you closer, mouth kissing fire along your jawline. “Please…”

“I love you,” he whispers, groaning as your nails take down his back. “I’ll give you everything, baby girl. Just tell me what you need.”

His words steal the breath straight from your lungs, but you let out a long, drawn-out moan as he finally slots his swollen mouth over yours, kissing you harder than he ever has before.

“Please let me have you,” he pleads, breathless from your kiss. “Please let this be real.”

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please tell the school meme hair story, i'm curious

Okay kids adults and other human beings of various ages,, buckle up and get ready for a Ride it’s time for you to hear My Story™

This happened last year, when I started junior college (2 year program for 17-18 year olds). I live in a p warm country, so I started making a habit of putting my hair into a bun– now this bun? it was no ordinary bun,,,,

sike it was ordinary as heck all i did was wind my hair up over and over and tie it up with a rubber band. but i guess if i could give you details about my hair that made my bun At All distinctive it would be that i have pretty long and v thick hair (see? not my fault, the heat would’ve killed me), and that i always tied my bun So high up it sat on top of my head like a gosh darn hat

i didn’t really do this in my previous school,, mostly because i had friends that laughed at me because my bun looked “chinese” (which is ironic as hell since i am chinese) but in this new school people gave me nice comments like “hey! i like your hair” and- actually that’s… pretty much the extent of the compliments i got. It was that lame and ordinary, okay?

At first.

Sure, there were plenty of students, even seniors who noticed my hair, and friends reporting occasions where people found out they knew who I was, and would proceed to go :O and damn please tell her i like her hair!!

But that was it. That was supposed to be it.

Until one day during chemistry lecture– my class was assigned to sit in the last row, which is conveniently in front of the projector light, and I had conveniently sat in front of said projector light that day. Now, the projector light was of course placed much higher than the seat, this was the largest lecture theater in our entire school, of course they would make sure no student sitting in that seat would be able to disrupt anything– right?

They were mostly right. I wasn’t at all tall enough to block any of the projector light, not even a small smidge of light would have been blocked by my small short ass. But me plus my bun?


Okay, so it wasn’t like my bun Eclipsed the projector light and stopped the entire lecture from being able to proceed; I would’ve been told to get out of my seat immediately. At first, it was just a small circle-like shadow at the bottom of the screen. Not hiding any words, not hiding any Top Secret Chemistry Secrets.

But as the lecture progressed, the number of people turning around to see what shadow ghost demon was trying to hamper The Joy Of Learning™ (twas no demon, just my oblivious ass who took way too long to realize what my hair was doing) increased. And once my hair actually started blocking words on the screen (it was just a tiny sentence at the bottom, i blame bad usage of PowerPoint formatting), a large majority of over 500 students in that lecture theatre had turned around to look at me at least once

Mmhmm, some people turned around to look at me more than once, as if I would’ve transformed from a clueless student with hair she’s too lazy to a point of stubbornness to cut into my True Form

Eventually, my teacher had to awkwardly request that I take my hair down, and that was that——–

Except that was not that, not even in the slightest, and my hair’s “popularity” seemed to have increased tenfold. Teachers were in on it now, random teachers I had never met were complimenting me left and right in the hallways,, it was like getting catcalled but the hair version and not scary

Physics teachers would question the laws of the universe, and how my hair managed to defy each and everyone of them, groups of students I walked past would hem and haw and talk about me literally behind my back,, asking mystical questions like “is that the girl from chemistry lecture?”. People who saw me randomly for the first time would occasionally get this look on their face which I can only describe as someone discovering that an urban legend such as the babadook or the loch ness monster was Real, wasn’t a lie,, actually existed

This all ties up with one last story- the discipline master of our school approached me one morning after morning assembly had ended, and i panicked and worried about all the possible Crimes I had committed: only for him to request for me to take down my bun and never tie it up like that again.

Yup, it became illegal for me, and specifically me, to put my hair up in a bun at school.

People I told were outraged, they told me to protest it valiantly, to cement my hair in a bun if that was what it took- but I had decided that enough was enough. I didn’t want to fight because I was a coward and frankly, my hair was heavy as heck and I could avoid the heat by putting my hair in a ponytail.

So I did it. I took my hair down, I even got a hair cut a few months later (another wild story for another day) and I never put my hair up into a bun again (okay maybe once in a while i still did it, but I’d take my hair down very quickly)

And that’s the story of how my hair was essentially a school meme, and how that meme died, like all memes do

Daily Rant: Chapter 129 Of Kuroshitsuji

So, I’ve been reading the latest chapter again and I noticed something quite interesting. Did you all take a glimpse of Sebastian’s reaction when the second Ciel was revealed?

I don’t know if I should call this an expression of terror, confusion or both. But my point is, have we ever seen Sebastian act so straightforward and emotional before? I mean, his demon nature allows him to be free of emotions and basically be aware of everything beforehand. So, I have a couple of theories as to what happened from Sebastian’s perspective:
1) Assuming this boy is actually Ciel’s twin, it was his blood that was used to summon Sebastian the day that the contract happened. Hence, the contract itself might be facing problems since it is sealed by blood.

