this is not a weight he should have to carry

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My dad is currently being a jerk, so do you have any cute Bruce being a cool batdad headcanons? Thanks a lot. :3

  • At some point Bruce decided that carrying his smaller children around is basically another form of weight-lifting (and therefore something that he should definitely do), which is convenient considering that Damian kinda likes to hang out on Bruce’s shoulders. The high ground is tactically advantageous, you know, so it’s good strategy. Also it’s really easy to kick people in the head from that height, so there’s that too.
  • Every time Bruce says something even vaguely positive about another kid, his children start in with the adoption jokes. Tim carries around a blank adoption form so he can sarcastically offer it to his dad at regular intervals. Every once in awhile, Bruce pretends he’s really considering it, just to freak them out. They’re like… reasonably sure he’s kidding, but also? They’ve been burned before.
  • Ninja: a “training” game with very simple rules: get to Bruce while he’s not expecting it, without letting him see you. Tag him and you win. Nobody has ever won Ninja, even though they’ve been playing it since Dick was little. Bruce always catches them; he won’t, however, just end the game when he does. He always waits until the laaaast possible second. He thinks it’s funny.
  • Bruce, calmly, from the couch: I really would have recommended an attack from above
  • The small child underneath the couch: NOOOOO I WAS SO CLOSE
  • Bruce, straight-faced: You sure were
  • Y'all know those Facebook games where it’s like “type @b and the first name to appear is your new dad?” The entire city of Gotham tags Bruce as their new dad. Congrats, Bruce.
percival graves headcanons
  • percival graves who stubbornly goes back to his post as the director of the magical security in MACUSA – despite the limping in his walk and the slight tremors in his left hand.
  • percival graves who still wears his long coat and immaculate sharp suits – even when the coat drapes over his shoulders, not quite fitting his body anymore since he lost a lot of weight.
  • percival graves who looks at his Aurors and sees guilt in their eyes, watching their lines of their shoulders go tensed as if they are waiting to be reprimanded by him for not being able to recognize that he has been replaced by an impostor.
  • percival graves who forgives them – puts the entire blame on his wary shoulders to carry because he should have been more careful, he should have been a better duelist, he should have fought until he die.
  • percival graves who barks orders at them without raising his voice because his vocal-chord is damaged from the hexes and dark spell, from screaming in silence when he was being tortured.
  • percival graves who still keeps everyone at arm’s length because while he forgives them, the lingering bitterness is still there inside his chest, how betrayed he had felt when days turned to weeks and then it was months and yet he was still imprisoned.
  • percival graves who works ten times harder just to prove to his Aurors, to Picquery, to himself that he’s still a very valuable asset to MACUSA – even when his Healer tells him to take it easy, he still pushes himself to the limit.
  • percival graves who needs all the soft love from anyone but is too proud to ask for it, too stoic to even admit that he’s lonely, that his nightmares keep him awake, that he hasn’t had any decent sleep in weeks and he lives on coffee and spite.
  • percival graves who eventually falls asleep on the hard sofa in his office, bone-tired to the world that he doesn’t even stir when there are magical beasts trespassing his domain because they can sense a wounded soul needing comfort even from miles ahead.
  • percival graves who wakes up startled because there are fingers in his hair, combing the strands gently; the eyes blinking slowly as percival looks at its translucent white long fur. there’s a winged snake winding loosely around his neck, cheeping at him and nuzzling his jaw as if its reassuring percival that everything is fine.
  • percival graves who turns his head towards the door when there’s a soft murmured hello greeting him and feels that his breath being knocked out from his lungs because the man standing before him is beautiful in swirled of blue and coppery red.
  • percival graves who murmurs a soft hello back, who tries to get up but the winged snake presses him back into the sofa and he cannot do anything but accept his fate and when he tries to talk, he yawns instead and slowly, eventually, with the man’s smile as the last thing he sees, percival graves falls back to sleep.

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if you wanted prompts, how about bucky pining over the cute nerd tony and getting jealous of how much time tony spends with his best friend/super popular kid rhodey

Bahaha Tony’s friendship with Rhodey is more important to me than any shipping I just want everyone to know that. Look out for more under the cut! I hope you like this, Anon! :)

“You’re staring again,” Steve commented, peeling his orange.

Bucky didn’t even try to deny it. He’d denied it the first few times and now Natasha just looked at him like he was pathetic when he tried to say he was looking at something beyond Tony. Besides, what was the point of denying it when basically the whole school knew how gone he was for Stark? Except for Tony himself, of course, the oblivious punk.

“He’s just so cute,” Bucky whined, leaning his face on his fists as he watched Tony gesticulate wildly while he talked to Bruce Banner. “With his glasses and the way his hair curls a little bit and his stupid backpack that’s almost as big as he is–”

“I’m waiting for the day when the weight of his backpack sends him down the stairs,” Clint cut in. “Fifty bucks it’ll happen by the end of the year.”

Natasha shook his hand, taking that bet.

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Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Harry)

A/N: This is long but I’m so not even sorry because I think Harry is hella cute when he is all awkward and shy and yeah…hope you guys like it !

