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Okay so Buddy has ‘Hers’ on the side of his neck, and Darling has ‘His’ on hers, so if you put Baby in the equation, then his tattoo would be ‘Theirs’

#195 psycho pass; kogami/makishima

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to be letting up anytime soon.” A voice rang out over the steady, rhythmic pounding of rain hitting pavement.

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The Code:realize fandom is tiny since the game is still fairly new and it’s not available for free. Still, i wanted to contribute to the fandom because IT’S A GOOD FUCKING GAME. PLAY IT. 

My drawings aren’t nearly as hot as they are in the game btw. just letting you know~

“Go to the expedition, they said. 

The team of professionals, they said”

Well. This year I took part in the fandom battle, which was pretty unexpected even for me myself (guess the fandom huh). Our team was tiny yet strong (LOVE YOU GUYS) but I am the worst warrior ever, and my contribution is just two arts. ANYWAY, now the battle is over and I finally can post both.

Today is 12/18/2017

Hello, those viewing this! I am a small newcomer with a tiny blog and I have a question for you!

Are you still interested in the Stanley Parable fandom?

Please like this post if you are!

My goal here is to see if there’s anyone left, and if there’s anyone willing to make art and contribute, because I would love to, but if there’s not a single person still here, what’s the point?

(And then those of us left form an alliance, fight wars, make art, fun stuff)

(If you see this years from now you can still leave a like, I’ll even raise myself from the dead)

(To everyone here: Oh my GOODNESS! You treasures! WE’RE NOT DEAD!)

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They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU )

A/N: So. I’ve decided to make a Tom Holland/Spiderman fanzine, and if anyone is interested to contribute (and tell me how the heckie to go about doing it ), please PLEASE send me a message and we can work this out!! I actually want to send the fanzine to Tom Holland himself, but I also have no idea how to send it to him so PLEASE SEND HELP. 

WARNINGS: Underaged drinking, so I’ve put it under a read more!

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anonymous asked:

Alice, is the banner done? Did it reach yuzuru??

Absolutely yet :D Here’s a look back at the entire project for you:

Disclaimer: my contribution to this only went so far as sending in my tiny message. Please, please, send all your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to @wherespacepooh!

As always I’m amazed and my stony bitchy heart is so melted by all the love and passion I see in this fandom. Enjoy the holidays, y’all, and rest assured that Yuzuru will be back with us soon enough. He has never let his fans down before, he has never failed to come back stronger and better after each disappointment, he won’t give up fighting for his Olympic dream. Keep believing in this ray of sunshine!

I wanted to contribute to Holtzbert Week with a nice big gifset or something, but sadly, I’ve been really busy this week… so, this is my teeny tiny pathetic little contribution while I enjoy the hell out of everyone’s amazing fanfic and artwork instead. 

Truly, I can’t thank you guys enough. It’s been overwhelming to keep up with in the best possible way. This fandom is truly incredible! :D

anonymous asked:

gee whiz youre so invested in saezuru haha, how can you be so bothered to write multiple full-fledged 1000 word analyses on the reg?? not criticizing, just observing in awe & slight envy. also, don't you ever feel wary writing what you think certain panels or quotes mean from the manga? like your theories may be disproved in future chapters and you may have instilled not entirely true ideas in saezuru fans. still not criticizing, just curious

You’ll be surprised to hear that I actually used to hate writing with a passion. Because of all the many thoughts in my head that I never managed to string together coherently. Especially when I had to write English essays in school, where my inability to outline my thoughts on a topic got paired with my limited vocabulary. I’ve cried over this in the past. And I still don’t like to write most of the time. I’ve always been a lurker in fandoms. No other fandom has ever really made me contribute anything, except some stuff for a few friends maybe. But when the passion hits you, it hits you hard I guess. LOL

I’ve always felt safer in translation. Because I have a chain of other people’s thoughts to cling to and can then play with all those words in my head to find a translation that comes as close to the original as possible without the risk of losing myself in my own argument.