2) Assuming that this boy is not a twin, Sebastian might have sensed a weird type of soul within this boy which could actually be a “man-made” soul, or else, Undertaker’s handiwork. Now, given the whole Undertaker/Vincent Phantomhive ordeal and the way the new Ciel LITERALLY looks like a smaller version of the previous Earl, Vincent. Could Undertaker have finally achieved the purpose of his research?

Seriously though, it’s kind of a nice change of pace to see Sebastian doing actual face expressions besides his usual poker face and/or smirk.


Texas LGBTQ Discrimination Now Targets Kids

Ana Kasparian said it best: In context, this state has passed some of the most restrictive reproductive laws. They claim they care, about the sanctity of life, about children, precious little zygotes. But the second those kids are born…it’s sick.

It is scary what time we live in, the age where there’s the internet, mass media, and cult control of states’ resources and lives. 

Like what the actual HELL is happening in Texas, and other parts? Where are the normal people there? Are they so outnumbered by hell’s fury that they’d allow child abuse to be written into law, like Russia’s domestic violence maintenance laws? FUCK

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What do you think Jon will say to Theon when he sees him again?

Because I’m trash I wrote out what I want to happen :P 

Theon froze in the doorway, panic awash on his pale face. He was not the man Jon remembered. He had betrayed House Stark for his own gain, allowed the Boltons to take power and wage filth in the name of Winterfell. But where anger should have dwelled, Jon found he could not look upon this shadow masquerading as Theon Greyjoy and feel vengeful. 

“Jon…” Whatever else he wanted to say died on his lips as Jon strode forward, purposeful in his strides. “I’m so–” 

He clasped Theon in a firm embrace, quick and fleeting, and when he pulled back, he made sure to look his once-friend in the eyes, so determined to show his earnestness. “Thank you. Thank you for bringing her back to me.”

“I do not deserve your thanks. I have done… terrible things.”

“War makes monsters out of men,” Jon said. “We have all done terrible things.”

a destiel fic wrapped inside of a cockles fic...

Word Count: 3,568

Jensen slid into his usual booth at Honey’s Doughnuts.  He would call it his usual booth but he really only got up here about once a month.  His hectic schedule did not allow much time for coffee house ponderings and when he did have free time he was likely travelling to Austin to be with his family.  But on occasion he would have a free afternoon when he wasn’t filming and wasn’t due to be anywhere else, he would sneak up here.  It was about a 45 minute drive into the less populated side of town.  The drive gave him time to clear his head and sing along to overplayed pop songs he knew too well.   He was pretty sure the owner knew who he was by now but thankfully she never treated him differently.  She never even asked for an autograph.  The Doughnut shop was quiet during the week.  It had it’s morning rushes but most of its business came in on the weekend.  It was close enough to Baden Powell Trail Head that all the bicycle “tourists”, hikers and nature lovers would stop here for various refreshments.  It offered a Vegetarian menu and even had some gluten free options so it had an appeal with the kind of people that hiked trail heads. 

He liked it because you could get a decent cappuccino as well as a Corned beef sandwich and from his favorite booth, he had a view of the cove and and where the park spilled into the square.  He’d brought Danneeel here the last time they came to visit (he’d sworn her to secrecy) and once he’d even seen Misha out here.  Misha was actually one of the health nut, bicycle tourists that maybe once or twice mentioned that he stopped here to rest after his outdoor exertions.  Misha didn’t spot him right away partly because the cafe was packed and partly because Jensen had ducked down behind the tall banisters that divided the booths.  

Seeing Misha affected him.  His heart was pounding in his chest.  Part of him wanted Misha to find him, to spend the rest of the afternoon sipping coffee and green tea with him in his favourite booth, getting lost in conversation.  He let his imagination run wild with the idea. He smiled at the thought of Misha laughing at something he said.  But there was another part of Jensen that wanted Misha to stay on his side of the small cafe.  Because if Misha didn’t see Jensen and they didn’t speak, than it would not shatter Jensen’s fantasy with reality.  The reality that whenever he so much as parted his lips to speak to Misha it was awkward and painful and in the fluster of it all Jensen seemed to always say something to offend Misha or hurt his feelings.  Jensen did not do it on purpose, but when he gets nervous he sticks his foot in his mouth and when he’s embarrassed he gets defensive.  It was a vicious cycle.

Jensen made a terrible habit of falling in love with his co-stars.  It had happened on Days, and with Danneel on Ten Inch Hero.  Even Jared season one, Jensen was a goner from the beginning.  And Jared had been good about it.  The two of them were truly kindred beings and even though their friendship had taken different forms over the years, Jensen was comforted in the fact that it was always going to be there.  Even if the direction may change, he knew their relationship was something that he could always rely on.

