this is not a birthday post but im posting it on his birthday so yeah

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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Can I request a jimon first kiss au to heal my broken heart?? Seriously that was so sad I loved it but I just...., need something to make my heart not hurt 😭

THIS IS LIKE FOUR DAYS LATE IM SO SORRY I WAS RLLY BUSY WITH SCHOOL anyway here u go some first kiss fluff!!

Simon is drunk. It’s his birthday, he’s out with his friends, and he’s very, insanely, spectacularly drunk.

Speaking of said friends, Simon musses, as he bounces back from the bar to the spot they previously occupied, he seems to have lost literally every single one of them. He glances around, clutching his glass between his hands, but no sign of any of them anywhere.

“That’s unfortunate,” Simon tells the faceless mass of people in front of him. They don’t respond.

Simon bounces around in that spot for a bit, hoping his friends will magically come back to him, but it appears they have disappeared forever. Well. Okay. This birthday is shaping up to be a little less fun then it was an hour before this.

He starts moving then, bouncing through the crowd in hopes of finding his friends, but the only person he finds is Jace. Who is not really a friend, but it is someone Simon knows and that’s at least something, so Simon makes his way over to him.

“JACE!” He yells excitedly over the music. Jace turns around and frowns.

“Simon,” Jace says, “What the hell is in your hair.”

Simon reaches up to touch his hair and finds the tiara Clary placed in it hours before still there. “It’s my birthday!” He yells, like that explains everything. In his head it kind of does. “Well, not really, though,” he adds, and frowns. “Next week is my birthday. But Clary can’t go next week so we’re celebrating it now. Speaking of Clary, have you seen her?”

Jace looks slightly constipated. Simon isn’t bothered by that, though. Mostly because that is how Jace always looks at him. Simon reaches out his hand and pokes him in the cheek. Jace looks even more disgruntled by that. “I have not,” Jace says, answering Simon’s question. Simon, who had momentarily forgotten what he had even asked because we was too busy staring at Jace’s nose, frowns.

“Your nose is pretty,” he informs Jace.

Jace pulls a face, “Thank you.” When Simon promptly topples over into Jace’s chest, Jace adds, “I think it is time for you to go home.”

“Can’t,” Simon mumbles, mostly into Jace’s chest. “Is my birthday.” He’s pretty sure Jace doesn’t hear him, though, since he just hauls Simon back on his feet and starts leading him towards the exit.

“Come on,” He says, “I’ll take you home and text Clary.”

And then suddenly they’re outside, and Jace has disappeared, and Simon is hugging a lamp post. When Jace reappears, he sighs, “Let go of the lamp post, Simon.”

“I made a friend,” Simon tells him, and then promptly forgets all about said friend when Jace hands him a strawberry milkshake. “You are the love of my life,” he says, and Jace honestly isn’t sure if he’s talking to him or the milkshake.

The walk home is surprisingly uneventful, but when they reach Simon’s front door, milkshake abandoned in a trash can along the way, Simon suddenly leans in to kiss Jace.

“No,” Jace says, firmly and deliberately pushing Simon away.

Simon frowns at him. “But I thought, like, the milkshake? And the walking home? And that weird constipated look on your face?”

“Yeah,” Jace confirms. “Yeah, I do, but. Not when you’re like this, Simon. Not when you are too pissed to even stand.”

“Oh,” Simon says, and then promptly turns around to march up the steps to his apartment.

“What are you doing?!” Jace yells after him, slightly confused.

“The faster I get to sleep the faster it’ll be morning the faster I’ll be sober the faster I’ll be able to kiss you!” Simon yells back, all in one breath. It’s pretty impressive for someone who is trying to stick his key into the doorbell instead of the lock.

Jace laughs, helps him into the house (and eventually into bed) and leaves, a smile ghosting on this lips all the way home.

(The next morning, or well, the next afternoon, he’s awoken by Simon sprinting into his bedroom, jumping on his bed, loudly announcing “I AM SOBER” as he kisses Jace full on the mouth.)

  • [At Chanwoo's Birthday Party]
  • Chanwoo: I'm an adult now! When are you guys going to start treating me like one?
  • Donghyuk: When you stop playing video games 48 hours straight.
  • Chanwoo: I was going for a world record.
  • June: When you stop posting pics of yourself with bunny ears in our fancafe.
  • Chanwoo: But i look so cute :3
  • Hanbin: When you stop turning in fake sick notes signed by me.
  • Chanwoo: How do you know they're fake?
  • Jinhwan: When you stop introducing me as your mom
  • Chanwoo: So..."Mother" than?
  • Yunhyeong: When you stop telling people im your evil twin.
  • Chanwoo: Sounds like something an evil twin would want.
  • Bobby: When you can say "Homo erectus" without giggling.
  • Chanwoo:
  • Bobby:
  • *both giggle*
  • Chanwoo: I'm starting to forget why i wanted to be an adult in the first place...
  • Jinhwan: Yeah everyone does. *pats his back*
  • Jinhwan: Happy birthday son :)

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Hey,could you please write a HC about what the RFA+V+Saeran would do for MC'S birthday? I looooove your writing,thanks a lot :)

sorry i took so long!! hope u enjoy!!!! AND TO ANYONE WHO’S BIRTHDAY IT IS (or even isn’t) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


-he makes a Day of it
-three bouquets throughout the day
-one is straight up just red roses
-the other two are a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers depending on MC’s birth date and a bouquet of MC’s favorite flower(s)
-each bouquet has the same amount of flowers, all depending on how old MC is turning!! (though he caps it at 30….. bc he knows what’s good for his health and his wallet haha)
-tbh Zen has thought A LOT about this (and all the holidays etc, he’s wanted to do this kind of thing for his SO since before even meeting MC that first time in the chatroom……. like….. remember the Christmas DLC? yeah.. he wants this to be a very special occasion. he literally has fantasized about this)
-he takes MC out for breakfast at a local family diner and the staff sings “Happy Birthday”/variant birthday song and it emBARRASSES MC to no end
-y this hyun
-and they go out for a movie after breakfast, whatever one MC wants to see
-the movie theatre is mostly empty and it’s.. really nice…….
-Zen and MC wander around town, window shopping (maybe actually shopping), and do food cart foods for lunch!!
-he knows where all the best ones are and he’s so excited to show them to MC
-it’s so cute he’s so cute!!
-next up!!
-motorcycle ride!!!!
-he rly gets a kick out of MC clinging to him while they ride haha
-Zen takes MC to a place with a great view, possibly his spot in the mountains if there’s time
-they manage to stop on the way home to watch the sunset
-it’s beautiful
-selfies r taken and subsequently posted to the chatroom
-Zen gets out some light snacks when they finally get home, and sets about making dinner (it’s curry, that’s his best dish)
-he planned this whole day out
-for MC
-and has just…… been v affectionate all day, physically and vocally
-he loves them
-so, so much
-more than he can truly express
-and he’s so glad that he gets to spend their birthday with them
-even if the day hadn’t gone to plan… he would have been happy just being near MC


