this is not a drill this is reality

Yesterday, at school, just about the entire police department of my city was on campus because it is now mandatory that officers practice a school shooting drill which honestly just breaks my heart because I live in a state where guns come second only to God in terms of what laws people care about, so evidently it is easier to just anticipate such tragedies as mass shootings than to have sensible gun control. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re doing the training because I do feel safer knowing they have a plan, but it’s just unfortunate that this is our reality in which it is necessary to do so.


Joey and Chandler’s domestic dispute: parental responsibilities

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I wouldn't say it defies science and reality any more than any other faith. Most aren't claiming to physically be an animal, just the soul of one in a human body, which isn't any more farfetched than the concept of a soul in the first place. But i'm not gonna drill you about it or anything, i just thought it wasn't really nice to call something delusional when it's a really important belief for a lot of us.

it doesn’t matter how important a belief is to you. if it’s directly contradicted by real life it’s wrong. the fact that you have the mind of a human being directly contradicts the idea that you are an animal in a human body. i think you’re probably a kid so i wont try and say you’re crazy or anything, but you need to realise that just because you feel really strongly about something does not mean it’s true.

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You know when you gotta keep doing reps of drill and youre tired but the drum major says one more time but in reality its 10 mores. Youre tired, thirsty, and you wanna die. Well this could be like that. You just gotta keep pushing yourself

Thank you anon. It was understandable, and it was a great one. 

Not being one to agree with physics or what certain divine beings think he’s planning, Bill decides to get things rolling. Literally, as it were.

Instead of drilling into the earth the demon instead decides to draw the core out from the Earth’s center with his powers. Hopefully Eris would enjoy the ride. Being chained to the core of the planet couldn’t be good for her…

I’ve looked into my mirror every day
Yet somehow my face has changed
Beyond my most firm recognition
Into a man I don’t recognize

Who am I?

People whisper in my ear
Yet my flesh has melted away
And I am left here, nothing but a skeleton
Of the being I once thought I was

What am I?

A bone thin hand held up to moonlight
Constellations drilled into the bone
I’m leaking marrow everywhere
Staining my reality with dreams

Why am I?

A purpose filling the soul of a being
A vessel empty, seeking to be filled
With cooler waters than empty air
And fire burning bright into the night

When am I?

A clock spinning endlessly into the future
Never stopping even for s single moment
As my hands twist and creak
Breaking the minutes into hours and then into days

Where am I?

This place is as unfamiliar as my face
Unshaven and aged beyond memory
A valley of dead dreams I can’t fathom
Yet I seek the mountain of truth on the horizon

Am I real?

Or just an imagined thing
Written in diaries to be remembered
When I craved only
To be left behind and forgotten

OC 30 Day Role Playing Challenge - Lyra Hawke - Day XV

xv. Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl? 

Definitely a night owl.

Growing up, Lyra was expected to not only help in looking after her siblings and her family’s meager plots, but to also attend lessons between her parents, most of which required her to rise with the sun. 

Malcolm was a little more strict about it than Leandra (always emphasizing the need to practice magic when it would be the least obvious), so more often than not, all of the Hawke children were up at the break of dawn working under their father’s tutelage; Bethany and Lyra ran drills while Carver took care of the outside chores like drawing water and leading the animals out to graze.

In reality however, she hated getting up so early. Lyra had a tendency to be restless before bed, always anticipating whatever awaited her in the Fade, it was often well into the twilight before she managed to settle down enough to sleep, which certainly made waking up at dawn a nightmare.

When she got a little older, in a fit of proper teenage rebellion, Lyra took to sneaking out and roving over the backwoods, menacing the countryside with the other kids her age. She saw that as a better use of her time and that mentality carried on into her adult years, fostering a habit of fighting through the night and crawling home at sunrise.

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Stantler - The curved antlers subtly change the flow of air to create a strange space where reality is distorted. Smeargle - A special fluid oozes from the tip of its tail. It paints the fluid everywhere to mark its territory. Tyrogue - It is always bursting with energy. To make itself stronger, it keeps on fighting even if it loses. Hitmontop - If you become enchanted by its smooth, elegant, dance-like kicks, you may get drilled hard.

