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Safe Places.

Based on an ask I received!
I apologize, the story had to be edited so I rewrote the whole thing here!

Original idea by: @lightderin

Lance looked around at the accusing glares of his teammates, all different intensities. He smiled nervously, “Oops.”

They had been mapping out locations in the observatory of safe planets to land, or easy places to wormhole, in the case of an attack that needed quick escape.

The team had been at it for hours, and had over 120 spots pinpointed over multiple galaxies.

Lance, who had found the entire ordeal quite boring, had strolled away to check out the little holograms floating around.

He couldn’t help that it was hard for him to pay attention, ADHD did that to a person. Focusing just wasn’t his gig.

The blue paladin had started across the other side of the room, hands in his pockets and he just looked.

Until he thought he found Earth.

He should know what it looked like, he stared at its little hologram nearly every night.

Lance missed home.
He missed the people back there.

Without much thought, Lance reached forward to zoom in, a happy little smile on his lips.


Look at it, just right there—

“Aw, what the heck?!” A chorus of shouts came from behind and Lance jumped.

He turned to see the team staring at him, looking annoyed and tired. “Hm?”

Pidge motioned frantically to the hologram around them, “Lance, we lost our spot! We lost our points!”

Lance blinked, “…how?”

Keith groaned, “Idiot, because you were screwing around with the screen!”

Lance frowned, looking back at Earth, and saw how zoomed in it was and how the constellations and stars around him had changed too.

Oh, he didn’t think that one through.
Lance looked back at them and smiled nervously, “Oops?”

He was answered with grumbles, and a yawn from Hunk. They were tired and now were too frustrated to get significantly angry.

“Let’s go to bed, we can start again in the morning.” Shiro said, rubbing his forehead. “You too Lance.”

Lance rubbed his neck, looking at the ground as the team and the Altean duo walked past him.

He grunted when Keith bumped into him, “Watch where you’re going, Lance.” The red paladin spat.

Lance frowned.
Keith was the one who bumped into him!

“Oh yeah, mull—”
He was alone in the observatory.

He took a shaky breath, watching the doors close behind his friends, and sulked.

He had annoyed them all, again.

Why could he just keep his hands to himself? Look don’t touch, his mama had always said.

Lance sighed, arms coming up to pull up his hood and put it over his head. A safe place, where he could only see forward, and no one could see him.

Hoods were nice.
When you can only look back at your mistakes, they allow you to dream ahead and block out any side distractions.

It was a new world, your own world, and provided the blue paladin with a sense of security.


He sat down, back in front of Earth, letting it float nearer to him and he watched it carefully.

The blue light illuminating the white space his head was tucked into, and it was just those two.

Lance and Earth.
She was such a pretty lady.

His sadness escaped through a sigh, and he allowed himself to be calm.

Tonight, he would fix it.
Lance would stay up all night and go through the map an replot every point.

And as morning came, the hood would come off, and Lance would feel a little better.

Everything would be okay.

It had to be, otherwise what would have been the point of staying up all night to do all of this for his team?

He skipped breakfast, as that time came the following morning. Not that he was incredibly hungry anyway.

“203…204, wait, no…” Lance put down another point, rubbing his eyes and swaying in his spot.

Lance had marked down every point they had previously plotted, and finding he hadn’t been able to sleep, continued on.

The blue paladin barely noticed as a door opened behind him, and the team entered.

“Wh— Lance? We thought you were still sleeping, you weren’t at breakfast.” Princess Allura said with a hint of surprise in her tone.

Lance chuckled, “Nah, thought I would finish up some of our plotting.”

Team Voltron and the Alteans were staring in awe at the color coordinated dots that glowed amongst the light blue holographic model.

“What is this?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked over, rubbing an eye.
“I felt horrible last night, messing up the work you guys did. So I stayed up and fixed it. I even took the time to color coordinate them by condition, size, and whether or not they are open at certain times.”

Each had their jaw dropped, staring at their blue paladin. He had done all of that?

“Did you sleep at all?” Hunk spoke up, brows furrowed as he stared at his friend.

The poor kid looked drained; skin paled, bags under his eyes, and red in the corners.

He was exhausted.

It took them a moment to process this, watching as Lance sat down and smiled at them. “I even found more. In at over two hundred charted locations giving the correct conditions.”

Keith said it. “Idiot.”

Lance blinked, visibly flinching at the sudden words, not what he had expected at all.


Pidge looked annoyed, although it was probably at the fact Lance had done something tech related better than her for once.

“You stayed up ALL NIGHT? On a map that wasn’t even that important?” She said, gaping.

Lance paused, “Not that…Wh… But you guys got so upset when I messed it up, an worked on it all day!”

Keith rolled his eyes, “Yeah, it needed done, but it wasn’t life or death. Look at you!”

Shiro, in a nicer tone, agreed. “He’s right, Lance. You didn’t have to do this, and it’s not healthy putting yourself through such stress.”

Hunk bit his lip, “I mean, you’re really tired right? What if, What o Zarkon attacked and you just fell asleep durin battle?”

“He would KILL you.” Allura confirmed. Coran nodded.

“You’ve got to take care of yourself.”

Lance looked around at his friends, not believing what he was hearing in the slightest.

How could they accuse him like this?
How could they be so rude?

Lance had done this for them, staying up all night to fix his mistake. He had wants to make them happy!

The blue paladin wanted to be apart of the team and help out for once, even if it was in a simple manner.

He hadn’t wanted to be reprimanded for a deed he believed was good.

Frustrated tears appeared, and Lance crossed his arms. “Fine, whatever, I’ll go to bed. Do what you want with that.”

He stood up, swayed, and nearly toppled over with exhaustion. Lance couldn’t stand the worried looks he was getting.

The hood came back up.
Things were supposed to have been okay.

Lance marched to his room, rubbing his nose with an aggravated sniff and glaring the tears away.

It wasn’t okay.
Why couldn’t it ever be okay?

Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.4

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

“You’re a mistake! You should have never even been born!” the group of nine-year old’s like yourself, taunted you.

You were mindlessly walking outside during recess, until a group of kids from your class cornered you. They formed a circle around you, deciding to remind you of what kind of blasphemy you were.

“Just leave me alone!” you screeched back at them, just wanting to distance yourself. You tried to leave, but there was no escape, as they would just push you back into the middle of the circle.

“Where are you going you little bitch?” a boy who was a bit taller than you mocks.

When you glare at him to try to push past, he shoves you roughly back, making you fall on the cold cement. You cringe when you skid against the ground, layers of skin from your elbows and hands being ripped off.

Each of them laugh at you, as you just sit still on the ground, not daring to look up at them. Why did this always have to happen to you?

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Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun

Genre: SMUT

Word Count: 3.1k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You don’t want to go to the company holiday party but you decide to go after alittle convincing from Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was the guy that everyone in the office wanted. Your coworkers would gush every single time he walked into the room. And he’d smile and wink. There was only one other man in your department. The only difference was that Matthew was already dating someone and he didn’t pay any of the single women in the room any mind.

But you weren’t interested in Jaehyun. Sure, he was attractive as hell, but you didn’t want someone that everyone else was all over. It was a turn off and you didn’t want anything to do with it.

After lunch, your friend Val said, “Are you coming to the company holiday party tonight?”

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2016 carat survey! + fans’ favorite seventeen moments

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(Part 1, @midnigtartist I literally just finished it now LOL) 

“Madison you can’t be sick this is an incredibly important dinner party, I can’t show up alone!–Yes…yes a fever is bad…yes…I am aware that as my best friend you are not obligated to do everything me. Yes-Yes I know…fine…feel better. Tell Monroe I said hi.” Thomas closed his phone and placed it faced down on the table. This was a huge business party, one that Thomas was hosting and he could not go without a ‘date’. James has been a constant choice, a best friend. With James by his side Thomas could weather any setting with his spiking social anxiety. Now he was Madison-less…it was time to make up some excuse to Washington that the dinner was a no go. The day of… “Oh sweet tender lord give me strength.”

There was a cackle beside Thomas’s desk, “Religion in the workplace? I didn’t you know were a man who was so devote.” Alexander, the intern and Washington’s favorite, stood there with his tenth cup of coffee.

“Don’t come to me about devotion, the only devotion you’ve ever displayed is your constant pilgrimage to the coffee machine in the lounge, which you always leave dirty.”

“Do not”

“Hamilton–” Thomas sighed holding his head in his hands, “I don’t have time for this bullshit right now.” His mind was throbbing, he did not want to disappoint on on his dinner but there was no way he could do it. Just the thought of being alone in a sea of people who were respected and looking to Jefferson for hosting was enough to make him run home. “I have to cancel some plans.”

