this is not a very good gifset but still

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I hope you still give Tomorrow with You a chance bcuz the gifsets in the tag make it look worse than it is (cuz context!). he wasnt actually trying to flirt with her but trying to keep her from walking into the street cuz he knew she'd be run over by a truck. she ofc doesnt know that (she never noticed she almost got hit). Also she's a very well written & complex character imo. not a 1-note Strong Female Character (tm). i'm bad at explaining + ask word limit. but it's def worth a look imo!

i see. but i wasn’t insinuating that female characters aren’t well written or complex. i wouldn’t watch dramas if that were the case. i was criticizing how dramas and tumblr like to frame these moments of performative female “empowerment” to give themselves Strong Female Character representation brownie points while not being as critical of a drama’s underlying narrative(s).

i hesitate to further apply what i wrote to this scene bc i used it as an offhand example, but even then i have to ask what the purpose is in telling stories where women are oblivious to what’s really going on or are shown overreacting to ~perceived~ harassment. even if this scene wasn’t actually taking on consent issues, people on tumblr still seemed to believe that it was bc that’s what media co-opted feminism does. (i don’t expect you to respond to this, i’m just rambling.)

point is, i’m not really bothered by this scene (probably more immune tbh) but thank you for the context and i’ll definitely check out the first two episodes!


So @nipuni made a sick mod and I have this thing where I love Solas with a very faded, close buzz, and her mod essentially supplied that and a mohawk. It was basically perfection, and yes, I stayed up until 1 AM making these. Double shifts do that to a girl sometimes.

Since the hair is attached to a helmet you can only see the mohawk out on the field, but you still get the faded texture in cutscenes (the face mod is good too, thank you jesus for not giving him weird eyebrows!) So I figured I’d show both. First half are screens of Solas rocking the ‘hawk in battle/chillin’ and the second half are gifs from the first few lines from the Post-ANFH cutscene.

It’s showing off her work, so this is dedicated to @nipuni. :) Keep doing what you’re doing!


I was never good in pictures. Ever since I was a little kid, I never learned how to smile properly in photographs, that was something I kind of had to learn how to do when I started promoting films. It’s still a very intimidating thing for me, and I kind of walk on to 
a photoshoot set and say, ‘I’m not good at modeling clothes but if you just tell me what you need me to do, I’ll do it’.


gif request: “It’s a secret. I’m very good at secrets.”

sherlock2g said: Gif request: Can you do the scene where Lito is flirting with the female scientist? Also with Will and Nomi smiling at the end.

renahikari said: Hi, I love your blog. I was wondering if you guys were still taking requests? I was wondering if there is a gifset from the final episode where lito is talking to that employee, stops to wink at nomi and will, and then nomi and will both smiled at each other in awe. That was a great moment. :)