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(You’re Like) The Son I Never Had

So this idea has been floating around my head for a couple of days, so I’ve just sat down and written…. I apologise for the angsty-ness lower down but I promise a happy ending!! Also, @itsallavengers, consider this revenge/thanks for all the wonderful Tony and Peter you’ve graced us with. This is not the trans!Peter you were promised, but that is on it’s way. 

This can be found on Ao3 here

The first time Tony holds his son, it is with no small amount of panic. Happy had found the child left in the lobby of the tower, a birth certificate, apology and a DNA test left tucked into the basket with him. He has a small amount of fluffy brown hair, and he’s still sleeping soundly even as Pepper makes him pick the child up. The weight of this small baby in his arms makes him want to scream – this was never the plan, Tony can’t be trusted with himself, why would he be trusted with a child – but the child snuffles and curls into him, and the metaphorical ice fortress around his heart melts a little. The child blinks awake with dark dark eyes, and doesn’t cry.

Maybe Tony can do this.

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“Deconstructing Patti”

I was lucky to attend Deconstructing Patti tonight and it was a TRIP so I am writing this entire fucking research paper so all you guys can live vicariously through me.

-First thing, because I know this is what y’all came to hear: BI COMPANY! It sucks that Joanne won’t be a lesbian, but Patti says there is at least one gay pairing with the other suitors. Joanne will have a much, much younger husband. Either they haven’t finished re-writing or Patti just doesn’t have a script yet because that’s all she knows. They start rehearsing August 6th of 2018.



-Patti pre-recorded the “no taping, no cellphones message” with a wonderful snarl on cellphones then says, “but disregard that entirely, have a ball tonight” but I still didn’t see A SINGLE CELL PHONE the entire time. No one was willing to risk that shit, even with express permission from Patti herself.

-She looks fucking amazing. I’ve only ever seen her in costume on stage before. She had on a short little sparkly blue dress with long sleeves. Her hair looked fantastic. Incredibly hard to believe she’s 68. She starts with Some People and the vibrato is A+++

- PATTI NEEDS A HIP REPLACEMENT. So it turns out this is the big reason she was not planning on doing musicals after War Paint. She had sort of hinted at injuries and age, but it’s actually quite severe. She really could not walk well tonight and it was kinda heartbreaking because she looks and acts so youthful. She had a painful looking limp. At the same time, she refused to change out of her very high heels. She had brought out flats just in case and Seth encouraged her to change, but she would rather limp fabulously. Incredible.

- She picked up Company because of Marianne Elliott. She wants to work with female directors. Late career Patti is a hardcore feminist.

-Christine comes out for “Face to Face”. She looks gorgeous. Scott Frankel comes out to play piano very  impressively.

Christine: “How much do we love Patti?” Lots of Applause.

Patti: “How much do we love Christine?” Lots of Applause.

Patti, semi-jokingly, looking at Christine, in low, sultry voice: “How much do we love each other?” Me: dies. Fucking fan service, Patti LuPone.

Christine talks about how one of Patti’s massive Helena necklaces fell apart during the final scene of War Paint a few days ago. At first, it just dropped to the ground. Patti tried to stuff it in her purse but it didn’t fit. She’s struggling with it so she leaves it on the table. It’s like a triple strand of pearls and they are falling everywhere intermittently, like punctuation to every line. Plunk…plunk……plunk plunk plunk. It’s a total mess and the stage is covered in pearls. Christine gets to the line where she guesses what’s in Helena’s lipstick, beeswax, etc…and freshwater pearl for shine and the audience dies.


When Helena is “writing” in War Paint, Patti actually writes a diary about the audience and stuff. She’s got a huge stack of pages from the beginning of the run. A few paraphrased excerpts:

My personal favorite: “Han… what does this say? Hangover Tuesday. Oh..”

“Tina Fey in audience today, we’re saved” sarcasm hahaha

“That’s just a doodle”

“This Great Comet drama is EXCITING *Patti cringes, next one is also about Great Comet* “Okay I’m not reading those” (omg)

Seth takes this huge stack of pages and auctions it on stage for Equity Fights Aids.

Patti adds, “Wait, how much would you give if I read all of them to you over drinks at the St. Regis?”

Seth: “You get Patti’s stack of notes. Please put them on Instagram. There’s many inappropriate ones she refused to read. Also, Patti LuPone herself will read her notes to you over dinner.

Patti: “Not dinner.” (She’s not buying you dinner LOLOLOL)


- Seth: “Patti has a lot of feelings about the President”

-Patti tells a story about working as a waitress at a skeevy bar with some skeevy guys in college, one of whom somehow got them down into the foundations of Juilliard and stuck a gun into the small of her back, sort of jokingly to scare her. She hears herself telling this story, “Wow, I am the picture of class”

-Howard McGillin, Billy to Patti’s Reno in the 1987 Anything Goes joins Patti on stage, they sing “You’re The Top” together. Seth asks Patti how she came up with the sexy Reno characterization.

Patti: “It’s inherent in the lyrics. Like Blow, Gabriel Blow” *Audience Laughs*

Patti: Oh, that’s not what I mean. Oh! I mean the lines “Good by day, good by night in that song”

Oh my god, not BLOW Gabriel. Oh, no.

Seth: What’s sexy about good by day, good by night?

Patti: You know!

Seth: I don’t!

Patti: She’s good by day and …good….by night, oh, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

-Patti’s drinking a huge glass of Prosecco:

She sips happily for awhile. “Oh, I feel sick from the wine”. Getting a little clumsy.

10 minutes later: “Never mind, I feel good now. It’s like when you have a drug and you’re like ugh this is awful, give me another!”

30 minutes later, she’s polished off most of her wine, the third encore is “With One Look”, she gets one bar in, stops abruptly: “Oh, I have to burp, I’m sorry”. Audience dies.  She’s so embarrassed. So cute hahahaha

-Patti on her Glenn Close rehabilitation:

I didn’t want to sing Sunset, because I didn’t want people to think there are sour grapes. It’s Glenn’s role in New York. Mine in London. So I wasn’t gonna sing it in New York *pauses, thinking*… so I’ll sing the London version *laughter*

- Starts choking up when talking about the ephemeral beauty of theatre (good vocab word, Patti) and how it exists mostly in memory

-Patti talked about how she loves imperfect voices with soul a hundred times more than a perfect instrument with no feeling. Perfect voices are nothing without soul, but also people who sing with soul must be imperfect. Interesting. That’s why she doesn’t like to listen to a lot of today’s Broadway singers. She listens to Joni Mitchell.

-She made the final call back for the Sweet Charity national tour at 17, but didn’t get the part. She never booked any professional rolls before Juilliard. Patti: “Do they still even do cattle calls?” Seth: “Yes, people still audition, Patti. Omg.”