“Plans like Washington’s ritzy business mixer? You canceling that, aren’t you the host?” Alex sounded almost in disbelief. Why wouldn’t he? He, like so many others, only knew Jefferson skin deep. They could never understand why the rich, handsome, well-to-do Thomas Jefferson would ever be anxious around other rich men. They wouldn’t understand all of his words were practiced and well edited for hours, which his opinions were backed with physical agree-ers. Out of all of them, Alex would know less.

Thomas couldn’t help the fire Alexander placed in his stomach when they started their banter. At first it was simply him barking back insults. Then came the fast arguments, the toe to toe throwing of wits and intelligence. It was a daily fix now, a show boating of IQ. It was few moments he stood his own comfortably (most of the time). “Madison is out, which means I’ll be hosting alone. I’m not up for juggling more than I can handle” He spoke coolly between white lies and half-truths hoping Alexander would not pry.

“You know, I’ve been told I’m the life of a party.”

Why was Thomas surprised that Alex wanted to do this? He shouldn’t be. The greedy gremlin wanted to get his paws on this party. In a moment of what Thomas would call insanity, he considered it. Hamilton would walk in and be overwhelmed. He was just an intern, and from what Thomas knew he wasn’t at all part of this circle. Yes watching Hamilton stumble and flop, yes that would be delightful. Put him in his place, toss him into the deep end and watch him drown among the sharks. “If you can find a suit and a ride, sure just pretend to be my date” Thomas teased more in love with the idea of his failure than anything else.

“Thomas you are aware that if Hamilton ruins this party having been invited by you, this will be on you when it all goes to shit.” James coughed over the Skype call as Thomas went through his entire wardrobe.

Fuck. James was right but it was far too late to call it off again. Thomas was filled with the same dread as before. Not only did he have to tread around conversations on his own, he now had to worry about Hamilton not ruining the entire party by…being him damn self. The skype call with James was nothing but Thomas desperately begging the fever ridden man to come to the party. With no avail, Monroe entered the room and with the largest smile imaginable he HUNG UP on Thomas.

The dinner party was set at a penthouse space. Floor to ceiling windows that looked out at the New York City skyline, chandeliers projected hundreds of thousands of soft, glowy crystals. The old farts walked in like peacocks, sporting their status and money on their suits. All potential interests to George if Thomas could make an impression, any impression would have been nice. Thomas sported his finest Italian suit, purple bowtie he bought in Paris years ago. His hair fluffed up, hopefully enough to make him look less approachable. His mask, on, snarky, snobbish and hopefully looking as though he was not up for just any conversation.

There was a sweat pooling at the back of Thomas’s neck. Each time the music changed, his heart raced. Did he have to dance? No someone was looking at him was that a possible conversation? What would he say? What small talk was most friendly but also most direct to end the chatter soon? Thomas downed his third drink doing nothing for the heat rising to his head giving him a dizzy spell when the music dipped. Strange, the party was at full swing, servers were dealing food why the dip?

In that brief moment, Thomas heard very clearly the slimy cackle that belonged to Alexander. He knew it anywhere, it was smug and sultry. He whipped his head so fast his mind was now doing full 360s in his skull. He immediately started making his way to Alexander; he had to stop him from making an utter ass of himself like he usually did. Thomas could only handle one emotional mess at a time.

“…then I told him, Jay, 9 documents is not going to cut it. Madison was sick and managed to get 29 to me. I mean I don’t expect everyone to have that certain éthique de travail comme moi” Alex got a crowd of tight belted old men to chuckle. Thomas blinked, not because of his lack luster accent when using French. But…he cleaned up nicer than he imagined. The suit was a dark green with black trim, a thin black tie down the middle. He had his hair that looked like a greasy mop most days, pulled back into a youthful but stylish bun at the back of his neck. “Ah Thomas” Alex beamed up at the dumbfounded Jefferson. “I was just about to tell them about your merger last week.”

“M-My …merger?” He lost his ability to think momentarily as he struggled to make sense of his reality.

“Fellas, I’ll tell you when I said I fought him on this deal I really did. Somehow he just managed to hit it out of the park out of all the odds against –“

Thomas quickly found his footing, “You were the odds against it, importing commerce does nothing for us. American materials is what we should be using.” He grumbled back, the fire slowly being poked as if they were in the office…he was annoyed but not…anxious, not entirely when the flames of banter and rivalry clouded his mind.

“That might be great for the economy but we’re talking about a 15th of the price coming from half way around the world” Alex shrugged stepping up to the plate with easy as he motioned for a server to pass around the wine like he was hosting this dinner. How dare he?

“Ah, yes because quality control overseas is so easy. You know how many good industries we have here?”

“You know how much American industries cut corners? There is a reason nearly no one trades with us.” Alex shot back.

“The reason is pricing and a couple of bad deals but I have faith in an American based future.” Thomas sneered as a server came by with full glasses of wine. He watched Hamilton pluck two and hand one to Thomas with a smile that was free of his usual cocky smirk or coy attitude.

“And I respect that, which is why…I told Washington it wasn’t half bad seeing as long as we source it from certain places.” Alex took a long sip of his drink. “Honestly, the man is a genius playing for the wrong team.” Alex’s eyes slid up to Thomas, whose face was unmistakably shocked. Of course he meant it EXACTLY how Thomas thought it. “Real shame, gentleman but I think Thomas has more people to make rounds with. Don’t be strangers, make sure you take a business card on the way out, try the wine it is divine.” Alex turned placing a hand on Thomas’s arm, leading him away.

“What…was that?”

“That is how you do business, Jefferson.” He turned Thomas around to a new crowd. The fire that masked his anxiousness and fanned his face with a flush now subsided. “Look alive, Thomas.”

You’re beautiful - (Bucky x Reader One Shot)

This awesome idea was requested by @melconnor2007 !

Summary: Dating one of the hottest men on earth is incredible, specially since Sebastian is so loving and caring. Unfortunately, your self-steem problems go way back, and you just can’t imagine why exactly is he dating you… And neither can a gossip magazine, apparently.

Y/N: your name

Warnings: self esteem issues

A/N: I loved this idea, and I really hope you like it!! It’s a very interesting perspective to write. If you’re reading this, tell me the objet that is closer to your right hand and is not your phone/computer (I’m just curious about how many people actually read this). Hope you enjoy!

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Y/N’s POV:

My makeup is spread all over the sink in a colorful mess of labels promising clear skin, a wonderful glow and a beautiful face. I look at myself in the mirror, wondering if I will ever be like the women smiling at me from the plastic tubes and boxes.

I examine my face closely: my acne had a party all over my face last night, what explains the bags under my eyes of a deep shade of purple. I look down at my puffy silhouette, covered on stretch marks and little scars. I’m a collection of everything society deems ugly nowadays.

I feel a presence behind me and look up to see Sebastian’s reflection on the mirror kissing my cheek. “Good morning babe” he smiles as he starts moving a few of my makeup products aside to make space for himself on the sink.

“Good morning” I try to smile, but it comes out like a grimace.

Seb looks at me disapprovingly. “What are you thinking?” he asks, gazing over the magazine I’m clasping. “‘How to be hot in ten steps.’” he reads out loud “Y/N, we’ve talked about this.” He arches an eyebrow until I look at my feet. Then I hear the sound of plastic being pushed aside and a set of strong hands wrap around my waist and hoist me up, setting me on the sink.

Seb positions himself between my legs and smiles at me. “You’re absolutely perfect, Y/N. You need to stop beating yourself up like that” he touches a finger to the tip of my nose, making me laugh. I lean in for a kiss but he puts a finger over my lips. “I’m serious. Promise me.”

“I promise you.” I whisper against his finger, and then I feel his lips twist into a smile as they collide against mine in a warm, loving kiss.

When he pulls away and untangles my legs from his waist, he’s still smiling. “Thank you.” he whispers back, and offers me his hand to jump off the sink. “I have to go to the gym now, babe. I’ll be back very soon and then we have…”

“The interview for that gossip magazine. I know.” I hug him tightly, and smile against his chest when I hear him gasp for air. “I love you”

“I love you too, She-Hulk.” he laughs, massaging his ribs. “See you later!”

After a while, I storm out of the bathroom in a cloud of compact powders and frustration. After about three thousand YouTube tutorials and beauty hacks, I’ve arrived to the conclusion that my face cannot be fixed.

I head over to the kitchen to get some breakfast, but it only takes me five minutes to burn the eggs. “You can’t even fry an egg you completely useless idiot…” I muter to myself as I take a bottled smoothie out of the fridge.

I hear a ding from my phone and head to the living room, expecting it to be a message from Seb. As I turn it on, I see that the notification is from a new article of a gossip magazine I’m subscribed to. I click on it and look outside while it charges, but when I read the title and see the first photos, my breath abandons me.

