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Um, I don't know if your taking specific ships with the AU thingy, but I'd love some Coldflashwave for a dystopian AU.

1 - Barry was expecting many things when he returned to Central after The End, but Len and Mick guarding the slums of Central like vicious guard dogs and debating methods of self-produced electricity generation to power their guns was not one of them. No way the oppressive government is getting to their part of town - and they will fight, blackmail and bribe their way into that happening.

2 - Mick’s ability to repair cars and start fires out of literally anything is by far the most useful skills out of all three of them together possess. The government is trying to starve them out, but it wasn’t expecting them to be this resourceful.

3 -  Barry was captured and experimented on to try to replicate his speed, before he was rescued by Len and Mick. He was only gone a week. That doesn’t help the nightmares or the PTSD. Sleeping curled up with Len and Mick, who both have severe PTSD of their own, is the only thing that helps.

4 - Len has the highest price on his head, but not by much. They all regularly watch the FBI’s Most Wanted to see which of them is at the top this week.

5 - They don’t actually have a good plan for what to do AFTER they bring the evil government down. Len and Mick were mostly doing it because Barry wanted to do it; Barry assumed Len had planned everything out (because Len does that); Mick is well aware this is going to end badly but doesn’t actually care.

6 - Mick ends up being the president because he’s the best with people. Everyone in Central keeps trying to explain to everyone outside of Central why this is a bad idea. No one believes them, and all the records were lost and/or assumed to be forgeries. Eventually Central just gives up and steals the Washington DC statute of him to put in their central square (they give it back once they realize Len stole it, but they do put up a duplicate)

I hate people who try to bribe me to draw for them in exchange for dick pics. I’m not going to spend hours drawing something for a ten second snapchat glance at a few inches I’m never going to sit on. Bye.

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Could you please some advice on my 11m.o dog? Whenever he has an item he shouldn't have (like a sock), he will slowly walk around the room and won't drop it. If I sit down, he will bring it to my feet and lay on top of it. Any movements by me are met by him snatching the item and bolting away, then returning. Is this resource guarding? He doesn't growl or bite. I tried trading up a while back but it made his refusal to drop items worse, wouldn't drop unless highest value treat or he was bribed.

That is definitely resource guarding, and it sounds pretty severe. Dogs who resource guard tend to go one of two ways: 1. They show aggression to create distance from the threat (e.g., standing over the object with their head down, tense body, growling, bearing teeth, air snapping, etc.), or 2. They tighten their possession of the desired object potentially leading to full ingestion. It sounds like your pup is going the second route which makes intestinal blockages a serious concern.

It’s important to realize that dogs learn what objects are valuable based on our reaction to them. Think about it like this: Why do dogs often value socks over a soft dog toy? It’s because we get upset at them for taking socks; we show resource guarding, which tells the dogs, “this is a valuable item worth guarding.” Likewise, we rarely show guarding towards dog toys; we tend to ignore our dogs when they play with toys we’ve designated as theirs, which tells them, “this item is low value to me”.*

The first step to helping your dog overcome resource guarding is to remain calm yourself. If you get tense and start putting pressure on your dog, resource guarding can get much worse. Prevent your dog’s access to forbidden objects as much as possible during training. You want to ensure your dog only gets those objects when you’re ready to work with him. You might also want to tether your dog before introducing a forbidden item; this will help ensure he can’t reach you if you get too close and he decides to snap. The best game to start with is the trading game. Start by holding a forbidden object (like a sock) out to your dog. When he approaches it, mark (with a clicker or by saying “Yes!”) and reward with food. Repeat the process of holding out the item, marking, and rewarding. Most dogs will stop trying to take the object after getting a few treats, but you want to insist your dog must mouth the object before being marked and fed. You may need to move it around on the ground like a tug toy to get your pup to grab at it. Once your dog is reliably picking up the object and releasing it on your marker word, and he doesn’t seem tense, you can drop the toy at his feet, mark when he picks it up, feed and take the object away. Wait until your dog stops eating and notices you have the object, and then return the object to him and start again. If he starts refusing to pick up the object at his feet, you can practice taking the object away, marking, and rewarding before returning the object. This teaching your dog that it’s a good thing when you reach into his space to take his stuff. When you’re ready to quit that training session, take the object away and replace it with a toy your dog is allowed to have. Try to play with him a little bit before releasing him from the session.

When you’ve practiced structured trading to the point where your dog seems calm from the beginning, you can start to introduce a forbidden object to your dog in the environment. You might just leave it out where he can get it, or hand it to him directly. When he takes it, immediately mark, and toss him a high value treat. Once he eats the treat and he goes back to the object; mark and reward again. Keep doing this until your dog shows a lack of interest in the object and is looking at you (or the environment) for food. When you reach that point, you can start adding some motion around your dog. Just standing up may be enough to incite your dog to grab the object again. When he does, mark and reward. Try to move fairly naturally, but keep a distance from your dog. Calmly pacing on the other end of the room should work. Just keep marking and tossing treats to your dog every time he shows interest in the forbidden object. When he stops guarding the object to watch you, you can try approaching a step closer and begin again. Repeat this process until you’re able to be right next to your dog without him showing any tension. This process should go fairly quickly if you’ve spent enough time playing the trading game. Once you’ve been able to approach closely, you can switch over to the trading game before giving your dog an appropriate toy in exchange for the forbidden object. The more you practice this, the more comfortable your dog will be with you approaching him when he has valued items. Eventually, you should be able to walk right up to your dog, and he should move away from what he has in the hopes you’ll give him a treat for it. The objective of this game is to teach your dog that you being around when he has valuable objects is good. If he enjoys you being nearby, he won’t feel frightened of you taking the object away, and he won’t guard it.

