this is my totally favourite brotp

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in honor of your url (and their total canon BrOTP-ness), any Jesper & Inej headcanons?

omg thank you - they are my absolute favourite friendship.

  • the two of them commiserate over Kaz all the time, and whenever he does something that pisses one of them off, they just sit together and bitch about him.
  • They’ve both learned to use each others weapons; Inej taught Jesper the names of all her knives and explained their meanings, and the two of them often hang out cleaning their weapons and crooning over them.
  • The first time Jesper and Wylan kiss, Inej shows up in his room later that night and listens to him gush - she doesn’t say a word, but Jesper appreciates it anyways. She also gives him a high five on the way out.
  • When Inej gets her ship and becomes well known and terrified by all the slavers, Jesper struts around the barrel saying things like yeah that’s my friend and have you heard of her? pretty badass right?
  • Inej also comes and visits sometimes and Jesper is always the first person she goes to, they drink and he catches her up on all the gossip (because they’re both secretly massive gossips) and she tells him about all of her exploits. (she brings him little trinkets and antique guns)
  • they always talk about Jesper going with her one time, but they both know it will never actually happen, even if the don’t say it. So instead Jesper always kisses both her cheeks and tells her to come home safe, so that maybe next time he can go with her.
  • the two of them make fun of Matthias all the time, they always team up to prank him, but no one knows Inej is involved,so they all wonder how Jesper keeps getting into his room which is on the 5th floor.
  • Jesper spends a lot of time heckling Tante Heleen but always denies it when anyone asks.
  • also they’re really affection with each other; when they aren’t working they tend to walk arm in arm or hand in hand, and Jesper has a habit of falling asleep with his head in Inej’s lap when they’re planning stuff - it drives both Kaz and Wylan insane.

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As much as I ship RINN, Siren had me rooting for a new OTP. CHINN!! Love the relationship between Finn and Chop in this! Every interaction was funny any sweet lol I was waiting for Chop to be like "wheres my tuna sandwich??"

Anon, CHINN is BROtp (that’s a term right?) for sure! As much as I love Finchie, Chop is just a favourite to write. He’s so vulgar and cheeky and such a boy, even this grown up version. Thank you for loving them!

And yes, I can totally hear him demanding that sandwich. In fact, your lovely comment has inspired me! So readers, I give you Tuna Sandwich, a Siren ficlet. Word count: 893.

I still plan to write the smuffy (smut + fluffy) epilogue, so this is just a spur of the moment drabble that I wrote during my work break. It’s necessary to read the four other parts to fully understand this, so if you haven’t yet you can find it here. Hope you enjoy! xx

It’s noon when the phone rings. A day since the scene at the cafe. 24 hours of Finn being twisted up with her in his sheets.

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Do you have any percy/hazel brotp headcannons? You have my favourite headcannons

Thank you! <3

  • they like baking cookies together. a lot. hazel finally caves and lets percy use blue food dye.  Frank and Annabeth nearly drown in excess cookies
  • hazel is totally overwhelmed the first time she visits new york city, so percy acts as her personal tour guide/bodyguard
  • lots of selfies all the selfies
  • both of them try to act somewhat aloof and ‘above’ technology, but the truth is they just suck at using it and refuse to ask for help
  • they love to do crazy shenanigans in the background whenever frank or annabeth are in the middle of an important iris message
  • even decades after the giant war, neither of them go anywhere without a weapon on them

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1: sexuality headcanon Totally a lesbian!

2: otp Monos is my main ship for her but i love schneekos and freezerburn too

3: brotp I brotp her with quite a few characters such as ruby, velvet, penny, sun

4: notp weiss x guys, wh//terose,

5: first headcanon that pops into my head Her favourite season is actually Summer but she cannot spend too long in the sun or her skin burns badly. One time when she younger her legs and arms were burnt, her father was mad but at least she had winter to help her sooth her burns. (good sister!)

6: one way in which I relate to this character I can also be a bit of perfectionalist, have trouble making friends and loves girls

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character when she had a ‘crush’ on nep in volume 2 also her behaviour in volume 1 with faunus

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

timeneverforgets  asked:

Always here to ask about Matteusz!

Sexuality headcanon: Funnily enough, Matteusz is the only one we know for sure of his sexuality. For all the others it hasn’t been confirmed. And he’s gay, no doubt about it.

OTP: Marlie… that much is obvious. They’re cute and deserve the world. Totally soulmates (shoutout to my fic).

BROTP: Tanya. I love their dynamic and I’m planning on writing more on it. (I have a fic planned where Matteusz punches someone for her.)

1st headcanon: That he is a flower child and his grandmother is a florist.

Favourite line: More like favourite scene but the ‘pleas don’t go where I can’t follow’ like punched me in the heart.

Second hand embarrassment: When tried to fight Ram. It would be funny but I don’t feel like it was very in character. (But it there an angry rock there, so he’s forgiven.)

