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Heya just a friendly reminder to all my fellow Zelda blogs out there, with Breath of the Wild coming out this Friday; please be careful about posting spoilers! If you do want to post spoilers, be sure to tag it with a specific tag (like say for example, “botw spoilers”) so people can block it/blacklist it. I know it’s cool to be the first person to post something but let’s give some people a chance to experience it firsthand when the game comes out.

hamilsquad comforting their s/o

Could you maybe do a thing of headcanons for what the Hamilsquad does to help if you’re upset or stressed after something bad happened? (If you’d rather not that’s totally okay tho!! Also I love your blog 💜 You’re just such an amazing and positive and great person and ahh I’m trying not to ramble but yeah thank you for being the way you are bc it honestly lights up my day every time I see you posted or read your tags and yeah) - anonymous


Could you please do a hamilsquad headcanon where their partner has a comfort object. - anonymous

boss’ memo : i will do my best to ensure all three of you are (angelica voice) satisfied !!! and thank you all so much !! you’re really kind =)

  • so when it comes to comforting you, alexander is always the most hesitant because he’s aware that there’s only so much he can say (only so much his words can do for you), and he doesn’t want to lie to you in any way. it’s times like these where he feels hesitant mostly because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing to you–to upset you even more? the thought alone stresses him out. he tends to call for one of the other boys out of nervousness. though, if there’s no one else around, then he might start rambling,,
    • he might start to ask you questions, and if he starts, then he’ll end up asking you a lot of questions, so just let him know if it’s stressin’ you!
    • he has a smooth stone that he uses as a comfort object and he keeps it in his pocket!! so don’t worry, he understand the need for one, and he’s actually willing to lend you his if he thinks it’ll help you out (though he will also try to find you yours).
    • if you start crying, alex starts panicking,, he doesn’t know what to do if you cry!! he may cup your cheeks and coo gentle words to you,,
    • when you’re not feeling well, his number one priority is to make you you feel better rather than make the problem go away
      • though, if he’s what’s upset you, then he tries to find a scapegoat as he’s always the last person that he considers at fault
  • hercules is pretty empathetic and he’ll also feel bad if you start crying–though he won’t cry with you (takes a lot for him to). he’ll hug you and assure you that he’s still there for you. if you’re really stressed out, then out of reflex, he’ll gently rub your back or massage your neck. he’ll let you vent to him if you want to, though he’s also good if you just want someone to hold you in their arms and kiss your temple.
    • after holding you for a bit, he’ll likely start gently rocking back and forth ‘cause he finds it soothing,,, if it doesn’t make you feel well, just let him know !! his instincts just have him do what calms him down in the hopes that it’ll calm you down.
    • if you start crying, he’ll probably start asking questions–anything he can do to help? can he fix the thing that’s upsetting you? (is it a person??? he will make sure they don’t bother you ever again) what can he do for you? he wants to help! he’s pretty good at giving advice, if you need it.
      • (he will also get you a glass of water because you gotta drink after you cry!! y’gotta!)
    • he’ll probably start making jokes to see you smile, too! (though this depends on the situation and cause of your stress)
    • when it comes to your comfort object, he likely greets you by pressing it into your hands if you forgot it, or he asks if you could take it out.
  • lafayette, calmly, while gently embracing you, “who did this.”
    • he’s got v low empathy, so he might come off as kinda mean when he asks why you’re upset,, he doesn’t mean to! he’ll do his best to comfort you, but his focus will be on stopping the reason for your stress at the source. but he will be there for you, if you need someone who’ll listen.
    • he’s a very physical person, so he might give you smooches if he thinks it’ll help you feel better!!
    • laf might not understand what you mean by comfort object unless you’ve gone over it with him prior, but if you just say you’d like [object], then he’ll nod and quickly get it for you,, 
    • he doesn’t quite know what to do in terms of comforting you, so if you could tell him what you want him to do, he’d appreciate it!! he really does want to help you, but he’s not entirely sure as to how he can,,
      • be careful if you tell him the name of someone who upset you–unless you’re prepared for him to put The Fear into them, i don’t suggest telling him,,
      • or at least let him know you’re just venting. you don’t want him to do anything–just listening is fine,,
  • john’s ready to fight for you, similarly to laf, the moment you give him a name,, but he’s also going to make sure you get some rest after you’ve calmed down a bit. he knows it’s all stressful but he also knows that emotions are exhausting to deal with and he wants you to clear your head, ‘cause the last thing he wants is for you to get so stressed out you go into a panic attack. solution? a nap for you. he’ll nap beside you, and when the two of you wake up, he’s ready to tackle the problem with you. but first, you need to rest.
    • you wanna talk it out? that’s how he works best, being honest. just a quiet talk with hushed voices, cuddling together under a blanket. 
    • he’s probably going to be bringing you things when he remembers ‘em, and your comfort object definitely takes highest priority there.
    • overall, he wants to make the environment somewhere safe before he gets to the root of the problem. he wants you to feel safe and protected, ‘cause he loves you v much, and seeing you stressed makes him feel awful.
    • he won’t panic if you start crying, he’ll probably gently kiss your cheek and mumble, “it’s going to be okay. i know it will. it’s going to be okay…”