There’s another version of the trading game you can play throughout the day that will also help this process go faster. When you see your dog with an item he is allowed to have (and he’s not guarding), walk up to him, take the object from him, give him a treat, and return the object. Do this as often as possible. This will build up the idea that it’s good when you take everything from your dog, and most often you’ll return that object. That way, if you ever have to take away a forbidden object and keep it, your dog has lots of memories of you taking things away and giving them back to remind him you taking things is usually very beneficial to him.

For all of this training, you want to be careful not to show your dog the treat before marking. Your dog getting the treat is contingent on his behaviour, and you don’t want him calculating the value of what he has compared to what you have (which it sounds like he’s already doing). If you get into an emergency situation where your dog has a forbidden object you really need back ASAP, take a handful of treats and scatter them on the floor a little away from where your dog is guarding. He should leave the object to eat the treats, and you can calmly pick it up and move it out of his reach. If he’s keeping too close an eye on the object while he eats, or he tries to redirect back to the object when you reach for it, generously toss treats leading him into another room and close him out of the room with the forbidden object. You want to make getting the item back as free from conflict as possible.

If you feel at all unsure about working on the resource guarding alone, I strongly encourage you to find a force-free trainer to work with you. Resource guarding can be extremely dangerous to the dog and their family, especially early on in treatment. Having an experience set of eyes to help you gauge safe distances and read your dog can be invaluable.

*Obviously, this is an over-simplification and anthropomorphizing. Many dogs innately guard certain types of objects, but how we respond to that early guarding behaviour often has a huge impact on how intense the behaviour becomes.

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So I took a modern poetry class in undergrad and Prufrock wasn't assigned BUT we had this assignment every week to pick a nonassigned poem from the textbook so i bribed the whole class with brownies to pick Prufrock so I could do my final presentation on it.

Ummmmm I can picture this SO clearly that’s adorable holy shit

‘Central Intelligence’


  • Génération 4, September 1994 (#69)
    • via Abandonware Magazines

“A strategic game of espionage and undercover operations with a lot of political undertones. You play a CIA chief sent to the island of Sao Madrigal, which is currently under a dictatorship. This dictatorship is supported by the Chinese government and it seriously jeopardizes the U.S.A.’s interests on the region, thus it is your mission to organize the recuperation of democracy, by any means necessary.

You have at your disposal a series of CIA agents divided in three branches: Political, Propaganda and Military. But the object of the game is not to organize a military uprising, but instead to support and organize the island’s many opposing factions (like angry students, guerrillas, political parties,etc.) against the dictatorship (with or without their knowledge of your interventions) via propaganda, bribes, subterfuge, assassinations, blackmails, etc.” ~Mobygames

  • CIA Duke Nukem is here to kick ass and waterboard, and he’s all out of legal restrictions to do… well, both?

(at the garrison library)

lance: look at keith. over there in that corner, with all those books. probably reading like, shakespeare or something. he must think he’s so cool and sophisticated. what a jerk.

keith (surrounded by all 42 warriors books including the 14 manga adaptations, 6 field guides, and a personal handwritten rendition of the warrior code):  i would die for you, firestar.

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so this shit going around about this artist and she is getting mad because she feels like all charity live streams are just bribes and that they're fake. she's attacking some youtubers now and won't stop. can you please confirm charity streams aren't fake? :)

Of course they’re not fake! Please dont go on a witch hunt either

They met up over winter break.

Kei’s trying his best to school a face of indifference but he can’t because Kuroo’s here and Kuroo’s standing right next to me and Kuroo’s taking a selfie with me and Kuroo and Kuroo and

I apologize for the delay! I started this about two weeks ago, but then I suddenly got really, really into needle knitting and neglected to work on it (I am currently donning my freshly knit teal garter-stitch scarf I named Orange. I am content and currently in the middle of a cream-coloured mistake-stitch scarf (◡‿◡✿)). 

I drew this in celebration of my city finally getting some epic snowfall. I’m so excited for the holidays!

I used FireAlpaca to make this! Thank you to the anon who recommended this software to me ( ˘ ³˘)♥, I quite like it.

Thank you reading and uh, looking at my drawing teehee


 Caesar(Ozmafia!!) Wallpapers Requested by sulika 

“Stop trying to bribe me with boxes.”

“This one’s pretty big; I bet you could fit in it.”

“Okay, hand it over.”