this is not a very good gifset but still

Finally did my version of Elia Martell! Two words, Ruth Negga. (If I made gifsets, there is a lot of good material from the Warcraft film, she looked amazing, throwing that out there) so she’s definitely my inspiration for my canon Elia, as well a the Restless AU version. Also got around to work on a concept for Aegon, but he’s not looking a lot like Young Griff because I definitely have my reservations about his identity. He’s like the hottest person in Westeros, a maiden’s and many a man’s dream, young and strong, a warrior and a strategist, he’s the perfect heir to the throne, a Golden Prince. He loves his family fiercely, specially his sister and and his aunt Daenerys, who he considers as much as a sister as Rhaenys. While the concept of marriage weighs on him, he has the confort of knowing he’ll wed someone he’s truly fond of,with him and Dany set to marry after Rhaegar’s return. (A decision that Viserys was adamantly against, which eventually lead to him leaving for Pentos.)

So with Rhaegar gallivanting beyond the wall (his head has always been more concerned with prophecy than ruling) his son Aegon is officially ruling on his stead. He’s the only of Rhaegar’s children that takes more of his valyrian features, tough his complexion is definitely dornish. “The Golden Prince” he is called. Well loved by the smallfolk, not so much by the nobles, who question the influence his Dornish mother has on him.

It’s no secret that the true ruler of the seven kingdoms since the death of Aerys has been Elia Martell. The frailty that has accosted her health has only made her intelligence and wit all the more stronger, her kind and her charm undeniable. Yet since the Tourney of Harrenhall where she did not bat an eye at Rhaegar crowning Lyanna Stark his Queen of Love and Beauty, it has been clear to many that Elia cares little for Rhaegar’s affection. Cunning and manipulative to her enemies, selfless and caring to those who love her, Elia’s true motives for supporting Rhaegar’s fligths of fancy are only known to herself. All it is known is that Elia rules the kingdom with a grace and wisdom that most Targaryen failed to have. Now ruling alongside her son, there’s little her detractors can do against her, even when they truly despise the dornish influence she has brought to court. Soon Robert and Cersei will make their move to start a new game of thrones, but no one has faced anyone like Elia Martell.  

So you know this part of The Attack of the Clones:

Every time I see it. No matter how serious the gifset. My mind just keeps telling me that what is currently going though Anakin’s mind at this exact moment is:

“I had a dream like this once. If this ends up like my dream did tonight will be a very good night.”

Literally every single time, no matter what. That is what my brain tells me.


“The voice that you probably need to listen to might not be the loudest voice inside your head. It might be a real quiet whisper of, ‘go on, you’re alright, you can do it’. But usually that’s the voice to listen to, and the loud voice which is saying, ‘you’re not good at what you do’ is the one you shouldn’t listen to. So you’ve got to listen very carefully to your own instincts and your reasons for doing stuff.” - Adeel Akhtar


I was just passing through. I said to myself, “I wonder if my brother remembers his brother.” Did I do wrong? It doesn’t matter–I’m very happy.

anonymous asked:

so I recently just joined tumblr and noticed that most of the blogs I follow reblog a lot of SH stuff, which I'm happy about. But I also realize that most of them don't create original content. Do you have any original content creator blogs (damn what a mouthful) you can rec so I can follow them? The help is much appreciated. Also, I love your blog!!!!

OK so you said content so I’ll try recommend a few that are mostly shadowhunters. I would always recommend checking their blogs before following to be sure you’ll like their content. Some are - like me - a little bit multifandom.

multi content:

@amorverus  gifs and meta

@lukemagnus gifs and shitposts 

@thelovelylights gifs and meta

@themagnusbane gifs and fic on tumblr


@abloodneed tumblr & ao3

@jezthemadficster mostly on ao3

@clockworkswans on ao3




















@latinalightwood  also does fics



multifandom but still awesome:

@silvertons - multifandom but great sh gifs (and into the badlands!)

@biwarlockhermione - multifandom but plenty of great sh gifs

@itsvarza very multi-fandom but she does the best downworlder positive gifsets and really good sh meta

i hope i didn’t forget anyone (i just ran down my ‘always reblog’ list in my head) and there is no order (no you can’t go to the top yayra) but i hope this helps, anon!

Here’s a simple guide on how to respectfully use other people’s gifs:

  1. When you want to use someone else’s gif on a post, use tumblr’s built-in add gif feature!! It gives credit to the original poster, and makes it so that you aren’t claiming someone else’s gif. If you cannot find the exact gif you want on there, then you simply don’t use it. Either settle for a similar one of learn to make gifs yourself.
  2. If you want to use someone else’s gifs not in a textpost, just standing alone as that gif/gifset, do not, full stop. It is extraordinarily disrespectful and rude. If you want to appreciate a gifset, then go reblog it; reposting gifs in this manner especially is absolutely unacceptable. 
  3. If you want to use someone’s gif/edit in as your header or icon or background, you must explicitly get permission from the original creator. Most people will say yes, but if they say no or you never ask then you shouldn’t use their work.
  4. If you want to repost someone’s gif/edit on another social media platform, you must also get their permission and ask them how they would like you to give them credit. Don’t go posting people’s things on other social medias and expect to get credit for it yourself, or expect that the original creator won’t find it and be very annoyed. This goes for all kinds of posts by the way, don’t repost people’s textposts here or anywhere else. 

Making gifs and edits is very time-consuming, there isn’t a magical button that creates them for you. Briefly, making gifs requires that you frame grab every frame you want to appear in your gif from the source video, load them into photoshop, edit them so that they look good, and then add any other creative elements and text to them; it can take hours for a single gif or gifset. 

Sidenote: cropping out watermarks is equally unacceptable, and just makes the fact that you’re stealing the gif/edit even more evident. don’t do it. 

Of all the shows I’ve tumblred people into watching by reblogging gifsets and flailing in the tags, I think Leverage is still the one I’m always happiest about. It’s just such a good and underrated show, it gives me joy each and every time I know I convinced someone to watch it and they love it. <3


I didn’t think I could love Gaius more than I already did.

I was wrong.

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girll someone (ugh) reblogged my gifset and added a caption finishing off the lyrics ??? and then crizting my gifset saying i should've added more charters then used the tags to say "its still good tho" and she was like "im very disappointed" like ?? i dont make my gifsets for u buddy

bfjfjdjdodhdke i cant even imagine this like,, your gif is good enough to steal and repost but you still gotta drag it in the tags…… what kind of logic

morgrenth  asked:

About your spring day gifset... keep experimenting! Because it's so so soft and pretty, you did such a good job for something you still aren't very sure about! The quality, colours and fluidity are sooo soothing I swear ♡

first of all……….. /throws hearts your way/ thank you so so so much for taking the time to send this message!!!!

and i’m glad this is the vibe the gifset gives off!! i’m trying different things and whereas i think it looks kinda nice i’m never sure how it looks to other people so thank you for telling me what you think 💖💖

I just started watching The Better Strangers, and it’s SO GOOD! Why did no one tell me how good it was? Actually, more accurately, why did I never listen when people DID tell me how good it was?! 

I’m only fifteen episodes in, and if I know what’s good for me, I won’t finish it for a while because I have classes and need to be responsible about actually doing my work, but I’m in love with these characters and they very much feel like real college students vlogging, which rarely happens. Also, I already ship several things, and the pacing is fantastic.

It is SUPER white, so that’s unfortunate, but at least it’s also pretty queer (and I do know at least two of the endgame ships already because of various gifsets, but I’m still excited to see how things play out).