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This is Nice

This is part one of my six part series titled ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’

Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Prompt: “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise.”

Or, in this case: the longest hug in history.

Summary: Peter has been absent a lot lately. Ned and Reader are concerned. Basically: unreliable Peter/brand new Spider-man and confused/hurt Reader. Peter likes to leave notes when he messes up, because apologies are hard. This is the first part of a five part series titled: ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling,’ which has its own link in my bio.1.4k words.

Also, Ned is the biggest Peter x Reader shipper. He thinks it’s cute. He also thinks Peter is oblivious.

“Hey,” you asked, your fingers twisting to put in the last number of your combination, lock popping open, the door following suit, “you’re still coming over later, right?” Peter swapped out his Spanish book for his Chemistry text, closing his own locker and then spinning the combination to lock it back up. He walked over to you, leaning a shoulder into the locker next to your own, adjusting the sleeves of his sweater, pushing them up to his elbows before crossing his arms in front of him.

“We have to finish up that history project, you know,” you spoke around your door, peering around the side to see Peter looking down at his shoes, one sneakered toe pushing at a rogue pencil someone had dropped on the ground. You could already sense it coming, that heavy feeling of disappointment working its way up from your toes to mix with the contents in your stomach.  You finished swapping out your own textbooks, lightly closing the door, sighing as you tucked your binder close to your chest.

“Actually,” his hand was rubbing at the back of his neck, disturbing those curls you so loved, “I have-uh, I have a thing.”

A girl brushed past you in the hallway, bumping into your shoulder, almost causing you to drop your things. You tossed her a look, silently scolding her for her lack of manners. You adjusted to settle your weight on your shoulder, leaning into the door of your locker, looking up to see that Peter was now fumbling around with the edges of the notebook he held.

“You have a thing?”

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the human and the banshee

“Tom,” you murmured when you saw the boy walking towards you, “what are you doing here? You’re suppose to be in the States, you know, learning!” You pushed his chest slightly as you tried to rack your brain around the fact that your boyfriend travelled to the United States for college just to travel back to London two months later.

“Harrison called me,” Tom spoke out and nodded towards his best friend, who was leaning against the car with his phone and keys in hand, “said there was an emergency, darling.” Tom continued and you shook your head.

“No. There is no emergency. Harrison is just stupid.” You ranted and crossed your arms as you looked up at the man. You had known him for five years and he was always the one to come as soon as he heard that there was trouble, but you didn’t want him to be here for this. He should be at school not here.

“Harrison said that Jacob was going through some werid things? He’s avoiding you two?” Tom question and you sighed.

“Shut up,” you murmured but Tom smirked.

“Why?” He asked. “Is that you’re way of telling me that I’m correct?” He questioned and you rolled your eyes.

“Just get in the damn car.” You hissed before walking away, your boyfriend trailing close behind you. As soon as you were close enough to Harrison, you pulling him down by the collar of his shirt, hissing a few curses I’m his ear before opening the backseat door and climbing it.

Harrison followed, sitting in the driver’s seat while Tom pushed his luggage into the trunk and sat in the front seat.

Almost as soon as the three of you were out of anyone’s ear shot, Tom began to speak.

“So, what exactly has been happening? You guys have kept me in the dark.” Tom hummed and you rolled your eyes again, annoyed. You loved him to death but you guys didn’t need him there. You were a banshee, you would survive.

“Everyone is scared of us.” Harrison explained but you huffed out a breath.

“Have they seen you as your true form?” You asked with sarcasm.

“Have they heard you scream?” Harrison shot back as he looked through the rearview mirror.

“Shut up,” you murmured as Tom laughed.

“Baby, I’m only here to help.” He reassured and you sighed, rolling your eyes again. “Besides, gives m a chance to see my family.” He smiled and you shrugged.

“Why can’t I figure this out on my own?” You sighed, “Zendaya and Laura are still supernatural too, they can help.” You argued as you looked through the window. “Girl power.” You muttered and rested your head against the window as Tom turned to look at you, frowning slightly.

“I’ll help you research. You can do everything else.” Tom smiled softly as you sighed and nodded in agreement.

“Fine,” you murmured, “but you’re buying me dinner.” Tom chuckled and nodded I’m agreement.

“Of course, darling.”
Which One Direction Member Had the Best Solos of the Group? Vote!
In light of Tomlinson's recent comments about never getting a solo on 'X Factor,' we want to know who you think had the best solos in 1D. Was it Louis, or did you favor someone else's big moments?

With One Direction still on hiatus, all five members are getting time to shine with their own solo endeavors. Although Harry Styles is the only one to have a full album out (aside from Zayn Malik, who left the band in March 2015 and released his debut LP Mind of Mine in January 2016), each 1D member has flexed his solo singing muscles with at least one single.

Prior to them going their separate ways, though, the One Direction guys all had shining parts as members of the group, too. While Louis Tomlinson acknowledged in a recent interview that he never had a solo as the group competed on X Factor(U.K.) in 2010, even Tomlinson had plenty of breakout moments when singing with the guys – especially in their two most recent albums, FOUR and Made In The A.M. And if you don’t believe us, please take a listen to “No Control” and “Love You Goodbye” right now.

But as Tomlinson alluded to in his Guardian interview, his bandmates each had some amazing solo opportunities as well. Niall Horan’s parts in “Better Than Words,” Styles’ belt moments in “Drag Me Down,” Liam Payne’s “Little Things” croons, and Malik’s falsetto in “You & I” – all are terrific examples of the vocal ability each 1Der showcased on the five albums the group released pre-hiatus.

So, in light of Tomlinson’s recent comments, we want to know who you think had the best solos in 1D. Was it Louis, or did you favor someone else’s big moments? Vote in the poll below!

I’ve finally gotten a text from you… and I don’t want it. When did that happen?
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