this is not a drill this is reality

[Image Title: Fire Drills.

Left Image Description: A fireman in just his helmet, pants, and suspenders, is holding a girl in his arms. They are looking into each other’s eyes, while surrounded by flames and an empty wheelchair. Text underneath the image reads “Expectation”.

Right Image Description: A girl seated in her wheelchair is alone, leaning over to the stairs beside her, with small flames coming from the opposite side. She asks “Um… is someone coming?” The text underneath the image reads “Reality”.]

In high school we always joked with our EAs that in case of a fire, we’d want to be swooped away by a hunky fireman. Meanwhile in reality (true story), Lianna was left upstairs with her EAs during a tiny contained fire… and no one came up to get her! Safe to say we switched most of our classes downstairs after that lol.

So… #NODAPL is a reality. The Army Corp of Engineers denied access to the corps interested in drilling there.

Congrats to the the indigious people of Dakota for staying the course and despite all odds, made this happened.

Now… About Flint…

Sigh-Bucky x Reader

Prompt: 27 and 41 for bucky please!

27. you’re doing it wrong, idiot

41. i’m always nice

DIY was not one of your boyfriend’s best qualities. You had told Bucky to put up the bookshelf and instead of a beautiful wood case for all of your reading material, you had Bucky fighting with a bunch of pieces of Ikea furniture. He looked so puzzled at the different pieces and the instructions were proving to be of no help. In reality, you were sure that the instructions were the problem in this strange situation. “Bucky, you aren’t supposed to hammer the screw in. It’s called a screw for a reason, babe, use the drill.” You walked over to the open toolbox and held it out to Bucky who was insistent that he was right about this. You couldn’t help but sigh considering that your boyfriend was almost one hundred and couldn’t simply put a bookshelf together. One that you desperately needed, must you add.

Bucky continued to ignore you and hammered the outside frame to the wrong side of the shelf. “Babe, please stop, you’re going to give me a headache.” Bucky was smiling and you were getting more and more unamused. Since the both of you had only just moved in, your books were scattered all over the place and it was time for the pair of you to get your shit together and Bucky was trying, but he was making it slightly worse. “I promise that you’ll get your bookshelf.” Bucky shooed you away and so you went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee which was in a styrofoam cup…because both you and Bucky were lazy slobs.

Having walked back into your living room, the shelf was looking worse and you were horrified. You walked over to your boyfriend and sighed yet again. “You’re doing it wrong, idiot.” You picked up the hammer and replaced it with the drill. “This will help prevent your headache.” You gave Bucky a stern glare and motioned to the power tool in your hand. He reluctantly took it and used it, surprised that it was easier than using the hammer.

“You’re not very nice, you know that?” Bucky started to put the shelf together a lot quicker and you pecked him on the lips. His metal arm wrapped around your waist and it sent goosebumps on your skin due to the coolness against your warm skin.

I’m always nice, what are you on about?” You kissed Bucky again and shoved his shoulder slightly. You sat on the sofa (the only furniture in your house other than the bed that was up) and watched your boyfriend start putting everything back together. As much as you would’ve helped, Bucky was insistent that you were too clumsy to be around any form of tools.

Creepypasta #1065: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 2)

Length: Long

I don’t believe in the occult. I don’t believe in the paranormal or anything of that sort. The case I’m about to describe did not change this. You really have to put a lot of trust in your senses; what you’ve personally seen or heard as a PI, and bogging those very senses down with deductions spotlighting supernatural intervention is a pretty piss-poor decision if you wanna get anywhere. Y'see, I do, however, have my weird personal superstitions and idiosyncrasies. Wouldn’t really be human if I didn’t. I try and keep them separate from my job, but sometimes they pop up in the back of my mind regardless, picking and drilling at the gray matter in my skull in a desperate attempt to burrow their way back inside.

For example, I sometimes feel that reality stops functioning correctly in complete isolation. That, when things are left completely unobserved for a long amount of time, the unknown, unseen spaces cease to exist. Stuff that shouldn’t be able to physically happen is suddenly no more than child’s play and unwelcome things that have no right existing play their fickle little games with us.