“Sebastian Stan, as hot as always, has finally decided to relate with people of his category”

The article is accompanied of photos of my boyfriend working out at the gym, surrounded by a group of gorgeous women. I find myself reading it with tears steaming down my cheeks.

“Sebastian Stan, our favorite celebrity and official Hottest Man on Earth (at least according to us), has finally decided to ditch his girlfriend in favor of a group of beautiful woman that definitely suit him better!

Seb was photographed this morning in the gym, surrounded by a few very famous models. Of course, the internet has gone wild, ready to ship the next Perfect Celebrity Couple. Is the actor finally going to go out with someone who is at his level? We hope so!

Even though his breakup with Y/N, his current (ex)girlfriend, hasn’t been confirmed yet, everyone is waiting for it. It was about time for him to end the relationship, a relationship we’ve never been in favor of. You can only see Y/N’s face a certain amount of times without wondering why doesn’t she get a plastic surgery.

While we await for the next Perfect Celebrity Couple, we would love to know your opinions on the subject. Who will Sebastian choose as his next girlfriend?”

When I arrive to the end of the article, I barely have energy to turn off the phone and lie on the sofa. I’m conscious Seb has never actually flirted with any of the models (It’s pretty obvious in the pictures that they were all oblivious to each other) and he would never dump me. But that’s the problem. He would never ditch me, much less like this, but he is gorgeous, and nice, and famous; and I’m… Well, Y/N. In any case, not good enough for him.

I have to leave him.

I search for my energy and manage to get up and go to my room. Once in there, everything’s easier: all I have to do is put my stuff inside the suitcase and ignore the sharp stabs of pain in my chest. Warm tears are steaming down my face, my breath is short and sharp. I won’t look back. I can’t look back. I have to do this for him.

When the suitcase is full, I try to close it, but I’m clearly not strong enough. All of a sudden, I feel two strong arms wrapping around me from my back and then closing the suitcase for me.

“Where are you off to, babe?” a scruffy voice I recognize all too well whispers at my ear.

I breathe in. I wasn’t planing on having to deal with this face to face. I turn around slowly, only to find myself inches away from Seb’s face, his piercing blue eyes formulating the question for him.

“I’m leaving, Sebastian. Don’t call me babe, we’re not a thing anymore” I tell him, avoiding his eyes. He looks confused for a second, so I take advantage on it and slide out of his arms. I try to pull my suitcase from under his hands, but he reacts and holds it down strongly.

“What have I done?” he asks, softly and with an utterly confused look on his face.

“It’s not abut you, it’s about me”

He is quiet for a few seconds before asking “Are you cheating on me?”

“What? No! I would never do that!”

“Then why is this about you?”

I look at him in the eye. I should have lied about cheating. Now I can’t think of a good excuse.


“Because… Because I hate you!” I scream, my brain grasping the first excuse it finds. “I hate you for… being so perfect. For being the ‘Hottest Man on Earth’, the man everyone wants to date. The oscar-winer actor. The man that couldn’t be any nicer or sweeter. The perfect boyfriend. I hate you for that, for being the perfect boyfriend, and I curse the day I fell for you, the day I decided to be your girlfriend!” I sob and sit on the bed, hiding my face in my hands.

I expect to feel his arms wrap around me, but they never do. After a few minutes of silence, Sebastian calls me again.


I look up to see him on the other side of the room, holding my phone. He must have read the article. Good, that way he’ll realize he needs someone better than me. He mumbles angrily under his breath.

“Y/N, please don’t read this articles. They are written by a jealous hand, and all they contains is poison. Fake poison.” he crosses the room and sits next to me. “They aren’t true, they just want to hurt you.” he presses his finger to the tip of my nose and I hit his hand away. “There’s only one reason I’m dating you, Y/N.”

This gets my attention. I sit up and look at him. “Why?”

“Because you’re the only person I’m madly in love with. You’re beautiful, even more than those models” he pulls a stray hair being my ear. “And I’m not saying this to make you feel better. To my eyes, you’re way prettier than them, way more real.”

“I’m ugly, Sebastian.”

He laughs. “No you’re not, honey. They’re the ugly ones, the fake ones. You’re Y/N, the only woman I’ll ever consider impeccably beautiful. I promise i’m speaking the truth.”

I want to believe him, but I don’t know if I should. I look at the suitcase laying on the bed. Sebastian seems to read my thoughts, because he gently turns my head to him, two fingers under my chin, and looks at me in the eye, those two blue beauties searching through my soul.

“You’re really leaving me because you think I deserve something better?” he whispers, inches away from my face. My breath gets caught in my lungs. “Let me make that decision, Y/N.”

I can’t think clearly due to his proximity. “And what have you decided?”

“I’m exactly where I want to be” he whispers back, seconds before his lips crash into mine.

The Guitarist - Chapter One


Harry wasn’t sure how he ended up in a crowded venue, surrounded by beefy guys with beer in sleeveless leather jackets. But there he was regardless. He wanted to be alone, but not be alone. Going anywhere public would have been futile and resulted in hastily taken pictures and the definite hassle of paparazzi. It took him a while to think of a place, but he was driving down a quiet street of London when he saw an advertisement for a small metal band, playing a show of about 500. The tickets were dirt cheap and the risk of someone recognising him there was so slim, Harry was convinced he could use a fake name with no second glances. Harry hadn’t the faintest idea what kind of show he was in for, but he was excited to witness something new. Something where cameras weren’t watching and he could just watch, without being watched. He was to the left of the stage, people packed in closer but he stood his ground, at a good distance from the stage.

The lights dimmed completely and a dark red light illuminated the stage, hauling in whistles and screams from the audience. Harry chuckled and whistled with them, relishing in the feeling of being on the other side. Harry blended in and didn’t feel too out of place with his black t-shirt and tattooed arms, but he knew he was different. Harry dressed like a rock star but had the personality of a bumble bee dancing around a stage in a flower crown. He was a delicate creature who liked the simplicities of life and liked his privacy. He had learned over the years who he was and that person should not have been at a metal concert. The band was called Living With Insanity and he felt somehow captivated to their contrasting elements and desire for something new.

The band came on one by one, in traditional fashion and his eyes landed on the lead guitarist. The guitarist was a girl around 20, wild curly dark brown hair and cascading tattoos down her slim body. He felt entranced by her playing, the way her fingers plucked the riffs and murdered the solos. She stood on his side of the stage and mainly looked out at the crowd, smiling. Harry could just see her hazel eyes wondering the crowd as she danced across the strings on her black electric guitar. A few men in the crowd heckled at her during intervals but she took it in her stride and answered their crude and ridiculous pleas. He was captivated by her, nobody else mattered in the band, the crowd’s screams dulled in his ears as he listened only to the playing of her guitar. His body moved to the playing of her guitar, much like rest of the crowd. Her eyes wondered out to the crowd, searching for faces but Harry knew this attempt was pointless in such a dark venue. The show came to a close and all Harry wanted to do was find that girl and talk to her. Her aura on stage was enthralling and he felt possessed by it. He wandered lethargically out of the venue and to the back of the building where he saw them packing up. Chords lay tangled everywhere and she was crouched down wrapping them around her arm, cigarette between her lips and hair wild.

“Hey.” Harry said softly as he walked up in front of her, her eyes darted up and eyebrows quirked at him.

“Hi.” She replied in a huffed tone and continued wrapping up the chords.

“I’m Harry” he said with an assured tone, attempting to strike up a conversation, maybe even help her.

“I am aware. I’m Piper” Harry was slightly taken aback but didn’t let it faze him.

“Can I help you with anything?” Harry said, grinning and looking down at the chords she had to wrap up.

“Sure, just don’t mess up the chords.” She handed him a loose chord, making brief eye contact with him. Piper wasn’t quite sure why Harry was at their show, in fact she was quite confused.

“What are you doing here, pretty boy?” Her tone was somewhat accusing but she was mostly outrageously curious.

“I came to enjoy the show.” He said sincerely, Piper’s expression was somewhat hard and unreadable.

“Yeah okay.” Piper went back to wrapping the chords and took a ling drag of her cigarette causing Harry to cough innocently. Piper rolled her eyes, her expression covered by her cascading looks.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you the show was really good by the way, and you are an amazing player.” Harry smiled at the girl, her piercing mixed hazel eyes looked at him, attempting to decipher his meaning.

“Look, flattery will get you nowhere, pretty boy.” Piper retorted, accusation lacing her soothing voice.

“I wasn’t- ” Harry was cut off by Piper standing up and walking away, he quickly got up to follow her, desperate for her attention. Harry almost slapped himself for being so whiney. Piper turned around and took a step toward Harry to which he took one back. Piper took another and so did Harry, he felt his back touch a wall and Piper stood awfully close to him.