Harry had been acting remarkably out of character for the whole day. He was jittery and nervous and nothing like the carefree man you were dating. Every time you looked at him he was running his fingers through his curls or muttering something incoherent under his breath; whatever it was that was causing it however had you worried.

The only time you’d ever seen Harry so stressed was when management was breathing down the bands necks for the next single, album or tour date; it wasn’t often that anything else bothered him to this capacity. Moving to sit next to him on the couch you touched his shoulder lightly.
“Haz, you okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine Kitten,” He replied, forcing a smile onto his face.
“You can tell me if anything is wrong Harry, you know that right?”
“Y/n,” Harry said, taking your hand in his and giving it a loose squeeze. “Don’t worry about me alright? I’m fine.”

You raised your eyebrows but left the subject alone. You trusted Harry and you weren’t about to go prying into anything he didn’t want you to know; sooner or later he’d talk to you. Getting back up off the couch you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before moving into the kitchen, intent on making you both a cup of tea.

You were going about doing just that when you heard Harry’s voice, muffled from the living room. Curiosity got the better of you and you stepped closer to the arch way.
“I can’t do it!” You heard Harry say and you gathered he was on the phone; he sounded so defeated.  “I don’t think I can ask her.”

You were thoroughly confused, was he talking about you? You kept listening as Harry sighed heavily.
“No, no your right,” He said. “Rip it off like a bandaid.”

You stepped back as you thought about his words, your mind immediately jumping to the worst case scenario, Harry breaking up with you. Sure he was away a lot and you didn’t always see eye to eye on that, but surely he wasn’t going to end things because of it. You had always stuck by him through the band’s career, ever since you started dating him; you put up with the rumors and the magazine articles and the paparazzi and almost everything else that came along with dating a celebrity and you’d never complained once, because you loved Harry more than you’d loved anybody. Now that there was a possibility that it was all going to come to an end you found you couldn’t quite breathe.

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Best Thing In My Life

Summary: Reader goes on a demon hunt with Simon who goes with the angels. 51. “I fucking love you” & 71. “I’ve never told anyone”

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 516

Requested: @snowflakexss

AN: This is the shortest thing I have written so I’m sorry about that. I know I said I would have it in a day or two but I couldn’t help it. I wrote it and I wanted to post it. I hope this is kinda what you were looking for, if not my apologies. 

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mac-noa  asked:

Okay, so I'm not much of a kandreil fan but I do like the idea of Kevin thinking of Neil as attractive. Could you write a prompt where Neil and Kevin are out somewhere without Andrew and someone starts hitting on Neil, and Neil is like totally oblivous about it and almost agrees to a date, so Kevin saves him by pretending to be his boyfriend.

Okay so i know you said you didn’t want kandreil, soooooo I crossed out the super gay parts. You’re welcome. (sorry this took so long!) If anyone else wants more of this or anything else, you only have to ask me here!