-yo listen……. Yoosung throws a party. he invites the RFA..
-but like. okay.
-it’s not just like….. a party at home
-Yoosung springs for a party at a bowling alley with an arcade and open bar
-things get drinky
-Yoosung gets drinky
-he’s been so nervous about this all day he just wants to impress and please MC omg so precious fuck
-this boy can’t do shots though
-so he’s had like two cocktails in the last 20 minutes he is tipsy
-like….. cocktails have a p high alcohol content, my children……. but u can hardly taste it
-Yoosung wants to down these like juice, ‘cause that’s what it tastes like “MC just lemme have one more please i promise im not even drunk MC”
-“yoosung pls.”
-he’s so clingy…. just wants to hold MC forever, even just their hand!!
-and if MC isn’t in his immediate vicinity he is hanging off of one of the others (usually Zen)
-there is definitely. 4 sure.
-drunk bowling
-Jumin Han, not nearly as tipsy as anyone else, requires gutter shields
-Zen will neeeever let him live that down
-Jaehee wins every round she plays
-she brought her own bowling ball
-after a couple games the group splits up and Yoosung, MC, and Seven go to the arcade, which is on its own floor of the building
-there are plans to regroup back downstairs for junk food and cake later
-but first.. arcade!!!
-Seven heads straight for the racing games
-while Yoosung and MC take their time wandering around trying different things while Yoosung is sobering back up
-they play giant Connect Four
-and a couple crane games
-there’s a giant Fruit Ninja (Yoosung gets the new high score)
-they get into one of the two player booth games and it’s a horror/suspense game
-Yoosung is terrified.. and clingy
-MC is maybe not……. as scared.. haha
-Seven takes video
-there’s a lot of screaming (some of it is Seven actually….)
-all three go play skeeball together
-they’ve been racking up tickets this whole time
-maybe not enough for anything rly fancy like the PS4?????? that’s on display???
-but….. Yoosung and MC pool their tickets and manage to get a dragon plushie (it’s beautiful, like opal colors and ice blue horns and shit)
-they use the leftover tickets on candy
-they name the dragon
-it’s their child now
-they introduce the dragon plush to everybody back downstairs as such
-“This is our child, Iseul, and we love them dearly.”
-“they’re scaly and breathe fire, but they’re beautiful and we love them. Our lovely Iseul~”
-“I thought we agreed on ice powers??”
-“fire is classic, tho!!”
-“…….u have a point..”
-“oh!! oh!!! both???”


-they take a couple days off and go to the beach together
-the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub
-so there can be swimming and chilling in the water no matter the time of year MC’s birthday is!!
-they go out early in the morning at low tide to comb the beach for shells
-so many sand dollars!!!
-they saw some rly big starfish in the tide pools it was awesome!!!!
-since they’re staying in a lil touristy beach town they have breakfast in a local café
-one that’s got like lace curtains and all the tables are only big enough for two people
-a cutesy cozy place!!
-after breakfast MC gets a FaceTime call from Zen and he sings them Happy Birthday what a dork
-MC and Jaehee are crying wth y is he so sweet???
-Zen is flustered at the crying and promises to do this same thing for Jaehee for her birthday too!!
-more crying
-Zen is freaking out whY ARE U CRYING PLS DONT IM SORRY IM SOR—
-aaaaand he accidentally hung up
-cue both MC and Jaehee receiving frantic apology texts from Zen
-they don’t reply fast enough??
-Zen has already promised VIP tickets to his next show to apologize for making his two biggest fans cry
-omg zen calm down they were happy tears
-aaanyway MC and Jaehee do a bunch of wandering around the kitschy tourist shops and spots
-holding hands and occasionally smooching
-they take a bunch of photos and selfies to document the trip
-they go to the local seafood restaurant for dinner and take a slice of cake each back to the hotel for dessert
-Jaehee and MC enjoy some quiet time in the hotel together, snuggled up on the bed reading separate books
-and then they start getting handsy
-it’s kind of become a competition
-how high up the thigh before u react type of chicken
-except they both win bc…… it leads to sexy fun times??
-anyway it is a good time!!! at the beach!!!!


-he promises that they’ll do whatever MC wants to do for their birthday (within reason)
-they choose an amusement park date
-Jumin does some research and ends up flying the two of them to Disneyland
-in France
-I mean……. they def discussed this trip before it happened but like..
-jumin is kind of extra i love him
-he wears a suit the first day in Didneylan
-MC is not surprised, but also…… “Jumin we’re getting u comfy clothes for this”
-he gets
-and a couple Disney shirts bc they’re everywhere
-he and MC get matching shirts
-it’s too cute
-Jumin tries to take selfies but they are all blurry af
-he keeps them and posts them to the chatroom anyway
-MC thinks it’s rly precious and takes much better selfies (but only posts the shitty ones, partly for solidarity but also bc Jumin thinks it’s funny too)
-also Jumin calls Yoosung every day bc he is pet- and penthouse-sitting for them
-FaceTime with Elizabeth the 3rd
-she cries over the phone
-she recognizes her humans omg
-oh my god Jumin takes MC to a fancy restaurant while they’re both still wearing their Disneyland clothes
-they almost get turned away from their own reservation because the place has a dress code
-but MC’s partner is Jumin Han
-they get in
-surrounded by other people all in their fanciest dinner clothes, Jumin Han is wearing a Mickey Mouse ears hat(“a classic! a tradition, even!!” MC had insisted), a shirt with the Aristocats on it, jeans, and sneakers, and MC is dressed p similarly as they eat
-it’s beautiful
-MC takes photos and videos for the chatroom this is the best goddamn thing Happy Birthday to Me
-Jumin is glad that MC is enjoying their birthday trip so much


