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What is it about King's Avatar that you love? What made you feel passionate enough to make a side blog about it?

Hello! I won’t call that feeling a ‘passion’, it’s more like a ‘desperation’ to find something about QZGS in English (because I can’t read its original language) here on tumblr where I have an active account. I wanted to find some information about the novel and an upcoming at that time anime, some art/illustrations.

What I love about TKA? I like humor in this novel, I like that characters for the most are adults (I am tired of ‘an ordinary highschool student’ characters…), I like how I can read about gaming (although i am not a gamer, just watching other people play was enough for me) and even if I can’t visualize moves/skills it’s still interesting for such a noob as me. I like this balance between a virtual world and a real life - we don’t have characters “stuck’ in a virtual world as I see in a lot of works. I like characters’ personalities, even ‘bad guys’ are no different from us, their motives are understandable too.

But I must admit - I’d never learn about Quan Zhi Gao Shou if I hadn’t seen manhua first. This cover illustration has been attracting my attention for some time before I’ve decided to have a look! 

And manhua was (is) such a feast for my eyes that its original source couldn’t be worse - and it appears that I was right.

Take The Trade: Part 3

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 3,126

Warnings: nsfw!!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4 (finale)

A/N: you can all thank @sabrinas-wolves for this. she helped me so much with this and gave me some amazing ideas of what i should do and she read all of this and gave me so much support. this is dylan’s pov!! enjoy!!

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I dig my hand back into the plastic bowl, my fingers picking at the popcorn until I grab a handful, shoving it into my mouth whilst kernels crumble down my shirt. “Do you have to eat like a pig?” I turn my head, watching as the blonde grimaced at me. I huff at her, a few kernels falling from my mouth and almost hitting her face. “Do you have to be such a snob?” I retort, her eyes rolling in reply and I grimace at her in return.

I focus my attention back onto the baseball game. The Mets were playing, and any other time I’d be completely and utterly consumed by the game, but I had other things on my mind. For example, the love of my life- who was halfway across the world and in two days, married to a sophisticated English man with no taste in music and horrific fashion sense. It was inevitable that I’d probably be unhappy for the rest of my life.

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What DID happen to Pokémon GO anyway? It was all over the place one year ago, but all of a sudden, the fad seemed to more or less die out and being an outsider to the whole deal, I'm rather clueless as to what its current state is and if the hype DID die at all.

The fad died as all fads do, but by September or so, even the people who liked the game and wanted to see it do well had just stopped caring. I think a lot of it was due to the fact that the EXP requirements for leveling up became exponential once you hit level 20, with each one requiring literally twice as much EXP as the one before it, so you’d hit level 15 or so pretty quickly, get to level 20 at a normal pace, and then you’d be lucky to level up once every two weeks or so.

Another issue is that the limited Pokedex size limited a lot of what you could do after a while. If you just wanted a full Pokedex, you’d be able to get maybe two-thirds of the way there without too much struggle and then fucking nothing, because everything left at that point was either evolutions that required catching like 50 of the previous stage or stupidly rare stuff like Lapras and Snorlax that you’d pretty much only see if you got lucky next to a major landmark. The gym takeover/battle aspect stagnated quickly as well - when the game was new, everyone was on the same playing field, and gyms were a constant turf war that was always changing. But once the game had been out for a while, every gym became occupied by the same handful of obsessive players who’d managed to get high-level Dragonites/etc. and were impossible for most ordinary players to dislodge.

In other words, intentionally or not, the game pretty much came screeching to a halt once you’d been playing for about a month, with the only way of potentially making any more progress entailing spending a ton of cash on incubators and Lucky Eggs. And rather than introducing new content to rekindle interest, Niantic just sort of figured, “hey, sponsorship deals with Starbucks and Sprint will do the job, right?” Their complete lack of communication during its buggy period didn’t help.

‘Til We Met Other Children

SHERLOCK: I used to think I was an idiot.
MYCROFT: Both of us thought you were an idiot, Sherlock. We had nothing else to go on ’til we met other children.
SHERLOCK: Oh, yes. That was a mistake.
MYCROFT: Ghastly. What were they thinking of?
SHERLOCK: Probably something about trying to make friends.
MYCROFT: Oh yes. Friends. Of course, you go in for that sort of thing now.

I have questions:

  • Why did Mycroft - the loving older brother from TFP - make Sherlock think he was an idiot?
  • When exactly did they meet other children, Mycroft being seven years older than Sherlock? He would have met them long before, wouldn’t he? 
  • Why was it a mistake? 
  • Why is Mycroft mentioning this when he did not want Sherlock to remember his childhood friend?
  • It this Mycroft using trigger words to monitor Sherlock’s mental state?
  • Who was “they”? The parents? Was there no kindergarten? No playgroup? No school? Did they grow up in isolation? Why?
  • Did Mycroft invent (or Sherlock himself create) a whole fictional childhood  - no Victor, no Eurus, no social contact for years, list/file about motherly failures, old resentments between the brothers, horrible Christmas dinners? Because what he have been told until this point has nothing whatsoever to do with what we are shown from this point on: loving ordinary parents, pirate games on the beach, best friend, sister. 