“Pretty boy, what do you want?” Piper spoke softly, holding a firm and slightly frustrated tone.

“A drink, with you.” Harry’s breathing had quickened and he could feel the hair on his neck rising in nervousness.

“I don’t do the whole mega star thing.” She gestured to his body and he shook his head.

“I’m not like the media portrays me.”

“And what would that be?” Piper challenged

“A stuck-up asshole with too much money and who doesn’t care.” Harry breathed out quickly, burning under Piper’s stare. Piper weighed up her options, she could either go home to her messy liquor filled apartment and drink herself to sleep or she could go out with popstar Harry and go to a poncy bar with a dress code.

“I pick the bar.” Piper stepped away from Harry and he exhaled sharply, nodding while looking her in the eye. Piper asked one of the roadies if he could pack up the chords and she told Harry to wait while she collected her belongings. He waited anxiously, somewhat intimidated by her. They started walking down the alley way, Piper led the way, her strides fast and snappy, Harry kept up with his long legs. He couldn’t help but trail his eyes down her body when she got slightly ahead, her jeans clung tightly to her figure and her hair flowed wildly behind her, mimicking her fierce personality. Harry didn’t want to seem like the other guys she clearly disliked so he kept his eyes down on the road as they walked. Harry didn’t even expect to acquire her number at the end of the night but her endearing personality attracted him, in an unexpected manner. He usually went for a quiet girl who didn’t cause the media any scandals, although, he felt Piper admired privacy and didn’t want hers stripped away from her.

“So, how long have you been playing guitar?” Harry smiled as they walked down a quiet street with a few lone people lurking around.

“Since I was eight. How long have you been singing?” Piper looked at Harry, making an attempt to be nicer than she had.

“Ever since I could talk really, but I didn’t think I had any real potential.” Piper couldn’t help but roll her eyes, but hid them from Harry who was watching her intently.

“Yeah, well singing seemed to turn out pretty well for you.” Piper attempted a smile that ended up like a pained Cheshire cat. Harry however smiled his toothy grin back and Piper stopped at a door. The door led to a downtown bar, the slightly dodgy and dirty part of town. Even as a teenager, Harry didn’t venture down here, unlike Piper, his life was more sheltered than hers. Harry had lived a relatively normal and cosy life as a child compared to the backlashing harsh life of Piper.

The lights inside the bar were dim and a few strippers adorned poles in the back corner of the room. Middle aged men threw money at them, their white singlets showing their protruding beer bellies. Shift workers loved this place. They loved the dark decor, the cheap strippers and the near twenty-four-hour service for any and all needs. Harry felt a bit uncomfortable but slung his body down on a faux leather lounge that was chipping and peeling. Piper ordered shots for the two of them, clearly knowing her way around the claustrophobic, smoke ridden bar. She laid down on the lounge opposite him and he coughed slightly, engaging her attention.

“So, tell me about your life?” Piper was shocked by his constant optimistic glow but shrugged, sitting up to look him in the eye.

“I bust my ass in a band that is seemingly going nowhere, but I love making music so I stay. I work occasionally at this bar when our gig money doesn’t cut the rent and electricity and water bills. I could’ve gone to university; my marks were good enough but I chose the band life and started touring the UK with a bunch of twenty-five-year old guys who learnt pretty quickly that I was an equal member of this band and we got along ever since.” Harry wasn’t expecting such a length response, but he was glad they were managing to get a conversation rolling. Piper didn’t ask about his life and she knew it would completely shadow her small little life.

“What was your first job?” Harry questioned as their shots came and they downed them simultaneously.

“I used to work at a coffee shop that was on the river. It was lovely there, but they changed owners and it wasn’t the greatest after that. What about you?” Piper seemed to look fondly back on this memory, a smile curled on her lips and Harry wanted to see more of it.

“I used to work in a bakery.” They made eye contact and Piper giggled at Harry’s answer.

“What?” he giggled back at her, confused at her sudden outburst, but intrigued.

“I’ve lived a safe life and I am a huge rock star and I used to work in a bakery.” Piper taunted him, Harry’s grin widened as he shook his head at her impression.

They ordered another round of shots, this time Harry watched her drink hers before he downed his. He watched the scrunch of her nose as she swallowed and the crinkle of her eyes as the spirit hit her throat. His eyes stared into hers as she bit her lip, hollering for more shots. Shot after shot they took and soon they were huddled together on the same lounge, Harry ran his hand through her dark curly mess. Harry’s phone began to buzz relentlessly and Piper had ended up turning it off and shoving it in her pocket, claiming he wasn’t allowed to have it. Harry was surprised by Piper’s demeaner in her drunken state. She stopped pretending to be an intimidating guitarist and let herself laugh and smile. She snuggled into his chest as they sat there, the music subtle in the bar, a few truck drivers had stopped and then left again. They had been there the longest, cheesy laughing at every shot they took and slamming the glasses down on the scratched dark wooden table.

“I think we better go.” Piper stated, in between every word a hiccup.

“I’ll call my driver.” Harry said loudly and started patting Piper down in an attempt to locate his phone. He found it and smirked at Piper before taking it off her. Piper dazily sat up from the lounge and stood up, stretching widely as Harry made the call.

“Okay, let’s go!” Piper was in an excited state and dragged Harry up from the lounge, he grabbed his coat and stumbled with her out the front door. They stood in the freezing air, dancing from foot to foot, trying to keep themselves warm. Harry felt light headed and looked towards Piper, her face lit up as she made eye contact with a freezing Harry. Harry saw a car turn a corner, recognising it immediately he walked closer to the road. It was being followed by several vans, he knew they contained paps. He looked to his driver and his driver was shaking his head, Harry knew he had been stalked on the way over. Piper seemed gleefully unaware of them and Harry wanted to keep it that way, knowing that even in her happy drunken state, she would lash out, claiming he was something he wasn’t. He wrapped an arm around her waist and hustled her into the car as soon as it pulled up. He saw the distant flash of a camera but didn’t turn his head in acknowledgment and instead buckled himself into the dark car.

“Piper, where do you live?” he slurred lightly but smiled earnestly at her. She seemed somewhat more aware and gave the driver explicit directions, her hands gesturing as she spoke. Harry tried to take a mental note of her place when they arrived, it was in a quiet street. The apartment building towering menacingly over the drunken boy. He stepped out of the car with her, walking her to the entrance of the building. Piper regained a sober moment and pushed him unexpectedly against the red brick wall.

“Like I said pretty boy, flattery will get you nowhere.” She breathed to him, her eyes flutter as she leant in and kissed the corner of his mouth teasingly. He tried to kiss back but she stopped and smirked at him, fumbled with her keys and unlocked the apartment entrance.

“See you later, pretty boy.” Her voice, like velvet rang in his ears as he walked back to his car, already in need to see her again.

Three’s a crowd

Patrick X Reader X Henry

Can I request a female reader x Patrick x Henry? Reader got kicked out of her old school and was sent to theirs. She has the whole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and she’s quite a tease,  wearing tank tops and skirts most of the time. She catches the boy’s attention right off the bat on the first day. She plays into it, brushing up against them in the hallways, accidentally bending down in front of one of them to pick up a pencil etc. Not only is she hot though, she gets along with them pretty well and after a while they both fall for her.

(Y/N) had never really thought about the possibilities of going to a different school. All she really cared about was getting out of Derry. She found a nice spot outside on a bench to smoke and no one stared, she enjoyed her silence, that is until the Bowers Gang rocked up.

Four boys, each equally different in looks walked up to her and stared as if she was supposed to greet them like kings. She took a drag of her cigarette and looked at them, “do you need something?” She deadpanned. The taller one with the long dark hair snickered, biting his lip to stop himself.

She took in his appearance, he was attractive. “No? Okay then why are you here?” She answered for them through the silence. The one standing in front of her stared her down with a shocked expression.

She wanted to laugh at his mullet but felt that would be a step too far. “Are you a mute?” She asked. The boy in the back practically lost it. He laughed slightly, earning glares from the mullet-boy.

“If you don’t want anything can you fuck off?” This was Henry’s last straw. “Do you not know who were are?” He whispered. “No? And do I even want to?” She looked them all up and down.

The boy with dark hair licked his lips, staring deep into her eyes. She felt a shiver come upon her. This boy was too attractive for his own good, she thought.

“I’m Henry Bowers. That’s Victor, that’s Belch and that’s Patrick.” The boy introduced himself a lot nicer than anyone expected. “Okay?” She took another drag of her cigarette. “And you are?” The boy named Victor piped up.

“Y/N.” A smile curled onto her lips as she noticed they all stared her up and down. “Look, I’m gonna go before you turn into a mute.” She sighed, getting off of the bench and walking away.

