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OK, so I’ve finally got enough of my crap together to make a schedule for this blog, lol.

I’ll be posting at least 2 imagines everyday, except Fridays and Saturdays (Football games are Fridays, and volunteering stuff is on Saturdays). On those two days I won’t be posting anything imagine-related. (Once school starts). 

The number of imagines that I write/that are posted depends on the amount of asks ya’ll send me! So always keep my blog in mind and don’t be scared to send me an ask! I love ya’ll’s prompts, they’re super creative :D 

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a fabulous day. <3

Here’s a little something to hopefully make up for my absence lately 😋 I’ll be back soon!!!

I started this blog in July after going to a copa america game that was played in my town (it was us v colombia if you were wondering). I was extremely naive when it came to sports of any kind and didn’t know the names of any footballers, except Kyle Beckerman, whom I was a huge fan of 😉. The soccer community here on tumblr was so sweet and kind to me; they were willing to answer any questions I had and are always in the mood to share a laugh. So to say thank you, I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorite blogs to follow!! In bold are some of my sweet mutuals who are absolutely amazing! 💖💖💖


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Thank you all so much for making this little community such a great place to be a part of!!


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So if you post about

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I’ve had a lot of asks about Louis’ Instagram account of doom and premonition lately. In general I avoid looking at Instagram since, as I said yesterday, it’s where fun goes to die and people go to be extra. But let’s have a look at our pal Louis’ IG shall we? 

There’s so much going on here, I don’t even know where to start. But like Maria said in The Sound of Music, “let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.” 

Ah, yes. What a way to start the tone for this account. I find it very interesting that Eleanor is the only non-related female who appears on this account. Louis has been on IG for 204 weeks and it’s literally been mostly pictures of him and dudes with the exception of two photos of him and Eleanor, his supposed girlfriend of three years. He has the same amount of videos of him kicking footballs into a net as he does of his apparent girlfriend. Of three. Years. Seriously. It’s just Louis and dudes and Louis… 

Oh, and a monkey. Anyway, you get it. What a lad. Just a lad who loves lads. Except there’s a distinct lack of one lad on this IG account…

Someone’s CLEARLY not going for an aesthetic blog. Although…he’s posted from the official One Direction account before…

And then shortly after that went out this photo went out…

Curious…very curious. But back to LOUIS91′s account.

So, no girls and no Harry. There was also another random pattern that was broken recently in that for the majority of the recent past he had been posting in colour with the exception of two posts.

This recent set was when the era of “selfie of doom” emerged, as Louis had never before posted these kind of in your face, dead-eyed stares to IG. These selfies have become synonymous with bad news as something very extra in regards to Babygate typically happens. With the exception of the selfie which warned us that he tried to kill a man with his cooking. (Those pancakes looked fuckin awful, okay?)

My point is it doesn’t take a genius to look at that last set of photos and be like, “one of these things is not like the other.” With the exception of Cal’s professional shot and that GQ shot - those black and white photos appear to be the only ones not taken on a laptop or with his phone. So who photoshopped, I mean…took them?

 Just some things I think about pretty much every day. 

The Best of Football Writing in 2013

This is the third year that The Best Football Writing list (2012, 2011) has come into existence. We’ve seen blogs come and go, as well as writers rise and get the recognition they deserve. 2013 was no exception, but the continued domination of social media in sport created a new landscape for writing. With a flood of information hitting us every day, it can be difficult to find the long reads amongst a pile of memes.

This year’s list was the hardest to compile, but there was hardly a shortage of quality writing. In fact, we were overwhelmed with tweets and emails recommending great writing in football. While we don’t know what’s in store in 2014, we’re proud to present The Best of Football Writing in 2013.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, A girl here in Tumblr, wanted to know if she can use your "2012 verse" for a Gryles fanfic. Gryles is Harry and Nick. She wanted to know if she can change Louis's name with Nick, and repost the fic on her blog. A lot of people would like to read that fic, but not with Larry. Please, let her know is she can use your fic. Thanks. :)

This is a joke, right????? Please tell me it’s a joke. Or like, link me to the blog of this person because I really want to understand their brain.

Anyway, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT, for several reasons:

- Changing the name of a character for the length of a 100,000 word ‘verse and then reposting it as your own work is absolutely ludicrous.

- That ‘verse makes no sense whatsoever with anybody except Louis. What, is she gonna have Nick going on dates with Eleanor? Playing charity football matches? Getting a compass tattoo? That fic is painstakingly researched to follow canon timelines/events. You can’t just insert someone else into it.

- Nick Grimshaw is the scum of the earth and I am GAGGING at the thought of him doing anything my Louis character does with Harry.

- That ‘verse represents nearly TWO YEARS of my blood, sweat and tears. It is my baby, it is my masterpiece, it is my precious. Nick Grimshaw is not coming near it with a ten foot pole. (see above re: ‘scum of the earth’).

Please tell your friend that I’m flattered she considers my fic worthy of plagiarism, but if so many people want to read it, they better suck it up and read it as H/L.