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I an making a fan fiction thing and I was wondering if I can write fan fiction including Jason? I promise to give credit, but i understand if you say no. The fan fiction would include Jason ships and other things i think of or if I get requests. Ships I can think of include jason/daniel jason/jasper jason/david and jason/reader but that is just off the top of my head and you can decline any ideas. I just wanted to ask permission first?

Ooh, sounds cool! Thanks for coming to check with me! I’ll give a few pointers and stuff to help pin his character down!

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I come from a military family so I really want to see this! South Korea has a mandatory military service for men of a certain age. How would RFA boys and MC deal with being apart in this situation? You don't have to do Jaehee, since she wouldn't be required to serve but if her or MC volunteered then that would work too.

Yoosung would not take it well. He’d probably cry when he found out his service was coming up, but then pull a complete 180 and try and convince MC he was absolutely not worried at all. Spends the entire time before leaving making memories with MC, since he saw that in a movie once and, once he actually gets to boot camp, is that guy you see in every war movie ever with a cheesy as shit story about a girl back home except he doesn’t die. Yoosung also probably struggles through his training because honestly what is fitness but in any of what he comes to tell MC later (whether it’s in e-mails or when he actually comes back) he really bigs up the stuff he did. Considering his experience and knowledge, I imagine he might volunteer as a medic or the police force.

Zen is the guy who talks back to his commanding officer and probably gets into fights at boot camp because he felt disrespected. Before going, he’d fill MC’s phone with pictures of them together, fill the apartment with framed photos and merchandise and insist on doing memorable things together because, to be honest, two years is a long time and even if MC agreed to stay with him over that period, he’d still be paranoid about coming home and finding that they had moved on. Zen is the kind of guy who uses up all of his phone time because he wants to know everything they’ve done and who they spent time with. I think he’d volunteer for a spot in the infantry.

Jumin would arguably handle it the best. He is used to spending extended periods of time away from home and if it’s his duty, he wouldn’t be happy about it but he would accept it. He wouldn’t be happy about spending time away from MC and he would almost certainly hate being in a position where he cannot speak to them every day, but he would e-mail or call MC whenever possible. As Jumin is the son of such an influential man, initially he would be offered positions that would place him outside of actual danger. He would refuse them, though, in favour of the more difficult training and a better image for C&R. His entire time in service would be a media circus, to be honest, and before leaving he would prepare MC to deal with the reporters in his absence. I also feel like he’d take some extra advice from V and record a message for each of the days he’d be gone. 

Seven would be that guy always getting yelled at during boot camp and pulling pranks because he has no fear. He was already an agent and went through training like this already when he was younger. On a purely hypothetical level I’m wondering if he would even have to serve, considering how his years of agency work potentially helped national security and so may be counted already…but that’s a discussion for another day. Anyway, Seven would send MC selfies from the most absurd of places (like the front of laps with the drill sergeant behind him) and not take it seriously at all because-again-he’s been through all of this before. MC would probably get twice daily updates from him while he’s away. Seven probably ends up as an artilleryman or an engineer.

V and Saeran would likely not be accepted: V because of the damage to his eyes and trauma that would be present if he lived long enough for conscription post game. Saeran for a number of reasons including his tattoo and mental and physical health, the latter of which are confirmed to be in poor condition post Mint Eye.


An AU in which the entire camp except Max is killed because Max was never actually “purified”, and just acted so. Daniel also never drank the Kool Aid and killed the whole camp. Daniel “purified” David too. Daniel and David then go around lake lilac doing this to other camps. Max escapes the camp and hides in the woods, eventually Max finds other survivors from other camps and they form a small group of survivors

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looks like today is more security and less media?

yeah looks like it. still it’s a couple of reporters but less than the ones before where they actually camped outside the hospital.