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Dean Winchester's first kiss was with a boy.

He was 14 and they were in Chicago hunting a vampire. John had enrolled them in the local school, Dean didn’t see the point considering they were only going to be here a week or two at the most.
And that’s where he meets Danny. And Dean likes him because they like the same comic books and they both feel that Bucky deserved a better story line because, I mean, come on .
They hang out during lunch and between classes and quickly become best friends.
When John’s out, he brings Danny over to hang out and Dean is teaching him how to play a card game Uncle Bobby taught him last summer.
Dean really likes hanging out with Danny, as much as he liked hanging out with Sarah in Ohio, maybe even more. 
And he likes the way Danny blushes when he compliments him and he like the butterflies that flutter in his stomach when Danny smiles at him from across the grimy motel room table. 
So when night rolls around and Danny has to go home, Dean gets Sam ready and they all walk together. And Dean just can’t stop smiling at how Danny talks to Sam and how nice he is. 
When they get to Danny’s house, Dean tells Sam to wait by the drive way while Dean walks Danny to his door. They stand in silence, their cheeks red, and Dean so his dying day will say that it was from the chilly autumn air and definitely not a blush, Sammy, shut your face. 
Dean goes to say his goodbyes when Danny quickly leans in a pecks his rosy cheek. Dean blushes even harder and his eyes go impossibly wide. 
A look of panic settles itself on Danny’s face and he begins to apologize profusely and beg Dean not to tell anyone. But Dean leans in a pecks Danny’s lips with his own.
Danny’s eyes go wide with shock and his smile turns blinding. “I’ll see you in Ms. Turner’s class tomorrow.” Dean smiles back and nods, the aforementioned butterflies swarming in his entire body like that one scene from Under The Dome. 
He walks back to Sam, turning and looking back as Danny enters his house. When he looks at Sam, he’s giggling and has this shit eating grin on his face. “Sammy, I swear to god if you don’t wipe that grin off your face I’ll draw dicks on you while you sleep.” Sam promptly does not do that. “So, are you guys boyfriends now?” Dean looks down and scratches the back of his neck, trying to conceal the grin threatening to wreck havoc across his face. “Shut up.”
As they walk, Dean can’t stop smiling, he’s practically skipping as they approach their motel room.
When they get inside, John is in the bathroom, cleaning off his machete and knives. He looks up when he hears the door open and sees his sons walking in, “and where have you two been” he questions. Dean flounders a bit at the question. “Just went for a walk.”
John gives him a skeptical look but let’s it slide.
Sam looks up at Dean and gives him a looks as if to say ‘dude, tell dad’ but Dean just shoots him a look right back saying ‘if you say anything I will literally commit fratricide’. With that, Sam backs off and goes to finish his homework. 
For the rest of Autumn they, surprisingly, stay in the motel. John taking on local jobs and handling hunts in the area because hey, he likes Chicago and Sam and Dean are actually in school. 
Dean hangs out with Danny almost everyday, sometimes at the motel and sometimes at Danny’s house. And it’s great because he can bring Sam with him and Sam likes Danny because he’s nice to him( unlike Sarah from Ohio) and Danny likes having a little kid around, he’s kinds of like the kid brother he never had. 
When they know Sam isn’t looking, they steal kisses and hold hands. And Danny’s palms are sweaty but Dean doesn’t care because he has a boyfriend and his eyes have gold flecks in the bright autumn sun light and his hair in the same color as the lemonade he remembers his mom making every summer and his voice sounds like heaven even if it cracks sometimes. And that’s even better because whenever it happens Danny gets brushy and Dean gets to tease him about it. And Dean is so excited because his birthday is in two weeks and Danny said they were going to go on a real date. 
But when John comes home late on a cold January night, he says they’re leaving, and soon. He’s got a YED lead and they can’t waist any time. 
At school the next day Dean tells Danny he’s moving and at first he thinks he’s joking but Dean’s not laughing. 
They skip school and go back to Danny’s house. They act like nothing’s different, like it was last Saturday when John was watching Sammy and they got to hang out alone. 
But then 5 o'clock rolls around and Dean has to leave. 
They say their goodbyes and Danny cries. Dean reassures him that they’ll see each other again .
“I promise”