  • Kevin fucking knows Neil is pretty, okay? 
  • He’d actually never used that word to describe a boy before meeting Nathaniel as a child 
  • He had light blue eyes and long long lashes 
  • He had a cute little smile and dimples and rosy cheeks 
  • His hair was curly and looked so soft 
  • Kevin was always ruffling it as they were practicing, both to congratulate Nathaniel and have an excuse to touch it 
    • Neil flinched away at first, but it was the first positive touch that he’d felt in almost forever, so he eventually leaned into it 
  • He was a very pretty kid, a very cute one 
  • Even after nearly collapsing from dramatized exhaustion, he was adorable 
  • That feeling of “I love this kid” disappeared after seeing his father dismember a man in the name of the Moriyamas
  • But he was pretty even when he stood next to his father with icy eyes
  • It was then that Kevin understood that picture perfect people were almost always fake
  • Neil Josten wasn’t pretty, not at first 
  • He was dressed in baggy, worn-out clothing and was in desperate need of a proper shower 
  • But after he’d cleaned up a bit? 
  • Hell yeah he was 
  • That first night in Columbia, with Neil in tight-fitting clothes and his contacts out? 
  • Kevin wanted to wrap himself around the blue-eyed boy 
  • It was common at the nest, to just hook up with anyone at anytime 
  • Even when he was dating Thea, the two of them had both shared their time with others 
  • Monogamy was still something Kevin couldn’t wrap his head around 
  • But this wasn’t the nest, and Kevin had to be straight, so going after Neil wasn’t an option 
  • Then Andrew and Neil were together 
  • Okay then 
  • That happened 
  • Kevin was honestly in shock that Andrew decided to go for someone who loved exy as much as Neil did
    • (He was also shocked that Neil was alive, but his priorities are exy before life, so)
  •  At least he’d put more effort in now? 
  • It was confusing, but he accepted it 
  • It became a fact during the rest of their years in palmetto that Andrew and Neil were undoubtedly a thing 
  • If you wanted something from Andrew, you had to ask Neil 
  • If you went after Neil, you had to answer to Andrew 
  • They never outright told anyone, but it was easy enough to guess, with the way they slowly got comfortable with hand-holding around other people 
  • It also became a fact that Kevin was invested in the both of them 
  • Despite what he said about how hard it was to be gay in professional exy and how they shouldn’t even try, he supported them to the press tirelessly 
  • He might complain about them in private, but to everyone else he was aggressively defending them, and he was labeled as the number one Andreil shipper in many buzzfeed articles 
    • More like he was jealous af 
    • Not of a single one, but both of them 
    • He swore his liver would fail before he told anyone but Thea 
  • After they’d all graduated, Kevin had been with his pro team for three years 
  • Neil had only been with his for one season, so it was no wonder Kevin’s had beat his early in the playoffs 
  • Neil was still bitter 
    • Andrew wasn’t with them, he was practicing with his team up in New York in preparation to beat the shit out of Kevin 
  • Both Kevin’s and Neil’s teams were invited to a party of sorts It’s invite-only and they know everyone there, so Neil agrees to go as long as Kevin does 
    • (And of course Kevin does, because god he’d never stop wanting to look at Neil, even with his scars. He’s still the prettiest boy Kevin has ever had the pleasure of meeting) 
  • So off they go, to some classy club in California 
  • The place is full when they get there, and one of the backliners on Neil’s team is buying the rounds 
  • Kevin has always believed it’s wrong to say no to free alcohol, so he doesn't 
  • Neil, surprisingly doesn’t either, he drinks just enough to get suitably buzzed 
  • And no one else does either, and most of them get wasted af 
    • And I mean wasted 
    • Like the party in yuri on ice where everyone pole-dances wasted 
    • It’s insane 
  • From this, comes an offensive dealer filled with liquid courage, who just came up with a bunch of exy-based pickup lines 
  • She thinks they’re the best, and has been laughing so hard she cries before she gets through most of them 
  • It’s alright though, she hadn’t really been wanting to flirt with them too much anyway, just wanted to hear herself talk 
  • Then she sees Neil, and goes through all the stages of “damn he fine” 
  • She trips on her way to the table where Neil’s sitting, typing shit on twitter 
  • He’s sobered up for the most part, but is still having far too much fun typing shitposts and calling random people out on their bullshit 
  • So the dealer hobbles over, tumbling into the seat next to him 
    • “Are you are striker, bc you struck a goal right in my heart!” 
    • “Wat???” 
  • Needless to say, her one-liners only decrease in quality as time goes on 
  • Neil is just very confused bc yes of course he’s a striker Samantha you know this??? 
  • So there’s Neil who looks confused and uncomfortable and a drunk-off-her-ass offensive dealer and it’s very awkward
  • Kevin is also drunk 
  • Very much so 
  • So much so that he sees the two of them and alarm bells ring in his head
  •  Sam over there thinks she can move in on his man 
    • (Andrew’s man, Kev, gotta remember that) 
  • But Andrew Isn’t there to protect him from heinous villains like Samantha, so it’s time for Kevin to save the Day! 
  • Hehehehe 
    • (I’m not sure you realize how drunk he is exactly
  • But he shuffles over to the two of them with purpose 
  • He only almost falls on his face 
  • He’s too uncoordinated to maneuver himself into a chair, so he falls ontop of Neil from behind 
  • His arms sling over Neil’s neck and his head rests on his shoulder as he puts his entire weight onto Neil 
  • “Heesh meh boifren.” 
  • He tries to say to Samantha, but his face is buried in Neil’s neck, so it was muffled significantly 
  • “Wha?” 
  • “He’s my boyfriend.” 
  • Neil wants to die 
  • Samantha’s eyes widen and she just goes “ooooooooh!” before giggling and conking out 
  • Kevin is extremely satisfied
  • He buries his face back into the crook of the other striker’s neck and makes a contented sound 
  • Neil resigns himself to having to carry his “boyfriend” back to his apartment bc it’s clear that Kevin should be cut off 
  • All in a Day’s work! 
  • Hehehehe 

(Miss Samantha Mullings was given a ride home and had too much of a headache in the morning to try and remember the shit that happened that night. We all thank her for her participation)

Home Again

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Reading Material

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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Autistic Cassian with hyperempathy, who hates killing with every inch of his being but does it anyway because he believes it will help his cause, and because he has his orders and he has to follow them. Whose best friend is a droid because it’s less social rules to fuss about and because K2 gets him in a way that not many others do. 

Autistic Jyn whose facial expressions don’t always come across the way she wants them to and who gets shit for being uncaring but who just has a natural flat effect. Who has a hard time getting along with other people and she can’t tell if it’s just the way she is or if it’s a side effect from being left alone so many times in the past. 

Autistic Bodhi who is very prone to shut downs and who has an awful time with verbal communication because he stutters and slurs and has a general hard time getting words out. Who has a special interest in ships and piloting that becomes an even more predominate part of his identity after the Bor Gullet. 