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Okay I was in tagged by both @omgbigbangtanboys and @jeylovestoblog! Thank you ladies!

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ありがとう (Arigatou) ♥

Dear mutuals,

I’ve seen the appreciation post floating around, and I was tagged by many incredible people, so I simply decided to make my own appreciation post, thanking every single one of you for being awesome as fuck. 

Yours truly,


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Love Is Not For Sale: Part 7

Previous Parts

Pairing: Reader x Sam, background Dean x Castiel

Tags: AU, mention of past prostitution, Cas is the best, angst 

Words: 1,788

A/N: I’m so sorry this took forever to fucking post. I’ve re-written this about four times just because there were so many ways I could go with this and I couldn’t pick. Also, a lame excuse y’all probably don’t care about anyway: School has been kicking my ass and also my mental health + my personal life is fucking me over. I’m really sorry this took so long and I hope you will forgive me and enjoy this chapter!

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to all my followers who know me as “that person who wrote the horse haikus”

i kindly ask you to stop tagging me in horse posts. i know it’s all in good fun, and it doesn’t bother me in that i don’t have a fear of horses or anything, but it’s starting to become an overused joked. quite frankly, it’s getting annoying.

i’ve been thinking this for a while now, but it’s been a while since anybody’s actually done it, so i felt like it was a good time to mention it. that way nobody feels like they’re personality responsible for this.

this isn’t the cause of any single person, it’s just a result of a lot of people doing the same thing and it’s starting to get under my nerves. so there’s no need to apologize or anything, just please respect this and stop tagging me in horse posts. i know it’s all in good fun, and obviously i encouraged it, but it’s become a very wrung-out joke and it’s kind of tiresome to constantly have to go back to the joke. it’s just become very redundant from my end.

don’t get me wrong, i’m thrilled that people love them so much, and i’m super glad to know that people are getting a laugh out of my writing! it’s just that i personally no longer really enjoy them because it’s become wrung-out/redundant/etc. so i just really need everybody to put the horse haikus aside basically forever.

i get that this all seems very silly, but i feel like if it’s come to the point where i’ve literally become conditioned to brace myself for a callout whenever i see a horse post on my dash, it’s time to call it quits lmao.

(for those who are here for SATOKO, you can probably still expect more horse hating just because of who satoko is as a character, but i’d very much appreciate it if you didn’t make a big deal out of them.)

Soo to commemorate Lyn’s birthday (a.k.a. mine lmao), I decided to do a new ref for her to replace the old one. There isn’t much change that I’ve made for this version, to be perfectly honest. Perhaps the most obvious change is the hairstyle, otherwise everything else is pretty much the same as the old version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b

I was going to add some updated information about her (background, personality, history etc.) but I couldn’t bring myself to finish writing it in time lmao rip me o)-( hopefully I’ll be able to do that someday TvT

(p/s: since I’ve gotten a lot of asks in the past, so I might as well add this here; feel free to use my Fatesona if you need to in interactions or whatever really, I don’t mind ;v; in fact, I’d love to see it if you draw her! Just tag me in the post so I can see it (;v;)bb and hopefully Tumblr won’t eat my notifications;;)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for no update this week, school is kicking my ASS. Also, there will be no update next week, since I will be in Chicago on a school trip. On a different, higher note-

Only four followers away from 2000!!

HOT FUCKING DAMN. Please tell me there are other eddsworld askblogs with 2000+ followers!! I don’t think I’ll survive if this little old thing is the “most popular askblog” (all askblogs are great!)

