this is no joking matter


I wanted my countdown to WE (12 Days to go!) to be an honest representation of who I am as a woman, the good and the bad and so…

Yesterday I was so overjoyed to share all your stories of female friendship but today I wanted to talk about the stuff that’s less easy. The scary stuff. The things that knock around my head in the dead of night and convince me that I am doomed to misery or mediocrity. The things we don’t tell our friends until they get so big that we can’t handle them alone. 

I’ve been told I come across as a confident person, that I seem to know what I’m doing. I don’t. I struggle most days with feeling out of place, unmotivated, incapable, scared that I will fail. And I decided that maybe saying that out loud might be helpful to some of you, to know that I’m a mess of insecurity, no matter how many jokes I crack or positive posts I make

I could tell you about my work related stress dreams, or about how I am pretty sure I will never be as fulfilled as I was for 6 months when I was 21 or the fact that I’ve been single for almost a decade… but instead I’m gonna tell you the big one. The one that lies under all of those fears.

I’m not going to tag people today, because this is super personal and we all have different comfort levels, but if you would like to reblog or post and share your own fear, something you struggle to control, something your brain knows is untrue but your heart breaks over, please feel free. You can post your fear anonymously in my inbox, because just writing it down can be cathartic (and scary). Alternatively, if you would like to just talk to me about it in private, my inbox is open and I’m home all day. 

If this helps even one person realise that they’re not alone in being utterly terrified then it was worthwhile. Verbalising it was weirdly helpful for me, and I think identifying fear is the first stage in facing it down. 

We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere releases March 7th

The Revived

*The four walking along the base for the despairs* Hmph. You’d think we’d hae somewhere a little more glamerous, don’t you agree?

We can’t complain,  we’re lucky enough that we were brought back to life.

That still bothers me, honestly. Like, what does she have to gain from bringing us back? She’s got enough soldiers at the moment.

Maybe it’s something about us specifically…? I-in any case, we all got underlings from the 79-B class….that’s kinda cool, right?

You fuckin’ with me? You all got reliable lookin’ people, and I get some meek shrine maiden. What a joke.

No matter. Remember, we have work to do. Despair won’t happen without a catalyst, and it’s our job to make it happen.

Oh…….I’m really enjoying this game. (Kyouko Kirigiri….I can’t wait to play again.)

toooldforthisshite  asked:

What do you make of the Sidemen supporting Pewdiepie? I personally find it so gross and telling. All these Youtubers want to start a war with the media because they themselves are scared shitless that they may one day also be called out for their offensive and hateful comments.

so i’ve only watched one video about the whole pewdiepie debacle so i’m not like 100% clued up about the whole thing. and also, i do understand his point of where the “journalists” were picking random things from his videos and taking them out of context … like, i get that. but that doesn’t excuse the shit that he did say/do??? some things should just never be joked about no matter what the context/circumstance. it’s not “pc culture” it’s just common fucking sense and human decency. and the fact that the sidemen/other youtubers are supporting him just shows exactly what you’ve said - that they’re only doing it bc they know they’ve said some problematic shit and if they were are big as him they’d get called out on it too and they’re scared of that. i hate that they get away with the things they say on a regular basis and that they have the power to influence so many people because of it too, it makes me so mad!!!!

do older generations not get fatalistic humor?? like the other day my friend’s parents were hanging around and we were joking and i was like “well no matter what i can always fling myself off the nearest cliff” and they didn’t laugh then later the mom pulled me aside and was like “maybe you should get some help, sweetie” like stfu?? help? in this economy? i don’t think so, debra

youtubers like markiplier and pewdiepie have CHILDREN who idolize them and then still lack ability to understand that what they say fucking matters. You cant make jokes stripping the humanity from people who have already at large had to experience that and expect everyone to be okay with it, expect nobody to say anything about it, and expect respect from the people you are hurting. Stop teaching kids these are okay and respectable things to say and do and think. Respect is EARNED you don’t get it just because you made a few people laugh in he last decade.

Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Do you like the rainbow? Do you like the idea of playing with berry Sims but hate berry Sims? Do you want to mess around with aspects of the game you’ve never used before? Boy, do I have the challenge for you!

Welcome to the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge, a ten generation legacy with a focus on bright colors and new experiences.