Autistic Chirrut who stims with echolalia and his staff. Who has mastered biting sarcasm but who still has days where the only thing he can say is “I am one with the force; the force is with me”. Who likes to sit around and braid Baze’s hair and listen to the other man talk about different kinds of blasters, sometimes for hours at a time.  

Autistic Baze who gets Chirrut to sit on his lap for those good pressure stims. Who tends to speak as little as possible to conserve energy but who always has the words to talk to Chirrut. Who always has on his heavy armor and carries his blaster because they have a good weight and the reassurance of protection should the need arise

I love politely saying fucking you to customers.

Oh man so today I learned the most amazing thing.

Like two weeks ago when we had all the snow, a customer wanted help loading ice melt so our cashier called me up to handle it (I had presumed that it was cause he could see me and I wasnt busy) the guy I carried the stuff put for was not really pleased that I (a female shapped person) came up to grab them, nor that I just carried them out to his car cause the weight was nothing. If I had a nickel for every time a customer made some comment about my supposed gender and that I should have let one of my male coworkers carry heavy stuff, I could buy my store.

What I didnt know was that two days prior the customer had first come in and when the cashier had called for help, my coworker Emmaleigh had come up. And true to his nature the guy was miffed that a girl was helping him when he needed two 40lbs bags or salt. Emmaleigh just grabbed the two and carried them over like they were nothing, simply to spite him.

So when the guy came back, he specifically requested that ‘that little girl’ didnt come up and show him up again. The cashier said 'Oh not a problem, she doesnt work today.’

And paged me. 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

Bad day - Tyler Seguin

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I was having a really shitty day and i wanted to write about it and I wanted Tyler to comfort me lol. hope you like it.

Word count: 1479

Warnings: Swearing.

Master list

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

Have you ever had one of those days? A day where it seems like the world has woken up and decided to screw you over? It has been one of those days for me. It started badly, sleeping through my alarm and waking up an hour late, and it just kept getting worse and worse. I got stuck in traffic and got to work an hour and a half late, my computer wouldn’t work and I spent two hours going back a forth around the office trying to find a technician to help me out with it, I spilled my salad dressing all over my shirt at lunch, I dropped my phone and the screen shattered into a million pieces, the coffee machine run out of cups and just pour my coffee down the drain, and I twisted my ankle walking to my car after deciding to take some work home and catch up with everything I haven’t done today. And the worst off all, Tyler is away in a road trip and won’t be home until tomorrow.

I park my car in the driveway and manage to grab all my stuff from the passenger seat, balancing it all on one arm. The lights of the house are on, I must have forgotten to turn them off this morning… Write it down on the list of things I’ve done wrong today. I walk to the front door, feeling my ankle pulsate in pain, and open it, getting inside the house. As soon as I shut the door I turn around and trip with one of Cash and Marshall’s toys, dropping all the files I’m carrying and seeing all the pages flying around.

“Fuck.” I pretty much yell, feeling the tears burning in my eyes.

I’ve managed to keep myself from crying during my time in the office, but I can’t help it but to let big, hot tears make their way down my cheeks.

“(y/n)?” I hear a voice from the kitchen. Tyler’s voice. What is he doing here?

I can hear him walking towards the hall and soon enough I can see his figure towering over me. He is smiling, happy to see me, but his expression change when he sees the tears running down my face, leaving black streaks of mascara. He is quick to get me inside his arms, holding me close to his warm body.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He whispers, kissing my head softly.

“Everything went wrong today. Everything.” I answer in between sobs, hiding my face on his chest.

Tyler buries his hand on my hair, massaging the base of my skull; he knows that it will relax me a little bit. He doesn’t say anything else; he lets me cry while holding me, swaying slowly.

It takes me a while to stop crying, and when I do my eyes are extremely red and irritated and my head is pounding. When I take a step back I can’t help it but to hiss, my ankle hurting.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler repeats his question, looking concerned.

“I twisted my ankle.” I tell him, taking my high heels off and putting a little bit of pressure on my aching foot. It hurts like a bitch. “I’m fine.” I lie straight to Tyler’s face.

“You don’t look fine.” He just answers. He is not buying it and I know it. “Go change your clothes, I’ll look for a bag of frozen peas or something.”

The walk to our shared bedroom is a nightmare. I need to lean on the wall for support and the stairs seem to never end. I can’t stop taking sharp breaths and hissing the whole time and I’m sure I’m a crying, sweaty mess. I’m scared to look down; my head is making up these images of my ankle being swollen and bruised in gruesome colors like black and purple.

When I finally sit down on my bed I’m out of breath and I want to cry more than ever; my day has been extremely bad, but at least Tyler is here. I change into a pair of cotton shorts and Tyler’s V-neck that is lying on bed. The smell of his cologne is strong on it, and I automatically feel a hundred times better.

The walk back is just as painful, but when I see the stairs I decide that I can’t do them by myself, so I sit on top of them and call Tyler.

“Ty.” I say shyly but strong enough so he can hear me.

“What?” He answers from somewhere downstairs.

“Can you help me down, please?” I ask, trying to sound as put together as possible. I don’t want to worry him more by being a child.