That night when Sam’s asleep in the back seat and johns humming to the toon of some old classic rock song that Dean doesn’t remember the lyrics to, the reality of the situation sinks in. He’s probably never going to see Danny again. A few tears escape down Dean’s cheeks, he sniffles and furiously wipes away the evidence. 
John looks over and notices, “boy what are you crying about. I expect this shit from Sammy but not you, you know why we have to move around.” Dean keeps quiet, in fear of losing control of his tears. He nods and keeps rubbing at his face, trying to will the sinking feeling in his chest to go away. 
John just turns the music up.

The years pass and Dean has more boyfriends ( and girlfriends ). 
Well more like one-night-stands than anything else .
He learns about survival and has to do things he regrets to keep him and Sam alive. But as long as he has Sam , he’s good. 
He’s all but forgotten about his autumn romance with the boy with the lemonade hair.
But John’s drinking gets worse. 
And he’s an angry drunk, y'know. 
And then Sam goes off the college. 
And John and Dean go their separate ways because Dean is 23 now, he’s an adult. 
And now he’s alone.
He find himself in a bar in Chicago. Scoping out the place for, well, he’s not quite sure yet. He spots a mop is blond hair behind the bar and his heart all but stops. Brown eyes meet green and there’s instant recognition. 
“Holy shit, well if it isn’t Dean Winchester.” The man says, approaching Dean’s spot at the bar. “Danny Madbey. It’s been awhile.“ 
They talk and Danny’s at the local college studying psychology, he’s pansexual, and has a boyfriend named Jason who works at the garage a few blocks over. They’ve been together for 4 years and just moved in together about a years ago. 
And his smile is just as bright as it was 9 years ago. 
Danny asks about him and tells him his version of the truth. He skips the rough parts, tells him about Sam’s full ride to Stanford and how his dad gave him the impala and that he’s traveling the country, trying to figure out his place in the world. 
He doesn’t actually mention that last part but Danny has a knack for reading people.
He notices how Dean’s smile does quite reach his eyes and how his bravado hides 80% of his actual personality. 
It’s around 3 when the bar closes and Dean offers to walk Danny to his car. They do and Danny surprises Dean with a hug. It takes a moment for Dean to respond but he does, and he does fiercely. He holds on like his life depends on it, he breaths in the secent of ‘Danny’, something he though he’d never experience again. 
When they finally pull away, Danny looks him in the eye and smiles, “it was good seeing you again.” Dean smiles, “you too, man." 
They exchange phone numbers and hug one last time.
"Take care of yourself, Dean" 

They go their separate ways.

Dean moves on to hunt a rugaru in Seattle .
Danny goes home to tell Jason that he saw Dean ( "yes, Jay, the Dean”).
They text every once in awhile. Like when Danny sees the old motel or passes the playground they used to take Sam to sometimes. 
Or when Dean would pass some tourist trap the he and Danny used to fantasize about going to. 
2 years later Dean goes to Danny and Jason’s wedding . 
The texting eventually stops until one day, 4 years after they last saw each other, Danny gets a picture message from an unknown number. 
It’s a picture of Dean, visibly older, talking a selfie with an obviously confused man with dark, messy hair and shockingly blue eyes. Dean’s smile is wide and bright. Along with the picture , there’s a text that says, “hey, Danny. I think I finally found the one”

I’m just going to throw this out there.

It’s perfectly okay to not like a wrestler. It’s always okay to have a different opinion of them. Just don’t be that person that’s constantly trying to tear fans down for liking someone you don’t like. Don’t be that asshole. I may or may not be talking about Dean Ambrose, since I’ve seen a lot of bullshit posts on my dash today about him.. So let’s just break this down.

It’s okay not to like Dean Ambrose. It’s okay to like Dean Ambrose.

but when people who don’t like him, try to throw bullshit reasons at fans to turn and dislike him, that’s when it gets ridiculous, so lets break it down even further.

