this is no fair. no fair

Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath

‘Hold Your Breath’ is getting featured on Monday’s ‘The Fair Folk’! 

This is sooooooo Malec! *sighs*

I meant it in the sense that this is a Malec song and not that it’s for a Malec scene. :) 

P.S. It didn’t let me reply on the post directly so I had to clear things up like this lmao oops! :p

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the penumbra podcast; sir damien

o saint damien, you of patience, of calm, of the quiet waves and gentle breeze, grant me your tranquility–the strength to wait while i must, to let the world flow through me–and to strike when the time is right

You know, had Lucasfilm just been honest and straight-up with us from the beginning about the “no planned plot” thing, I could’ve avoided so much headache. Instead of looking at TFA for planted clues, I could’ve just been wondering what the filmmakers are coming up with next. My expectations wouldn’t have been as high as they were, and I feel like my overall state of mind could’ve been more content if I knew what I was getting myself into with this trilogy.

Bedded in Ember (and other fair warning for lovers)

Like a moth to flame,
           The way you sang the blues,
           Sank spikes into my soul,
           My spite, my sanity;
           So spiraled, the once steadfast.

Like the lemming,
           You grew drunk from
           What I could offer;
           Seeing bliss beyond your
           Audience, we’d later bed, inferno.

And like all that’s spent,
           The embers fade, the smoke,
           To admire, this love,
           Becoming nothing but the
           Faintest signals in the sky –

                     A fair warning for the others
                     Who’d dare love
                     And burn as brightly as we.

     - L.C.