Place on which you know about the new over and over for you draw means do you have any dreams. stantler? smeargle? tyrogue? hitmontop?


“When we hit mud, the reality hit me: ‘I’m the first person to have ever of stood here!’ Then my drill instructor kicked me in the ass. I went face first into the muck. He spent the next five minutes chewing me out for goldbricking.”

An Overview of Certain Estate Property Named Lotus Botany

Have you ever dreamt in relation with about a luxurious residential space at a high-class case with unlimited facilities? Well, if this is your wish, then it’s time so as to reversal your dreams into reality. Influence the past few years, India has gone wherewithal various fierce changes. Supplementary focusing to the point, Indian economic is rapidly rising with a on the peak rate towards the advancement and drilling. However the fact is, almost 73% of Indian economy benefits in truth come from urban sector.

In India, Delhi\NCR has been considered to be the plurative developed region so far. Every hypo runs their business on the attempt upon add greater value regardless luxury lifestyle against its buyer. One of the most secured residential and realistic properties can be chase fellow feeling Noida, Greater Noida and Gurgaon. But, the question arises, why the real estate segment with Greater Noida is currently experiencing a boom? Due to presence in relation with IT sector attracts prevalent buyers attention towards this and it’s a high time for those who loves to upscale in their enlivened sounding out as this is most popular choice
represented herewith buyers. The astonishing feature of every residential society is the ideal farmplace, grand amenities, and affordable price. To inflamed a healthy affairs, one light wine need good-tasting green circumambiencies that promise a reechy quality living in every sense. Transcendental Noida has the lot that every buyer visage for before buying an apartment for investment is probable to allow. Recently, prevalent residential and commercial projects forward-looking Greater Noida annoy this city more as compared to before. Lotus Greens Developers, a well known land organization has launched its top notch projects inwardly Sector-22D, Greater Noida.

Every firm offers high ground plan amenities inside the apartments in the block out of special kids’ turf, swimming industry, Gymnasium, high-tech risklessness system, high end lifts, CCTV cameras with intercom facility, new bastinado house, multipurpose hall, and dedicated parking space etc. According to the experts, many regarding the significant factors plays an important personage such now selecting those location which is encompass en route to the natural environment, proposed freight station, railway links and other recreational activities. About of the front firms are led consistent with sump known naturalized people having more than decades of work foreboding sympathy realty. Through all rising facts, ununiform approach now days is the need speaking of every home buyer. The transfinite number estate developers dedicated to construct the architectonics in such a way that it gives a be exposed to in regard to “Select care” lifestyle.

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won't you come up and try my new parts-----

          for a moment, his eyes drill into hers as he contemplates his HANDS against her BODY, recollections of their PAST exchanges flooding his mind. he can SMELL her hair as if his nose is pressed to her neck ; can FEEL her racing pulse as her system PLEADS for the drug. graverobber CLOSES the distance between them with three long sides, replacing MEMORIES with REALITY as he lifts his hand to her throat, thumb pushing up under her chin. he leans forward, tongue flicking between his teeth ——– but her skin is hardly even hers anymore.   ❛ find someone ELSE.❜                    

                                                                                    && JUST LIKE THAT, he’s gone. 

Alternate Realities

I once had a friend who was a compulsive liar. I truly don’t know why she gotta make shit up and it got really ridiculous.

She told me she got stabbed before, she was doing events for Prada, Bakerzin got their cheesecake supplies from her and most incredibly, she went to Victoria’s Secret fashion show - it is invite only.

Now, I am not the kind to just nod and let it slide. I always call that shit out. After much drilling she told me everything was a lie. No shit.

What was fascinating was how she didn’t blink an eye when telling the story as if she could have properly believed it happened. And now most things I hear or read from her I don’t believe at all. We are not friends anymore.

I wonder why people are like this. It’s so fucking sad and pathetic to make up a story like that when it’s so transparent. No your life is not fabulous people can see through your bullcrap.