Anywho, I was wondering, when the 2000 milestone hits, what do you guys want to do as celebration? I’ll give you three choices:

-Fanfiction of your choosing (one for each request, even if the request is the same, but only one per person) for me to write

-Free, complete art (You would be tagged in it, and it will be posted on my main blog and reblogged here)

-Mod Applications re-opened (Because quite a few people want to apply as a mod!! It’s a tricky job, you have to be pushy with me because i love ALL IDEAS DONT BE AFRAID OF SHARING IDEAS)

It’ll be a vote, and if there’s no winning choice, or no one votes on it, I’ll just draw a small picture for the blog, probably redo the background/icon, and continue with the story. Either way, it will be done in a week or so when I actually have free time.

Thank you for reading this!! Sorry there’s no “read more”, since I’m typing this on mobile. Have a nice time of day!!

-Mod Wolf

cw: suicide

you can bet that if i see any of you suicidal on my dash i’m gonna link you to a suicide hotline

that’s just how it is now

that’s just how i am now

joke all you want about your otps, feel free to say, “i’m gonna die,” “i’m gonna set myself on fire,” “literally kill me” - i’m not gonna stop joking like that either

but when you get serious

when you write in the tags of a personal post that you really want to die

i can’t let that go anymore, and i won’t

i’m not gonna be dramatic about it because i’ve been there and i was mortified by people worrying about me

but i’m gonna tell you you need to stick around and give you a hotline or something to call

i used to just like or comment with a heart or scroll past if i didn’t know the person well

no more


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(that’s the best selfie you’re going to get out of me at this point and please don’t judge my home screen it just fit so perfectly)

Rules: post your home & lock screens, the last song you listened to, and a selfie. 

I s2g everyone I know has done it or been tagged already but i’ll tag @raindrop-rouge @sugarplum-senpai @norwaycangofuckitself @shulkie and @kilometri-and-co

Get to know me tag? 

I am doing this on my main blog (because it’s Ten’s birthday and I am going to do a big big spam posts about him soon) and also because I usually don’t post personal things about me on my side (my life is not that interesting, I believe), so if you wonder who I am, actually here it’s speaking @nctuhohahyes!!!!!!!!!

So yes I have been tagged by @nct-holic who I am getting to know slowly (since I have seen you often around, also I just become your follower yey!) and my dear baby @dingdonghyucksgf aka Jisung’s other half (more like twin half since both are the same age and born the same day, right? correct me if I am wrong!). 
I wanted to do this yesterday but I fell a bit sick and I barely made it here to update some things. I hate being sick!!! So I overdosed myself with some strong medicine and here I am! 

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Mia, Mimi (the last one sounds too chessy and it’s enough to give me chills, people call me like that to tease more!)
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: I don’t know the feet system numeration, so (171cm) -> If you wanna get an idea, just look at Ten♥ we are the same height!
Time right now: 18:14 PM
Last thing I googled: I googled twitter’s main page and looked for the latest NCT fansign pics, but I didn’t see yet the results since I’m first filling this!
Favorite Bands: I like everyone, but I look more often for EXO, NCT, Mamamoo, Red Velvet and BTS. But I also post about other groups on this blog, sometimes my main gets switched with my side and I end up posting about NCT a lot! I live more for NCT here since the fandom is just too cute and adorable and I love them all, even if I probably interact with 1% of them lol! And to be honest I live more for other groups on VLive, so don’t get surprised if I barely post anything about other groups I like here!
Favorite Solo Artists: Taeyeon, no doubt!
Song stuck in your head: My first and last by NCT Dream (I knew before them releasing that it would get stuck just like Chewing Gum)♥
Last movie I watched: Sully (Because I fly an average of 6-7 times per year it was interesting to watch it!)
Last TV Show I watched: We got married (I am low-key stanning Doyoung’s brother you know ^^)
What kind of stuff do you post: Of course, K-Pop but I use to post rarely stuff about fashion too on this blog (K-Fashion of course)
When did your blog reach its peak: I still remember it! When I made a post about Yuta’s abs and I think I shook the whole fandom (sorry if I made some of you weak, I couldn’t help to die alone…:D)
Do you have any other blogs: @miinct my main and @nctuhohahyes 
Do you get asks regularly: Sometimes I get yes, but rarely.
Why you chose your URL: Because nct makes me go like uh-oh-ah-yes (and it’s a phrase that got stuck in my head since forever since I am a Mamamoo trash)
Following: I can’t look at the exact number but I know it’s over 2k already (probably?!)
Posts: I don’t know how many posts I did here, maybe around 1k and on my side about 3k already!
Hogwarts House: I think…Griffindor
Pokémon Team: What’s that? (sorry I usually don’t play games)
Favorite colours: Pink, white…Pink!
Average hours of sleep: Since now I’m on vacation, I slept like 9 hours for 2 days straight, but I usually sleep and average of 4-5 per day
Lucky Numbers: 7
Favorite manga Characters: Gasai Yuno(she’s too much of a badass, the world need more strong women like her!)
How many blankets do you sleep with: A big fluffy warm one! (It’s between spring and winter here now, but still pretty chilly!)
Dream job: I want to work into a company where I could get use of the languages I speak at the moment. And doing someting that makes use of creativeness and which involves team work and stuff like that (I love interacting with people!)
Dream trip: I know pretty all everything about Europe since I’ve traveled around more than 20 countries so I wish to fly away somewhere far…as for the first trip, maybe Japan or Thailand? Also Korea! But I will be satisfied with any country from the outside of the Europe! I want to know the whole world if I will get the opportunity and time! I think we don’t have enough time to live and visit and get to know everything about the world…why our life is so short? It’s unfair, seriously!

