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Enough is Enough

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,067

Warnings: slight panic attack, language, asshole Dean 

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader lives with the brothers at the bunker & Dean is always a jerk to her & then one day she has a panic attack & then fluff ensues…

Summary: Reader has lived & hunted with the boys for 3 years & usually puts up with Dean being a dick pretty well. One night, she can’t take anymore and has a panic attack.

A/N: Enjoy!! Feedback greatly appreciated!! And thank you to @mamapeterson for just reading over this before I posted it lol wasn’t too confident on it tbh but I hope y’all like it!!

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That slap was a “fuck you and your unnecessary opinions about my relationship” and I like that she said it.

There are people out there who do not like Renee for numerous reasons and that’s fine. But to be salty of her relationship and for the sake of being salty is pathetic. From what she wears to how she talks to posting a picture of Jon on Instagram saying Happy Birthday, people do not miss the opportunity to go out of their way to be an asshole. And for what? Who cares? No matter how many insulting comments you say to her on Instagram, on twitter, or in her tag here on Tumblr, it won’t change the fact that they’re together and happy.

People truly brainwash themselves into believing they’re not together. They analyze every picture, every conversation, every interview to find one little thing (like he’s not even smiling in this picture) and add that to their spider web on the wall that they’ve created to make themselves feel better about Jon being in a relationship.

The hate is so unnecessary and pathetic. Get over yourself.

Destiel + Fond Insults
  • Dean: Cas, you asshole.
  • Cas: My vessel is comprised of more than an anus, Dean.
  • Dean: Cas, you son of a bitch.
  • Cas: That's very rude Dean, I never knew my mother, but I'm sure she wasn't a bitch.
  • Dean: Cas, you piece of shit.
  • Cas: I am not made of excrement, Dean, I fail to see how you wouldn't know that.
  • Dean: Cas, you motherfucker.
  • Cas: I do not have intercourse with my mother, Dean, I told you before I never knew her.
  • Dean: Fine, you fucker.
  • Cas: ...that is true, I have intercourse with you.
When Hate Turn to Love

Prompt #27: “You couldn’t let me be content just hating you, you had to make me love you”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: Possible swearing, hint of self-doubt, allusion to past injuries, asshole!Sam and an actual sort of caring Dean!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or its characters. I also do not own any gifs, images, jokes or songs either.

Summary: Reader has always felt left out where Sam was involved. Without knowing it Sam has been an asshole to you and you try to hate him but it doesn’t quite work out so well. Especially when the floppy haired man had cheesecake, your weakness.

Requested: Yes. @poukothenerd

A/N I’m going to straight out say this. This blog has restrictions that will be posted in our description and we will send a post out further about this. Thank you for supporting Ash and I!


Prompt List

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You had a problem with Sam, he didn’t consciously know that he was hurting you but he still was. You would ask if Dean could help you on something and Sam would make a comment on how he was needed to do research. That’s how you pulled a muscle and kept silent about it.

The Winchesters had taken you in to live in the Bunker with you due to the lack of income you had and Dean grew you see you like he had seen Charlie. He talked to you and helped as much as he could but it was hard when Sam wanted things done quick. It meant they weren’t around to help you much.

You were being to think that Sam didn’t want you here so you withdrew into yourself, actually buying a mini fridge when they were out. You had managed to get one of the biggest rooms and used it to your advantage, you had a cupboard of dishes with a microwave and min fridge. It meant you didn’t want to go near the boys rooms on the way to the kitchen.

A month or so passed before hunting died down a little so the boys were home more often. In the span of a week they could count on one hand on how many times they had seen you. It was beginning to worry Dean and Sam was noticing too.

“Is she home?” Dean questioned concerned. Sam rolled his shoulders.

“You know her.”

Meanwhile in your room you went over how you felt about the younger Winchester. You had grown to hate him to be honest and you were okay with that. It didn’t bother you that he hadn’t looked at you since you had moved in. You grew accustomed and actually enjoyed it more.

You heard the knock on the door before it opened revealing bright green eyes.

“Y/N? Where’ve you been?” Dean questioned walking into the room.

“Here.” You smiled leaning back on the couch you had in your room. You were watching a movie on it.

“But you haven’t been in th…What’s that?” Dean trailed off noticing your makeshift kitchen, 
Have you been hiding from us?”