So, yeah, my new found love for writing essays is a pretty big surprise to me as well. But it’s actually more of a love for Saezuru than for writing, and I’ve noticed that answering questions helps me form an opinion on something better than if I were just thinking over stuff in my head. Btw, I’ve only been doing this for half a year or so. We’ll see how long it lasts. ;) I also don’t get many plot related asks in general, so I’m enjoying them today. But I just got them because of my summary yesterday. There are also often weeks when I don’t post anything at all, so I’m not investing THAT much time in this blog actually.

And nope, I don’t feel wary at all about my theories. Because I don’t write random stuff. I believe in everything I post here, until someone says something that makes more sense to me, or Sensei hits us with the surprise hammer as she likes to do. I’m just another random person on the internet voicing her thoughts on a certain topic. And I always make sure to call them my own thoughts, even though I might sound like I know shit! Opinions vary, and I interprete situations and scenes from my own perspective and background, just like everyone of us. But I’m older than most of you (still barely young!), I’ve lived in three different countries, worked in two, I’ve suffered (actually very much suffering at the moment) and have seen people suffer, so I do have quite a basket of experiences to draw from. I’ve also been studying the Japanese language and culture for 15 years, and read all my manga in Japanese, so naturally I catch up on many of the cultural and linguistic nuances that get lost in translation. I’ve also re-read Saezuru countless times. So, of course I experience this manga in a different way than most of you. But I try to share what I can, and when I theorize about stuff, my opinion is just one tiny part of how we all experience this series as a fandom. Every opinion is just that. An opinion. But all our different experiences contribute to the fandom experience as a whole. When we discuss something from our many different backgrounds and perspectives, we all take something away from it that helps us understand this manga better. I love that about fandom.

And if I’m wrong about something, so what? Aren’t we all the time? I’m the first one to laugh at my own theories when Sensei proves me wrong, and she will prove me wrong more often than not, I’m sure of that. We will know the outcome one day, because Sensei will finish the manga. Until then it’s fun to speculate. And if I write here that I think Yashiro and Doumeki will leave the yakuza for good, but then they don’t, who has the damage? Me, no? Well, not really. I don’t take myself half as seriously as I sound all the time. I also always explain why I think a certain way, and am making an effort to be understood right. I don’t post stuff on a whim, so I’m being very responsible in general, I think. Also, if an average ask gets 50 notes or so, I don’t think I can do much damage here. If anything, I’ve made the experience that people constantly forget who wrote what on tumblr, that I’m here at all, and even though I’m constantly translating stuff here, it’s lost in the archives of tumblr the minute I re-blog some fanarts. Until someone digs up an old post by accident. So I’m basically screaming into the void a lot of the time, and get most of my traffic from our fandom mom who does such a fantastic job at letting everyone in the fandom have their moments!

So, please take my opinions as what they are. I’ve thought about them thoroughly, but they’re still just my own thoughts. You decide what you make of them. I always welcome discussions btw. Except when I’m lazy, which is most of the time.

You can believe all the official stuff here though! Everything that is marked “news”, “official info” and so on. I’m fluent in Japanese, work as a translator professionaly (not English), I check my facts and link all my sources. So you won’t find me spreading rumours here.

And I only wrote all of this, so you also get your 1000 word essay. :P

Goodnight Saezuru fandom

nightsilver christmas headcanon

ok so i finally decided to share my headcanon with the world aka tumblr i apologise for it being super long (orz) didn’t mean to write so much but anyways, here it is i hope you enjoy it

OK IMAGINE peter having a crush on kurt and he’s super shy about it like whenever someone asks him who’s the person he likes he’s all like “pffft liking someone is too much effort and I’m lazy” but when kurt passes by him and says hi and he’s blushing and thinking stuff like “im SO gAY” and then christmas is about to come and he’s like damn i want to give something to kurt but idk what, so he remembers that his mom knows how to knit and uses his super speed to go back home and asks his mom to teach him how to knit and his mom is like “oh my god peter did you got expelled from the school?” And peter is like woah calm down woman I’m here for u to teach me stuff, chill