So this is how it end my looooong essay, I hope you guys didn’t get bored about my life! I’m going to tag the 20 people I follow and I want to know better:

@iamncttrash @icetaeil @iloveyu-ta @scraemin @taeyongworld @bubblegumjisung @taeyongfireeyes @taebreez @planettaeil @grandpa-ty @why-cody @jaeminniemouse @jaesusjung @johnnyspuns @1aeil @mkayjaemin @savemarkshair @nctexology @mxrksgf @whispers-jyp

If you were already tagged and did this, please forget all this spam! ♥

When you write a write a silly fic with a focus on cliches and tropes and absolute ridiculousness and a lot of people seem to really like it and you suddenly get scared to post chapters bc what if people start taking it too seriously and get mad at the cliches and tropes and absolute ridiculousness 

In other words, Love Square Love Child finally Updated! Chapter 6

I’m going to try to make an official post with some art soon :)


I’m looking for Shadowhunters blogs to follow!!!

I want to be able to see all the Shadowhunters stuff on my dash so I don’t have to go into the tags anymore.

Even though the drama started off as reasonable it’s gone a bit to far lately and it’s definitely upsetting.

As a bisexual person, I want to be able to enjoy the show that I believe gives excellent representation.

SO it doesn’t matter what character/ship (no clalec) or whatever as long as it’s only Shadowhunters stuff and doesn’t post negativity


Bonus points if you post about the cast!!

I got tagged by @bpdtransprince (!!!ty❤️)
♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better
♡ sign: Aquarius
♡ height: 4'11-5ft
♡ last thing googled: “are zebras real”
♡ favorite music artist: I’m not sureee but I rlly like The Neighbourhood
♡ last TV show watched: Criminal Minds
♡ when did I create my blog: gosh,,, 3 or 4 years ago? 4 I think
♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: mental illness stuff, personal stuff, memes, cute animals, aesthetic stuff, yikes idk my blog is a mess lmao
♡ do I have any other blogs: I’ve got a mental illness/venting/trauma side blog
♡ my personal: I mean,,, both of my blogs get pretty personal bc I am an Oversharing Machine™
♡ do I get asks regularly: no,,,,, I wish bc I am Starved For Attention
♡ why did I choose my url: bc I called myself a tater tot w my friends last year so now it’s,, Who I Am i guess + I have avpd
♡ gender: imma guy
♡ pokemon team: mystic
♡ favorite colors: blue/green, blue, pastel purple/pink type stuff is pretty too
♡ average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 I think
♡ favorite characters: Spencer Reid, Saeran Choi, Saeyoung Choi, Pidge Gunderson
♡ dream job: //sweats idk??? i never really had any goals or passion I’m just,,, going where life takes me I guess
I’m tagging: @fangrl-esque @allynicole42 @luinae @artsy-wolf96 @the-great-papyroo @softspoken-bxy