this is not a taco

As seen on my early morning fartlek run. It was 65 mins, 6.84 miles and I was done by 6:40am. I snoozed the maximum amount of time possible before I got out of bed… yeah, no shame there.

Tonight, I finish laundry and pack for a weekend full of my favorites: @chrisontherun, @iwatchtheworldoutside, @straightarrowlife and @amft.

To say I’m excited to go back would be an understatement. I miss those people with every ounce of my heart and I’m going to be full of smiles for four days. Oh, and also full of tacos. There aren’t enough tacos in Texas to fill my taco drought.

“I just don’t cook for anybody who’s- who’s close to me, that I care if they live or die, I guess” (Asphodel flower - My regrets follow you to the grave)