-it starts at midnight
-“MC!! MC!!! It’s ur birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!”
-Seven is shoved onto the floor
-no mercy
-he’s laughing tho
-and pouting and whining playfully
-“but it’s your birfday and i luv u”
-MC leans over the side of the bed to squint at him
-“love me in the morning when im a human again”
-MC bundles back up in the blankets, they become a blankety burrito
-dramatic GASP from Seven
-“my SO is an alien” v soft tone, full of wonder
-he crawls back into the bed and flops onto and embraces the burrito MC (“ugh, be gentle, Saeyoung omg” “aaaaa sorry sorry I’ll be gentle I promise! im the gentlest boy!!”)
-“the love of my life lived among the stars….. in a SPACESHIP!!”
-“pls sleep Saeyoung…….”
-but he just keeps going and it’s less MC Is An Alien, and more….
-“MC did u know? that statistically you r a miracle?”
-MC turns their head “…..yeah?”
-Seven’s eyes are wide and earnest and his tone has gone from jokingly in awe to genuinely so
-“yeah!!” he snuggles up nice n close “like,, even just genetically ,, , you exist because certain events led your parents to each other and if any one little thing had gone differently….. you wouldn’t be here.. and it’s the same for them! Their parents and their parents’ parents!!
-“the chances of you being here in this moment are so astronomically low!! but ur here!!! u exist here and now and I–”
-he stops for a moment, just.. overwhelmed with his feelings
-“and im so glad that you exist, MC”
-he sounds out of breath like the thought knocked it out of him
-“im so so glad you’re here.. i love you”
-he presses his forehead to the space between MC’s neck and shoulder, nose pressed against their skin
-his nose might be a lil cold
-but his breath is warm
-“happy birthday, MC”


-he does not want to go out
-he’d rather stay in to celebrate
-okay. three words
-ice cream cake
-the goal here for Saeran is to get one
-to just… experience it
-but also for MC’s birthday
-there’s a conversation that goes something like:
-“MC, can we just stay in? nothin fancy?”
-and MC shrugs “sure. that actually sounds p nice……. although…….”
-Saeran is suspicious “although what?”
-“I kind of want…… ice cream cake?”
-and just. he stops
-he stops???
-“that’s a thing?????”
-MC goes for a dramatic look and answer
-“that is a thing
-“y didn’t I know about this what the hell yOURE GETTING ICE CREAM CAKE FOR UR BIRTHDAY MC”
-and he is on his way OUT THE DOOR
-MC shouting after him “U CANT FOOL ME SAERAN!!!! I KNOW U WANT THE CAKE FOR YOU!!!!”
-and i mean
-he’s not gonna deny it
-he is gone for three hours
-comes back home with two ice cream cakes bc he couldn’t decide between the funfetti one or the chocolate one
-MC is a lil exasperated, but indulgent bc hey ice cream cake for days!!
-as long as they moderate themselves
-they otherwise stay in and Saeran surprises MC with a lil necklace with a skull charm and a heart charm
-Saeran with a shrug about the charms: “the skull is me and heart is you”
-“r u sure tho”
-“shut up MC”
-a blushing Saeran……… what nice gift


-they start with a lazy morning in bed
-sloppy kisses
-soft touches and messy hair
-intermittently falling back to sleep
-eventually they get out of bed and get ready for the rest of the day
-breakfast at noon
-pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage and warm flaky biscuits and coffee
-after breakfast V presents MC with what appears to be a scrapbook
-he kisses the side of their head with a happy little “happy birthday, sweetheart” while handing the gift over
-it IS a scrapbook
-it’s full of photos starting from MC’s first time working with the RFA on the party, and over the next few years up until this point
-it’s……. a journey through their life together
-their friendship, their love, their relationships with their friends
-there are notes scrawled all over every page in every free space between photos
-notes from their friends
-little stories giving context to the photos
-a few little doodles and well-wishes
-it honestly makes MC tear up
-it just….. feels so warm

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i'm glad you're watching the office! what do you think about sterek jim/pam?

“Sure, I like him,” Derek scowls right at the camera, “We’re friends.” He blinks, expression suddenly going hopeful, “Why, did he say something?”


“I have worked at Beacon Hills Office Supplies for two and a half years,” Stiles pretends to hang himself with his tie, glances out of the conference room to where Derek is signing for a package with a suspicious look on his face. “It’s not all bad, I guess?”


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as advertised. a much too long newsies headcanon post. whoops!! sorry folks

  • most of the newsboys are mentally ill lmao like jack definitely has depression, crutchie, davey, jack, and racetrack have chronic anxiety, spot has like this whole cocktail of shit, and a lot of the other newsies have various forms of ptsd frm past abuse and/or losing people close to them. you dont become a newsie bc ur life is perfect at home lmao
  • and! this means that they all have complicated coping mechanisms & triggers & since they all live in such close proximity (minus spot sorry spot) they learn how to navigate around those triggers & what those coping mechanisms are. mentally ill newsie fam yall
  • like of course they dont use the words ‘trigger’ or ‘mentally ill’ bc its 1899 but like everyone knows that if you shout too loudly race gets scared and if you talk about knives kid blink will start panicking and not to stop jack from talking abt santa fe bc if you do he shuts down. stuff like that. they learn to accommodate each other
  • plus if one of them is having an awful day and cant sell or cant get out of bed the other guys cover the slack for him. like somedays crutchie’s leg totally freezes up and he cant move so they’ll divvy up some extra papes and make sure he can eat some food and afford another night in the lodging house. or somedays mush gets real distant and starts talking in spanish and doesnt seem to know where he is so they’ll sell his papes too
  • idc if this is historically accurate but theres girl newsies and they kick ass okay theyre just really cool and theyre all lesbians
  • on the same subject, all of the newsies are sga lmao all of them. and they all know they all are and they never talk abt it much but theres this understanding between them u kno. like if jack says hes goin to see davey and he doesnt come back until the next day u dont need to ask whats up
  • and you know, sometimes someone’ll crack a joke like when mush says “met this girl last night” and everyones like haha! mush thats hilarious! youre gay!
  • they take Such good care of the little newsies and some of the older guys will say theyre just selling with the kids for the cute factor but really its a dangerous city and letting a seven yr old boy run around it all day alone is a recipe for disaster. theres a lot of little brother-big brother relationships that spring up lmao
  • most of them dont know when their birthdays are but sometimes they just wanna celebrate it so maybe everyone wakes up one day and racetrack’s like guess what. it’s my birthday. and everyones like oh nice race but wasnt it your birthday two months ago???
  • davey brings his homework to the lodging house sometimes and sometimes people ask him questions about this or that math problem and this or that novel hes reading and they all kinda end up getting a bit of a secondhand education bc davey REALLY likes to talk abt school shit
  • i know everyone likes to hc that brooklyn has like this Super Tough Monarchy and that spot killed the last brooklyn king to assume the throne or smth but i personally like to believe that the brooklyn kingship kinda works like the dread pirate roberts from princess bride. like one day the king before spot was like Well. I’m Done, and just passed it down to one of his friends
  • brooklyn totally lets those succession-by-death rumors fly tho. a little extra clout never hurts when youre dealing with the entirety of new york city
  • spot conlon has never killed anyone in his Life ok im telling you,,hes an asshole and a bit of a politician but he didnt do That for chrissakes hes like 15. he just gets a lot of respect as the brooklyn leader bc hes fair and tough and real smart and knows how to run his damn city
  • the manhattan lodging house newsies save one of the papers from the strike, the one with all their pictures on it, and pin it to the wall in the dorm and it stays there for like, literally years. like way after les has aged out of selling. and their faces are still on the wall for the current newsies to look at and admire. the legendary jack kelly…davey jacobs, spot conlon, racetrack, kid blink, mush, specs, boots…yeah. the paper stays up
  • in conclusion this post is so long and im sorry
  • the newsies r all gay and mentally ill and are the pinnacle of the found family theme goodnight