- The Magaldi guy from the Deconstructing Patti London concert YouTube video, flew out to NY to serve as random Magaldi guy again when Seth called him. A couple of us asked for his autograph and he absolutely flipped a shit he was so excited “THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN LONDON”

-Che was sung by Raul Esparza for several songs. “Well this is a fucking dream come true” he said about singing with Patti. There was also an original Evita cast member who sang the word HAIR in

“Eyes, hair, mouth, figure 
Dress, voice, style, movement”

He joins them on stage to sing the word HAIR in “Rainbow High” He is my new hero. She struggles a bit with Rainbow High “Well, there’s one for my next voice lesson”

-Frances Ruffelle, the original Eponine on the West End and Broadway, came out to sing with Patti. She didn’t sing very well, but Patti was very emotional to hear her sing again

-When Patti was in the chorus for the barricade scenes in Les Mis she had to pick a “job”. She really did not want to be in the chorus so she just picked what the guy next to her was doing which was smelting She wasn’t even really sure what a smelter does so she goes out there and pantomimes smelting some hot metal over a bale of hay. The director is like “Patti, you’re an idiot”. The next night, she goes out there and smelts over the hay again, pretends the hay caught on fire, and spends the scene silently putting out her hay fire

-She doesn’t really like the current production of Hello, Dolly! because she does not like how it’s a recreation of Carol Channing’s productions without any new discovery for the actors allowed by the director

-Patti: “You used to be able to get to the theatre. Now Times Square is all focused on a Hershey bar!” Seth: “A Hershey bar? A single bar?”

-Sings “Trouble” from The Music Man 10x better than in the YouTube video. FANTASTIC.

-Seth talked a lot about how a lot of her habits would be considered unprofessional, like how she always looks out at the audience before shows.

Patti: That’s not unprofessional!

Seth: It is. You peering out with your Evita wig on!

Patti: Yeah, well with Evita, I would get caught! People would wave to me so I’d just wave back!

Well, I want to see the guy who hates my guts, who will be the hardest to convince. I want to play to him. At this show, I looked out and saw everyone fanning themselves. So I went back and said TURN UP THE AC THE PEOPLE ARE HOT OUT THERE. You gotta take care of your audience.

-Patti on Lack of Common Sense (paraphrased): “I’ve never had any savvy-dressing for auditions, re-booking canceled flights. I thought I was supposed to stand behind the taped line in the A Chorus Line theatre at my Evita audition, so I took a big step in front of it. It was just the line in A Chorus Line. My brother was in A Fucking Chorus Line. I’d seen it. Several times. Still didn’t make that connection. Yet, I heard about auditions and things. Not sure where I found out about that stuff at all! That’s how you know it’s meant to be. I just found out about these casting calls even though I was clueless.  

-Patti and Seth fight over ALW:

Seth: He’s great [in Evita].

Patti: *Makes disgusted face*

Seth: No this really is great.

Patti: It’s not.

Seth: Turn her mike off.

-She ends with the Ladies Who Lunch. You can tell she’s working on her character for the revival. It’s very different from her Lonny Price version, seems much darker and more subdued. I’m excited to see what she develops.

-I’ve heard her live before but it’s still such a shock to me. Her voice is nothing short of incredible. Her high tones are less crystalline in her older age, but her low tones are so much richer. I thought her voice sounded a little raspy, like she was losing it, but it didn’t keep her from hitting any of those belts (except Rainbow High, which was kinda mean of Seth lol) I’m going to War Paint closing night in December. She didn’t come out the stage door tonight so I have my fingers crossed for December. 

Hope you guys feel like you were there with me! I know a lot of you wish you could be there so I wanted to be thorough. Let me know if you have any questions!

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What happens when tinytony meets Pepper and Rhodey?


“Tony?” asks Peter, when he looks at the big watch in their living room.

“Yes.” answers Tony immediately and Peter sees him on the ground. Eddy sits besides Tony and Tony has his coloring book in front of him.

“I have a surprise for you.” says Peter and Tony looks up at that.

“Why?” asks Tony and puts his pencils back in the case. Peter can’t believe that he is a toddler sometimes. Tony just tries so hard.

And isn’t that even more sad? Because no child in the world should have to try that hard. And you know whats even sadder? Normally Tony is 47 years old and he still tries so hard… and nobody sees it.

“Because you were such a good boy!” says Peter and he sounds extra happy. Tony smiles a bit at that. Its not his big smile, its a really shy one and its Peters favorite.

“Really?” asks Tony and then holds his hands out. Peter grins and helps him up.

“Really. You are the best kid in the whole world.” says Peter and Tony shakes his head at that.

“ ’m not.” mumbles Tony and takes a few steps forward. It goes a lot better now with his walking but sometimes he still wobbles.

“You are. So do you wanna see your surprise?” asks Peter and Tony nods. He bends down again and takes Eddy in his hand. Then he smiles brightly.

“With Eddy?” asks Tony just to be sure and Peter nods.

“We wouldn’t want to leave without Eddy. So we are going down to the living room and we will meet somebody there.” says Peter and then looks at Tony.

He doesn’t wear a onesie this time, because Peter thinks he should look especially good today. So Tony wears a cute little dungarees and a striped shirt. He also has a pacifier with him.

Because Peter had noticed that Tony needed that when he was nervous or he would suck on his thumb. Which was also really cute… but not very hygienic.

“Bucky?” asks Tony when he takes Peters hand. Peter sighs. Yes they wanted to play with Bucky today. He nearly forgot about that.

“No but we will see him later, hm? We are going to meet your aunt Pepper and Uncle Rhodey.” says Peter and Tony looks a bit afraid.

“Why?” he asks and nearly stumbles. Peter catches him and then picks him up.

“Because they want to meet my sweet little boy,” explains Peter and goes over to the elevator.

“Yours?” asks Tony and his eyes are wide and full of hope. Peter swallows at that. He knows that he could break Tony easily now.

“Yeah of course.” Peter says and his voice cracks at that. Tony smiles that cute smile again and Peter can even see his dimple. Its a smile that is only reserved for Peter.

“Love you lots.” says Tony and he is still in Peters arms but he hugs Peter anyway as best as he can. He even kisses Peters cheek.

“Love you to the moon and back.” whispers Peter and Tony giggles.

“Thats a lot.” he whispers surprised and cuddles into Peter. Peter nods because he can’t speak anymore or he would start crying for real.

The elevator opens again and Peter wipes a few tears away. This wasn’t how he pictured the day. But even if Tony would stay little, he would always be there for him.

“Ms. Potts?” asks Peter then and Pepper turns around at that. She looks perfect like always and smiles at them.

“Peter. I told you to call me Pepper.”

Peter nods at that and smiles sheepishly at her. He knows her for a certain time but he is still a bit afraid of her.

“Tony.” she says then and looks at the little boy, who still hides his face against Peters neck.

Peter kisses his dark curls and then sets Tony down. Tony hides behind Peters legs and looks up at Pepper.

“Hey Tony.” says Pepper and Tony draws a deep breath. Then he steps in front of Peter and holds his hand out.

Pepper seems confused for a moment, but with a very delicate move, she kneels down in her heels and takes Tonys hand.