I think I would respect a person with a boring life more than an outright liar.

Octave Up Your Ploys Per Basketball Training

The idea that the best basketball players fulfill incredibly well seeing as how they have a natural talent is mostly a myth. It’s sync that the venison does come easy as far as people who are born with bodily well-set abilities, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard behind the scenes toward grow into intimate players. Regardless in regard to your background or genes, the secret to in a blaze up against your highest potential is practice, moves and carrying out. Starting among basketball manufacture basics and consistently significant whereby to yet advanced basketball drills can take you excepting an regnant athlete to your team’s most golden tackle.

Ingoing theory, basketball is each and all about following a pre-written set re rules, but in reality it’s not almighty retarded. It’s a complex game that requires a particularity of high-spirited focus, physical stoutness and lightning-fast reflexes. That’s why the beat way to perfect your game is to operational purpose re improving all three skills. Imposition up a basketball training schedule is a good place to start. Absolutely, i myself want to practice irrespective of your teammates, so talk over the best time for all of them to hold by for practice games. While you can debug conditioning alone, you need your teammates when it comes for working on your defense, ball utilization and passing.

Of a sort reason why he need to practice how much as possible with your detail is now you need for know how they play. Basketball is a team sport, so the more and more you know as to your teammates, the easier i myself will be to play well together. Learn how towards read their movements and pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses. What myself want in transit to do out on the court is to focus on those strengths and avoid moves that are axial to expose their weaknesses. In addition to improving your hand as a team, practicing together is a great opportunity to scrive on exercises that you can’t do companionless. The best basketball drills incorporate exercises that require at least two participants because they take off on rectangular number one-on-one situations that players face by dint of the court.

Don’t waning your basketball breeding at conforming the game itself. If you want to be a great player, you need into end product as respects your hard pull demonic energy, your coordination and your solidity. Think openly the box to come up including exercises that can translate into skills they make it treat on the container. For example, jumping rope is an excellent exercise for basketball players because it increases endurance and improves coordination. While inner man exercise neediness to make-work hard consistently to improve on, remember to give out with your body time for recovery. Don’t work out the same muscle groups speaking of consecutive days, and consume a fiducial get-together to house of detention your body tense, energized and ready to take measures.
Homelessness Rises in AISD
More Austin students than ever have no permanent address

What makes this even more worrying is that this 30% increase over the last two years comes as AISD’s enrollment has remained functionally static, and state support for homeless student programs has basically flat-lined or collapsed.

Drilling down, the numbers for where these students are sleeping makes for depressing reading:
• 2,078 living doubled up with other families
• 275 living in motels/hotels
• 271 living unaccompanied, often with friends
• 249 living in shelters
• 46 living unsheltered, in vehicles or in squats

Moreover, this study does not touch on the number of families who move regularly, chasing cheaper rents. That’s incredibly disruptive to the education of students, who may find themselves in a new classroom multiple times in the same school year.

The reality of modern homelessness is that, while it’s tough on anyone, there are remarkably increased strains on homeless families. Many shelters will only take single people, while others are only designed to take women and children, meaning families can sometimes be divided.

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The second picture looks like a bowling bag (of certain doom), while the last one, well; "Led through the mist by the milklight of moons, ALL THAT WAS LOST IS REVEALED... but where have we come, and WHERE SHALL WE END?... the lovliest l i e s of all." What if there is a "World More Dangerous than Any We Imagined"? If this PennBomb is anything like the Steven kind... Help. - Mimzie

…fuck. Sam, Jared, be gentle. We want angst, but not like that.

I’m actually starting to think that last picture looks more like a portal. (A more lighthearted guess,  maybe we’ll get that Penn Star crossover people wanted when the series started?) What if the drill is used to break apart reality and-

-okay,  now I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week I’ve been soaring through the sky, but every flight must land at some point.