I don’t try to think about it too much, and I most certainly don’t try to give the stupid little thought any power. Nonetheless, there’s always the occasional case in which the idea is particularly tempting to indulge.

It was the middle of summer and the cicadas were chirping in their monotonous choir, like a million audio tapes put on never-ending, ear-rending repeat. The summers are fairly cold up here, but at least there’s no snow. I was sitting in my office, finishing up one of my previous cases. Just general reports left; lots of paperwork. Boring stuff that seem to cause the world to drown in a cacophony of summer insects. The tedium was broken when my phone rang. I picked it up, only to hear the voice of one of my closer PI friends on the other end. We chatted casually for a few minutes, mostly just me trying to get my mind off of the writing pains in my wrist, but it was obvious that he’d called for a reason.

He explained that he’d been on a missing person case, a small boy around the age of four. His mother and father had divorced a few years ago, and his mother is currently holed up here, in my area. The boy had apparently been missing for quite a while now. The police had been contacted first, but they turned up with nothing.

After a week passed with no sign of a missing person, you kind of have to start assuming the worst. Nevertheless, we’re usually the last resort for these cases. So my buddy went asking around, and apparently he managed to dig up a couple of accounts saying that the kid was seen boarding an olive green SUV with a woman looking to be in her early thirties just hours before his disappearance was reported. Nobody thought to note the license plate. 

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I remember once I was fighting a CN, and I was a CN and I won since they didn’t know how to do the zzzx combo correctly. They always spawned the drill and never actually held the x button to make it spin. So when I won, naturally this other CN started screaming “HACKER!”, she even put out a mega “calling me out”. I had so many people angry at me and sending me hate, when in reality I did nothing wrong. It’s sad seeing how people don’t even ask for the whole story when things like this happen.

Submitted by Anonymous.

To be completely honest I get really sad when I see terms like “discourse” and “problematic” turned into the butt of insensitive “lol tumblr” jokes vis a vis the downfall of “triggered.” 

Like, these terms are actually signifiers of really valuable concepts, and it kind of hurts my heart to see them either drilled into meaninglessness by witch-hunting “uwu culture” or converted into 4-chanesque punchlines to openly mock the people who actually care about intellectual maturation and open discourse on complicated topics.

Like- it’s become almost trendy to dismiss any and all criticism as tumblr just being tumblr, but to do so ignores the very pressing reality that some things NEED to be called out- some people NEED to be made aware of their unacceptable behaviors, and some people NEED to be told that what they’ve said, or how they’ve said it, is harmful to another person. 

Yes, it can be overused, and yes, it can be weaponized by people more concerned with being right and putting down others than actual intellectual honesty, but I feel like the minute we start conceding that “discourse” is synonymous with “bitching,” we will lose a valuable tool for critique and self-evaluation, and will, in essence, surrender to that same mindset that pushes any marginalized person trying to speak up back to the very fringes of our collective consciousness. 


A lot of high schools in the US have JROTC programs! Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is advertised a military style class. TRUST ME. IT’S A LOT MORE FUN THAN THEY MAKE IT SOUND. It looks so good on resumes and offers a lot of teams you can’t get outside of it! I know it sounds intimidating, but the above photos are from Field Day (we were the Delta Daddios!!!), Competitions, Drill Practices, After School Events like Football Games, and Military Ball! It’s in reality so much fun and you get out of class and get to do all these cool things! This summer I’ll be going to JCLC (JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge) sadly no photos since I won’t be able to bring my phone. If it’s offered where you are please consider joining your JROTC program and getting rid of the negative view with awful instructors (they’re pretty sweet and people too! Not like movie drill sergeants unless you really piss them off! One kid wrestled one at field day and we sold a photo of Command Sergeant Major’s five on a manatee!)