“My name is Anthony. It’s nice to meet you Ms. Potts. The pleasure is all mine.” squeaks Tony and smiles shyly.

“Oh god. What a gentleman.” says Pepper and Tony kisses her knuckles.

Peter is sure he died from the cuteness.

“But you don’t have to be so formal, hm? I’m your Auntie Pepper.” says Pepper then and Tony seems to think about that.

“Auntie Peppa?” he asks and tries to say her name right. Pepper smiles.

“Yes. So if you ever want some new toys, ask me.” smiles Pepper than and Tony giggles.

“Thank you. But i have many toys. I don’t need more.” says Tony and looks at Peter.

Peter strokes his hair and shrugs. Well it is true. Tony has a lot already. But Peter would buy him anything if Tony just said the word.

“Aw aren’t you cute.” says Pepper and Tony nods at that.

“But i… uhm can i have some toys for my friends?” asks Tony then and promptly his thumb goes into his mouth. So he is nervous.

“For your friends?” asks Pepper because the last time she had seen Tony he hadn’t said anything nice about the other avengers.

“Yes. I… i saw that they didn’t have any toys and.. and thats why Clint took Eddy. Cause he hasn’t a Eddy for himself. And… and i don’t want them to be sad.” says Tony and mumbles the words around his thumb.

Peter can’t believe him. Although Clint hurt Eddy, Tony still wants to do something for him and forgives him that easily. He is so precious.

“Of course.” says Pepper and smiles. Peter kneels down and takes Tonys thumb out of his mouth. He gives him the pacifier instead. Tony sucks a bit and smiles behind the red pacifier.

“Thank you.” he says to Pepper again and then cuddles Eddy a bit more.

Peter and Pepper go over to table and sit down at that.  Tony sits down in front of the couch and looks at the tv. A children show is on and Tony giggles every few minutes. But he can’t hear them. Which is good for their conversation.

“I have never seen him that happy.” says Pepper and looks down at the little one. Peter nods.

“But aren’t all kids happy?” Peter asks back and Pepper shakes her head.

“No. Tony wasn’t a happy child. Well i guess he was at first. But Howard and Maria weren’t always there. He doesn’t talk about it, but i saw pictures of him where he was that little and already working in the lab. He loved that of course…but he wasn’t that happy.” says Pepper and Peter feels bad for Tony.

Maybe this is his second chance. Even if its only for a while.

“I’m glad you are watching out for him.” says Pepper and she smiles.

“I’m glad i can be there for him.” says Peter and then the door opens again. Its Rhodey. Peter smiles, he likes him a lot.

“Hey.” says Rhodey and he still goes a bit unsteady. Tony looks up at that.

Pepper greets Rhodey with a kiss on the cheek and Peter gets a warm handshake.

“Hey Rhodey.” says Peter and then looks back to Tony.

“Bambino. Your uncle is here.” says Peter and laughs at Rhodeys facial expression. Tony takes Eddy and then comes over. He holds his hand out again.

“I’m Anthony.” he says again and Rhodey laughs.

“Believe me i know. Come here and greet your uncle properly.” say Rhodey and sits on a chair. He picks Tony up and sets him down on his lap.

“What a handsome little man.” says Rhodey and Tony giggles.

“Thank you.” says Tony shyly around his pacifier.

“And your favorite uncle has a surprise for you!” says Rhodey and shows Tony a packet. Tony gasps and the pacifier falls to the ground.

Peter picks it up and then goes over to the sink and washes the dust off.

Tony opens the packet and squeals. Its a little car, that he can control with a tele control. Tony wiggles and Rhodey sets him back down. Tony opens the packet immediately.

Then he stops.

“Thank you Uncle Rhodey!” he says and hugs Rhodey real tight. Then he goes back to the car. Rhodey sits down next to him on the ground and helps him.

Peter makes tea for him and Pepper and also a coffee for Rhodey. The next hours are full of Tonys laughter. Eddy sits in the little car and Tony drives him around.

Its two hours later that Tony yawns a lot. He can’t keep his eyes open and Peter laughs.

“Hey bambino. Time for your nap.” says Peter and goes over. Tony pouts but he doesn’t object.

“Say goodbye to your aunt and uncle.” says Peter and Tony waves at them.

“Bye bye.” he says and blows them a kiss. Pepper laughs at that and Rhodey comes over and pinches his cheek.

“You cute little boy.” says Pepper and Tony nods proudly.

Peter says his goodbyes, too and then takes them back to their own apartment. He goes over to Tonys room and lays him in his crib.

Tony yawns again and cuddles Eddy.

“Goodnight my sweet boy.” whispers Peter and kisses Tonys cheek. Tony is already out like a light.

Peter smiles down at him. He is glad that Tony can finally enjoy himself.

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I look at the pictures of frat!Steve and nerd!Tony and all I can think about is Kingsman AU

Kingsman AU where Steve is brought in by Howard who doesn’t believe in his son and thinks that Tony isn’t good for this work, while Tony is brought in by Peggy, who taught him everything she knows and can do


Steve is just a boy from Boston who’s looking after his sick mother while working two jobs. He encounters Howard outside of the local police station because Steve had been taking in for being in a fight. Howard believes that Steve has what it takes to be the next Kingsman and Steve’s not entirely sure but decides to follow Howard after Howard promises to take care of his mother’s medical bills. 

Tony has constantly been living in Howard’s shadow, has never been given a chance to shine because Howard has never believed in him. When Howard told Tony that he won’t be sponsoring him for the position, Tony didn’t care but was a little heartbroken at the fact. He knew that his father didn’t really care for him but it still doesn’t make the sting go away. His godmother, Peggy, decides to sponsor him herself and trains him with all that she knows which a whole damn lot. Tony soon becomes one of the most skilled potential spies and is definitely going to give the rest of the recruits a run of their money.

I mean, he was trained by Peggy who’s a badass on all levels. 

Steve and Tony meet, Tony harboring an instant dislike to Steve while Steve sees Tony as this stuck-up rich boy who hates not getting his way. This all changes when they have to work together to get out a certain situation and the two of them begin to like each other, agreeing to work together as partners. 

But of course, they start falling in love in with each other and things get really complicated!

D.Gray Man Cafe

So today, I went to the DGM collaboration cafe. 

The last one I did was the Haikyuu!! cafe in collaboration with Animate and I remember it was really impressive and the atmosphere was nice. Since DGM isn’t aired yet, there’s a lot less material for the decoration and everything. But still, I liked it. 

About the menu, let me tell you I had a hell of a time deciding what to order. The thing is, this kind of cafe are usually expensive, so you have to choose carefully. 
The one dish I knew I wanted to try was the Timcampy Omurice (because yes, if you don’t know food and drinks are all made to match the characters)

I got it. It was cute AND tasty. For the others dishes we had sandwiches for Allen, Soba for Kanda (surprising uh ?), Yakiniku for Lavi (he has great taste), Hamburger for the Earl and some crab pasta for Tyki. 