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Do you think Yoongi has become so distant with Jimin? I mean before & right after the debut, Yoonmin were clingy to each other & didn't hesitate to show skinships or teasing publicly via twitter, etc. Now I have a feeliing that Yoongi just.... ignored Jimin.

Long post incoming!

I definitely don’t think Yoongi is ignoring Jimin or that they’ve become distant at all, just watching recent videos you can see and feel that they’re both really close. If anything the fact that they’re not more openly affectionate on twitter or with skinship publicly is just proof that they’ve gotten extremely comfortable with each other, they don’t need to be hanging off of each other to show their affection.

In my opinion, the reason why YoonMin is popular, why it’s my favourite ship, why people are so adamant that “YoonMin is real!” (which we’ll never know anyway, that’s for you to judge) is because the way they express their affection for each other and they way they interact is so different from nearly every other ship. You look at JiHope and all their ship moments are so explicit (imstilljihopetrashtootho) - Hoseok pretending to kiss him, hugging each other, jumping on each other - and the same goes for a lot of the other ships, they’re all mostly quite open with each other and if they have a “ship like” interaction it’s usually physical and YoonMin aren’t really like that. 

Read more under the cut~

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"my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me" + jily?

  • I LOVE THIS so this is going to be way more than 5 but okay: 
  • james and lily have known each other since they were eleven and been good mates since they were fifteen, and they’re now in their final year of sixth form 
  • remus is having a birthday party (or more accurately, sirius is throwing remus a five-month late ‘belated birthday party’ at remus’s house bc his parents are away) 
  • lily just broke up with her boyfriend of three years and is pretty torn up about it and doesn’t really want to go, but james tells her not to let that slimy tosspot ruin her final year, and she has to admit he’s talking sense for once
  • so she lets him drag her along
  • all is going well until her ex shows up and she’s all ‘i thought you said he wouldnt be here!!!!’ and james is all ‘well I never invited him i s2g it must have been pete, do you want me to kick him out/?’ i’ll kick him out’
  • but he’s has his arm around a pretty girl that lily has never met and she’s laughing at something that he’s saying and lily doesn’t want to look like she cares so she’s just like ‘no, will you let me snog you instead?’
  • and james is like ‘?????????????’ because did Lily Evans who he has fancied the pants off of for seven years just ask to snog him????
  • but lily is like ‘come on potter, ex-boyfriend alert, keep up will you?’ and then it makes sense, but still he’s like ‘sure be my guest’ so she grabs him by the shirt and yanks him down to her height and smacks one on him
  • and its a bloody good kiss, too, lasting a lot longer than is strictly necessary 
  • when they eventually pull away from each other, they’re both pretty taken aback. james because he had not been expecting and impromptu-make out session with Lily Evans, and Lily because she just hadn’t anticipated enjoying it so much. 
  • but then she’s like ‘cheers, i owe you one!’ 
  • and James just kind of gawks at her until his timely rescue by a drunk Sirius Black who is in need of somebody to be the Danny to his Sandy in a dramatic rendition of You’re The One That I Want 
  • so all is forgotten until later when most people have gone home, and the remaining 7/8 are all bundled up in blankets on Remus’s living room floor at 4am
  • lily and james are cuddled up in the corner
  • and its not like they haven’t had a snuggle at a post-party sleepover a billion times before because they have, and its been totally platonic, but something between them is just different now
  • (sirius has already brought this up earlier, repeatedly asking very loudly and obnoxiously ‘what is it that’s different about you two, i just can’t put my finger on it’ whilst pete looks puzzled and remus just smirks knowingly) 
  • but eventually james is just like ‘look, lily’ at the exact same time lily is like ‘so, james’ and then they both laugh awkwardly and wtf since when has anything between them been awkward??
  • so lily starts and she’s just like ‘well we kissed earlier. that happened.’ and james is like ‘yep. i also very much recall that happening.’ 
  • so lily goes ‘pretty magnificent kiss, wasn’t it?’ and james considers this and says ‘it was definitely in my top seven.’ and then lily hits him over the head until he (truthfully) assures her that it was his Number One Best Kiss Ever and then she asks if he’d like to do it again and he’s like ‘yeah. quite frequently. until im like 90. or dead.’ and lily shrugs and is like ‘i reckon i could get behind that’ 
  • and then they start making out and their friends yell at them for being gross 
  • but they’re secretly pleased that those two idiots finally figured it out 

 send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

Aichi Collaboration 2015 (*update 11/4)

Hey so I was hoping to do a major aichi collaboration for his birthday (6th June) and I understand everyone has their own commitments and shit which they gotta handle so i’m asking early

So it’s gonna be like a major collaboration in this order: EXCUSE THE SHITTY DOODLE CUZ IM LAZY and i dont wanna cockblock anyone’s idea of poses

So the bare minimum we need is

  1. Shota kid aichi
  2. S1 aichi
  3. S2 aichi
  4. S3 aichi
  5. S4 aichi
  6. Neon messiah aichi
  7. CFV G Aichi

And IF we have extra artists we can include [NOW OPEN - closing on 1st May]

  1. S1 shirt shirt aichi
  2. S1 hitsue uniform aichi
  3. S2 hoodie Aichi
  4. S3 uniform aichi
  5. S3 alt outfit aichi
  6. Neon messiah alt aichi
  7. Neon messiah uniform aichi
  8. Neon messiah naked aichi which idk how to fit in but naked aichi so yay
  9. Ride the Stage Aichi 
  10. Cray wars aichi
  11. Blaster Blade Aichi (likely to be background) **