And his mom is so surprised like ??? What’s happening to my son??? Why is he showing interest in these kind of things??? And then she asks peter about it and he’s just like “yeah u know i think it’ll be a good idea to give something to this blue guy who’s always friendly with me at school plus i get to learn how to do these things and if the mutant stuff doesn’t go well i can just open my own store and sell knitted clothes” and his mom is like “oh well i guess that’s true” but she thinks “who is this person and what did he do to my son wtf he used to be such an introvert and now he’s even talking about making his own business!? I’m so proud I’m gonna thank the professor as soon as i can” and peter learns how to knit and he’s actually pretty good at it and then he makes some warm and comfy gloves for kurt because the winter is super cold at the school 

so he returns at the school just in time because kurt was searching for him and he’s freaking out and trying to hide the gloves because those were supposed to be a surprise for christmas and kurt says “peter! I was searching for you! What are you gonna do on christmas?” And peter is like “idk maybe play some pacman??? I bet you’re gonna go to church that day” and kurt is like “yeah but u know i wanted to ask you if you wanted to come and pray with me at church and then we could spend some time together… if u want, ofc” and peter is like “wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf he’s so cute when he talks about church… wAIT did i really think that ohgod something is wrong with me” and he finally says “oh.. okay… i guess it’s fine i’ll make some room for you since my agenda is almost full this christmas but i’ll see what i can do” and then kurt gets super worried and says “no, it’s fine!! really!! you don’t need to come with me if you don’t want to!! or if you’re already busy on christmas it’s ok i understand” and then peter notices that kurt has this sad look on his face and just sighs and says “it was a joke you silly, ofc im free on christmas and i have all the time in the world just for you" 

and then both of them realised what peter just said and blush a little and kurt is so happy because he really wanted to be with peter on christmas and then peter just gives up and gives the gloves to kurt and says “these were gonna be a surprise, christmas gift for you actually but i kinda fucked up because I’m not good when it comes to hide something or keep secrets so i’ll just give them to you instead, hope you like them” and kurt is sooo confused??? and happy??? and wants to cry a little?? (basically a mess of emotions) because no one ever has give him something and it was hand made like how cool is that and then peter is like WAIT WHY ARE YOU CRYING DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG OH GOD ARE YOU HURT??? WAIT HERE I’LL GO CALL THE PROF and he runs but kurt bamfs to where peter is and teleports them to the library (bc no one was there ok shhh also I like libraries so yeah..) and tells peter that he was so happy because it was such a gentle and cute act from his part and peter is like nah it’s nothing but kurt is really touched and ends up kissing peter’s cheek and they blush and peter is like IM SO GAY and kurt just melts because the kiss was out of impulse but peter catches him before he hits the floor and says “don’t you die on me, we still have a date at the church!”

And ofc kurt melted even more and peter is like “shit he’s so cute his cuteness is gonna give me a heart attack” and they end up praying together at the church on chirstmas and since peter didn’t know how to pray kurt helped him and they prayed together and when they finished praying they were talking a walk and peter ended up holding kurt’s hand and kurt almost melted again and said “i didn’t thank you for the gloves so i’m gonna do that now. thank you so much peter, the gloves are perfect and i love them!” And peter is like “holy shit he liked them holy shit SHIT” and then there was an awkward silence between them for a couple of mins but then peter kissed kurt out of nowhere and said “i’m taking this as your chirstmas gift for me okay? you don’t have to give me anything else” and they both blush again and kurt just smiles and doesn’t let go from peter’s hand and they keep walking until they finally come back to the school and then both of them say good night to each other and return to their room and blush and when they’re inside and start to freak out because that was their first kiss and both of them thought “WHAT IF I SUCKED AT KISSING OH GOD HELP ME”

and now they realise that they have a thing for each other, congrats they are gay the end.