For dessert, I choose Allen’s Mitarashi Dango. Look at how good it looks !

I ate miratashi dango before. And I’m always amazed about how Allen can manage to eat about thirty of this in one meal. Because it doesn’t look like it, but once you’ve eaten two or three, you’re full. (Btw it’s matcha ice cream, red beans paste and wipped cream in the corner)
The two others dessert were a pumpkin pie for Link (it looked yummy) and a S’more parfait for Lavi (was a sparkling candle on it).

I tried two different drinks. The one above is Allen’s mango frappe. I love mango, and since it’s really hot in Japan right now, it was cool and sweet. The other drink I tried was blue. Piece of advice : there’s always a blue drink in collaboration cafe, and i’s always good. Order it. 
Bonus, this is the only thing on the menu linked to two characters. It was called “Yuu and Alma’s blue ice”. 

And I have to tell you, I nearly chocked on my food at some ponit, because a girl next to me ordered Cross’ drink (which was called Pink Lady fyi) and the waiter gave her the drink, and then came back and said “it was add to Allen’s debts” and then handed her a piece of paper with debts on it. And I was laughing so much because godammit Cross Marian !!! 
Lavi’s drink (tapioca and blood orange drink) was pretty popular and Komui’s drink (you could read “Komubitan D” on the menu and I was like noooope, we all know what happened last time) was served in a fricking beaker !
Road, Link, the Earl, Lenalee and Timcampy also had drinks.

The fun thing when you order in a cafe like that, is that with every dishes you get little pictures or posters of the characters. And then the customers look around to exchange the ones they want or not. 

In conclusion (sorry for the long ass post) it was great and worth the money, and I’ll be back in three days to tell you about the premiere in Shinjuku ! 



This is Howard he has preserved a lot in the Mexican American Community.  He is my family and I have so much love and respect for him  ((He is the first person to ever go into gang infested areas and take pictures before it was cool to do back then it was just dangerous and not a good idea)) after a while he became well known and very liked in La Raza communities. **All of the old school pictures that you see of graffiti and a lot of the people he took himself** with his camera he was not rich he did it out of  love for the culture and preservation of Chicano arts and it’s people. He has put his entire life’s work into it. **Lowrider Magazine which has featured stories on him refers to him as ‘’The Godfather of Lowriders** For the simple fact before Lowrider Magazine even started he would go to car shows and take pictures of the cars so the ones you see before Lowrider Magazine I can guarantee you he took them. He has a Flickr page I think you guys would enjoy  and see what I’m talking about. Just check out the page before you have an opinion . You see random post on here cause I like to know about everything no matter the subject cause knowledge really is power and something no one can ever take from you no matter what. ALSO THE DRAWING THE SECOND PIC HE DID LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO LOL HE’S DOPE AND AN ARTIST TOO.:                  P.S. I BARELY NOTICE HE’S STANDING IN FRONT OF A PRIMERA FLATS HIT UP  LEAVE IT TO HIM HE’S HARD  I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU THOUGH.


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Cackles - I can just picture Howard mouthing with hand motions, “I’m watching you” to Steve, all previous friendliness dissipated as he watches him suspiciously from across the room.

Lmaoooo Protective!Howard gives me life.

Howard corners Steve later, after dinner, when Tony has gone on his evening sniff around the property. “What are your intentions with my son?!”

“…I intend to never, ever touch him,” Steve says fearfully.

“He’s too good for you!”


“I’m watching you, Rogers.”

Steve hadn’t even felt this scared when he crashed the plane into the ice. “I can’t say the same for Bucky, though?”

Bucky’s here too?!

“Uh. Yes. But. Not all the way? Mentally, I mean.”

“Unbelievable,” Howard says, mostly to himself but also partly to Steve. “I’m going to get arrested for murder even though I’m technically dead in this stupid timeline.”

In the woods on the property, in his wolf skin, Bucky shivers for reasons unknown and doesn’t come back to the mansion that night.

Death Ever After - Part 4 - Therapeutic


Death Ever After - A Modern Marvel Alternate Universe x Reader -  Reader is a Childhood friends with the Barnes Children; Richard, Bucky, and Rebecca. A terrible accident occurs forcing the Reader to move in with her biological father. Years pass and destiny decides to play a joke on the reader. Chaos Ensues.

Warnings: Abusive families; Accidents; Death; blame game; etc

Pairings: Modern Marvel AU X Reader; Bucky X Reader; Steve Rogers X Reader

(A/N)  This is a Modern Marvel Alternate Universe. In this universe the Barnes parents, George and Winifred are still alive. I brought in Bucky’s comic canon sister Rebecca but added an older brother named Richard. Howard and Maria Stark are also still alive along with Jarvis. Some Characters may seem OOC at time but this is an alternate reality people, shit happens. I hope you all like it.



“It’s time to wake up Young Miss.” Jarvis says as he pulls the curtains of my room back letting the blindingly bright light into my room.

“Agh! Sweet Jesus Jarvis,” I complain pulling the blanket over my head.

“Madam Stark wished for me remind you of the busy day you have ahead of you.” Jarvis says as he pulls at the blanket that I had a death grip on.

“Can’t I just put it all off until later?” I ask losing the battle for the blanket making Jarvis pull it off and the sunlight blind me. “Why is it so bright?”

“Because it’s morning.” He replies sarcastically and I chuckle. “Now get dressed, breakfast will be done shortly.”

“How much time do I have before Therapy?” I ask as I push myself up off my bed and head toward my dresser.

“About an hour and a half.” He answers and I nod. “I’ll leave you to get dressed.”

“Thank you,” I say as I hear the door close. Pulling out some clothes I glance at the pictures of Richard and smile. Reaching up I gently run my finger along the metal frame as I say, “One day at a time.” I give him one last smile before I turn away and quickly change my clothes. Grabbing my cell phone and purse I head out my bedroom door and down the dining room where Maria and Howard sat eating silently.

“Ah Good morning (Name),” Maria says offering me a bright smile.

“Morning,” I reply as I take my seat across from her and off to Howard’s right.

“Do you need the car this morning? Your father and I have some last-minute preparations to do before the party this weekend.”

“Ah, no I can walk.”

“Walk? Nonsense, call Tony and have him come pick you up; or we can drop you off at Doctor Sofen’s office on the way.” Howard says closing his newspaper.

“No, seriously, it’s fine. Doctor Sofen actually said getting out and being around other people might be good for me.” I reply as I grab a piece of toast and slather jam on it. “Besides, I don’t have a meeting with her today. She wants me to go to this group therapy thing. Says it’ll be good for me to listen to others who have gone through loss.”

“Sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.” Jarvis says over my shoulder causing me to smile.

“Just be careful who you talk to while you’re there.” Howard says and I nod.

“Beware of paparazzi.” I say in a mocking spooky voice. “I got the memo pops.”

“Are you bringing anyone to the party this weekend? You haven’t really-”

“Mom, ixnay on the oyfriendbay.” I say quickly interrupting her.

