this is not a slayer cover!


20 years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (March 10, 1997 - May 20, 2003)

Under cover of a tiny network (WB), a young audience and po-mo-gothic darkness it came and gave us everything – laughs, tears, epic sweeps, tiny moments, comedy, drama, realism and surrealism – without a missed beat or a wasted word. It made young female characters central without sidelining the male in a way not seen before or – at least with such complexity, such care – since. It fed your heart, your soul, your mind. Several TV generations have elapsed since it ended, but we have not yet seen the Slayer’s deft, clever, moving, thrilling, funny, feminist like again. Buffy still stands alone.

sugarquill-slayer  asked:

Do snails have teeth/teeth like things in their mouths? I picked one up and felt this weird scratching where its face was.

They have a radula! It’s a tongue covered in thousands of teeth and it rolls out like a chainsaw, over and over and over!

They can scrape pretty quickly through vegetable matter and dead flesh - things that are fairly soft. It would take them probably hours to break healthy human skin, so there’s nothing to worry about that we know of!

nileqt87 replied to your post “I don’t understand why people are so upset about the cover. There are…”

DB was in 167 episodes. SMG was in 146. They were both main leads of the franchise. Take off your ‘shipping blinders. He wasn’t just part of 3 seasons and you know it. Also, those were the highest-rated, most popular seasons and the advertising then was almost all Bangel. Internet loudmouths and ass-kissers of unpopular, ignored comics are overwhelmingly Spuffy because most Bangel/AtS/Angel fans were bullied and left! SMG talked about getting death threats from Spuffies!

like, did you read what I wrote? I’m not making it about the ships, QUITE THE OPPOSITE. I literally said neither Angel nor Spike should’ve been on the cover. I would’ve liked the cover to be about Buffy because the show was about Buffy, not about Bangel or Spuffy.

And the celebration is about Buffy’s twenty years, it’s not about Angel the Series. The two shows take place in the same universe but they’re not one and the same. David was only on 59 episodes of BTVS, while Sarah was THE MAIN LEAD, THE TITLE CHARACTER. Would you expect Sarah to be on the main cover for an ATS reunion magazine? I don’t think so.