Israel: Home Front Command exercises are 'critical' - 13 March 2017

Israel’s Home Front Command’s Northern Command recently held training exercises in which they practiced several possible emergency scenarios.
According to the Home Front Command, practice during times of calm ensures preparedness during emergencies.
Local authorities, including ambulance, police, and fire crews, were included in the exercises.
The training exercises provide an opportunity to practice cooperation and large-scale emergency planning. The Jordan Valley Regional Council also carried out practice “Safe Distance” practice drills.
Northern Command Commander Colonel Itzik Bar said, “These authorities’ practice drills are a critical part of the Home Front Command’s preparedness for various emergency situations which could become reality at any moment. We have prepared detailed plans with the authorities, and we have made efficient plans.
"It’s obvious that we have come to a deep understanding of how we need to act during emergencies. The Home Front Command has played an integral part in preparations for emergency situations.”

Patched Up || Jimin || Part 5

Summary: Part 5. He was dangerous, his life was dangerous. That fact was blatantly obvious and it was drilled into your mind. But you hadn’t come to terms with that reality, not until the danger actually reaches you.

Word Count: 2,265

A/N: Ta-da! Long awaited continuation. For real, do people still read this? Like? We really aren’t over Gangster!Jimin? Let me know guys, I want to write things you want to read! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this part!

<< Part 4 || Part 6 >>

By the end of your shift, you felt drained in more ways than one.

Drained from the exhaustion you usually felt after a twelve hour shift.

Drained thanks to your never ending thoughts and fear.

Shoving your locker closed, you made your way out of the hospital, glad to finally be out of your scrubs.

Bag over your shoulder, you exited the hospital with a sigh and let the cold morning air wash over you. There was a distant hum of cars transporting people to work mingling with the array of buses that mimicked the routes of the trains winding throughout the city.

The parking lot was empty, and you would be able to say the same for the drop off zone if it weren’t for the familiar BMW parked at the end of the area.

He actually came to get you.

‘Of course he did, why wouldn’t he?’ You thought to yourself, ‘He hadn’t let you down so far.’

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i was just about to make a post saying i wont be talking about mea for the rest of the day but i remembered i wanted to say that it’s not unheard of for gay people to have friends and family and people they love who are homophobic/regurgitate homophobic rhetoric. that’s often the price we pay to retain our safety or even just to have that connection to someone. so it’s not astounding to me the idea that gil’s best friend, the person he loves the most in the world shoots off this nonsense. that’s just the reality that a lot of us live in. the thing is that this didn’t have to be this way. gil and jill aren’t real people, they’re not making these decisions. someone wrote the only gay man in this game to be exposed to this homophobic “your duty as a man is to reproduce” rubbish and then decided to have him mention it a couple more times just so it’s drilled nice and deep into our heads. it’s not to say that bioware has this long track record of diverse and complex mlm to say hey this is just another exploration of these nuanced relationships we maintain. 

The signs as Area 11 songs
  • Aries: Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill
  • Taurus: In The Blind
  • Gemini: Cassandra (pt II)
  • Cancer: Tokyo House Party
  • Leo: Are You Listening?
  • Virgo: The Strays
  • Libra: All the Lights in the Sky
  • Scorpio: Vectors
  • Sagittarius: Override (A)
  • Capricorn: Dream & Reality
  • Aquarius: Knightmare/Frame
  • Pisces: Euphemia
Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy: INTP [DC Comics]

They love patterns, and spotting discrepancies between statements could almost be described as a hobby, making it a bad idea to lie to an INTP. This makes it ironic that INTPs’ word should always be taken with a grain of salt – it’s not that they are dishonest, but people with the INTP personality type tend to share thoughts that are not fully developed, using others as a sounding board for ideas and theories in a debate against themselves rather than as actual conversation partners. 

This may make them appear unreliable, but in reality no one is more enthusiastic and capable of spotting a problem, drilling through the endless factors and details that encompass the issue and developing a unique and viable solution than INTPs – just don’t expect punctual progress reports. People who share the INTP personality type aren’t interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their creative genius and potential can be expressed, there is no limit to the time and energy INTPs will expend in developing an insightful and unbiased solution.