1. He’s not true to his gimmick. He’s not crazy. - Well no shit. If you want to go by that logic, then most wrestlers would be disliked. Undertaker would actually be a dead guy who rises once every year, The Rock would go around referring to himself as ‘The Rock’ instead of using words like I, and me, and John Cena wold actually want kids.

2. He doesn’t ‘look like a champion’ - Neither did Daniel Bryan… Do I need to say more? And by the way… Since when does ‘looking like a champion’ mean shit to fans? But never mind how many times he’s been a great champion in past companies. Never mind the US title. That was bad and lazy booking that can’t be blamed on him (just like I can’t blame Nikki for having a horrible title run with the divas title since she has no control over how she’s booked.)

3. He’s overrated - This word is used way too much, and most of the time, not in the right context. You want to see overrated? Think kids and John Cena, think women in their 20’s and 30’s and Randy Orton. Overrated is the thought of a single person, and it’s a personal opinion that you have of the fans thought process rather than the wrestler itself, and therefor, how is that even fair? You can’t predict how highly someone truly thinks without looking through their thoughts.

4. He’s a bad wrestler - I suppose there is no right or wrong, but going off crowd reactions, I would say - yes, he’s a good wrestler. He puts his heart into it every time, and he doesn’t make it look fake and stiff. His matches can bring fans to their feet to chant ‘This is awesome’. He doesn’t have the love/hate reaction from the crowd like Roman Reigns, or John Cena, which would tell someone who’s looking, that he must be doing something right for fans to be behind him as much as they are.

5. His movie is going to suck - … What does this have to do with his wrestling career? The guy said himself that he showed up, thinking he was going to have a small role, and he ended up being the ‘star’ of it, if you will. He didn’t literally just say ‘Hey, I’m going to go make a movie. Be back in a month!’ … None of the guys in the company do that. It’s a company decision, not some ‘audition’. If you want to go off movies, though, then you might as well hate on John Cena, Big Show, Randy Orton, and The Miz, because they’ve all had their share of horrible, horrible movies. WWE is not a film company, so you shouldn’t expect them to have 10 star movies. I’m sorry if that’s disappointing.

But all in all, it’s perfectly fine to dislike Dean Ambrose for all of these reasons, just don’t try to say “Oh no. You shouldn’t like him because of these reasons.” because that makes you an asshole. Dean Ambrose has literally done everything he can to put on a good show, and yea, he has this crazy, unhinged, bad guy look and gimmick, but there’s more to it than that. This is the guy who doesn’t stop until he gets what he’s been set out grab, and you can believe it. He doesn’t wear colorful shirts or hats like Cena, and the only reason he’s probably had some rough patches is because WWE is not that great at booking sometimes. (look at the divas…). Hell, the only reason he’s probably been knocked out of the title picture, is because Brock Lesnar is back. He has everything… He’s got a gimmick that fans can get behind, and cheer for, and he’s talented both in ring, and on the mic. He’s not perfect, no, but neither is he bad.

But like I said, it’s perfectly okay for someone to dislike him, or any other wrestler for any reason… Just don’t act like your opinion is number 1, and that everyone should listen to you. You have your opinion, but that doesn’t mean others have to agree to it, or even listen to it… So stop assuming you’ve got the only opinion that matters, since you don’t. Stop trying to drag fans down that look up to these guys and girls simply because they don’t fit your thought of ‘the guy’ or ‘the girl’. It’s gross, and it’s disturbing how many people think that is an okay thing to do.

“If the alternative is letting them get away with it then I’d rather be called creepy a million times over and continue to post the facts so people know the truth. Instead of letting anyone believe what a bunch of hateful assholes make up because they’re mad Renee and Dean are together.“

I’m gonna frame this. That entire post, actually.

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On this wonderful day of everyone can marry that I celebrate with friends, the destiehellers make it all about "Now Dean and Cas can maaarrryyy." And Collins posts about his character. I am beyond disgusted and have graduated to hating.