Basic Rules:

  1. Each heir must represent the color of the generation (i.e. hair, makeup, clothing), but brightly colored skin is not necessary (these aren’t actually berry Sims, that’s the joke)
  2. The colors of the spouses don’t matter as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
  3. Money cheats can be used, but not excessively. Suggestion: use freerealestate for you first home, but no cheats afterward.
  4. You may live wherever you please unless something is specified in the rules of a generation.
  5. Keep the lifespan on normal.
  6. If you play this challenge and want to share it with us, go ahead and post with #notsoberry so we can see!

My good friend @alwaysimming​ and I kind of created this challenge on accident, but I think it turned out pretty great. We wanted to make something that forced us to play with parts of the game we’ve never explored before. Hopefully you’ll have fun too. You can follow our gameplay on @mintiphresh​ and @lea-fey​ (pronounced “minty fresh” and “leafy”)!

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Literally how shitty of an ally/how blinded by your fucking privilege do you have to be to have the damn audacity to claim that “both candidates are horrible!” Or that “this election is such a joke haha” like shut the hell up. Any Muslim, woman, gay person, Mexican, trans person, black person, poor person (basically any oppressed group) in your life will tell you: this election isn’t a fucking joke. It’s terrifying. Pull your head out of your straight white cis rich male ass and realize that this election isn’t something to take lightly. Hillary is infinitely better than trump for so many fucking people. Be a better ally to the marginalized groups in your life and wake the fuck up.

reasons why i am like seven
  • bisexual as fuck
  • hides real emotions with memes
  • spams group chats with 77382894 messages at once
  • loves cats
  • wants to own infinite cats
  • wants to turn all those cats into memes
  • knows how to use grammar properly but refuses
  • unless it’s time 2 b srs
  • likes dressing up
  • flirts with all same-sex friends
  • has probably kissed all same-sex friends
  • doesn’t have many friends tho
  • never leaves the house
  • procrastinates until the last possible second
  • uses ‘u’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence
  • loves space and wants a fuckin rocketship
  • never sleeps
  • only ever eats junk food
  • probably never brushes hair
  • pushes people away bc scared of commitment
  • has mental breakdowns and then acts like they never happened
  • jokes make no sense but they’re fucking funny anyway
  • laughs at own jokes when no one else will
  • laughs at own jokes no matter what tbh
Why you need to compare Moana to Frozen

Because whether u like it or not Moana is simply better, both cinematically and for society!

Moana has:
- Healthier body types
- Acknowledgement of other genders besides male or female
- No love interest for a young girl
- Platonic male/female friendship
- Representation of a culture that is EXTREMELY underrepresented in mainstream media!!!!
- An intelligent lead
- Feminism everywhere
- Dark topics that aren’t sugar-coated for children
- Gorgeous animation!!!!
- Moral about finding yourself, no matter the obstacles; staying true to yourself
- No fat jokes!!!!
- Girls being JUST AS CAPABLE AND IMPORTANT as boys!
- Women NEVER being questioned because of their gender
- An animal sidekick that is actually useful for smth other than pissing u off the whole movie

Frozen does not have most of those things. If we are COMPLACENT in the representation in our mainstream media, we’ll keep being fed half-assed sh^t like Frozen, instead of getting the Moana we deserve! That’s why we HAVE to let Disney know that we want more films + works like MOANA, instead of frozen!

List of random M!A’s

Note: Mun has the right to decide for how long m!a will go on.

Two in one: Muse has exact copy of themselves. Only that clone hates and wants to destroy everything that muse loves.

Because I’m happy:  Muse must to be extra cheerful about everything and smile no matter what happened. They will tell jokes and will be happy to talk even with their worst enemy.

Grumpy cat: Muse is super grumpy and is rude to everyone. They will spout hateful comments to everyone, whether they liked them earlier or not.

Swapping places: Mun and muse swaps places.

A Change of Heart: Muse turns into an evil version of him/herself. (If Muse is already evil, Muse turns nice.)

Code word: Muse will kiss someone whenever they hears a certain word. (anon chooses the word)

Animal spirit: Muse will turn into an animal. (anon decides what)

Fish tail: Muse grows a tail and becomes a mermaid/merman.

Medium: Muse is able to communicate with spirits of the dead beings.

Talkative: Muse will say everything they think.

Crush it all: Muse has super strength, but can’t control it and ends up breaking things.

Chill: Muse is icy to the touch and can’t get warm in any way.