He walks out from the living room and makes his way upstairs, hooking his arms under my legs and torso and lifting me up like I was a feather.

“Am I too heavy? I’m sorry.” I apologize and he smiles at me.

“I bench press more than you weight, baby.” He presumes and I laugh, leaning a little on him so I can kiss his jawline.

“My hero.”

“Always there to save you, my Princess.”

Tyler ends up carrying me all the way to the couch, putting me down carefully. He sits next to me and puts a cushion on his lap, grabbing my foot and putting it on the soft surface to examine it.

“It is slightly swollen, but it isn’t too bad. Ice and advil and you should be fine.” He finally says. “I’ll get them for you. Stay here and have some rest.”

Tyler hands me the remote of the TV and walks away to the kitchen. I go up and down the tv cable browser, looking for something to watch with Tyler and forget about this awful day. I’m so focus on finding something that I don’t realize that Cash and Marshall have entered the room until the big black dog licks up my face.

“Hello, guys!” I coo at them, scratching Cash’s ears and earning more licks. “How are my favorite puppies?”

Marshall’s jealousy comes to play when he doesn’t get rubs as soon as Cash, so he jumps in the couch and lays on my stomach, crying and seeking attention. I drop the remote and give him a good rub. Cash is now jealous, so he jumps on too and sits on my legs, making me wince when he puts pressure on my ankle.

“Hey, hey. Marshall, Cash, get down there now.” Tyler’s voice is strong and both dogs jump off me before I can say a word. “You have to be gentle with momma today.” Tyler scolds the dogs and I can’t help it but to laugh. “What are you laughing at, huh?”

“You are just adorable.” I answer and he shakes his head.

“I’m trying to be leader of the pack and you call me adorable.” He huffs and I laugh even louder.

Tyler goes back to his place on the couch and holds a bag of frozen corn on my ankle. The coolness feels great on my warm ankle and I let out a relief sigh.

“I ordered Thai food.” Tyler tells me. “Drunken noodles with chicken, dumplings an…”

“Please tell me you got a fried banana.” I beg and he laughs.

“And a fried banana for you.” He says.

“You are the bestest ever.” I say, reaching out to kiss him.

“I know.” He answers against my lips.

We spent the rest of the night on the couch. Tyler gets up countless times to get a new bag of frozen something for my foot, to get our take out, to get Advil, to bring us drinks, to make some hot chocolate… He is being a complete dream tonight, making sure that I was okay at every second. The food was amazing and both of us stuff our faces with it. I don’t finish all my food and Tyler does it for me, complaining about how I ruin my Thai food making it spicy.

We are half way through our second movie; we have decided to watch the three first movies of Pirates of the Caribbean and we are just cuddling on the couch. Tyler is tracing patterns on the exposed skin of my hip while I play with the fingers of his other hand.

“Feeling any better?” He wonders, giving me a little squeeze on my hip before resuming to his caresses.

“Much better.” I assure him, kissing his cheek.

“It was just a bad day, baby.” He comforts me and I nod in agreement.

“It wasn’t that bad after all.” I tell him and he prompts himself up on his elbow to get a better vision of me.

“How so? I thought that it had been really shitty.”

“It’s never a bad day when I get to spend time with you.”

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 6x13

Whoa wait. Somehow in everyone’s pitching of notable™ episodes to recap and season primers and what all else, I had not gotten that this one was


Wow okay!!

Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Far Beyond the Stars’

Captain Benjamin Sisko sits at his desk surrounded by a litter of iPads, like so many fallen leaves — like so many of his fallen comrades.

“The Cortez was a good ship!” he mourns to Major Kira. He had introduced the captain to his wife. And now, the war with the Dominion has taken them too.

Kira passes Papa Sisko at the doorway — Ben’s dad is finally visiting Deep Space 9! But it has not been the cheeriest visit, laden down as Ben has been with war and loss. Sweetly, his dad tells him that’s actually why he came: “I’ve been worried about you. The last couple of times we talked it seemed like you were carrying the weight of the entire Alpha Quadrant on your shoulders.”

Captain Atlas confides that he doesn’t know how much more he can bear. He wonders…he wonders if he should pass the weight to someone else. Let someone else make the decisions, have the glories and the losses. Have his command.

Papa Sisko assures Ben he will support him no matter what happens.

What then happens is René Auberjonois walking past the door wearing an old-fashioned suit & hat, which presumedly is not what he had in mind.

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A Coliver 3.13 coda.

“I guess you’re not the only one who’s a good liar.”

Oliver stares at him for a solid five seconds before his composure collapses with a disbelieving scoff. He shakes his head, going over the facts he knows again and again, wondering where he missed it, how had he missed it…

“Is that all you have to say?” Oliver whispers.

Connor’s jaw clenches painfully, but he stubbornly holds Oliver’s gaze, as painful as it is. “What did you expect?” He whispers harshly.

“How about the truth for once?” Oliver demands, and suddenly Connor is paralyzed by a familiar wave of terror.

He’s spent too long terrified of the truth coming out. It’s exhausting.