Patrick spun on his heel to admire the sway in her hips, he bit his lip. Henry eyed her curiously. Henry couldn’t help but smile when he saw her almost get trampled by the Losers but then she grabbed one by the collar and tripped him over, walking into the school.
(Y/N) opened her new locker and began to store away her items, closing the locker resulted in being face to face with Patrick. “Hey Patrick.” She said carelessly, walking away. “Henry wants to see you.” He said, eyeing her, following her. His eyes trailing up to her skirt.

His mind wandered and she caught him. She clicked in front of his face and he looked at her. “My eyes are up here.” She muttered. As they walked outside, Henry was leaned against Belch’s car, waiting. She neared them with Patrick close beside her and she placed her hands on her hips. “What’s up?” She asked. “We’re gonna take you home.” He said. He sat in the front seat and she smirked.

Patrick climbed into the car beside Vic and she squeezed in beside Patrick. The drive was not at all quiet, heavy metal bands blared out the speakers while they chain smoked and they talked. “I got kicked out of my last school.” She said. Patrick raised an eyebrow and Victor chimed in, “how come?”

“Caught smoking.” She laughed. “That’s tough.” Belch said and she nodded. Patrick’s hand made its way onto her thigh, giving it a squeeze. She smiled to herself. They dropped her off and she thanked them, before she could turn Henry finally said something to her, “what are you doing this Friday night?” And she smirked. “Not you.” And with that she walked into her house, her skirt flowing with her hips with each stride she took

Henry and Patrick staring out the window at her. They watched as she fumbled with her keys. She “dropped” them and as she bent over to pick them up, Henry and Patrick both felt themselves excite slightly. “She’s mine.” - “I found myself a keeper.” They said in unison. Victor and Belch looking towards them both in shock.

Henry and Patrick looked at each other with deep resentment. They both new that she had to pick, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a competition. They had locked horns and Victor was sure it would get messy.


That Friday night, five teens took to Henry’s backyard while his dad was working the late shift, Henry wouldn’t let a girl over unless he was sure his dad wasn’t going to be home.“You’re such an asshat…” (Y/N) laughed at Victor. “Even when I was seven I knew about that stuff!” She said between chuckles. “Seven? Wow…” Belch scoffed. “I was very mature for my age!” She defended. Belch passed her the cigarette, she gleefully took a drag. “So Patrick…” She exhaled. He turned to look at her, “yes?” His lips curled into a smile. “When was your first sexual experience?” Her tone was seductive and he chuckled slyly. “She means with a real person.” Victor shot. Laughter erupted from from the entire group, Patrick glared at Vic. Patrick looked to (Y/N) to see her in hysterics. He snickered at their childishness.He smirked, “Last year I guess-“ “consensual!” She interrupted and he went silent. “Jesus you’re worse than I thought.” She shook her head. “I didn’t fuck her.” He muttered. “He’s a virgin…” Victor whispered. “Patrick just likes to grope.” Belch added. “Oh I know that!” She snickered and he shook his head, winking at her devilishly. Henry cleared his throat awkwardly, breaking their eye contact.“So… When was yours?” He leaned down and rested his elbows on his knees, looking at her, his brows raising. “You’re gonna laugh.” She tilted her head and the boys looked intrigued. “Fuck.” Victor’s eyes widened. “You haven’t-“ He trailer off. “Not officially.” She hadn’t told anyone that. “We just assumed-“ Belch’s voice also trailed off. “What cause I’m such a slut?” She raised her eyebrow. “No!” Henry stated quickly, all eyes turning to him. “You’re just a tease-“ Patrick winked. “So… What have you done?” Patrick said, cocking an eyebrow, a sly grin plastered across his vibrant lips. She bit her lip lightly. “Stuff.” She murmured. Henry stared at her curiously. “She’s totally given hand-jobs…” Belch muttered. Henry and Patrick shooting daggers T him from their eyes. “Only one.” She said. Their eyes snapping back to her. “Who?” Patrick asked, his face hardened. “Some guy from my old school. We dated for a while and that was that. Before I left, I ended it. It wasn’t devastating. I didn’t really like him that much.” She had opened up to them more than she was proud of. She wanted to keep the sexy mystery alive but it died when she couldn’t control her words.“It’s getting really late.” Victor said, glancing up at the stars. Everyone else looked up except for Patrick. His eyes remained on the (Y/H/C) haired girl, Henry took his eyes off the stars and noticed Patrick had his eyes fixed on her. Henry’s stomach twisted jealously. “We should take you home.” Henry sighed. Standing up and trailing to Belch’s car.
In the car, (Y/N) had her head against Patrick’s shoulder, Henry kept glancing at her through the rear-view mirror. Patrick’s hand higher on her thigh than ever before. She made eye contact with Henry in the mirror and he averted his eyes. Belch pulled up beside her darkened house and she got out, smiling at Patrick who wore his signature devilish grin and in this light, his eyes were the darkest feature on his otherwise pale complexion, other than the hair that surrounded it. She moved to Henry’s window and leaned down to see Belch, making quick eye contact with Henry before thanking Belch. Henry’s eyes shifted to the flesh of her breast being slightly revealed by her low cut singlet. “Thanks for the ride.” She muttered. Henry’s eyes attached to her cleavage. She smirked at him before turning and leaving, walking up to her house, turning on the porch light. Henry and Patrick staring out the window at her. They watched as she fumbled with her keys. She “dropped” them and as she bent over to pick them up, Henry and Patrick both felt themselves excite slightly. “She’s mine.” - “I found myself a keeper.” They said in unison. Victor and Belch looking towards them both in shock. Henry and Patrick looked at each other with deep resentment. They both new that she had to pick, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a competition. They had locked horns and Victor was sure it would get messy.

In the weeks that followed the backseat of Belch’s car seemed to get smaller as she was constantly being squished against Patrick’s body. This she didn’t mind especially on the cold days. She knew what was going on between them so she played along.

She loved playing little games with them. Especially when she would brush her hands against their torsos flirtatiously or bend down in front of them on purpose. Especially Patrick. His lean figure, pressed against the locker beside hers, it was hard not to touch him. And it was hard not to tease Henry by dropping something and picking it up slowly.

Patrick couldn’t let Henry win and Henry couldn’t let Patrick win. They both seemed to know she liked them both as well so in their heads all she had to do was choose. Except it was hard; Henry was really good to her, he held her tightly and never said a rude thing in her presence. Patrick was protective and took care of her, gave her his clothes when she was cold and he threatened any boy that would look at her wrong.

Henry wasn’t as protective, sure he held her close to him when people he didn’t like cane along but in no way would he be as protective as Patrick. Her decision was impossible and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to make one.

She enjoyed having them wrapped around her finger. Which became an issue when she kissed Henry for the first time, soft and pleasant, tasting of cigarettes. But it lacked passion, so there she was, in front of Patrick’s bedroom door, she needed to know. She rapped on the door and heard an affirmative groan, pushing the door open lightly. He was pulling a shirt onto his lean body and he turned to look at her.

They both just stared awkwardly. She walked up to him, wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him close, pressing her lips to his, reacting immediately, he smiled into the kiss, snaking his hands to her hips, pulling her closer. He tasted like sour lollies, both of their favourites.

She felt a fire erupt inside her as their tongues clashed.

Although she knew what she wanted, she was still unsure as the mullet-wearing boy still awaited her phone call. She knew he wasn’t patient but her body seemed to care less as Patrick’s thirst for her was quenched.

She didn’t mean for it to happen but she didn’t regret it. What she would regret is the aftermath, if Henry mentions the kiss or Patrick mentions the passionate, half naked makeout, she was fucked either way.

Unintentionally she had created a conflict between the boys and she didn’t want to know how it would end.

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Dan and Arin's first kiss?

(Thank you for blessing me with this prompt. This was so fun to write)

“So, have you ever actually kissed a guy?” Dan asked, watching Arin reset the episode timer. Arin glanced up at him quizzically, pausing his movements.

“What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “Where’d that come from?”

“You were literally just talking about getting fucked by Chris Pratt,” Dan said, rolling his eyes. “Why is that the less weird option for you?”

“Well, fucking is different than kissing, Daniel,” Arin said, setting the timer down and sighing dramatically. “Am I going to have to talk to you about the birds and the bees? Goodness, I would have thought your parents covered this already.”

“I’ve got it covered, thanks.” Dan chuckled, shaking his head. “But seriously. You always talk about fucking guys, I was just wondering if you’ve ever acted on any of it.”

Arin shrugged, suddenly very interested in fiddling with his mic. “Well, no. But you know I’ve been with Suzy for like, forever. I never had time to, like, try shit with guys, you know?”

“Huh. Alright.” Dan shrugged and leant forward. “So, you wanna play this round or-?”

“Have you?” Arin blurted.

Dan blinked, glancing back at Arin. “What?”