“Pfft…no.” You rolled your eyes, “I’m been busy so when I get home I collapse in her and I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen.

“Uh huh.” Dean raised one eyebrow, “I call bullshit. Come on, you’re eating with Sam and I.”

You protested but it fell on deaf ears as he practically dragged you out of the room and into the kitchen. Sam was at the stove where a few cans of soup were sitting, he glanced back to see you. He furrowed his eyebrows having not heard the bunker door open; he noticed you avoided looking at him.

“I was-“

“Watching a movie.” Dean interrupted pointing his finger at you, “I know you.”

“Where’ve you been Y/N?” Sam asked but all he got was a scoff and glare. He shifted not knowing why you were doing that. He had never been mean or rude to you during the time he had known you.

“Dean, I really have work to do.” You lied to her friend. He chuckled, “I have to go get some stuff okay?”

“Oh we need some stuff too!” Sam exclaimed. You rolled your eyes before slamming a cupboard open as you grabbed a glass. You went to the water machine to get some before you drank it fast.

“I have to go now, you’re cooking.” You waved your hand off as you opened a thinner cabinet where multiple car keys hung. You grabbed the ones for the truck you liked best, “Dean can come with me.”

“Nah. I got it.” Dean waved his hand off before grabbing the ladle from Sam, “It’s Sam’s turn for a supply run anyway.”

Your groaned before grabbing your jacket from the back and chair was pushing her arms into the sleeves. Without a look you stormed out to the garage with Sam following you. You hated this so much but you couldn’t go back on your word.

“Can we listen to music?” Sam asked reaching for the radio flipping it on he found a good channel. You tensed because it was your preferred station and there was no way Dean or Sam knew. Dean only played his music and you always played your music with headphones in.

“How do you know I like this channel.” You stiffly asked.

“I didn’t. It’s one of my favourites because it’s not mullet rock.” Sam grinned over at you. His bright smile chipped at your ice heart, “There’s only so much of Dean’s music that I can take.”

“I know what you mean.” You grumbled wishing the ride was over already.

Sam could feel the awkwardness coming from the drivers seat where you were sitting but he couldn’t figure out just why you were so awkward with him. It was beginning to make him annoyed that you were being standoffish to him. He then decided crack some joked to break the ice with you.

“Why was the baby strawberry crying?” He asked rolling his head towards you.

You rolled your eyes not even bothering to answer the man.

“His parents were in a jam.” Sam answered with a grin. You rolled your eyes once even though you had a smile on your face.

“Uh.” You sighed as town came into view.

“What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?”

You groaned despite the smile that was trying to break out on your face. You refused to let it happen but you failed when he finished the joke.

“A nervous wreck.”

You burst into laughter while looking over at him with a grin, maybe he wasn’t so bad. You kept cracking up at the cheesy jokes he would say until you were inside the grocery store getting food both for the bunker and for your room.

“Why don’t you like me?” Sam asked as he grabbed some of his favourite vegetables. You sighed picking out a good batch of strawberries.

You were about to answer when you looked over to see Sam pretending to brush his hair with a banana. You lost it nearly falling on the ground at the hilarity of the situation. The entire shopping in the grocery store was filled with glares from other people as they watched you act like immature children.

You honestly believed it would change the way Sam treated you and you were excited to do more with him. Too bad you were wrong.

Within a couple days it went back to the way it had been before. He would wave you off and not offer you any help when you asked for help. You retreated back to spending more time in your room not wanting to feel unwanted in the presence of someone you had seen as a potential friend.

Another month passed before the guys were going to have a movie night and while they got everything ready Sam was concerned. Usually when popcorn was made you could smell it and would come out because you couldn’t deny popcorn. He looked at Dean but all he got was a shrug in reply.

“I don’t know man.” Dean replied, “She doesn’t come out of her room often anymore. She doesn’t really like being around you.”

“Why?” Sam questioned frowning.

“Sammy. You’re kind of an ass to her.” Dean pointed the neck of his bottle towards his younger brother. Sam’s eyebrows went up in absolute shock, “Are you stupid or blind?”

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed, “I have not been an ass to her!”

“Go ask her. You’ve made snide comments about her.”

“What do I do to fix this?”

“Take a piece of her favourite dessert.” Dean shrugged, “I don’t know. You’re the girl you should know.”