BONUS, thanks to @96aiko who complemented my headcanon with cute stuff

  • learning how to knit didn’t take Peter long at all but that was because of his super speed that he’s actually pretty clumsy and needed to knit at least 5 pairs of gloves until he was fully satisfied that they were good enough to give them to kurt
  • after kurt and peter become a thing, peter gains confidence and flirts with kurt every chance he gets because he loves to see kurt flustered but when it comes to kissing peter is really shy himself and doesn’t like to do it around other people. kurt loves to give him a lot of tiny kisses though, to get back at him for the (super cute) flirting
Naomi Solace (Part 1 of Will Solace Head Canon)

I haven’t read any headcanons about Will’s relationship with his mother Naomi, or about her life, basically we just know that she is/was an alt-country singer. But we didn’t get any more details about her. So this is my tiny contribution to the fandom!

  • Naomi Solace grew up in a big citric farm in Texas, that also had a bed and breakfast, which belonged to her family for many generations. Since she was little she demonstrated a talent for music, learning to play the guitar at a very young age and for having a beautiful voice.
  • She began performing when she turned 10 years at the bed and breakfast for the costumers. She played both covers of famous songs and also her own music.
  • She was 19 years old while doing a small tour with her band in Texas, when she met Apollo at a bar in Austin. She had just signed a contract with a big Nashville label and her first single was a success, reaching number 4 in the top 25 alt-country charts. They didn’t really have a relationship; it was just a series of very passionate hookups that lasted not longer than a few months, before Apollo had to go. She never resented him though, after all, she was also a free spirit.
  • She found out she was pregnant when she was already 2 months along.
  • She was so scared at first of being a single mom. Her family being very devoted Christians and even though they weren’t closed minded, she knew they wouldn’t take the news very well. She was also scared for her career, she was the opening act for a “very famous country singer” while they were touring the southern states. 
  • She didn’t tell her manager nor her family until she realized she could no longer hid her belly. That day she wrote a song called “It’s raining here in Georgia” about her fears and how she had to tell the truth.
  • Her parents definitely weren’t happy, but supported her.
  • The company was very understanding though, and didn’t cancel her contract. She continued opening for the “very famous country singer” until she was 6 months pregnant. Then moved to Nashville to work on her first album.
  • She went back to her parents’ farm in Texas to rest for her final month of pregnancy. She wrote more than 10 songs that month about her situation. 
  • Will was born on December 21th (I read @cyansonata‘s headcanon that Will was born on this day, the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter and that his mother always told him that it was because the world and her life needed more sunshine, and I loved it!).
  • When she first saw him, she swore he was glowing, but later dismissed it as the medications making her seeing things. She wrote a song called “My little bit of sunshine” the next week that was included on her second album about how happy she was with her baby boy. She never told anybody but Will the real story behind the name. 
  • She named him William after her father, though his name was Wilfred, but now way she was naming her son that! 
  • Will was the cutest baby, with his very big sky blue eyes and blond hair. All her band mates love to carry the cute baby all the time and everywhere she went she had people complimenting her baby.
  • Most of the time she and Will lived in her parents farm. She also had a small house in Nashville where she stayed when she was working on an album.
  • When Will was about to turn 1 year old he became very sick. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him. They told her there was a big chance that he might die. 
  • A few days later, while she was watching Will in the hospital, Apollo visited her as an intern. She didn’t recognize him at first because he looked younger than when they were together. He explained who he really was and told her not to worry, that their child would be ok. And that their son was meant to do great things. He also told her about the dangers of being a demigod and that she might need to send Will to a special place for people like him so he could be safe. Before he left, he claimed him and he kissed Will and the baby started glowing (the only time Apollo used a different way of claiming) it was then, when Naomi knew that what she saw when Will was born, did actually happened. Apollo never came back again and Will never really met his father until the events of ToA.
  • She won her first CMA one year later.
  • She noticed that as Will grew older strange things happened around him, most of them good. Like dying plants suddenly became healthy again, then small animals, until people with minor illness told her how they felt better the minute they met Will. Or Will classmates claiming he could heal their small wounds by just touching them. She knew that the most powerful her son became the most he will be in danger and dreaded the day when she finally had to send her son away.
  • She loved sharing her love for music with her son. It seemed that he understood her passion better than anyone. She taught him to play guitar and the piano. They also sang together and even wrote silly songs. When she was on tour she would leave Will with her parents, or some times she would take him to Nashville with her.
  • It all changed when Will turned 6, he had been telling her for weeks about how he saw monsters hiding behind trees. She didn’t want to believe it; she didn’t want to have a reason to be apart from Will. Then one day a monster attacked them in the farm. She hit her head trying to escape and only remembered a bright light when she woke up.
  • She didn’t tell her parents anything about the attack.
  • The next day she contacted the place Apollo told her about.
  • New Years Eve morning she received a letter telling her that someone would come to the farm and pick Will up as soon as possible. 
  • Next day, during dinner she explained Will who his father was and that he could no longer stay with her, as it wouldn’t be safe for him. 
  • Two days later a teenaged girl, who was also a child of Apollo, arrived at her home and explained everything about Camp Half-Blood and how her son would be safe there. That same day, she took Will away.
  • It was very hard for her watching her son leave. Especially when she couldn’t talk about it to anyone. To all the world Naomi Solace’s son was accepted to a very exclusive music academy in New York. 
  • She tried to focus on her career and eventually won two more CMA’s and a Grammy. But she missed her son very much. She didn’t dare to take Will away from camp for very long periods of time. So going on short vacations became their thing, that, and weekly letters to keep updated.
  • Will came out to her when he was about 12 years old. She always suspected her son might be gay, but never forced him to come out. She even read about gay relationships and gay sex education to give him “the talk”, which she did a few weeks later. 
  • Naomi knew her son had a crush on a boy named Nico, because Will wouldn’t stop writing about him. Even if Will didn’t realize it until much later. She felt very sorry for all the misfortune that the boy had to endured. She began sending Nico little gifts, like some clothes in dark colors. 
  • She met Nico when she picked up Will for their Christmas vacations. 