“What happened to blissfully ignorant?” Connor finally murmurs softly.

Oliver shakes his head. “Not with this. Not with you.

He says it like they’re something special. Like Connor and Oliver are something held above the rest of the shit storm that’s overtaken their lives. Like they’re still something worth salvaging.  

But Connor just shrugs, makes a face like it’s no big deal. Anything to throw Oliver off.

“I don’t know, I kept all this from you for a whole year. I came home to you every night like nothing was wrong.” Connor shrugs again. Looking around their little apartment, he’s flooded with memories. Memories of home. “Woke up next to you every morning, pretending like our entire life wasn’t a lie. Fucked you like I wasn’t thinking about the blood on my hands–”


Connor flinches at the volume of Oliver’s voice.

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Too many uncles - Jordie Benn

Requested by anon: Love your last imagine. Can I have a Jordie Benn imagine where his wife goes into labor?

A/N: Hey! First of all, thank you. I’m glad you like my imagines. I hope you like this one as well. Thanks for requesting it.

Word Count: 1056

Warnings: the word ‘shit’

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

Your biggest fear has become true, you were going into labor and Jordie is on the road. Okay, that might be a little dramatic… you were indeed going into labor, but Jordie was on a charity trip with the team just an hour away from Dallas.

“Do we have everything you need?” Katie, Jamie’s girlfriend, asks you and you give her a quick nod.

Not having the guys around has made everything go a lot smoother, to be honest. Instead of freaking out when your water broke, you had called Katie really calmly and put everything you needed together while she drove to your place. Katie had got out of the car and called the hospital to warn them while you got in, ready to go.

“I probably should call Jordie, but I kind of want to wait until we are there, so he doesn’t freak out too much” you tell her and she agrees, starting to drive to the hospital.

Your pregnancy has been incredibly smooth; you didn’t have a single problem. Jordie, on the other side, has been a mess during the nine months. You knew that he was scared to be a father, you were scared too, and he has worried about pretty much every single thing that could go wrong. At first they were smaller things, like you not carrying any weight or banning anything with alcohol inside the house, but the last trimester of your pregnancy has been absolutely crazy with him not wanting to leave you, even for games, and controlling absolutely everything you did.

“Are you excited?” Katie asks and you smile.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to hold my little bean” you say and your heart flutters with anticipation.

Jordie and you decided to not know the sex of the baby until he or she was born, so you have been calling the baby ‘little bean’.


“And” you add “I can’t wait have Jordie off my back and stop having cravings”

“You have had the weirdest cravings ever” she laughs and you join her.

“Celery with peanut butter and anchovies is absolutely delicious” you defend yourself and Katie makes gagging noises, both of you cracking up.

And then you feel it, the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. You let out a sound in between a sigh and a scream and Katie looks at you, and moves her hand from the wheel to hold your own.

“Hey, (y/n). It’s ok. You are having a contraction” her voice is calmed “just keep breathing and think about how soon you are gonna have that baby in your arms”

The pain goes away and you look at the clock on the dash.

“It’s 1:35 pm, let’s time up contractions” you say and she nods.

By the time you get to the hospital you have had just another contraction. They were waiting for you, so your room was ready and the paperwork filled before you know it.

“Let’s get you in the gown and then we’ll call Jordie” Katie says and you shake your head.

“Katie, you are gonna kill me, but can you call him and tell him?” you ask, pulling your best puppy eyes “he is going to be mad because we haven’t called him sooner and I don’t want to have a fight hours before our kid is born”

She nods, helping you into the gown and leaving the room to make the call in the exact moment the doctor walks in and checks you, assuring you that you were dilated already and that it shouldn’t be long.

Katie hears the doctor and looks for Jordie’s number before pressing the call button and waiting.

“Hey Katie, what’up?” Jordie answers the phone and she bits her lower lip.

“Hey Jordie. I’ve called to tell you that I’m in the hospital with (y/n)” he doesn’t let her finish.

“Is she ok? What happened? Is the baby ok? Did she fall?”

“No, no, Jordie. She is going into labor. She is having the baby today” and he goes mute “Jordie? Are you ok?”

No one answers and Katie starts to worry when she hears noises on the other side of the line.

“Katie? What’s wrong?” it’s Jamie’s voice.

“(y/n) is giving birth today. Her water broke and she called me. We are in the hospital and it seems like it is gonna be rather soon” She informs him.

“Shit…ok. We are in the bus right now” Jamie says and Katie hears everyone wondering what it’s going on.

“Alright, I’ll see you soon” and they hang up.

Katie walks in the room and catches you sending texts to your family and friends.

“He is coming” she informs you and you smile.

“My parents are getting in a plane” you say.

“This is so exciting, (y/n)”

You spend the next hour talking with Katie, your contractions becoming very frequent and the doctor tells you that it could be any minute now. You start to become a little anxious; you didn’t want to bring your kid to the world without Jordie by your side.

“Hold on a little bit more, daddy is going to be here soon” you say, rubbing your belly.

Your contractions are happening minutes from each other when you hear the door of your room open and Jordie walks in.