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The classic bitch face appeared as Sam ambled towards the fridge where the cheesecake they had bought for her sat. He carefully cut two pieces and putting some whip cream on before he made before coming to the door that separated you and him. He had went over the times he was supposedly mean to her but he couldn’t find a lot of them.

“Y/N?” Sam asked, “I’m coming in okay?”

Without a reply he managed to juggle two plated pieces of cheesecake and opened your door. You hadn’t noticed him yet but he sure as hell noticed what was in your room; a microwave on a new counter and two mini fridges labeled drinks and food. He looked to the other side of the spacious room to see you comfortably sitting on a couch with your computer open.

His heart broke at the sight of your little apartment. He thought back and saw just how bad he had treated you without even realizing. He remember when you had asked Dean for help to carry something in and Sam had made a comment on; he had managed to belittle you by harshly saying he needed Dean to help with research. The following morning he noticed you were walking oddly and had a pained expression, you couldn’t turn or bend at all.

“Shit.” Sam grumbled before you jumped noticing the open door and Sam standing there.

“What are you doing here?” You glared at him. He shifted on his feet before pushing the dessert out further.

“Cheesecake?” Sam sheepishly said before he made himself comfortable on the couch, “Dean brought into the reason why you’ve been hiding out. I had no idea I was making you upset.”

“Sure.” You sighed rolling your eyes.

“I’m serious! I’m used to having a female actually hanging around so much. It’s not typical because everything we touch is destroyed.” Sam admitted, “I wish you would have told me. I want you to know that you’re special and I am so sorry about how I’ve been acting.”

He pushed the cheesecake into your hands and your melted despite your struggle.

“I couldn’t tell you because I thought you hated me. “ You groaned, “You couldn’t let me be content just hating you, you had to make me love you. All the while you were pulling at my heartstrings.”

“Second chance?” Sam asked turning to look at you, “We’re watching a movie, would you like to watch with us?”

“I guess.” You said quietly thanking him when he helped you up.

“I promise I won’t make you feel like that again.” Sam grinned pulling you in for a hug, we can eat the cheesecake out there.”

You gave him a second chance but it did take a while before you could be in a relationship with him and you had never regretted it since.

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First Round

Fandom: WWE

Author: @amywritez / @lex1cate

Pairing/Characters: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins

Length: 2800+ words

Rating: M. Smut ahoy. Also some plot though. I can’t seem to *not* with plot.

AN: Prequel to the story I wrote for @tox-moxley and the @25daysofchrismuts challenge (to be posted on the 22nd!). Roman and Dean’s first time.  For @actualamyautopsy @thee-asshole-of-moxicity , and everyone who has encouraged the writing!

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Okay, the fact that Dean literally had to deactivate his Instagram because some asshole couldn’t shut up is so ridiculous and here’s why:

1. Who cares if he got plastic surgery?!
I’m okay with idols getting surgery as long as it’s not forced. This was Deans choice. He wanted this for himself. And usually when people get surgery it’s to help with their self confidence. Who doesn’t want to look better and more attractive?? Nobody has the right to bash him for wanting to fix his personal errors. Plastic surg is so common in Korea why is anyone truly surprised??

2. You do not own him.
Kwon Hyuk is a grown ass fucking man. He can and will make his own decisions. You are nothing but a person who helps him make money. You, in no way have any control over what he does. You cannot be upset over his past that you have no conformation about.If you dont like the fact that he might’ve gotten plasty, too bad. You’re just going to have to deal with it. The end.

3. Stop harassing idols online!!!! Wtf?!
This is why some idols are kinda distant, they don’t want to deal with the bs of people online. Commenting shit like “fuck me daddy” is wrong. Its a form of harassment. And gross And telling idols things like they aren’t worth their position, to kill themselves, etc is even worse. Do you know how much an idol goes through?? They work their asses off to be where they are now. They’ve gone through too much and don’t deserve to witness the bullshit rudeness coming from you. They work so hard to make enjoyable music and performers for us but some people are so ungrateful for even that. You only care for their looks when that is in fact, the least important thing. If you only stanned Dean for his look a you were never a true fan and didn't deserve to even witness his talent and greatness. People make me so fucking sick.

and lastly,
Dean is such a sweet guy. He’ really smart and meaningful and tbh no one deserves him. And he definitely didn’t deserve all this hate online. He’s just ;;; so amazing and I love him so much. I just hope that the cruel messages he’s received doesn’t affect him too bad and he comes back soon. Us real rebels miss him dearly ❤ I want him to know that we do love and appreciate everything he does for us. A real fan will not care for just his looks.