“You know I speak pig Latin right.” Howard says cocking an eyebrow at me. “Any who don’t you want to talk about boyfriends with us?”

“Oh gee, I don’t know, maybe because you’re my parents?” I say folding my piece of toast in half.

“Still not seeing your point.” Howard says folding his hands together in front of him as he stares at me.

“Okay, so I’m gonna leave now. This has been a wonderful conversation but I’m late.” I say shoving the piece of toast into my mouth as I stand up from the table.

“Be careful, if you need anything do not hesitate to call us.” Maria says and I nod.

“Will do!” I yell back as I rush out the front door into the courtyard. As I walk out the entry walkway gate I let out a sigh of relief and quickly reach for my headphones. Years had passed and I still felt awkward around Howard and Maria. Granted they were great. I loved them. They had surprisingly turned out to be good people. They slowly helped me adapt to my life in the mansion as well as the Stark name. However, I was still uncomfortable with how much a single name got me. When I first moved in it was difficult to get comfortable. I was always worried something bad was just lurking around the corner waiting to rear its ugly head; but it had never happened.

I feel my phone vibrate and quickly pull it out of my pocket to see a text from my big brother.

‘Hey Nerd wanna get lunch?’ – Tony

‘Depends on who’s cooking?’ – (Name)

‘Hopefully not you, cause you suck at it.’ – Tony

‘Hey! It was one time and I was unfamiliar with the stove.’ – (Name)

‘Whatever you say. But in all seriousness where do you wanna eat?’ – Tony

‘Pizza?’ – (Name)

‘Good, I could go for some pie. Meet you at Ray’s?’ – Tony

‘Sure. I’ll meet you at one.’ – (Name)

I quickly slide my phone back into my pocket and smile as I think about how close Tony and I had gotten over these last few years. He had helped me with my depression a lot. He was the only one who didn’t sugar coat things for me. He always told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted. In some ways he reminded me of Richard. It was always Tony’s secret mission to take me out to food after a therapy session so I could mellow out, and I thanked him for that.

I glance down at my watch to check the time before I quickly make my way to the church where this group therapy session was being held. Thankfully it wasn’t that far away from where I currently was. As I reach the church I take my headphones out and stare at the outside of the building as my feet stood frozen in place. After all these years, and the countless amounts of progress I had made, I couldn’t take these last few steps. I look at my watch again and groan inwardly as I see the time getting later. If I didn’t walk in now I would be late and Howard would get a call from my therapist.

I am about to turn and leave when I feel a strong hand gently tap my shoulder making me turn toward the person. As my eyes meet his blue orbs he smiles and says, “Sorry for scaring you; but are you here for the Group Therapy?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” I reply turning to face him completely. He was tall, with sandy blonde hair, and muscular build that even gods dreamed of having; the man was just all over hot. “You here for it too?”

“Yeah, just can’t seem to take the last few steps inside.” He answers staring at the church door.

“Same,” I add fiddling with the wire of my headphones.

“Rogers, Steve Rogers.” He says holding his hand out to me and I offer a friendly smile as I take his hand.

“Stark, (Name) Stark.”

“Stark, as in Stark enterprises?” he asks and I cock an eyebrow at him.

“Yes…” I reply instantly becoming cautious of him.

“Ah sorry, my wife used to work there. Margaret Rogers?” He asks and I shake my head.

“Sorry, I don’t know her. I don’t spend much time at the company.”

“Oh no, it’s okay.” He replies and then something in his words caught my ears.

“Used too?” I ask suddenly curious and he nods his expression turning sad.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here. Peggy, she passed away a few years ago.”

“I’m so sorry,” I say suddenly feeling like an asshole.

“No, it’s okay, at least it will be. I’m still… grieving… if that’s what you wanna call it.”

“Are you still hurting for her?”


“Then you’re grieving.”

“You sound like you have experience with it.”

“Unfortunately, I do.”

“Wanna talk about it?” He asks and I nod slowly.

“How about since neither of us wants to go in there, the two of us go grab a cup of coffee and have our own little mini group therapy.”

“It’s not a group if it’s just us two.” He says a smirk filling his face.

“Well I won’t mind if you don’t. So, what do you say?” I ask feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket. Reaching into my pocket I see a text from Rebecca and I decide to text her back later as I slip my phone back into my pocket.

“Sure, why not? I find it awkward to talk to a bunch of random strangers about my past. My bikes nearby if you don’t mind the short ride to this great place downtown.” Steve says and I nod.

“A bike, as in a motorcycle, or are you one of those types?” I ask making him chuckle as he motions back the way he had come.

“Not one of those types. If I exercise, I prefer running or going on hikes.” He adds and I smile.

“Hikes I understand; but running? Why would anyone run for the fun of it?” I ask earning me a chuckle form his lips.

“It helps clear your head. At least that’s how it works for me. Everyone’s different.”

“I would try it, but I’m not really able to run for a long period of time anymore.” I say sipping my hands into my coat pockets.

“An Accident?” He asks and I nod.

“Yeah, I was still a kid at the time, I was in a car accident. I got messed up. Long story short, I don’t like vehicles. Cars, trucks, buses, limos, the works; I have a sort of panic attack. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before; but I have to admit it does sound pretty exciting.”

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay riding it with me?” He asks worry on his voice.

“Honestly, I have no idea.” I answer as I glance down at my feet. “But my therapist says I need to try going outside my comfort zone every once in a while.”

“So even though you weren’t expecting to, you’re gonna try that today?” He asks and I nod.

“That is if it’s alright with you.” I ask as I pause beside him.

“Sure, I’m happy to help if I can.” He answers a handsome smile filling his lips.

“Thank you, just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t tell my brother.”

Will Continue in -


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CLF: Un Peu, Beaucoup (E)

A/N: Tired. I’ll be making a masterlist soon.

A/N: Tag list is open. Please ask to be tagged, I feel weird just randomly tagging people.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of vomiting, mention of Steve’s issues, kind of angsty, major awkward as usual, kissing

Word Count: 2674

Un Peu, Beacoup D

TRACK: Dream A Little Dream–Doris Day

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The Gone Series - Asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Computer Jack:</b> What is your current desktop picture?<p/><b>Howard Bassem:</b> Have you ever been bullied? Do you know why?<p/><b>Orsay Pettijohn:</b> What was your latest dream about?<p/><b>Taylor:</b> Favourite color?<p/><b>Bug:</b> What is your nickname and how did you get it?<p/><b>Sanjit Brattle-Chance:</b> Do you have a crush and do you think he/she likes you too?<p/><b>Dahra Baidoo:</b> What is something you know a lot about?<p/><b>Roger:</b> Are you creative? What are you good at?<p/><b>Astrid Ellison:</b> What is the last book you have read?<p/><b>Edilio Escobar:</b> What country are you from?<p/><b>Sam Temple:</b> Do you like being a leader or do you prefer being a follower? Why?<p/><b>Penny:</b> What is your biggest fear?<p/><b>Jill:</b> Favourite song?<p/><b>Caine Soren:</b> Do you have any siblings?<p/><b>Diana Ladris:</b> Do you believe in love at first sight?<p/><b>Lana Arwen Lazar:</b> Did you ever have a surgery? Why?<p/><b>Patrick:</b> Do you have any pets? If not; what is your favourite animal?<p/><b>Brianna "the breeze":</b> What is your favourite kind of sport? Are you good at it?<p/><b>Dekka Talent:</b> Sexuality?<p/><b>Albert Hillsborough:</b> What is your dream job?<p/><b>Quinn Qaither:</b> Do you give second chances easily?<p/><b>Orc:</b> Do you have a bad habit?<p/><b>Drake Merwin:</b> Do you prefer the vilian or the hero in a story?<p/><b>Toto:</b> What is the biggest lie you have ever told?<p/><b>Mary Terrafino:</b> If you had any kids, what would their names be?<p/><b>Duck Zhang:</b> Are you introverted or extroverted?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

For anyone who missed it:

Our beloved queen of pranks got pranked herself today and it was glorious! 

