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“Yeah, dude, I guess. But, like, this is a fuckin’ liberal arts college, brah. Isn’t everyone in a band?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never met anyone in a band before. I’m not in a band. Well, I’m in some school bands, but that’s not really… um. What kind of music do you play?”

in which instead of actually playing hockey, the guys play shitty (pun intended) DIY punk in a band called Soft Hands. classically-trained pianist eric bittle doesn’t quite know what’s hit him.

posters for @heyfightme ‘s fic Baking is Punk As Fuck . So I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been obsessed with this fic forever? And I’m so happy yet sad that it’s done now?? I’ve already reread the earlier chapters like soooo many times. The lines are great, Bitty’s narrative is so realistic in this new setting. Punk Jack Zimmermann is the love of my life and I’m also VERY obsessed with him (like seriously, way to get me to love Jack). And I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this fic reignited my love of punk. So yea, this fic is amazeballs 

First Summerween (one-shot)

Adding a needlessly fancy flourish to his final pen stroke, the young researcher finished the latest entry in his journal. A giddy excitement lightened his features as he proofread his work, an entry on a species of bioluminescent wildflowers that he caught migrating from clearing to clearing in the dead of night.

He spent last night following their bluish-green glow and observing the way in which the organisms interacted with each other. Fascinatingly, he found that the flowers’ roots behaved much like appendages when they upended themselves from the soil. A part of him still suspected a capacity for intelligent conversation within the precise way the flowers waltzed around each other, but he needed more time to observe before he could pull any assumptions. (Of course, the silly comparison that tickled his mind was of the dancing broomsticks in that old children’s cartoon about the mouse and the magician.) Overall it was an illuminating and magical experience, pun entirely intended. The discovery of this species was also exactly what he needed to keep his morale up and his curiosity burning.

Since arriving here in Gravity Falls two months ago, he hadn’t encountered enough mystery. Sure, there was that massive tree ent that utterly demolished his car on his first day in town- “Steve,” as he affectionately called him- but past that incident, the woods remained suspiciously silent. Day after day he trekked under the evergreens’ thick boughs and returned with not even a page of notes. He swore the forest was messing with him… flashing shadows on underbrush when his back was turned, all its creatures falling silent when he settled in a clearing to wait and observe. He almost wondered if- if whatever weird creatures that lived in the woods were studying him. Perhaps they were probing for weaknesses, or determining whether they found him to be a threat. Conducting their own research on humanity in parallel to his…

If there was one thing he knew for certain the forest was teeming with life, its heartbeat pulsing with a avid tempo. However, precisely when its denizens would accept his presence in their habitat and reveal themselves was knowledge he’d yet to glean.

Ford leaned close to his journal and blew over the pages, wanting the ink dry before he moved on to other business. Satisfied that it wouldn’t smudge, he gently closed the thick hardbound book and crossed into the kitchen. An orange  tinted glow filtered through the window blinds, bathing the room in the sunset’s calming ambiance.

He swung open the cupboard, a sudden craving for a hearty soup gnawing at his stomach. Hunger clawed at his innards with a ferocity he hadn’t experienced since that one week in college he lived off nothing but stale tortillas and canned beans. Had he really not eaten since last night’s dinner again? Stanford sighed, running a hand through the thick curls of hair behind his ear. Damn. That was a devilishly bad habit to start, one he’d better nip in the bud. He grabbed the first canned soup he saw and a small pot to cook it in. The young man had just turned on the stove when something knock against the exterior of his house.

Ford stiffened, and shut everything off. Did… did he really hear what he thought he heard?

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NCT U + Yuta Reaction when their daughter takes her boyfriend for the first time in their house (Quando a filha deles leva o namorado pela primeira vez na casa deles)


~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: Taeil would be the kind of father who makes you embarrassed in front of your boyfriend with dad jokes and puns, and don’t understand why you are hitting his arm  // Taeil seria o tipo de pai que a deixa envergonhada na frente do seu namorado com piadas e trocadilhos de tiozão, e não entende por que você está batendo no braço dele

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Taeyong: Taeyong would leave you both comfortable, just to keep an eye on you from a distance, and when your boyfriend thought he was safe, Taeyong would catch him in the act just so he could scold him with a reason // Taeyong deixaria vocês dois confortáveis, apenas para ficar de olho em vocês a distância e quando seu namorado pensasse que ele estava seguro, Taeyong o pegaria no ato só para poder dar uma bronca nele com motivo

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Yuta: Yuta would be the kind of father who would wait until you leave him with your boyfriend alone for him to say: “I know your intentions with my daughter, I’ve already had your age and you don’t fool me!” // Yuta seria o tipo de pai que esperaria você sair e deixar ele e seu namorado sozinhos para ele dizer: “Eu sei suas intenções com a minha filha, eu já tive a sua idade e você não me engana!”