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Bros: ranked

Ram: 69/10 bro, best bro, would bro again, the only bro for me, would defend to the death
Harry: 8/10 good bro, sometimes annoying but generally good bro
Jason Dick: 2/10 asshole. not a bro. only in positives bc he can roast
Veronica: 5/10 murderer, but hot. nice enough
Heather Macaroni: 6.5/10 bro enough, will stick by you, salty bro
Heather Chandler: 11/10 solely for looks
Heather duke: 3/10 not a good time, no sense of humor, lame af
Martha: 2.3/10, really weird, got a thing for my bro ram, he is mine back off, other than that nice
Me, Kurt Kelly: won’t rank myself because that’s biased, but I’d say a solid 7/10

You Asshole, Dean Winchester

Pairing: Dean x reader, Dean x OFC

Word count: about 3220

Warnings: Dean being an asshole, clueless!dean, smut, slight angst (maybe), kind of angry sex, cursing, unprotected sex (in my head the reader is on the pill, but play safe, kids)

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve posted fics. Sorry about that, but I’ve been really busy. Hope this makes up for it.

Originally posted by sindarinqueen

Dean Winchester had done a lot stupid, thoughtless and inconsiderate things in the time you had known him. So far you had forgiven him every single one of them. All it took was one of those heart melting smiles of his, and a wink sent your way, and you would crumble. Since you had fallen in love with him, not even that had been necessary. You forgave him right away. Not once had he had to apologise for whatever he had done. Dean was your weak spot and he took advantage of that, whether he knew it or not.

This was the very first time in all the years you had known him that you weren’t sure if you could forgive him, if you could put it all behind you.

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ameliahcrowley replied to your post: inkbleeder: ale1dulce: inkbleeder: Okay,…

I would *love* a Meg and Dean commiserating (preferably over shots and with the body of some person/monster-of-the-week who they just killed in the unseen bulk of the episode slumped over the table) over their backstories fic. I wouldn’t even need a romantic subplot, just “Oh, *man* that thing with the fish-hook?” “Yeah, that sucked. So stop hoarding the hooch asshole: I’m traumatised here”

I know, right?

Dean: You remember how we were drafted into a war by angels and eventually found out that both our sides wanted to kill us all over some petty family squabble? Good times.

Meg: Yeah. Great times. Right up there with how you killed my whole family.

Dean: …yeah…sorry about that. Wasn’t thinking too straight after your dad killed/arranged for the murder of my whole family.

Meg: Touché. *pours a million more shots* …want to go stare at Castiel after this?

Dean: God, yes.

Meg: You know when we first met he pushed me into a fire.

Dean: Aw. He buried me in my own grave.

Meg: You think that means he likes us?

Heathers!AU Headcanons - Tyler x Reader

okay so these are the worst ones ive done imo. but, i still decided to post these because why the fuck not? anyways, i hope you guys enjoy them and no i wont do this again (doing AU hc’s based off a movie.) but I’m taking requests which you can send here. also I highly reccomend the movie/musical Heathers Ok Bye.

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goddamn ram sweeney

so i did one of these posts about heather chandler and how she was an asshole who actually had a SHIT LIFE and she is my love this time i’m focusing on ram sweeney, linebacker, and professional douchebag

specifically, i’m focusing on ram sweeney from the musical as movie ram and musical ram are totally different people

one thing to think about, ram and kurt’s roles actually switched between the movie and the musical

in the movie, ram is the airhead dumbass while kurt is more sensible and a lot smarter

in the musical, these roles have clearly swapped around, so if it pleases you, you can apply these things to kurt kelly from the movie…. but i doubt it’ll work with the observations i;m making

so ram sweeney is an asshole who beats kids up and chases tail all day long, but i think his personality is a little bit more complicated than that

i don’t have as much evidence as i do with heather chandler, but ram may not be all he seems to be

we first meet ram in beautiful, the first song of the show, where he is introduced as a total asshole

but, in the same song, kids are all singing individual lines and stepping forward when they sing them

ram’s individual line is “Why did I hit him?” and then he sings with everyone else “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”

this made me think that ram doesn’t want to be the bully or the bad guy, and he shows it again VERY SOON AFTER

right after jason dean is introduced, the dialogue between kurt and ram goes something like this

Kurt: Who’s that kid in the coat think he is anyways? Bo Diddly?