Hayley had given her phone to her colleague, Olly Robinson, to take this photo. While he had it, he posted this on her Instagram:

wellhayley: Just nipping to the loo to squeeze one out. (x)

It didn’t take long for her to notice:

wellhayley: OLLY ROBINSON YOU TOOL @olly_rob

Then she posted this lovely screenshot:

wellhayley: You got me good, @olly_rob I cannot believe I trusted you with my phone. #mortified (x)

I’m smelling sweet, sweet revenge! You do not want to be on Hayley’s bad side, she will come for you full force! I can’t wait to see how she’ll get back at him!

And judging by this photo’s caption, I’m sure we won’t have to wait long… Get extra creative and nasty this time, girl!

wellhayley: And so Howards End has ended principal photography. That’s a picture wrap. 11 weeks of working with this cast and crew. Words are blunt instruments here. I saw what you all did, day in and day out. The enthusiasm, craft, skill, warmth and humour. I’ll miss you all. Apart from @olly_rob who can kiss my ass. I’ll get you back, Olly. 😜😂 (x)

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In your werewolf au, after howard dies does tony get out his ugly sausage picture when he misses his dad because his dad loved the picture so much?

I would like to say yes because that’s an adorable image

But Howard loved literally every picture of Tony ever taken except for that unfortunate summer when booty shorts and crop tops were in style. Not that Tony didn’t look good in them, but Howard can only consider murdering so many people for perving on his son before he gets tired.

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Can we talk about Tony Stark in depth please for a few minutes

hmmm buddy you’re going to risk that i may never stop yapping about how he literally changed his way of life for the better and got a conscience not after being surgically modified against his will but after meeting yinsen and befriending him, literally his only thoughts were of his loved ones and he realized he did care after all and he wasn’t a cold-hearted son of a bitch, yinsen made his mind switch and it’s going to pain him that he never got to see yinsen outside that cave again, he regrets not paying attention to him all this while ago, he’s thankful he got to say goodbye, and yinsen is never going to leave his memory, none of his loved ones will ever leave his mind again, not yinsen, not pepper, not rhodey, not happy, not peter, not his bots or his other creations. can you believe this dude actually faced his death at least three times and the death of almost everyone he cares about at least once, each time to come out not even triumphant bc hah he’s honestly a mess, but he tries so hard to get better and he cares so much about everyone even if he doesn’t know how to properly show it, he truly hates himself for it bc he ends up losing the friendship of people he really wanted to keep close forever. and now his mind never stops talking, he wants to shut it down sometimes but it just keeps on calculating and creating and twisting and turning until he is reminded by a headache he cannot really handle it anymore, getting worse by that pain in his chest and numbness in his arm, but he knows he can’t help but worry. everything that he’s built ever since he woke up in that cave is more important than his past, more important than him even, he feels the upmost need to protect the people he appreciates and his mind starts scheming again, coming up with new and also very familiar tragic scenarios and how to prevent them, maybe his only way of avoiding it is to just not be there anymore, what if he had never come out of the cave? it’s a dark place his mind creeps in sometimes and rhodey and pepper and happy notice him spacing out and leave him to sort himself out but not too much because they know sometimes you really need other help, and they’re there for him whenever he needs it, with jokes, and hugs, and words of appreciation. sometimes tony thinks he is not good enough of a person to remain on earth, sometimes that thought quickly dissipates at the thought of those around him, sometimes he wishes he wasn’t a genius or rich or the son of howard stark, sometimes he just wishes he had been born to maria only. gosh, how much does he think about his mom nowadays, remembers her playing him lullabies on the piano, teaching him words in italian, playing with him, but it gets twisted real quickly when everything turns dark and he pictures him dead inside their car, and he can’t help but feel hollow inside, stingy eyes, and still his mind wanders and he just wants to drown it in alcohol like he used to. he wakes up at the middle of the night and panics at the thought of being poisoned by his own arc reactor, he might only have a scar now but the chest pain has become increasingly regular and he worries. images of harley and peter flash through his head, immediately making a mental note to review his will once more and making sure whatever he’s leaving to them is enough to sustain them for two lifetimes. ultron left him with more guilt than he had before and the fight with cap has ultimately left him drained, he knows both stances had pros and cons and hates himself for not being a better businessman and letting that mess happen. how a decade ago he would’ve just sold the weapons to whoever wanted to fight and kept on living a shallow life, now he cannot imagine himself doing so, and again he is taken back to the cave, where everything changed, and he will yet to see if he gets a happy ending. at this point, he doesn’t care whether he deserves one or not.



Rainfall Chapter Four

Hello My Dersha Fam! I know it’s been awhile since I was able to post but let’s just say with a busy schedule like mine, it was hard to find time to write but the wait’s over! This chapter picks up right after that moment between Derek and Ahsha. You get to see what Jelena’s been up to, and meet her oldest son Jaden, and someone’s secret is introduced into the story, any ideas who the secret belongs to? If you haven’t read chapter 3 yet, you can catch up right here

It had been two years since Derek experienced what it felt like to kiss Ahsha. Today caught him by surprise in every sense of the word. Besides the fact that he never expected to get this close to her again, and even though they will be working together, a kiss was never part of the equation. How could something so wrong feel so right? That was the question burning through his mind at this very moment. They’ve had their share of problems and a divorce was proof of that, however it doesn’t take away the love once shared. He stood frozen as his ex-wife pressed a kiss to his lips. A peck at first, then the second peck turned into something much more. He could feel her tongue slowly slip into his mouth intertwining with his. He did his best to answer, but held back a little. Moment lasted only for a second before he jumped back into reality. Breaking the kiss, he gently started to push her off. Their eyes meet, Ahsha completely in a starry daze and the rest of the world disappears. She stared into his soul, no words spoken. Room was quiet, until one of them gained the courage to say something.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that”

“No, you shouldn’t have” He muttered, staring away. Just when she was about to move closer, her phone buzzed.