Arin was now so focused on adjusting his mic, Dan expected it to secretly be a bomb in need of defusing instead of audio equipment. “Have you ever kissed a guy?”

“Uh, well, no. There’s never been, uh,” Dan cleared his throat and looked away. “There’s never been a guy I wanted to kiss.”

“Oh,” Arin said. “Okay.”

“I do, uh, wonder though,” Dan said slowly, trying to ignore the slight tremor in his voice. “What that would be like? It’s gotta be so fucking weird.”

“Yeah. Totally.” Arin mussed, his voice sounding strangely flat. Dan frowned, eyes flickering back to Arin. He was leaning back, staring at the TV screen with an intense look on his face. Maybe the bomb had migrated to the TV. Or something. Fuck, Daniel, focus.

“You alright, man?” He asked, leaning back and touching Arin’s shoulder lightly. Arin flinched and Dan pulled his hand back, frown deepening. “Seriously, Ar, I didn’t mean to imply kissing a guy is weird. I mean, you do you, man. You know I don’t care who you kiss.”

“I know,” Arin said quietly, glancing back at Dan. His eyes searched Dan’s, although what he was looking for, Dan had no clue. Still, his face started to redden and his heart started to pound. He couldn’t pin point why, exactly, but suddenly the air felt thick around him. He opened his mouth and closed it, unsure of how to proceed here. Something felt…different. Strange. Arin leant forward slightly and Dan swallowed, hard.

“If you had the chance to kiss a guy, would you try it?” Arin asked, eyes still searching his. “Just to know how it was?”

“I guess it would depend,” Dan said quietly.


“On who I was kissing.” Dan licked his lips, his mouth suddenly very dry. Arin’s eyes flickered down to his lips and Dan stopped breathing for a moment. Did Arin want to…to kiss him? Like, actually kiss him? Dan’s head was suddenly swimming with memories or teasing and strange glances he couldn’t pin point. So many late nights they spent together, just to be near each other. Of how much he wanted to lean forward and press his lips to Arin’s, just cause. And how the hell this hadn’t happened sooner.

“Dan?” Arin asked, shifting his body to face Dan a bit better, leg tucked up onto the couch.

“Yeah?” Dan asked, unable to stop himself from leaning closer to Arin. They were so close. Inches away from each other.

“Would you kiss me?” Arin asked, voice wavering as he stared at Dan’s lips. His expression was almost pleading, a hint of disbelief in his face. He looked ready to jump back as if Dan would ever say no to this.

Instead of answering, Dan reached forward and tipping Arin’s head upwards, coaxing him into meeting his eye again. He could see so much fear and confusion and need in Arin’s gaze. He swallowed again, his hands starting to shake as he leant forward and pressed his lips to Arin’s.

It was different than kissing a girl, of course. He could feel Arin’s beard scratching his skin as he leant into him, a firmness in his lips he wasn’t used to. But it also felt nicer than he expected. Arin’s lips were warm and pliant against his own, his small gasp as their lips met making Dan smile.

When he pulled back, his smile grew at Arin’s shocked look. He licked his lips again, raising an eyebrow. “Does that answer your question?” Dan asked.

Arin stared at him for a moment, a sort of disbelieving wonder etched on his features. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess it does.”

Cassandra doesn’t know how to feel when she sees the young teenager accused of the Divine’s murder, shaking and terrified. She is still strict, however, demanding answers, but when she discovers that the teenager is innocent, she feels nothing but guilt for being so hostile in her first encounter with them. She becomes overly protective, trying to guide the young Herald as best she can, even becoming something of a nagging parental figure. If the Herald is not of age by the end of Trespasser, she takes them in.

Iron Bull is worried, at first, when he meets the Herald. After all, it was going to be his job to keep the kid breathing, and Thedas could be a dangerous place. As it turns out, Bull has a soft spot for the Herald, and keeps a close eye on them. He affectionately refers to them as “Imekari,” Qunlat for “child,” but does not talk down to them as if they are a child. He starts trying to teach them how to defend themselves and fight better, with the patience of a saint and the pride of a parent.

Blackwall initially doesn’t believe the kid when they say they’re an agent of the Inquisition, even asking in a panic where their parents were so he could take them home. He believes it when they expose the mark, but it does nothing to soothe his nerves. He feels like he’s walking on broken glass around the teenager at first, not seeing himself as a stellar role model, but doesn’t make too many comments. Nevertheless, he feels no small amount of guilt when they find out the truth about him– their disappointed eyes are almost too much to bear. When they forgive him, he’s never been so relieved in his life.

Solas’s heart clenches when he sees how young the Herald is, and intense guilt overtakes him– “No, no, this was not meant for you, da'len, you are too young. What have I done? As a result, he is intensely protective, though he tries not to show it too much, and he tries to do everything he can to lessen the pain of the mark. He grows fond of them and begins to teach them about the Fade and spirits, and if they are a mage, effective use of magic. Affectionately refers to them as “Da'len” most of the time.

Dorian is sympathetic to the young Inquisitor, willing to hear them out with not a lick of judgement. When they stress or fret about others judging them, he does his best to soothe them, even a few times drawing attention to himself to get eyes off of the Herald. After his business with his father, the Inquisitor comes in attempts to comfort him, and Dorian realizes he sees the Inquisitor almost like a young sibling. He is nothing but patient with them.

Vivienne takes it upon herself to ensure the Inquisitor has the best of everything– education, clothes, manners, you name it. She tries to help plan their future for a good life, and introduces them to other nobles, trying to shape their social status– never too early to start. She would be damned if they didn’t become a functional, intelligent member of Orlesian nobility, with everything they need to succeed. Though she can be kind of an overbearing nag, not unlike Cassandra, it’s because she cares.

Sera acts like a big sister to the Herald, fawning over them. The Inquisitor finds themselves spending a lot of time with the rogue, who never belittles them– she just makes sure no one gives them too much trouble, and anyone who’s rude or mean to them is pranked ruthlessly. She begins teaching them things like “Hey, you wanna learn how to put bees in a jar without stinging yourself? Maybe how to put just the right amount of custard in a pie?” She, at least once, makes cookies with them. They don’t turn out well, but they have fun.

Cole doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal that they’re so young. “Why does it worry everyone?” he asks Solas one day. “The Herald is kind, and they care.” He doesn’t treat them much differently than an adult, but he’s more than willing to talk about their feelings if and when they get bewildered by the attention and the expectations. “Panting, drowning, I’m going to sink, I’m going to fail, I’m going to die. You are brave and strong. You will be okay.”

Varric’s first comment upon seeing how young the Herald is is “Shit.” “No kid deserves this bullshit,” he thinks, “I hope the Seeker was nicer to them than she was to me.” He, like Cassandra, becomes akin to a parental figure, a cool father-figure. He’s well aware of this, too, and looks out for them closely, and listens to what they have to say. When they’re stressed, he’ll encourage them to step away from it for awhile, and he’ll pull them aside, take them for a walk, telling them stories of Hawke. Secretly plans on making sure their financial future is set by hiring them for some sort of job in his business if the Inquisition thing doesn’t work out.

Josephine frets over everything– “Do they have enough to eat? How about clothes, are they warm? I need to hire a tutor, a good one.” She frequently tests them on their etiquette, not realizing sometimes how much it stresses them out. To balance it out, she often gives them some sort of reward, be it new clothes, a book, whatever they want, for working hard and behaving.

Leliana was kinder to them than Cassandra was in the beginning, and felt nothing but pity for them later on, when they were known to be innocent. She isn’t as hard on them as she can be on others, and always has an agent not far away to ensure their safety. She knows very well there are many who would take advantage of such a young Herald, and she makes sure that never happens.

Cullen frowns, deeply, when he first discovers how old they are. “Maker’s Breath! How did this happen to them?!” Once the initial shock and panic has faded, he tries to be calm and tries to be a good role model. When they’re more comfortable with him, he begins sparring with them, teaching them how to effectively use a sword and shield, and feels quiet pride when they can keep up with him after weeks of training.

Safe Place



Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: The pastor’s daughter isn’t supposed to yearn for danger and adventure, but it’s all you can think about. You’re in desperate need of an escape from your town, and when Bucky Barnes causes you to put yourself in impeccable danger, it seems you might have found your ticket out.

Warnings: A little violence I guess? Fluffy, Bucky being cute asf and catching feelings, bad editting fo sho sorry

Words: 3752

A/N: Not sure how I feel about this one, I had to whip it up quickly for a cute anon request who preferred it if I didn’t include the prompt in the description. Well, here ya go anon, hope you like it xo

Originally posted by gliceria

Bucky Barnes was an anomaly, a complete wild card. Bucky Barnes was beyond the reasonable control of the law and fate alike. Bucky Barnes was the single black ink spot that bled into the crisp white pages of the book that you wrote for yourself. And Bucky Barnes was most certainly a bad idea.