Ram: Veronica’s into his act, no doubt.

Kurt: Let’s kick his ass.

Ram: Come on, man, we’re seniors, we’re too old for that kind of stuff.

kurt then ignores ram and heads straight for jd, and then what really gets me is how ram reacts to it

he looks a little pissed off that kurt went and started something, and actually conflicted, like he really doesn’t want to do this, but then he goes and builds up the confidence to join kurt… and get his ass kicked

ram doesn’t want to start trouble or go and beat some random kid up

he wants to enjoy his senior year in some amount of peace

but, kurt seems to have this certain influence over him, and i think i have a guess why

ram and kurt are best friends who agree on everything, and ram doesn’t want to spark an argument with his best friend or get the guy pissed off at him, so he goes along with kurt’s bullshit

along with that, kurt has a bit more power on the popularity foodchain than ram does

notice that kurt is the one with the cheerleader girlfriend and the one that’s pounding rum and coke with heather chandler, which was probably his own idea…. he loves his booze……

ram’s source of popularity comes from being a jock…. and kurt kelly, his best friend

if ram pisses kurt off enough, he could lose way more than his best friend

so ram’s true feelings on a lot of things are totally unknown, because he kind of tosses them all aside to play asshole with kurt

but i think that ram does indeed have a softer and maybe even a sweeter side to him, and he shows this through… you guessed it…. my actual bae, heather chandler

i think ram has a thing for heather chandler, and not a sexual desire, but an actual romantic attraction

i have a few pieces of evidence for this

1. why do ram and kurt do whatever heather tells them? why is she the only one who can control them? they’re popular on their own, and they never needed her to gain popularity. kurt probably listens because he’s dating heather mcnamara, who genuinely likes being around heather chandler and considers her to be her best friend. if kurt pisses heather chandler off, he pisses his girlfriend off. ram…. has no reason. absolutely none. kurt has a bit of a requirement, but ram really doesn’t. he listens to heather because…. he can. that’s just what he chooses to do. kurt probably ties him into it, too, but i kind of doubt it’s all him.

2. big fun. this is where i got most of my evidence. and first, it’s how both kurt and ram act around heather chandler. kurt picks her up, feels her up, slaps her ass, all those gross teen boy things. ram does…. he uh…. he doesn’t. he sexually goes after heather duke and heather mcnamara, but not heather chandler. he instead stays close to her, while not being a creep, which heather actually probably really appreciates. that, and towards the end of big fun, heather asks where the keg is, and everyone runs off, but you can very clearly see ram hold out his hand to her, GENTLY take her hand, and lead her away, which seems odd for him, and we know he wouldn’t normally do that with a girl.

3. the me inside of me. it’s a small piece of evidence, but it says a lot. when everyone is singing out to the audience, holding heather chandler’s “suicide” note, ram does something that makes my heart hurt a little bit. everyone stays out to the audience, but for a moment or two, ram stops looking at them. he looks down to the note in his hands. he’s sitting alone, near the back. and he just stares at it. he looks hurt, lost, confused. he looks like he’s a five year old whose puppy just got a hit by a car…. in front of him.

ram at least somewhat cares for heather chandler, whether it be a crush, or childhood friends, or whatever, he definitely cares a little bit

now the question, if it is love, does heather return these feelings?

i think it’s possible, but maybe she’s not entirely sure on it. i don’t think she’s too focused on actual love, so she probably doesn’t think about it often, and she’s most likely unaware that ram feels anything for her at all. 

AND WAIT THERE’S MORE it’s probably quick

kurt and ram’s behavior.

if ram is a secret softie who just has a bad influence as a friend, why won’t he show any of that? 

his dad.

ram and kurt’s dads are shown to be like older versions of ram and kurt, but a bit worse and much gayer. 

ram learned everything about who he is from his dad.

what about his mom? 

i think ram has a mom, but she’s not too present in his life.

ram clearly learned his behavior from his dad, who goes on a fishing trip, letting ram have a party. but his mom? where did she go? why is she not mentioned? it’s possible that she’s just out of the house… a lot.

i don’t want to say she’s dead or his parents are divorced, but it is highly possible. the one thing preventing me from saying this is kurt says “his folks got a water bed” in big fun, implying he has a mother and a father.

maybe his parents are divorced and kurt just doesn’t know. ram doesn’t seem like one for sharing his feelings.

and i mean, it’d make sense, his dad is into men. he might also be into women, but ram’s mom probably knows her husband is a little gay… and cheated on her at some point with his buddy paul.


ram is a douchebag who is surrounded by negative influences, and doesn’t know how to get out of this situation or better himself also he’s probably into heather chandler okay bye

destiel headcanons:

-Dean is a secret cuddler.  Will totally deny it, but once he’s in bed, he’s a human octopus.

