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Laurens: I’ll be right back. *walks out of the room*

John’s pet turtle: *To Alexander* Hey.

Alexander: …

John’s pet turtle: Yeah you, if you break his heart I’ll cut your dick off.

Alexander: …

Laurens: *walks back into the room* I’m back.

Alexander: *screams*

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The blue spirit in the gaang age swap au?

1. Sixteen year old Aang is slightly smoother and more circumspect about the whole getting medicine for his sick friends, but only barely, and he is still captured by Zhao with the frozen frogs melting an hopping away.  This is a disaster!  Not only are his friends sick, and the medicine to help them is escaping down the hall, but one of his friends is a kid, seriously, there’s a twelve year old boy feverish and hallucinating, who could die, and he has to escape!  Meanwhile there’s Zhao telling him all about how he will be kept chained up, drugged, and barely alive for the rest of his life, and this is all just very much not good.  Then the Blue Spirit shows up.

2. Aang knows it’s Zuko as soon as he sees him.  It’s pretty obviously a kid behind that mask, and Aang only knows of two kids that age boneheaded enough to try something like this.  And since Sokka is sick…  Yeah, it’s got to be that twerpy Fire Prince who has never once let the fact that he’s about eight inches shorter than Aang stop him from trying to capture him and bring him home to daddy.

3. Aang lets the Blue Spirit break him out anyway.  I may have mentioned that Aang kind of thinks Zuko is adorable, and Zuko all done up in a mask to break into the big bad Fire Nation fortress is just too funny for words.  Aang just wants to pat him on the head and tell him how cute he is.  They fight their way out of the fortress together, and when Zuko is knocked unconscious, he slings the kid over his shoulder and carries him off.

4. Meanwhile Iroh is worrying himself sick.  Did you think about that, Zuko?  Huh?

5. Zuko comes to as Aang is collecting more frozen frogs.  Aang has been talking to him the whole time he was out about his friends in the Fire Nation, and how Zuko is just a little kid, and he’s taking him back with him to his friends, and they can take care of him, because obviously he needs someone to, and Zuko realizes his kidnapping attempt has kind of been upended, and the Avatar is kidnapping him.  Zuko wriggles free and bolts, scrambling his way through the swamp until Aang gives up the chase, and then makes his way back to the ship.

(This is not in fact the last time the Gaang tries to kidnap Zuko.  It happens a few times, culminating in their successful kidnap of him and his uncle in the ghost town after Azula attacks Iroh.)

So I started rewatching Voltron again last night on a whim, since I’ve only seen each episode once and I wanted to have it all be fresh in my mind when the new season drops on August 4th. And now that I have my plance shipping goggles on, I couldn’t help but notice a few moments that slipped my notice before.

One of which is this scene! It’s taking place right as Lance is considering whether or not to trust the Blue Lion and take the others through the worm hole. It’s a big decision, and as he decides to go through with it, Pidge places her hand on his shoulder.

Now, immediately before this moment, her hand is clenched in a little fist, hovering above him, and she could easily have placed her hand on the back of the chair, like Hunk. But you see this little moment of decision, this very deliberate choice she makes to place her hand on his shoulder as he makes the very tough call to move forward and fly them into an uncertain abyss.

It’s a gesture of true trust and belief, and I love it. ❤️

college au

roommates au
-“you keep leaving your clothes on the bathroom floor please pick them up i’m going insane” au

-“you snore too much i’m literally going to sleep on the fukcign bathroom floor because i have no friends to let me sleep over” au

-“i just walked in on you changing and now there’s this weird not necessarily bad tension between us” au

-“you walk in not realizing i’m on a video chat with my parents and say some v e r y suggestive things” au

classmates au
-“please help me study i’m going to flunk this ap class that i should not even be in au

-“let’s bond over our mutual hatred for this one horrible professor” au

-“you’re sitting in the seat that i sit in every single day and i have no friends to go and sit with” au

homesick au
-“this is my first time being away from home but somehow you’re just like a home to me” au

-“we’re both from the same area and we discuss fond memories from our childhoods while we’re out of the region” au

-“i’m not from around here but you are so you make an effort to show me all the best places in town to try and make me feel comfortable” au

coworkers au
-“one of the students just told me they ship you and i and i’m thinking they may be onto something” au

-“i don’t know anything about the subject you teach so you decide to teach me” au

-“you find me on tumblr at work dangerously scrolling through definitely nsfw fanart and written smut of my otp and now you have questions” au

Squip Squad: At the mall headcanons

-As soon as they pull up, Chloe and Brooke are already out of the car. They don’t even wait for the van to come to a full stop, they just hop out.

-By the time everyone else gets out, the mall duo are already inside waiting for the rest of them.

-The squip squad usually sticks together for the most part, but sometimes some stores will draw parts of them inside. Oops.

-Brooke and Chloe have to stop themselves from going into every single clothes store. They always fail at it..

-Jenna isn’t much of a shopping girl, but she does have a soft spot for Hot Topic.

