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This Is Not What I Expect Of The New CHICOSCI Record

I have always been hyped about Chicosci’ endeavors. It has been my dream for quite sometime now to be part of every single milestone, to be there to witness it. I know for a fact that my current situation is not capable of fulfilling such dream that is why I grab every single chance I have every time the band is in town. I make sure I am part of every memory they create here in Cebu. So, when I heard about the new album, I am more than thrilled I could not even sleep! The announcement about the bundle pack had me thinking of ways to have one for myself, this kind of things does not happen in every event. I know the album launch is special, I know I have to take part, though not physically but at least through the best way I can. 

I cannot fly to Manila, I was particularly sure. I was desperate and so I dug deep into my brilliant mind for ideas, and there it was! I sent an online friend a message. He’s one of those people whom I became friend with on the internet also becuse of Chicosci. He is a fan, I am a fan, and just like that there was friendship. I tried my chances and luckily he was kind enough to buy me two bundles (for me and Lynneth, the other admin of fuckyeahmiggyanchicosci) and ship it here. I am lucky, very lucky. Thanks to my friend, you know who you are, accept my sincerest thank you.

The days I spent waiting for the bundle to come had me extra thrilled. And when I am extra thrilled, that meant spending hours of daydreaming. Until the day finally came, I was the happiest person at LBC when I came. I even saw the lady attending to me smiling at me, maybe because I looked like a child who got a present from Santa Claus himself when I signed those papers and received the package. I almost couldn’t wait to get home because of anticipation.

When I got home, I immediately opened it and listened to it. Upon hearing the first song, all I could think about was, “There’s something different here somewhere.” I continued to listen to everything and then I had a lot of thoughts running inside my mind. The closest comparison I could do is with the new record and Fly Black Hearts. A little side track, 2 semesters ago, in one of my Psychology subjects, we were asked t content analyze the songs of a particular album. The closest to my heart that time was FBH, particularly because it was new(i just bought it) and I like it. However, when I came to think of it, FBH was too heavy for me to analyze. I like the sound, but the lyrics were aggressive, the kind which I cannot really relate to since I’m single and young. Most of the songs in the album have lyrics which are quite provocative and expressive, and so I have thought that my prof won’t even make it halfway through my paper because of the things I will be writing. Another consideration was I don’t have that much of a background as to what are the inspirations of the album and relying on the lyrics alone might lead me to realizing a completely different thing. And so I didn’t.

Getting back on track, the new record is different, it was not what I expected. It was still heavy, the sound was still aggressive, upbeat, but the lyrics, it somehow changed. Listening to it made me feel like I was part of the band. It made me feel like a brother was singing these songs to me. The lyrics were still expressive, only that it was “happier” I guess, inspired. It has always been my habit, doing these kind of things like looking through every word of a song, trying to find out it’s meaning. Though only for songs that I think are meaningful. And this one, I found it very meaningful. 

The new record stood by it’s name, “This Is Not A Chicosci Record”. It’s sounds like Chicosci, aggressive, expressive, heavy yet playful. But it  spoke on a different way, it was less in angst, less lustful but more romantic. When you listen to it, and you are a fan of the band, you’ll know for yourself that they are happy. It made me think that the boys are burning up with passion, my favorite boys are inspired. They were always creative, and I like them that way. The new record was like a lyrical thanksgiving wrapped in rock music. 

Miggy thanked their fans in the album, but I always say this and I will never get tired, it’s always a bigger thanks to Chicosci. I know a lot of people might not like this record but a lot more will understand what it really is. To my favorite band, as what you’ve said, “Don’t let the poison stay, stand up, WE got you so fire away!" Keep making good music, don’t stop.

(Though I have not been there during the launch, I made sure I had something to remind me that I have always been supportive, something that will make me feel like I was part of that milestone. Signed shirt and album with baller.)


Raspberry: Girl - Chicosci (official lyric video)

I haven’t heard the whole album yet ‘cos my bundle is still with Mia and I’ll be getting it tonight and I’m so excited! I just listened to some of the tracks through soundcloud and I cannot tell how many times I’ve listened to Secret Weapon. I am totally in love with it and I can’t stop myself from clicking the play button. I’ll be writing an album review in few days :)

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“I look into her eyes and I can’t help the way it feels.”

Chicosci - Raspberry Girl

Album : This is not A Chicosci Record

Directed by : RA Rivera

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This Is Not A ChicoSci Record

I don’t wanna rain on your parade
But tomorrow I will drink
With my friends, around me
Jet black, hazy
You will lie here forever
It’ll be okay
You will lie here forever
Ever, ever, ever oh
Fall at the same time
Let’s disappear on the count of three
Is it fair?
That we should play and sleep
Only to wake again
Nobody  misses anything
Nobody’s left behind
Somebody close the door
No second life, so
This bottle’s for you
We’ll get drunk on the street we once knew
You’ll be loved forever
Ever, ever
Is it fair, our hidden smile
They stay hidden under shadows
Until we step out into life
Is it fair
You’re in the cold
Should I care
I need to know
Heaven help us,
Are we that scared to be alone?


I look into his eye, I can’t help how I feel.

Good morning 21-12-12, is it the end of the world? Thank God it’s not.. <3