-Cas is an asshole who takes up the entire bed/steals all the covers.  Also not a morning person.

-Every now and then Dean has to laugh and admit that he thinks Cas is fucking adorable.  

-Cas loves Dean’s freckles.

-They’re not into PDA, but occasionally, after a long day, they’ll get a little affectionate on a late-night, post-hunt diner run.

-They totally wear each others’ clothes sometimes.  But Dean has like 3 band tee-shirts that he will defend to the death and no one can fucking touch them end of story.

-Cas asks Sam for advice all the time.  And then Sam makes fun of Dean for how weird they are as a couple.

-Cas types novel-long texts with 40 emoticons in them and Dean just texts back “ok” an hour later.

-Dean totally watches ahead in whatever show they’re watching on Netflix together and then pretends he didn’t.

-For one of their first holidays/milestones together, Cas bought Dean something silly like a stuffed animal because he didn’t know what to get, and Dean laughed, but keeps it someplace special anyway.

-They can’t have pets because of their job.  They tried to have fish but one ate the other and Dean didn’t trust it anymore and flushed it.  Cas was unmoved, having observed nature take its course for millions of years.

-Dean has totally grabbed Cas’ ass just to make Sam uncomfortable enough to go away.

-Cas will just take Dean’s hand and announce to Sam that they’re going to have sex, which is actually more uncomfortable for everyone.

-They’ve totally fucked in the Impala.

-Sam tries to pretend he doesn’t know about that.

-Cas’ favorite Dean is a relaxed Dean, preferably wearing comfy sweats and lace panties, or naked.

-Dean’s favorite Cas is naked.  Or wearing Dean’s clothes.

-Cas likes running.  Dean doesn’t, but goes with him sometimes anyway.

-Dean does like Cas in running shorts.

-Dean is the one who makes breakfast in the morning.

-Cas still fucks up the laundry sometimes, but he’s getting better at it.

-They’ve totally fucked while staking out on a case.  But only once because that was actually a terrible idea and Dean regrets everything and Sam laughed for like 4888839292 years when he found out why Dean got thrown in the lake that night.

honestly tho the evolution of the way cas looks at dean touches my heart deeply and is also a little hilarious

he starts off like “haha what up you shiny tiny creature i’m an angel and i just yanked your perky butt outta hell”

and then like a week later we get into this pursed lips, questioning stare of who is this man and why the heck am i feeling feels

honestly do not even get me STARTED on this expression!!! all of a sudden we’re in the territory of furrowed brows, empathy and outright pain coming from this being who is supposed to be completely void of emotion!!!!

NOW WHAT THE DIDDLIY DOODLY IS THIS? you know what i see? i see the internal monologue of “i’m totally screwed but i don’t care because you know what? i think i love you”

it blows my mind that all of this happened in ONE season. one. cas has changed so much and in so many ways that if i tried to document all those changes through the seasons, the way they reflect in cas’s eyes, in the way he looks at not just dean but at everything, this post would be damn near infinite.

but u know what i can’t end this without talking about?
yeah. i think it’s pretty obvious dean came to the same conclusion cas did.

looking for love (in all the right places); a deancas au

SPN Writing Challenge | @padaleckhi​ vs. @boopedbyanangel
Prompt: Romanic Trip
Pairings: Destiel
Word count: 2.7k
Tags: Teen and Up Audiences, Fluff, Bachelor AU, Reality TV AU

Summary: Dean Winchester is America’s first bisexual bachelor on the reality TV series ‘Looking for Love.’ He came to the show to form a relationship with one of the contestants, but he never anticipated falling for the blue-eyed host instead. (Based off this Tumblr post by @theywearpink​)

[AO3 Link]


Dean looks into the camera like he’s done a thousand times before. Gabriel, the director, grabs the question cards from his assistant and takes a seat just outside of the shot. He rummages through a few ones, muttering, “boring, boring,” and “who the hell put this one in the mix, assholes?” before settling on one that suits his needs.