I wrote a lot more than what I originally planned. I feel that the last bit was a little rushed, but I had this on hold since the beginning of June and due school stuff I didn’t have the time to edit it and post it, so I decided to just post it now that I’m free. This is just one of a few headcanons I have for Naomi Solace. I hope y’all like it!


Here is a tiny contribution to the skk fandom :D

This is inspired by @catsbythegreat‘s fic ‘Shades of Red’ (dear Catsby, I kid you not when I say I’ve been super hung up on this fic, because this project took quite awhile) 

Well then, have some seasonally inappropriate and botanically incorrect flowers (because idk which flower specifically was supposed to be in the fic, I just made a bunch)~

-dahlia: dishonesty/betrayal
-anemone: forsaken love
-rose: love
-chrysanthemum: passion
-camellia: you’re a flame in my heart (can’t have skk flowers without the camellia, can we?)
-carnation: my heart aches for you
o mio babbino caro - spilled_notes - Doctor Who & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
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After she wakes up in a cemetery - after being sucked out of a plane and plucked from thin air by her resurrected Cyberman father - Kate insists on being taken to Serena’s ward. And after they go home, Kate tells her wife what happened. Post-ep tag to Death In Heaven.

Thanks to @sententiousandbellicose for organising Kate Stewart Appreciation Week! This is my (tiny) contribution to the final day - prompt: wild card.

Never thought I’d see the day for me to draw Iristo but, @followmetoyourdoom, @maybeawriter6 AND @margoteve BEAT ME TO THE SHIPPY WIPPY.

Mephisto looks kinda um- not okay. He looks too tiny winy, and also I gave up on his collar shirt thing so I just gave him a hoodie instead.
But I think Iris turned out pretty good yaaaay! :-D