Cinnamon roll or problematic fave: Cinnamon roll. Matteusz is too good for this world. ❤️😍

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  • do I like them: YES HE’S MY SON
  • 5 good qualities: Kind, Intelligent, Powerful, Forgiving, Outgoing
  • 3 bad qualities: Innocent, Naive, Childish
  • favourite episode/etc: oh jeez uhh I’m too lazy to look up the name but that first one where he’s a total badass during the fight between Magnostadt and Reim
  • brotp: Aladdin and Alibaba or Aladdin and Ugo (the ogs ya feel)
  • ot3: Aladdin, Sphintus, and Titus (I’m treating this more along the lines of a brot3 ?? aladdin is but a young boy leave him alone)
  • notp: Aladdin x Kouen or Aladdin x Sinbad ?? Basically like he’s underage don’t ship him with old men lol
  • best quote: “Everything in the world is connected. That means, even if we get separated, we’ll never be alone.” or “Don’t you think that if you keep lying, eventually no one, not even yourself, will be able to believe your own words?“
  • head canon: Aladdin has nightmares irregularly but frequently, and they’re usually of Alma Torran being destroyed or his friends disappearing.

I can’t help but think that Steve would have no idea how normal friends interact.

Like… he’s really only interacted with Bucky as a friend (I figure any interaction he had with the Howlies was influenced by the fact that he’s their CO and there was a war on).  And he and Bucky were everything to each other, and that had to be way  more intimate than regular friendship.

I need a fic where Steve has no boundaries.  He doesn’t knock, he just shows up at any time and expects to be welcomed, he steals food off of people’s plates, roots around in their closets for clothes, borrows an ungodly number of books, crawls into bed with them when they’re both sloshed, totally doesn’t understand why a person wouldn’t hang all over their friends, especially if they’re gods/supersoldiers/wearing extensive body armor. Like… they’re friends… why wouldn’t he be doing this???

And someone needs to have a sit-down talk with him about what is friendly and what might be considered intrusive.

*whispers* and then I want him to go to Thor every time he just needs physical contact and friendly cuddles and stuff, and they end up as more like brothers, because Steve/Thor is my unending favourite brotp

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Hmm Two of your favourite characters cutely cuddling under a blanket

Two of my favorite characters EVERRR, Varric and Hawke from Dragon Age 2.  The ultimate BrOTP, imo.  XD  

I’d imagine them being so comfortable in their friendship that they can totally snuggle under a blanket platonically, making each other laugh, sharing stories, and so forth.  Especially if they happen to be camping while traveling and it’s cold, they’d be like, COZY BLANKET TIME!  Plus because of the human-dwarf height difference, he’d totally let her use himself as a headrest.  XD


Music & the Synesthete - What A Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy

I wasn’t going to paint anything until the weekend but the APMAs gave me feels!!! What a Catch, Donnie is one of my all-time-favourite songs and its specialness increases knowing Pete wrote it about Patrick. I thought it was appropriate considering their antics. SUCH FEELS YOU GUYS.

Patrick’s voice is ridiculously hard to paint. It makes my synesthesia go crazy and is all the things, all at once. Totally worth it.

Thanks Pete.

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Oh my my… Brandish is soo cute and adorable and even if it’s clear that she is planning something really bad for Fairy Tail i don’t think I like seeing her like this!!!!

Can we Talk about Levy now??? What happened to her wardrobe? She totally changed her style during this year going from that childish orange dress (i’m sorry i couldn’t stand that thing) to a superbadass sexy outfit!! Go Girl!!! 

Now my favourites one!!! I was very exciting with a team made by Juvia, Gray Natsu and Laxus. They are my favourites Juvia’s brotps (plus Gajeel and Lucy) And maybe because of al the interactions Juvia is having with Laxus in the anime but i can totally see the Dreyar boy going to Gray to give him a speech about don’t be an idiot and loose his chance with Juvia or someone else will took his place soon because she is amazing! (JUVIA x LAXUS Brotp yay!!!!) 

and then i can’t wait to see Lyon and see how Lyon will react to Gray and Juvia living/stripping together!!!

Last but not least… have you seen Lucy’s face??? Oh God she totally realized how much she is in love with her idiot (lovingly, amazing) bestfriend and she totally wants to go with him and fight by his side!!

Can we just appreciate how much of a gem Gajeel is? 

He just looks so utterly delighted with life :’)

Then we have Gajeel being.. well Gajeel and my new favourite nickname. Tree Gramps. Seriously,  it’s the best.

Then we have him being his usual hilarious self! ❤ (and please tell me that’s a reference to Gray leaving Juvia… Canon Brotp..hell yes!)

Then there’s this glorious panel.. and finally… 


He’s a giant dork and I love him to pieces. 

P.s I thought I was over council Gajevy… I’m totally not.

Also… Acnologia is hot.