** - since it might be the background, hisuri and I have agreed that it should be the largest (1500px, 300dpi at the bare minimum) 

It’ll be arranged in timeline order (I’m seeing Neon messiah as a parallel timeline because it wouldn’t tally with the actual plot. Link Joker was meant to be a never seen before clan in S3 and after S3 Aichi wouldn’t be in any position to go for the Messiah Scramble. Wouldn’t tally with post S4 either because Ultra rare and takuto were not supposed to be there past then)

Artists so far (names struck out have already completed their entry)

  1. Me (Neon Messiah Aichi)
  2. Hisuri (S4 Aichi)
  3. Yueppi (Shota Aichi)
  4. Lisa - toshikitty (S1 Aichi)  replaced by Hisuri
  5. Sheena - skai-flake (S2 Aichi) replaced by Eko
  6. Snips (Shirt-Shirt Aichi)
  7. Fall (Hoodie Aichi)
  8. Sanaki (CFV G Aichi)
  9. Aqua- aquamemoirs (S3 Aichi)
  10. cha_mathis (S3 uniform Aichi)
  11. Hiro Mashiro (S3 alt Aichi)
  12. kono_mii (NM Aichi uniform)
  13. DyingCuttle (NM alt Aichi)
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -

Idk about background maybe once we decided the aichis we can discuss later.


Regarding Art

  • Uhm, because this is the first post vanguard collaboration for aichi’s birthday, we really wanna have a really great artwork. So hisuri and I agreed that there should be a minimum standard in the artwork. don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we’re being nit-picky or anything, but we really want our first big collaboration since aichi stopped appearing in the anime to be great and stuff. So… I’m sorry if I reject any of you guys. I’m sure you guys will improve over time and yeah, really sorry. I know it sucks when your works get rejected so I really didnt wanna reject anyone. But because we have minimum slots we really wanna make it as special as possible.

Regarding admin stuffs

  • Please submit your drawings to me BY 1ST OF JUNE (which means before 1st of June at 0000 GMT +8) so that I have some time to collate and deal with backgrounds.
  • Participation will be closed in May 1st so that artists will have at least a month to work on their parts
  • Last minute artworks will not be accepted. Entries have been closed by May 1st to ensure that you have at least 1 month to work on your part in the collaboration. Please be serious about it. 
  • And yes fullbody art.
  • Digital art, and your art should have a minimum width of 1000px for better quality
  • Full coloured art because it’s a big collaboration and all of us really want the end product to be great
  • Further clarifications on outfit because what i think is alt might not be what you think and we end up drawing the same thing

anonymous asked:

wow that liveshow was just beautiful wasn't it? I mean the pokemon bit, buying a bin, phil's birthday gift... so cute but mixed with interesting dan opinions aswell, and he seemed to be in a really good mood, anyway what did you think? :)

I almost posted screenshots of all the messages similar to this in my inbox because I was so happy to see that so many others felt the same. I 100% agree. I might go as far to say it was one of my favorite Dan shows in a long time? I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Did I mention I loved it? Because yeah…I loved it.

What a pleasantly chill younow show. Dan seemed really laid-back and just generally relaxed…he was so much more open to discussion it seemed. I felt like he wasn’t mincing his words as much? He didn’t seem to second-guess everything he was saying like he can sometimes have the tendency to do. Or if he was, at least it wasn’t all-consuming. It felt natural. Like a conversation (albeit one-sided and obviously a bit superficial) with an old friend. I didn’t worry about the chat the entire time or feel anxious about Dan possibly getting uncomfortable and having to backtrack on something (because I’m me and can’t help but get nervous for him lol). I just enjoyed it. His demeanor and the overall vibe of the show lent itself to a really enjoyable hour.

He came off as just so loveable? lol not that he isn’t usually of course, but I did feel a particular fondness towards him today. Can’t put my finger on it but there was just something really endearing about this one. I think it might be that there was almost an appearance of what I’ll call “sweet, soft, subdued Dan.” (nice alliteration). And that is my favorite Dan. It’s hard to explain without demonstrating with examples but I tend to think that is his default attitude most often in private. But we don’t get to see that side as often on camera so it is always lovely when we are given a glimpse. Almost felt like this show verged on a glimpse. So I was in love.

Some of my favorite moments:

First off, no better way to start the show than answering “I love everything cucumber related” while giving a knowing stare to the camera. Beautiful.


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Demons and Sugar Don't Mix

Okay so I felt bad for destroying people’s emotions with my last two fics and decided to make some fluff like a said I would and was inspired by

x, x, x, and finally x.

My HC was that maybe, just maybe, what if Dipper stumbled on some Smile Dip, got a little too curious, and  tried some? FUN.
The summoning circle was complete. The summoners chanted in a low, monotone voice, the great, mysterious and omniscient demon Alcor appeared before them. “Alcor, we require you to do a deed that little wish to endure.” Said one of the chanters, a young man.

“Oh brother, not this again. What do you want now, Henry?” Alcor/Dipper sighed, already unamused with his sister and brother-in-law.

“Dipper! We’re trying to show the kids that we can do a proper summoning, stay all demony and don’t ruin it!” Mabel whispered.

Dipper rolled his eyes and let a demonic black cast come to his skin, his eyes like golden torches. “Fine.” His family returned to the circle. “We require you, Alcor, to vacuum the carpets and clean out the fridge while we are gone, so when we are ready for Game Night tonight, we have a clean house! In return, we will allow you to consume any sugar in the house!” Mabel finished.

“Yeah yeah.” Dipper glowered at the two of them before shaking hands with his sister. “Thanks Dipping Sauce we’ll be back in an hour while we get groceries.” She said with a smile, scooping up Willow and Hank while Henry carried Acacia on his shoulders. Dipper poofed a sponge into his hand from the sink and started cleaning the fridge out.

Half an hour in and Dipper had cleaned out the refrigerator, and was vacuuming when he found a strangely familiar packet. He pulled in out from under the couch to find it was Smile Dip.

When did Mabel get Smile Dip. I thought I gave all of it to the triplets. He thought, putting the small packet on the kitchen table and went back to work. The demon was almost finished and he paused, considering his options. They said I could have any sugar in the house, and I don’t think we have any ice cream. It’ll only be a little bit, and I’m a demon. I doubt that it’ll do anything too bad. Dipper concluded that he would try some, and that would be it.