“I’m here, baby” he runs to your side, ready to be with you during childbirth.


You are holding your baby girl in your arms, your head on Jordie’ shoulder when there is a knock on the door and Jamie’s head pops in.

“Can we come in?”

Jordie and you look at each other and nod, so Jamie walks in and behind him the whole Stars roster, Coaches and Katie.

“Let me meet my…” Jamie doubts and you laugh.

“Niece. You have a niece”

“Guys, let me introduce you to Jacqueline Louise Benn” Jordie grabs her from your arms and walks towards the guys, so everyone can get a look at her.

“Hello, baby girl” Tyler coos and everyone laugh “you are going to be a spoiled princess. Look at how many uncles you have”

“God, I’m sorry for her boyfriend” Katie says and Jordie’s head snaps up.

“No boyfriends until she is 40” and you shake your head, feeling happier than you have ever felt.

Losing Grip (on Sinking Ships)

Summary: When tensions flare up and everything seems to fall to pieces around Dan and Phil, a few choice words may be all Phil needs to cut the string entirely. But can a couple songs convince him to stay, even for just a moment?

Genre: Angst (with a happy ending)

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: You’re going to need some tissues for this. Also, for maximum feels, I suggest listening to these versions of The Songs™ (you know the ones), if you’d like. (They may or may not have made me tear up while editing this.) I hope you enjoy!!

Title is taken from This Love by Taylor Swift.

Read on ao3

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anonymous asked:

scenarios of kagami, kiyoshi, aomine, and kise helping their girlfriends around (up stairs, out of bed, etc.) because she's hurting too bad from chronic pain?


“I-I’ll get that.”

Before you could even make an attempt to get out of your chair and answer the door, Kagami was springing to his feet. In a matter of seconds you could hear him talking with whoever had rung the doorbell — a salesperson by the sounds of it. With that settled, you turned your attention back to the television.

Before you could even count to ten, Kagami was back in the room. “Want me to change the channel?”

“I can get it,” you reassured, reaching for the remote that was on the end table a few feet away.

But once again, Kagami was beating you to it. Snatching up the remote, he was quick to drop it into your waiting hands. Despite the fact this was the tenth time today he did something for you without you even asking — a thing that was only slightly getting on your nerves by now — you gave him a thankful smile.

“Just relax until you feel better,” he instructed. “I’ll take care of everything.”


“How are you feeling right now?”

Trying not to shift your body weight, you tightened your arms around Kiyoshi’s broad shoulders. He was doing a great job of keeping your entire body supported as he carried you, one arm behind your back and the other hooked under your knees.

“I’m more worried about you,” you confessed, eyes flickering down to where you knew his knees were despite not being able to see them.

Kiyoshi’s hearty laugh was more than reassuring. “There’s no need. I promise.”

And even though his steps were slower than they should have been, even though you could feel him shake every other one he took, Kiyoshi held true with his promise of getting you to the top of the stairs. Soon, with careful maneuvering, you were standing at the top with him by your side.

“I told you we’d make it up here,” he said as he hooked an arm around your shoulder. “Easy peasy.”


Everything was in arms reach. The remote to the television, a few more pillows to keep you comfy, your cellphone, a book; anything you could think of to keep you occupied and content was within a few seconds of your vicinity. Still, Kise felt like he could do more to make life a little more easier.

“Just call me whenever you need me,” he ordered, showing you how he’d programmed himself to be your first speed dial contact.

Even as he was leaving for the day, he worried over you needing help.

Hours past and, when you hadn’t called him once, where most people found reassurance that their lover was doing just fine, he found worry that you couldn’t get to the things you needed. His cellphone was in his hands before he could even think about what he was doing.

“Hello?” Your reply was slow, groggy; had you been napping?

“I finished early, so I’m coming home now,” he lied, relieved that you were okay. He hadn’t even begun doing what he was supposed to do that day.


He had suggested just lying in bed all day, sleeping in until the night came and then it was time to sleep some more. This plan didn’t work with you though, especially when the bed sores came, making the pain worse than it should have been. Aomine should have thought this through.

“Just go slow,” he whispered, taking your hand with his as he helped you sit up on the mattress. “No need to hurry anywhere today.”

When you had managed to get yourself up, his hands gravitated to your back.

Slow circles were rubbed into the soreness that you felt tingling your skin, soothing whatever pain you felt for mere moments where his skin met yours. It wasn’t a permanent relief, but it would be good enough for what it was. Especially if Aomine continued to hum while he tried to sooth you.

“You like that, huh?” Had you spoken out loud? “I guess I could do that more.”

He continued humming as the slow circles he rubbed into your back moved to your sides before making their way to your hands to help you up for the day.

Bloodlines - Part 3

A/N: Based off of the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, this will be a multichapter fic with either a lyric being a chapter title, or the headers to break down the thought process of the chapter. None of the lyrics are mine, and they are all in bold - Again, I do not claim to own them, all credit where credit is due.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 1,488 (Not including lyrics.)

Warnings: Talks of the Hale House Fire.

