this is my worst post ever i guess

Anchan and Shukashuu reporting from Shanghai!

I just saw the literal worst text post on this hell site lmao. It was about how high schools teachers lie about how college will be like (which I AGREE they do) but this post was like:
“Most professors will accept late work!! Most won’t even care if you attend so long as you take the final! AP classes are HARDER than college classes!”
I guess I need to email my previous professors about the grade points they docked for absences and the late assignments they refused to take from me! And I’ve had college classes that gave me panic attacks from the level of difficulty lol. That’s the worst advice I’ve ever seen! If you get professors that lax and chill, you are lucky and it’s nice and I’ve had a few couple like that but please don’t let tumblr convince you that college is a breeze. You will work for that degree.

“Go to the expedition, they said. 

The team of professionals, they said”

Well. This year I took part in the fandom battle, which was pretty unexpected even for me myself (guess the fandom huh). Our team was tiny yet strong (LOVE YOU GUYS) but I am the worst warrior ever, and my contribution is just two arts. ANYWAY, now the battle is over and I finally can post both.

anonymous asked:

do you have headcanons for how ravenclaws are when in love? like how they deal with relationships, are they serious, give their 100%, or are they the type to be careful and not be cheated upon??

Ooooh, good question. Well, to start, let me just say that as a Ravenclaw, you don’t have to fall under this specific Headcanon. I’m mainly going to base this off myself, if that’s alright.

Here you go:

• Ravenclaws are the type to put their education above all else, so if they can’t find a way to balance their love lives and learning, they most likely won’t enter a relationship.

• Personally, I’m kind of afraid of commitment. Maybe it’s because Ravenclaws are so fickle (like with activities and projects), but the thought of having to keep someone else’s feelings and interests in mind all the time kind of terrifies me. I have enough going on in my head as it is, and I’m forgetful, and I get distracted easily. But who’s to say? Maybe one day there’ll be someone I’d be willing to dedicate my time to.

• When a Ravenclaw gets a crush, they’re pissed off when all they can do is look at that person instead of focusing in class. They’ll find their eyes wandering to that person often, and it annoys the shit out of them. They’ll think, “How can I be so weak-minded?”

• As for when a Ravenclaw is in a relationship, they feel the constant pressure to be a good partner.

• Ravenclaws also feel bad when they don’t text their SO (significant other) for a while (I’m talking days here). Personally, I don’t really like texting. It tires me out and consumes a lot of my time. Unfortunately, I hate calling even more, so I’m completely cut off from people unless I’m in the mood to communicate. The most a Ravenclaw can hope for is that their SO can understand that sometimes they just want space, and it’s nothing personal.

• I’ve never been in a relationship, but I do know that I have a hard time dedicating my time and attention to anything for too long, so I’d probably make the worst girlfriend ever.

• It’s also quite possible that Ravenclaws have high standards due to all the books they read with the awesome heroic people. On the other hand, Ravenclaws are also really open-minded and accepting, so you never know.

I’m sorry, this post was kind of a mess XD
I’m really inexperienced with this stuff, so the most I can do is guess off of my own personality.

Additional: My motto is ‘attraction is distraction.’

hey fellas look at this awful thing i made
inspired by a convo my friend and i had about nya’s name
im pretty sure this is the worst thing ive ever drawn

PLEASE CLICK ON IT IT LOOKS WAY BETTER THAT WAY also i cant draw jay consistently apparently and his freckles dont exist in this pic whoops EDIT: I FINISHED IT

Hey guys um guess what i saw a post saying that lloyds new design is the worst thing ever and that they hate him sooooooo anyways i love lloyd with my whole heart and im so proud of him and i love his new design 

so, err….. back when i was an adventure time fan i MAY have been young and brash. maybe not so much young as “immature”. 

and i was looking through my “a-timer stuff” folder and i was not happy with what i found in there, which is the worst comic i have ever produced

funny thing is i dont even remember what brought it on. clearly something had pissed me off. or maybe it was the influence of anti-sjw adventure time friends? either way, iiiiim a lot more levelheaded now.

edit: idk how private posts work. it should lead you to a post on another blog. if you cant see it, i guess privates only work if youre following that blog? or when youre not on mobile…?

i have survived
i have survived a father’s voice like thunder;
handprint lightning flowers petal over my skin
like i am a garden to sinners-
adam and eve call my grassroots their home and hum lullabies-
i have survived
pros and cons of
clock-ticking therapy sessions where money is thrown at my gaze ,
fixed on the wall,
dollar-a-second drumming fingers
screaming so loud that heaven shuts the blinds and hangs a “closed” sign on the door.
pros and cons of
stumbling home,
under a murky peerless crowd of smoke,
slurring words trail around and behind me like moths to a porchlight.
morning headaches,
angry adults
damaging drywall and breaking family portraits
exhausting search for answers
exhausting search in a silence that lengthens the disconnect from child to mother
where your mind goes red and the honest truth that stays stuck to the roof of your mouth falls out
where you become an overflowing mailbox and your hands shake
the absence of parents who never taught you to hold your tongue
i have survived
i have survived the specific type of loss that you feel in the pit of your stomach
the one that lies next to you
when you stare at the ceiling and your face hurts from crying
tears scrub your eyelids raw and you promise,
“if i ever make it through this,
i will never be here again.”
i have survived giving up,
taking it all back, throwing it all away,
parallel structures of contemplation and decision
i have survived
angry storms of abandonment, melodies of the lonely and the hurt
i reprise to the ones that add injury to insult,
you are not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
i echo choruses to the people that force me to grow up at sixteen
i have destruction embedded into my neurotransmitters
i have shooting post-traumatic pain in my memories
i have survived
a hell that your hands are not stained enough to touch
i assure you,
my love,
i will survive
you as well
—  durability of girl / k.s.
Wanna One as posts i've made
  • Yoon Jisung: god I wish I could go out to drink with all of my friends…. and hang out at night…. also wish I had friends
  • Ha Sungwoon: Stop there’s a video of me from last night where I’m dancing and it looks like I’m drunk.... good
  • Hwang Minhyun: i need a guy who would wash my face for me because i’m lazy and depressed (no guy would bc perfect guys don't exist)
  • Ong Seongwoo: I kno I said I went to sleep first of all that was a lie I sleep at 3am but I found a big bag of candy that only has starbursts and skittles so guess what im eating
  • Kim Jaehwan: I just made the worst ramen it was so bad I don’t think I like noodles anymore
  • Kang Daniel: I’m just here eating baby cereal why don’t they make these for adults….
  • Park Jihoon: can’t believe any of my friends would ever drop me I’m so funny and a joy in life 🚶🏻(can't wait till someone screenshots this for my future call out post)
  • Park Woojin: *me on the elevator* am I supposed to turn on airplane mode?
  • Bae Jinyoung: Even in my sleep I sing hands on me
  • Lee Daehwi: life sucks but at least me and baejin met each other
  • Lai Guanlin: i just want u all to know pentagon r so talented… just in case u forgot…. also someone just stole my hot cheetos and i’m very upset
Creamsicle masterpost

It’s not much, but hey, it’s like 10 of us in this fandom anyway

For the wonderful phasmarey


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hey, I’m back !
and with the worst timing ever… here’s my fav Bowie look.
I wanted to paint him for so long but felt like I wasn’t ready. Not sure if I am right now, but I guess you’ll be the judge of that, heh

Also… I’m very excited to announce that soon I’ll be opening for commissions and selling prints! ✨
In the next few days I’ll be posting new art and information about it.
(beware an upcoming post full of drama)