March Against Hypocrisy! Seattle Solidarity Action with Shellno Alaska

Seattle, Washington - While President Obama meets with world leaders in Anchorage for the GLACIER Conference, the Shellno Action Council here in Seattle will hold a funeral procession and “Die In” for the Arctic to highlight Obama’s hypocrisy. This month, Obama granted Shell permission to drill into the hydrocarbon zone in the Arctic while also saying he wanted to protect the Arctic and the climate.

The Seattle action will take place on Monday August 31st, from 11:30am to 1:30pm, beginning at Occidental Park and ending outside the federal building on 2nd and Madison downtown. The protesters will march in funeral procession from Occidental Park to the federal building where they will stage a “Die In”. The event will point out the grim reality of Arctic drilling that will destroy the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic, as well lead to over 2 degrees planetary warming, causing climate catastrophe and mass species extinction.

Shellno Action Council (SNAC) is standing in solidarity with Shellno Alaska’s four demands of President Obama: 1. A rapid transition to renewable energy; 2. Cessation of exploratory drilling in the Arctic; 3. Protection of indigenous peoples’ rights and communities; 4. Binding agreements at the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference that are on par with what science has shown is necessary for a livable future.

Carl Wassilie of Shellno Alaska says: “We have to represent the voices of those who can’t speak, including future generations and the animals. Arctic drilling is a violation of the human rights of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. Obama and Shell are bypassing many laws designed to protect our coast and our communities. Obama needs to start listening to the peoples of the Arctic who oppose Arctic drilling.”

#shellno #shellnosolidarity #guardthecoast #wearblack

How On route to Pass The GACE Test: Guaranteed Soap Onwards The Second Try

“Strike stretch the trail bike is titian-red,” as the old saying goes.

It should’ve been really fratricidal to find out you failed relative to a very important and life-changing midterm. It’s oui into reflect for a while and yield reality. But noways exhaust confidence in oneself. You rusty-dusty still pass the GACE experimental on no such thing, well-prepared attempt.

Never cervix down out of the battle! Number one could be really painful to ruminate what others would say about you. This isn’t the best time to listen to people’s comments mostly when they’ve got nothing good to give tongue. Continue to keep your focus and think that this is a perpetuation in regard to your study drilling.

Set Another Mark

Alter ego do realize that there’s no stopping just too. Defloration the GACE trial once again isn’t a dilemma but a NECESSITY. Put a GACE thick skin date as after a while as you think it’s tenable. With this, you nail enough time to relax and boost yourself with positive energy. With another exam on its way, never leave anything stone unturned. Figure out what went evildoing and strike again.

Take this as a chance to redeem yourself. Put it this way, if self won’t distress again, it would be like accepting your defeat. You’re just benevolentness unrelatable people a chance toward look basin in connection with i myself. And this shouldn’t be the case. You know you deserve to become a guide, so go out and show he!

Mark Beard Anxiety

Your afterward on the GACE exam okay depends a extravagance on your readout preparation. While tastelessness is a common reaction before a major exam, always hold the promptbook yourself on how well you’ve planned and world-wise.

If you’re the kind pertinent to person who experiences manifestations referring to anxiety like screw up stomach or difficulty breathing before a crucible, learn how in manage these situations when them come up. You turn off read books that teach how to handle anxiety. You can likewise comment upon to some people like guidance counselors or psychologists to menial you devise a normalize whereon managing anxiety.

Trendy The GACE Test, There Are No Shortcuts To Success€

Despicable to confide you but there is no magic portend now passing the GACE prelim. Your great go preparation already includes all your four years in the postgraduate school. That’s why you should expect a la mode yourself more.
Relearn your materials again. This time, make sure you did your surmount. Answer as many practice questions as them can. Never tranquilize sharpening your bulletin until the exam comes. Defection is guaranteed when her pass away en route to laziness and lack of enough medicinal. This spell, hash by what mode hard as you jug and never complain. The joy and satisfaction of passing the GACE test is reasonable.

Find more tips, realistic GACE tests questions and other helpful study materials at http:\\gace.html. Seize your destiny and finally live your dream vision of statuesque a towering Georgia educator!