Strengths: Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers | Imaginative and Original | Open-Minded | Enthusiastic | Objective | Honest and Straightforward 

Weaknesses: Very Private and Withdrawn | Insensitive | Absent-minded | Condescending | Loathe Rules and Guidelines | Second-Guess Themselves

Description from 16personalities

anonymous asked:

you made me realize that 2 hours is a long time and obviously Gem Drill cut out a lot of Steven and Peri's descent; she definitely gushed to Steven about how wonderful Ame is to her for a while at some point, and Steven star eyes-ed all the way through.

“and then amethyst bent over in front of me and steven i entered another state of being. reality crumbled around me, gravity laws no longer applied, up was down, black was white. i saw stars and planets and moons in this blur of purple glitter orbiting that……. magnificent butt. i am obsessed with it, i think about it night and day, the thought of her regenerating and wearing anything but those a-ma-z-i-n-g leggings kills me inside. steven wtf do i do help me”


In Too Deep Expectations VS In Too Deep Reality


Super Watermelon Island: Malachite emerges where the watermelon Stevens are and the gems fight her

Gem Drill: The gems drill to the center of the earth and defeats the cluster

Barn Mates: Lapis and Peridot trying to be buddies

Same Old World: the gems are captured and taken to homeworld and we learn about homeworld

Hit the Diamond: we learn about the diamonds


Super watermelon island: Malachite vs Alexandrite

Gem Drill: let’s make friends with the rock of corpses and bubble it

Barn Mates: Peridot and Lapis discourse and running away

Same Old World: ROAD TRIP

Hit the diamond: LETS PLAY BASEBALL

Tighter, Harder

Fic Request: While the pack is in Eichen House trying to rescue Lydia, Stiles burst in her room to find an orderly about to drill a hole in her head. Basically Stiles is livid/goes ape shit and beats him up and is blinded by his rage, but Lydia brings him back to reality? Alternative 5x15

Rating: T

Genre: Action, Canon Divergence

Author: lipstainsonyour-mirror

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Root being the smartest BAMF in the room

So I know I’ve written acres of meta about how perfectly Root knows Shaw, at a fundamental and basic level that holds no expectation or judgement but simply is, but holy shit did that park scene just drill the point home.

Because here’s the thing - I am 93% certain that Root would never have pulled the trigger. She’s got too much riding on the Machine in this war, too much invested in destroying Samaritan to blow her own brains out 90s-lesbian-movie-style. But in that thirty second conversation where Shaw explained the simulations to her and told her how tenuous her grasp on reality was, this smart as fuck genius hacker, former assassin for hire and wearer of increasingly ridiculous costumes picked up on the one thing that could stay Shaw’s hand, the one thing Samaritan in its 7000+ simulations couldn’t reproduce.

If, in all those simulations, she could never bring herself to hurt Root, then there is zero chance in hell that Sameen “I Do The Protecting” Shaw is going to risk taking herself out and having Root follow through on her threat to do the same. It’s just perfect. Root’s got her in checkmate and you can feel it in Shaw’s frustrated “damn it, Root” and now, whether or not Shaw believes that all of this is real or just a really damn good simulation, she has to see it through. Just because of how well Root knows her.

What could we ever have conceivably done to deserve this show?
What's at Risk this Election? Oh, Just Planet Earth.
To all the global warming naysayers: book a ticket to Cusco, Peru. Once the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco now claims a less desirable title: land...

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he does not believe climate change exists. In fact, last week he promised to undo climate change policies enacted under the Obama administration, including canceling the Paris climate agreement, endorsing drilling off the Atlantic coast, and allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to be built.

He is not alone in his views. In 2015, 59 percent of House Republicans and 70 percent of Senate Republicans denied the reality of human-caused climate change. These climate deniers have received $73,294,380 from energy companies of coal, oil, and gas industries, according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Turns out, it simply isn’t good business to confirm that humans are the main cause of climate change—or that climate change is even happening.