Dipper had discovered multiple packs of Smile Dip hidden around the house, and had consumed every one of them. Every. Single. One.
Henry walked into the house, keys in one hand, two little hands in another. Mabel had a handful of groceries and walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find it was immaculate.

“Thank you so much Dipper!” She giggled, turning around to find him floating flat in the middle of the living room, his eyes blank and his mouth hung open.

It immediately came to Mabel, and she started laughing so hard tears came to her eyes, and her sides were racked with pain from laughing. “I don’t believe it, you actually ate them?!” She asked through laughs, knowing her brother wouldn’t respond.

Henry eyed the living room, then his wife. “What did he do?” He asked calmly. “I hid Smile Dip around the house for him to find, and the deal was he could eat any sugar in the house. So I decided to leave him a surprise revenge attack for giving the kids that whole stash on their birthday.” Mabel explained, still smiling

“Wait, so your demon brother is hyped up on drugs for kids? Won’t that have bad side affects?” Henry asked, nervous that his wife may have went too far, but it was still a brilliant plan, since Smile Dip had the worst sugar hangover ever.

“Maybe, but I doubt it’ll be that bad.” Mabel replied, but with more thought, she decided that it would be best for them to make sure Dipper didn’t leave the house, who knows what crazy things he might do.

Dipper was now tied to the couch via a scarf, so he didn’t float through the ceiling and into outer space, which, in his condition, wouldn’t be surprising.  The family decided to go on with their Game Night, playing Jenga, Monopoly and other games.

However, every so often Dipper would exclaim, “Onwards Aoshima, for we have a destiny to fulfill!” or, “Of course I want your candy paw!” and the scarf would fray and the wallpaper would peel from the wall. His outbursts where almost timed, as they kept scaring Henry into messing up his move, and that was when he felt no pity for his brother-in-law.

The terrifying dream demon also was completely still, allowing Hank, WIllow or Acacia to carry him around like a balloon while he foamed from the mouth when it wasn’t their turn.

They had initially asked what was wrong with “Uncle Dipper” but Mabel told them that Uncle Dipper had too much candy, and was paying the price.

Fast forward one hour, and Dipper’s echoing moans are heard throughout the entirety of the house. “Owww my head.” Dipper groaned, rolling around on the floor while the Pine’s were finishing their game of Scrabble.

“Uggghh, my stomach. Never let me eat sugar ever again.” The complaining demon sighed, a look of nausea coming across his face.

“That’s what you get for giving the kids that Smile Dip on their birthday and ditching us with them.” Henry smiled.

lahatmahal  asked:

saw your birthday post for kenn (yay!) and i saw the bullet point for kenn and maeno being super close and im like a total beginner when it comes to seiyuus so could you share more about them? lol when i read kenns interviews he mentions maeno alot so i got curious :3

Hi there! First of all, welcome to the seiyuu fandom and I’d love to tell you all about these lovebirds besties ^^

Kenn and Maeno got close through the VitaminZ series, which is an otome game produced by D3P that was released back 2009. The two voice the main posterboys for the series, Ten and Sen, and so they had a radio show which ran from 2009 to 2011. That’s pretty much where their whole ‘relationship’ started cause before that they knew of each other but had never really talked to each other much. Up to that point Maeno called him ‘Kenn-san’ and in the first episode asked if he could call him ’-kun’ which he found embarrassing, but Kenn replied he doesn’t particularly mind how people call him and so they started calling each other by ’-kun’.

That’s also the episode where they established their nicknames for each other which are now pretty much universally used by fans. Kenn already had the nickname ‘Kennu/けんぬ’ from his musical days, and so when they were trying to think of a nickname for Maeno, Kenn immediately suggested ‘Maenu/まえぬ’ and now it’s stuck really hard lol. If you search either of their nicknames in google or twitter you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the other’s name pop up immediately after XD

So yeah, that radio show is heaps of fun and I highly recommend you listen to it if you’re a fan of either Kenn or Maeno, since they generally act like dorks the entire time and after even the first few episodes you can feel them getting super close to each other. Nowadays when they’re asked about how they got close they normally say it’s because of that radio show, and they found out they both have similar hobbies - well, mainly video games XD

Throughout the VitaminZ events the cast was always teasing them for being close and acting like they were dating as well LOL. Like, they’d tell stories about how they were always seen together and meeting up like they were going on dates, and lending each other stuff. And so the audience loved to shout ’Congratulations!!’ to them d(ゝω・´)

Even after VitaminZ they continue to be super close and mention each other in radio or at events even when the other isn’t present or even in that series to begin with. For instance, in Tsukiuta their characters are the representatives for the month in which the other’s birthday is in (Kenn’s character Aoi is for May and Maeno’s character Haru is for March) and so in the cast interviews when asked about what was an important event which stood out in those months they answered each other’s birthday was important and how they gave each other birthday presents that year. In the cast comment of the first Ten Count drama CD, Maeno said that the only seiyuu who’s visited his house is an ikemen seiyuu whose name has four letters and starts with K. Maeno also admits to being a bit mysophobic but the only person who he’s okay with letting them go to the toilet at his place or sharing food with is Kenn. And finally (cause if I list every other time they’ve mentioned each other this post will be double the length it already is), in Starmyu radio when asked what he liked about Maeno, Kenn said that Maeno’s image is pretty serious but he also has a lot of cute sides to him as well (人´∀`*)

They’re so close now that fans always look out for their interactions and even other seiyuu/kouhais comment on it. Like last year in Arslan Senki radio Hanae Natsuki randomly brought up Maeno and said, “Do you love Maeno-san?” to which Kenn got embarrassed and said, “Well, it’s not like I hate him!” and Hanae-kun replied, “But you’re ALWAYS going Maenu, Maenu!” LMAO. Also, sometimes it now feels like they get cast in certain characters because they’re known to be close in real life - I find it in no way a conincidence that Maeno plays Kuga Shuu who’s one of the main characters in Starmyu and Kenn just so happens to be cast as Toraishi Izumi who is Shuu’s childhood friend.

tl;dr Kenn and Maeno have been super close for a long time now, to the point where it’s not even just a running joke or a fan thing, they’re actually married besties. I’ve noticed that people who are biased to one of them tend to also be biased to the other, cause whenever they’re around each other they end up bringing out the best in each other and being even more precious and adorable than normal ^^

140903 Bangtan Ilsan fansign

The first fansign for bangtan’s new album was this wednesday allll the way out at the very end of line 3 in ilsan at kintex. The seats were first come first serve and since I wanted to take pics I went early in the morning to get on the fanmade list so i’d be early on in the order and therefore close to the front. i ended up being #28 in the second row right in front of suga, jimin, and taehyung which was great for me since they’re my top 3 hehe if i /have to pick/ sob…

we came back at 6pm for the name check and then went and had dinner at lotteria where i prepared my questions and got made fun of for not being able to pick a favorite member by my friends ㅎㅎㅎ but all and all it was a good time. i had brought a stuffed penguin to give taehyung along with a picture i took of him once where i really thought he looked like a little penguin, but i wasnt sure what the atmosphere would be like what with the tragic news of Ladies’ Codes’ accident. I was a bit worried,honestly, that it would be kind of a subdued first fansign and wasn’t really sure that kind of present was appropriate, but when the boys came in they were as bright as ever. they seemed super happy and excited to finally be meeting their fans again and were quite playful and smiley dispite the circumstances. I think being an idol means being skilled at compartamentalizing things, so even though they were probably affected by that they could also enjoy seeing their fans, happily.