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Doyoung: Doyoung would be the father who fills your boyfriend with scary questions like: “Do you plan to marry her?” “What do you work with?” “Do you have sex with protection?” “Did you know that if she cries for you I’ll kill you, right? ” // Doyoung seria o pai que enche seu namorado com perguntas assustadoras como: “você planeja se casar com ela?”, “com o que você trabalha?”, “vocês fazem sexo com proteção?”, “você sabia que se ela chorar por você eu vou te matar, certo?”

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Ten: Ten would be the father that is all receptive with your boyfriend, but ends up being in the kitchen all the day and asks your mom: “Who is this guy that she bring here?” // Ten seria o pai que é receptivo com seu namorado, mas acaba ficando na cozinha o dia todo e pergunta a sua mãe: “Quem é esse cara que ela trouxe aqui?”

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would be super friendly with your boyfriend, they would look like two school friends laughing and playing around all day, when your boyfriend left he would look at you and say: “Hahaha, I don’t like him” // Jaehyun seria super amigável com seu namorado, eles se pareceriam com dois amigos de escola rindo e brincando o dia todo, quando seu namorado fosse embora ele iria olhar para você e dizer: “Hahaha Eu não gosto dele”

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Mark: He is the boyfriend, not the father! // Ele é o namorado, não o pai!

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As an admirer of symmetry and coherence I design, it bugs me (pun very much intended) to no end that the Scorpion Locust Gods both trigger their first ability with their second, but the Scarab god is an upkeep trigger. Can you talk about why this choice was made? I get that as it is, it would probably be too powerful if it triggered any time you activate, but why not tweak it to fit the mold of the other 2 gods?

Form follows function. Making an aesthetic broken card in the end will make more unhappy than happy.

Announcement | Comunicado


So this blog is going to hit the 500 followers pretty soon, if things go as well as they’ve been going, and I decided to host some kind of contest or competition to celebrate it when the time comes.

I have a couple of ideas but I’d like to know what you think about them and whether you’d be interested in participating.

1st idea

I recently found an old list of some movie title/One Piece crossovers I wanted to do years ago, but never got the chance. They all contain some kind of (bad) pun or OP reference (i.e. Hairy Chopper - Harry Potter). You could also come up with your own movie title puns, of course. It’d be up to your imagination and creativity to do something nice with them.

2nd idea

Pick a One Piece character of your choice and create an original and creative AU version of them (i.e. If you choose Mihawk, don’t just turn him into a kendo master and nothing else; I’ll be unimpressed. Do something else with him, give him a twist, take some canon features and apply them to something that apparently has no connection with it and make it fit. Impress me.)

Whichever idea is chosen, you’d be able to submit any kind of work, from fanfics, fanart, headcanons all the way to edits or music playlists. This may still change and be reduced, though.

I’m still thinking of what the prizes could be, I’m leaning towards some One Piece merch, but it’s still not decided.

So what do you guys say? Are you interested?

P.S. Other ideas are welcome. Feel free to suggest your own. Do not send them as asks, though, please.


Este blog llegará a los 500 seguidores muy pronto, si las cosas van tan bien como hasta ahora, y he decidido organizar algún tipo de concurso o competición para celebrarlo llegado el momento.

Tengo un par de ideas pero me gustaría saber qué es lo que pensáis de ellas y si estaríais interesados en participar.

1ª idea

Hace poco encontré una vieja lista que contenía algunos crossovers entre títulos de películas/One Piece que quería haber hecho hace algunos años, pero nunca tuve ocasión. Todos ellos contienen algún chiste (malo) o referencia a OP (i.e. Hairy Chopper - Harry Potter). También podríais inventar vosotros mismos los chistes con los títulos de las películas que se os ocurran. Que acaben siendo algo algo simpático y bonito corre a cuenta de vuestra creatividad e imaginación.

2ª idea

Escoger el personaje de One Piece que queráis y cread una versión AU original y creativa del mismo (i.e. Si escogéis a Mihawk, no os dediquéis a convertirlo en un maestro de kendo y nada más; eso no va a impresionarme. Haced algo más con él, dadle algún giro, coged algunas de sus características canon y aplicadlas a algo que no tenga ninguna conexión aparente y haced que funcione. Impresionadme.)

Sea cual sea la idea escogida, podréis presentar cualquier tipo de trabajo, desde fanfics, fanarts y headcanons hasta ediciones o playlists musicales. Todavía puede que esto cambie y se reduzca la lista.