“It’s Kyle, were supposed to go see Jelena and Jaceyon today”

“Oh, well I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you”

“Right. I um, I should probably go”

“Okay” He nods his head as she makes her way out of his office. Shutting the door behind her, she leans against it, taking a deep breath, not eve realizing she was being watched.

“Ahsha!” She turns as she hears her rowdy blue-eyed bestie’s voice carrying through the arena hallway. She strolls forward.

“Kyle, hey”

“Girl you get my text or what?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah I got it, sorry I didn’t text back, I got…distracted”

“Distracted?” She slightly tilted her head to the side.

“Did I just see you come out of Derek’s office?”

“Yeah. Paperwork”

“Paperwork?” Kyle questioned raising her brow folding her arms.

“Yes, Kyle paperwork”

“Hmm I see”

“What?” Ahsha laughed nervously.

“Nothing at all”

“Ready to go?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be Carebear, lead the way” Kyle said as she grabbed ahold of her waist as she walked in front while Ahsha wrapped an arm around her neck, walking out together. By the time, they got to the Toy’s R’US, the entire parking lot was almost full. After spending an hour there, Kyle and Ahsha had their basket half-way full with clothes, toys and other objects for Jaceyon. They were surprising Jelena since she hasn’t seen Ahsha before she left for Atlanta, plus she was making up lost time with the new addition to the Howard-Wall family.

“Just wait until you see Jaceyon! He’s the cutest thing!”

“I know I saw pictures she sent me, he’s adorable. I can’t wait to see him. How’s Jaden?”

“Good, grown as ever just like little Faith. Getting ready to head off to college”

“Omg! I remember him being much smaller before I left”

“Not small no more, that boy’s 18 now!”

“That’s right!” Ahsha said in shock.

“I’ve missed a lot, how’s everything going on with the clothing line?” She asked throwing onesies into the basket.

“Everything’s pretty solid with the company, Jelena’s practically running it from home herself, given demands Derek has on T with coaching the team and stuff”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. How are you handling being the captain of the DG and Derek’s secretary?”

“Working with Derek is pretty enjoyable, and being captain well, I’ve got that completely covered. Not gone lie to you Ahsh, it can be very intimidating “Kyle pursed her lips.

“Well I’m sure Derek appreciates your help, and I know better than anyone you know how to kill it on stage so, I say, you’re doing a pretty good damn job” Ahsha winks at her best friend.

“Thanks, Carebear” She nudges her and they continue walking.

“Alright I think we’ve got presents for Jaceyon to last a whole year, let’s roll up outta here girl”

“You ain’t gotta tell me twice” The two women laughed their way out of the store heading for Jelena’s, where the mother of two was sitting in her luscious living room feeding her two-year-old son Jaceyon and helping her eldest Jaden get through the remainder of his college applications. Jaden and Faith were close to the same age but Jaden was six months older and already 18. Jelena and Terrence were against their oldest off-spring being so far away for school just like Derek was with Faith, but the two teens weren’t giving up on the idea so fast.


“All these applications are outside of LA, I thought you decided against this?”

“I never agreed to stay in the city”

“No I know that, but you told your father and I that you would at least keep that as an option”

“I guess I changed my mind” The son voiced not looking at his mom.

“When did this happen?”

“I don’t know, a few days ago”

“A few days ago,?” The mother suspected giving him a distrustful look.

“Yes, Ma, please can you just let it go, I gotta finish these applications and have them in by next week”

“I’ll let it go when you stop lying”

“I’m telling the truth!”

“Jaden Darrius Wall” Jelena said sternly, raising her voice now. The boy looked down at the paper then at his mom, with a guilty face.

“Okay! Alright! I decided this a week ago”

“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?” Jelena asked, sticking a spoon of applesauce in Jaceyon’s mouth.

“Because I knew you and dad would try to get me to change my mind and I’m not. Listen ma, I know this isn’t what you want to hear but, I want to go to college and find my independence outside of you and dad and I can’t do that if I stay. I’m not a little boy anymore”

“I know that Jaden. Your father and I just want you within distance reach. You’re my first born and I want to make sure you’re always protected. I can’t do that if you’re out of reach” The son’s eyes softened hearing his mother speak with so much nurture in her voice. He put his pen down and started walking over to the couch where she fed his little brother. He sat next to her, taking the spoon and jar out of her hand. He took her palms and held them in his.

“Ma listen, I know you’re scared of letting go but you have to, it’s time. Even if I do go far away for school, that doesn’t take away from me being your son. I’ll visit you, Dad and little man as much as I can. If I ever find myself in any kind of danger, you’ll be my first call”

“First call?”

“First call”


“You raised a young man, you gotta trust what you built in me, is in me”

“I do trust it son”

“Then let me do this so I can show you the man you raised” She looks down then up at him, placing her palm on his right cheek.

“I understand. If this is something you really want to do then, I won’t stop you. I’ll support you all the way through, your father and I” Jaden smiles back at her then learns forward to plant a kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you, I love you”

“I love you too son” The son and mother embrace each other, with little Jaceyon watching. He claps his little hands, giggling and smiling saying “Mama! Jaen”

They both chuckled at the toddler as an abrupt knock on the door interrupts their family moment.

“Son get the door please while I clean your brother up”

“I wonder who it is” He stands up going to the door. He twists the knob as Jelena picks Jaceyon up holding him over the shoulder. The door opens and there this aunt and God-mom were.

“Auntie Kyle! God-mom Ahsha!” The boy yelled rushing in to hug them both.

“Ma! Ma! Look who’s here!”

“Boy if you don’t stop yelling in this house like you’ve lost your mind” Jelena came around the corner, baby in hand. Soon as she saw Ahsha’s face, her mouth dropped.


“Haay!!!!” The two women ran to greet one another.

“It’s been so long!”

“Too long! I’ve missed you!”

“Girl me too”

“Mee too!” Little Jaceyon chimed in. The mothers stopped hugging to look at him.

“Apparently I’m not the only one”

“Guess not, hey god mommy’s baby, bring it in” Ahsha bended down to his level and ran into her arms. She wrapped her arms around him, picking his feet off the floor, kissing his cheek over and over.

“Ahh I’ve missed you”

“Don’t just stand there boy! Help your auntie with these bags” Kyle added, now giving Jaden a task. He rolled his eyes playfully at Kyle then started taking the bags from her hand as they all made their way into the house.

Over the next two hours, the boys made up for lost time with their god mom and then she played catch up with her favorite two women in her life. She told them about the kiss that transpired between her and Derek, the new girlfriend and her return to LA, but of course she left some things out. After the boys fell asleep and three bottles of wine, Ahsha decided to head home, Kyle left earlier to give her and Jelena more time alone. While walking to her car, she realized she couldn’t find her keys.

“Shit” She cursed while continuing to walk and going through her purse. She kept looking through her bag, not caring how dark it was outside. Finally grabbing her keys, she pulled them on the handle but then she stopped dead, in her tracks when she heard the unfortunate familiar voice.

