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Blur albums: Honest names

  • Gay? Sure.
  • Life Rn Is Shit.
  • YOLO.
  • Fuck This Shit I’m Out.
  • Nothing Makes Sense.
  • Slaying While Crying.
  • Bby Come Back I Luv U.
  • Fantastic Reunion.
About me

Dear new followers:

I want to share with you all about my interests, fandoms, support characters, kins/IDs, etc…

So you would not be surprised…

I like to be called JOKES or SILVER. But i still respond to Ann too.

I enjoy a lot to draw stuff, and it makes me really happy when i get those messages about people enjoying my drawings, honestly makes my day everytime i read that kind of messages.

My special interests are:

  • The smurfs
  • Dogs
  • Neon colors
  • vaporwave stuff
  • Sonic The hedgehog
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • CatCF
  • Many movies with Jhonny Depp
  • TNBC
  • Many old toons
  • Spogebob Squarepants

FANDOMS i’m really in:

  1. The smurfs
  2. Kuroshitsuji
  3. Sonic
  4. Mario Bros


  • Silver The Hedgehog
  • Luigi
  • Lego Joker (TLBM)
  • Vanity Smurf
  • Grell Sutcliff
  • Jack Skellington

support Characters:

  • Papa Smurf
  • Silver the hedgehog

  • Spongebob 


  • S U
  • V o l t r o n
  • S a n s  
  • U n d e r t a l e
  • O s o m a t s u
  • B N H A
  • Y O I
  • etc… (no more alkndfkjdnkfd)


((probably gonna still reposting this with updates))

this has nothing to do with texts or scenarios

guys,,,, like this is a personal post obviously but like,,,,

I love @chenlays @hyucksrose @starry-jeno @blueberry-jisung @hyosgrl @peachyrenjun @yoonohn and @dongsichengzz okay they make me smile so much and they’re so sweet and adorable and lovely and I just want the whole world to know how lovely and precious they are p l s love them and when they write things or make edits I cry bc they are magnificent and I am so soft for them please go love them rn bc they are so phenomenal and I love them all sm


ok so i started a big drawing. i’Ve gone from smaller and “done in an evening” to “at least two nights to complete” drawings and it’s soooo unreasonable. 

the last one is at least 10 X 5, instead of 7-ish by 5-ish as my previous ones. 

i went from inexistant/barely there backgrounds to city scapes and architecture on half the page . 

oh yeah, did i mention the big one is of Martin? 

i already made one of these posts and this is ugly and mobile but i’m going on a huge unfollowing spree so if anyone is genuinely interested in writing and / or talking then like this . bc i want to actually develop odette and plot and write here . my muse keeps getting knocked down by my own self doubt and dash stuff so idk .

It’s funny… I told my friend that I was sad that I didn’t get invited to secret sessions and she was like “your time will come” but she was probably thinking “wtf like I know you love her but how would she even know who you are?” cuz she has no idea I have a blog dedicated to my queen

Get to know me meme

 Oh wait, another one of these chain posts? Here we go again XD thank you @the-dimension-where-rickmorty for tagging me! 

Rules:  tag followers you want to get to know better!

Name: rickandmortygetschwifty (wow, that’s kind of a mouthful…)

Nicknames:Call me Es instead! :D

Gender: Female (though… to be fair… I’m probably agender XD I give 0 fucks)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Sexuality: Demiromantic Asexual

Height: 162 cm, or roughly 5′4′’

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (Oh, what a surprise XD)

Avg. Hours of Sleep: errrrm six? seven? idk

Dogs or Cats: Can I have both? *gets gun pointed to forehead* DOGS!1!111!!!

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: One, because if I use any more I start sweating buckets

Dream Trip: Around the world, please! I’m an adventurer at heart :D

Dream Job: a writer, of course! :D (my current career path doesn’t seem to allow for this though…)

Followers: 2,029 (Holy mother of akjjkdklllfa;;; Christ. Already? I should do something to celebrate the 2k milestone :0)

Why I made a Tumblr: I was fascinated by the fandom when I stumbled across the fics in archiveofourown. I’ve been stalking tumblr ever since I  discovered that this is where most of the fandom is XD the community seemed so welcoming and fun, so I decided to join. Never regretted my decision even once :)

Reasons for URL: I gotta say, I didn’t put much effort into thinking about this name, and it shows! it’s quite the mouthful XD I just smashed rick and morty’s name with one of the more memorable quotes of the show! 

I’m tagging fellow writers @haephestuscrexwritings , @klaxaddict , and @florinalyndis because their fics are the bomb and I want to get to know them better :D


Hi Taylor!
I hope you have a great day!
I’m Cemre,you might already know.I wanted to tell you that I love you so much and I’ll support you no matter what.I love the way you trust us,it’s beautiful.And I’m so happy that you are doing everything to meet as much as you can with us,Swifties.
I hope that one day I’ll meet with you.I’m a songwriter like you.I love writing so much like you and I can write about anything.I loved writing since I was little and I enjoy it.
My biggest dream is writing a song with you.I’ll give you a notebook of my writings to you if I’ll ever meet with you.
I got to know you with IKYWT , then I heard WANEGBT.I started loved them and I started to listen to your other songs.I loved everything of your songs,vocals&lyrics,everything.And I found myself in your songs.It was like you’ve written those songs for my situations,for me.I felt close to you.Then I became a Swiftie in April,2013.
I’ve never been in your concerts.I didn’t have a chance because I live in Turkey,you might know from my username😂And I hope to see you live for the first time in this new era!
Sending you lots of love💞
@taylorswift @taylornation

in season four keith is most definitely isolating himself from team voltron and joining the blade of marmora due to his abandonment issues…he thinks team voltron is going to leave him, so he’s beating them to the punch

The thing about Harry Potter as a character is that he is insanely observant when he actually cares enough to pay attention. Meaning 90% of the stuff he deems unimportant flies over his head, but he makes these huge leaps of logic and intuition when he bothers to focus. Like in the books when it comes to anything relating to Voldemort or Death Eaters or People Not To Be Trusted (Draco, Umbridge). Growing up, he had to be able to see when a situation was going south long before the frying pan or Dudley’s fists came his way. But he also had to be able to ignore and tune out the constant flow of shit and neglect he was treated to.

If you think about it, for all the better aspects of Hogwarts, it still followed this same basic pattern. He had to pay close attention to the things trying to kill him (even classes took a back seat to this), but find a way to ignore and not acknowledge all the rumors and staring and people thinking he’s a prat or the heir of slytherin or a liar. I think this is why the arguments that Harry is a mushroom and notices nothing, and the arguments that he is deductively brilliant can exist side by side. He’s both. It’s also why, in my opinion, he tends to be ridiculously observant of Ginny once he starts to notice her as something important. She barely exists in the early narrative other than Someone to Be Saved. It’s also why Ginny can sometimes feel like she ‘comes from nowhere’ in the narrative. As far as Harry is concerned, she did come from nowhere. The switch in Harry’s brain went from Doesn’t Matter–Ignore to Very Important–Pay Close Attention, and BAM, there she was. Everywhere.