this is not a quotation from the books

you wrap your fingers around
the imperfections of my body
with every touch you understand
the mess of beautiful contradictions
i bring to you every night
—  beautiful mess
You wanna know why I’m in love with you?“ He asked as he ran his hand along my jaw.

“Sure,” I answered feeling as if my heart could explode at any moment.

“ I fell in love with the way your laugh is always the loudest in the movie theater or the way your facial expressions always give away how you feel. The way you smile & freak out when you see puppies makes my heart want you. Or when you take a shower & your hair starts to curl. & when you say you hate it I don’t understand because to me it’s fucking beautiful. I fell in love with the way you feel so intensely. & your sarcasm is something that I just can’t live without. & the way you want everyone to be happy gives me hope that not everyone in the world is cruel. I love how sunsets and thunderstorm bring you pure joy. & you have the faith of a child that makes me want to protect you even though you’re the strongest person I know. I’m in love with everything that has to do with you.

—  E.M.S {Everything you fell in love with}

You could’ve just said my name.

I would have stopped. I would have ran back to you and given you everything. I would’ve have sobbed into your shoulders and held you close. I would’ve screamed how much I loved you. I would have always stopped.

But you let me walk away, with the tears streaming down my cheeks in the harsh air, gripping the harsh truth.

—  Classy
Everyone has that secret, that’s not really a secret at all: it’s a plot twist, for better or worse.
It’s something that once shaped us: and once you know someone’s plot twist, you know that you’re in it for life.

I’ve never had a first kiss.

I’ve never had someone hold me and not want to let go.

I’ve never been pursued, never been chased.

I’ve never been the object of someone’s fascination.

I’ve never been wanted.

And because I’ve never truly been anything for anyone…

How could I possibly ever be worth loving?

—  Never

“I just want him in my life,” she said.

“As a friend or lover, whatever. I just want him there. Everything feels better when he’s around.”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
You want to know what’s truly painful? It’s the knowledge that you can spend all your time dedicated to helping someone you care about, devoting effort and emotions to make them feel better. You push them to the height of their ambitions; a step-up ladder for all their dreams. But as soon as you fall off, or trip up, you don’t deserve the same kindness.
—  Classy
Getting over him won’t be a straight path to freedom. It’s loosing the sparkle in your eye when you talked about him. It’s telling all your friends that your finally getting over him. Then it’s hitting you in the middle of the night when ‘your song’ comes on and you can’t shake him from your mind. It’s you crying on the floor because when things started getting better they all collapsed back down. Getting over him takes time, there’s going to be setbacks. Just keep trucking forward as best as you can, because one day…….. One day it won’t hurt anymore.
—  Path to Freedom
And I hate to be the one to break it to you kid, but this isn’t a movie. There’s no knight in shining armor who’s going to come in at the last second and sweep you off your feet. The mean girl doesn’t have a change of heart and accept you with open arms before it’s too late. The man you love isn’t going to run through the airport and beg you to stay. There is no montage of you suddenly getting your life together and finding your way. This is no movie kid, and I hate to be the one to break it to you but the real world kinda sucks. It’s messy and chaotic and nothing like the fairytale you imagined it would be. But that’s okay. You’ll figure it out eventually. And it might not be as picture perfect as you had imaged, but it’ll be raw and real and magical nonetheless.
—  f.a.w

I could stay up all night talking to you.

And today….
Is the day I think I will.

I hope you realize how quickly I’m falling for you.
All of your quirks, your stares, your charm.

Your warm smile, your big hands and messy morning hair.
The thought of you lying in bed talking to me sends thrills down my spine and butterflies to take flight in my stomach.

I’m falling so fast.

—  10:41
You still appear in the autocorrect of my phone’s keyboard.
—  The paradoxical woman | modern heartbreak tale.
I want to be the last person who ever kisses you, too… That sounds bad, like a death threat or something. What I’m trying to say is, you’re it. This is it for me.
—  Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

“Can I just know honestly,” she said, the words pained her to speak, but she couldn’t live another day without knowing. “Did any of it mean anything?”

“Did what mean anything?” He responded.

“The nights of endless conversations. The drunken kiss. The way you held me under the stars on the freezing cold November night. The playful banter from day to day–” She began to choke up. He just sat there, sullen, expressing almost no emotion.

“I know these are stupid questions. YOU love HER. Not me. I’m your best friend. And that’s it. But there’s just something about you that’s different than how Ive ever felt towards anyone else. It’s something so deep in my being it scares the living crap out of me. My heart skips to a different beat when I’m around you. My heart feels happy when I’m around you. The way you hold me feels more right than anything else I’ve ever felt. I may have been drunk off my ass that night but I was sober enough to know something about this is so incredibly right to me.”

She continued. “I just can’t sit around and watch you follow her around when she doesn’t even give you the time of day. I don’t get how you can have a connection so strong with her when I feel so tethered to you.”

“I’m so sorry–” he finally interjected.

“Sorry for what? I just don’t get it. How can a connection that feels so strong be one-sided?”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
And all this time, how did I not notice? That you’re not who I fell in love with? That sparks don’t fly when we are together? That I have spent so long wasting my time for a person who never was right for me?
—  Classy
You have to trust that whatever happens, you’ll cope. I think sometimes we’re so busy clinging onto the present that we don’t lift our heads to see what might be out there. We think safe is what we know, but sometimes the unknown turns out to be the better option.
—  Sarah Morgan, Sleepless in Manhattan