“Cocoa!” She turned around placing her hand on the hood as the dark figure approached her.

“What’s up girl why you actin like you don’t know nobody?”

“What are you doing here Lucas?”

“Looking for you. But you know you’re real hard to find nowadays skipping town and shit without telling anybody”

“That was the whole point now get the hell away from my car” The dancer ordered opening the car door but is halted by the man closing it quickly, smirking with a toothpick hanging out the side of his mouth.

“Where you think you’re going baby-girl?”

“Away from you” She tried to open her door again, he slammed it this time, making her jump.

“Not so fast”

“I don’t have it”

“Cocoa, I may not have went to college like you but you and I both know that’s not true”

“I just told you, I don’t have it”

“Oh Cocoa” Reaching for her hand and she slapped it away.

“Don’t call me that” She rolled her eyes. He pressed his body against hers, taking a strand of her hair in his hand.

“I do as I please baby-girl, but hey, I hear you loud and clear. Besides, that’s not what I’m here for anyway”

“Enlighten me then Lucas”

“You know he’s looking for you”

“What do you want me to do? I told you I don’t have it right now”

“What are you doing to get it? Tips from our player’s book?” He grinned while she chuckled sucking her teeth and looking him in the eye.

“Those days are over” He leaned back a few steps.

“If you say so, but even if that were true, we know you can get it from somewhere else. I mean you are the ex-wife of a famous former basketball player”

“Let’s clear something up, he will not be part of this. Not now not ever, got that?”

“You’re running out of options sweetheart”

“I’ll figure something out. I just need some time…” She spoke softly.

“Alright, I’ll deliver the message, but just remember this…” The young man leans back into her, putting one hand on her thigh. She breathes sharply as he snatches her jaw squeezing it.

“Use your time wisely but don’t take too long, cuz if you do, I’ll be back to find you, I never run into issues about that, but you will if I have to. Do we understand each other?” She turned her head and nodded in agreement. He released her and let her climb in the car. Before letting her drive off, he tapped on the window, she rolled it down. He leaned forward grazing her cheek.

“Don’t forget, dead men tell no tales, but in your case, dead women. You get home safe now” He winked then walked away and she drove off. As her car left the premises, she turned on her radio, stopping at a light. While sitting there, she turned the volume knob on her radio on full blast, reaching over for her glove box, opening it. She pulled out an small silver object, holding a lot of power in her hand.

“Choice is mines now”

Thank you for reading x 

Chapters five and six will focus on the teens as well as some sensitive subjects we all are familiar with. Any guesses on what the secret is? 

summerpipedream replied to your post: I don’t have the energy to write this right now…

Picturing Howard lurking in the corner just waiting to defend his precious boy gives me life.

I mean he wasn’t lurking in the corner but he does have a habit of only ever being ten feet away from Tony at these things and also keeping half an ear on him. Tony doesn’t notice because Howard is very good at looking occupied in conversation when Tony turns to look at him. (Maria says he needs to let Tony fight his own battles but until Tony is big enough to clothesline a senator Howard will gladly do it for him.)

Live Through The Rain

On a bit of a WtNV kick lately, despite not being completely caught up yet. Add in dubious amounts of sleep and caffeine, a bout of Maria Stark feels, plus my knee-jerk reaction to stress, and I think you guys can tell where I’m going with this. 

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe [films], Welcome To Night Vale [podcast]

Warnings: for everything Night Vale related [Librarian-caliber gore, cosmic horror, dystopian themes, etc.] plus unreliable narrator [because of different priorities, skewed ideas as to what’s normal, etc] and large amounts of crack because reasons. Under the cut, also because reasons.

Here’s a fic idea/minific-I-might-expand-later-on from some premises I kinda want to play with, with bonus Maria Stark backstory because turns out she’s a pretty major influence and butterfly effect ftw:

In which Maria Stark’s hometown was Night Vale.

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anonymous asked:

Please elaborate on the 🍑🍑 nature of this book/film for those of us unaware but entirely ready to see armie hammer like this

honestly, friend, I’m labouring the 🍑  point because otherwise I’ll think too hard about this movie and start FUCKING CRYING. 

okay, so the Plot of the book is a 17-year-old Italian boy falling in deep, obsessive, passionate love with a 24-year-old American grad student who’s staying at his family’s villa for the summer. as you can imagine, being narrated by a lovelorn bisexual teenager, it’s INCREDIBLY FRAUGHT, and can probably best be summed up by the scene in which their bare feet touch under the dining table and it’s so intense that Elio gets a nosebleed. 

while this may SOUND like your run-of-the-mill M/M steamy summer romance novel that you can buy for 99p on kindle books, it is ACTUALLY an incredible TOUR-DE-FORCE work of ART written by André Aciman, a PROFESSOR OF LITERARY THEORY, which made THE NEW YORK TIMES, PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, WASHINGTON POST and CHICAGO TRIBUNE’S Books of the Year lists when it was published and ABOUT WHICH the FOLLOWING PHRASES were used: ‘an effortless and unaffected erudition; a brutal, rigorous mastery of language’! ‘Brave, acute, elated, naked, brutal, tender, humane and beautiful’! ‘Few novels since Proust’s In Search of Lost Time are this adept at capturing the nuances of human emotion’! ‘The beauty of Aciman’s writing and the purity of his passions should place this extraordinary first novel within the canon of great romantic love stories’! ‘Exquisite’! ‘Superb’! ‘Extraordinary’! (not to mention that I have read it once a year since first reading it in 2014 and now own three copies because I keep discovering it in secondhand bookshops and am unable to leave it behind. don’t trust the NYT. trust me.)

and NOT ONLY is A Movie being made, it is a movie directed by RESPECTED DIRECTOR LUCA GUADAGNINO, co-written by JAMES IVORY – of MERCHANT-IVORY PRODUCTIONS, director of such screen gems as Howards End, A Room With a View, The Remains of the Day and fucking MAURICE – starring TIMOTHEE CHALAMET (of being good on stage) and ARMIE HAMMER (of ‘I’m 6′5″, 220 and there’s two of me!’), ACTUAL WELL-KNOWN ACTORS, premiering at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL (because it’s a [reverential pause] FILM, not just a MOVIE), and FEATURING ORIGINAL SONGS WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY SUFJAN STEVENS!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!! I LITERALLY COULD NOT HAVE HAND-PICKED A BETTER COMBINATION OF THINGS!!!

yesterday it got bought by Sony Pictures Classics, which means a) world-wide distribution, and b) actual human beings have now seen it with their eyes. one of those #blest and chosen individuals said this: “Visually rich, stunning, deeply emotional and sensual, Call Me By Your Name confirms Luca Guadagnino as one of the world’s master filmmakers. It will be a privilege to bring the movie to audiences around the world.”

tl;dr in conclusion, Timothee Chalamet is going to fuck a peach and Armie Hammer is going to eat it while Sufjan Stevens sings about Jesus and being gay in the background and then, because that’s not enough, everyone at Sundance is going to give it a goddamn fucking standing ovation.