-Nobody knows about it though. She’ll just sneak away from the group unspotted and gets back without anyone noticing she was gone. Jenna the stealthy ninja.

-Christine loves Barnes and Nobles too much for her own good. And every time she enters she promises herself not to buy anything. Yet, she walks away with at least two books.

-There’s this little sports store Jake used to go to all time with his dad. Whenever the group passes by, he has to look away.

-Rich knows about this. So whenever the squip squad grows nearer to it, he’ll distract Jake with a joke or two before they pass by.

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█ ║► Ships/Relationships with Angela.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty… who do I think would work well with Angela? Who would she crash and burn with? Who would she never date?



Angela would not be interested in all with dating anyone from the original Strike Team. Not Jack. Not Gabe. Not Ana. Not Torb. Not Rein.

These people are her surrogate parents/aunts and uncles. She would not be interested whatsoever in dating with them. Angela was a 17-year-old teenager, looking for parental figures for guidance once she joined Overwatch. I do not think Angela Ziegler would ever consider being romantically involved with any Strike Team Member.

Mercy!76 wouldn’t work either, it’s still Jack under the mask. With the amount he’s changed it would be even less tenable as a relationship.

Mercykill could happen… but Angela couldn’t handle that sort of relationship, there’s too much guilt, too much emotional strain… and if Reaper realised that, then it could possibly become abusive. So I consider it a no-go. 

Gency. I understand it. I see it to a degree. But Angela poured her everything into keeping Genji alive, and fought hard to not weaponize him… with that amount of dedication to keeping him alive, how much she put into saving his life… with that kind of weight behind the relationship… she could not handle the raw emotional strain of a relationship with him. It would crash and burn. She could never be ready for something as straining as that.

McMercy. Angela considers him to be her best friend. Her oldest friend. Even if she saw something there… she’d never go for it. She wouldn’t ever want to ruin their relationship. She’d be too afraid for that to happen.

Hanzo. With the raw emotional baggage of her dedication to saving Genji’s life. She could never ever see him as a possible romantic relationship.

Winston. Never. Self explanatory.

Zenyatta. I don’t think she could find a romantic connection there. They’re very different people. With very different beliefs.

Orisa. She’s too young. Too unexperienced. Also, the inhuman body would be a deal breaker.

Doomfist. I mean, he’s attractive. But he hurt some of the people she holds dearest.

Junkrat. She’d could never have the patience to be with Junkrat. She barely tolerates him as is.

Roadhog. Same reasons as Junk.

Bastion. Bastion units decimated her town. She can barely look at him already.


Speedy Recovery. I love the dynamic. But I don’t see a long-term relationship there. They’re too different. I see Angela and Lena wanting different things out of the relationship. I don’t think Angela would be long-term with her, she’d feel like she was holding Lena back. She’d undoubtedly be the one to break them up.

Hana. I think a relationship there would be short-term, possibly casual/FWB, but I think the age difference alone would spook Angela. She’s getting older. She’s looking for longer-term relationships. Someone to spend the rest of her life with. Eventually to settle down with. I don’t see her and Hana being long-term.

Zarya. I don’t know how well they’d get on romantically. They’d be good colleagues and friends, undoubtedly. But I don’t think Angela could see anything romantic there. Possible casual sex, but she’s starting to grow out of that, as she looks for long term relationships.

Lúcio. Same deal as Hana. They’d get along. But it’d be very short term, or maybe exclusively sexual. But the age difference would spook her, and she’s wanting something more long-term and couldn’t see that with him.


Pharah. Angela is very much interested in a romantic relationship with Fareeha. It’d be difficult, they’re very different women. They’d have their issues. But I’d see something long-term there, as long as Fareeha is interested as well.

Mei. Mei and Angela are both women of science, they’ve got this chemistry there and this back and forth that intrigues her. She isn’t sure that it would be romantic, per se, perhaps something casual, but with their shared experiences, Angela could see something long-term there.

Symmetra. It’d be difficult, gvien their differences of opinion and philosphy, but Angela sees Satya as someone she could be long-term with, there’s chemistry and genuine interest ther. Like all relationships it would have it’s difficulties, but Angela considers her as a potential partner.

Sombra. For them, I’d see a very physically charged secret romantic relationship, with Sombra’s line of work, her partner would have to be secret, and given Sombra’s posiitiona t TALON, Angela would be at risk of losing trust if people found out they were dating. But there’s definite potential there. A spark.

Widow. I’d see them in a casual sex/fuck buddy relationship, given Widow’s difficulty with emotions and being a very different person from Amélie, which would get in the way of a relationship, as Angela knew Amélie and considered her a friend. Maybe a possible secret romance there, but certainly a sexual one there.


I’ve thought about these pairings a lot, and how they’d work out, but all in all, for my Angela this is how she’d see the other has romantic partners. 

I know there’ll be disagreements with compatibility, but that’s how I see it.

Hercules: What are you doing?

Lafayette: *hanging upside down from monkey bars* I’m trying to kiss you.

Hercules: You’re going to fall

Lafayette: Shut up and kiss me, you fool! I’m getting lightheaded.