Yes, this day should be about REAL people being able to marry other REAL people, instead of an asshole trying to remind every body he still has a job and a bunch of morons, who were dropped on their heads when they were babies, who think that reality is somehow connected to THEIR FANTASY. 

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Eh, I found Dean boring. And Logan just irritated me so much because he was an asshole but in a jerk way, not an endearing way.

I need to rewatch the series to get better opinions, but I remember liking that Logan helped Rory embrace adventure/”impossibilities,” if that seems accurate. Still, no real OTP on that show - wait, no, the OTP is Sookie/Jackson.

alright guys im gonna come out and say it: i wrote fanfiction. dean ambrose fanfiction.. and im not sure if I should type it up and post it or not.

i actually wrote it months ago but i re-read it today and i actually liked it… i mean if i were to post it id fix some things but i thought it was a (kinda) cute story. what do you guys think? i mean i make him look like an asshole at the start but as the story progresses he becomes lovable haha. so should i post it? 

Give me exactly 1000 less fics of Meg being cast as in the “Snarky bad girl with a secret heart of gold” trope and 1000 more fics of Ruby getting to be more than Sam’s starter girlfriend before he trades-in for Stepford!Jess, of Ruby trading jibes with Dean and connecting with Cas, falling in love with Anna, and realizing what a major douchenozzle Lucifer was.

Really just give me less ooc Meg and more Ruby, please and thank you.

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You know they secretly wish they could see the entire photo just like the rest of us. They'd be pissed if Renee actually posted it, but that wouldn't stop them from saving it in their phones, using it for their own backgrounds, headers etc. Honestly, if they were smarter they would've kept quiet. They could've had LOADS of cute and candid Dean pics for their shrines by now had they not decided to be abusive cunts for the past two years. He wouldn't have given a damn. You hurt yourselves, morons.

Exactly. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if they’d be slightly more open with their relationship if people weren’t such assholes about it (who am I kidding, they’d probably be as low-key as ever, but who knows). I really wish Dean’s fanbase wasn’t so horrible. Just like you said, a lot of his supposed “fans” are just abusive, jealous cunts who don’t care about his happiness.

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goddamn hon, chill, chill. 

First off, you can go through the entire archive of my blog, and I can assure you you won’t find any post in which I am stating that Dean’s bisexuality is canon, because it’s not. Next, about my icon/the icons I made, it clearly reads in the post that those are according to MY interpretation; I made Cas a grey asexual icon, and Sam a demisexual icon, when, for all we know, they are as straight as Dean. But you don’t seem to be bitching about that, wonder why that might be. Oh, and by the way, I am bisexual too, and in all the years I’ve been watching Supernatural, I have never felt like Dean is representation for the bisexual community. 

Now, don’t ever come back to my ask box and insult my interpretations, or any of the actors or characters, or the show itself. Trust me kid, you won’t be able to handle it.
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“What about Castiel? He seems helpful… and dreamy.”

Something about the comment just isn’t sitting right, and Dean’s jaw twitches. He stares at the wall in the dark, and at a quarter past four in the morning, it hits him.

“Asshole,” Dean hisses under his breath, sitting up straight, “that sonofabitch kept publishing.”

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Bold anon is an asshole. Renee was hinting but dean was smiling in the pictures Stephen and Rebecca were ALLOWED to post on social media. He also looked good meaning the ring rat wasn't there. Renee also posted a selfie with Nicki while dean was working in Canada. After that selfie nicki and Renee decided not to post pictures of them anymore cause it confuses the deanee shippers.


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Ellie girl- I'm gonna post what we talked about. I'm gonna say that Dean was seen in Philly with a brunette chick. They'll believe anything you post. This will be funny! Lmfao.

You’re an asshole who has the blogs messed up again.

TRRD…you really still trying it?

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Someone I follow who is from Nigeria tweeted happy Canada day today too. Does that mean she is going or is there? Renee posted happy fathers day but was lazy to actually go to TO and spend some time with the man that helped her get a job in the wwe. I wouldn't read too much into the troll her pictures and also won't let sub asshole do what it always does best on this blog and that is to start drama. When will Dean claim the ring rat btw?