The beautiful good girl falls for the rugged bad boy, it’s a classic story, really, but this fable is far from the old cliche. The ‘bad boys’ depicted in such tales were troublemakers, maybe the skateboarder that smoked a just bit too much pot, or the low ranking member of the town’s local gang seeking a pretty girl to bandage his bloodied knuckles. Bucky Barnes was neither one of those characters, he was an entirely different breed of man.

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(photo taken after eating 2 veggie burgers on an empty stomach)

there are days that you feel in love with your body; you’ve been eating well, drinking lots of water, and exercising almost daily and your body reflects it.

this photo was taken two weeks ago and it’s a photo I often look back at because when I restarted my journey to fitness, I was doing really well for the first few weeks. i fell back into eating healthy and exercising easily and some of the weight I put on during my break easily melted off.

so I was greedy, I kept expecting that result from my body; and when it didn’t happen as easily through the following weeks and I experienced bloating n etc I became very dissatisfied with my image and began thinking unhealthy thoughts.

you don’t eat the same exact foods everyday, you don’t exercise the same exact way everyday, so in tangent your body will not look the same everyday. don’t become greedy with your results; small, gradual change is better than yo-yo dieting and change.

you will achieve your dream. just be nicer to yourself and change will come, albeit slowly, but you’ll find it will stick around much longer than before.

daenerys targaryen; la mer

Request:  I would love to see an imagine where the reader is the youngest Lannister ( actually a Targaryen by an affair) and meets Daenerys and just like that Jonerys scene they go the King’s Landing have sex?

Notes: Idk if the transition was too fast but I really like this ahhhh. Hope you enjoy it as well! btw i’m laughing at the title bc la mer means the sea (bc of the boatsex scene) in french but lamer means to lick in spanish i’m so stupid lol

You were waiting in Dragonstone, your feet anxiously tapping the floor. Your brother was about to arrive with the self proclaimed queen of Westeros. You were doubtful, but you trusted Tyrion –risky, being a Lannister, but you thought trusting you was risky too –.  

As you thought this, you saw the first ships show up in the horizon. You bit your lip, your heart torn between fear for the unknown and expectancy and the prosper of seeing your most dear brother once again. When they arrived, even from the distance, you could see emotion overcome the silver-haired woman’s face. Her eyes lift up from the sand, and on her way to inspect the castle her eyes fall on your hood covered figure, although she doesn’t seem surprised at your presence. She stands from her crouching position and approaches you. With steady steps she positions herself in front of you.

“Your grace”. You curtsied slightly, although she didn’t seem to care about it much.

“You’re Tyrion’s sister, right?”

“I am, your grace.”

“Good. He has talked quite a lot about you.”

“I hope all he said was good, your grace.”

“Superb. Will you join us? I have a country to rule, and a castle to check.”

“Right behind you, your grace.”

And that’s how it started. Now you were in King’s Landing, waiting for your sister to return with her most than likely sour response.

“Do you miss it?”

You turned to the voice you had got accustomed to. There she was, standing tall, but with a nice smile on her face. You had earned her trust fairly easily, which had surprised both you and your brother when he asked you about it, though you pretended to not understand why.

“No. This city is full of shit and bad memories for me. I wished nothing else but to leave. Casterly Rock, on the other hand, was always far more welcoming, although I’m sure Tyrion hated it, and he has told you everything about it.”

“He did.” She nodded. “Do you miss your family?”

“I always thought the only member of my family I’d miss was Tyrion, and I was right. I also miss Jaime, in a sort of way, but it’s not the same bond I have with Tyrion.”

She nodded again, and doubt crossed her face. You looked at her questioningly, inviting her to continue. She seemed unsure, but she asked: I wondered, when I first met you… Why aren’t you married? Girls far younger than you already are, and a family like yours seems like one that would force you into it.”

Your eyes widened, a question you weren’t expecting, and it made you feel slightly uncomfortable. “My sister already married a king, Jaime couldn’t marry nor inherit, and Tyrion… my father thought him useless. I always thought he wanted me to inherit Casterly Rock, and that’s why he was nicer to me I guess. I didn’t want to marry, anyway. I guess after watching my sister marry a king and seeing how that ended up…”

She nodded understandingly. She knew small bits of your life for what you had told her on certain days, sitting in front of the fire and drinking wine. “My marriage was rocky, and sorrow ridden, but I loved him.”

You smiled sweetly at her. “Sometimes that’s enough to make it through.”

She smiled back.


You doubted standing in front of her door. You had raised your hand three times already and the three times you hadn’t dared. You went to try again, but this time you didn’t need to. Daenerys opened the door, and she stared at you with her purple knowing eyes. You waited for her to do something, and taking the hint, she moved aside letting you in.

You stepped in, looking around the cabin. It was quite fancy, appropriate for a queen. After you looked around, you turned and saw Dany standing in front of you, behind her the bed. She noticed how your eyes darted to the back, where the said bed was, and she seemed to understand the thoughts that were going through your mind, but didn’t seem scared not disgusted, but greedy.

You gave a few steps forward and grabbed her from her waist. You pushed her slightly backwards and she willingly laid on the bed, you laying over her. Her soft skin burnt under your touch. You kissed her softly at first, but tired of the tenderness, she took the lead and started kissing you more passionately. You separated on the need to breathe, so you take the moment to undress each other. It takes a while to get rid of the heavy garments, but you finally manage.

You gasped when Daenerys pushed you towards the bed, making you lay on your back. He rough hands caressed your waist, while you left wet kisses around her neck or any patch or skin within reach. She moved down to your breasts, and you wanted to start crying at the look of adoration with which she was looking at them. She very lightly touched your right breast.

“Your mouth.” You whispered, not wanting to disturb the wild sounds you both were making. She seemed unsure, but very swiftly she put your right nipple on her mouth, sucking and toying with her tongue. You looked down, and you couldn’t help but moan at the look of your queen sucking like starving woman holding on for dear life. She did the same to your left breast, taking quite a while. She seemed to enjoy this new act, as you were sure it was the first time she tasted a woman’s boobs.

She kept going down your abdomen past your mound, and started kissing from your knees to your thighs, avoiding kissing where you needed her the most. Groaning in frustration, you grabbed her and pinned her against the bed, a surprised gasp leaving her open lips. Taking the moment you kissed her on her open mouth, you warm tongues dancing with each other, and shivers running down your spine when you felt your nipples brushing against each other’s. You caressed them, twisting and pulling her small nipples, a guttural moan coming from her chest. You could feel your core get warm and pulsate.

You got away from her. Her eyes closed and breathing heavy. But you didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath. You hand went down, touching her soaking lips. You looked up. Her eyes were wide, looking rather expectant down at you. You started playing with her clit, and a raw scream came out of her. You were playing with it, twisting and turning, watching her with her head back, mouth open agape and loud sexy sounds surrounding you. She whispered your name, and you could feel your juices starting to slip down your thigh. Without diverting your eyes, you pushed one finger deep inside her. Her eyes shot open, and her head fell back down hard against the pillow. “Y/N, oh–” You pushed a second finger, and at the same time you started toying with yourself, absentmindedly touching your small pleasure spot. You pushed another finger inside you, and with two fingers inside yours and Daenery’s pussies, you sped up, matching the rhythm of the thrusts. Your moans mixing up in the air.

“Y/N, I think I’m going to–” You pushed your fingers out of her vagina, and you soon replaced them with your mouth. She oozed of sex, and you couldn’t avoid but enjoy her sent. Your tongue coming in and out of her tight hole, while you occasionally bit and licked her clit and you kept pushing your fingers inside of your pussy, the pleasure around you was too much. You knew you were about to cum, and so was her. You didn’t cease moving your tongue until with one loud scream, her juices covered your mouth. You licked her clean, and the taste was the last push to make you cum. You took your soaking wet fingers to her mouth, which she gladly started sucking. When you had finished you lay on your back, and she quickly laid over you, kissing you softly on the lips. You smiled during the kiss, and so did she. She rested over your chest, both of you naked on the bed, skin to skin, and that’s how you fell asleep.

Johan and Liz, two good friends, studied business in college and are now ready to go out into the real world. They’ve moved to the fashion district in San Myshuno in hopes of eventually opening a clothing store.

Johan: Here’s our new home.
Liz: It looks a lot nicer than I expected. (°ロ°)
Johan: See? You should trust me more!

Thanks To Them

Summary: You try to get Kili to go out with your best friend. But while playing match maker for these two, you get to know Fili, who is much nicer than you expected him to be…

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 1,836

Warnings: Kili is a bit of a jerk in this one lol (sorry), fluff

A/n: Idk, I kinda like how this turned out :) btw this is supposed to take place in the blue mountains, before the quest. Enjoy reading!