The order of the fansign was Jeongguk-Jin-Hoseok-Namjoon-Taehyung-Jimin-Yoongi, which was a nice for me, but weird having Jeongguk be first. The members im usually the most awkward with are Jeongguk and Jimin actually ;; for some reason i can never think of things to say to them, but this time at least i had a built-in lead in for jeongguk since i could wish him happy birthday.

I knelt down across from him and gave him my album and he smiled and asked my name, which he wrote with a heart next to it. I asked him how his birthday was and he very emphatically told me it was really good, and then i mentioned that i was actually at simply kpop that day so i saw him haha. Then he read my question for him which was “Which hyung gives the best presents? What kind of present did you get from him?” and he wrote seaweed soup, so i said “oh so Jin hyung?” and he was like yeah~ and that was pretty much the whole conversation with him. Oh, and he told me I spoke Korean well. i told him i’ll see him on friday too and then moved on to Jin.

Jin greeted me with a “Hi~ What’s your name” and when I told him “Kat” he was like “oh like your headband?” because I had a cat ear headband on, but i think he might have just pointed, not actually said headband bc he was speaking english and i dont think he knows the word haha, his english pronunciation is so nice though wow. Then he went to read my post it, but i got really embarrassed so i covered it up and told him “dont read it, im shy now!” hahaha;; and he was like haha it’s okay, so i uncovered it and he started to read it again but i kept getting shy (basically i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to speak korean properly so i wrote a note just kind of rambling that he’s super attractive and lately every time i see him he gets more attractive to me, but I just.. got soo… embarrassed! aha…). And then he was like “Do you know my part in danger?” and I was like “yeah??” and he started singing it and like… made me sing a long lmao. and then he asked me if i knew jeongguk’s part, like he wanted me to do it? but i was confused so i asked which part he meant and was like 귀요미 지못미? haha. i told him I was coming again on friday so he should try to remember my name and he told me he would and gave me a high-five.

Hoseok greeted me with the opening of Hormone War, “Hello hello, hello hello~” which was cute haha he asked me my name and I was like it’s kat and he wrote it but he was talking to me without actually looking at me but I was like yeah I saw you last promotions too you don’t remember? and he looked at me really confused haha i don’t think he remembers meeting me at all despite me also seeing him all summer at airports and such. i told him i cut my hair so maybe he doesn’t recognize me but i think he was still confused. he kept drawing hearts next to my name to make up for it though haha. my question for him was “What’s a song you really want to make choreo for?” and he immediately wrote “We On” I asked him what about a non-Bangtan song and he he thought for a second and wrote “Wiz Khalifa~♥︎” so i told him I really wanted to see more of his choreography and said bye and moved on.

Namjoon greeted me with a big smile and said “LTNS”… to which i replied…“sorry?” and he got all flustered and was like “oh like long time no see haha…” and I was like “ohhh! yeah… wow namjoon you know more english slang than me, I know!” and he got all bashful like “naww man hahhahaa” it was cute. Then he asked me where I was from and even though in my head I was like… namjoon we’ve been over this, I just said California and of course it spurred him into an excited tumble of words about how great California was and i told him it looked like they had a really good time. i asked him to write a poem with each line starting with one letter from my name (like you can do in korean with characters in people’s names, but you can do it in english with letters). So he hid the post-it as he wrote it and kind of giggled to himself. he quickly turned the page so i couldn’t see it and he wouldn’t let me turn back to it either. he started laughing a lot and was like, “don’t look at it now, and it’s just a joke okay?”. I was like, “wh..y…?? what did you write omg” but he just kept smiling and laughing.

This is his beautiful poem. such lyrical genius and this is the poem i get haha:

V was next and he greeted me brightly with his cute “hello~!” and i said hi, and he asked me my name and I said Kat. He started to write cat with a c, but corrected himself and crossed it out and was like, “oh no, K! K! right??” and I was like yeah! that’s right, and he goes, “yes!! i remember! you came to gwangju right!!” and I was like yes! omg and he goes in English, “I missed you!!” and I just was like “I missed you more taehyung!” and i gave him the penguin and he kind of played with it and put it under his arm while he signed (i really want to see a pic of it T^T if anyone sees it let me know please!!) and i tried to explain that it reminded me of him in the picture i gave him with the thing but im not sure if he understood what i was saying to him lol. anyway, he was really cute and he didnt look at my post-it but i dont even careeee because TAEHYUNG T^T.

Jimin greeted me and asked me name and just.. jimin is so handsome his skin is such a nice tone and i just get really overwhelmed by looking at him because i think he’s so handsome T^T. he signed my album and answered my question, which was “you did really well at sukira by yourself! if you could go on a show with one member who would you choose?” and he picked Jhope. i said i think that would be entertaining, and then we just stared at each other. i should have asked him why he picked hoseok… or something… but i just… stared at him haha. eventually i was like “you become really really handsome;;” but then i had to move on. idk… park jimin does something to my brain T^T

Yoongi greeted me in korean with a “long time no see” and asked me name. he asked me if i went back to the states between promotions and i told him no, i’ve just been here^^ and he was like really?? you didn’t go home? and I was like, “no… you didn’t see me at the airport and stuff? cos i saw you guys a lot haha” and he was like ah.. yes… but im pretty sure they just dont look around when they’re doing stuff. like the only time they actually look at their fans are when they’re right in front of them at fansigns.. sigh. anyway, then he answered my post-it which hairstyle do you like the best on you? and he went down all the options and checked them all saying, i like them all! and i was like ok… well pick a favorite? he thought about it a bit and chose haruman. i told him it was my favorite on him too. he told me my korean has improved since last time he saw me and i told him thanks and i’ll see him friday ^^

and that was my fansign. nothing too exciting to be honest, but it was nice to see them again in such good moods. and V remembered me T^T I cant… the rest of the fansign i just took pics and waved at them every so often. some other cute things that happened though:

-at one point V accidentally drew a dot on his face and everyone shouted at him about it. he made a lot of funny faces but didn’t actually try to get it off. finally someone gave him a hand mirror and he made a super exaggerated tragic face haha. he tried to get it off with a tissue but couldn’t so a staff had to give him some kind of cream lol.

