this is not a lovesong

I can’t listen to Lovesong by The Cure anymore because one time it came on the ‘80′s’ pandora station whenever me and my mom were talking about music she used to listen to and she said that this song always made me think of my dad (they’re divorced now) and she started crying and now when i listen to it i cry and want to kill myself because it’s even more sad thinking about it in the context of how she still loves him.. cause she still gets upset when he’s rude but he is a complete asshole and sometimes i think about how terrible her life is and it makes me want to end mine

  • Prototype
  • Outkast
  • Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Prototype - Outkast 

If you were a fan of Outkast ever as a youth - which I can’t imagine you weren’t - then you probably have heard this song from “Speakerboxxx//The Love Below”. Going back through my crates this one stands out still as my favourite from the compilation, and also one of my favourites of all time. It still stands relevant.

Art: Numero Russia - Elizaveta Porodina