Jensen did not know what to do about Misha. The dude was weird.  Jensen had never come on to a guy who had been so receptive. Most guys who give the appearance of being straight - i.e. wife - typically scoff at his public advances and innuendo until Jensen disarms them with his charm.  But not Misha.  Misha was mush in his hand from the beginning.   And at anytime if Misha did have his wits about him, he used them to flirt back with Jensen and he was merciless.  The crew was starting to pick up on it and their chemistry was so palpable that the fans were already frenzied about it.  Jensen wondered how long they were going to flirt and if this would ever turn into anything more.  He shamelessly eavesdropped on Misha and his fellow bicyclist.  That was actually the day that Jensen wrote his first fanfiction.  

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Hi Felix, Skippy said its not of out business if Harry can have children or not because that is personal and private. Well his "girlfriend" is also personal and private and we talk about her on a daily basis. I think only he knows if he can have children or not and is not right for a blogger like NYC to be asserting this. Only saying. Love you blog.

Hi Anon. Yes NYC shared with us this news which is ok and she has been allowed to publish on here via her boss who is friends with Prince Charles. Yes we talk about MM and Harry on a daily basis but we don’t talk about their personal medical issues. These are private to me. 

Yes found out the news about Harry and we should all move on from this and focus back at on what is happening with this relationship by events which come up regarding this relationship in the media.  

Have a great day anon.


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Okay but after this episode - are you just as mad as I am that they spoiled Simm in the trailers? This could've been such a fucking good twist and whoever made those trailers ruined such a good reveal. I swear I will never get over this stolen opportunity of even more angst and drama

This really would have been the ‘Earthshock moment’ that Moff’s really wanted, but the modern climate of how television production works (especially one as big as Doctor Who) just doesn’t allow for that to happen any more. That really sucks.

I’m pretty annoyed at how poor the BBC has been about spoilers this year, it seems like the moment that something leaks they decide to go ahead and make an official announcement about it.

And, like… that was some really good make-up/prosthetics they used on John Simm. If I hadn’t known he was in the episode, I would’ve spent at least half of that episode not even thinking that Razor was anything other than a major supporting character for Bill’s part of the story.


Klaus: Elijah, you were always the keeper of our bond and because of that, you will feel this pain the most. When the inevitable happens and I, deviod of family influence replase into a spiral of mayhem and bloodshed, I need you to leave me to my fate. If you come to my rescue as you have done so many times before, it will only serve to aid our enemy and bringing it one step close to my daughter and I cannot allow that. So, my brother, when the time comes, I beg you, let me go.

Sanctum (6)

Artifact Creation: Part 2/ Part 4/ Part 5 (part 1 and 3 were filler) 

Inspirational Music: 

(OOC: As far as pacing goes this happened before all the signature rituals/runic ritual, just had this typed out for a while and decided to finish it)

With Theron’s familiar Rose nestled snugly against her shoulder, Ilyea couldn’t help but hum along to the soft tune that seemed to echo from the avian. It helped break up the work she was doing but then again warding was a tedious chore. It allowed her mind to stretch and fold onto itself as she finished each knot into the wood. Other than the whistle of wind within the trees and the pretty singing bird; it was relatively quiet.

Reaching her hand out a skittering bug caught her eye which was quickly squished with her sharpened carving tool. The offered sludge was offered to Rose whom greedily pecked off the offering.

“Could you be a good dear and keep me informed if anything changes? I’ll give you more bugs.” The mage offered her friend’s familiar accented with a rub along the head. Rose let out a soft caw and flew out into the surrounding Terrokar forest. Rose’s small form hidden perfectly against the soft greens and blues of the alien scenery though she could still hear her singing as she flew along.  






                                                                               Of Work

                                                                                               Her thoughts


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June 24 , 2017 saturday 3:16 a.m

Dear Future Lover , 

     I’m sorry that no matter how much you give I will make you feel like it just is not enough. Let me apologize in advance for me not being able to ever fully trust you and having to deal with my paranoia. Forgive me for being afraid to rip of my bandages. Please forgive me for putting you threw being accused constantly. I am sorry that you have to deal with me being scared to give all to you because I feel that giving a hundred percent is a mistake. Sorry that you have to constanly assure me that you care because I will refuse to believe words you say. I feel horrible that I won’t care how deep you feel for me because truth is I probably won’t allow myself to ever feel anything too deep again. Things that happened before you made me too self conscious of giving love to another person and I am sorry I am afraid to love you how you probably would like me too. I’m sorry that those before you made me frightened to love fearlessly. 

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What happened in Japan? Really... We barely got 21st Century Girl fancams. We didn't get anything from Nagoya and I don't seem many fansites uploading Jimin's photos or

I know right? Many people who attended the Nagoya concert said there were a lot of particular Jikook moments, and I literally searched all up on the internet and there’s not even ONE quality picture or video… But, I saw some fans saying that the security guards on that day were so strict and didn’t allow people to film or take pictures. Anyways, it’s very strange.
And, about the lack of pics and stuff, I mean, japanese fans are very polite and respectful. They’re very quiet and calm, too, and they are very “chill” when it comes to any artist. I’ve stanned some apop artists and whenever they did concerts in Japan, the fans were really quiet and didn’t take proper videos and pics. So, my guess is, that’s their culture, although I find it a bit doubtful. We’ll never know for sure…