“Deano, you’re down to your final two contestants. Do you think that you can see yourself married to either one of them?”

He follows the usual procedure and waits a few seconds before replying. “Of course,” he recites from memory, the words that the producers told him to say coming back easily, “Benny and I have bonded over the course of these past few months, and Jo is quite the catch. I’m considering gettin’ two rings just in case I can’t choose,” Dean replies with a coy wink.

The crew laughs lowly behind the cameras and Gabe throws the used question to the side. Everybody quiets down as they await Gabriel’s next cue, and Dean readjusts himself in his chair while prying the collar of his button-down away from his sweat-soaked neck. The lights are extra warm today, and the ninety degree temperatures of Costa Rica aren’t making this shoot any easier. He’s grateful when a PA throws him a water bottle.

“There’s been some controversy over you being the first bisexual bachelor on ‘Looking for Love.’ Any words to your haters, Deano?”

He crosses his arms over his chest and looks directly into the camera for this one. “Bite me,” he replies. “If anyone has a problem with bisexuals, they can take it up with me. I ain’t standing for bullying or any of those nasty comments on Twitter, period.”

“Good, good,” Gabe coos from the sidelines, and Dean takes a long gulp of his water as Gabriel tosses all of the questions aside and leans his elbows on his knees. “Let’s go unscripted for this one, okay? What’s up with you and our dreamy host, Castiel Novak?”

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Five Minutes to Midnight

(gif credit to the creators)

Five Minutes to Midnight (Skeptics and True Believers pt 17)


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,107

Warnings: Language, assholes, the usual lol

Song: Five Minutes to Midnight - Boys Like Girls

A/N: part 17! I thought about making you guys wait a few days since I posted so much yesterday but then I felt bad hahahah. Hope you all enjoy!

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Sam and Dean Winchester

“Oh look it’s miss I don’t need you it’s just some vampires I can handle it.” Sam mocks while Dean laughs, coming into view of their younger sister.

“Just shut up and untie me you assholes.” You scoff, giving your older brothers the death glare they deserve.

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Pairing(s): Dean x Reader

Prompt/Summary: Dean takes care of you when you’re sick which leads to the boundaries of your relationship getting a little blurry

Author: Kale

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Probably Swear words. Sexual tension. Bcoz I am an asshole. unbeta’d i feel like that’s a warning 

The Cost

Title: The Cost (Part One)

Characters: Dean x Reader (in next part), Sam

Summary: The reader went off on her own and fell into a streak of reckless hunting after her brother was killed on a hunt. When the Winchesters show up unexpectedly three years later, she is less than thrilled to see them.  

Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: mention of character death, profanity, Dean’s an asshole, ANGST

POV: Readers, 2nd person

A/N: heads up- this fic has so much angst in it omg haahaha. I actually have the whole thing written but I have to edit part two and finish up the ending, so I can definitely have it posted in the next three days or so. This part is mostly a set up for the next part, which is super dialogue heavy. Please let me know if you like it or want part two sooner than planned! It’s always easier to push myself to get crap down when I know people want it haha

Loosely based off a request by sidneyleanne13​. It’s different than what you asked for so I hope this is okay! I kinda just go wherever the inspiration takes me and this is what happened. But I still had the whole Dean/Reader don’t get along bit, so I hope this works for you :) If you want me to do another fic closer to the original request, just let me know and I’ll put it back on the list!

Nothing could ever compare to the high of a hunt.

Nothing even comes close to the blaze of adrenaline sweeping through your bloodstream as the blade, firmly pressed within your grasp, ripped through the bodies of monsters solely intent on your demise. Booze and pills could only get you so far. This was a release unlike any other.

There was something about not knowing whether you’d make it out of the building alive that carried a vigorous rush through you. You were more alert, your instincts sharper, your body aligned perfectly with your mind. It was exhilarating. Dangerous, definitely. But moments like these… moments when the sharp edge of your enemy’s blade cuts inches away from your carotid artery, those were the only times you didn’t feel completely numb. Those were the moments you lived for. Those were the only moments you felt alive. Those were the moments you craved like an addiction.

You were a goddamn titan in the face death himself and you laughed.

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