Coffee Bean: Muse is on a caffeine high and can’t seem to calm down! It’s even gotten to the point where they’re almost literally bouncing off the walls!

Doomed: Muse gets possessed by a demon.  (It can be a random one or anon can specify who it is)

Secrets: Muse must tell a secret about themselves every time someone asked them a question.

Strip: Muse has the urge to strip every time someone asks them a question.

Say my name: Muse will orgasm everytime they hear their name/Nickname.

Hall Of Fame: Your Muse thinks they’re super famous in a field of the anon’s choice. (For example: Acting, singing, science, etc.)

Wings: Muse grows wings. If muse already has wings, they will lose it.

Sloth: Muse becomes extremely lazy, they won’t get up for anything, and won’t move unless pushed or carried.

Stone face: Muse becomes emotionless.


When bad things happen to good people.

“Do you miss me?” she asked with tears threatening to spill.

“I miss your laugh, I miss how no matter what you’d always pay. I miss the way you hug me like you’re scared to let go. I miss your smell. I miss your constant cheering me on. I miss all our inside jokes. I miss how no matter how much I messed up, you always stayed.” he said with a sad smile.

With the tears running down her face she said, “ You know, I didn’t want to go. I wanted forever and longer with you. I love you so much, but there was no point in me staying for someone who didn’t really love me. You know this, right?”

“I know, darling.

—  (just because you miss me, doesnt mean you love me)
  • Gravity Falls Fandom: Yeah, and there's this one character, one of the main ones, whose name we never learn! The creator might tell us at some point but for now we don't know that one character's first name
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: that's rough buddy
i like seeing you laugh

please tell me i’m not the only person in the world still thinking about passe på meg. i think of it as their little private i love you scene.

Isak and Even are two teenage boys. they don’t often sit down to discuss the intricacies of their relationship, they don’t verbalise every feeling. they don’t verbalise it, but we are shown it. when they hang out in mekke øl and hjernen er alene, their conversation is sometimes inaudible because the focus is not on what they’re saying but instead on how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh. they make each other laugh a lot. they make each other shine. maybe their jokes are hilarious, or maybe their jokes are terribly unfunny, it doesn’t matter, because dating someone who makes you laugh doesn’t mean you need to date a comedian, it means dating someone with whom you vibe so well that their mere presence relaxes you, being with them makes you laugh. we see that a lot with Isak and Even. good vibes and good laughs. how being around each other is effortless because they can just be.

so when Isak touches Even’s lower lip and says i like seeing you laugh, it’s a casual remark, but it’s also this this intimate, honest confession, because that’s how they make each other feel, they make each other laugh. and he likes it. he doesn’t have a word for it yet, but he knows the feeling’s good. they’re good. you don’t always need to say i love you. sometimes making them laugh is better. when the night is dark and heavy, sometimes laughter is the only way out.

so that’s the i love you of a boy who is young and learning and figuring things out.

i was there to meet you, on the other hand. it should be this dramatic moment, a plot twist, a huge revelation, a guarded secret that Even has kept inside all this time, finally ready to let it unravel. and yet it’s anything but. it’s a nonchalant statement, it’s a how was school we’re running out of toilet paper it’s pretty windy today by the way i was there to meet you. Even’s kept it a secret for so long because it’s not a secret. he says it like he’s stating the obvious, because to him it is the most obvious thing, nothing has ever been more clear to him. the possibility of him having been there for any other reason is nonexistent, and it’s ridiculous that anyone would think otherwise, especially Isak. but i saw you on the first day of school is different. it’s more quiet, half a whisper. Even becomes gentle and pensive, like he remembers something, remembers that first day of school. because this is the part that is not obvious to him. this part where he is lying in bed with the boy he saw on the very first day of school, wearing his clothes, wearing his smell, wearing his kindness and his patience and his understanding. this the part that is maybe a dream.

and my favourite part? it’s Isak’s little ‘oh’. that’s literally all he says. he doesn’t ask Even to elaborate, doesn’t ask any questions, where exactly did you see me, what was i doing, what did you think, what, when, why why why. just oh. and then he smiles. because he believes it. he accepts it. two weeks ago he was ready to believe that everything was a lie because what would someone like Even ever see in a boy like him. now he knows better. he believes it, he accepts it, and he relishes it. and then they smile at each other, because that’s how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh and smile. and it’s good. whatever this is, it’s good. it’s good, yeah.