“Y/N, look at him! Ugh, he’s so cute!” your best friend Ina squealed.

You thought it was just a phase but Ina proved you wrong. She has had a crush on Kili for a few months now.

But you weren’t too fond of the young dwarf. You couldn’t stand him, to be honest. Ever since he got drunk at a feast once and grabbed you by your butt. He then continued to call you “prude” because you slapped away his hand.

You didn’t want to ruin your best friends crush so you decided not to tell her about this little incident.

“If you say so…” you spoke up, obviously unimpressed. Of course you couldn’t deny the fact that Kili was far from being unattractive, but you hated how he acted up sometimes. You thought the was a show-off.

Ina seemed to ignore your dull answer. “Did you know he had an older brother? His name is Fili, I think.” she said, her eyes following every single one of Kili’s moves.

The two of you were sitting under a tree, not far away from Kili, who was practicing archery.

“Good to know,” you responded, “have you tried talking to him?”

“Who? Kili? Of course not!” Ina exclaimed, looking at you as if you just asked the most ridiculous thing ever.

It was silent between you two for a moment. But then you noticed the look on your best friends face changing. You knew exactly what that means.

“No!” you protested, already knowing what Ina was about to ask. “I am not going to talk to him!”.

“But Y/N,” she pouted, “Please! If you could just go up to him and, I don’t know, maybe mention that you have a friend who is incredibly good looking and would like to get to know him or something like that-”

“Mahal, are you being serious right now?” you interrupted her laughing.

“Yes, I am! And do you know why you’re going to do that for me?” she grinned.

“No why?”

“Because it is my birthday in two weeks and this is what I want from you, as an early birthday present.” . You hoped she was joking but judging from the look on her face she was being dead serious.

“Ugh,” you grunted, “please don’t make me do this.“ . Ina simply stared at you in response, a hopeful look in her eyes.

"I hate you.” you told her, getting up from your spot under the tree. You started walking into Kili’s direction. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” you thought to yourself.

When you reached the young dwarf, who hadn’t noticed you yet, you took a deep breath before approaching him.

“Hello.” you greeted him a bit awkwardly. That was when Kili turned to look at you. A cheeky smile formed on his lips immediately. It was the moment your eyes met when you regretted even considering going to talk to him.

“Look who it is.” Kili said, looking you up and down.

“Oh, you remember me?”

“How could I not?” he asked, the smile on his face growing even wider. He obviously didn’t forget about that butt-grabbing incident.

Before the situation could get any more awkward you decided to clear things up.

“Listen, my friend thinks you’re cute, personally I don’t get it but it isn’t about me right now.” you told him, trying to sound as confident as possible. Kili looked at you perplexed.

“Wow, where is all of that sudden self-confidence coming from?” he laughed. Ugh, you were already tired of this dwarf.

“Will you consider going out with my friend or not?” you asked annoyed, totally ignoring what Kili just said.

“If she’s as pretty as you…” he winked at you. You knew that he was just teasing you.

“I’m serious.”

“Alright, alright, how about we meet up right at this place tomorrow evening? You bring your friend and I bring my brother. He could need a little bit of female company. You’d make a sweet couple.” Kili wiggled his eyebrows at you.

“No way! One Durin is enough. This also wasn’t about me in the first place!” you protested.

“You help out your friend and I help out my brother.” Kili said before turning around and walking away. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” he shouted one last time before he disappeared behind a few trees.

You returned to your friend, who was still sitting under that same tree, shortly after.

I must be the best friend in the world.“ you told her.

Ina spent the whole next day preparing herself for the meetup with Kili. You’ve never seen her more excited in your entire life.

The two of you reached the appointed spot in time. Kili and his brother were nowhere to be seen though.

Ina took advantage of that and pulled her dress in place one more time.

"Do I look alright? Do you think he will like me?” she asked for the hundredth time.

“I told you that already.” you answered, smiling. In that moment you could see two dwarfs from the corner of your eye walking towards you. You turned around to find Kili and, probably his brother, standing in front of you.

“Hello Girls.” Kili greeted us. “Good evening.” you said, trying to sound as friendly as possible. “Kili, this is my friend Ina.”

Kili smiled at her and shook her hand.

“I’m Fili, his brother.” the blond dwarf spoke up all of a sudden, pointing at Kili. He looked at you and gave you a genuine smile which made his dimples show. To say that he was attractive would be an understatement.

“May I know your name, pretty lady?” he asked you. You were a bit startled. No one has ever called you “pretty lady” before.

“Y/N.” you answered, scanning his face. Yes, he was definitely good looking.

“Y/N,” he repeated to himself. “a beautiful name.”

“I didn’t know you could be so charming, brother.” Kili said, patting Fili’s shoulder. “I don’t want to Interrupt the thing you two have going on there so I think it would be best if me and Ina went somewhere else. Just so you have some time to get to know each other better.” he winked at you.

“Wait, what?” you and Fili exclaimed in unison which made you look at each other once more and chuckle.

“See? That’s what I’m talking about!” Kili laughed, pointing his finger between you and his older brother. He grabbed Ina’s hand and led her away. And with that they were gone.

This was probably one of the most uncomfortable moments in your entire life. You and Fili stood there looking at each other, both of you too shy to say something. It was so awkward that both of you started laughing.

“So, what do we do know?” Fili asked after a while, a small smile never leaving his lips.

“I-I don’t know, really.” you answered, stepping nervously from one foot to another. It surprised you how shy you suddenly got.

Fili looked like he was thinking about something for a moment.

“Are you hungry?” he asked. “Yes!” you responded a little to loudly. What was he thinking? You were always hungry and you weren’t even sorry.

“I don’t want to sound silly, but my mother makes pretty good apple pie.”. He wiggled his eyebrows sarcastically and cuckled at his own statement. Because you really didn’t expect him to say something like that you just broke out laughing. Fili looked like such a strong man but then again he was talking about his mother’s apple pies. You liked that.

“I would like one of your mother’s apple pies.” you said, still laughing slightly.

“Great! Our house is not far from here.”

He was right. After a short while you reached a nice looking house with an equally nice looking garden.

“Here we are.” Fili told you while knocking on the front door. Only a few seconds later the door got opened by a middle aged woman who looked a little like Kili. When she spotted you she smiled and gave Fili a knowing look.

“Hello mother,” he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He already won your heart. You loved men who had a good relationship with their mothers. “This is Y/N, and we were wondering if we could have some of your apple pie? We are hungry. Do you have some left?” Fili asked. You agreed by nodding your head.

“Of course! Everything for my son and my daughter-in-law. Come in, loves.” she waved you into the house. The fact that she just called you “daughter-in-law” made you chuckle. Fili was walking behind you, blushing.

Fili’s mother, Dis, made you two sit in the living room and brought you two plates with a big piece of apple pie on each one. She left the room shortly after to “give you the oppurtunity to talk to one another”.

“Daughter-in-law?” you asked Fili amused, shoving some of the pie into your mouth.

“Uhm, yes, Kili was talking about you the other day. He told my mother that we’d make a cute couple and I guess she just got a little too excited.” he laughed. You joined him soon after.

“You weren’t lying when you said your mother makes good pie.”

“I told you.” Fili replied with a mouthful of food.

When you were done eating you sat on the ground in front of the fireplace together. I felt like you’ve been talking for hours. You two got along really well. Fili told you about his childhood, about his family and about possible future plans. You told him about your friend Ina, about how you met KIli and just a little bit more about yourself.

“What do you think Kili and Ina are doing right now?” you asked.

“Ugh, I don’t even want to know.” Fili joked which made the two of you giggle.

You noticed that Fili’s eyes were constantly fixed either on your eyes or on your lips. His pupils were dilated and you were sure yours were as well. You were sitting pretty close, but it didn’t feel wrong. He made you feel good, as corny as that sounds. When you looked into his eyes you felt warm an cozy.

“Can I say something straight forward?” Fili asked in a calm voice while playing with one strand of your hair.

“Sure.” you answered, getting slightly nervous.

“I-I like you… and I’d like to see you again, if that’s alright with you.”

He looked you in the eyes expectant, waiting for an answer. You swear you could her your hear your heartbeat in that moment.

You nodded your head slowly, not breaking eye contact. “I like you too.” you whispered and you couldn’t help but smile.

Before you knew it Fili placed his lips on yours.  It took a few seconds for you to get used to this new sensation. He was being surprisingly gentle.

When you broke the kiss you couldn’t look him in the eyes. You could practically feel the heat burning in your face.

“I am sorry, I should have asked you first and-”

“No! I mean, I-I liked it.” you interrupted him, a smile gracing your lips.

Fili was now smiling from one ear to another. “I am glad.”

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