Aún estoy pensando en qué podrían ser los premios; de momento me inclino más hacia merchandising de One Piece, pero no hay nada decidido.

¿Qué me decís? ¿Os interesa?

P.S. Otras posibles ideas son bienvenidas. Sois libre de sugerir vuestras propias propuestas. Pero no las enviéis como asks, por favor.

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Got another one for you. Yang keeps making sex puns about banging Weiss the first time she meets her parents

But I suck at Puns. *Do it.* But I can’t Pun. *Do it!* But *DO IT!* 

Jacques: So. You are the one who is keeping my daughter company at beacon. *Jacques questioned, studying Yang as he took a bite of his steak.*

Yang: If you mean dating and helping her with her singing then yes. *Yang smirked as she sipped her wine as Weiss looks over at her girlfriend curiously.*

Weiss’s mother: Oh really? How so?

Yang: Well you see, I have been put that tongue of hers to work. *Yang smirked and Weiss and her father choke on their food.*


Yang: I have been putting her tongue to work. You know making her said tongue twisted rhymes really really fast. *Yang stated, Weiss watching her father clam down a bit and sighed in relief until Yang spoke again.* I even showed her how to tie a knot in a cherry stem. Hey to really get in there to get her to learn that one.

Wmother: Oh my.

Jacques: How is that suppose to help her with her sing?

Weiss: I-It helps me sing more words quickly with less of a breath! *Weiss quickly answered her father’s question before Yang could get the chance to.*

Wmother: Really now?

Yang: Oh yeah. Not that your daughter needs to. After all, she can hold her for a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time. *Yang winked as she placed two of her twos over her lips, Weiss blushing like mad watch she watched her parents look at each other and Yang sticks her tongue between her finger moving it in circle before stopping watch her parents turn back to her.* Plus, she has been hitting much high notes when we get down to business in our room and bathroom.

Weiss: Yang!

Jacques: The bathroom?

Yang: Yes. The bathroom. It has better acoustics. Hell she even got me to sing in a few high pitches. *Yang smirked*

Weiss: YANG!!

Wmother: Oh you sing too? How lovely. You must sing for us.

Yang: Sorry Mrs Schnee but only your daughter can hear them… Maybe Winter too if she is singer t-OW! * yang smiled deivously until Weiss stomped her heel on her foot.*

Weiss: For the last time Yang, Winter. Doesn’t. Sing.

Wmother: But I wing. Oh excuse me, sing is what I meant. I guess I had a little too much wine.

Jacques: Why do I feel like I’m missing thing here? *He thought to himself as Weiss look modified as Yang smiled with Glee, Not noticing his wife giving a wink to Yang.*

It sucks I know and I am sorry.

I'm an awkward noodle who wants to meet some new people !

Name: Izzy

Age : 16

Location: USA

Interests: I love music so I’ll probably talk about music a lot! I listen to all kinds of music but some of my favorite bands/ artist are Marianas Trench, Panic! At the disco, Melanie Martinez. I also play the cello and ukulele I spend a lot of time an the internet so I watch a lot of YouTube, tv and movies. I also make a lot of puns and dad jokes and I enjoy memes.

Likes (in a friend) : someone who is nice and doesn’t stop responding after a few messages

Dislikes (in a friend) : someone who is rude or creepy. Just be nice and I’ll like you

Age range preference: 14-18

How to contact me :
Tumblr: Patrickstumpismylife

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You changed your username and your icon at the same time are you even the same person anymore?? (Love the pun though)


Like the icon, I change icon all the time it’s no big deal (it would hav ebeen a big deal if it wasn’t pika anymore tho) but the url??? my identity??? a whole new world is opening up to me it’s scary af

it will be yours to judge if i’m still the same person or not tho ;O 

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Once upon a time, Red told a pun, it was a dad pun, the end

Red smirks, “N-Nice story, that was d-dad-ulous!” He snickers as Loli throws a balled up paper at him.


Oh yeah! Adding villians to my au!

So…yeah, info

-Specialist area
-There are like, ten squads, and he’s the general of squad 7 (the higher the number, the better the squad)
-(he and Zane are cousins shhhh)
-Zane, like, hates him
-the smoker
-was heavily modified so he could be the best of the best
-the really sarcastic one

-General of sqaud 4
-laughs a lot
-makes inappropriate puns and jokes at the worst times
-he and Lloyd used to be friends
-but when Lloyd was placed into the specialist field, their relationship slowly deteriorated
-a little too overconfident

That’s it so far

She’s the betta half of the two