The long Sherlock/Mycroft scene in TEH can be read as a sort of watershed where the family is concerned. It divides the show in a before and after. What we have learned about the brothers up to this point has very little do to with what we see afterwards. They seem to show us two completely different families. 


“However, it will be no ordinary game….. It’s a Game of Darkness, a game where your life is at stake.”

My shot for @ygoreanimate!


Hello everyone! I’m moving soon and so I’m sorting through my stuff, and I came across these pages from a Play Magazine cover story about Okami from March 2006. Thought I’d scan them in for y’all bc it’s really interesting to see what the opinions were from nearly 11 years ago.

The article and interview transcriptions are below the cut, just in case you can’t see the pictures properly. Note: I have transcribed most of the article as it appears in the magazine. The exceptions are that I broke up an exceedingly long paragraph in the main article and inserted like two brief notes on English translations.

Okami: Capcom’s wolf in celestial clothing is a breed apart

By Dave Halverson (Cover story, Play Magazine, March 2006)

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Happy Birthday Donald Sutherland - July 17

Mystic Messenger, an otome game but not just any ordinary otome game. It let’s you interact with the characters through a messenger app. It looks so real that I have friends thought that I was texting someone in real life! So here’s the thing, almost all of the otome games, we’re playing as the MC from the game’s world. But in MysMe, you’ll be playing as the real you, literally. And this ending from the latest update which is called April Fools proofs it all. For the first time, I’ve cried over an otome game. Good story one filled with comedy, fluff and of course angst. For the first time, a game character interacts with the real us through our phone screen! @cheritzteam has really outdone themselves, doing something extrodinary. I mean, which otome games does that besides MysMe. If there’s really one, do tell me and I’ll love to try it out. If there’ll be a voting for the best otome game, I’m very sure that MysMe will dominate the end results. Therefore, to those who loves playing otome games but haven’t try MysMe, I highly recommend you to play it. No, I ORDER you to play it!! I guarantee that you’ll succumb into MysMe fandom along with us. Now then, since I just finished this heartbreaking ending, I’ll just go to the corner and cry my eyes out T-T…

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I'm honestly losing interest in dl because now it feels like I can't even enjoy character development without being made to feel like I never read or educated myself on their true sadistic natures. -_- I got a rant today about those minature versions of the vampires and how they are making people think that that's how the boys are. Srsly, wtf.

I set aside my economics textbook to answer this question because I think it’s important to address this properly. This turned out kind of long, but I think this is an issue that many western DL fans need to understand too.

I’m sorry to hear that you are losing interest in such a complex and rich series filled with dark twists and situations. I completely understand where you are coming from and why you are frustrated with the fandom, but do not give up, my friend! Diabolik Lovers was obviously a series meant for teenagers 16+. They even label it under that warning when they release their games in Japan. In a recent event held for the DL: Lost Eden game, Midorikawa Hikaru (Ayato’s voice actor) even remarked that this isn’t the first otome game you should play as a newbie. (He said this when a fan wrote that she started playing the game at the age of 12.) I’m sure many fans understand that this isn’t any ordinary or cute otome game like Mystic Messenger or Harvest Moon because look at all the crap we hear about or read from the translations! This game doesn’t screw around or give us the happy endings that most of us want in real life. Diabolik Lovers is grim, horrifying, insane, and filled with never-ending angst. Nearly all of the Sakamaki brothers personally killed their own mothers! Not exactly for those who dream of “happily ever after” endings. 

The diaboys portrayed by the fandom can be VERY DILUTED compared to what they actually are in the games, and I think the issue is that many of us have never played any of the games to get a feel or taste of what the real!diaboys are truly like. This can be due to the fact that we can’t buy the games overseas, we can’t read/speak Japanese, it’s not released in English so we rely on translations only, etc. I will admit that this fandom doesn’t always have a good grasp at what the boys are like or what’s going on in each game, but I would hope that we wouldn’t warp the diaboys to have them fit into our own ideal images for them. It’s just dumb and unrealistic. (Even I still struggle writing for a few of them on this blog because of what little I know about them!) 

As for the trendy Pocket!Diaboys that we’ve been seeing around Tumblr, I do think it is the fans’ responsibility to realize that it’s just a cute concept made to entertain Tumblr users and DL fans because for once, these pocket!vampires are not as intimidating or scary as the real diaboys from the games. I personally enjoy seeing them around Tumblr. They’ve been lowered to a pet standard because it’s fun to imagine them as adorable little vampires that we can interact with without fearing for our lives. (I say this because I’m sure that as much as we love our favorite diaboy, we wouldn’t last 24 hours with them. I know I wouldn’t last a good seven hours segment with Ayato, and I love that Sakamaki to death too.) However, the pocket!vampires’ cookie-cut personalities and cute appearances should not fool the fans. The fans need to be able to distinguish the difference between the pocket!vampires and the real!diaboys. Otherwise, I say let stupid be stupid. Can’t help them there with that.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If people truly think that the pocket!vampires are what the real!diaboys are like, I’d laugh in their face because of the ridiculous claim. They obviously haven’t seen, read, or analyze the series well enough to know the truth because the pocket!vampires only have a fragment of what the real!diaboys are like. Not everything was revealed in one small pocket!vampire’s body.