-jimin got some kind of packaged toy and playfully tried to hit taehyung with it but accidentally hit him in the face with the sharper part of it and taehyung made a pained/surprised face so jimin apologized a lot and reached his arm around him like ‘are you okay??’

-and then like 15 mins later he got a soft toy and hit taehyung in the face with it to which taehyung just made an “unamused” resigned face haha.

-someone gave jimin a big rainbow slinky which he played with but accidentally threw it over the table to the audience side and someone had to retrieve it for him. everyone was teasing him about it lol

-a few minutes later suga was playing with a stuffed whale plushie and threw it in the air, but it also fell to the otherside of the table. all the fans were like “its okay!” and jimin made a really affronted face and was like, “no its not!” (like why do you guys tell him it’s okay but make fun of me T_T)

-a fan gave each member little red flowers, jeongguk, jin, suga and jhope all put them behind their ears while namjoon and taehyung only kept them briefly, but jimin really liked it. he held it through the entire fansign in his left hand, and even during their picture time and carried it out with him.

-at the end their mics weren’t working very well, they kept cutting out. hoseok’s wasn’t working at all so namjoon took it and it worked fine. hoseok took it back and it stopped… so namjoon took it again and it worked.. and hoseok made such a cute annoyed face haha like whyyyy??

-jeongguk sang part of Rain for us

-they asked us to be extra careful going home tonight because the roads were dangerous.

(feel free to take out anything from my fanaccounts, but please credit back to me thank you!)

Digital Love

Pairing: Joel/Ray

WC: 1,086

Rating: PG-ish

Summary: It’s Ray’s birthday, and suddenly video calling is his favorite invention.

A/N: I guess the only warning/note I can put here is that Ray is like 17 and Joel is an adult in this so???? If that bothers you then please don’t read ;; And their age difference is way off but shh,,, (Lastly, anything in italics is their messages through skype so yeah, sorry if that’s confusing at all)

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ok it’s been 5 days so i’m gonna try to make a coherent post about streetcar and i’m on mobile so i can’t put it under a read more but ignore this if you don’t care/don’t want to read it:

first of all gillian was TINY iknew she would be but i was sitting right by the fire escape and the screen door to the apartment so she had to pass right in front of me and her waist was so small and she wobbled on her heels the entire time and i just kept staring and my dad offered me his handkerchief because i was shaking
secondly i somehow didn’t realize she would have to do a southern accent? so when she started talking it really threw me off because it was her voice but not her accent and her features but not her inside, she was so completely blanche that even visibly it was like looking at a different person and i barely held it together from the first scene just from realizing that
thirdly fuck she was so tiny again but so huge on stage like from the minute she walked in in her heels and sunglasses her presence was huge and striking and everyone’s attention was on her the whole time she was just so THERE and it was hard to look away to the other characters when they had action away from her
the humor in the first half was really played up especially about blanche’s drinking and it drained away immediately in the second half and blanche drinking seemed less and less funny and more and more upsetting and pitiful and i felt bad for having laughed at it before
the music was so good like the loud scene change music was jarring in a way that added to the chaos of what was about to happen and the varsouviana played twice before blanche called attention to it and that was really effective and eerie and especially the music when she puts on her big dress and falls on the floor with the mirror was really scary and manic and the stage was spinning faster at that point which made everything unstable and chaotic and accentuated that her world was falling apart
also gillian burped during one of her lines (idk if it was intentional since she’s supposed to be drunk or just because she had really been drinking all of that liquid the whole time but she kind of hiccuped/burped at the end of a sentence and i slmost passed out)
the bathtub: i was on the opposite end from where the bathtub stops when she’s in it and i looked across to see who was in front of it and it was this old man and i was like he does not deserve to see that.. it was unfair really
during the intermission i was in the bathroom and thought i was doing a good job of holding it together but it suddenly hit me that i was in the same building as gillian anderson and i almost started crying in the stall and then i really did cry when stanley gave her the birthday card with the bus tickets in it and my heart literally hurt for her and what was coming next and i didnt think that would happen but yeah i felt a lot and when everyone bowed and then stepped away so she was alone onstage bowing the applause grew exponentionally like it rose and people were screaming and she was bowing with her hands folded and smiling and i cried and i expected to be affected a lot by seeing gillian but i was surprised by how affected i was by blanche and her voice cracking and i ached for her multiple times and ok it was so much and afterwards gillian ran offstage and my dad went to the bathroom and i sat in the middle of the room on a fancy lounge seat and held back tears and smiled like a maniac for like 10 minutes and it was the mattinee so i didnt meet her but honestly i think i was in no shape to do that and it was probably better that i didn’t because i think i would’ve burst into tears and made her really uncomfortable
anyway it was so fucking good and gillian was stellar and so was vanessa and her accent was good and i didnt know if the bruises on her legs were real or fake and at one point when stanley is throwing plates at blanche’s birthday party she just sat in her chair and stared down at the table and it was so real to me because her posture and the way she was trying to ignore it is exactly what i do when my dad is drunk and she had been more un pitiable in stanley’s other violent scenes because she was playing it like she really didn’t want to get out and really did like her life and so you felt bad for her but not much because she didn’t feel bad for herself but in that scene she looked defeated and it hit me a lot and ben foster was scary and really apelike especially when he was literally hanging from the fire escape and dragging his feet on the ground as the stage rotatedand i’m so glad i got to go im getting emotional writing this and it is really not coherent so i’m going to stop


Summary: Who knew that knocking on the wrong door also knocked something wrong on your chest?

Genre:floof lies ha this angsty on the end

Warning: swearing yes

Words: 517 words

A/N: okay so my teeth hurt like hell, so I’ll post this for now and then I’ll post the last shit tomorrow im v sorry, I just cant take the pain ugh (send me a number yooo) I’m also thinking of doing a sequel, since this really looked sad with no sequel (tell you what, ask me if you want it or nah)

“Happy birthday!”

There was a man. He was holding up a box of cake in his hands with his eyes closed and a big grin plastered all over his face.

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