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CC at home right now doing this… lmao

@toadparachutes asked for a story in chat and this flew out of me, so I’m sharing it:

David Duchovny is over the moon
When he speaks of his costar, he can’t help but swoon
It started in May in the Cutting Room
Two kisses and his love- it started to bloom

Now “Gillian and I” he says to the press
When nothing about her do they address
He says they’re a successful old married couple
And when corrected, he lets out a chuckle

What’s next David? Will you call her your wife?
Is worshiping Gillian your new way of life?
You’re no better than us, your obsession runs deep
And your sweetness is causing all of us to weep

So tone it down unless you admit it
(I’m talking about more than saying it’s kismet)
Admit you love Gillian, tried and true
Because she said “Especially one of you”