this is not actually camping

House by David Hyun, 1961, Los Angeles


I’ve never been to LA, but this film is actually set in a place I visit all the time: boho California as represented in social media.
I had a laid back upbringing in New Zealand, with plenty of actual (but less Instagram-ready) camping, surfing, dinners in the garden, and road trips to scour secondhand shops for retro pottery. Now living in London, homesickness for those things has given me a weakness for blogs with a similar vibe. Lately there are more and more of these and many of them seem to be Californian. Of course it should be obvious to me that some are just exploiting a trend: that Free People are just trying to sell me clothes, that even some of the most authentic, unpretentious-seeming personal blogs/instagrams include carefully curated product placements. But it all taps into my homesickness for a similar lifestyle, so i buy into it. Consequently, of all the recent movies about the perils of social media, this black comedy (about an Instagram stalker and her obnoxious target) unsettled me the most. I’m used to assuming actresses on magazine covers are photoshopped, but it’s somehow easier to forget that the places and lifestyles in apparently impromptu amateur snaps can be just as cynically contrived. (Photo via blog.freepeople)

I actually watched 13 reasons why and it is good camp fun until the most disgusting gratuitous on screen suicide I’ve ever seen. So you can’t even enjoy it as trash

WestThawnePark, Camping AU for Nonnie.

“Next time.” Linda kicked dirt to try and stem the fire. “We’re camping in an actual cabin.” She tilted her head to the left and shot Eddie a glare when he began to chuckle. “With an actual bed.”

Iris hummed in agreement, though she rolled her eyes and Linda’s words, as she continued to pile the wood she and Linda had watched Eddie cut earlier that day.

“Fine.” Eddie shook his head fondly at his girlfriend’s grumbling. “Next time I get to pick our vacation, I’ll try to make sure it’s somewhere with a nice, big comfy for us to use.”


hc that Preston and Nerf’s egg never ran away but rather… Jasper was watching all this unfold from afar and decided that now was as good a time as any for ghostly intervention

oh hey cool ava’s special request finished!

now to place it in my camp–

….uh. why is it not placing??? it’s supposed to go into the circle how big could it possibly–


…nintendo. nINTENDO!! that is not a “large egg”!!!  “large eggs” exist. an ostrich egg is a “large egg”. THIS egg takes up ~20% of my fucking camp. i don’t have words for what size it is but i’m not gonna call it “large egg”. “large egg”, my ass. what kinda large egg–