Don’t feel discouraged by the stupidity of some people in this fandom. You’ll find idiots everywhere you go in this world, so don’t let them stop you. If you believe that you have a firm grasp of the real!diaboys’ sadistic natures and personalities, I wouldn’t be worried. Stick to your own guns. You can still enjoy this fandom and ignore what most of the other dumb fans are saying/claiming. Personally, I haven’t had any encounters with dumb fans YET, but I still find myself enjoying each personal character development of each character in the series, and I think you should continue to do so too.

I know my stuff and I’ll stand by my facts. I suggest that you and other people who have these same issues do the same. Stay strong in this fandom and don’t be afraid to bite back either. Feel free to send me another ask. I can answer it privately as well.

-Admin Yuuzuki

“The observing self behind all our thoughts and feelings is itself a thought. That is to say when the police enters a house in which there are thieves, the thieves go up from the ground floor to the first floor. When the police arrive on the first floor, the thieves have gone up to the second—and so to the third and finally out to the roof. So, when the ego is about to be unmasked, it immediately identifies with a higher self. It goes up a level. Because the religious game is simply a refined and highbrow version of the ordinary game: ‘How can I outwit me? How can I one-up me?’ So, if I find, for example, that in the quest for the ordinary pleasures of the world: food, sex, power, possessions—all this becomes a drag and I think ‘No, it isn’t there.’ So I go in for the arts, literature, poetry, music, and I absorb myself in those pleasures—and after a while they aren’t the answer. So I go to psychoanalysis and then I find out that’s not the answer. Then I go to religion. But I’m still seeking what I was seeking when I wanted candy bars! I wanna get that goody!”

Alan Watts


Another gorgeous Ps4 game, another photomode feature and so another photomode spam! Horizon zero dawn photomode part 1!

(If you have played the game)Teb is surprisingly photogenic in this game. Out of all the characters, he is actually the easiest to take a good photo of(well so far). He looks so ordinary in the game but he looks great in photos(And I totally ship him with Aloy haha)

Here’s part 2:

Part 3:

Love Between Pages | Kim Jongin

Genre - Fluff

Wolf AU

Drabble (Drabble Game)

It wasn’t going to be an ordinary study session with him, it never was. Although, judging by the fact that you passed with flying grades in the last quiz and he just about managed to scrape a pass grade so he could continue doing football, he should’ve been the one stressing out in right now. At this time of the night there was more than a thousand spaces empty in never ending rows of mahogany tables, and the library seemed almost abandoned with the lack of students and lighting. Perks of attending a high school designed and built in the seventeenth century. As soon as he entered the study, the genius decided to sit himself down around ten seats away from you.

The determined look on his face as he observed the pages of his history book, compelled you to take a moment and admire the beauty which was Kim Jongin. The way his eyebrows scrunched in faux concentration, the way his fingers tapped across the surface of the pages as he analysed them. He was most definitely a sight you wouldn’t ever get tired of observing.

Take a picture princess, it’ll last longer” His entrancing smirk crashed your train of thought as you realised that you were flat out leaning on your closed book to observe him; you couldn’t even pass it off as an accident. You decided to regain some composure and cleared your throat.

“What are you doing all the way there?” You sighed as he tried to look casual once again, holding his book upside down. “You know I can’t help you study when you’re sat all the way in bloody Narnia” You tried to reason, but he continued to look as if he didn’t have a care. Then it hit you, the bet. You didn’t know whether it was the full moon that had him acting weirdly needy and clingy but it had gotten you beyond irritated when you tried to complete seemingly simple tasks with a literal puppy arms wrapped around your waist. It caused you to simply state that he didn’t have enough self control to keep his hands off of you for a full week. You didn’t know he’d take you so seriously, and now he couldn’t even focus on studying properly. “Jongin seriously come and sit here now” You commanded through gritted teeth.

Come over here and make me, you’re practically setting me up for failure” He challenged, causing you to roll your eyes. Accepting your acute defeat, you got up and took a seat right to him which resulted in him emitting a little annoyed nose.

“Did you just growl at me?” You scoffed, half amused as you begun to open up your notes to bring up a few questions to solve.

A good few hours had passed as the the two of you continued to work on practice questions diligently. As the clock struck two in the morning, you felt more than a little drowsy as you flipped through the many pages of your history book. As on instinct, you decided to lean your head against his shoulder and skim through the pages. You felt him flinch a little at the contact as he realised, but you rolled your eyes and continued with your business. After a little while, he finally piped up.

“Does this mean you lose?” His voice coming out in a soft whisper, causing you to chuckle in utter amusement. For the sake of his sanity, you gave him a tiny nod and looked up into the beautiful brown eyes that were staring into yours.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you , you dork” You mused, playing with the sleeves of his varsity jacket.

“You’d probably die of boredom, spending your whole time alone in a library like this” He clearly stated.

A/N: This drabble was created for my little darling @mysunshinejongin! I hope you liked it <3

~Shazz xx