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @wheresthekillswitch @obsessed-withthe-hales @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one @xteenwolfwritingsx

Coming back to Beacon Hills was supposed to be uneventful. Yet somehow, you are now stuck in the middle of two worlds you didn’t even know existed yesterday. Now between both worlds, but not belonging to either, you try to forge your own way, finding out that some ties are stronger than bloodlines.

Part 1, Part 2

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thor and t'challa would get along so well (one, because everyone likes thor and two, because they would bond over being beautiful royals with great fashion sense)

you think if thor met t'challa?? he wouldn’t fall in love instantly??? you goddamn idiots.

thor (and like. every asgardian ever, actually) love that “honor and family” code of living and t'challa is like The Guy for that!!

both of them understand carrying the weight of an entire country (or planet) and they also understand struggling between doing what’s right for their family or for their people!

like. not only would they be the best looking couple ever, but they have so much in common?? their backgrounds, while completely different, are also exactly the same?

anyway thor and t'challa is good and everyone should agree with me


Warnings: none

It surprised you how warm he was. You weren’t sure why you thought he would have been cold like some sort of lizard but you were wrong. The weight of his head resting on your lap had become something familiar. During his various breaks or times when he was extremely frustrated he would come back to your shared room and allow you to thread your fingers in his hair. Running your hand through his thick soft black mane was as soothing to him as it was to you. Both of your breathing seemed to synch up in the silence of the room. It was during these times when the both of you stopped mentally pushing against each other, right now there was no reason for him to pry into your mind and no reason for you to keep him out. It was nice.

As you shifted on the bed to allow for your legs to become more comfortable he let out a sigh and you tensed, worried that you had disturbed the peaceful atmosphere. You shuddered and nearly let out a groan when you felt a bare hand run down your leg over your dress. It seemed silly that such a light touch would elicit such a reaction from you, but touch was new. Aside from sleeping, there was rarely a time when he didn’t have his mask and gloves on.

“Huxs’ soldiers are incompetent.”

Ah, General Hux. It should have been of no surprise to you that he was the reason that your husband had decided to come and relax, he was often the reason. Aside from the perceived insubordination of a few storm troopers (of which Hux was usually the cause), the General was probably the biggest factor in the bonding you and your husband had recently engaged in. To a lesser extent Supreme Leader Snoke was also contributing factor, after all it was he who gave Hux his position and authority.

“Was your ship delayed again?” You question moving a strand of hair out of his face.

“No,” he mumbles, “The fact that they have not found the map yet is delaying the mission.”

“Perhaps it would be best to refocus your energy.”


“The Knights of Ren could be used to help you locate the map or the Jedi.”

Kylo looked up at you frowning, “My Knights aren’t errand boys.”

“Perhaps,” you hummed not as fazed by his anger as you should have been, “but I was merely suggesting you use people who are much more skilled and loyal to you rather than Huxs’ soldiers.”

Dark eyes search yours before looking up at the ceiling,“I would do so if it didn’t seem like I was capitulating to him.”

This was new too. The recent intimacy had opened two new facets of your relationship, he started to express his insecurities and the small suggestions that you made seemed to carry more weight. Your connection to the force wasn’t so strong that you were able to change his thoughts, but being a diplomat’s daughter you knew which words would best soothe his anger or refocus his attention.

“That’s absurd,” you say purposefully chuckling, “what need would you have to capitulate?”

“None,” he grunted. “However, he will interpret that way, he will think that he can control me.”

“If he believes that he can control you then he is a fool.”

The smirk that crossed his full pink lips made your heart flutter. You knew that it would make him happy to hear your compliment but you weren’t expecting to be so pleased with his glee.

“You are right. But I won’t involve the knights. A more hands on approach is most likely what is needed.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” you say as a small smile come across your lips. Being brave you allowed your hand that had been running through his hand to run down the side of his face. The pounding of your heart increased and you could hear its beat ringing in your ears. Kylo narrowed his eyes slightly, not in anger but in slight confusion but he didn’t pull away from you. The intimacy of these slight touches was new for the both of you.

Timid knocking rang through the room.

“My Lord?” A muffled voice called, “General Hux is calling for your presence on the bridge.”

Kylo did not respond, instead he kept eye contact with you. Removing your hand from his face you reinforced the mental wall that had weakened during these quiet moments. This time, the narrowing of his eyes was done out of annoyance. The moment of closeness gone and the push and pull of your relationship had returned.

Moving so quickly that he almost hit you in the face, he stood and retrieved his helmet and gloves. Slipping his accessories on he turned his back to you and the feeling of dread returned. Flexing his fingers, he straightened his back and the commander of the base had returned.

“I hope that you are successful today,” you state demurely.

“There is no need for hope, my success is guaranteed.”

He makes long strides over to the door, robes billowing behind him from the forcefulness of his walk. You almost cock your head in confusion when you seem him pause at the door.

“Wait for me, I’m going to join you for dinner.”

Even through the vocal distortion, the tone that he uses makes your cheeks flush with heat.

“O-Of course.”